A middle aged woman begins to realize her desires, both with man and animal

Just a few things you should know about me to begin
with. I am an overweight, middle aged married woman who
loves sex. I find time to please myself during the day
and at night I have a husband that loves to fuck me. I
keep my pussy neatly trimmed to where I have a small
patch of hair above my clit although it is sparse. I
delight in seeing my pretty pussy as I have thick,
profound lips and love to watch myself masturbate in
the mirror. I am a little wide across my ass, have big
breasts, and plump thighs.

I love cocks! I love the feeling of their hot flesh in
my hands as I slowly suck on one and love the feeling
of one when it is between my big tits, not to mention
the feeling one gives me as it slides in and out of my
pussy. I love to suck on a good sized cock and taste
the hot cum as it spurts its love juices to me. I also
love to have my pussy licked and sucked on. I am a real
sex addict!

When I was younger, I became involved with a much older
man and he showed me all the joys of sex. When I got
married, we had sex several times a day for the first
couple of years. Jim got to where he didn’t want it as
much as I did and I had to start pleasing myself. I
need it day and night. My hot little pussy craves a
cock and I try to please it with anything that feels

We had gotten a big Lab for a watch dog last year. He
is a big dog and is very friendly, so we named him
Happy. I never thought much about him sexually until I
was laying in my bed masturbating one day while Jim was
at work. Happy came over to the bed side and looked at
me as I played with my twat. I was just starting and
looked down to see him as he looked on.

Then the thought crossed my mind as I played with my
pussy. What if I could get him to lick me? I withdrew
one hand from my wet cunt and held it out for him to
lick. I saw his long tongue go out and start to lick my
juice from my fingers. He lapped at my fingers as I
diddled myself with my other hand. Then I took that
hand and offered it to him. He began to lick it as I
saw his cock start to slide from its sheath, the long
red cock looked so big.

I eased down to where I was on the edge of the bed and
placed my feet on the floor as I patted my pussy and
offered it to him. His tongue wasted no time as it
began to lap at my wet pussy! His hot tongue on my cunt
started to feel so good as I reached for his head,
bring him to me. I watched as he licked my slit, his
long tongue licking me as I opened my puffy lips wider
for him.

He seemed to know what to do as he lapped at my wet
fountain of sex. His tongue darting across my clit as
he licked started to drive me wild. I felt my climax as
it started to build deep down inside as I lay back and
let him lick my pussy. I grabbed my big tits and
started to massage them as I came, his tongue so hot on
my clit as I pumped my pussy to him. I was cumming like
crazy! It was one of the best climaxes I ever had.

After that day, I would bring him into the bed room
with me and taught him how to get on the bed and lay
between my thighs as he licked my pussy. He would put
his paws on each side of my waist as he licked, his
tongue lapping at my sweet juices. This went on for a
couple of months. Each day I would take him to my bed
and let him feast on my hot pussy.

Then one day I felt him as his cock grew big, him
wanting to hunch my leg as he licked my pussy. I felt
that slimy cock against my thigh and decided right
then, to let him fuck me. He had a good sized cock and
it was so hard and slimy.

I lay under him as I took his paws and placed them on
the bed as I shifted his weight to where he was on top
of me with his cock in the right position. I reached
down and found his slimy cock as I took it and guided
it to my hot pussy. I rubbed the big head over my puffy
lips as I opened my cunt to his cock.

I helped him work it in as I felt it slide into me! His
long doggie cock was fucking me! It was so hot inside
my wet pussy as he thrust it deep with one lunge. I
felt the hot meat of his cock as it penetrated my inner
pussy, pulling him to me as he began to fuck me faster.
I could feel his hot dick so deep in me as he pounded
that big doggie cock to my throbbing pussy.

He was fucking me so good as his cock hit bottom,
making me gasp as it sent waves of pleasure over me as
I started to cum. He was now hammering his long doggie
dick to me as I took all of it, fucking him back as I
came, over and over again.

I felt his knot at my entrance but did not know what it
was at the time. He did not work it in me that time as
I felt his cock start to shoot his hot doggie cum to
me. He was filling my hot pussy with his cum as he
drove my pussy wild! I must have cum several times as I
felt that doggie cock shooting its cum to me.

Needless to say, after that we started fucking
regularly. I would take him onto my bed and let him
fuck me almost every day. He was so good at it and it
made my hot little pussy feel so good.

Then one day I found out all about his knot! I had
gotten up on my hands and knees as he mounted me from
behind. This was the first time I had tried it this way
with him. I felt his big cock as it entered me, my
pussy on fire as he slid that doggie cock so deep into

It was feeling so good as I pushed back to his cock,
not knowing that his knot was swelling up. When he
shoved that knot to my cunt I liked to have passed out!
It was so big! I felt the knot as it slipped into me
all at one time, prying my hungry pussy apart as it
went so far into me.

