A Mom gets caught by her daughter and then by two teens, as she is taken by a doggie

This story is
meant as an erotic fiction, not real life. Anyone acting
out such scenarios in “real life” can look forward to
many unproductive years getting it up the butt by a
fellow convict in their local prison.

The next door neighbor’s Great Dane was out again. She
could see him from her back porch area where she was
standing. He was mounting a female black Lab as Lisa
looked on. He was upon her back as she saw him entering
the big Lab, his red cock visible as she looked on.

The Big Dane was an inside dog and the neighbors kept
him very clean. She had saw the way the Dane hung close
to the woman next door and the affection she paid to
him on many occasions. She often wondered why the Dane
stayed so close to the woman. But, he often played in
the yard with her two teenaged boys also.

Lisa had watched as the neighbors big Dane slid his
huge cock to the female Lab. The Lab was in heat and
the big Dane was really pounding his long cock to her.
Lisa could see his thick, red cock as it pumped the
entire length in and out with rapid thrusts. He was
giving her a good fucking as she watched.

She had become so wet as she watched the two dogs, her
hand reaching down inside her shorts and pulling her
panties aside as her fingers found her enlarged clit.
She started to rub herself as she watched. Her pussy
was getting so hot and her fingers felt so good as her
breathing became faster.

Her pussy was on fire now as she stoked the love button
and pushed her hips to meet her probing fingers. Her
fingers were moving faster now to ease the itch she was
feeling, her climax approaching as she masturbated. She
had worked herself into a deep climax as her entire
body shook from the climax as she watched them fucking.

“Oh! Oh! OH, yes!” She moaned as her climax continued
as she rubbed her middle finger in little circles over
the puffy lips and her enlarged clit.

“Oh, if only I had something like that! I need a big
cock in my pussy. I need to be fucked right now! I
would love to have that dog’s cock fucking me. I want
him to fuck me.” she was thinking as her climax
continued to flow as her fingers went wild, playing
with her clit. ‘I want him now!”

Her legs were shaky as she slowed her fingers to a

“Damn! That was good! I have never cum like that.” She
thought as she watched the dogs slip apart. “In all my
years, that was the best climax I ever had.”

Lisa was an upstanding member of the community and a
leader in the church. She knew she shouldn’t be doing
this but it was just too much for her. It had been a
long time since she last had sex with a man. Oh, she
would masturbate and bring herself to a climax, always
feeling guilty afterwards. She had bought vibrators and
used them several times, only to feel guilty and throw
them away from time to time.

Her standing in the community would be shattered if
someone found out about her sexual toys and her wild
desires. But she needed her wants fulfilled and right
now that want was to be fucked! To be fucked by this
big Dane.

She had an idea! If she could get the dog to come into
her house, she would find something to put on her pussy
and let him lick it off. Maybe she could have him taste
her wet pussy. Just maybe, if he had a good taste of
her cunt she might entice him to fuck her.

“It is worth a try.” She thought as she went towards
the big Dane.

“Come here boy. Come here, I have a surprise for you”.
She coaxed as the dog wagged his tail and began to come
to her out stretched hands.

As he came close to her she reached her hand out and
petted him on his large head. She was talking to him
and coaxing him towards her back door as she leads him
a little at the time.

“I have something special for you. I know you will like
it big boy,” she said to the dog, “Come inside with me.
I can find you something to eat. After all that fucking
you just did, I know you are hungry.”

The big Dane came to her as she opened the door to her
kitchen. She led him inside and shut the door behind
him. His thick, red cock was still sticking out a
little as she found a jar of peanut butter.

She took the jar and lowered her shorts, removing her
soaked panties as she rubbed a dab over her exposed
pussy. She always kept it neatly trimmed so she could
watch herself in the mirror as she played with it. She
had used cucumbers and candles and got all hot and
bothered as she watched her wet pussy taking these
objects into her. She loved to try things other than
the vibrators. But today, she was going to have a cock
in her pussy, a huge doggie cock!

Lisa sat down in a chair and spread her thighs,
slipping forward in the chair to bring her pussy closer
to the edge. She rubbed the peanut butter over her
pussy lips and took his head as she guided it towards
her. Out came his long tongue as he began to lick the
butter from her pussy. He had such a long tongue! She
felt him as he licked her pussy with his hot tongue.

“Oh, Yes! Lick it for me. You feel so good!” Lisa said
as she worked her hips as he took long, slow licks at
her. “Your tongue is so hot!”

His tongue was hot as she felt him begin to lap at the
peanut butter, her own cunt on fire as he licked. She
spread her thighs and put more of the butter over her
pussy as he continued to lick her. His hot tongue felt
so good as she inched her hips forward, pulling his
head to her opened thighs.

