A mother gets blackmailed into being a sex slave for her son and his friends

Well to be honest it has been at least ten years since I
talked with anyone directly involved with it all, and now
it has been more than forty years since it all happened.
Yet there are some defining moments in your life that you
never forget.

True, details become blurred with time and perhaps some
details that still exist may have come from second hand
accounts or perhaps even from an over active imagination;
the realities of the moments are still there. It all
started the summer of 1952 in Chicago.

For those of you who can relate to the time frame there
is no need to explain further the attitudes of sex and
such topics of the time. But for those who never knew the
’50’s, let me briefly explain the attitudes that
prevailed. First sex was only done by married couples in
the private confines of their own beds.

Movies literally showed no sex to speak of, and
magazines, even “men’s,” showed no frontal nudity; even
nipples had to be covered or air brushed out– unless you
count the National Geographic which showed some ugly
African women now and then. Sex education came from
stories told on the streets by the older boys or maybe
some “seedy” adult.

The news rarely wrote about sex crimes. Attitudes toward
r**e heavily ran toward the feeling that the woman was
not the victim but really wanted it to happen, and was
somehow a tinted lady. Divorce was a sin: and men felt
all divorced women were sex hungry because they had it
regularly and now somehow needed it from any man that
they could get it from.

Needless to say this attitude scared the hell out of
other “good” women, who often took great pains to push
the divorced woman out of their circle. Women like my
mother. In general the country was still somewhat puritan
compared to the 1990’s. Oh sure if you were an adult,
there were places to go, like burlesque shows, where the
women could strip only to a g-string. And there were
“smokers,” “stag parties” where whores would perform. And
magazines that came wrapped in brown paper that “showed
it all.”

Now, school had only been out for a couple of weeks and
we had already become bored with playing “Cowboys and
Indians,” “Cops and Robbers,” “Great white hunters,” even
playing baseball. Our minds had suddenly begun to burn on
the topic of sex, fed in great part by the age we were at
and fueled by stories from the older boys in the
neighborhood. But it was my closest pale’s, Red’s father
who set our minds on fire!

The man was a drunk and a con man who had minor brushes
with the law throughout his life. Most of his cons ended
in failure but this never stopped him, and now, unknowing
to us, he was working on his greatest con. The man fed us
with stories of every form of sex you could think of. We
hung on every word.

He even got us a “brown paper” magazine of bondage
drawings to gawk at: no depictions of pubic areas though.
It almost became a ritual after dinner to go over to the
old dilapidated two flat were Red lived and sit on the
front steps to wait for his father to come out and talk
with us.

After several days of feeding us stories and pictures the
old fox had us obsessed with getting ourselves a grown
woman for our sex slave– to do what we wanted to do with
her. Red’s father gave us a plan to capture, as it was, a
woman who we all knew and to then make her our sex slave.

Naturally he would help, assuring us we’d not get into
any trouble. Still as I picked up the newspaper and
brought it into the apartment, then laying it on the
kitchen table as always, I couldn’t help but wonder why
the man was so willing to help us.

There was the usual cup of coffee on the kitchen table,
and with trembling hands I poured the powder I had been
given by Jimmy into the coffee. Red’s father told Jimmy
what to get from his father’s d**g store and what amount
I was to put into the drink.

I finished stirring the powder into the drink when I
heard her come to the table with her usual cheery good
morning. She asked me if I was all right– I looked
awfully tired. In truth I was very tired: it had been a
hot muggy night, and having mixed feelings about what I
was to do kept me awake most of the night.

I didn’t say anything as I watched her take the first
drink. Then for some reason I rambled off about the hot
night and my inability to sleep. As she took another
drink, I nervously rambled on. I don’t know why I kept
talking, perhaps I wanted to make sure the drink worked,
or at least didn’t k**l her. The phone rang, and I knew
it was Red asking her to stop over on her way to work to
help him– he was sick and his parents were gone. I
quickly glanced at the clock– it was exactly 7:00 a.m.
just as we planned it.

I studied her as she talked– she was a modest woman
liked by everyone and for the first time I thought she
was just more than a bit pretty. She was on her way to
work and was dressed in a blue dress, nylons and blue
heels, with a small white hat and matching gloves at the
ready. In the 50’s people still dressed up to go to work
or for most any outing, like church or going out to eat.
I stared at her as she put down the phone and let out a
big yawn.

She laughed and said that the coffee was to wake her up
not put her to sleep. With that she finished her coffee
and after placing the cup back on the table said she had
to stop at my friend’s house and that she better be
going. After a big yawn and another laugh she told me I’d
better get going and finish delivering the papers.

I ran down the stairs with great excitement confident
that the d**g was working just as we were told it would.
Then it hit me– what if she past out on the sidewalk or
something. Now I feared that we’d all be caught, and
began to feel sick to my stomach as I came to the alley.
I wanted it to happen– yet I didn’t. I wanted her to
pass out on the sidewalk, then it would be all over– no
one would suspect that I d*****d her. I hid behind a
fence waiting for her to cross the alley to Red’s two

What was only five minutes seemed like an hour before I
saw her slowly crossing the alley, with unsure steps,
then turn up the walk to the side entrance to Red’s
street level flat. The sun was hot already and it was
still muggy as hell, and I was sweating bullets. But most
of the sweat came from the fact that my heart was
pounding so hard that I thought it was going to jump out
of my chest.

I planned it this way: I’d go in after she entered the
flat. Because if the d**g didn’t work, the other plan was
to attack her and capture her anyway. To me this was
nothing but a failure waiting to happen. I knew Ed and
Tommy, was scared enough and too timid to do it; they’d
chicken out leaving Red, Jimmy and Billy to try. Hell she
was as tall and probably weighed as much if not more than
as each of us, so I couldn’t see her not being able to
fight the three off. Besides she was an adult.

As she opened the broken screen outer door, she swayed
noticeably before entering into the small and narrow
vestibule. I heard myself saying breathlessly in
excitement that it was going to work— that is, was
working. Just then I saw her stumbling back out the
screen door. I held my breath in disappointment, only to
see Red and Jimmy quickly grab her by each arm and pull
her back inside. I looked around quickly to see if anyone
saw. But there was no one around to see.

I took off like a bat out of hell and raced for the flat.
I didn’t care now if it was wrong or not, and I didn’t
think of why Red’s father was so anxious to help us. Hell
I didn’t even care if she were awake— I’d help them
capture her.

I swung open the noisy broken screen door and entered the
vestibule–and stopped. The screen door banged shut
behind me and I stood staring into Red’s dark flat. The
damn place was always dark and depressing even in the
daytime. I stood there as my eyes adjusted. There were no
sounds. The usual smell of stale cigarette smoke, and
booze, mingled with the smell of mold — but no sound.
Suddenly in my mind I wondered if this were nothing but a
practical joke being played on me. I felt my face redden
with anger, waiting for them all to start laughing at me.

My eyes were almost adjusted to the dim light and I
stepped slowly thru the inner door determined not to act
embarrassed if this all were nothing but a joke. As I
stood in the doorway, I looked down at the always opened
hide-a-bed. There she was laying face down totally past
out. Red and the others stood around her like the dwarfs
looking down at snow white. Red grinned at me and in a
low voice said she was out like a light. The others
excitedly whispered and giggled.

Finally Jimmy began to shout; saying how she’d be out all
day just like Red’s father told us she would. So far
Red’s old man was right, and now I really didn’t give a
damn if what we were going to do was right or wrong. Nor
did Tommy and Ed who both protested the most, that this
was all wrong. We were all there because of our own
foolish egos and fear of being called cowards and not

Billy had placed two of his father’s cameras facing
toward the old ratty couch at the one end of the room. I
checked to make sure the shades on the two windows behind
the couch had been pulled down, then I looked up at the
ceiling where some nights earlier we, with Red’s fathers
help drilled three hooks, in a triangle, into the ceiling
just in front of the couch. Billy held up a camera he had
around his neck and asked if we should get started. The
moment of truth was at hand!

Red looked at me for my reaction. I just shrugged my
shoulders. With that he knelt on the bed and began to
unbutton the back of her dress. Jimmy had picked up her
hat and had placed it on Tommy’s head and went back
watching as Red finished undoing the buttons, then taking
off her gloves, he told Tommy to put them on, saying he
would look more natural wearing them. Tommy gladly did

We all smiled board silly smiles as we watched her dress
open, exposing her white slip. Red stood up and asked
Jimmy to help stand her up. Jimmy laughed and said she
almost gave him and Red a heart attack when they tried to
pull her inside. He was right. She was a load. Both he
and Red tried pulling her up off the bed to no avail. Ed
and I had to help.

Finally, with Red holding her up by one arm and Jimmy the
other, Billy flashed the first picture. Jimmy was
groaning and pleading for me to be faster; he was about
to collapse. I handed the dress to Tommy, who after
taking off her hat and gloves, took it outside and hung
it up on a cloths’ line as a signal for Red’s father that
all was going as planned.

I took Jimmy’s place and found her limp body to be
heavier than I thought it would have been. But with Red’s
help the two of us walked her over to the hooks. Ed and
Billy had hung the harness we had made to the front two
hooks and were attaching the harness to the rope hanging
from the hook in the back of the triangle.

It was Red and his father’s idea to take belts and make
harness; which turned out quite well. I took and slipped
the straps of her slip and bra down over her shoulder as
did Red, then we each slipped one end of the respective
belt under each of her arm pits, we fastened them just as
we would have with our own pants. Jimmy had fastened the
harness to the rope: As Red and I held her, Jimmy, Ed,
Tommy and Billy pulled her up and secured the rope to a
hook placed into the window ledge behind the couch.

We stepped back and admired our efforts. Here we had this
full-grown woman hanging inches off the floor clad only
in her slip. Her head slumped forward and her body tilted
forward with her arms limply hanging at her sides. As
Billy snapped a picture, I couldn’t wait any longer: I
stepped forward and dropped to my knees and started to
pull down her slip.

