A mother catches her daughter being dominated

Catherine was finished doing the dishes. Her daughter
Sandy had just come home from the mall with her new
friend Linda and doing things in the bedroom. She
didn’t really approve of Linda much. She seem to be
part of a gang and had a bad attitude; always bossing
Sandy around. Sometimes she just wanted to slap that
k*d. As she hung up the towels, she decided to go up
and see if the girls wanted some cookies. She walked up
the stairs and saw the door slightly ajar so she peeked
inside to make sure she didn’t interrupt something.

She saw Linda standing bend over with her arms on the
back of the bed. Her pants were down too her ankles in
back and she saw her daughter on her knees behind her
with her face in her ass. She was shocked at the sight
as she heard Linda tell her to do a better job or she
tell her mother she was her slave and whip her ass in
front of her.

Linda was pleading in back between the mounds as
Catherine watched on and listened to her daughter voice
in Linda’s ass. She knew she should walk in and tell
both of them off but her legs just wouldn’t move. She
had fantasies of this herself on many occasions and now
she was seeing it in right in front of her eyes and her
own daughter. Her own pussy was getting wet watching
wishing it was her down there behind her.

“Slut, bend over and prepare your ass for a whipping.”
Linda demanded.

Sandy got down on her face and knees with her ass
pointed towards the door as Catherine gasped at the
sight of her daughter ass. Linda bent down and started
slapping her ass globes as Sandy started counting the
spanks between ouches and thanking her. She watched her
ass turning pink as Linda ferociously slapped them
without regards to how much they hurt. Her ass was
moving from side to side as Catherine reached down and
started rubbing her own pussy watching them.

“Crawl around and bark slut. If you please me, I’ll let
you lick my pussy tonight.” Sandy commanded.

Sandy started crawling and barking with her rosy ass
wigging in back as Catherine started rubbing her pussy
harder. She was watching so hard she didn’t even notice
Linda who was now looking at the door. She immediately
stop and walked away as fast as she could hoping Linda
didn’t see her as she went back down the stairs in the
kitchen. Her own pussy was soaking wet as she got a cup
of coffee and sat at the table trying to maintain her
composure and the events she had witness. After a
couple of sips, she saw Linda at the kitchen door.

“Would you care for a cookie and coffee,” she offered,
trying not to show any emotion.

“Not really,” said Linda taking a seat at the table. “I
saw you playing with your pussy after I spanked your
daughter. She’s such a slut. Like her mother I

Catherine turned red at the words. How dare this girl
talk to her this way and especially about her daughter?
She was about to say something when Linda continued.

“And to think, her mother was playing with her pussy
the whole time she was being punished. That makes you
more a slut than her. I’m going to enjoy spanking your
ass.” She teased her smilingly.

Catherine was steaming but wet between her legs at her

“I suggest you go home right now young lady before I
call your mother and tell her what you were doing
here.” She managed to say.

“She already knows. Besides she likes to spank her too.
Now be a good little girl and stand up and remove your
clothing. It’s going to be a lot harder if I have to
get up and remove them myself.” Linda demanded.

“Out of my house now,” Catherine yelled standing up.

Linda got up from the chair and before Catherine saw it
coming slapped her hard across the face. As she gripped
the side of her jaw, she felt a sharp pain between her
legs as she realized that she had just kicked her
between them and she intently reached down immediately
grabbing her sore pussy.

As she bent over, Linda grabbed her hair and gripping
it tightly started hitting her face with her other hand
as she reached up to try to protect it only to feel
another kick between her legs and then a push back
knocking her on her back on the floor. She didn’t even
have time to react as Linda jumped on top of her
stomach with full force and started slapping her face
as she fought feverously trying to protect it.

“Give up bitch. I can do this all night.” Linda gloated
from above.

Catherine was crying from the pain and humiliation. Her
attempts to ward off the blows were futile as she
hadn’t worked out in years and this k*d was in
excellent condition. She knew she couldn’t take any
more as she felt like her hold jaw was swelling up.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Louder slut. Tell me you’re my bitch and whore.” Linda

“Yes. I’m your bitch and whore,” she yelled.

Linda got up and went back to her chair.

Stay on your back slut. Pull your dress up and your
panties to your knees. Play with yourself.

