A married couple

Bobbi is David’s wife. Bobbi and David are best friends, and have been since childhood. They have a wonderful relationship, the envy of their many friends. They can make each other laugh, they have more common interests than just about any couple they know, they do almost everything together, and they have a great time doing it. Almost everything. They don’t have sex together. Ever. In the five years they’ve been married, they have never fucked, sucked or even fondled each other. Not one single time.

Bobbi identifies as a lesbian – not the kind who is mostly into girls but can be tricked every now and then – but 100% pure lesbian. She just doesn’t find men attractive in the least – not even her best friend, David. David, on the other hand, finds Bobbi to be just about the hottest woman he has ever met, which by most people’s standards she certainly is. He came in to this marriage knowing the score, as did she, and they both feel free to go get some sex on the side whenever the urge compels them. Often, they even feel free to describe their sexual adventures in some detail to each other the next day, with particular emphasis on what made their partner – the “other woman” – sexy and exciting. Neither one has ever even attempted to establish a true outside relationship, though, and neither one wants to.

They had been quite content as single best friends, but Bobbi’s circumstances were set to take a turn for the better when it became obvious that having a husband would definitely improve her odds. Sad and quite sexist, but nonetheless true. When David volunteered to help her cause, they had a long, interesting conversation. When things were said and done, a very unusual set of ground rules had been laid out, and Bobbi had convinced herself that David really meant it and knew what he was getting in to. But those rules, of course, could never be enough to make David stop wishing that he could take the final step in consummating their otherwise wonderful marriage, even though he wouldn’t dare do anything to jeopardize it.

“Bobbi, I’ve had a bit of a bizarre idea,” David began as they sat cuddled on the couch in front of the television. Cuddling was okay and quite common between them, as was a peck on the cheek in the morning or at bedtime, and hugs when hugging was needed, but only because Bobbi didn’t see those as sexual acts – they were simply what best friends do.

Bobbi pushed her medium-length blonde locks off her beautiful face, and looking up at David, said, “Yeah?”

“Yeah. Umm… how do you feel about… prostitution?”

Bobbi’s look exposed her surprise at the question, but as usual she replied with calm composure, “Well, I don’t think it would be too good for my career at the firm, and I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m not into guys…”

David giggled a bit nervously, and said, “No, not you! I meant – ”

“… and I’m not sure there are enough women prepared to pay for it out there to make it worth my while. Is this some pimp fantasy you have? Typical fucking misogynistic, patriarchical, chauvinistic power complex bullshit.”

“Yeah, well as much fun as that would be, it’s not what I meant. Although I would happily give you fifty bucks for a good fuck.”

“Fifty bucks!” Bobbi exclaimed in mock indignation. “You wouldn’t even get to pat my ass for fifty bucks!”

David raised an eyebrow. “So how much to have you stark naked, flat on your back, knees up and legs wide open? Oh yeah, after a nice long blowjob to start us off?”

“Didn’t I hear you say this wasn’t about me?”

“Well, it wasn’t until you raised the idea and told me that fifty bucks isn’t enough,” David replied.

“One million dollars,” Bobbi quoted grandly, with her pinky finger poised at the corner of her mouth in true Dr. Evil manner. David nodded thoughtfully.

“Done!” he said. “Do you accept IOUs?”

“Okay, smart ass, back to your bizarre idea – because so far, I’m not impressed.”

“So answer my question.”

“No, I don’t accept IOUs,” Bobbi replied with a grin.

“For fuck’s sake!” David said, trying to plant a serious look on his face without much success. “About prostitution. Tell me how you feel about prostitution, in general.”

Bobbi nodded and went silent for a moment. David knew that this was a good sign. Bobbi was a highly analytical person, and the answer he got this time would be thoughtful, well reasoned. She sighed mildly, then began. “In general, prostitution should be legal. It’s a business transaction between two people for otherwise perfectly legal activities, which for some reason get criminalized when money is exchanged. Now, there are certain illegal activities that are often closely associated with prostitution, like extortion, slavery and kidnapping, f****d labour, drugs, underage sex and probably a bunch of other things, but they’re not the actual act of prostitution.” She paused, and then continued, ”But in cases where the woman – or man I guess – is doing it of her or his own free will, not being coerced by anyone, I have no problem with it. I’d like to think she was enjoying her job, too, to be perfectly okay with it. But I guess that’s true of any job – just more so if you’re fucking strangers and not feeling good about it or about yourself.”

David nodded. He was hoping to hear something like that from her. “Yeah, I agree completely. Umm…” He began to get tongue-tied again. This was going to be hardest part to get across to her. “You know – it’s no secret that I want – I’ve always wanted to, uhh, have sex with you…”

“Now David, we’ve been over this.” Bobbi was worried that David was about to cross the line that had kept them together so far. And truthfully, David wasn’t completely sure that he wasn’t.

“Just hear me out, Bobbi. I’m not asking you to let me put my dick inside you – well, for less than a million, anyway. I’m asking you to consider the idea of having sex together. Same time, same place. The way we have dinner together. We don’t eat the same actual food, we just eat our own food together, enjoying each other’s company – and uhh, sometimes we share a plate.”

“Where plate means prostitute,” Bobbi finished. “You want to hire a hooker, so both of us can have sex with her. At the same time.” David didn’t answer but he did look rather sheepish.

“Okay, that is bizarre. Not completely stupid,” she conceded, “but bizarre.” David let out a long breath and closed his eyes for a moment. He decided to go for the big closing argument.

“My hope is that when we’re done, and the prostitute has gone, we’ll be cuddled up like this -“

“Except naked,“ Bobbi interjected.

“- enjoying perhaps the most intimate moment we’ll ever have together,” he finished. Then he added, “You can put a robe on if you want, but I’ll be naked.”

