A Marriage Marred in Heaven – Extreme sex

It’s hard to describe the turmoil of the last two years.
A part of my beautiful wife, soul mate, lover and idol
has been taken from me and I have some responsibility
for the loss.

We’re in our early forties, comfortably off, well-paying
jobs and rediscovering some freedom as our son and
daughter have fled the nest. We saw little of Paul as he
worked abroad for long stretches and very little of
Nicola but we considered our lives charmed; not by our
relative wealth but by our discovery of each other all
those years ago. We’ve often talked of how much of
everything we could give up provided we had each other
and how rare we felt our relationship was in a transient

Add to this the fact that my wife is what most men would
consider to be a… well she’s very attractive, tall,
slim and shapely with all the assets men value!

How then have we jeopardized all this. How have we got
to not knowing each other, not knowing truth from lies,
fantasy from reality?

Both of us have a healthy sexual appetite. In the months
since the kids left, it’s been re-fired with a
vengeance. It’s not just the physical acts of sex, we
really know how to push each other’s mental buttons,
well Sue really knows how to press mine. This has led to
us sharing our fantasies in detail as we’ve made love.

I’ve played with her black rape fantasies, she’s played
with my cuckold fantasies. But that’s all they are…
for both of us… fun… teasing… titillating. And now
I find us trapped in someone else’s fantasy. It amounts
to nothing short of… well let me tell you how we got

I’ve often thought that if a couple look outside of
their marriage for fulfillment there has to be something
wrong with the inside. But when you already have
everything you wanted you inevitably think of the things
you can’t have. That’s surely the purpose of dreams and
fantasies. And when our passionate lovemaking about that
time brought out fierce and obscene entreaties from each
other, something turned.

In the afterglow of that passionate lovemaking, no,
fucking session, we lay together in spent silence. I
spoke first but I already knew in the way that two
people in love often do that we were at one on the

“Could we do it? Could we play out these fantasies for

Sue didn’t react badly as some might expect. She teased
with purpose.

“Well, I think I could. I love you absolutely but it
might be fun. How do you think you would handle it? It’s
got to be hard for a man to see his wife fucked by a
stranger… and I wouldn’t do it if there was the
slightest chance it could ruin the perfect relationship
we already have.”

The separation of this matter-of-fact discussion from
the passion of the fantasies marked a turning point for
us. If we could talk about it like this, we were on the
way to its fulfillment. There’s no denying I relished
the prospect.


Over the next few days we discussed it further. How
could we pursue it? Which fantasy would we pursue? Sue
was keen to elicit any objections from me. In fact, I
was touched by her concern for my emotional wellbeing.
She began testing me. She started to tease me in a very
matter of fact way, not at all in the context of our
lovemaking but conversationally, at the dinner table or
at breakfast.

She’d ask me as I was leaving for work to imagine her
with a big black cock in her or as we washed up after
dinner she’d tell me she was looking forward to me
licking cum from her face or kissing her cum filled

I understood the psychology she was adopting. In some
ways it worked. I did feel jealousy and I did feel fear
but not in a negative way. It gave me a rush. I adopted
a similar approach with her, telling her I’d pimp her
out to any number of black thugs or tie her down and
strip her for their enjoyment. Other than a sultry look
or flash of the eyes she didn’t outwardly respond. There
was nothing to suggest she was changing her mind,

Neither of us backed off. We seemed to pass each other’s

That still left the practical arrangements and I guess
that’s when things started to go awry.

How many times are we all warned about being careful who
we deal with on the internet but it did seem the logical
place to start looking.

Mr. Mills came to our house by invitation. He was a tall
handsome black guy, late twenties and very well groomed.
He spoke gently and reassuringly to us both. He made no
attempt to do anything but establish our requirements.
He might easily have been an insurance salesman or a
financial consultant were it not for the bizarre nature
of the exchange.

We both had a sense of discomfort describing our
fantasies to him. It’s one thing to describe them to
each other, quite another to do it to a stranger. He
told us that to heighten our enjoyment of his services
he would have to play some mind games with us and that
we would have to play along willingly and obediently. He
was so matter of fact though that when he left we felt a
sense of anti-climax. Nothing had happened. He told us
he’d be in touch.

When he called me two days later it was with a price for
his services and a set of instructions if we wanted to
accept. The price was more than I’d expected but I took
his number and sat down with Sue to discuss it.

For the first time I detected resistance from her. The
meeting with Mr. Mills had been so business-like and
without passion she’d begun to have doubts. I, though
had the bit between my teeth and was able to persuade
her we should at least try it out.

I explained to her some of Mr. Mills’ instructions.

We were to go to an address, a house he called “Heaven”
this coming Friday evening and be prepared to spend the
weekend. Payment was to be in cash on arrival. We were
not to take mobile phones, or a change of clothes.
Neither of us was to wear underwear.

Sue shifted uncomfortably at that last part.

By the time we were set to leave for Mr. Mills’ an
uneasy silence had descended on us, neither knowing what
to say to the other and each sensing the others

Nonetheless, my casual attire and lack of underwear
stirred my loins and I wondered how I would hide the
stain that was already forming at the front of my pants.
Still with some fear Sue had opted for a simply cut and
plain buttoned up dress, belted around her waist and
though she was nervous her braless nipples stood out
clearly. Nervous or not she was hot.

Chapter 2: In Heaven

When the door of the Victorian terraced mansion opened
shock was our first reaction.

There to greet us was a young man elegantly turned out
in evening wear from the waist up and naked from the
waist down. He sported a fierce 8″ erection. He seemed
embarrassed but stuck to what sounded like a script.

“Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Grant. Would you follow me

I hesitated. I looked at Sue and she returned it. She
looked bemused, not fearful, and her eyes blazed with
excitement. Her eyes turned back to follow him and as I
looked too I saw what she saw, below the black jacket
his firm rounded buttocks. As he sensed our hesitation
he turned to us again. His rock hard cock sprung forth
from beneath his shirt.

“Please, you must follow me.”

Sue looked back at me. “Are we still okay with this?”

I nodded and we followed.

We ascended the stairs behind him in silence. At the top
we found ourselves at one end of a long corridor. The
man opened the first door of a series of 4 or 5 on the
left and we followed him in.

The room was decorated in the period of the building.
Long flowing drapes; padded, patterned armchairs, high
ornately patterned ceilings and deep plush carpet. An
enormous gilt framed mirror covered the whole of one

There was Mr. Mills to greet us.

“Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Grant. I’m pleased you’ve decided
to join me and I’m looking forward to providing you with
the fulfillment of your darkest fantasies.

Our half naked escort left the room closing the door
behind himself. Mr. Mills continued.

“Please, will you sit. Mr. Grant here, and you Mrs.
Grant over there.”

We sat in the deep plush armchairs in positions several
meters apart but facing each other. Mr. Mills leaned
against the high mantelpiece of the grand open fireplace
between the two of us but forming a triangle; we could
each face each other.

I was about to speak but Mr. Mills anticipated this and
gently preempted me.

“I don’t mean to address the issue with indecent haste
but can we first settle the matter of payment.”

I knew of this but had forgotten. Apologetically I
scrambled into my pocket and extracted the wad of notes
and without ceremony handed it to him. He declined.

“I’d prefer to take it from Mrs. Grant.”

Puzzled I handed it to Sue who took it and tried to hand
it to Mr. Mills.

“Count it out, Mrs. Grant. I like the idea of being paid
by another man’s wife to arrange her fucking.”

Sue turned bright red and began to count out the notes.
I hoped her embarrassment prevented her realizing just
how much more this was costing than I’d told her. As she
finished there was an uncomfortable silence and I was
about to speak.

“You’re in my hands now, Mr. Grant. There’s no need to
engage in polite conversation. You’re paying me
handsomely for the service I’m about to provide and you
mustn’t feel any obligation to pass idle chit chat. From
this moment all you need do is listen and act on my
instruction. If at some point either of you wish to
leave or cease our games simply say so” I glanced at Sue
and she glanced back. She didn’t seem nervous other than
in an excited way. She gave me a half smile. Mr. Mills
pressed a small button on the wall close to where he
stood and I heard the faint distant sound of a bell.