As I pulled it down I stared up into her lovely face with
her eyes partially open and wondered if she could see me.
For a moment the thought froze me. But when the slip
passed down to her waist leaving her two large breasts
covered only by a white bra, staring back at me– I could
have cared less if she was awake or not. Damn they were
big mouths hung half open, tongues licked lips and eyes
were wide open with anticipation.

Red jumped past me saying to me how he told me she was
built bigger than the other mothers and teachers we had
talked about– and much prettier. I didn’t debate him
this time for he was right, she appeared to have a really
big set of tits. Red was almost panting as he grabbed the
back of her bra and began struggling with unfastening it.
He fumbled and fumed as he fought to get it open—
finally it opened.

Holding the bra closed Red stepped to one side of the
woman, and with a triumphant yell yanked the bra from
her. Out dropped two large mounds of flesh topped by two
large and dark aureoles. I let out a loud “Oh wow” as
they dropped inches from my face. Everyone cheered and
giggled uncontrollably grabbing at erections that
suddenly– popped up. Billy clicked off several pictures
from as many angles he could while the rest of us talked
about her tits and her nipples– especially her nipples.

Finally, with Jimmy’s help, Red began to slowly peel down
her panties: As her panties slipped further down you
could have heard a pin drop. Then there was a sudden and
loud gasp from some of us as her pubic hair appeared. I
guess we all were somewhat amazed that there was hair
between her legs.

Jimmy and Red came over and joined the rest of us
onlookers. With Red holding her bra and Jimmy her
panties, we stared almost with reverence at the sight.
There she was hanging limply with her bare breasts
hanging down, her private area–not so private now; clad
only in her girdle and nylons. She was quite a beautiful
sight indeed.

Sure we all agreed we could not fuck her: that was part
of Red’s father’s plan because he knew some of us would
have a problem with that, since we all knew her. But then
again he said to go ahead and have fun. With that in
mind, Red again looked over at me, looking for my
reaction. Hell it was no problem. No problem; that is
until Ed sighed out loud, and turning to me to tell me
how beautiful my mother was.

My mother hung there in all her glory for my friends to
see. To be what my friends hoped, would be our sex slave.
I don’t know how long I stood there frozen with guilt as
I thought back to the night Red’s father told us to get
one of our mothers. His logic was that no mother could
stop loving her son or let him or his friends get in
trouble. He went on to tell us to get pictures– he’d get
them developed for us and no one else would see them.

Now I realized that he’d see them! Someone asked me if
there was something wrong with me. I shook my head no and
continued to stare at my mother and remembered how the
old fox told us that he and his wife would “convince” her
to cooperate with us, and let herself be our sex slave.
None of us thought to ask how or what he meant by;
“convince.” Nor did I volunteer her– we put our
mother’s names in a hat.

I had almost backed out and was willing to be labeled a
“chicken” and lose their friendships when my mothers name
was drawn. Little did I know then that Red’s father had
made sure it was my mother’s name that was picked.
However a fight with my parents ended in my being told by
my mother that I couldn’t go on the fishing trip with my
dad and brother, made me change my mind. Of course my
mother forgave me, but only after my brother and dad left
to go fishing for the next two weeks, and made me stay
with her instead. The rest as they say is history.

Red whispered into my ear about how much she was a mother
to him and that he loved her more than his own and still
would respect her. As he pleaded his case, I thought how
true it was: More mornings found him having breakfast
with us, my mother looked after him more than his own
parents– that was why it was so easy to get her to drop
by on her way to work. Finally the sight of her became
too much for me and it was rather easy to agree with him.
Besides no one was going to fuck her.

I grinned at him and nodded my head. Red shouted a yes
and flew to my mother. He grabbed both breasts and began
to rub and squeeze them. He stepped behind her and held
her breasts in his hands. His fingers began to play with
her nipples. Her tits jiggled and bounced with his rough
groping of them. With that I couldn’t take it any longer.
I grabbed one of her breasts and found it to be a most
wonderful feeling. Then I touched her nipple with the
tips of my fingers then like Red; I held it between my
two fingers.

Soon all my friends were rubbing and squeezing her
breasts, and playing with her nipples. Her nipples soon
became rock hard. There were six hands rubbing and
squeezing her soft flesh. Red surprised us all by parting
his lips and taking a nipple in his mouth and sucking it
hard. Ed then grabbed hold of her other breast and did
the same. Everyone took there turn. Red then began
jiggling her tits to see how much he could make them
bounce. He then pulled and pinched both nipples.

Red and Jimmy had stepped behind her limp body as my
fingers timidly touched her pubic hairs. I stared
intently at the hairs until Jimmy shouted to Billy to
come back with them and get a picture of this. I looked
around my mother and saw Jimmy and Red on their knees.
Each held one of her ass checks apart so that the others
and Billy’s camera could see her asshole. Red started
playing with her asshole by rubbing it with his finger.
We all giggled. Billy snapped a picture and we moved on.

Finally Red and I began to explore her pubic area. Our
fingers landed on a protrusion of flesh and as we rubbed
and stroked it we felt it thicken. Red knelt on his knees
along with Jimmy and began to part her most private lips.
Jimmy’s hand pulled away in disgust as wetness started to
appear. With that I found myself down on my knees,
replacing Jimmy.

Like Red, I took a lip and pulled it apart, even as the
slime began to cover my fingers. Red told Tommy and Ed to
grab her legs and make like a wishbone with her. With the
two boys holding her legs up and wide apart, a moist pink
hole appeared. That’s where you fuck; Billy said eagerly
taking several pictures. Jimmy stroked the hardened
protrusion of flesh and it seemed that with each stroke
the hole became wider and wetter.

First it was Red who stuck, one, then two, then three,
then four fingers into my mother’s vagina, he giggled and
grinned as he finger fucked her. He slowly moved his
fingers in and out of her. Next came Jimmy, who
complained about the gooey feeling, next was Ed and then
Tommy who complained even more.

Billy asked me to hold the cameras so that he could
finger her as well. I let him, but I couldn’t do it to
her. I just stood there and watched as my friend’s finger
fucked my mother.

After she was well explored and her ample white breasts
were covered with red blotches, from us sucking and
squeezing them and as her body dripped with sweat from
the heat– as did ours– we began to pose with her. Red
and I held her legs wide apart for a picture. I had no
problem with doing it; after all Red’s father promised
that her face would be air brushed out if Billy forgot

When we took her down and plopped her limp body down in
Red’s mother’s large over stuffed chair, we were so hot
and sweaty that it was necessary for Ed and me to go
outside to cool off. Outside wasn’t much better but at
least there was some fresh air. Ed pointed to the cloths
line where my mother’s dress, bra and panties fluttered
in the breeze. Ed had a big smile on his face.

When we went back inside the others had, my mother
propped up in the chair with each leg hanging over one of
the arms and all of them had removed their cloths
standing next to her with their youthful erections. Ed
and I broke out laughing: however we too were soon naked.
We then moved her to the bed where we all posed with her,
holding her breasts and fingering her vagina.

Red told me he had an idea he bent my mother over the end
of the couch so her ass was well exposed to him and he
began spanking her. Billy snapped a few pictures. The
slaps were hard and could be heard outside. He looked at
me and said my mother deserved a spanking for not showing
us her lovely tits before, we all laughed. Her ass was
soon as red as her large mounds. My friends all told my
how much fun they were having playing with my mother.

It was almost noontime and it was time to dress her and
leave her on the bed for Red’s parents to find. That was
part of the plan. Getting her back into her bra was
hysterical and I must admit that Red and I had a grand
time doing it.

We all left together and had barely gotten outside when
the old fox appeared. He smiled broadly asking if we had
fun. I stood back not saying anything and could only
listen as the others excitedly described my mother to
him. He listened and laughed then took all the film Billy
had taken. Then very seriously he told us to tell
absolutely no one about what we had done. Not to worry;
he was sure that they could convince her not to be mad
and to let us use her as our sex slave. As he talked, his
three hundred pound wife had come up behind us and went
into their flat. Now I began to feel rather bad and full
of guilt. I felt worse when she came out and wagged her
finger at us telling us how naughty we were.

Suddenly Red’s mother broke into a big fleshy smile
telling us, particularly me, that it was all right. She
went on to say that if it were her; she wouldn’t care.
Then knowing exactly what we’d say, she asked us if we
wanted her instead of whom we had. It was rather awkward
as we all looked down trying not to puke at the thought.
She laughed and told us to run along and come back around
5:00 p.m. then go and meet Red’s father at Jimmy’s
father’s d**g store.

Red’s father and his wife walked inside after the kids
left and he went straight to the bed and smiled a
devilish smile when he thought of how he tricked those
kids. He’s wanted her ever since she moved in next door,
now soon she will be.. It was about 30 minutes later when
she started to wake up to see Red’s father standing over
her. “Good morning sweetie, sleep well?” He asked.

She asked what had happened and he told her how she was
d*****d and posed naked with her son and all his friends
and how he had pictures he would show everyone. That she
would end up in a divorce and would be known through out
the town as a c***d molester and her son would be seen
the rest of his life as a pervert. She was in shock and
refused to believe him and demanded to see the pics. He
said he would show them to her later that day, and he
would never show them to anyone as long as she did what
he told her to.

We went off to Tommy’s mother’s little store behind their
house, just across the alley from Red’s, to get some junk
to eat. While we were in there, I could see Red’s father
coming out of their flat and hurry down the alley
carrying a bag with all of Billy’s film. We took what we
wanted and headed to a park to play some baseball with
some other friends; instead we sat beneath some tall
bushes talking about Mrs. S and her big tits. How Mrs. S
had hair between her legs. The feeling of Mrs. S wet
vagina and how nice her ass was.

The idea of talking about my own mother and joking with
my closest friends didn’t bother me, but when the talk of
her being our sex slave and what they would like to do
with Mrs. S, did begin to bother me. Jimmy said how he’d
like to have my mother jiggle her tits in his face. Then
Red said he’d like to watch a dog fuck her from behind.