They sat silently for a long, uncomfortable moment. “That is sweet,” Bobbi said, kissing him on the forehead before heading off to bed.

Neither Bobbi nor David spoke of it for a few days. They continued their lives together as normal, although David found himself wondering if there was a shade of tension in the house. He was well aware that it was up to Bobbi to decide whether she ever wanted to talk of it again, but he did hope that she would at least tell him she wasn’t interested, if that turned out to be the case. Just to clear the air.

“Okay,” Bobbi said, looking up at David.

They were watching television again, and it took David a few seconds to react. “Okay what?”

“Okay, lets get a hooker. A nice girl-next-door gorgeous hooker with a heart of gold.”

David met her gaze, and again didn’t respond immediately. “Are you sure? This is going to change our relationship, one way or the other, and I really don’t want to screw things up.”

“Look pal, this was your idea, and it wouldn’t take much to change my mind. So be careful what you say.”

David looked intently into her eyes, until he made up his mind that she was serious. “Okay then. Let’s do it,” he nodded sharply. “So – we need a plan.”

“I was thinking fellatio for you and cunnilingus for me,” Bobbi replied.

“Yep, that can be in the plan. But I was thinking more along the lines of finding the prostitute and arranging a visit.”

”They’re called escorts, and they’re all over the web. I’ve been doing some research,” Bobbi added. David grinned and raised an eyebrow. “Some of them are rather attractive,” she continued jauntily. “In fact, some of them are absolutely godownuponable!”

“Ah, but are they all bisexual?” David asked, chuckling at her Shakespearean turn of phrase. “It seems to me that that will be one of the more important criteria. So, let’s see: what do we need? Someone we’re both attracted to, bisexual, caters to couples, enjoys what she’s doing, and is doing it of her own accord. And is available. And, oh – will come to us.”

“And doesn’t cost thousands of dollars an hour,” Bobbi added.

David was surprised. “Seriously? That’s not the going rate, is it?”

“No, just what a few porn stars want. We should be able to get a very lovely lady for, I don’t know, hundreds not thousands. More than fifty bucks, though, you cheap bastard.”

“But less than a million, I notice,” David retorted.

Bobbi opened her laptop and pointed to her screen. I’ve found a few hot prospects, but I think we’ve got some more searching to do.”

David leaned in towards her screen, and after taking in the pictures for a few seconds, said, “Emphasis on ‘hot’!”

“Normally, I’d call you some kind of dirty pig or pervert or something, but I happen to agree.”

They were looking at a beautiful blue-eyed brunette, 21 years old; and two blondes, one tall and lanky and the other quite busty, both listed as 20 years old. They all claimed to be from Eastern Europe.

“You know, I’m beginning to think maybe we should look for someone around 30, around our age. I’m not convinced that 20 year olds from Eastern Europe pass the ‘own free will’ test. Maybe they do, but it does seem a bit suspicious,’ David mused. Bobbi agreed, and they started another search. “Put ‘couples’ in there” he suggested. This time, they got a completely different set of results. Bobbi clicked on a few promising looking sites before she found one that seemed to offer a lot of escorts, and let them filter on some additional preferences, one of which was ‘Couples’. There were a number of hits, and most of them were lovely looking women.

“Ooh, that’s a nice one!” Bobbi exclaimed, clicking on the small picture of a long-haired blonde. “Wow, she’s pretty. 26. Tits are kind of small, though. You okay with that?” David shrugged and nodded. “Nah,” Bobbi answered, “Let’s go for bigger tits.”

“Yeah, I thought you liked big ones,” David said. “How about her?” He pointed at a woman with a huge set, straining to erupt from a tiny red bikini top that was many sizes too small. Her face had been pixelated out. Bobbi gave him a dirty look and just shook her head. Next, David pointed at a redhead with sumptuous, wavy hair falling past her shoulders.

Bobbi opened her profile. “Hmm… very nice. 29. Probably not 29, but not too much older. Ooh, look at those legs. Nylons, David. You like nylons?” She knew full well David liked nylons. After five years of living with him, she knew exactly what got a rise out of him when she wore it. Not to mention what he’d said in the conversations they’d had about their sexual partners.

“I was looking at her tits. You like tits, Bobbi?”

“They are indeed wonderful tits,” Bobbi agreed. “Wouldn’t you love to get your face right in there and nibble away for an hour or two?”

“Okay, now this is erotic,” David remarked, staring directly at Bobbi.

“What, naughty talk while looking at pictures of half naked women?” Bobbi said, the surprise evident in her voice. Then she took a long, obvious look at his crotch, and began to sing softly, “David’s got a hard-on! David’s got a hard-on!”

“Betcha ten bucks you’re wet inside your panties!”

“I am not!” she replied, reprising her indignation.

“Oh yeah? Prove it!”

She giggled, then moved her face enticingly close to his before giving his a playful slap. “Okay, let’s file that away. Talking dirty to each other while porn surfing is erotic.”

“For both of us?” David asked hopefully.

“Yeah, for both of us,” she replied reluctantly.

They turned back to the redhead’s profile. She had written a couple of paragraphs about herself and her own preferences. It was well written and sounded quite sincere. She had a bunch of good references, but they all read like the same person had written them. Even more beautiful in person. Fun to be with. Made me feel comfortable. Right on time. Not a clock-watcher.

“Oh, look!” Bobbi exclaimed. “She caters to males, females, and corporals!”

“I believe ‘c-p-l-s’ means ‘couples’,” David explained patiently. “That would be us, dear.”

They scanned slowly through her pictures, which were professionally done, showing her in and out of a number of outfits and occasionally naked, although those were quite Maxim-esque with not too much of her naughty bits showing. In a few, she was in intimate poses with a nice looking blonde, who it seems was also available with her for ‘duos’.

“Don’t they look hot together?” David’s lesbian wife asked him lustily.