Momentarily there was a knock on the door and our
earlier escort entered with a startlingly beautiful
woman, startling insofar as she was “dressed’ in a
clich�d form of a French maid outfit. Black stockings
ran the length of her long legs with just the right
glimpse of naked flesh between them and the flared,
black and white laced micro mini.

She wore a bustier which thrust her breasts up and out
and they were naked. Her nipples stood proud but she was
blushing a bright red. A silly, badly fitting black
beret sat on her head.

The man who’d let us in was with her, still dressed
immaculately from the waist up still sporting a raging
hard on. They presented a very erotic sight.

“Mr. and Mrs. Grant, meet Mr. and Mrs. Cash.”

We nodded to each other but no words were spoken. The
silence wasn’t so much awkward as electrically charged.

“Mrs. Cash, would you lay the fire please.”

No conversation was taking place. All our eyes followed
her as she walked to the fireplace and began to kneel
next to Mr. Mills. On her knees she reached out for the
small pile of kindling by the side of the hearth. As she
did I was confronted with the most beautiful naked
bottom framing pink pussy lips. I looked at Sue. Was she
seeing what I saw?

I think she was as she seemed transfixed. I looked back
but by now Mrs. Cash was back on her haunches, her rear
covered by the skimpy skirt.

She picked up the matches from the side of the hearth,
struck one, and leant forward again to light the wood
she’d placed in the grate. There it was again. That
gorgeous butt, that glistening pussy.

This time I glanced at her husband. His cock was leaking
pre-cum and a string of it attached itself to his
shirttail. He saw me looking at him, he blushed and
looked away from my eye. His cock was almost purple and
shone like his wife’s cunt.

“Thank you, Mrs. Cash, you may leave now.”

She stood, curtsied, and left, never meeting the eye of
her husband as far as I could tell.

It was at this point that my resolve was going to be
tested. Once Mrs. Cash had left, Mr. Mills spoke to us

“We ought to start on your fantasies, don’t you think.
After all its your money we’re spending and whilst I’m
sure you’re enjoying helping Mr. and Mrs. Cash with
theirs we should begin”

He addressed me, “John, so far the thought of another
man taking your wife has stayed firmly in your

I was startled more by his familiarity, his use of my
first name, than by the content of his statement. I
immediately felt disadvantaged, subservient somehow. He
went on.

“From this moment you must both trust me and obey me
without question if you are to fully experience what it
is you want from me. You cannot demur or from this
moment on I will keep payment in full for my services.
As you both now know I am very expensive and if you
leave now you will have nothing to show for your
investment. Now, as I say this I know you want to
continue so we’ll proceed.”

“Mrs. Grant, you are beautiful. Any man would desire
you. Look at Mr. Cash’s cock. Do you think that’s
because he’s just watched his wife debase herself before
us? Maybe. I’d like to bet he quite likes the prospect
of examining your charms too, don’t you think. What do
you think John? Think Mr. Cash would like to sample some
of your pretty wife’s delights, her moist pussy, her
hard erect nipples?”

His words burned into my mind. Was I really ready for
this? Was Sue?

I got the answer to my second question first.

“Open your legs, Mrs. Grant.”

I wanted Sue to look at me for my response. She didn’t.
After a moment’s hesitation her knees separated
slightly. Very commandingly Mr. Mills spoke again.

“Wider, Mrs. Grant. It’s too late for modesty.” Sue’s
knees moved further apart and her dress began to slide
up her thighs.

“What do you think Mr. Cash? Would you like to fuck

Mr. Cash spoke, “Yes, sir.”

“And you John. Would you like him to fuck your wife
right now, right here, in front of you?”

I really didn’t know how to answer. How did Sue feel.
What would she think if I said yes? It was what we’d
come to experience but if I was unsure might she be the
same. He read me well.

“Never mind what she thinks. I’m looking after her now.
What do you think? Do you want him to fuck her? It’s
what you came for isn’t it? Is the reality too hard to

There was a faint smile from him as I failed to answer.
My mind flailed, torn.

He turned from me back to Sue. Legs apart, a dark shadow
hinted at her exposed cunt. Somehow I was relieved that
the arms of the chair prevented her opening her legs
wider. It was short-lived relief though.

“Help me John. Come here.”

I stood, not understanding my obedience, and walked
towards Sue where he too now stood.

Gently, he bent to Sue’s ankle and slowly lifted her
sandaled foot. I was transfixed by the contact of this
man’s large black hand on my wife’s person albeit only
her slim ankle.

“Get the other one.”

We lifted and settled her legs over each arm of the
chair. She showed no resistance and as I looked down
into her eyes I saw she was watching Mr. Cash’s reaction
across the room. Her face flushed the same color we’d
seen Mrs. Cash’s earlier. She seemed unaware of my need
to make eye contact with her.

Mr. Mills took his place by the fire. He directed me
back to my seat opposite Sue.

This was surreal. Three men and one woman in the same
room; the woman, my wife lewdly exposed before us. I had
further confirmation of my answer to the second question
about being ready – Was Sue?

She was. Her cunt was clearly wet. It shone with her
juices and as Mr. Mills instructed her to put her hands
behind her head I sensed she was letting go of any

“Take a closer look, Mr. Cash”

As he approached my wife his cock was so rigid it barely

“Stand between her legs”

He did, his cock at eye level for Sue. His cock and her
cunt were only separated through height; him being stood
and her almost lying down in the chair.

“Remind me, Mrs. Grant, what is your husband’s favorite

Sue spoke for the first time in ages. “To see me fucked
by a stranger, to be cuckolded.”

“And we could very easily do that right now, Mrs. Grant,
couldn’t we? Would you like that?”

She hesitated the way I had earlier but she did reply.
“Yes, I would… I really would…”

“Do you think your husband still wants it to happen?”

She didn’t look at me. Her eyes flicked down from Mr.
Cash’s eyes to his dripping cock. It leaked cum which
dropped onto the folds of her dress now at waist height.

“I think he does…”

“Take your eyes from that strange cock and look at your

She looked replete, legs spread over the arms of the
chair, hands behind her head. She looked at me but I
sensed a glaze of lust in her eyes.

“Ask him.”

“John, shall I… do you want me to… Can we handle

As I nodded in affirmation I could hardly believe the
response I gave as I gave it.

Mills spoke, “Prove it, John. Go to her.”

I didand#8232;”Get hold of his cock”

The shock of this instruction was nearly too much to
cope with. Never in my life had I even considered the
thought of touching another man’s penis.

It’s impact effected Sue too. A moan escaped her lips.

As I held it I can’t deny it felt good… hot, hard,
slippery and alarmingly bigger than mine!

Mr. Cash seemed impassive to me. He just continued
looking down at my wife. His view would be his cock, my
hand, her cunt. I saw too. Her clit; it stood proud of
its hood like I’d never seen it, like a small penis, so
stimulated as to almost vibrate and yet all that had
touched her so far was the pre-cum that now dripped off
the folds of her dress onto her lower abdomen.

“Wank him and aim for her cunt.”

What was I doing?

I obeyed, Sue moaned again. I saw the tell tale signs of
impending orgasm and yet still no touch. I tugged him
back and forth as gently as I could. I was impressed
that he didn’t just shoot his load… he’d been hard
since we arrived with no relief that I was aware of.

Mr. Mills spoke to my wife. “Use your left hand to
caress his balls.”

Her right hand stayed behind her head, the left
descended as instructed. As she brushed the underside of
his balls I knew he would shoot. He reminded me just in

“Aim for her cunt.”

When it came I felt it pulse through his shaft and jet
onto my wife’s cunt. Her reaction was instant. As one of
the pulses streamed onto her clit I saw the orgasm

Calmly but assertively Mr. Mills told Mr. Cash to move
away, quickly grabbed both of Sue’s hands and pinned
them over her head in a single one of his. He slid the
other down the front of her dress and I guessed pinched
and caressed her nipples. More groans from Sue.