The other kids all laughed at his comment and agreed it
would be funny to see. Billy said how he would like to
tie her up and shove a dildo up that nice ass of hers.
More over I began to feel terrible about the fact that
Red’s father was going to see my mother naked and the
things we did to her. Suddenly the whole thing seemed
very wrong.

When the time came to meet Red’s father, we ran as fast
as we could and didn’t stop until we came to Jimmy’s
father’s d**g store, which was well past where we lived.
We piled into the store and sat at a table near the
counter and waited and waited until Red’s father
appeared: From the back of the store he came, along with
Jimmy’s father.

Jimmy’s father went to talk with a customer, but as he
did so he looked over at me and grinned then quickly
turned away from me and began talking to the customer.
Meanwhile Red’s father sat down at the table pulling out
the pictures placing them on the table face down. He told
us to gather around him and keep an eye out for any
customers that may be coming toward us.

With a dramatic flip of his hand the first picture was
exposed to us; there she hung clad only in her slip. They
of course got worse from there, but true to his word her
face was air brushed out. Still as the others whispered
their excited feelings to his questions, I remained
passive wondering about the negatives and who developed
the film for him. I glanced over at Jimmy’s father who
tried to pretend he wasn’t paying any attention to us,
and got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I jumped when Jimmy asked me if I agreed that her nipples
felt like erasers; I nodded my head yes. For the next
fifteen minutes Red’s father explained where we had our
hands and we all learned what a “clit” was and what it
meant to a woman. Finally he scooped the pictures up to
the disappointment of the others, saying that until she
Okayed it, he had better hold on to them.

That of course led me to ask if he had talked to her and
“convinced” her.

When he said not yet, but that he was going to talk with
her later that night, I really became sick and panicked.
I was told not to worry; just go home, it was just a
matter of my mother knowing exactly what we wanted.

I felt like a condemned man going to his execution as I
walked into the kitchen of our apartment. At first I
couldn’t look at my mother who stood standing over the
stove preparing a supper for us. I managed to say hello,
and got no response. But as I went past her she softly
said that dinner would be about ten minutes and to go and
wash up.

As we ate there were very few words spoken, still I began
to feel she didn’t know what really had gone on or
hopefully had forgiven me if she had already been shown
the pictures. She told me that I was not to go out, to
take my bath and go to bed: That she had to go out and
might be late but not to worry. As I cleaned off the
table and did the dishes, she went off and got herself
ready to go out. I figured she was going to talk with
Red’s parents and had a feeling that everything was going
to be all right.

Even if she told them all to go to hell, I was certain
that I’d get nothing more than a stern lecture and maybe
some undesirable tasks to do for the summer. My mother
was a very gentle woman who rarely ever raised her voice
to us much less her hand. However; if she told my father-
— I was dead meat: as was everyone else, including Red’s
father. My father was a hard working guy that held down
two laborers jobs and was built like a bull and just as
strong and just as mean when he wanted to be.

When my mother came into the kitchen she was dressed
exactly as she was when we “captured” her in the morning.
I didn’t say anything about it to her, even though it was
unusual for her to wear at night what she had worn that
day. She stopped– turned and kissed me, then left.

Red’s father seen my mother again later that day to show
her the pics. All she could do was cry and asked why he
was doing this to her. He said that he owed people a lot
of money and that if she earned some money for him she
could buy the pictures from him. He smiled and said she
could make it a happy ending. “But if you ever refuse to
do what I tell you to do, I’m gonna send these pictures
to everyone in this god forsaken town and you’re gonna
have a lot of explaining to do won’t ya? What do you
think your husband will think?”

She just lowered her head and sobbed. Then nodded. He
then held a stern look upon his face and looked straight
into her eyes and told her to undress. She paused a
moment and he held out the pics with a sad look upon her
face she undid the back of her dress and let it fall to
her feet. Then she removed her slip.

He just angrily looked at her and said keep going. She
reached behind her back and unclipped her bra with tears
running freely now. He grinned as her beautiful double D
breasts fell freely in front of him. He then sounding
pissed said panties too!!! She slid her hands inside them
and pushed them down. His eyes marveled at her full bush
and cunt.

He told her to put her hands at her sides, she did so
starring straight ahead her mind wandering. He walked up
to her and began squeezing her left breast, then squeezed
it harder, he then began rubbing her right nipple he
whispered in her ear, you have beautiful tits you know
that? She didn’t answer.. He had a full hard on and
pushed her hard to the floor. He undid his jeans and
pulled out a 9 inch hard on. He yelled, “Suck it you big-
titted Bitch!”

She just lay there until he grabbed her by her hair and
f****d his cock into her mouth. He grabbed her hair and
f****d her to deep throat him. Pumping her faster and
harder with each thrust. Her tongue rolled back and forth
over his long member. He leaned his head back and softly
moaned enjoying the sensation. “I always knew you were a
slut,” he said.

Soon he felt like he was about to explode so he made sure
he shot his full load down her throat. She was f****d to
swallow or risk c*****g. She laid there gagging and
coughing while he spoke.

“Remember if you ever disrespect me or my family your
life and your son’s life will be hell.” His wife then
entered the room and looked at my mother then smiled and
said, “You’re a very beautiful women.” The huge women
then walked over to my mother and helped her up and
slowly started to move her hand toward my mother’s tits
and then circled her nipple. She bent over and took one
in her mouth and made slurping sounds. My mother had a
look of disgust on her face.

The fat woman put her left hand on my mothers back
forcing as much of my mother tit in her mouth as
possible, then she ran her hand down her back between my
mothers ass cheeks and began to massage her asshole. Red
then walked in and smiled at the sight he asked his dad
if she was there sex slave now, Red’s father looked at
him and said to ask her. He looked at my mother with a
fleshy smile and asked her and she quietly mumbled a yes.

My mother had mascara all over her cheeks from her
crying. Red smiled and walked over to her and told her to
bend over for him. She hesitated then with a look from
Reds father she grimly did so. He stared at her luscious
ass. Red slowly reached out and gripped a cheek, then
slapped it hard, Red’s father just laughed.

Red’s mom began to undress as her flabby tits engulfed
her love handles, she spread her legs as she lay on the
floor in front of my mother and told her to get to work.
My mother slowly crawled over and began lapping up the
fat women’s wet vagina Red’s father soon became hard
again and told my mother to spread her legs. She did so
and he began to insert his throbbing cock head.

He grabbed her hips and slowly slid himself all the way
in her. Red just stood there with a smile on his face
watching the show. Red’s mom began to moan as my mother
played with her clit and Red’s father began thrusting
harder and harder. His balls were slapping against her at
an increasing speed. My mothers tongue lapped up Red’s
mother’s warm juices. She began to gag a bit as the heavy
woman thrust her pussy into her face.

My mother tits were bouncing back and forth so lovely.
Reds father noticed and grabbed her tits hard then
grinned as he shot his load deep inside her. Red’s mother
smiled and told my mother that she was good at eating
pussy. Red’s father then smiled and said thank you Mrs.
S. “Tomorrow night you’re going out on a date with me got
it? Now get the fuck out.”

I found myself in bed around 10 p.m. and my mother still
hadn’t come home. I drifted off thinking about the day–
the fun and the laughter of it all. Soon I found myself
dreaming a recurring dream of my mother; after what had
happened, the dream took on a great deal of reality which
made it even more pleasant. I fell in a deep sleep
holding onto my erection and had no fears of what might
happen to me in the morning or when she came home.

*** CHAPTER 2 ***

When I awoke, the sun was just beginning to shine, I
heard my mother in the bathroom and suddenly began to
wonder if I was going to get killed or what. I didn’t
know when she got home or what kind of mood she was in
and I wasn’t anxious to find out. I laid in my bed for
another hour while my mother began breakfast. Finally I
got up enough nerve to go face her.

My mother was standing over the kitchen sink washing some
dishes as I sat myself at the kitchen table. She half
turned and said good morning to me and told me what there
was for breakfast.

On the table was her cup of coffee as it was the day
before. But this day I had no d**g to put into the cup:
my mother was still dressed in her silk pajamas, which
meant that she wasn’t going to work today. When I asked
her about it, she reminded me that she only worked twice
a week in the summer.

Her answer was friendly and so were the next few moments
of small talk. I felt a real sense of relief; thinking
that she didn’t know what happened, or she told everybody
to go to hell and wasn’t going to ever bring it up– that
was the kind of mother she was with us.

It was no surprise when Red knocked on the back door.
He’d be over with us for breakfast almost every morning
in the summer and as I said before, he was like another
son to my mother. But when he came in all cheery, my
mother coldly greeted him and left the room. Red sat down
at the table with me and started to say something, but
stopped when my mother came back in.

The three of us talked just as always. Still, there was a
feeling of tension. Again when my mother left the room
Red leaned forward and in an excited almost breathless
voice told me my mother was our sex slave! I must have
had a dumb look on my face for he told me again and swore
it was true.

Still Red knew I wasn’t convinced and was determined to
prove it to me. My mother came in and got two plates to
put on the table: as she bent over the table, her pajama
top hung open a bit. Red’s hand shot up and under her
pajama top and found a breast.

My mother jumped back and her eyes shot knifes at Red,
then at me. Red didn’t bat an eye nor did he stop
grinning at her. When he told her we’d like to see her
nude, her face reddened and a look of anger crept over
it. However, as Red said to her, “My Daddy…” well she
took a deep breath and without looking at me told us to
follow her into the living room. We both jumped to our
feet and almost fell over each other to get to the living

We stood there as she closed the shades; then with her
back to us she undid her pajama top and slipped it off.
It was just a moment or two that she stood there with her
back to us, but Red reminded her to take off the bottoms
too. You could hear her give a big sigh as she hesitated
to do it; then her hands slipped into her pajama pants
and off they came.

Red elbowed me as her lovely round pink ass was thrust
toward us as she bent to remove the pants from around her
ankles. Turning around she faced us without saying a
word. Her eyes were looking off and past us. Our eyes on
the other hand scanned her tits and hairy cunt. It was
even better than the day before.