“To be quite honest,” David replied, “I think you’d look hotter with her.”

She gave him one of the more tender glances she had ever given him, and said quietly, “God, I wish you had a cunt.” A moment later she continued brightly, “So! Have we made a choice?”

David was still recovering from that declaration, which he soon came to realize was probably the nicest thing she had ever said to him. “Yeah, looks like it,” he agreed. “When do you want to do this?”

“I don’t know, Friday or Saturday night? We could go out to dinner first, then come home for some unbelievable sex – isn’t that how it’s normally done?”

“Yes, I suppose it is,” David agreed, “although I’m not sure that the word ‘normal’ actually applies in this case.”

“I’ll make the restaurant reservation,” Bobbi volunteered, “and you arrange the hooker.”

“Gee, thanks. But why don’t we hire – what’s her name?”

“Umm… Emma”

“Why don’t we make sure Emma’s available before we book dinner? Is Saturday our first choice?” David asked. Bobbi nodded, and David pulled out his cellphone. “Here goes nothing!” He dialled the number on the website, then while the phone was ringing, asked Bobbi, “What time?”

“Let’s say nine o’clock. We’ll reserve for about seven at the restaurant.”

“Elegance Escorts. How may I help you?” the smooth female voice at the other end of the line asked.

“Hi, I’m interest in uhh, seeing Emma,” David opened. Bobbi mouthed the word “speaker!” adding a stabbing motion with her index finger. David complied.

“An excellent choice, but I’m sorry, Emma isn’t available this evening. She’s one of our most popular models.”

“No – not for tonight. We – I was thinking I’d like to reserve her time for Saturday night,” David explained.

“I see – let me have a look.” After a pause that seemed much longer than it actually was, she said, “Yes, that could work. What time did you have in mind?”

“How about nine o’clock?” David asked.

“That’s fine, may I have your name and phone number, please?” David gave his first name and cell number, and she didn’t press him for his last name.

“Incall or outcall?”

David replied, “Can we have her come over here?”

“Outcall. May I have your address, please?” David complied, and she continued, “One last question. How much time would you like to spend with Emma?”

“Umm… an hour?” David said, but Bobbi was frantically holding up two fingers. David grinned and said, “No, make it two.”

The lady from the escort agency quoted them a price, which was more than David had expected, but he agreed to it. “Okay then, David. Emma will see you at your place at nine o’clock Saturday evening. Will you be paying cash, credit card or email transfer?”

“Let’s go with… cash. One more thing,” David said. “Can you ask Emma to call me before Saturday so that we can arrange some final details?“

The woman hesitated, then said, “That’s a bit unusual. If you have specific preferences in terms of dress or other equipment you’d like her to bring, I can pass them on. But she’ll have your phone number, so I’ll let her know you’d like to speak to her. Our ladies are always dressed impeccably, sexy but not overtly sexual. Unless you ask for that, of course.” The call ended with David letting out a breath, feeling glad that it was over with.

“You know she thinks you’re some kind of kinky pervert, right? She thinks you were too embarrassed to ask for the strap-on to fuck you up the ass with, or whether she’ll piss on you while wearing a Little-Bo-Peep costume or something,” Bobbi teased.

“How do you come up with stuff like that?” he asked, then cocked his head to one side and running his eyes up and down her, added, “Do you have a Little-Bo-Peep costume?” which earned him a punch on the shoulder.

Emma did call the next evening, so David put her on the speaker and they filled her in on their situation, although they didn’t go into much detail. “So I’m seeing a couple – they didn’t tell me that,” she commented, without expressing any surprise at the husband-and-lesbian situation.

“Yeah, well we didn’t actually go out of our way to make that clear,” Bobbi told her, “but judging by your profile we didn’t think it would be a problem.”

“No, no problem at all. So, are we going for any special look? Slutty street hooker, schoolgirl, soccer mom?”

“No –“ David started.

“Yes!” Bobbi overruled. “Elegant, sophisticated, slinky dress with nylons and heels, perfect make-up. Tasteful jewellery. I’m quite feminine myself, and I like women who are the same. That’s how I’ll be dressed, too.”

“David, are you okay with that?” Emma asked.

“Oh yeah,” he replied, “but I have to say, slutty street hooker sounds kind of intriguing!”

“Not on my watch, pal,” Bobbi replied. “You can do that on your own dime.”

Saturday night took far too long to arrive, and when Bobbi emerged to find David in a light grey suit, white shirt and tie, David took a long look at her and gave his head a slight shake. “I’ve always known you were gorgeous, but this is beyond my wildest imagination – and that’s saying a lot.”

“Why thank you sir!” Bobbi said, giving a little twirl that caused the mid-thigh skirt of her low-cut blue dress to flare up tantalizingly, “you certainly know how to charm a lesbian!”

At the restaurant, they took a table for two in the window, which was up five or six steps from street level, so they had both a nice view and a nice amount of privacy. The waitress came by to take their drink orders. Bobbi ordered a bottle of red, but David make it clear to her that he would be content with a glass.

“That surprises me,” Bobbi commented.

David chuckled. “I’m not taking any chances tonight. After the hundreds of unfulfilled erections you’ve given me over the years, I’m not going to risk anything that might embarrass me now!”

“Really? That’s kind of … cute … in a sick, perverted sort of way.”

“There’s nothing sick or perverted about being turned on by the beautiful woman you’ve had the hots for since you were old enough to know what erections were even for,” David retorted.

“Yeah, fine. And you’re probably right not to risk it tonight – because you know I’d never let you forget it. ‘Here comes ol’ cocktail weenie!’ or ‘Hey, David! Any luck with the limp dick situation?’” Then she added brightly, “No pressure, though.” He chuckled and rolled his eyes, but he knew that she probably wouldn’t be able to help herself. No pressure, indeed. She went on, “I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but I can be a bit of a tease at times.” He chuckled again. She continued, in a more serious tone, “But I’ve really tried not to be a cock teaser. I completely get how unfair that would be.”