Lisa saw his long, red cock as it began to ease from
its sheath, growing at the smell of her wet pussy as he
licked. She took this as “it is time” and led him to
her bedroom, not bothering to close the door behind her
as they went. She still had the jar of peanut butter in
her hands as she sat down on the bed.

She started to coax him onto the bed as it took a
minute or two for him to realize what it was she
wanted. Then he jumped onto her bed as she reached her
hands down to take his hot meat into her hands. His
cock was so long and thick as she stroked it for him.

Lisa was so hot now as she got on her hands and knees,
still playing with his cock as she positioned herself
on all fours. He seemed to understand exactly what she
was wanting as his paws encompassed her hips, pulling
her to his big cock. He then mounted her from behind as
she reached under her and took his cock into her hands.
It was so slick and slimy but hot to the touch as she
stroked it for him.

She wiggled her ass back to him as she guided his thick
cock to her waiting pussy. She felt the huge head it as
she rubbed it up and down her slit, touching the big
head to her throbbing clit.

She put the thick head against her pussy lips as she
held his wet cock in her hand. She scooted back to meet
his cock as he began to thrust his hips to her, his big
cock starting to enter her now. She felt his cock enter
as it pried her tiny pussy apart, her slamming her ass
and hips back to take more of his doggie cock. She had
not had a cock in her for several years and it felt too
big for her small pussy. But she was taking that
massive doggie cock.

There she was, kneeling on her bed on all fours and
being fucked by the next door neighbors big Dane! She
thought back to the lady next door and knew that the
dog had been trained to do this. She was not the first
lady to be fucked by him. The woman next door had a
large, rounded ass, just right for him to mount. Now
she knew he was fucking her.

Lisa had to tilt one leg a little to the side to get
him in all the way as his huge doggie cock penetrated
her hot pussy. She had one arm under her head as it
rested on a pillow and the other arm was under her as
she played with her enlarged clit.

She was in pure bliss as he slammed his cock to her
throbbing pussy. She was screaming for him to fuck her
as he filled her tight pussy with his huge cock,
slamming it to her as he pulled her hips to him with
his big paws.

“Fuck me! Fuck me with that big cock. Oh, Yes! Yes!”
she was shouting as he fucked her. “Fuck me! Fuck my
hot pussy with that huge cock!”

Then see heard a noise as her head lifted from the
pillow as she looked up to see her grown daughter
standing in the door way of her bedroom.

“Mother! What in earth are you doing!? You should be
ashamed! Don’t you know it is wrong to have a dog
fucking you?” she asked. “What would everyone say if
they saw you like this?!”

“You should be ashamed of yourself. You are acting like
a common slut.” Her daughter said. “How can you do
this? What would the people at the church say if they
knew? Have you no morals about you?”

“He is raping me. I didn’t do this on purpose. I was
taking a bath and when I came out, he pushed me down
onto the bed.” Lisa said, still with her pussy full of
his cock. “He is raping me. Please help me.”

The dog never stopped slamming his cock to her as she
saw her daughter standing there, not offering to help

“Mother, you might tell someone else he is raping you,
but I know different.”” Her daughter said. “I saw you
fucking him. And you seemed to like it!”

He was still fucking her as Lisa noticed her daughter
had her hand in her shorts, playing her own pussy. She
was playing with her pussy!! She was enjoying the scene
spread out before her. The big dog fucking her mother
as she masturbated.

“You could share him you know”, her daughter said as
she smiled at her mother still on her hands and knees
as the Dane continued to pound her pussy. “You could
let me have some of that cock.”

“How long have you been standing there watching?” Lisa

“Long enough to see you were enjoying yourself.” She
replied, “He seems to me you were liking it and you
seemed to be enjoying his big cock.’

“As for r**e? It doesn’t look like r**e to me. I think
you have been doing this for a long time with him.” She
said as she stooped down for a closer view of his cock
pounding her mother’s pussy, her own hand going faster
as she worked on her clit.

“Oh, baby, he is so good! Can you see his cock in me?
Tell me what it looks like. Is it as big as it feels?”
she asked. “It feels so huge!”

“Yes, Mom. I can see him working it in and out of you.
He is big too, isn’t he? I bet he does feel good.” she
answered as she continued to rub her own pussy. “You
are going to have to let him do me too you know”.

Lisa felt the thick doggie cock swelling up inside her
tight pussy and felt it begin to throb inside her. She
knew he was on the verge of filling her with his hot
cum as he pounded away at her exposed cunt. She was
also on the verge of cumming as she bucked her hips
back to meet his thrusts, his cock going so deep now as
her own climax began to erupt from deep within her body
as her daughter watched.