I mean here she was a full-grown woman doing what we
wanted her to do, with no arguments. And suddenly I
really didn’t care that she was my own mother. Not
caring: I asked her to put her arms behind her back and
bend over. That, I think, made my mother a bit
uncomfortable, but she did it. Her tits hung so
wonderfully– just as I pictured in my dream. Red then
asked her to lay on the open hide-a-bed and spread her
legs for us. She did just that.

Yep she appeared to be our “willing” sex slave, still we
couldn’t work up the nerve to touch her. Red; every time
he wanted her to do something would start by asking her–
-Mrs. S bend over and spread her ass cheeks, you could
see a look of shock on her face but she did so. Red
licked his lips and said thank you. We allowed her to
dress and went off to play.


Later as I fought my own conscience, Red and Jimmy came
over with the others. They told me to ask my mother to
let me stay at Eddie’s place for an over night. I thought
they were going to ask me to have her come there and get
naked for us. That was not the case.

I was told that Red’s dad had arranged to take my mother
out to a place called “Sam’s D**g store and Recreation
Hall”; there she was to perform a strip tease for some
stag party. Red went on to tell me that his dad told him
we could follow them when he took her there, and he’d let
us hide in the back room and watch.

My mother had no problem letting me sleep the night at
Eddie’s and even encouraged my older brother to go over
to his friend’s house– which he gladly did.

Around ten that night just after my dad left for his
second job, we gathered in the entranceway of the
apartment building across the way from mine. We watched
as Red’s dad waited for my mother. When she appeared, she
was dressed in her Sunday best. They headed down the
street toward Sam’s with us following a safe distance

Sam’s was only a short way from where we all lived but
being out at night made it feel like one great big
adventure to some other world. We crossed under the
railroad tracks and came to the corner where Sam’s was.
Sam’s was the only place open at this hour. The front of
Sam’s was like a small d**g store, in the back were poker
tables and a small bar where men gathered to k**l time
and get away from day to day worries.

Every time my family would take a Sunday walk in the
summer, we’d stop in and get an ice cream cone from Sam
himself. I’d always watch the poker players that were
ever present. My mother would always warn my dad that if
she ever caught him in there at night that she’d skin him
alive. It became a standing joke, based on a rather seedy
reputation that Sam’s had acquired for allowing men to
have bachelor parties and smokers there every now and

I could almost hear my mother’s voice speaking the words
as she and Red’s dad went inside the front door. We ran
across the street as fast as we could and around to the
side, where as promised the door to the storeroom was
open. We hurried in the storeroom door and cautiously
peered around the flimsy curtain that hung between the
inner door and the poker tables.

The place was filled with c*****g cigar and cigarette
smoke and the poker tables were still occupied with
players. At least 15 people must have been there. My
mother stood by Red’s dad as he talked with the little
owner Sam. She looked very nervous and uncomfortable.
When Tommy pointed out that she was wearing what she wore
when she taught our Sunday school class, Jimmy snickered
that this wasn’t Sunday school.

Sam told his helper to close the door and came over to
where the card players were. He told them he had a
special treat for them all. Pointing to my mother, he
told them in words that I still can remember to this day.

“See that lovely little mother over there. She ain’t no
pro, ain’t no whore either. Just a little mother and
housewife who has come to entertain us. Going to take it
ALL off. ALL!”

Then someone asked him a question that I couldn’t hear.
But Sam looked over at Red’s dad who nodded his head and
shouted back for a price. With that Sam began collecting
ten dollars from each man. One man was a bit angry about
having to stop his card-playing saying that she better be
awfully damned good.

The men parted and let Red’s dad and my mother pass
though them. Sam and his helper moved aside most of the
card tables. The helper saw us and came over to us. We
thought we were going to be tossed out. But he just
opened the curtain and told us not to worry, it was pitch
black in the storeroom and if we just sat a foot behind
the door opening no one would see us. We did as he told
us and sat ourselves down on the floor and readied
ourselves for the strip tease my mother was about to

My mother stood right in front of us only a few feet
away. She stood momentarily by herself facing all the
eager men. Loud noisy music started to play, but my
mother just stood there, frozen. Soon the whole place was
filled with mad and swearing men. The music stopped and
Red’s dad angrily ran up to her, grabbing her hard by her
arms whispered something in her ear.

Again the music started this time she reached back
undoing her dress. The dress fell to her feet, after a
slight pause, her slip fell to her feet. No, one cared
that she wasn’t dancing, they all stared and waited
hopefully that she indeed was going to take it ALL off.
Bending over to unfasten her nylons from her girdle I
over heard one of the men standing next to our door
saying that she had to have really big tits.

With some pride I thought to myself wait till you see
them. My heart pounded with the excitement of it all. The
men cheered and laughed as she wiggled herself out of her
girdle. The moment of truth had arrived for our Sunday
school teacher. At Red’s dad’s suggestion she turned her
back to the crowd and took off her bra. She stood there
and began to sob. After a short pause she slipped her
hands into her panties slipping them off. As she did, she
had to bend over showing the crowd that wonderfully plump
pink ass of her’s.

At the sight of my mother’s asshole the men went wild.
Red’s dad put up his hand and quieted the men. When it
was perfectly silent, he told my mother to turn around.

This comment still ring in my ears every now and then. I
was amazed how excited grown men acted at seeing her
nipples and pussy. They were just as excited as us twelve
year old kids were. Now I realize that it was the 50’s
for them also–the age of no public showing of nipples or
crotch. The fact that she had big full tits made her just
too tempting.

To my shock, a man rushed forward, and picked her up and
slammed her onto of the poker table only a foot away from
us. His hands and mouth found my mothers tits. He swirled
his tongue as he sucked her nipples till they hardened.

I watched in stunned awe as my mother just lay there
sobbing, not fighting or anything. When the man lifted
her legs up and buried his face into her pussy, she just
closed her eyes. He sloppily ravaged her most sacred area
until his drool ran down the crack of her ass. The over
weight man then dropped his pants and pulled out a man
sized hard-on. I must admit I got excited seeing it.

When he pulled my mother forward so that he could start
inserting his cock in her I began to get a hard-on to. I
was becoming short of breath, with excitement. I could
see the cock’s huge head being placed at the opening of
my mother’s now soaking wet vagina. I saw it part the
lips and slip fully inside her.

I watched intently as the cock slipped in and out harder
and faster. The entire table shook as he fucked her
furiously. My mother closed her eyes crying. The crowd
cheered him on. My mother’s moans could be heard. Two
other men came up to her and lifted her knees up and
apart. A few men shouted to the man to fuck that slut
good! Then with amazement I watched the cock slip in and
out of her cunt with cum covering it. The man backed away
from the table with a grin on his face.

No sooner had the first man finished fucking her than a
second one began. Again I studied intently the matured
sized cock as it slipped inside my mother. Her massive
tits bounced back and forth he held a handful of her hair
forcing himself as deep as possible inside of her, then
he pulled his cock out and a huge stream of cum sprayed
all over my mothers tits. We all had looks of awe on our

The third man made my mother stand up and bend over. We
could almost reach out and grab her tits. He pulled out
his big dick and again I watched the dick first part then
enter my mother’s vagina. His balls pounding against her
ass made her tits bounce to our vocal delight as well as
the entire crowd of men. He shouted, “You like getting
fucked like a slut, don’t you? Take that entire cock
bitch. You know you like it.”

Her ass was slightly red from his pounding of it then he
pulled out and cum shot all over my mother’s ass. He spat
on the floor and said, “Fucking whore,” and walked away.

As another man laid my mother back on top of the table to
fuck her, he used her tits as handles as he bounced her
back and forth on his cock, till he came. I thought I had
seen it all.

But I hadn’t.

The next man helped her off the table and made her kneel
on the floor. Again she was only a foot in front of us. I
remember my mother politely asking the man not to make
her do this. I didn’t know what she meant. But as the man
pulled out his dick and waived it in front of her face,
threatening to beat the shit out of her if she didn’t,
she glumly reached up and took his cock gingerly between
two fingers. Closing her eyes and gagging a bit she
opened her mouth wide.

I remember watching her lips close around the head of the
man’s cock almost as if it were in slow motion. As her
head bobbed back and forth you could see the head of his
cock pressing against her cheek. We were so close that we
all could hear the slurping sounds she made as she sucked
and sucked. Suddenly the man began to force her head
harder and faster over his cock. He took a hold of her
head and f****d her to blow him at a great speed. Then
with a groan he pulled it out of her mouth shooting a
long stream of cum onto her face.

We looked at each other and could barely contain our
amazement as the next man made her kneel on all fours, my
friends whispered and giggled among themselves. Myself I
was too interested in watching the man fucking my mother
doggy style. It was the best of both worlds, as the
others soon discovered: you could see the cock slipping
in and out, and watch her large and full tits bounce so
wildly. While that man fucked her cunt another man got in
front of her and made her suck his cock.

They rocked her back and forth forcing one cock deep in
her cunt then the other deep down her throat. The men
cheered loudly as they seen her viscously fucked. After
what seemed like forever one exploded in her cunt then
the other down her throat. Then the man who commented
earlier about how my mother must have huge tits came up
to her, he told the other men how he wanted to fuck those

He had my mother suck him off a little like she did with
the other man then he laid on the ground and got on top
of her he positioned himself so his cock was between her
tits, then he f****d her to push her breasts tightly
together. She tilted her head away so she didn’t have to
watch. He slid in and out from between her tits causing
her tits to jiggle all over until he came. Then went
slower and slower till her tits milked out all his
remaining cum.

We were kicked out shortly after that and headed back to
Eddie’s. Looking over our shoulders we watched some more
men go in and heard the doors locked behind them. I don’t
know what went on after that, nor do I know what time my
mother got home that night.

What I do remember was sitting up all night talking about
what we had seen, and wondering silently what had
happened when my mother went back that night to talk with
Red’s parents. I always wondered what went on and,
although Red never said anything, I always figured that
he may have had some “fun” that night with my mother,
which his parents made him promise never to tell us

Soon after the kids left things really got out of
control. She was used and abused in every position
imaginable, she must have pleased over 20 men that night.
It was all part of Red’s father’s plan to break her
spirit and make her understand she was now his property.
“Man Llama you have me wetting my pants! I always had a
thing for an Aunt and a couple of teachers when I was 12,
but never dreamt of doing anything so wild.”

