A mature man has a sex relationship with elderly lady

It was six weeks since I had first had sex with my
partners Aunty. In her mid 70’s Aunty was still active
and very attractive for her age. Our first session had
been a hurried one resulting from an unlocked bathroom
door and her walking in on me in the shower whilst I
was sporting a substantial erection. It had lasted only
minutes and had taken place with her bent over the
basin with her blouse and bra rucked up, skirt up over
her back, knickers round her knees and me fucking her
from behind before turning her round and coming in her

Jean and I had now begun what can best be described as
a long distance sexual relationship, as the miles and
Uncle John were a problem for us and he very rarely
left her side.

Our main form of communication was when he went down
the shops and she called me and we were able to talk
about the sex and our mutual needs even if we could not
consummate our desires. Auntie’s main concern was the
age difference and the fact that her body left a bit to
be desired with her sagging breasts and loose skin.
Over the weeks I had told her how that made no
difference to my desire to fuck her and have her suck
my cock. Furthermore I finally confessed my lust for
old fashioned corsetry and girdles and how they were a
big turn on for me.

At last a call came with the news I was waiting for,
John was going out with the gardening club that had
recently started at the residential home they lived in
and Jean would be alone for the day. I arranged to
arrive at 09.30 and told her to be ready for me as we
had a lot of catching up to do and she had better be
well rested as by the time I had finished with her she
would be exhausted.

On the dot of 9.30 I buzzed the entry phone and Jean
opened the door to give me access to the building and I
bounded up the stairs keen to get to grips with my 75
year old mistress. I pushed open the door and stopped
dead in my tracks.

Jean was stood in the bedroom door wearing what looked
like a green silk dressing gown, high heels and was
applying lipstick whilst looking into a little vanity
mirror. I stood and gaped at her in shocked amazement
and quickly complied as she told me to shut the door to
avoid a repeat of our experience with Freda.

“You like?” she enquired. I nodded my assent and then
watched as she put down her mirror and lipstick and
slowly began to undo the sash that was holding together
her wrap.

The first thing to be revealed was a full cup old
fashioned black bra which nicely supported her breasts
and gave them some fullness. As the wrap slowly parted
it revealed a black open bottom girdle the image from
my fantasies. This sported six suspenders that held
her black lacy stockings high up on her legs giving her
a very sexy image and filling my mind with all sorts of
deviant thoughts.

“I can see that you definitely like this so come with
Aunty and let us see what we can do with that rather
large bulge that is spoiling the cut of your trousers.”

With that she took me by the hand and lead me into the
bedroom where she removed her gown and posed for me
displaying her body clad in black elastene and nylon
turning this way and that and even bending over with
her back to me exposing the plump lips of her sex
between her exposed thighs and buttocks. Finally she
turned and looked out of the window, an enigmatic look
on her face.

Turning she came back to me and sat on the edge of the
bed and then reached out to me laid her hand over my
throbbing cock and squeezed. I groaned and focused on
not coming there and then.

“Mmmm, this feels promising, would you like me to suck
you off? Or shall I just leave it all hard and lonely?”
With that she gave it another squeeze then looked up at
me her eyes wide with an unspoken question.

My answer was equally silent. I clasped the back of her
head with my right hand and pulled her face roughly
against me her cheek hard against my erection. I heard
a muffled chuckle and her voice, thick with lust.

“Just as I thought you want a blow job first. So a blow
job is what you will get and I will get my mouth filled
with your lovely come. That seems a good deal!” With
that her fingers went to work on my zip and in seconds
they were snaking into my trousers and my boxers and I
was groaning again as she deftly extricated my
straining cock and balls.

Her hand pressed my erection back against my belly then
she bent forward and with the pointed tip of her tongue
she traced the whole length from where it joined my
scrotum to the very tip. I nearly came on the spot and
it was only Aunties prompt tight squeeze of her
arthritic hand that prevented a disaster.

For the next few minutes I went through heavenly agony
as she licked every exposed inch of my cock and balls
until she suddenly bent it back towards her face,
opened her mouth wide and took 6 of my 12 inches into
her mouth.

Locking her lips tight around the stem she then
proceeded to blow me so expertly that I came in under
30 seconds sending what felt like a gallon of come down
her throat. After the first ejaculation she pulled back
her head and deliberately directed the ensuing jets of
thick white come all over her face. When it was over I
looked down at her to see her face covered in the
stuff. Strings of it covered her glasses, her hair and
even up her nose with some dripping off her chin and
onto her tits.

“I think this is how you like to see me.” she said,
opening her mouth wide to show her come covered tongue
and teeth.

I did not answer just took her by the arm raising her
to her feet, turned her toward the bed and helped her
to kneel up on the edge and whilst she was spreading
her thighs and lowering her head I worked on my cock to
keep it hard.

“Jon do it to me, I want to feel your long hard cock in
my cunt and your juices filling my womb. Hurry, hurry,
fuck me!!”

I needed no second invitation and moved round behind
her my cock in hand ready to breach her ancient
portals. The sight that greeted me was to die for. The
black of her girdle beautifully framed her buttocks
with its delightful crease and below that between her
widely parted thighs was the plump mound of her sex
with its’ covering of grey white hair. The lips were
already turgid and I glimpsed a hint of moisture
between their swollen puffiness.

Moving in close I brought the head of my b***d engorged
cock to bear on her sex and pressed forward. At first
there was the expected resistance then a thrust and
Jean opened and I slid into her tight wetness to the
accompaniment of a low groan from Aunty as she was
penetrated again with my prick.

I pulled back and thrust again, a little harder this
time and another three inches slid home.

Back I pulled then thrust again and again until with a
final thrust I buried the last of my organ into her
cunt the head rammed hard against her cervix. At this
last thrust Jean came and I shook as her vaginal
muscles clasped my rod.

After a couple of moments I grasped her by the hips,
enjoying the feel of the tight black girdle that
encompassed her flesh and began to fuck her in earnest.
The room was soon filled to the sound of my belly
slapping against the cheeks of her bottom and of Jean’s
lusty cries of passion as I fucked her to several
climaxes before burying myself deep in her spasming sex
and depositing another load of come up her cunt and
into her womb.

Jean collapsed onto her side on the bed, allowing my
cock to slip out of her sex and a trickle of come to
drip from between her legs, staining the black material
of her girdle and the nylon of her stockings.

“My god I needed that. I could feel each jet of your
come as it hit the walls of my vagina and oozed into my
womb. If I had still been of c***d bearing age I would
definitely have fallen pregnant after such a seeing
to!!! Now let me suck you clean before we move onto the
next fuck.”

With that she got up from the bed and seated herself in
an easy chair and beckoned for me to come over to her.
Within seconds my cock was in her mouth and with
tightly shut eyes and an eager tongue she was sucking
the remnants of my come and her juices from my still
semi erect cock. My God could that woman suck cock.

She had only been at it for a few months but in that
short time had become adroit in the art of deep-
throating and tonguing and it was not long before my
hardness was returning.

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