She felt his hot cum as it shot against her womb,
filling her with his doggie cum as her body began to
tremble all over. He was shooting his cum so deep in
her as she took every inch of that thick doggie cock as
it flooded her pussy.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fill my pussy with that
hot cum” she shouted, not caring if her daughter was
there as her whole body wrenched in pleasure as she
kept cumming, over and over again.

“I can see his knot! It is so big! He almost had it in
you. It is so huge!” her daughter said as she too,
began to climax from her own fingers on her pussy.

“I want that big knot in me. I want his cock filling me
too!’ as her hands raced across her pussy and massaged
her clit. “He is so huge! Fuck him mother, fuck that
big doggie cock!”

As the dog filled Lisa’s pussy with his hot cum, she
slowed her movements to a slow rocking as the dog
finished fucking his cock to her. She lay flat on the
bed and watched as her daughter removed her hand from
her own wet pussy.

The big Dane got off the bed and lay on the floor,
still licking his softening cock as the two women
watched him.

“I guess you caught me, huh?” Lisa said. “Honest. I
have never done this before. This is my first time to
do this. So please don’t tell anyone.”

“I won’t tell a soul. That is if you let him slide that
big cock to me one day real soon.” She said. “I have to
run now but I will be back for some of that cock. I
have to go pick up a friend at school right now. I am
late already”

“He looks tired anyway. I think he needs to rest.” Lisa
said as she watched him licking their mixed cum from
his still red cock. “He had fucked another dog before
he came over here. I know he is tired.”

“I will be back tomorrow so have him primed and ready.
I want some of that big cock too. And you are going to
help me fuck him.” She said as she waved bye to her
mom, as she closed the door behind her.

Lisa was so wet from all the doggie cum dripping out of
her pussy. She went into the bathroom and cleaned the
mess from her cunt. Then she returned to the room, the
dog had jumped back onto the bed. She was still naked
and he was there. What else could she want? It seemed
he was wanting to fuck her again.

“Are you ready for some more? You liked my hot pussy
didn’t you?” she asked as she lay back onto the bed.
“Well, come here. I want you to fuck me one more time.”

Lisa again got into the doggie style position as her
head hit the pillow and she propped her ass high into
the air for him. She spread her knees a little as she
felt his paws go around her hips once more.

“That’s it, baby. Now slide that big cock of yours to
me. Fill me with that hot cock again. I want you to
tear my pussy up.” She said.

She reached down and took his thick, slimy cock and
guided him home again, this time her pussy was ready
for his massive cock as she pushed back to meet it. She
felt the head as it went inside, still filling her
tight pussy with all its hot meat. It was so good as
she wiggled her hips as he went deeper. She wanted him
to slide that knot to her this time, to pound his huge
dick so far in her pussy. To fill her with his hot cock
and slam his knot in her.

“YES! YES! That’s it! Fuck me! Fuck me with that big
cock!” she screamed as he hammered away at her cunt.

She was taking all of him as he slammed that cock to
her. She could feel the knot at the entrance to her
pussy. It felt so big! She didn’t know if he could get
it in her as she threw her ass back to his pounding
cock, trying to push all of his cock in her.

Then it slipped in! His big knot went in! His huge knot
thrust past her opening as she felt the huge cock slam
into places no cock had ever touched! She was taking
his knot! He was thrusting it to her as she felt his
cock swelling up, the knot gripping the inside of her
pussy and locking her to his cock.

He was really hammering her pussy as his knot captured
her pussy for his use. It was a little painful at
first, the huge size of his cock and the enormous knot
swollen up inside her. But she loved it. She loved the
feeling of his meat buried up to the hilt in her
throbbing pussy as she started to cum, over and over
again from the feeling of his so deep within her. She
just kept cumming as he hammered her, thrusting his big
cock to her as she pumped back to meet his thrusts, his
knot buried in her.

“Well, what do we have here?” came a voice as she
turned to see who was there.

It was the two teenagers from next door! “Oh my God!
They had caught her!” she said to herself. “Oh, no. I
don’t need them seeing me like this.”

“No! This isn’t what it seems. He is raping me! Help
me! Get him off me.” Lisa was saying as the dog still
had her locked to his cock.

“Help get him off? Are you sure you want him off of
you?” Mike said, “The way you were carrying on with
him, seems like you were raping him.”

“R**e? It looks to me like you are enjoying it. What do
you think, Mike?” asked the older boy. “I think she
likes Butch, don’t you?”

“From what I saw, I think she loves it!” said Mike.
“Sure does seem that way from all the shouting and
screaming we heard as we came in.”

Lisa lay there hung up to the dog as she said, “Please,
don’t tell anyone about this. I am begging you. I will
do anything if you keep this quite. No one has to know
about this.”