“It was just that — wild.”

“I sat here picturing myself undressing your mother and
everything. Hey question. What about the pictures? Did
you guys get any back.”

“Ya we did. You know how some had baseball cards to show
off? Well we had nude photos of my mother. Her face was
either torn off, or blacked out, or we had her in a

“Where these just the pictures you took when you first
stripped her.”

“Some. But we got a lot more though the next few years.”

“Damm! What do you mean the next few years? God how many
pictures do you think you took?”

“Don’t really know. There were stag films made of us and
my mother. Among others. Along with other things.”


A week had past since my mother was made to strip in
public and raped. She was not aware that I and my five
closest friends had witnessed her first public
humiliation, so things between us were quite normal.
Normal as it could be, considering she had just bared and
posed herself for her son and a friend of his the day
before she stripped publicly and got raped. Normal as it
could be, considering her son and his twelve years old
friends had d*****d her, stripped her naked, plaid with
her and photographed it all.

The term, normal took on a whole new meaning for my
mother and me. We talked without ever bringing up what
had happened. I did my chores and obeyed her as before,
just as my friends treated her with the same respect and
courtesy as before we had “captured her.” This would be
the “normal” outward appearance that the world would see.

Although nothing was said between us, we both knew what
our roles were, and as my brother and I helped finish the
dishes I was about to exercise my new found power as
“slave master” over my own mother. Inside I felt like
jelly, but at the same time after seeing her fucked in
public and sucking cock, made it easy for me to approach
her– after my dad left for work, and my brother went out
with his friends.

To my own amazement I calmly, and firmly told her that my
friends and I wanted to play a game the next day. As she
folded some towels, you could see her begin to bite on
her lower lip. I went on and explained that it was a game
of “Cowboys and Indians,” and she was to be the Indian’s
captured white woman.

She looked at me for a moment as I went on to explain, we
wanted her to be nude; then looking away she let out a
long sigh. After a moment of silence, she asked me with a
rather disappointed tone in her voice, if it was
something I wanted her to do.

It was obvious that she was hoping that somewhere she
would hit on a nerve of guilt and loyalty within me, and
that I’d change my mind. But as my cock hardened I nodded
my head that I wanted her to do it. When I told her that
my friends would be over about 10:00 a.m. she shook her
head no, saying that she didn’t want them up in our
apartment. Then to my surprise she told me that she’d
come down to the storage room instead.

The rest of the night nothing further was said about what
I had asked her to do. In fact we talked and joked with
each other just as always. For a moment I began to feel
guilty about what I had done and was about to do the next
day. However, when she told me she had to go out a while
and to put myself to bed, I began to picture her walking
with Red’s dad back to Sam’s Rec. Hall just like a week
earlier. With that in mind I couldn’t wait for the next

My mom headed over to Red’s fathers house very nervously.
When she came to the front door he was waiting for her
with a grin on his face. He wrapped his arms around her
and slid his tongue into her mouth. His hands rolled down
her back to her plump ass, he squeezed her softly then
harder. He opened the door and led her inside.

To her surprise Jimmy’s dad was there and smiled when he
spotted her. Hello there Mrs. S. She didn’t respond, he
walked up to her and unzipped her dress it dropped to the
floor, then slid of her slip. Very nice. Then he
unclipped her bra. Out they dropped he grabbed them and
squeezed them.

Red’s father then walked up to them and pulled down her
panties. You can keep your girdle and nylons on, they
aren’t in the way. They both laughed. Jimmy’s dad slid
his hand between my mother’s legs and started rubbing her
pussy. Reds dad slapped her ass, then started mooching
her asshole. They paused so they could strip then told my
mother to get on the bed and spread her legs. She
reluctantly did and they moved in on her.

Red’s dad’s cock head found her pussy and starting slowly
fucking, while Jimmy’s dad slapped her face a few times
with his stiffening cock before he pushed it between her

Jimmy’s dad squeezed her tits as she sucked him off. He
pulled out and shot his cum on her tits.

Red shot his load deep inside her again. Then they got
off of her, my mother was about to dress until Red’s
father said, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

She must have had a dumb look on her face cause he then
said, “There’s still cum on my cock. Clean it off bitch.”

A look of disgust was on her face as she grimly crawled
toward him. Knowing that his cock was just inside her and
her juices she would soon taste disgusted her. Reds dad
took his hand and helped guide her there since it was
obvious she was taking her time. The cock slipped in and
he started becoming hard again he pumped away, fucking
her face, till cum rolled over her lips.

The next day I was up bright and early on my way out to
do my paper route. My brother had gotten up early too and
was on his way to a caddying job that he had just gotten,
and would take him away for the day. Dad had just left
for his day job, leaving mom still asleep on the hide-a-
bed. As I looked at her, I thought about removing her
pajamas and beginning the day of fun early, but I didn’t
have the nerve.

It was almost 10:00 a.m. and we had gathered at the
bottom of the steps leading up to our fourth floor
apartment. As Eddy bounced a ball against a wall, and
Jimmy impatiently walked back and forth, occasionally
looking up at the stairs hoping to see my mother coming
down; I went over the ground rules– no fucking, any
pictures could not be of her face, and be as respectful
as possible.

It was twenty minutes later and my mother hadn’t come
down. Red told me to go get her. I ran up the stairs
skipping every other step and slammed open the back door;
yelling for her. She responded in her usual quite and
calm manner that she had just finished her shower.

Within two minutes she appeared in the kitchen wearing a
long terry cloth robe and slippers. She asked me to go
out and see who may be around. I did as she told me. When
I told her I saw no one other than my friends, she came
out and started down the steps, with me following her.
Half way down she paused at a railing and looked down at
the others.

All their eyes were glued on her. The hungry looks on
their faces made me smile, and my mother shake her head.
The others piled into the storage room, quickly followed
by my mother and me.

She told me to close the door and lock it, then politely
she asked Billy and Tommy to cover the small window. Once
all was taken care of to her satisfaction she undid her
robe and without a pause, opened it and let it slip to
the floor.

This time, unlike when she bared herself to Red and me in
my apartment, she couldn’t just look past us pretending
that we weren’t there. No, this time there were six pairs
of eyes and six gaping mouths staring at her tits and
pussy. For a few minutes we all stood there not exactly
sure how to act, then Red simply asked, “Mrs. S. bend
over and dangle your tits for us.”

You could see her face redden a bit, but she did like Red
asked. She stayed that way for only a moment before
letting out a shocked squeal after Jimmy grabbed one of
the large mounds of white flesh.

Mother straightened up and covered her tits with her
arms. Her face showed the look of indignation, but
changed to one of resignation as I began to rub her pump
ass with my hands. I don’t remember what I said, or how
easy it was to pull her arms behind her back.

I do remember saying something about her being my “White
woman captive,” as I tied her to a post in the middle of
the room. I glared into her eyes as I plaid with her tits
and nipples, feeling the strangest sense of power. She
didn’t look away but just shook her head a bit. I felt
her tits in my hands and couldn’t help but smile.

When I let my hand, drop to between her legs and began to
play with her hair, she groaned and asked me not to do
that. All that her last request did was to make me more
excited, and with some force my hand and fingers began to
squeeze her pussy. Now my Mother turned her head and
closed her eyes. I invited each one of the others to come
and play.

I was on my second turn and was fingering my Mother’s now
thickened clit and checking out the oozing goo that began
to run down her inner thighs, when we heard someone
coming to the storage room door. Panicked and scrambling
to untie my mother, the door began to open. Just in time:
We had my mother back in her robe and pretended we were
helping her find a box. The old lady came in and had no
clue as to what had been going on, but by interrupting;
gave my mother a chance to dart out the door and back up
to our apartment.

I went up after we all had stopped laughing at what had
just happened. None of us was sure as just what to expect
next. What we did know, was that we didn’t want to stop
just yet. With the urging of my friends, I went up to get
my mother to come back down.

My mother sat on the couch tight lipped, staring off into
space. Her chest heaved beneath her robe, and her head
slowly shook side to side. I wasn’t as confident this
time when I asked her to come back down to the storage

When I asked her, she first looked at me for a moment
with her soft Brown eyes, then with a deep breath she
stood up and firmly told me– no. I felt my heart sink
and my eyes fell to the floor. Suddenly she began to

“So. You want your mother to be,” she hesitated and
glared at me a moment, “to be your sex slave?” Now all of
a sudden I began to feel a bit uncomfortable. “For you.
AND all your FRIENDS?” When she put it that way, I really
felt like a rat.

I don’t know what she thought or felt after having said
all that, and then having to watch me tear out of the
living room to the kitchen to get some pieces of cord.
When I came back into the living room, she was sitting on
the bed, looking at me, still shaking her head in

As I looped a cord around one of her wrists, she made one
last request; making me swear not to let the others fuck
her. But not in those words. After having tied my mother
spread eagled to the bed I stood back to admire the
awesome view of her nude body. I stared intently at the
pinkness of her partially open vagina. I must have been
in a trance.

My hands rubbed and squeezed her tits. Again when my
fingers plaid with her nipples I watched her wet her
lips, as my hands began to cup her pussy. As my fingers
parted the lips on her pussy and my index finger timidly
brushed the inside pinkness of her vagina, my mother
softly asked me to stop and not to put my finger inside

For the time being I left my mother and bolted out the
back door like some sort of crazy man. I looked over the
railing and down at my friends who were about ready to
leave; thinking that my mother had killed me or some sort
of thing like that. Waiving my arms for them to come up,
I turned and went back into my apartment.

Like flies to honey they descended on her. As they fought
to be on the bed with her I stood back and just laughed.
Jimmy and Red each pulled at her nipples while Billy took
pictures, being careful not to get her face in any of the
pictures. Eddy and Tommy took their hands and plaid with
her pussy. Billy finally stopped taking pictures and
joined in.

