A man has his first doggy experience

I was having a shower, a nice hot shower where the water
hits you with jets if burning liquid, tingling all over.
I turned down the heat, unscrewed the shower spray head,
leaving just the rubber pipe, and pushed it between my
arse cheeks and felt the pressure of the water on my
hole. I relaxed my muscles until I was able to push the
tube inside my arse hole, and felt the water fill up my
bowels. I could feel the water gurgling up into my
stomach, and knew it was time to stop.

I had about a gallon of warm water sloshing around inside
of me, making me feel bloated and stretching my belly
towards being painful. I squatted down in the tub and
relaxed my arse, out came a rush of water, bits of brown
turd mixed with it, still it came, a flood of water,
emptying itself from me. I could feel my intestines
closing behind the water as the vacuum left behind the
water sucked them closed.

The flow was slowing now, I started to push the remains
of the water out, more bits of turd started to come out
now, the water turned more brown in colour. The last few
squirts and I was finished. A quick rinse around the tub,
dry myself down with the towel, and look in the top draw
for some clean underwear.

No clean pants, damn, I left them over the back of the
chair downstairs. I would have to go down to get them. No
matter how high your heating is turned up, it always
feels cold when you’ve had a hot shower, so I put on a
dressing gown.

As I got down stairs, my large German shepherd dog looked
up at me from his position on the floor and beat his tail
up and down, making a rhythmical thump, thump, thump. I
petted his head as a walked past towards the chair which
was against the far wall. There were no underpants on the
top as I thought.

I went to look in the utility room where the washing
machine is; I looked in the laundry basket, nothing, I
opened the machine door and looked in, nothing.

“Yooowwww,” something very cold and wet had just touched
my balls! There behind me was Jack, my german shepherd!
He must have followed me, and must have sniffed at me as
a bent over to look in the machine. I told him off,
petted his head and scratched behind his ears, then made
my way back into the living room to look for these bloody

There they were! Lying on the floor behind the chair. As
I made my way over towards the chair, Jack pushed past me
and leaped up into it, after all, it was ‘his’ favourite
chair. With his weight in it, I couldn’t pull it out, so
had to reach down for my pants. I couldn’t reach, so got
down on my hands and knees to reach further behind it. I
still couldn’t reach, so looked up and pushed Jack out of
the chair so I could move it. He growled a bit, but
jumped down, and, still on my hands and knees, I moved it
to one side, and could now reach them.

The next moment I felt this large weight land on my back,
knocking the wind out of me. Stunned, and pinned up
against the wall beside the chair, I realised what was
happening with a rush of panic. My pedigree black German
shepherd was trying to mate with me! Apart from
occasionally sniffing at my crotch when I’m sitting in my
chair watching telly and scratching him behind his ears,
and just before, when he sniffed my just showered balls,
he’d never shown any inclination to mount me, not even
tried to grab my leg, as you hear other people say.

He had a tight grip around my waist, his back legs were
between my legs, he was pressed tight down against my
back, my dressing gown had gone up over my back with his
front paws. I could feel and hear him breathing rapidly
above my head. I felt him jabbing away with his tool,
sharp painful stabs against the back of my thighs. I
struggled to pull away, but because I was against the
wall, I could only turn to the side or goes backwards.
But with the sharp pain behind me, I could only turn to
the left. He kept a tight grip of me; he just kept
stabbing away and followed every movement I made, seeming
to get even more exited as I struggled.

Then it happened! He found his target. After my self-
inflicted enema from before, I must have been stretched,
because he gained entry with ease! I kept pulling away in
panic, and he clung on, thrusting away with his hips,
forcing his already enlarging cock into my arse. As his
precum started to provide some lubrication, the burning
pain of his entry started to subside, I even found to my
utter amazement, that I had an erection!

I was totally confused; I had never had anal sex before,
and had stumbled across the shower enema as a teenager of
16 years old. I tried again to pull free, and started to
stand up. Jack growled from his position above and behind
my head, I stopped, then tried again, he growled louder
and longer, this time touching his bared teeth against my
neck. I realised I was in trouble! I had to stay as I
was, on all fours, with this 120-lbs. dog on my back,
pounding away at my virgin arse!

I remained still, and found that with my panic and fear,
my arse muscles were tense, this made the in out motion
of his cock painful. I started to relax, and found that
he was then able to go deeper. I could feel this tension
within my bowels, as if he was hitting my stomach or
something. It was quite uncomfortable, and I shifted
around and found that if I lowered my shoulders to the
floor, the discomfort eased. I could now feel a large
ball shape pressing against my sore arse ring, a felt
Jack trying really hard to force this inside me. I knew
of the ‘knot’ from wild life programs on TV, there was no
way I was going to let that inside me! With a dog the
size of Jack, it would have been the size of a large

After what seemed like 5-10 minutes, Jack started to slow
his thrusts, until eventually he stopped. He stood above
me, his front paws now on the floor either side of me,
his cock still firmly planted in my arse, panting away.
My own cock was throbbing under me, and as I clenched my
arse muscles, there was an incredible sensation of
pleasure from somewhere! Then I could feel Jack’s cock
pulsating in me; I could feel his heart beat in the
pressure of the b***d that had engorged his cock.

Next I could feel his hot cum squirting inside my bowels!
Short powerful blasts, hitting my insides with rhythmic
pulses. I reached down and started to tug away at my own
erection. As soon as I touched my throbbing cock, it
exploded with load after load of cum. I had never cum so
much or as hard before in my life! Then Jack started
licking the back of my head, then around my ears, until
finally, he moved backwards and pulled free of my arse. I
felt his fresh cum run from me and down my legs. He went
straight there, licking it all up, even forcing his huge
head between my legs to get at the puddle of cum under my
shrinking cock!

I was in a daze, what had just happened? We had been
together for half an hour, and looking around at him, his
doggy cock was still erect. Hanging down between his
legs, still squirting clear thin cum and pulsing up and
down. He licked me clean and stood there as if paralysed.
I moved over and had a good look at him. My god! The size
and length of his cock! It was about 9 inches long, about
2 ” inches in diameter and the knot was the size of a
large orange. If that had got in me I would have been in

He stood like that for another 15 minutes, before he
became fidgety and turned around a few times before
dropping to the floor with a thud. He busied himself with
washing his now shrinking cock, licking around it until
his knot went back into his sheath and his whole cock was
neatly packed away again. I still couldn’t believe that
his cock could become that size, and promised myself I
would try this again, after my sore arse had recovered!

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