Catherine still crying raised her dress too her waist
and lowered her panties to her knees. She was totally
humiliated as she reached between her legs and started
rubbing her pussy with her hand.

“Much better,” said Linda. “Now spread your legs so I
can see that hairy pussy of yours getting wet for your

Catherine knew she was getting wet at the humiliation
and spread her legs. She had always wanted this but
never dared to try it. She spread her legs as wide as
the panties allowed and started stroking harder. The
pain was now gone and the need to get off was present.

“Stop slut.” Linda yelled at her. “Raise your legs
above your head. I want to see that fat ass of yours,
I’m going to spank it.”

Catherine quit stroking her cunt and raised her legs as
far back over her head as she could. She knew her ass
was exposed to the young girl who probably had a clear
view of her asshole as well. She watched her approached
and then saw her crouch behind her. She didn’t have to
wait long as she felt the first slap on her ass as she
yelp from the pain.

“Count bitch.” Linda yelled.

“One,” she yelled as another slap hit her ass. “Two.
Three.” She kept counting as the slaps continued and
the pain in her ass was getting worst. Maintaining her
count she started pleading with the girl by the
fifteenth and kept going till the 30th when she finally
broke down in tears.

Linda sensing she had broken her got up and returned to
her chair.

“Stand up whore and remove all your clothes.” Linda

Shamelessly, Catherine got up and started removing her
clothes. She stood there totally naked in front of the
girl like a dog awaiting its next command.

“Crawl here and suck my toes cunt.” Linda commanded.
“You better do good or I’ll spank that hairy ass of
yours again.”

Catherine got down on her hands and knees and crawled
forth. Reaching her mistress feet she started placing
the toes in her mouth sucking on them. She heard Linda
say good little doggie as she alternated on her toes
taking each into her mouth and sucking them like little
cocks. Her pussy was dripping wet in back as she wagged
her ass while sucking on them.

“Does slut want to lick my gorgeous ass?” Linda asked.

“Yes mistress,” Catherine moaned from beneath her.

Linda got up and getting on her knees in the chair
reached back and lifted her skirt over her waist
presenting a clear view of her ass and anus to
Catherine’s face.

“What are you waiting for slut?” She inquired. “Eat my

Catherine got on her knees and started worshipping her
mounds, running her tongue all over them and then
working her way in between. She had forgotten about her
daughter and everything else as she had only one thing
in her mind right now and that was pleasing her
mistress. She found her asshole and started lapping it
and then working her tongue inside. She used it as a
cock pushing it in and out as she heard Linda moaning
above her.

She heard Linda yell to someone.

“Did you do what I told you to do.”

“Yes mistress,” she heard her own daughter say as she
continued tonguing Linda’s asshole in back.

“She said she’ll be over shortly mistress and to get
our fannies warm for her.” Sandy continued.

“Tell your slut mommy to lick my ass, slut and spank
that fat ass of hers.” Linda told her. “She better do a
better job than this or both of you will get it.”

Catherine felt Sandy on her side and then a hard slap
across her ass.

“Lick her ass slut. Lick harder.” Sandy yelled at her.

Catherine increased her effort driving her tongue
deeper and deeper as the slaps continued on her ass and
her daughter yelling obscene words at her. Linda
finally pushed her head back and lowered her skirt and
looked down at her.

“Poor performance for a slut,” she said. “Your daughter
can do better than that. Slut, she yelled at Sandy,
bring me three cloth pins from the laundry.”

Sandy ran and got two pins and gave them to Linda.

Linda grabbed Catherine’s right tit and pulled it out
and pinched the pin on her nipple as Catherine gasped
from the pain. Grabbing the other, she did the same
thing. As she reached down, Catherine knew what was
coming next and started begging her not to. Linda
pinched her pussy clit outward and attached the third
pin as she yelled out in pain.

“Get on your hands and knees bitch.” Linda demanded of

Catherine slowly got her hands and knees as the pain in
her pussy was starting to hurt bad.

“Bring me the mop,” she told Sandy.

Sandy came back with the mop as Catherine remained in
position wondering what was going to happen next.