Mother’s pussy was wide open and again oozing her goo. It
was just too inviting. Red’s fingers slipped into the
pink wet hole. First two then four; slipping in and out
as hard as he could. I know I promised her I wouldn’t let
them fuck her, but I didn’t promise her that we wouldn’t
finger fuck her.

She laid there with her eyes closed as each of us took
our turns at the gooey hole. Suddenly her stomach tighten
and began to quiver as I took another turn shoving my
fingers into her. Then her hips began to twist and raise
up and down. The muscles of her vagina tighten hard
against my fingers. Finally her whole body bounced and
twisted and low moans and groans came from her mouth.

Laying there panting and sobbing; without opening her
eyes she asked me to stop and send the others home. I did
as she asked. Leaving her tied to the bed I walked with
the others to the kitchen. We all were laughing and
smiling at what we had accomplished.

For the rest of the summer the scene at my apartment
would be repeated at each of the others homes. All that
is except Red’s. My mother absolutely refused to go there
with us. And we all knew why!

Less than a week after our first time with my mother, I
had been out playing baseball with Red and some friends
at a park near by; it was evening and getting dark so we
were heading home. As we walked Red asked how long my
brother was staying at our cousins. Since I hadn’t told
him that he was going to be staying at our cousins, I
asked how he knew.

Red just laughed as he told me how his dad got my mother
to arrange times when she could stay out very, very late.
“Business, you know,” Red finished, laughing a bit.

No I didn’t know.

So Red told me that when my mother told me to go to bed,
and that she was going to be out late tonight, just to
bet that his dad was pimping her at their flat. Somehow I
knew it was true, and I guess I really didn’t care, but
still I had to say that I didn’t believe him. Naturally
he was willing to prove it to me.

True enough; mother told me to get myself to bed, that
she’d be out– late. Just like Red said she would tell
me. Just like she did a time before, she dressed and
left, after checking to see if I was asleep.

This time I followed her. Just like Red said she went to
Red’s flat.

All the lights in the flat were on, the shades were drawn
but you could see shadows of some people that already
were there. I saw the door open; you could hear loud
music along with the voices of Red’s mother and some men.

I heard Red’s dad heartily greet my mother and heard him
shout that the entertainment had arrived. As the door was
closing I could hear the men inside give out whistles and
cat calls. No more than a couple of minutes later,
another man showed up. As he went in, Red was sent out.

When I called out to him, Red came running over waiving a
ten dollar bill. The money was for him to go amuse
himself. As I stared at the flat with some mixed
emotions, I asked Red how long did he have to be gone. He
replied that my dad got home about three; so since it was
just ten now– about four hours.

“How did he amuse himself?” I asked.

With that question he grabbed me by an arm. He led me to
the steps of his two flat where we had gathered many
nights before, dreaming of having a sex slave. We paused
as another man walked past us and up to the door to Red’s
flat. Then quietly we slipped between two tall Lilac
bushes placing us at one of the front windows of the
apartment. There we could listen to the men and their
joking over the loud music.

The shade was drawn, but it didn’t take much to make out
the figure of my mother removing her cloths. Shortly her
figure disappeared and the voices quieted. My thoughts as
to what was going on inside were interrupted by Red who
tapped on the window.

Moments after his tapping, I heard his mother say how hot
it was inside and that she was going to open one of the
windows a bit. Her huge figure loomed at the window and
the shade went half way up and then the window opened a

The music was off now and amid the low mummers of some
men, you could hear the hide-a-bed squeak and groan. As
we looked in as best we could, we could every now and
then see a man on top of my mother. I watched a man get
up and put on his pants as my mother and Red’s mother
went into the bathroom. The man lit up a cigarette and
told the others, “She’s a good fuck!”

The thought occurred to me as another man left, having
been well satisfied, that anyone could see what was going
on inside. As two more men came into the flat I was
thinking how dangerous that might be. Again my thoughts
were interrupted by Red, who jerked on my arm with great
excitement. We ran as fast as we could to the door, which
Red had seen left open.

Sure enough the door was wide open, and we were able to
stare inside though the outer screen door. There off to
one side was Red’s dad collecting money from the new
arrivals. Directly in front of us was the hide-a-bed with
my mother on top of a rather portly man. You could see
her asshole, and watch her as her pussy slid up and down
on the man’s large cock. The man squeezed her huge tits
as she bounced up and down. “Ride that cock cunt!” he

She started bouncing harder and faster, he met every
trust as hard as he could. Some men sat on a couch across
from the bed and shouted for the man to spread her ass
cheeks for them so that they could see her asshole, the
man spread her cheeks wide as he continually pounded away
at her pussy, he then began fingering her asshole a
little, causing the men to cheer.

Suddenly he held her tight as he shot his cum deep inside
her. When someone closed the door, Red and I took a walk
down the dark alley towards Jimmy’s house. I don’t know
why, but I got mad at Red and his parents, and started
pushing my friend around.

I was pissed that his dad was pimping my mother, but what
I really wanted to know was that all he was doing. Red
said something and I hit him. Definitely he told me, that
his dad could make my mother do anything he wanted her to
do–anything! Then he started to add, my dad and I, but
caught himself and quickly, if not awkwardly, said that
Jimmy’s dad could make her do anything he wanted her to
do also.

I didn’t believe him about Jimmy’s dad, Red told me that
we’d talk with Jimmy the next afternoon. As for his dad;
I mumbled that my mother might whore for him, but that
was all she’d do for him. As I calmed down, I told my
best buddy that I was sorry, he nodded his head and told
me it was alright; yet I found out later that he never
really forgave me, and was planning his own form of pay
back at my mother’s and my expense.

It also helped my friend’s bruised ego to find his dad
and four other men standing in a circle, in his backyard
amid the tires, and broken toys. All the men were
drinking and all the men had their pants down to their
ankles. A dim porch light from above made it just light
enough to see what was going on. Like us, anyone coming
down the alley could see them with my naked mother on her
knees, sucking each man as she pivoted around to each
man’s cock. They called her names like slut, whore,
bitch, dumb cunt.

After each man managed to cum, Red’s dad took down his
pants and ordering my mother on to her hands and knees;
then opening the circle of men so we had a full view of
what he was about to do, he shouted to his wife that he
was ready.

The dim light gave way to the brightness of two bright
head lights of a car. As he fucked my mother, I could
hear the faint hum of a movie camera. I could hear Red’s
mother telling him to make her tits bounce more. He
fucked her for a few minutes so his cock was covered in
my mother’s juices. Then per his wife’s instructions, he
made my mother kneel and suck him until he came in her

Red smiled ear to ear. He didn’t have to say a word; he
had proved his point. When the car lights went off, the
men pulled up their pants and left. My mother went back
inside with Red’s parents. Red told me it was over and I
better get home. He also reminded me that we would talk
to Jimmy that afternoon.

That afternoon with the others, Red and I met with Jimmy
at his house. Red told them all about the night before,
and what he had told me about Jimmy’s father being able
to do with my mother whatever he wanted to do, just like
his dad could.

Jimmy smiled ear to ear and gleefully told me my mother
had just gone inside. Then with Jimmy leading on, we
entered the house as softly as we could, only to be
greeted by Jimmy’s noisy and nosey twin sister. To shut
her up; and anxious to see what was going on, Jimmy told
his sister she could come with us, if she swore not to
tell anyone.

We slowly, and as quietly as we could, walked down some
stairs and hid ourselves behind a couch and a half wall.
We arrived just in time to see Jimmy’s dad sit himself in
a chair; lighting a cigarette he called out my mother’s
name. As my mother appeared he picked up a camera and
snapped a picture. She was totally nude.

Mounting a stationary bike she began to pedal at various
speeds that the man wanted her to go. Her tits jiggled as
she peddled quickly. Jimmy’s dad snapped a few pictures.

Sweating and panting she dismounted the bike, and as
instructed, started to do jumping-jacks. Her tits bounced
up and down forcing low groans from all of us– including
myself. She stopped and was allowed a brief period to
rest–very brief.

She faced us as she began her toe touches, as her fingers
touched the floor she was told to count to twenty before
straightening up. Very obediently she turned her back to
us and started doing more toe touches. Her pussy and her
tightened ass was a sight to behold, and I like the
others rather enjoyed it.

What I didn’t enjoy was listening to Jimmy’s father’s
obscene comments about her. Show off that tight pussy
slut. Spread those ass checks. Fucking whore. My mother
didn’t say anything back to him, which angered me– hell
I figured she should have defended herself and told the
man to go to hell, then leave. But she didn’t. The next
thing took my breath away and turned my attitude around.

Jimmy’s dad stood up and walked over to where my mother
stood– still bent over. He took his hands and began to
rub her ass for all of us to see. He took great pains to
spread her ass apart and show us her asshole. Then to the
amusement of the others he began to finger fuck her
asshole. He spat a wad of spit on her anus and rubbed it
and managed to wiggle his entire finger inside then
slowly began moving it in and out of her. A look of
strain appeared on my mothers face, Jimmy’s dad just

When the snickering became to loud, and with Jimmy’s
sisters talking, my mother stood straight up in horrified
anger, and began to run out of the room. Jimmy’s dad
grabbed her by the wrist and spun her around telling her
that it was from outside. As he told her, he fondled her
tits. Finally he told her that he’d “help her clean up”;
then he gestured rather frantically for us to get out of

They headed towards us heading too another room. Most of
us darted back up the stairs. Most that is— for Jimmy’s
sister went into the very room they where heading for. I
caught a glimpse of her scurrying underneath a table. I
heard the door to the room close and wondered what was
going to happen when my mother discovered little Maddy
inside the room with them.

Outside both Jimmy and Red reminded me that they told me
so. Even now, Jimmy told me that his dad was probably
fucking my mother. I was numb with anger towards my own
mother for letting this happen to her.