“Well, maybe we could work out something,” said Mike.

“Anything you want. It would ruin me around here if
people found out about this” said Lisa, “No one would

“No problem with me, right Mike?” asked the older boy.

“No problem here either, that is if you let us have a
little pussy too.” said Mike.

The boys started to disrobe as she watched their
clothes come off. The dog cock was staring to go soft
in her as she saw the both boy’s cocks. They were two
good sized cocks and both were so hard. They started to
stroke their cocks as they took in every part of her
body laying there, spread out before them.

“We are going to show you how our Mom likes it. She
loves for Butch and us to fuck her. Now sit and lay
down on top of me with your ass towards me,” said Mike.

Lisa did as she was told and lay down upon her back on
top of the outstretched boy feeling his cock as it
slipped between her spread thighs, as his hand reached
around and touched her pussy. He then slipped three big
pillows under his upper back, raising his head up and
making it comfortable for Lisa as she lay down on him.
She would be able to see Butch as he slid his huge cock
to her this way.

“I hope you like anal sex too, Mrs. Wilson,” he said as
he eased his cock to touch her ass cheeks, while
playing with her pussy.

“Cause I am going to fuck that sweet ass of yours. I
have been wanting to fuck you for so long.”

She felt him as he took her hips and started to rub his
cock over her tight puckered opening. He was sliding it
up and down her crack as the tip rubbed her tiny

“Please be gentle with me. I haven’t done this for a
quite some time. It has been a long time since I have
had a cock back there.” said Lisa as she felt him wet
his fingers and put a little spit on her tiny asshole.

“Please don’t hurt me.”

Then she felt his cock as it started to penetrate her
ass, as he pulled her hips back to his big cock. It was
hurting her somewhat as she groaned in displeasure. She
felt it as it started in and tried to rotate her ass to
help his cock enter her easier.

“Be easy. Let it go in a little at the time until I get
accustom to the size.” She said, “You are so big. You
have a nice cock you know.”

“OK, I don’t want to hurt you. Just relax and it will
slip in.” he said

“Now, get Butch up here and put his cock in her pussy.”
He told the younger boy.

Lisa could only watch as the boy led the dog to her and
spread her thighs to take his cock in the missionary
position while being fucked in her ass by Mike. She
watched as the dog cock began to grow as the boy took
it in his hands and rubbed it over her clit. Butch had
that huge red cock ready for her as the boy guided it
to her waiting pussy. She was ready for it as she
spread her thighs even wider.

“Take it slow back there. I want to enjoy this too,”
she said as the dog cock slipped into her once again.
“Oh, yes! It feels so good!”

Mike had his cock in her ass and the dog cock was
filling her pussy as Lisa saw the other boy bringing
his huge dick to her mouth. Without a word, she opened
her mouth to take his cock as they started to fill her
every hole with their cocks.

There she was, the church lady, an outstanding citizen
being fucked by two teen aged boys and a dog. No one
would believe her doing this, especially the ladies at
church. One had his cock in her ass and her mouth was
full of another cock while the doggie’s cock was buried
in her hot pussy.

“I wish my daughter was here now.” she thought as her
body took over, thrusting itself to meet the needs of
those big young cocks buried so deep within her.

“Mrs. Wilson, you have such a hot ass! You are so
tight.” Mike said as he slowly filled her with his huge
cock. “Much tighter than my moms.”

She felt Mike as he plowed his cock to her ass and felt
the hot doggie cock as he rammed it to her. She was
loving this! She could feel both their cocks touching
places never touched before and this was throwing her
into a stupor as she felt them in unison, fucking her
harder as she pumped her body to meet their thrusts.

They were in rhythm as they slammed their cocks to her,
the doggie cock would go deep and Mike would draw out a
little, then Mike would jam his cock so deep as Butch
withdrew somewhat. The boys cock in her mouth was so
hot as she felt it gagging her a little as she sucked
on it.

Lisa closed her eyes and reveled in the feel of all
those cocks in her as she started to cum. She also felt
the two boy’s cocks as they started to swell and throb
in her. She knew they were ready to shoot their hot
loads for her as she worked on each of them with her
ass and her mouth. Then she felt the big dog’s knot as
it slipped into her pussy once again, filling her
completely as she continued to cum, over and over as
they fucked her. The big doggie knot had her locked to
him once again!

The cocks started to erupt as she felt each one empting
it’s hot load of cum to her. The doggie cock was
flooding her womb with his hot cum as she felt it
coating her insides. She was in pure ecstasy as they
filled her with their hot cum. The doggie cock with his
knot buried was the best! She loved it and knew she
would have more.


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to masturbate and had a good climax as you read it. If
you enjoyed it, email me at donwalk@hotmail.com and
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