Mr. Mills began talking again. “Are you enjoying this,
Mrs. Grant?”

“Oh, oh, mmmm… oh!”

“Talk to me Mrs. Grant. Is this nice?”

“Oh, yes, yes!”

“Look at your husband, Mrs. Grant, look how stained his
pants are. Do you think you’ve succeeded in helping him
with his fantasy. He’s enjoying it isn’t he. So is Mr.
Cash, look he’s hard again.”

I looked and sure enough his cock was at full mast
again. Mr. Mills went on and my wife was still cumming.

“Use your left hand and rub some of that lovely spunk
into your belly.”

Everything he demanded she did. And Mills was right, my
own pants were wet through.

Sue rubbed the sperm into her tummy whilst Mills
continued with her breasts.

Then something happened. Without warning Mills released
her hands and walked away from her. The mood changed.

“Make yourself presentable, Mrs. Grant.”

Embarrassed and perplexed Sue closed her legs and tried
to sit demurely. Quietly, Mr. Cash was directed to leave
the room

In seconds it was like nothing had happened. With
passions apparently spent Sue and I sat in bemused

“Now, you’ve sampled some of what I offer. You, John
have shown your wife what a wimp you are and you Mrs.
Grant have enjoyed a little sexual interlude at the
hands of other men.”

I was outraged at the tone and content of his outburst
and spluttered to my own defense.

Sue stepped in though.

“He’s helping us role play, John. It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Mills went on, “How can you possibly call yourself a
loving husband when you’ve come in your pants whilst
jacking off a stranger onto your wife’s belly and cunt.”

I still didn’t like this. Sue saw my discomfort and came
over to calm me.

“It’s okay John, it’s just fun, it’s what we came for.”

She knelt down beside the chair I was seated in and
stroked my hand as it lay on the arm of the chair.

Mills spoke again, “Perhaps we should call it a day.
Maybe this weekend is going to be too much for you

“Could you leave us for a while,” Sue requested.

“Certainly, but when I return it’s time to surrender to
me completely or to leave immediately.”

He left.

“Did you enjoy it, Sue.”

She hesitated but only momentarily.

“How can I deny it, it was exhilarating, breathtaking
but I love you John and we’ll stop if you want. Let’s go

She held out her hand in a “come on” gesture and I
couldn’t take it. She still loved me and I supposed
that’s what I was looking for …reassurance. I looked
at her wrinkled dress, I looked at her hand, her left
hand and saw cum on her wedding band. I thought about
the cum on her cunt under her dress, that dress, the one
I was looking at now. It was still there and it was
another man’s cum. My cock rose hard and fast. Sue

“If we stay you’ve got to remember the head games he’ll
play. Its why he’s so expensive, he’s good at this.”

I knew she was right.

“Are we okay?”

I nodded.

Chapter 3: Drawn Further In…

In moments he was back. Sue was stood beside my seat.

“If you’re staying get his pants off. Stand up and help

Alarmed but resigned I stood and Sue pulled off my pants
revealing an erection soaked by my earlier ejaculate.

“Get the rest off.”

I stripped. Fortunately the fire set by Mrs. Cash
earlier was now fully ablaze. I was naked now, the more
so as I stood in the room with my dressed wife and host.

“Sit on the sofa.”

I did. He directed Sue to her seat and went to the bell
on the wall by the fire. Again I heard the distant
tinkle and again the door opened. This time it was Mrs.
Cash. Still in her maid attire still looking shy and

“Turn round and bend over, Mrs. Cash.”

Obediently, she did.

“What do you see, Mrs. Grant?”

Taken aback Sue stammered.

“Her bare bottom.”

“Don’t be coy, Mrs. Grant.”

She brazened up.

“Her pussy, it’s red and wet. She’s… she’s… she’s
just been fucked… that’s cum oozing from her…”

I could see. It certainly was. “Who fucked you, Mrs.
Cash? It wasn’t your husband was it?”

She spoke quietly, “No… it was the men you sent to
service me… Carl and James…”

“Tell Mr. and Mrs. Grant when you last fucked your

“I can’t exactly remember, three weeks ago, maybe more.”

“Do you love your husband, Mrs. Cash?”

“Very much.”

“So why is it so long.”

“It’s the rules… and we like it here.”

“Fuck John for me, Mrs. Cash, now as he sits on the

My cock was like iron. She straddled me and I slipped
into her easily as her cunt was so well lubricated with
spunk. Her beautiful breasts were in my face.

“Now slowly up and down, Mrs. Cash.”

God, this was heaven. I heard him speak with my wife.
Again he went to the bell.

“Come here Mrs. Grant and sit on the floor with me.”

They sat behind Mrs. Cash as she gently rode me. In
seconds the door opened and Mr. Cash came in.

“Mr. Cash, Mrs. Grant and I can’t get a very good view
of your wife being fucked. Could you hold up her skirt
so we can see her ride his cock.”

How I didn’t come as he spoke I don’t know.

“Yes, sir.”

Now he spoke to me, “Lick her nipples.”

As I did I felt a gush off female dew bathe my cock
anew. She was loving this.

“Watch now, Mrs. Grant as your husband shoots his load
into Mr. Cash’s wife… and Mrs. Grant, please, stop
masturbating without my permission… are you watching
Mr. Cash… anytime now… there, there you go… your
wife’s a sloppy mess again… look, look. Isn’t it nice
to fuck another man’s wife, John especially whilst he
watches you”

I exploded. I felt like I came buckets. It came forever
and I felt the hot liquid run down my shaft onto my
balls triggering another spasm.

“Get up, Mrs. Cash. Now bend over and show your husband
what a dirty little slut you’ve been.”

As she did we all saw her soaking gaping cunt and I felt
immense pride. I looked at Mr. Cash with some contempt
but was then distracted as I realized from the noises
that my wife was lying on the floor masturbating.

Chapter 4: A Seed Is Planted

“Now, your attention please.” Mills was calling us to

“Off you go, my dear.” he addressed Mrs. Cash.

“Back to your room, someone will be there to fuck you

Turning back to us he spoke again. “Mrs. Grant, Mr. Cash
is now going to take you to your room. Make yourself
comfortable, it’s your base for the duration of the

“Mr. Cash, John here has just fucked your wife. If you
were to fuck his he could hardly complain, now could he.
Take her…oh and remember my dear you must enjoy
yourself or hubby here is going to feel he’s wasted a
lot of money. John, kiss your wife goodnight. The next
time you see her she’ll have had a cock other than yours
in her cunt and she’ll be awash with another man’s

I kissed Sue. She winked at me in affection and
reassurance and left with Mr. Cash.

I was left with Mr. Mills, feeling foolish and
uncomfortable as I stood before him naked.

“I think you enjoyed Mrs. Cash, John, didn’t you?”

I nodded.

“It’s probably put you at ease a little?”

“A little”

“Sit, I have something to tell you.”

I sat in my original armchair with a sense of

“Your wife has tried to reassure you that everything’s
okay. But it isn’t. Not for you at least. I’m going to
spoil your wife, the woman you love so much. She’s a
slut and I’m going to show her she is. I’ll have her
fucking anyone I care too before the weekend’s out and
she won’t dare fuck you without my permission…and that
won’t be forthcoming. I’m going to keep her as a
plaything and I’m going to use her to humiliate you.”

Good grief he was good. He was pushing my buttons but
only because I felt sure Sue was right about his mind
games and I was in the “zone”. As he spoke my cock
sprang up before him. He smirked.

“Look at the mirror.”

I turned towards the large gilt mirror I’d seen on first
entry. Now it was a window. A window into a bedroom and
I heard sounds, voices… Sue, Mr. Cash.

I heard another sound, the thud of a deadlock. A
momentary panic grabbed me.

“Calm down John, you’re locked in. It’s a precaution
I’ve found necessary when I tell you what’s next.”

Through the mirror I saw Sue. She was facing me, it was
as if she could see me.