We had headed ourselves back down the alley— I didn’t
want my mother to see us, nor did I want to see my
mother. As we stood in the alley between Red’s and
Tommy’s talking about what we had seen, my mother came
walking down towards us closely followed by Maddy. She
didn’t look at us and pretended not to see us as she
turned towards our apartment building. Maddy, however,
came running over to us and breathlessly exclaimed; she
had seen something.

Sure she had something to say, but I was in no mood to
hear about anything and told her in most unpleasant terms
that sent her running home in tears followed by her

It would be two years later, after the first time I had
taught her how to suck cock that she related how she had
hid under the table, how my mother stood leaning on the
table with her legs spread wide apart. How she watched
her daddy stick his fingers into her bottom: but mostly
how her daddy’s “Johnny” got bigger, longer and harder!!
Then how he shoved his “Johnny” in and out of her bottom.
How they rocked the table until this white cream came
dripping down my mother’s thighs– how her daddies
“Johnny” slipped out all covered and dripping the white

She would go on to tell me, that she would continue to
hide under the table whenever my mother and her daddy
would “do it” sometimes her face would only be inches
from her daddies “Johnny” as it would go in and out of
her bottom. Then one time as she waited for her daddy to
stick it in Mrs. S, he reached down and took hold of her
hand and placed it around his “Johnny” and had her help
him stick it into Mrs. S. From that time on; any time her
dad and my mother would “do it” she’d fondle her daddies
“Johnny” until it got harder, then she’d part my mother’s
vagina and stick it in her for her daddy.

That night I laid in bed thinking things over and found
myself getting more and more aroused by the fact that my
mother was being publicly fucked. I ran though my mind
the scene at Red’s flat, with all those men watching, and
paying to fuck her in front of each other.

Although I hadn’t seen it, Jimmy told me that his dad
also pimped’ my mother in the back of his d**g store to
vendors and customers as well. I had no doubt that Jimmy
was telling me the truth. But what excited me the most
was the way Red’s old man had taken my mother outside and
did her where anybody passing by could watch him and the
other men getting their cocks sucked, and watch as Red’s
dad fucked her doggy style.

The very next day started our first money making
adventure. We all had nude pictures of my mother and had
began to show them to others, careful of course not to
let her identity be known. For a dollar we’d let others
gawk and drool over the pictures. Soon we had others
begging to have us show them the real thing.

Seeing the real thing and maybe feeling her tits would
cost them five bucks each. We were amazed how many takers
we had! We took my mother to a movie theater away from
our area. A theater that had a dark balcony!! In the 50’s
you could make out all you wanted in the dark theaters,
especially in the balcony. It was a matinee show with two
cowboy pictures showing. Normally the balcony would be
closed, but this afternoon, it would be open for us,
thanks to two of the older boys that worked as ushers.

The balcony was rather large and to this day I am amazed
how many showed up. I sat to one side of my mother and
Red to the other. As soon as the lights went down and the
movie came on, I reached over and began to unbutton her
blouse. She protested.

But as always, Red simply told her “Mrs. S my dad
said…” with that my mother leaned forward in her seat
and let him undo her bra. For a while Red and I plaid
with her tits and nipples, until she felt comfortable
with the idea that no one could see us. I got up and
Tommy took my place. Then Red got up and Jimmy took his

After a while my mother simply chose to close her eyes
and not pay attention to what was going on. It was a very
long time before she realized that half of the guys in
the balcony had been feeling her tits. When she did
realize, she closed up her blouse and got up to leave.
Naturally this made the other half a bit unhappy.

Fearing that they’d get the crap kicked out of them
Jimmy, Billy, and Red grabbed her before she could get
out of the row we were sitting in. Forcing her down in
the end seat they took her blouse and pulled it over her
head as Eddy and I held her arms above her head. There my
mother sat topless for all to see and feel. All the kids
that didn’t get a turn before now got one, they squeezed
her breasts and rubbed her nipples, after a while she
stopped fighting.

After the movies were over we rushed out with my mother
so no one could get a good look at her face. I hung back
making sure no one followed, which proved out to be a
lucky move. One of the older ushers approached me and
asked if he and a bunch of his buddies could see my
mother completely nude. The money was right; I got his
phone number and told him I’d call him about when and

We took my mother to Jimmy’s garage a couple of days
later where the usher and his buddies were waiting.
Before going in I had my mother put on a betty-mask. With
that she knew what was going to happen, but she made no
complaints or protests– she just went inside.

Once inside she didn’t hesitate in removing the top of
her dress and then her bra. She did need some help
getting out of her skirt and needed to be restrained by
Red and Billy as Jimmy pulled off her panties. We held
her legs apart and shower the usher and his friends her
hairy pussy. I smiled when I seen the look of awe on
there faces. Then we had my mother bend over to show them
her asshole.

We suddenly were very busy with requests, and were
enjoying the new found side business of exhibiting a
naked grown woman. We were now taking her to various
basements, attics, garages, theater balconies, men’s
rooms, public parks (heavily wooded of course) and even
at private beach houses. Depending on the crowd, and what
we made; as well as the mood we were in, we would let
them just see her tits. Then at times we’d let them see
her totally nude.

Almost always we’d let them feel her tits, and sometimes
her ass; but rarely, very rarely did we let someone
finger her pussy. No her pussy was ours, and only ours.
If someone wanted to examine her pussy one or more of us
would spread her open for their eyes and finger her
ourselves so they could see.

Most all times she was tied, which I suppose made it
easier for her to cooperate with us, since she had no
choice as it were. When we had her tied we let the crowd
decide how they wanted her posed. We did the best we
could to please them all. It lead to some unusual

Between us, Red’s parents, and Jimmy’s dad; my mother was
a busy woman. She would have been a lot busier if we all
hadn’t had to work around my dad and my brother.
Unfortunately for her this was about to change; when my
parents got an offer from an aunt to have my brother go
to a military school with our cousin.

My aunt was willing to foot half the bill. In my dad’s
eyes the choice was easy– since he considered my brother
a bit of a problem. If he only knew! Then shortly
afterwards, to my mother’s dismay and many heated
protests, my dad took a job that would keep him out of
town for almost three weeks a month at times. Again the
choice was easy for him–no more two jobs, more money;
and within two years we could move from the city. School
came and my brother was gone. My dad had just started his
new job, and was gone a week and would be gone another

Already Red’s father took advantage of the new
availability of my mother. Soon he had found a sleazy bar
that let him pimp my mother in a back room. The room
faced out into an alley with its large barred frosted
window. With the lights on you could see the shadows of
what went on inside the room. Every now and then I’d sit
outside with the winos and watch the men’s shadows as my
mother fucked them or sucked their cocks. This place
along with Red’s flat allowed Red’s parents twice the
time with my mother.

For Jimmy’s dad things with my mother were just fine; the
only change he made was to bring my mother over to their
garage on Saturday mornings and share her with his
brothers-in-law. As for us, it also was easier to get
access to my mother for our own plans. And things were
about to change. One evening after school was out, we
were walking my mother to another garage for another
group of kids. On the way we had to pass our school. Red
ran up to one of the doors and found it open.

As he waived for us, I could almost sense what he had in
mind, and started to get a hard on thinking about it. I
turned to Billy and asked if he had his camera. Billy
smiled from ear to ear knowing why I asked. Now I
seriously believe my mother believed us when we told her,
we just wanted to get some books from our class room. As
we walked the three flights of stairs we listened for the
janitors, but heard no one.

Once in our classroom we turned on the lights, for it was
now dark outside, then told my mother to take off her
cloths. Her mouth dropped open and she shook her head,
but only in disbelief. She asked us to pull the shades.

We said no, since we looked out over the school yard
there was no point to do so. Soon she was nude and
standing at the blackboard as if she was pointing to a
math problem. We had her sit at each one of our desks as
best as she could. Red had her bend over his so her tits
would dangle just above his books. We had her posing,
bent with her ass facing the class, over the teacher’s
desk. We had her posing facing the class, sitting in the
teacher’s chair. We had her sit on top of the teacher’s
desk with her legs spread and her knees up.

As she sat in this position and the pinkness of her pussy
showed itself, I think we all began to fantasize that it
was during class and all the kids were watching her. We
made my mother walk nude though the hall and down the
steps taking pictures all the way. We took some final
pictures in the principal’s office before letting her

We decided not to go meet the others, instead we went
back to my apartment. The walk back was strangely silent.
Once back inside we began to fantasize about fucking my
mother. My mother came into the kitchen where we had
gathered; we all just looked at her as we stopped

To this day I’m not sure what happened, and I have tried
at times to figure it out. But after forty years I guess
I’ll stop trying. My mother very calmly told the others
to wait in the kitchen, then told me to follow her into
the living room. As I followed her, she told me to pull
the shades down and help her get the hide-a-bed set up.

Once this was done she began to remove her cloths; then
she told me to remove all my cloths. I had seen my mother
nude. I knew every part of her intimately. I had seen her
raped and fucked in all sorts of positions. I even
watched her sucking cock. Still, I was embarrassed to be
nude before her. With her helping me, we finally stood
totally nude. Then with a very firm voice she told me to
bring Red in and only Red.

The looks on my friend’s faces were ones of embarrassed
amusement when they had to look at my nakedness. I got
Red, and told the others to wait in the kitchen. When Red
and I came into the living room we found my mother
sitting on the edge of the bed. She told me to sit on the
couch and watch. With a motherly smile, she told Red to
undress Red almost ripped off his cloths.

I watched from the couch as Red and my mother wrestled on
the bed. I began to masturbate. She kissed his body and
responded to his lips as he sucked on her nipples. Her
fingers rubbed his hard cock. Then getting on her all
fours she told Red, but looked at me as she did, “I know
this is your favorite position. AND I KNOW you know what
to do!”

Red mounted her and I watched my best friend’s cock slip
inside my mother’s pussy. Red hammered and hammered
himself into her, he slapped her ass cheeks very hard as
he fucked her until with excited words of “OH FUCK OH
FUCK!!” he shot his first load of cum into a female.