He nodded. “You’ve been very restrained in that department, and I do appreciate it. That doesn’t mean I don’t seize the opportunities that present themselves, though. But that’s on me, not on you.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed. But!” She had a grin on her perfect face that bordered on evil. “If there was ever a time when I could get away with a little cock teasing, it would be right now, don’t you think?” she asked.

David wasn’t sure he liked the sound of that. “You’re not going to embarrass yourself, are you? I like this restaurant.”

“Oh, no, I won’t embarrass myself. Although if I do this properly, you might find walking out of here rather embarrassing. On the other hand, the wet worm problem would be solved! See? I’ll be doing you a favour!”

“Speaking of other hands,” David declared sternly, “If you go through with this and for some reason Emma doesn’t show tonight, I’m going to make good use of your other hand. Understood?”

Bobbi appeared to be weighing the odds for a moment, then knocked her napkin on the floor. “Oops!” she said, and when David reached down with one arm to pick it up, she quickly kicked it under the table. “Oops again!” David laughed, because he had a pretty good idea what was coming. He had no choice but to get his head down under the tablecloth to try to find it. Bobbi slowly but obviously opened her beautiful nyloned legs, and pulled her skirt a few extra inches up her thighs. David had a good long look before he retrieved the napkin and placed it back on the table. When David didn’t make any comment, Bobbi said, “So, am I wearing stockings or pantyhose?” David shrugged innocently. “Betcha five bucks I’m wearing stockings,” she continued.

“I’ll take that bet,” David replied, and Bobbi smiled sweetly.

The wine came, and the waitress poured them each a glass. “To a memorable evening!” David toasted. They clinked glasses and took a drink.

“What do you think of the waitress?” Bobbi asked.

“Seems okay to me. No complaints so far,” he replied.

“No, you idiot. I’m talking about her tits. Nice cleavage in that tight white top, very round ones, not overly big but not small either. Did you see those nipples sticking out?” David laughed and agreed that they were more than acceptable. “See,” she continued, circling her finger around in front of herself, “this is part of the whole cock teasing thing. Do you think your cock would be hard if you were playing with her tits right now?”

“That’s a distinct possibility,” he admitted, and felt a slight stirring in that general area.

Bobbi noticed David’s very slight squirm that accompanied the realization, and laughed, “It’s working, isn’t it?”

“Let’s have a look at the menu,” David said, instead of answering.

They each opened their menus and began to browse. After a few seconds, Bobbi leaned forward, accentuating her own cleavage, which David had admired from the moment he had first seen her blue dress, back at their home. She went a step further by clasping her hand in front of her and squeezing her forearms closer together. Her breasts spilled forward, two smooth, white globes pushing outwards against each other. Stretching her neck to bring her head even closer to David’s, she glanced quickly at his menu, and whispered, “Do you like what you see?”

“The breast looks good,” he replied, pointing to the duck on the menu. Then he added, “This works both ways, you know.” He met her gaze, then dropped his eyes to her chest and held them there. “Don’t you dare tell me your eyes are up there.”

“That’s okay with me. Keep looking if you want. Let me help you mentally undress me. She unclasped her hands, and with the index finger of her right hand, pointed to a spot on her left breast and said, “One nipple is right here,” and then switching hands, finished, “and the other is right here.”

The waitress returned to take their orders while Bobbi was still posed for David’s benefit. Bobbi didn’t move except to look at the waitress. “I was thinking about having some coq-au-vin, but I think I’ll stick with the clams,” Bobbi said, smiling up at the waitress.

“You’re sure you won’t try the coq, darling?” David asked. “I’ll have the breast of duck, please,” he told the waitress.

“Well, I’m just not in that kind of mood this evening. Perhaps some other time”

When the waitress had left, David said, “I’ll believe that when I see it.”

Dinner was delicious, but neither of them wanted dessert. They both admitted to being more than a little bit nervous, and although coffee sounded appealing, dessert did not. Eventually, they asked for the bill. “Just two cock teases left,” Bobbi announced as they waited for the waitress to bring it to them. David jolted upright as he felt something land gently on his cock.

“Hmmm…” Bobbi said, “Not completely hard yet, but it’s getting there.” She wiggled her nylon-covered toes, then slid her shoeless foot up and down the front of his pants slowly, directly over his rapidly hardening penis.

“Bobbi!” he whispered sharply, “Cut it out!” Then he added, “You do realize how heterosexual this is, don’t you? You’re going to get yourself drummed right out of the lesbian club.”

“Alas, you’re right,” she sighed a long moment later, slipping her red high-heeled shoe back on. Lifting her face-down phone off the table, she said, “So here, take at look at this.” She thrust a picture of a kneeling Emma, naked except for nylons, garters and heels, one hand pulled across her chest to cover her nipples but not much more, into his face. “This is the woman you’re going to be fucking in a little while – now that your cock is good and hard. Just imagine yourself kissing those lips, caressing her stockings, fondling her beautiful tits – while she’s stroking your cock like a pro,” she crooned, then moaned softly as she adjusted her position on the chair seat.

David laughed softly and observed, “I may have an erection – yeah, okay I do – but you’re all set to go, too!”

Bobbi flushed and replied, “Umm… I, uhh, I did that for your benefit. It was just more cock-teasing.” David nodded slowly, smiling. His phone rang.

“Hello Emma,” David said. He had his eyes on her picture, which Bobbi was just beginning to pull away when David stopped her. “Yes, we’re still on. In fact, we were just talking about you… Okay… We’re looking forward to this…. Glad to hear that… See you soon.” They paid the bill and left a few minutes later, with David instructing Bobbi to walk in front of him – but not too far in front.