Mills spoke, “She can’t see you but she knows you’re
there, watching and she’s going to give you your money’s

Cash, naked, came up behind her and put his hands around
her waist. Slowly he unbuttoned her dress. He slipped it
over her shoulders and it fell to the floor. He cupped
her naked breasts and held each nipple between thumbs
and forefingers something I knew she loved. His cock had
to be hard up against her buttocks. A look of ecstasy
overtook her expression.

“Oh Mr. Cash, that’s good, don’t stop.”

As she moaned in delight I was transfixed but realized
Mills was talking to me.

“I’m sure she’s enjoying that but she has been
instructed to play up for your benefit… to heighten
the torment so to speak. Trouble is she doesn’t know the
truth. She doesn’t know I’ve trapped you both into being
my sexual slaves, playthings for my amusement. She
doesn’t know she can’t have you again or indeed that she
isn’t going to want you again.”

I heard him but was entranced by the scene in the
mirror. One of Cash’s hands glided down over her soft
flat belly to her cunt, her sopping wet cunt. He found
her clit and she writhed before me.

“That clit, that cunt was once yours to play with, not

I jerked my hard cock.

Slowly and gently Cash dragged her backwards a few feet
until he was sat on the edge of a bed. Sue sat too, on
his lap, each of her legs over each of his. She was
spread before me, her cunt obscenely displayed. With an
uncomfortable wriggle and adjustment Cash’s cock sprang
from behind her and rested flush with her pussy lips.
Sue’s hands followed, touching the large bell end
against her belly with one, cupping his balls with the
other. A look of utter lust and joy on her face.

I saw Cash nuzzle her neck, kiss her and whisper. The
kiss startled me. A loving gesture isn’t what I
expected. What had he said to her?

She groaned and threw her head back against his neck in
rapture, a reciprocated show of affection? She raised
her arms to reverse embrace him. Her breasts thrust
forward, her hips gave little gyrations forcing his cock
to rub up and down her sopping snatch.

She addressed me through the glass between us.

“I want this, John, I want it.”

Their mutual shows of affection had made me less sure
but my cock had a mind of its own.

I looked at Mills.

“It’s going to happen,” he smirked. “There’s nothing you
can do about it. If you screamed and raged now she
couldn’t hear you. Relax and enjoy.”

Scream and rage was exactly what my mind was doing but
the sight before me was exhilarating, outrageous, awful.
Cash spoke now.

“Watch, John, watch as my cock teases your wife’s cunt.
She wants it, my cock, not yours. She wants it because
she’s seen It’s bigger than yours. It’ll spread her
wider and reach deeper than you’ve ever been and once
she’s had it nothing less will do.”

Sue groaned and writhed at his words.

“Tell him, Mrs. Grant. Tell him it’s true.”

“It is, John. I love this cock, look at it.” She slid
her hand up and down his cunt dampened cock, massaged it
against her flat belly.

I saw now the wedding band on her finger, wet with his
pre-cum as it continued its sensuous slide along his

“Magnificent” she breathed.

She spoke to Cash, “Put it in… put it in… now!” Her
writhing became more frantic.

“Beg me and make me believe you want me and not your

“I do… I want you, not him. I want this big cock in
me, now please… I’ll do anything!”

She held his cock head against her clit and tried to
masturbate herself with small rapid movements of it. His
self control was masterful.

“Please, Mr. Cash… please fuck me. Let my husband see
how much more of a man you are… I beg you!”

“If I do you’re giving up claim to your own cunt, it
won’t be yours or your husband’s, it’ll be surrendered
to whoever they see fit.”

Sue moaned again and once more I saw the beginnings of
an orgasm and he wasn’t in her yet.

“Yes I give it up… please… now… please!”

“Mr. Mills may share you with his friends, my wife,
anyone he thinks fit.”

“Yes, I promise, whatever you… he wants… just
pleeeease fuck me!”

I watched as she raised herself in readiness. He lined
up his cock as she lowered herself.

Again he addressed me through the glass.

“This is what you paid for, John. Hope you’re ready.” If
he saw this as revenge for my fucking his wife he made a
good job of exacting it.

The tip of his cock was at her cunt lips all shiny, red
and wet. It was going to happen.

Sue glanced in my direction then lowered herself gently.
Then it happened, the head disappeared effortlessly into
her. For the first time in her life she had another cock
in her; not mine, someone else’s. She gasped and he
asked her to hold her position. With admirable restraint
she obeyed and then he let her slide slowly onto him. I
watched his cock disappear. I watched Sue’s face. She
wasn’t play acting; she was in rapture.

Fully embedded in her he held her still and whispered to
her. She sensuously caressed her own tummy, looked
towards me again and spoke.

“He’s in here, in me, deep, deep in me, filling me.” A
dreamy glaze in her eyes told me she was being totally
possessed by him.

I was entranced by the scene and wasn’t aware of Mills
movements until he was at me.

As I stood before the glass wanking he grabbed my hand
from my cock and in a swift movement cuffed it to my
other hand behind me.

Distracted, he ordered me to pay attention to the scene
in the mirror.

“Watch whilst I tell you what’s happening”

My cock was demanding attention. The scene before me was
too much to bear and I was so hard it hurt. Without my
hand to massage the pre-cum into my cock-head and shaft
it pulsed issuing continuous wet strings.

“He’s whispering to her. He’s telling her the truth. We
told you contraception wasn’t an issue here, we’ve told
her Mr. Cash has had a vasectomy.”

What the fuck.

“We told her that. We told her he was safe.” He smirked.

I looked at Sue as Cash continued his intimate
whispering. Then I saw from Sue’s startled reaction, her
shocked round eyes, her hands to each side of her face,
that the truth had registered.

There she sat with this man’s thick, rigid cock firmly
embedded in her, about to eject its life giving, life
changing potent spunk into her fertile womb but she was
still wriggling, almost imperceptibly, but moving

“Well, John, seems like not even the prospect of
conceiving a bastard child can stop your slut of a wife
from getting her thrills.”

Mills watched her and then me. He seemed to be enjoying
my discomfort immensely.

Sue’s movements became more definite. If her mind was
struggling, her body wasn’t.

“What do I do, John? What do I do?”

She knew I couldn’t answer, that she was on her own.
Cash smiled smugly. He need do nothing, just wait and
watch my beautiful wife gradually give in to the mind
sapping pleasure she was so obviously in thrall to on
the end of his cock.

“I can’t stop… oh, god… I can’t stop… oh sweet

Now she was clearly lifting herself off him and plunging
down, a grind, a groan, a lift off and another deeper
press down, another deeper grind.

“Oh, John, what have we done? I can’t stop, this is
so… so… ummm…”

Another grind, another lift, this time till his cock
almost left her, then a sharp hard drop, then again, his
cock shining lewdly as it emerged from my darling wife’s
cunt and then disappearing again as her cunt greedily
swallowed it up.

Cash spoke, “Ready to take my load, Mrs. Grant. Ready to
bear my child?” He taunted her, stoking her. His words
acted like an accelerator, she was speeding up, shouting
no, no, no but plunging onto him harder and harder,
faster and faster.

“Pretty, smart wife on the outside, breeding slut on the
inside. You’re a slut, worse than a whore, you love this
and we’re going to breed you for fun, to ruin you…and
you” he looked at me through the glass laughing whilst
my wife fucked herself on him.

“Tell him what you are.”

“Please no… no… oh god… ummmm… oh!”

“Tell him he has to bring up your bastard children or
you’ll leave him. Tell him your cunt belongs to Mr.
Mills and that he will never fuck you again without his

As she began to speak her pace of fucking became
ferocious and she didn’t get the words out before her
rolling orgasm began.

Her moans, shouts, incoherent words. His sneering,
leering look at her… and me.

And then I saw. As she lifted from him this time the
unmistakable sight of his cum covered shaft, glutinous
white/grey strands clinging to his shaft, then into her
again lining the walls of her womb with the same gooey

And as I saw this, my own cock pulsed, untouched and
issued forth rapid-fire spurts of cum splattering the
wall and carpet before me.