“Spread your mother big ass slut.” Linda requested from

Catherine knew then and started pleading to do better
as she felt Sandy’s hands in back pulling her ass
cheeks wide apart and then the handle of the mop at her
asshole. She screamed out as she felt it push in her
asshole at least two inches and felt like her ass was
being stretch wide open. The pain was horrible at first
and it was a good thing she was already wet in back or
it would have split her for sure.

Linda told Sandy to get up and gave her the other end
of the mop.

“Your mother is going to crawl like a good little puppy
and you’re going to keep this in her ass while she does
it unless you want it in yours. If she slows down push
her with it and I’m sure she will get moving again.”
Linda warned her.

Catherine was begging as she felt the handle push
deeper in her asshole and started crawling on all
fours. She didn’t know what hurt the most, the clamps
or the handle, but she dared not stop.

“Bark slut.” Linda called out.

She started barking as she crawled. The mop in her butt
made it very awkward but she managed as the clamp on
her pussy ached with each movement. She was now broken
and knew this girl had complete control of her. She
didn’t care if she was a slut or not at present as she
continue her parade around the room barking. The mop
handle was going in and out with each movement and was
feeling more and more like she was being fucked in the
ass. Even her own pussy was getting wet again despite
the clamp chewing on it.

“Nice doggie, Linda said as she passed by. Getting off
while being fucked in the ass by a mop and your own
daughter. What a slut.”

Catherine didn’t care as she continued crawling pass as
long as she could get herself off, it didn’t matter
how. She knew she would never look at her daughter the
same anymore. Sandy seem to her to be enjoying it too
much as she felt the mop handle edging more and more in
as she crawled. Her pussy pin fell out as she yelled in
pain, but Sandy pushed on the mop and kept her
crawling. She was near exhaustion when Linda finally
told them they could stop.

“Clean your fuck toy,” Linda demanded. “Pull that thing
out of her shitty ass and hold it up for her blow job.”

She yelped in pain as Sandy pulled it out abruptly.
Damn it hurt. She moaned in pain and then realized what
she was being requested to do. She had that monster up
her asshole the whole time she was crawling. She
hesitated till she saw Linda start to get up and knew
it was useless to resist. Turning around quickly, she
opened her mouth and engulfed the mop handle and
started bobbing her head on the end of it. She tasted
her own shit as she glanced up to see Sandy smiling
face above and redden at the sight. She couldn’t
believe how low she had sunk.

“When she gets through sucking that mop clean, bring
the whore over here by her ear.” Linda commanded Sandy.

Catherine thought Sandy was making her suck on it too
long before finally pulling it out her mouth and
dropping it on the floor. She felt her reach down and
grabbed her earlobe like a k*d pulling her over to
Linda crawling along. When they arrived, Linda quickly
grabbed her hair lifting her face up and slapped it

“Get this straight bitch,” Linda yelled at her. “You
and your worthless daughter are nothing to me but a
pair of sluts I can use whenever I want. Disobey me and
you’ll wish you never had. I owned both of your
worthless asses and plan to use them for awhile so I
suggest you please me. Do you understand?

“Yes mistress,” Catherine meekly replied with tears
running down her cheek.

“Good. Now get you big cow tits down there and massage
my feet.” Linda demanded. “And you slut lick my cunt.”

Catherine immediately got down and starting rubbing
Linda’s feet with her large breasts while Sandy got on
her knees beside her and starting licking her clit.
Linda wasn’t making it easy as she would gasped her tit
between her toes every once in a while and pinch and
pull the nipple end. She felt her foot shake wildly and
knew Sandy must have got her off.

“Good little slut,” Linda said patting Sandy’s head
like she was a puppy. “For being so good, I’m going to
let you rub you little clitty on this whore’s nose till
you cum. But only once.”

She felt Linda’s foot kick up on her tit roughly.

“Get on your back whore.” Linda commanded.

Catherine moaned in pain on her tit as she turned over
on her back. She saw Sandy get up and then towering
above her lowered her cunt down on her nose. Her full
weight was being applied as she had to breathe through
her nose as Sandy quickly began rubbing her clit up and
down her nose knowing she was close to cumming as she

Her cunt juice was filling her nostrils as she
continued trying to catch her breath as her own
daughter came on her. She could do nothing but breath
through her mouth and stare at her tight brown pucker
asshole only inches from her face. It didn’t take her
long to cum as she screamed out in pleasure and shook
all over.