They arrived home with twenty minutes to spare. Bobbi went straight in to her bathroom, to ‘freshen up’. When she came back to sit with David, he noticed immediately that she had fixed her makeup, and splashed on a fragrance that he found quite compelling. “It seems to me that you’re looking to get laid tonight,” he commented drily, just as the doorbell rang.

“This is it,” Bobbi said almost nervously, and David squeezed her shoulder as he rose to go to the door. He opened it with a smile, and invited the beautiful lady wearing the short black dress, long tan nylons and heels into their home.

“Hello, I’m Emma. You must be David?”

“I am indeed. Please, come in and meet Bobbi.” He ushered her into the living room, hand lightly on her back, where Bobbi sat on the large couch with her legs elegantly crossed. “Bobbi, this is Emma. Emma, Bobbi.” Bobbi rose, and they kissed each other on both cheeks, accompanied by a slight hug.

David handed Emma an envelope, which she accepted with the slightest of nods, and slipped in to her purse. Bobbi invited Emma to sit down beside her, and David sat in the chair across from them.

“You two –“ Emma began, just as David said, “Would you like a drink? Oh, sorry…”

“Yes please,” Emma smiled sweetly. David offered her wine, and she asked for a glass of white.

“Red for me,” Bobbi said. “You’re cut off, though.” Emma glanced at David nervously. Bobbi chuckled, and said “Just an inside joke. David was worried –“

“About nothing. Absolutely nothing,” he interjected. Bobbi winked slyly at Emma, who might or might not have guessed what the inside joke was, but she dropped the subject anyway.

When David came back, Emma started up again. “I was about to say, you two have a very unique relationship. I’ve had a lot of couples where the man was straight and the woman bi, and quite a few lesbian couples, but I think you’re the first where the man was straight and his wife lesbian.”

“We truly love each other, and it does hurt me that I just can’t get my head around fucking a man – any man – but I’d rather be with David than anybody else, female or male,” Bobbi explained quietly.

“We’re best friends,” David added.

“So,” Emma began, “I’m going to be the sexual bridge between you. That’s kind of cool!” She put her glass on an end table, and stood up. She turned around slowly, arms outstretched gracefully. “Will I do?” They both nodded, drinking in the sight of the elegantly dressed, gorgeous escort. “Have you thought about how we’re going to do this?”

“Mostly together, all three of us together,” David replied. “This is going to be our way – Bobbi and me – of having sex together.”

“I really want to kiss you,” Bobbi declared, standing up again. “David, why don’t you give Emma a little hug from behind while I see if I can find her tonsils.” Emma giggled at that, and David did what she suggested. He nibbled at her neck while Bobbi locked her lips on Emma’s, and thrust her tongue deeply into Emma’s mouth. David’s arms were around Emma’s waist, and he slowly moved them up her belly until his forearms were nestled comfortably under her breasts, raising them slightly.

“May I?” he whispered into her ear, and she nodded and moaned throatily, without breaking Bobbi’s kiss. David raised his hands to the material of the sexy dress covering her breasts, fondling them gently. He went back to nuzzling her neck with his mouth and teeth. Finally, Bobbi broke the kiss.

“This is so… erotic!” Emma breathed. Only then did Bobbi notice that David had claimed both of Emma’s boobs, and joined her hands to his. Emma moaned as the four hands weaved and twined across, under, over her ample tits. Emma leaned her head back, tilted up to the right, mouth open, inviting David to kiss her next. He complied readily. Bobbi’s hands slid off Emma’s chest and circled behind her, moving downwards to her ass. David was pressed tightly against Emma from behind, and Bobbi had to squeeze her hands in to get to Emma’s cheeks.

“David’s got a hard on,” she sang quietly.

“Unh-hunh,” David agreed without removing his tongue from Emma’s mouth.

Emma brought her own hands around to Bobbi’s ass, and after a couple of passionate squeezes, pulled Bobbi’s skirt up. She fondled her bottom through Bobbi’s pantyhose, paying special attention to the gap between her legs, reaching between them as far as she could. Only after he broke the kiss, did David realize what the beautiful ladies were doing with each other, and he slipped to his knees to watch. Bobbi resumed the long kiss they had interrupted earlier. For the first few seconds on his knees, David’s attention was drawn to his wife’s sexy, pantyhose-clad ass and legs in heels, with Emma’s hands exploring them lustily. His cock throbbed in his pants. But then he reached up under Emma’s skirt, and began fondling the nylon on the leg nearest him. Soon, his other hand was on her calf, and he was feeling the length of her stocking – for it was indeed a stocking – with relish. His head disappeared under her skirt and he kissed the stocking top and bare thigh above it, while he continue to fondle her leg. Emma was moaning lustily through the deep kiss.

“Any chance you ladies would like to take some clothes off?” David asked from under Emma’s skirt.

Bobbi glanced down, and cried, “Get out of there, you pervert!”

Emma laughed, and contradicted her. “Don’t get out of there! That feels really nice.” Bobbi shook her head and kissed Emma again.

They kept it up for a few more minutes, until Bobbi said, “Yeah, I guess it’s time to get serious.”

Emma piped up, “I think David should strip first.”

“Ooh, I like the way you think,” Bobbi replied, a gleam in her eye. “It’ll be fun to see him standing there, all embarrassed, while his stupid-looking erection waves around knocking over lamps and things.”

“I’m flattered,” David replied, “but I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint you.” He cocked his head to one side, and added, “You haven’t actually seen a large number of erect penises, have you?”

“Hey!” Bobbi countered, pointing at herself with both hands.

“Yeah, good point. But not naked erect penises.”

“Let’s go into my bedroom,” Bobbi offered. “David doesn’t get too many invitations into there, but I think tonight warrants it.”