The mirror became reflective again. Instead of seeing my
wife in prolonged orgasm I was faced with the sight of
my own reflection, naked, handcuffed and cock still

Chapter 5: Preparing Dinner

Mills left me. I stood alone in the room contemplating
what I’d just seen and now feeling ridiculous in my
nudity and bondage. Several minutes later Mills

Unceremoniously, he ordered me to follow him as he made
to go for the door. I hadn’t left the room since we
arrived earlier in the evening but the prospect of
wandering around this enormous building in nothing but a
pair of handcuffs horrified me.

He saw my hesitation and addressed it immediately.

“It’s only difficult because you think you have a
choice. You don’t. I can leave you here for the weekend
without any food or toilet facilities whilst my friends
and I fuck your wife or you can obey me.”

He smiled.

“Staying in here for the weekend would be such a waste
of your hard earned money.”

I followed him.

As I left the room to follow him I was acutely aware of
the helpless and vulnerable state I was in. I sheepishly
looked up and down the corridor to see if anyone would
see me and then scurried after Mills who’d disappeared
into a room 3 or 4 doors down.

The room was a beautifully appointed bedroom. I heard
the sound of a shower from behind a door in the corner
of the room.

“Make yourself as comfortable as you can. You both have
an hour before dinner is served in the dining room.
Please don’t be late.”

There was no eroticism in this situation. It seemed so
normal. Here I was having been shown my room as if in a
smart hotel, taking on the information a porter might
offer having dropped my bags, my nakedness the only
indication of anything untoward.

“And the cuffs, Mr. Mills?”

“Oh you’ll get the hang of them… along with the other
toys we’ll expose you too”

I felt my cock twitch. There was a frisson of eroticism
after all.

As he left the room I heard the shower stop and
momentarily Sue emerged from the en-suite with a towel
wrapped around her.

“Sue, my love, are you alright? Are we still okay?” I
wanted to embrace her, love and hug her but my tied
hands prevented me.

“Oh, John, wasn’t it fantastic? Did you see?”

I was a little taken aback at her enthusiasm. I had
enjoyed, kind of, what had gone on but I did feel real
unease and I’d expected Sue would too.

“Yes, I did, love, but are we thinking through the
consequences? Pregnancy at our age?”

“Oh that’s just the game, John, they wouldn’t do that.
Doesn’t it really put some nastiness into the weekend.
That suggestion of being here to be bred. I get
flustered and hot at the thought. It’s so wicked.”

My thoughtful, intelligent wife was like a giddy
schoolgirl. I was shocked at her acceptance of all this.
I couldn’t deny the sexual kick I’d got from this so far
but I was having serious doubts about its effect on my
emotional wellbeing. I was feeling hurt, vulnerable and
jealous. How could that be? I’d been complicit in all
this, more than that I’d been positively proactive.

“What a magnificent cock he has, John. I’ve never been
so full and when he came it felt like, well like…
gallons. It’s the best sex ever…”

She seemed unaware of the hurt she was causing me, so
wrapped up was she in her recent experience.

“And what did you think of Mrs. Cash. How humiliating
was that, her being forced to show us her freshly fucked

That image provoked the stirrings of another erection.
Sue saw and took that as shared enthusiasm for our

“I’m so glad you’re into this too, John. It would be
awful if you hated this when I love it so much. Come on,
let’s get ready for dinner.”

She disappeared behind the door I took to be the en
suite bathroom and I stood bewildered and suddenly
feeling very lonely. I glanced around looking for the
clothing I was meant to wear for dinner. Dinner would at
least be some kind of relief from this relentless
sequence of sex. If only I could lose these cuffs.

I scanned the room seeing no sign of men’s clothing. I
checked the wardrobes. Nothing. I called through to Sue.

“Sue, can you see anything to wear in there?”

“Yes, dear, but just leave me to get ready. I’ll be out

I sat on the bed wondering what had been left for me to
wear and how exactly I would dress with wrists chained
behind me. I’d be dependent on Sue helping.

It seemed ages before Sue reemerged from the dressing
room and when she did she looked stunning. She wore a
black dress that hugged her shapely body, cut to mid
thigh and with a plunging neckline that held her bosom
up and out. Her cleavage tantalized. She wore black
31/2″ heels. More than this she had an assured, happy
bearing, a sense of strength and assurance.

My cock rose again.

“I look that good?” she teased.

She did. Right then I wanted her badly. I wanted to
possess her, reclaim her as mine.

She saw this and continued teasing.

Stood face to face, just feet apart, me naked, her
dressed to kill I felt frustration bordering on rage.
She looked at my straining cock and smirked. Never was I
more aware of my restraints. The cuffs were beginning to
hurt as I unconsciously tested them in my anger and

My head was exploding in confusion. I wanted relief for
the all consuming sexual urge that was beginning to
overpower me and I hated the lack of control, the
jealousy, my subjugation. With overwhelming humiliation
I asked my wife for hand relief.

She replied intensifying that humiliation.

“No dear. I have my instructions. I’m theirs now. I
couldn’t possibly.”

Open mouthed I stared at her. Struggling for some
composure I stammered.

“But that’s just a game. They’re not here now, come on,
Sue help me here.”

I tried approaching her and she backed away. “Keep that
leaking cock away from my beautiful dress. We’ll be in
big trouble if you stain it.”

“Sue… Sue…” I pleaded without finishing and still
trying to process my confusion.

She ignored me. No eye contact. What’s happening?

I backed down, reluctantly. “At least help me dress.”

She seemed to relent. “Where are your clothes?”

“You said they were in the dressing room.”

“No, this dress was in the room and these shoes, but no
men’s clothing.”

After a quick double check Sue became a little more
sympathetic towards my predicament.

“I’ll pop down and find someone to help.”

At that there was a knock on the door and without
waiting for an answer the door opened.

A small man, a midget, dressed in evening suit came in.
Embarrassed at my nakedness I hid behind the dressing
room door.

“My name is Carl. I’ve brought John’s attire for the

Without expression he handed Sue a small package.

“Please dress him.”

Sue opened the package. It contained a black collar and
chain. Sue handled it and looked at the midget

“Please dress him” he repeated.

Then to me he spoke even more commandingly.

“Come away from the door, NOW!” he barked.

His diminutive size in no way diminished his authority.
I stepped from behind the door and stood before him.

“Here, now.”

I obeyed, again surprised at my own timidity.

“Dress him,” he said again to Sue.

She approached me with some trepidation. I sensed her
discomfort for me but quickly she put the collar around
my neck and the chain fell loosely down my chest, past
my cock and down to my ankles.

“Hand me the lead.”

Sue bent down, picked up the dangling chain and handed
it to Carl. Carl sneered. He struck me as a bad man and
not one to cross for all his stature.

“You, my dear may go down to the dining room. Down the
stairs and to the left.”

Sue glanced at me with some concern… and excitement…
but left without protest.

Carl tugged on the lead bringing me closer to him and
didn’t ease off until he had me bent and stooped so that
I was nose to nose with him. As I stuttered an objection
he hushed me putting a finger to his lips. Why did I let
this gesture stop any protest? Holding me there he took
something from his pocket and swiftly pushed it into my
mouth, a tablet or pill, and insisted I swallow.

He roughly grabbed and nipped my nose forcing my mouth
open so he could check I’d swallowed it. Assured I had,
he stuffed a large black ball into my mouth effectively
gagging me. By now I felt panic. Here I was, naked,
hands fastened behind me, chained and gagged and with an
erection which totally belied my true feeling. This
situation did not arouse me but a rock hard cock sprung
out in front of me.

Carl spoke to me, “That’s the drug I’ve given you.” He
had loosened the lead a little and pointed at my cock.
God it was hard, painfully hard.

“By now we’re calculating you may have serious
misgivings about this weekend in sexual heaven. We’ve
seen and heard your conversation with your wife and she
may just be wondering if you’ve both gotten yourselves
too far in.”

