A middle-aged woman is gangraped in front of a crowd of cheering neighbors

The sun started to set, and my neighborhood’s annual
block party was winding down. I was new in town, and
one of the few singles on this street of working-class
homes. After saying my good nights, I was relaxing in
my living room when the bell rang. When I opened the
door, five guys in their late teens and early 20s stood
there. Paul, the only one I knew, said, “Could we see
you for a minute?”

“Paul, I’m really tired,” I answered.

Paul pulled out a knife and held it at my throat while
two of his friends grabbed my arms and pulled me down
the steps. Most of the neighborhood was still outside,
and they gathered alongside my front lawn. The whole
crowd, both men and women, watched intently as Paul and
his friends pulled off my white T-shirt and bra.

“What are you doing?” I yelled. “Somebody please help
me!” As if on cue, the crowd, both men and women,
started to laugh and call encouragement to the guys.
They pulled off my capri pants and my white cotton
panties. “No!” I shouted. “Please, stop, help!” I
shouted again and again, but my neighbors’ laughter
only got louder and louder.

Paul and his friends lay me down on the grass and one
of them, a young Latino, pulled down his pants and
shorts. His semi-erection was growing larger by the
second. My eyes bulged as he spread my legs and
brutally entered me.

“NO!” I screamed again. “Oh God! Sweet Jesus, help me!”
I looked at my neighbors. A few of the women were
watching with pity and sympathy for what I was
suffering, but the rest were verbally prodding my
rapists. I heard voices calling “Fuck her! Give it to
her! Come on her!” Some of the men had hands in their
pockets stroking their cocks. I saw two women caressing
their erect nipples. No one questioned why this was
happening to me or made a move to interfere.

Meanwhile, my rapist was thrusting faster and faster
into me. With my arms pinned to the ground, I could do
nothing but lie there with tears running down my face.
Soon, the guy was grunting loudly as his thrusts
accelerated, then I felt his come erupt in my womb. He
withdrew, stood up, and was replaced by the next guy, a
tall black. He had a gigantic cock, and I braced
myself. His entry speared my insides, and I screamed.

My new rapist began thrusting, oblivious to my agony. I
looked at the laughing crowd through my tears. A short,
plump blonde woman of about thirty emerged from the
crowd, walked around me and knelt next to me. I
recognized Veronica from church; she had given me Holy
Communion last Sunday. She had a box of tissues and a
bottle of water with her.

“Oh, Ronnie,” I sobbed, “please make it stop!”

“I can’t,” she answered. “All I can do is help you get
through your suffering.” I felt my rapist withdraw and
move up to straddle my face. As the third guy entered
me, Ronnie took the black cock in her hand and began
jerking it. In seconds he shot a huge load of come all
over my face.

This fresh humiliation started me crying anew. “Oh,
Ronnie,” I sobbed, “why is this happening to me?”

“I don’t know,” said Ronnie. “Let us pray to the
Blessed Virgin for the strength to endure your

“Hail Mary, full of grace…” we prayed as my third
rapist shot into me and Number Four took over. He
finished quickly, then I saw Paul standing over me. He
had an evil smile on his face as he took out his huge
cock. I was too exhausted to scream as he violently
thrust his pole into my tortured pussy. Ronnie wiped
the sweat, tears and come from my face as Paul did his
business, then she held the water bottle to my lips. I
gratefully sipped from the bottle as Paul growled, “I’m
coming, you bitch, I’m fucking coming!”

After he finished spurting into me, Paul put his pants
on. The crowd cheered my rapists, and they began to
disperse, ignoring me. My legs felt like rubber and I
was blinded by tears as Ronnie helped me walk to my
door. I lay down naked on the couch and Ronnie smiled
as she knelt beside me.

“Jesus sees our tortures,” said Ronnie, “and helps us
get through them.” She took off her T-shirt and bra,
and held her huge breasts out to me. I eagerly sucked
on her right breast until her nipple stood out nearly
an inch, then did the same to Ronnie’s left teat. She
moaned and kissed me on the lips, then moved down my
body slowly. She kissed my throat, my tits, my belly,
then she arrived between my legs. Ronnie’s mouth felt
like heaven on my poor, traumatized pussy. She kissed,
licked and sucked; my pleasure rose and I moaned louder
and louder until I reached a shattering climax!

Ronnie brought her lips back up to mine. She had sucked
all my rapists’ sperm out of my pussy. We shared the
salty cream, moving it back and forth between our
mouths for a long minute. Then we swallowed.

We smiled at each other, and Ronnie said, “Let us give
thanks that your suffering is over, and let us pray
that our Lord and Saviour forgives those men for raping

She held both my hands in both of hers as we prayed.
“Our Father, who art in heaven…”

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