“Don’t you ever sleep together?” Emma asked, genuinely curious.

“Sometimes, but we usually end up in David’s room. It’s me inviting myself into his bed, rather than the other way around. He can be quite a gentlemen when it matters – despite the fact that he seems to like sticking his head under women’s skirts.”

They guided Emma to Bobbi’s room, where the two sexy women hopped on to her bed, heels still on, and propped themselves up on her pillows. Their skirts rode up tantalizingly, which David did not fail to notice. “Strip!” Bobbi commanded. David took off his suit jacket and folded it over a chair. He then began to loosen his tie, when Emma spoke up. “No, pants next! Leave your shoes on if you can.”

Bobbi gave Emma an appraising glance. “So, this is erotic?”

Emma shrugged. “For me it is, yeah. So’s this,” she said, placing her hand on Bobbi’s thigh, pulling the skirt up even higher as she fondled the nyloned leg. Bobbi noticed that David had taken an interest in Emma’s action. He was staring at Bobbi’s legs. “And it’ll help keep him hard, too.”

“As if he needs help!” Bobbi observed with a critical eye on his shorts.

David’s pants were off. He stood there for a moment, until Bobbi giggled, “Underwear.” David complied. He stood in front of them, cock sticking out from between his shirttails.

“You don’t find that sexy at all, hmm?” Emma asked Bobbi. She shrugged. “Come here, please,” Emma said to David, pointing to her side of the bed. David walked over. Emma took his penis in her hand, and stroked it lightly. She turned back to Bobbi. “It is a nice one, you know. I’ve had a lot worse.” She giggled. “I’ve had a lot that are a lot worse!”

“Yes, I suppose it is a nice one,” Bobbi agreed. David looked at her quizzically, almost hopefully. “Oh, settle down, David. I can admire it the way I admire a fine-looking turkey sitting on the dining room table at Christmas. Doesn’t mean I want to fuck it!”

“I dunno – you do always claim a drumstick. I’m taking my shoes and socks off,” David declared. “I’d feel less stupid than I do right now.” He took them off, but he still wore his shirt and loose tie. “How long am I going to be the only exposed one here? Come to think of it, I’d be happy if you just took off your dresses.” He paused for a moment, then added, “In fact, I’d be very happy if you took off each other’s dresses.”

Bobbi gave a thoughtful pout and agreed, “That could be fun.” She found it necessary to put her tongue back in Emma’s mouth as she reached down to take hold of the hem of Emma’s little black dress. Emma found the zipper on the back of Bobbi’s dress, and lowered it slowly. Bobbi pulled Emma’s dress up, exposing her thighs above the stockings, then over her ass, revealing her black garter belt and matching lacy panties. Emma slid Bobbi’s dress off her shoulders and pulled her arms out of the sleeves. David got his first glimpse of the sexy baby blue bra with black piping that Bobbi was wearing. Bobbi slid Emma’s dress even higher, over her tits to reveal a bra that matched the rest of her underwear. Emma pulled Bobbi’s blue skirt out from under her ass, leaving it bunched around her waist. Bobbi slipped Emma’s dress over her head. Emma released Bobbi’s dress as Bobbi slid Emma’s down her arms and off, laying it on the bed. Then Emma did the same to Bobbi, and the beautiful women sat on the bed sexily, in their lingerie, hosiery and heels. David gave his cock a slight stroke, admiring the gorgeous women in front of him.

“Time to get you covered,” Emma said to David, producing a condom from her purse. David reached for it, but Emma shook her head saucily and crooked a finger, beckoning him to the bed. She patted the spot beside her and he sat down, placing a hand on her stockinged thigh. Bobbi did the same on her other one. Emma bit the condom wrapper open, then put the condom in her mouth.

“What the hell?” Bobbi asked, but David anticipated what was coming. His cock pulsed harder. Emma eased her head down towards David’s erection, then took it in her hand. She stroked it slowly, twice up and twice down, before lowering her head over it. David groaned as her lips embraced the head. Emma began bobbing slowly, a bit deeper each time, until after a minute or two she withdrew, leaving David’s cock wearing the condom.

“It’s magic!” Bobbi cried, feigning astonishment.

“Can you teach her the trick?” David asked Emma. “I’d probably let her practice on me.”

Emma laughed, but she resumed stroking David with her hand. David reached out to her breasts, and kneaded the bare flesh in the cleavage outside her bra. Bobbi was working the clasps on the back of Emma’s brassiere when David kissed the gorgeous hooker one more time. Bobbi let the bra spill off Emma’s chest, and David’s hands quickly found her bare nipples. Bobbi slid her hands across Emma’s naked back, around under her arms, and mingled again with David’s hands to feel Emma’s round, heavy breasts. Emma broke the kiss with David, and swung her head around to let Bobbi have her mouth. She reached behind Bobbi and undid her bra. David stopped kneading Emma’s tits, transfixed. Bobbi clasped her hands over the cups of her bra to hold it up, then glancing back and forth between David and Emma, conscious of David’s fixation on what he was about to see, slowly let the bra fall away.

“You are so beautiful,” David said quietly. Bobbi just stared at David. It wasn’t the first time he’d seen her unclothed, but it was the first time he’d seen her that way in such a sexual situation. Emma realized quickly that she was witnessing a very personal, intimate moment. With her left hand she stroked David’s cock, while with her right, she cupped Bobbi’s mound over her pantyhose, pushing her middle finger as deeply into Bobbi’s slit as the pantyhose would allow.

“Close your eyes,” Bobbi said. David complied, and Bobbi kissed him on the lips. Mouth closed, but on the lips. She held him in the kiss for a few seconds, and his eyes stayed closed for a few seconds after that.

“I think it’s time for some pussy licking,” Emma declared. “So, what are we going to do with those pantyhose?”