I tried far too late to agree but all that came out was
a muffled sound. It was still only Friday night but
right now I would just have liked to take Sue home and
cuddle her.

“But we like your wife and I think she’s enjoying
herself. The only thing holding her back from becoming a
totally willing slut for us is her love and concern for
you. She needs reassurance that you are enjoying this.

“Of course we know you’re not. You’ve enjoyed fucking
Mrs. Cash and you’ve enjoyed watching Mr. Cash fuck your
wife but that’s all it was for you. Now, though, there
is an emotional aspect to all this that’s creeping up on
you and beginning to consume you”

I didn’t know where he was going with this but his
assessment was true and him articulating it made me more
conscious of it.

“So some coercion is going to be necessary from now on.”

The smile he gave me was cold and I knew my earlier
assessment of his character was fair. This was one bad

“Everything you and your wife have done here since your
arrival earlier this evening has been recorded. We have
sound, video and stills, all explicit. If any of it were
to fall in the wrong hands I suspect it might have
catastrophic effects on your professional and social
lives not to mention your family lives…”

My god, what on earth had we gotten ourselves into. Any
thought of sex or eroticism collapsed under the weight
of this sudden reality check. And yet my cock was as
rock hard now as it was before. His smile didn’t waiver.

“…so it would make sense to cooperate, John. Don’t you
think so?”

He knew I couldn’t reply but I stood chained, bound and
mute and had I been able to speak I would have had to
assent. My family was too important to me.

“Now, John, when we’re fucking your wife, abusing her,
teasing her, using her as our plaything you will not
fail in your encouragement of her. When she looks for
reassurance you give it; when she looks for help you
withhold it and encourage her acceptance of what we do
to her. It shouldn’t be hard to convince her. That good,
hard erection we’ve helped you with should help”

As a full understanding of my predicament raced into my
brain a strange feeling overtook me. I don’t know if it
was a kind of madness but I seemed to shed any care. I
was helpless, without power and responsibility. Nothing
was in my control, yet I sensed a kind of liberation.

A rush of sexual energy overcame me and again, without
physical aid I ejaculated. A stream of cum shot forth
and as the midget Carl guffawed with laughter the stream
became an obscene string hanging from my still rock hard

He continued laughing evilly as he tugged my chain
forcing me to follow him and as I did I knew that
madness hadn’t left me.

6 Dinner and Separation

As we entered the large dining room two things struck
me. Its old world opulence and grandeur would have
impressed me immensely in different circumstances. High
ceilinged, wooden floored and with another large and
fully roaring fire it looked like an old gentleman’s
club. In the centre of the room, placed on top of the
lavish Persian rug, was a large dining table. The second
thing that struck me was my lack of embarrassment in
front of the dining coterie.

At the head of the table sat Mr. Mills. On one side sat
Mr. and Mrs. Cash, facing them but with their backs to
me were Sue and another man, who I could see even in the
subdued light and his seated position was tall and broad
and dark. I was to learn this was James. I’d heard Mrs.
Cash refer to him earlier as Carl’s partner in her

Carl left me by the door and went to take his place at
the table, completing the diners as he sat facing Mr.

I felt awkward. Naked, gagged and cuffed with a raging,
leaking hard on I didn’t know where to put myself but I
was seemingly being ignored. Then I realized the murmur
of dinner conversation was about me. I strained to

“…think it’ll be ok…” “he’s enjoying…” “…likes
being a wimp…” “…happy we’re doing such a job on
you, my dear…” The all seemed to be contributing and
then I heard Sue’s voice, hesitant and nervous.

“Are you sure? I think… I think I’d just like to check
with him,” she seemed unaware I was in the room.

Mills barked instruction to me. “Here, John, now!”

I walked towards his position at the head of the table.
I was suddenly the focus of all their attention.


I moved a step forward to the edge of the table at which
point my erect cock was displayed across its surface.
Embarrassingly it gave a little pulse, issuing forth
another string of pre-cum.

I looked at Sue and caught her eye as it did so. A
question I detected in her eye disappeared as she saw
this. It was replaced with lust.

More confidently now she spoke, “I understand from our
friends here that you really are loving this, John, and
that you really want me to continue.”

As she spoke James lifted her left hand in his and took
it to his lips, kissing her wedding band tenderly. As he
did so she gazed at him lovingly and as she looked back
at me my cock pulsed again.

“They’re making me feel so sexy, John. It’s such a
relief you like it too. They really know how to make
this work. You’re such a darling for arranging it all.”

Mills spoke, “Do remember to tell him some of what we’ve
arranged for the rest of the weekend, my dear. I’m sure
he wants to know that we’ve told you of all the desires
he’s never dared tell you. As you can see, he can’t
speak for himself.”

They all chuckled.

Infuriated, I tried to object with what of course were
unintelligible grunts.

“Tell him… tell him what delights you’ve consented to
for his gratification.”

Now Sue spoke to me. She feigned coyness. “Well,” she
paused for thought.

“I like the idea of everyone here fucking me for your
pleasure… I think I’m less sure about lack of
protection but I suppose that’s a chance we take and if
it pleases you.”

What? WHAT? My mind raced. These weren’t my fantasies.
What had they told her?

“I’m just surprised you’ve never told me…”

Unable to speak and still sporting a rock hard cock that
seemed somehow separate to me my head was spinning.

“And this thing of showing love not just lust… I
thought that would hurt you… but… if that’s what you
want I’ll try to feign love too, or at least affection.”

She turned to face James who still held her hand in his.

“It shouldn’t be so hard,” she said coquettishly.

My cock, still projecting over the corner of the table,
twitched again. I silently prayed this was all part of
the mental game but doubts began to plague me again.

“I had no idea you wanted to suck the cocks that were
going to fuck me… that’s really…” she shivered
before she could finish.

The madness rose in me again. I’m not gay. I’m really
not gay but reason was leaving me, and some animal force
was taking over. The thought thrilled and disgusted me
but also the thought, “Don’t leave me, Sue, don’t leave

Sue was watching the reaction her words were having on
me. Unable to speak she had only my wide eyes and my
rampant cock on which to base a judgment and I saw it
was my cock that caught her eye.

Mills interjected.

“Bedtime for you, John.”

I looked at him startled.

“Take him.”

He was addressing Mrs. Cash. She blushed. I’d still not
heard her speak more than a few words. She pushed back
her chair and stood. I saw then that she was dressed
just as she had been earlier, as a French maid, but this
time breasts covered, only becoming obvious as she stood
revealing the ridiculously short skirt, stockings and
what looked like heels too high for her comfort. She
stood to her full height, a petite 5’1 or 5’2.

“When he’s in his room uncuff him and remove the gag.
Leave on his collar.”

She looked hesitant, nervous.

“Relax my dear. After tonight remember you’re free to

She did, slightly.

“Lead him away.”

She picked up the trailing lead and self consciously
gave it a tug. I caught Sue’s eye. I saw lust, meanness
even but felt the tug and followed meekly. As we got to
the door I managed to catch a final glimpse of Sue in a
passionate clinch with James…and to hear vicious
laughter from Mills and Carl.

Once in my room, a plain beige walled cell-like space
with a single bed against one wall, Mrs. Cash hesitated
again. I didn’t understand at first. I raised my arms
behind me offering my cuffed wrists for release. She
didn’t respond. I turned and grunted. She removed the
gag and I inhaled deeply.

“My hands” I said. Still hesitation.

“What’s wrong, they told you to uncuff me.”

“I-I… know what they’ve done to you.”

“What do you mean?” I was genuinely puzzled.

“They’ve drugged you, you’re… aroused to a point of
madness, you’ll rape me.”

What was she talking about. I’d already fucked her once.
Then I thought. Madness. That’s the word I’d thought of
myself. She now saw my unease.

“When you… had me… before… it was against my will,
it was to please my husband. I wish I’d never agreed to
come here.”

“But you DID enjoy it, you were…” I didn’t need to
find a euphemism for her excited sexual state as she
anticipated what I was going to say.