“Thank you mistress,” Sandy gasped aloud jumping up and
getting on her knees beside Linda. “Thank you

Catherine lay on the floor panting with the smell of
Sandy’s cunt all over her face. She felt like a cheap
whore being fucked and left dry. She just laid there in
despair and anguish.

“Did my little fuck toy enjoy fucking her whore mom
face?” Linda asked.

“Yes mistress,” Sandy beamed. “I wish you would let me
put my dirty ass on it next time.”

Linda laughed at her comment and continued petting her

“I think the whore must have enjoyed it too,” Linda
continued. “See the wet spot on the floor between her

Catherine never thought about it till Linda said it;
but she had nearly came herself despite her plight. Her
own cum was dripping beneath her buttocks on the floor.

“Grab her ankles and hold her feet above her head,”
Linda commanded Sandy.

Sandy immediately walked over grabbing Catherine’s long
legs and started raising them above her head and over
till they were touching the floor. Catherine could do
nothing but watch as Linda got up and walked over to
the kitchen counter and return with a small spatula in
her hand. Her cunt was dripping down her ass crack.

“Time to let the old bitch cum.” Linda smiled bringing
the spatula down on Catherine’s cunt lips.

“Doesn’t that feel so good.” Linda smiled down. “Beg me
to do it again.”

“Nooooo. Yes mistress.” Catherine yelled. Despite the
pain her cunt was pulsing in response.

“Patty cake, patty cake, baker men…” Linda started
saying the old nursery rhyme while slapping Catherine’s
cunt the whole time with the spatula.

Catherine was in total disarray. Yelling and begging at
the same time but when Linda said the final line and
brought the spatula down twice as hard at the end, her
body jerk as she came. She was shaking all over and
Linda and Sandy was both laughing at her total
humiliation. When Sandy released her feet, she just
laid there panting for air because the climax was so
hard. She felt so warm inside as the girls walked out
the kitchen still laughing. She drifted off to sleep on
the cold floor.

Catherine was awaken by something roughly shoved in her
cunt as she opened her eyes to see Linda standing there
smiling down at her.

“Did my bitch have a nice nap after her pussy
spanking?” Linda laughed.

Catherine looked up at Linda and smiled.

“Yes mistress. Bitch enjoyed her spanking.” She

“Good. Now get your lazy ass off the floor and prepare
some sandwiches and drinks.” Linda shouted down at her.
“Mother has arrived and she is hungry. She said she
can’t wait to see you big fat ass.”

Catherine watched as Linda walked away leaving her on
the floor. Her cunt was already getting wet again as
she tried to get up on wobbly legs and find something
in the frig she could use to feed them with. She
prepared several sandwiches with different meats loafs
and made some tea. She would rub her clit on the
counter tops as she prepared the meal as her cunt was
itching to be rubbed. Putting the food on a large tray,
she made her way to the living area anxious to see
Linda’s mom.

As she walked in, she noticed an elderly lady with dark
hair in her mid forties sitting in a chair. Her skirt
was pulled back to her waist and Sandy was on her knees
in front of her with her head in her cunt. The woman
was very attractive as she approached and noticed that
she was staring at her at the same time. She lowered
her face in humiliation and walked over to Linda seated
on the opposite chair and bent down offering her a
sandwich and a drink.

Linda was taking her time as she turned red knowing the
woman was looking at her large ass bent over but
excited at the same time. Despite herself, she wiggled
her ass in back waiting on Linda to pick the sandwich.
When she finally did, she stood up, turning and made
her way over to the woman who she could tell was
cumming on Sandy’s face as she was gripping her hair
roughly controlling her tongue.

She bent over to offer the food.

“Stay as you are till I cum on your slut daughter
face.” The woman commanded.

Catherine watched as the woman started shaking and
yelled in delight as she came.

“You’re getting better you little slut.” The woman told
Sandy. “Now get your tight ass back over to your
mistress in case she has a need for you.

Catherine watched as Sandy pulled back and crawl back
over to Linda. She was still in the bent over position
as she felt two hands grabbing her large boobs below
the tray rubbing her nips.