Then his swollen knot locked his cock inside my pussy
as he pumped it so hard to me. I was going wild feeling
that huge knot as it gripped my inner pussy! He was
pounding it to me as I felt the big head of his cock
enter my womb. The feeling of his cock head pressed
against my womb just made me cum so hard! I kept
cumming, time after time as he held that cock to me
with the knot that had us locked together.

He stayed locked to my pussy for a good twenty minutes
as I continued to cum from that great feeling inside my
pussy. I felt his cum as he shot his hot load of doggie
cum to me, filling me with his hot juices.

After he was through fucking me, his knot went down and
he withdrew it from my aching pussy. I felt so empty as
it slipped out of me. His cum mixed with my own cum was
running down my thighs as I got up and went to clean my
sore pussy.

The very next week after I had learned to love that
knot, Happy and I were on my bed as he was shoving that
nice doggie dick to me. I was in awe as he had me
locked to him again, pounding my pussy as we fucked.

“Fuck me! Fuck me harder with that dog cock!” I was
shouting, “That’s it! That’s it! Fuck me! Fuck my

I glanced up as I took my head from my arms with my ass
in the air, to see my husband standing in the doorway!
He had his cock out and was watching the dog fucking
me! I tried to jump up but couldn’t due to Happy’s knot
having me locked tight to his cock.

“You slut! You are fucking my dog!” Jim shouted at me,
“What do you think you are doing?”

“He is raping me! I didn’t ask for it.” I said as I
started to cry, “Help me get loose from him. He is
hurting me.”

“Hurting you, hell! I have been standing here for a
long time. I have seen what you were doing with him.”
Jim said, “He isn’t raping you, you are loving it.”

“No, please. You don’t understand.” I said with tears
in my eyes, “He made me do it. I didn’t mean to let

I saw Jim as he came closer, his big cock still in his
hand as he approached us, me still locked to that
doggie cock. He smiled down at me and brought his cock
to my lips as I opened my mouth. I gobbled his cock
down quickly as he started to fuck my suckling mouth.

“You dog fucking bitch! When he gets through with you,
I am going to fuck that ass of yours!” he said as I
sucked on his cock greedily. “I am going to slide my
big cock up your tight ass this time.”

I sucked his cock as I felt it start to throb in my
mouth, knowing I had him cumming. He grabbed my head
and f****d his dick deeper into my mouth as I gagged a
little on the huge meat I was sucking on. I felt his
hot cum as it spewed forth into my mouth, emptying it s
hot load as I gulped it down.

Happy went soft in me as I felt his cock being removed
from my well fucked pussy. I was still sucking Jim’s
cock, milking the last drops of his hot cum as he
pulled it from my lips.

“Now, get back on your knees you dog fucker! I am going
to fuck that ass!” he told me, “You are such a dog
fucking slut!”

I knew by the sound of his voice that it was turning
him on to see me being fucked by a dog. I felt his cock
as he put it to my tight little hole, the one he had
not used until now. Now he was going to fuck my ass!

I felt it as he slowly worked it into my tight ass as
he pulled my hips to him, thrusting his big cock into
me. It was hurting a little but he made it start to
feel better as he took his hand and went around me to
find my enlarged clit. He started to rub on my clit as
he shoved more of his cock into my tiny hole, filling
every inch of my ass as it went.

“You like fucking our dog, don’t you?” he asked, “I
have known you have been fucking him a while. I just
wanted to catch you doing it.”

“You knew?” I asked, “How did you know?”

“I had a video camera hooked up in here.” he answered
as he plowed deeper into my ass. ‘I have jacked off to
watching you and him several times.”

Jim was pounding my ass as I tried to take his large
cock deeper as he thrust it to my hot little ass. I was
starting to really enjoy it as he fucked me. I felt his
cock head going so deep into my bowels as it started to
throb inside me. Feeling his cock up my ass as it
started to cum, sent me over the top as I too, started
to cum again.

“Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck me harder with that big
dick!” I screamed as he plunged that dick to me.

“You are so tight! I love your ass! Its so damn good!”
he shouted as he filled my ass with his hot cum.

After that time, both Jim and I agreed that I could let
the dog fuck me anytime I wanted just as long as we
videoed it for him. Of course we also got around to me
taking his and Happy’s cock at the same time. I learned
to fuck both of them at once, with one in my pussy and
one up my ass.

We still have our fuck sessions all the time. My next
thing is to find a lady who wants to share this with
me. I would love to have a lady who knows how to lick
me and would love for her to teach me more about eating
pussy. So if you know someone, let me know.

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