“I can’t help my body’s response. I’m human, I’m wired
to respond, and I’d been drugged too, so don’t you think
it was anything but following instructions to please my

We were silent for a few moments.

This fragile, sensitive woman should have had my
sympathy, but she was right. Right now I wanted to fuck
her. My cock said so, my mind said so. But I still had
some wits about me.

“I understand. Take the lead and tie it to a bed leg.
Then uncuff me. That should give you time to get out of
the door.”

Slowly, I saw the sense of my proposal sink in. She
looked towards the base of the bed and tugged me to it.
I had to get on the floor for her to fasten the chain
around the leg. Then she stood above me. As I looked up
at her I saw the most delightful sight. From this angle
her skirt no longer covered her beautiful naked cunt. I
was foolish enough to comment.

“Is that still the drugs?” I said sarcastically.

Momentarily she was puzzled. Then when she understood I
was astonished when she began to cry.

“The things they’ve done, the things they’ve made me do.
They’ve turned me into a slut. Why is my body doing this
to me”

Gently, like a wolf, I pounced.

“If you’re body needs something I can help. Look what
they’ve done to me, a permanent raging hard-on. We’re
both victims here.”

I wanted her and her body wanted me. Whatever the reason
I wanted to fuck her right now. That wet pussy wasn’t
lying. Drug induced, conditioned, whatever the reason, I
didn’t care. She wanted it and so did I.

“Do you know what they have planned…you don’t, do

In my haze of lust I almost didn’t care but I must have
detected just enough of a genuine warning and I

“We’re just here for some fun. They’re providing our
entertainment. We’re just here for an old fashioned
dirty weekend.”

As I said it, I knew we were already past that and that
I was deluding myself. She knew this.

“Don’t be stupid. You… we… are their entertainment.
And it’s not just for the weekend. That’s what they told
us. Here we are three weeks later and because we’ve done
as they asked we can leave tonight, but not you. We’ve
heard their plans for you. It’s so… depraved, so
filthy and amoral. I’m so sorry you’re caught in this
but it’s too late now.”

A cold chill of fear went through me.

“Oh, God, just thinking about it.”

Whatever it was made her groan with unwanted pleasure.

“This is what they do to us. How can I be so wanton,
they’ve done this to me!”

She released the lead from the bed and without
hesitation this time, unlocked the cuffs.

She laid on the bed, knees up, legs apart, cunt lips
open and shining with wetness.

“Do it to me… now… please!”

Feeling invigorated by my liberation I took control.

“I’ll fuck you, damn right I’ll fuck you… but this is
how I’ll do it.”

I flipped her over, lifted her skirt, and seeing her
perfect ass and shiny cunt plunged my raging cock into
her. The tight hot feeling was almost too much to bear
and after waiting so long in a heightened sexual state I
thought I was going to cum immediately. Fucking her
earlier and then ejaculating twice “hands free” must
have helped my staying power as I was able to keep
powering away at her.

She kept talking, like her mind and body were fighting
over possession of her soul. Her body responded to the
fucking I was giving her. She met my thrusts and her
cunt bathed my cock in hot wetness. But she spoke of
other things as I did so.

“You think you’re their customer, but you’re their
slave. They drug you, manipulate you, condition you and
blackmail you. You’ll do what they want. They’ll make
you want it too. And your wife, if I told you… if I
tell you… you can’t let them know I told you.”

Her speech was punctuated by grunts and thrusts. I
wanted to know but only because it fed my lust for the
woman I was fucking. Dreams and nightmares filled my
mind as I thrust deeper and deeper, delighted that I was
able to maintain such a prolonged performance.

“I heard them… they’re going to breed her. It’s a game
for them. They’re betting on the child being theirs,
each of them. She’ll know by now… they’re doing her
now… in the dining room. They’re telling her as they
do it. And that’s not all… it doesn’t stop there by
any means”

This story far from shocking me fired my lust further. I
knew she was telling me the truth but it felt like the
recounting of some deep dark fantasy.

Without stopping my grinding I spoke back.

“Go on, tell me everything”

“The branding… the family… the…”

From nowhere I felt a punch to the back of my head. I
fell, untied from my fuck mate and landed on the floor
stunned. In seconds I felt my wrists cuffed again.

I heard Mrs. Cash groan.

“Oh please, I need to come, please help me… fuck me…

Shaking off the stupor I saw now it was Mr. Cash. He
dropped his pants and took my place, fucking his wife
and berating her at the same time.

“What are you doing? After everything we’ve been through
this past three weeks, how could you jeopardize it now?
You shouldn’t be telling him.”

“Just fuck me. Make me come and then we can go. Fuck me
just fuck me”

I watched them fuck. I had seen his cock was bigger than
mine when he fucked Sue earlier and it seemed to make a
difference to his wife now.

“That’s it… just a bit more… yes… oh yes…
again… harder! YES! YES! OH YESSS!”

He’d nailed her good and quick.

This quiet and dignified lady quickly became just that
again. It was as if some madness, the same madness I’d
felt, had left her.

As she stood her short skirt dropped to give her a
little modesty so that were it not for the shiny cum I
saw on her thighs she’d look just as I’d seen her in the
dining room. Mr. Cash was quickly dressed.

Man and wife spoke with each other as if I wasn’t there.

“We’ve helped find our replacements, so let’s go. When
it took so long for you to come back they sent me to get
you. They’re so into their game with her they’ve said to
just go.”

“But the recordings, the pictures?”

“These two so meet all their needs I don’t think we need
worry. We’ve kept our side of the bargain. Let’s just go
and get out of this hellhole.”

I interjected, “Please, tell me what you know before you

“She’s already said too much,” he replied, dragging his
wife to the door.

“What did you mean, ‘branding’ and ‘family’?”

“That’s not half of it. You’ll see soon enough.”

He pushed his wife through the open door and as he left
himself quipped,

“Anyway from what I’ve seen you’ll probably both enjoy

He closed the door behind him.

I sat, alone and forlorn. Their words sent questions
racing around my mind and the speed with which they’d
left created a real sense of danger.

After a moment of bewilderment I approached the closed
door and tried clumsily to turn the handle. Though my
wrists were still tied behind me, with careful
maneuvering I was able to open the unlocked door

By now I was losing myself consciousness about my
nudity. I crept along the corridor stealthily as
possible eager to find Sue so I could try to end what
was rapidly becoming a nightmare.

I didn’t understand the references the Cash’s had made
but ‘branding’ had a clear implication of permanence,
not a weekend dalliance and the very mention of ‘family’
terrified me. That, notwithstanding, I was still
sporting a rock hard cock. Whatever they’d given me must
have been very strong.

I made my way to where I remembered the dining room
being. The door was slightly ajar. I listened carefully.
I heard nothing so pushed the door open gently and
peered inside. The table was still laid, with empty
plates and wine glasses. The fire still looked lively.
As I ventured further in I quickly realized the room was

I had no plan but I had expected to find my wife there
with our tormentors and now ungagged I could have tried
to warn her. Now I was at a loss. Where in this vast
house was she. If I shouted they would find me before I
warned her. I looked around the dining room looking for
clues and inspiration. None were to be found.

I decided I’d have to wander the house listening at
doors. I’d barely got to the next room when I heard a
telephone ring. Panic stricken I tried to work out where
the sound was coming from. The first ring startled me
but I needed the second one to help me locate it. A
third ring might be too late if someone came to answer

After the second ring I still couldn’t work it out.
Panicked into action I dashed back into the dining room
where to my horror I was faced with the midget Carl
heading to a sideboard on which stood an old fashioned
hook telephone stand. He saw me as I saw him. He was
cool. I was not.

He let the telephone ring. Caught like a rabbit in
headlights I stared at him. Swiftly he approached me and
grabbed my defenseless naked testicles with a vice-like
grip. I fell to the floor, screaming in pain. As I
writhed on the floor he stuffed a handkerchief into my
mouth and I was back to square one. As I continued to
roll in agony I felt cold metal on my neck and the sound
of a click.