“Oh yes.” The woman said as she turned her attention
back to the stranger. “I’m going to just enjoy using
the large tits for my pleasure.

Catherine could see the large smile appear on the
woman’s face as she tried desperately to keep the tray
from tilting. Finally, the woman stopped rubbing her
nips and took a sandwich and drink off the tray.

“Go put the tray back in kitchen and come crawling back
to me dear.” She demanded staring at Catherine. “I just
can’t wait to enjoy those large cow jugs of yours.
Hurry up.”

Catherine could feel her cum running down her thighs as
she quickly did as directed. Her cunt was on fire and
the chance to lick her cunt was dwelling in her mind as
she placed the tray back on the counter and got down on
all fours and crawled back in. The woman was motioning
her with her finger like she was calling a dog but
Catherine didn’t care as she crawled faster till she
was within feet of the woman moisten cunt.

“On your knees bitch.” The woman commanded. “I want to
play with those large tits again. Hold them out for

Catherine cupped her large breasts and held them out as
the woman gasped her nipples and started rubbing and
squeezing them. She could feel her cunt opening and
contracting with each pinch of them as the woman
started getting rougher and rougher.

“She’s just like her daughter.” The woman called out to
Linda. “A total slut begging to be used.”

Catherine whined in pain as the woman started pulling
her nips hard and up but maintained her position. The
woman was driving her crazy in lust as she moaned and
yelped with each pull and tug. Finally, the woman
dropped them.

“Over my lap slut so I can give you a good inspection.”
She demanded.

Catherine immediately got up and positioned herself
over the woman large thighs. She felt her hand cupping
her cunt in back and she wiggled her butt trying to get
more of it on her sex.

“Her cunt is soaking wet.” The woman said. “Poor thing
must not have had sex for years.”

She felt the woman hand moving up between her ass crack
and then a finger in her anus. She relaxed her ass
muscles as a finger was shoved inside all the way
without any resistance at all.

“Linda you could have at least left this hole alone for
me.” The woman was speaking again. “You done got this
hole so stretched its going to be little fun.

“Sorry mom. She pissed me off.” Catherine heard Linda
saying from across the room. “You just have to find
something bigger to stuff in it.”

Catherine was humiliated and turned on the way they
were discussing her body. She tighter her ass as tight
as she could and wiggled on the finger trying to get

“She does seem to enjoy having things shoved in her
ass.” The woman spoke again laughing. “She’s trying to
get off on my tiny little finger. Does slut need a good

“Yes mistress.” Catherine replied pushing her ass back
and forth on the finger implanted there. “Fuck my ass

Catherine felt the woman finger jabbing in and out her
asshole as she moaned in delight wiggling her large ass
on the woman lap. She was hoping to get off fast as she
rocked her ass back an forth to help her. Suddenly, the
finger popped out in one quick motion leaving her
panting on the woman lap.

“Definitely a hot bitch,” the woman spoke. “I can use
her at my next garden club meeting. Get on your knees
slut and please my pussy.”

Catherine immediately dropped off the woman’s lap to
the floor burying her face in her cunt and lapping her

“Do you have plans for this cunt.” The woman was asking
Linda. “If not, I can use a full time maid at the house
to tongue my cunt whenever.”

“Nay, go ahead mom.” Linda replied. “I’ll move over
here and have this little bitch. We can even trade off
on the weekends if you want. I got a feeling these
bitches are going to make us a lot of money in the

Catherine lapped the woman cunt juices as she came on
her face and she heard Linda moaning from across
knowing Sandy must have done a good job too.

“Let’s take the bitches up to the bathroom and scrub
them down real good with the scrub brush I saw up
there.” Linda was laughing. “They’re so wet they’re
stinking my new house up.”

Catherine felt the woman grabbing her ear lobe twisting
it and pulling her up as she yelp in pain.

“Come on bitch.” The woman said dragging her along.
“Mommy’s going to clean you up real good and then we
are going to get rid of all that nasty old hair you got
down there better your legs.”

Catherine could hear Sandy whining being dragged the
same way out the room.

“Stop your whining bitch or I’ll take a belt to your
tight ass.” Linda yelled at her. “From now on there’s a
new change in authority in this house and you and your
fat momma better get use to it.”

Catherine whined in despair following her new mistress
up the stairs.

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