“I would assume that taking them off is an option,” Bobbi said.

“Or, we could just rip the crotch out,” Emma suggested.

“Or I could take them off,” Bobbi said firmly, removing her shoes and pulling off her pantyhose and panties. Emma shrugged, and took off her own panties.

“Well, fuck this!” David declared, finally removing his shirt and tie.

Emma motioned the naked Bobbi up on to her pillows, back against the headboard, and gently pried her legs apart. She kissed Bobbi one more time, then began to work her way down Bobbi’s body with her lips, her tongue and her hands. She stopped at her breasts for a while, working them expertly. Bobbi moaned lustily. David began feeling Emma’s boobs from behind, while Bobbi massaged Emma’s bare back gently. As Emma moved farther, lower down Bobbi’s torso, her sexy ass pushed farther, upwards and outwards, where David’s rock-hard penis hovered expectantly. He brushed it against the crack of her ass lightly. She moaned, and between kisses of Bobbi’s belly, quietly said, “Just fuck me.”

David didn’t wait for another invitation. He slid his cock into her dripping pussy. He pumped slowly, deeply inside her, eyes riveted on Bobbi as he fucked Emma. The three of them spent several minutes rocking back and forth, tongue in one pussy, cock in the other. David finally caught Bobbi’s eye, and she smiled dreamily at him until she slid back into her own reverie, closing her own eyes. She was moaning softly, then more and more intensely. David sensed that Bobbi was near orgasm, and picked up his pace in fucking Emma. Within seconds, they were both cumming into Emma, one from the front and one from behind.

David slowed down, but didn’t immediately withdraw from Emma’s cunt. Bobbi placed her hands on Emma’s head, and pushed the prostitute’s tongue firmly against her clit, holding it there until her orgasm subsided. David finally pulled out and collapsed on the bed beside the two gorgeous, naked women.

“Fuck!” Emma cried when Bobbi finally released her, “somebody needs to make me cum right now!”

“Lie down – on your back,” Bobbi directed, and swung one leg over Emma’s face before dropping her own face down between Emma’s legs. David listened to the slurping coming from both ends for a few minutes, until the slurping from Emma’s end gradually became moaning. It got louder, louder, more intense, until she erupted into a long, throaty laugh, and begged Bobbi to stop.

The three of them sprawled across the bed, nobody moving for quite a few seconds. David pulled off the spent condom and tossed it aside onto a nightstand. Finally, Bobbi asked, “We’re not done, are we?”

‘Speaking from a purely professional perspective,” Emma said, “we’ve got lots of time left. Not that I’d bolt out the door at eleven, anyway, just to be clear.”

“Any chance of refilling our wine glasses, David?” Bobbi continued. David nodded his agreement, and rolled off the bed to head out to the kitchen. When he returned a few minutes later, he found Bobbi and Emma kneeling on the bed, arms around each other, kissing passionately once more.

“Can’t leave you two alone for two minutes!” David said, shaking his head and handing them their wine. They each took a few large sips before David put his own glass down. He settled in beside Emma, and began nibbling on her neck while his hands went exploring again. He found a beautiful, round, naked breast quickly. Her nipple hardened under his touch. The ladies resumed their kissing, and soon were pressed tightly together in a one-armed hug, wine glasses held upright in a steady grip in the hand at the end of the other.

“Hey!” Bobbi cried, breaking the kiss and turning to David, “Get your hand off my tit!”

“Pfff! Get your tit off my hand!” he replied with feigned indignation. He pointed at the centre of his hand. “Look, this is my palm. My palm was on Emma’s tit, see?” He placed his hand back onto her breast and gave it a firm but gentle squeeze. “Feels fantastic. See how my fingers get into the act? Now this,” he continued, “is the back of my hand.” He hesitated for a moment, then rubbed it gently against Bobbi’s breast, making sure to catch her erect nipple ever so slightly. Bobbi had a shocked look on her face. “See? Nothing. Nada. When you feel a tit, you use your palm.” He took Bobbi’s hand in his, and turned it backwards. Then pressed Bobbi’s knuckles against Emma’s breast. Then he turned it back palm up and did the same. “See? Which side felt better? You’d rather fondle a boob with this side, right?”

Bobbi tweaked his nose, said, “I saw what you did there,” and went back to kissing Emma, who was laughing as Bobbi’s tongue entered her mouth. David cozied back in on the other side of Emma, and picked up right where he left off. Emma’s hand slid down Bobbi’s torso, until she found Bobbi’s mound. Bobbi moaned softly. Emma’s middle finger slid expertly into Bobbi’s slit, and flicked across her clit a few times. She delved deeper, entering her vagina. Emma’s index finger joined the middle one, pushing even further into Bobbi’s wet cunt. Bobbi reciprocated, causing Emma to jerk suddenly, throwing her head back, encouraging Bobbi to press deeper into the gorgeous escort’s pussy. David was entranced by what he now realized the beautiful ladies were up to. In a moment of inspiration, Emma withdrew her fingers from inside Bobbi, and placed them against David’s lips. David opened his mouth hungrily, and sucked the taste and wetness of Bobbi off her fingers. She dipped them back in the beautiful redhead’s hole once again, and once again offered them back to David’s waiting mouth.

“How very considerate of you, but maybe it would be even better if you did that after getting me off again!” Bobbi suggested. She took Emma’s hand in hers, and guided it back to her pussy. David chuckled, and contented himself with watching them finger fuck each other. They found a nice rhythm that seemed to be quite satisfying for both of them. Bobbi leaned forward, and the deep French kissing resumed.

David found himself gently stroking a hard cock once more. As the ladies’ breathing quickened, David put is hand on Bobbi’s shoulder. “Okay?” he asked. Bobbi nodded without breaking the kiss.