This was worse than square one. I’d had half a chance to
extract my wife and I from some unspecified horrors,
failed and was now likely to find out what those horrors

But not just yet.

Carl led me not to Sue but back to the room I’d just
escaped from. He left me there and I heard the door
lock. I sat on the edge of the bed suddenly very weary.
From somewhere outside my door I heard a clock chime and
realized how late it was. As I counted the twelfth
strike I surrendered to tiredness and lay down on the
bed and despite the discomfort of cuffs and gag quickly
fell asleep.

7 Saturday

It was very late when I awoke the next morning. Daylight
flooded the room. I looked around me and realized
simultaneously I was uncuffed, ungagged and without a
lead. Clothes lay draped over a chair in the corner.

My ferocious erection of the previous evening had
subsided. Normality? I had to mentally reconstruct the
events of the night before to convince myself I hadn’t
dreamed it all. Tell tale red bands of sore skin on my
wrists assured me it had been real.

I rose and was able to dress in the casual clothes
clearly left for me. I approached the door tentatively
and tried the handle. It opened. With no specific plan I
wandered to where I knew the dining room to be.

As I entered Mills was sat by the table, legs crossed
and seemingly immersed in a broadsheet newspaper.

I took a step further and Mills looked up.

“Morning, John. Come and have some breakfast with me.”

He gestured to the chair adjacent him.

Still slightly bewildered by the normality of the
situation after last night I did so.

“Morning,” I responded.

“You slept well, I hope you’re suitably recovered.”

“Yes…yes I am, I feel very well thank you.”

He raised the coffee pot and poured the black liquid
content into a cup.

“Help yourself to toast, there’ll be a cooked breakfast
with you shortly.”

He smiled reassuringly and a moment later Carl entered
with a tray full of breakfast. He didn’t speak and left
immediately. Last night, in the intense mood of the
evening he’d seemed intimidating. Now as he waddled away
his short stature seemed comical and I wondered how I’d
been so frightened of him. I began tucking into the
lavish breakfast realizing how long it had been since
I’d eaten.

“So, John, have you enjoyed your stay so far?”

Whether out of a misplaced sense of courtesy or because
I was still bewildered I answered.

“Yes, yes I have.”

“Good. Today should be even better if you enjoyed last

“But what about Sue… my wife… is she okay? Where is

I felt the first rise of panic as I realized I hadn’t
seen her since last night.

“She’s fine. I saw her and James only an hour ago. She
seems to be enjoying his company immensely.”

Indignant I spoke again, “I want to see her now. I
insist you take me to her”

“No, John. Not just yet. I’m not sure she’ll want to see
you straight away. She’s somewhat preoccupied at the
moment. Let’s see how the day goes, shall we?”

Now my earlier calm was evaporating.

“NOW, Mills,” I said. He saw my anger and couldn’t have
missed my failure to address him by his surname.

He didn’t lose his cool though. He smiled again, calmly
and reassuringly but I wasn’t reassured.

I stood up and shouted again.

“Take me to her, now or so help me I’ll…” words failed
me. What exactly would I do? I’m not a fighter. I
couldn’t storm off and find her, the house was too

“SIT DOWN, JOHN” His tone brooked no dissent.

I did, somewhat chastened by my realization of how
helpless I was. I tried reason.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have spoken to you like that. It
was rude of me. I think you’ll understand though, I’m
very concerned for her. I haven’t seen her since last
night, I’m responsible for her, I brought her here.”

“That’s okay, John, I understand but do remember why you
brought her here. Tell me why again.”

I blushed deeply.

“To experience… enjoy our fantasies.”

“What kind of fantasies?”

“Sexual fantasies.”

“That’s right, John and that’s just what she’s doing
now. Let me reassure you she is physically fine, if a
little tired… hardly surprising in the circumstances”

His smile this time was more sinister.

“So, please don’t be concerned on that count.”

I knew he hadn’t finished.

“Emotionally, however, she does seem to be getting very
attached to James.”

A cold chill of fear ran up my spine.

“When I last saw her they were more like lovers than …
well there were displays of affection, shall I say. I’ve
run many of these weekends. They’re about sex, not love.
I’m not used to seeing this.”

“You’re lying. Sue would never betray me like that…and
I know the mind games you’re playing with us. The
Cash’s, they told me. They told me your plan…”

I came to a spluttering incoherent end.and#8232;”Ah, the
Cash’s. They played their part well. I’ll give them a
break for a few months now that I have you to play with.
I’ll have them back though. I particularly like her.
Such innocence and such a sex drive.”

He seemed wistful as he recalled her but my mind was
working overtime.

After a moments thoughtful pause he spoke again.

“You have the day free, John. Don’t worry about your
wife, who she’s fucking, who she’s loving. Forget about
the Cash’s and what they’ve said. There’s nothing you
can do about any of it. You and your lovely wife are
mine to do with as I see fit so relax and enjoy. Go out,
enjoy the fresh air, walk in the park, have a coffee at
Starbucks, read a book. Whatever you like. Then come
back here for 6 tonight and we’ll see where we go from
there. Maybe I’ll introduce you to James’ new

He grinned evilly, got up and left the room.

As I sat, stunned, I tried to work out what to do.

I stood up, realizing as I did that again my cock was
rock hard and tented the front of the pants I was
wearing. Drugged again. That damned coffee. Trying to
ignore it I left the dining room, entered the hallway
and at the top of my voice I shouted.


There was no reply… from anyone or anything.

I climbed the stairs and shouted again. No response. I
ran the length of the landing trying doors. All locked.
Beaten I went back to the top stair and sat head in

He’d said to come back at 6. I had no option. I left by
the grand front door we’d entered only the evening
before. As I closed the door behind me the symbolism
caught me. Was I abandoning my wife to these bastards?

I could see the day dragging by. I didn’t do anything
Mills had suggested. Too self conscious of the permanent
erection I was sporting I went home. Maybe there’d be
something there to take my mind off the predicament. I
checked the post. One or two bills and flyers but
nothing of real interest. There was an answer phone
message from my daughter Nicola to say she was coming
home next weekend and to let her know if that was okay.
I ignored it. Sue would call her in due time.

This erection was getting on my nerves. There was no one
home so I stripped off the pants to give my cock some

I switched on my computer hoping again for some
diversion. There were several email messages, some spam
which for some reason I always checked the title of and
two from people I knew. As I went to delete the spam one
caught my eye.

“John Grant as you’ve never seen him.”

Fucking hell. I opened it but simply found a link to
another site with a long incomprehensible address. I
followed it.

“John and Sue Grant, fucking and being fucked, but not
by each other.”

“Slave John Grant sucks cock.”

“Slut Sue Grant fucks midget.”

“Slut Sue Grant goes black.”

“Slave John Grant bound and gagged.”

“Slut Sue Grant impregnated.”

For each a click would show a picture to match the
description. The list went on. All the pictures were of
high quality and as I studied them I felt my hand go to
my cock. I masturbated furiously until I got to a second

“Slut Sue Grant branded.”

“Slut Sue Grant chained and enslaved.”

“Slave John Grant feeds black cock to wife’s cunt.”

“Slave John Grant sucks black cock”and#8232;These
weren’t true. Frantically I clicked. No picture

Another page.

“Slut Sue Grant does Dogs.”

“Slut Sue Grant with Snakes.”

My God!!

“Nicola Grant Helps Slut Sue.”

There was no consolation in the absence of supporting
photos. We were clearly in serious trouble here.

But I couldn’t understand this. I thought I’ll tackle
this later and flicked back to those captions with
pictures. My cock pulsed again. A picture of Sue fucked
by Cash, I remember it, the rapture on her face. I
masturbated furiously, ejaculated, masturbated again. My
erection was never ending. The pictures fascinated me,
the unsupported captions should have consumed me but I
masturbated and masturbated. I did this for hours. My
cock was red roar and sore.

Eventually the erection left me. Presumably the drug
wore off. Exhausted, I came away from the computer and
dressed again. I was staggered to see the time was
approaching 6:15.

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