David felt Bobbi’s body shudder as she came to her second orgasm. She threw her head back and cried, “Oh, yes! Keep going… keep going,” encouraging Emma not to stop fingering her pussy until her orgasm faded away.

“Don’t you stop either!” Emma begged, and Bobbi laughed sexily as she realized that her own pleasure had caused her to break her own rhythm in finger fucking Emma. She went back to work, until Emma’s hips began to buck in time to Bobbi’s thrusting fingers. David reached out to gently tweak Emma’s nipple at just the right moment. Emma’s back arched involuntarily, and she cried, “Oh, fuck-fuck-FUCK! Yes! Ohh!”

Bobbi stopped thrusting, but pushed her fingers into Emma’s cunt as far as they’d go and held them there. She enjoyed the pulsing of Emma’s vagina clamping down on her fingers, relaxing, and clamping again and again. Emma pushed back against her hand, and grasped Bobbi’s wrist, pulling her hard against the creaming pussy. They collapsed back onto the bed, side by side, where some tender kissing and cuddling began.

David let them enjoy themselves in the afterglow for a few minutes, before he said, “Oh, look! Here’s a penis that has only come once tonight!”

Emma spread her legs, touching her glistening cunt and then her pretty mouth, and asked, “Here, or here?”

“That was kinda hot,” Bobbi observed, placing her hand on Emma’s breast. “Do I have a say in the matter?” she asked brightly. Her eyebrows were raised high and she had a wicked grin on her face.

“Oh-oh,” David murmured.

“Sure!” Emma replied, “You make the call.”

“Okay!” Bobbi directed David. “Blowjob it is. Except you have to pull out right at the end so I can see you come.”

“I’ll have a condom on, so it won’t be much of a show,” David noted, but Emma shook her head with a sly smile.

“I’ll blow you without a condom, because I think Bobbi would probably, umm…”

“Bobbit him?” she supplied.

“Yeah, that, if you came in my mouth. That’s a bit of a no-no. I have a rule: I don’t swallow on a first date. I know, I’m a bit of a prude,” she said shyly.

This time David sat against the pillows at the head of the bed, and Emma settled in between his legs. She gave his already hard cock a long, slow lick, circling her tongue around the tip. “I do taste a bit of cum,” she whispered.

“Really?” Bobbi asked. “Kiss me!” They kissed quite quickly and passionately. Afterwards, she licked her lips thoughtfully, before declaring, “Nah, I can’t taste anything.”

“Uhh, excuse me, but am I not getting sucked off here?” Emma went back to work, this time engulfing the head of his penis between her beautiful red lips, before plunging downwards. David gasped. Emma slid her lips back up the shaft, swirling her tongue around it as she went, then down again, slowly at first, before picking up the pace. David found her swinging breasts and fondled them gently as she worked his cock. He began to moan his appreciation.

“You’d better warn her when you’re ready!” Bobbi warned David, as she gently massaged Emma’s back.

David nodded, but let Emma continue a while longer. She sped up again. The groaning and whimpers emanating from David’s mouth grew louder still, until finally he cried, “Okay, now!” and Emma quickly pulled her mouth off his cock, maintaining the stroking pace with her hand. She positioned the head just below her lips, and David came hard. Sperm shot out in three or four spurts, hitting her mouth, her chin, her nose, her cheeks.

Bobbi laughed delightedly. “That’s the stupidest looking thing I’ve ever seen!” she gushed.

Emma sat up, and David relaxed, dropping his head to one side. Emma turned her head towards Bobbi, cum now running down her neck to her breasts. “If you ever want to find out what cum tastes like, this might be the time,” Emma commented, leaning towards Bobbi.

Bobbi hesitated for a moment, which caught David’s attention. Then she said “Ah, what the fuck,” and moved in to kiss Emma once again. She went straight for her mouth, in a good old-fashioned lesbian kiss, then began licking and tasting Emma’s face, scooping up drops of David’s seed as she went. She kneaded Emma’s now wet breasts, spreading the dripping cum across them.

“Kinda like chicken feet dim sum,” Bobbi pronounced after she licked her lips and smacked them together a few times. David frowned for a moment. He shook his head and finally blurted, “What?”

“Well, it’s something you might want to try once, but you don’t really want to do again,” Bobbi explained.

Emma sat back up, laughing, and reached for a box of tissues on Bobbi’s nightstand. “Are you two fully satisfied… for this evening?” She began to wipe the rest of the cum off her face and her tits. “Umm, I could really use a warm facecloth if you have one.” David complied, rolling out of bed with an exhausted groan and returning a moment later with one for each of them.

Bobbi’s thorough washing of her pussy particularly intrigued him. “It’s amazing what turns out to be quite erotic,” he said when Bobbi caught him watching her.

When they were done, Emma removed herself to the chair at Bobbi’s vanity, and began the slow task of getting dressed again. She started with her panties, garter belt and stockings. Then she put her heels back on, which both Bobbi and David appreciated. They sat together on the bed, Bobbi cuddled into David’s shoulder, his arm around her naked body. With a smile, Emma turned to the mirror and fixed her makeup and lipstick, topless. “That’s rather hot,” Bobbi commented quietly.

Emma turned back towards them, making sure they had an unobstructed view of her beautiful face, nylons, and bare, slightly swaying breasts. “This is my way of leaving you wanting a bit more. It seems to work, because I get a lot of repeat business!” she confessed with a giggle. “I am a working girl, after all!” And she went back to work, putting her sexy bra back on, then standing up to wiggle into her short dress.

“I’ll let myself out.” She walked over to the bed, where they each hugged and kissed her lightly on the lips. “You two really need to have a baby,” Emma said as she left the room.

David pulled Emma in a bit more closely. His eyes met his wife’s, and each wondered whether the other’s were saying, “That’s not a completely stupid idea…”

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