Panting, Red lay on his back laughing with enjoyment. My
mother bent over and kissed him on the forehead, then
told him to dress and go home. As she pointed him to the
front door, she looked at me saying nothing. When Red
left she told me to get Jimmy.

The scene was the same, except she laid on top of Jimmy.
I could see his small cock slide inside of my mother’s
pussy, but I could barely see the rest of Jimmy. Except I
could hear his slurping as he sucked on her tits. Jimmy
came, and he too laid panting on the bed, but silently
with a big smile on his face.

Tommy was next. My mother had to explain, as she would
with Eddy, on how to do things. Tommy and Eddy both were
nervous wrecks when they started, but when my mother
wrapped her legs around them and stuck their cocks in
her– well they changed. They pounded her pussy like no
tomorrow. Billy was last. Like Jimmy and Red, he knew
what to do.

Unlike Jimmy and Red, when he had cum and laid panting on
top of my mother; instead of just smiling or laughing he
began to sob and thank her. My mother stroked his head
for a moment then pushed him off her and told him to
dress and go home.

As the front door closed on Billy, and my mother went
into the bathroom, I began to get as excited as I ever
had been, and maybe have ever since. I wondered what it
was going to be like, and how it was going to be after we

I wondered if I could sleep with her when dad and my
brother were gone. My hopes were higher than ever before.
But when my mother came out of the bathroom all dressed,
and asked me what I wanted for dinner, I almost broke out
into tears.

As I sat there at the kitchen table watching her prepare
dinner she began to talk about each of my friends, and
how they were. Every now and then she’d ask me if I
agreed.. I was stunned, angered and totally dumbfounded.
I really had no clue as how to react to what had
happened, and apparently what was not going to happen. I
did know, as I was putting myself to bed that my balls
ached unbelievably.

For a while I laid in bed mad as hell at my mother, and
planning on selling her to some niggers and watching them
do their thing with her. I was about to beat myself off,
but when the door of my bedroom opened I stopped. My
mother came in from her bath, still drying herself off.
The smell of her bath salts still linger in my mind

At first she sat at the foot of my bed, softly talking
about what had been going on. I mean everything. How she
knew what we had done when we d*****d her. How the
pictures we took could destroy her and dad. About how she
felt about us doing what we were doing. How mad she was
about it all. How she didn’t know how she was going to
stop it– if she could.

Then she explained why she fucked my friends in front of
me. It was her way of hurting me. But she added, she knew
it was only a matter of time before we all would want to
do her’. That I may have done her’ with the others, which
would be wrong since she was my mother. With that I let
out an involuntary groan.

She stood up and bent over me her robe opened a bit. As
her big lovely tits dangled close to me I reached up and
began to fondle one. I softly sucked on her nipple and
licked it up nicely. I heard her begin to speak and felt
the sheet covering me being pulled off.

As she reached down and pulled my shorts off exposing my
erection, I vaguely remember her saying something about
alleviating my physical pain. What I vividly remember was
my mother’s soft fingers firmly grasping my cock. Then
her head going towards my cock. How her wet hair hung
down. How her hot wet tongue first touched my aching
cock, and how my body tensed in excitement.

I watched her head bob up and down on my cock as I felt
her tongue and lips press and caress it. As I felt my
cock load up to explode, I fought back the urge to cum so
I could enjoy my mother’s mouth eating my cock. The more
I tried to prolong it, the more my body began to jerk.

I found my hands holding onto her wet head, involuntarily
urging her to suck harder and faster. Mother must have
sensed it to, now her fingers began to work the wet shaft
of my over cum stuffed cock, and her lips and tongue
moved faster.

Finally my whole body jerked, and I groaned in delight as
I felt my cum exploding out into my mother’s mouth. As I
came and came my mother didn’t take her mouth off my cock
like she would with some stranger. She slowed her pace
until she milked all the cum out of me and I went limp.

I laid exhausted, and watched my mother take the wet
towel she had brought in with her, and place it to her
mouth. Then as I closed my eyes I felt her wiping my now
softening cock off with the towel. I felt like Red and
Jimmy with their big smiles and laughter, and yet like,
Billy who just wanted to thank her for the experience of
a life time. With all the emotions of the moment, I
apologized for what I had done and that I was going to
stop what was going on.

After I said that; my mother stood up and calmly, told me
that it wasn’t our faults, that we were misled by Red’s
dad and others. As for stopping what was going on, she
sadly sighed that neither her or I could stop things—
just yet. With that she told me to go to sleep that she
would be out for a while. I was so relaxed and exhausted
that I fell asleep without thinking or dreaming about sex
that night.

As I said, from that day on things changed. My mothers
plan to make us feel guilty back fired. My friends were
fucking my mother almost daily up in my apartment.
Sometimes I’d watch, but usually not. Now, at some of the
get-togethers, we arranged– for a special price: One of
my friends to fuck my mother, who’d be tied either across
some table or old bed or whatever was available. And
without my mother knowing it we’d let the guy who paid
the special price– fuck her as well.

Hell, I figured as long as she was fucking other men she
wouldn’t mind doing someone our age. Now; the special
price I refer too, was a payment of three nude pictures
of someone they knew– mother, aunt, cousin, or sister.

In later years some of these pictures that my mother
fucked for, paid off for us rather well. As for me, I
kept her wish and refrained from fucking her. For her
part she’d regularly suck me off. I think I was the only
boy who never got a good night kiss from his mother, but
got a good night blow job instead.

By the end of the school year, and most of us had turned
thirteen a strange thing was happening. We were getting
bored. Not of sex. No we all were getting plenty. In fact
two of the pictures we got from some guys for fucking my
mother paid off. We had two girls our age who spread
their legs for us whenever we wanted. Now I was getting
fucked and still getting my good night blow job. No we
were getting bored with my mother. As Red put it, there
had to be more fun to be had, as well as more money to be

“How much money do you think you made?”

“Hell Bob I don’t know. Not that much, split between the
six of us. Besides we did it for the thrills more than
anything. It was exciting just to watch the other kids

“How about the pictures. You got a couple of girls right
away. Any grown women?”

“Some of the pictures of a couple of aunts and one
mother, were dogs. About five others were of girls
younger than us. Later we got all five for various
activities–as it were.”

“Didn’t you guys ever worry about getting caught? I mean
hell, Llama you got her naked in theaters, and other
public places.”

“We were young and stupid. What can I say? That was half
the thrill!”

“Okay. Red’s parents and Jimmy’s dad were pimping you
mother. Did they get kinky like at Sam’s Rec?”

“Oh they did some bondage with her. But you wouldn’t want
to harm the golden pussy would you?”

“Llama; you can’t tell me that Red’s parents didn’t know
that your mother fucked their little boy.”

“Ya. From that time on, Red and his dad would fuck my
mother together at times. Of the others only Red got a
blow job from my mother, and only when he was fucking her
with his dad. Jimmy’s dad let him have a couple of
cousins join him in fucking my mother whenever Jimmy had
them over at their house. Billy and Eddy never told their
parents. In fact I don’t think their parents ever knew
what was going on. Tommy on the other hand… Well Tommy
and his parents, rather his mother surprised me.

I didn’t think his parents– mother knew. But I was
wrong. Once I went over to get Tommy for something, don’t
recall what. But I found him under a basement shower with
my mother. As he soaped and plaid with my mother; his
mother sat on the steps intently watching. When Tommy’s
mother saw me she simply told me to take off my cloths
and join her son and my mother. Later Tommy told me my
mother, and his mother would disappear for a while.
Figure it out for yourself.” “Did you shower?”


“When did the real kinky and sadistic things start?”

“Well like I said, all though the school year everything
was okay. But at the beginning of summer we were bored.
And it’s late. I’m tired. Bring some more beer and we’ll
talk next time at the lodge.” “Damn Llama why must you
leave me hanging like this. Every damn time.”

*** CHAPTER 3 ***

I had promised Bob that I’d finish the story of my
mother, and probably could have done an adequate job
without coming up to the cabin that Red had purchased
some years ago; then passed on to his son. Yet I figured
Bob would appreciate some visuals to go along with the
ending. As one would guess, the cabin held the visuals
that would put all that I had told him into proper

“I talked with Red’s k*d,” I told Bob as I got out of the
car, “Very trusting fellow.”

“Hope he has some beer inside,” Bob replied. “I’m dry as
a bone. But I’m wide awake and wanting to hear it all.
Even if it takes all fucking night.”

“Well maybe I won’t have to talk to much,” I told him
unlocking the front door. I bid him follow me and took
him to a den in the back of the cabin. Flicking on a
light, I listened to Bob let out a long low whistle of

Adorned on all the walls were pictures of nude women, and
young girls. Some in good taste, others pure
pornographic. I left Bob to gawk and work himself into a
burning sweat, and went to the kitchen and got us a six
pack of beer.

As I came back into the den Bob looked over his shoulder
at me, “Some of these pictures are very old,” pausing to
gather his thoughts, “Ah would you say any came from the

I laughed at his sudden awkwardness. I walked over to one
picture of a nude woman posed for a cheese cake photo.
“This picture was taken for a burlesque theater on State
Street in Chicago. Now it couldn’t be displayed on the
street. You see — shows her nipples and pussy. Couldn’t
show those things back then.

But just inside, just barely inside; so when the doors
where held open for any length of time. Well you get the
idea. Now of course she couldn’t be like that on stage–
it was against the law. Of course it was. Well maybe,
just maybe, with the right cops on the beat. Just maybe
you’d see her.”

“Can I guess?” Bob smiled from ear to ear. “This your

I shook my head yes and guided him to another where she
was on her all fours. Bob studied it for a long while
before saying anything. “Damn you weren’t bull shitting.
She was one fine lady. With big fucking tits. I mean not
sloppy fat tits…”

“I get the point,” I said sitting down on a chair
watching Bob’s head spin around in excitement.

“Shit,” Bob said excitedly, “This is you and your buddies
with her, isn’t it!”


“Damn you guys had the world by the tail. Your mother’s
tail, that is! So what came next?”

“Well like I was telling you we were bored. Bored with
sex with my mother, that is.”

“That’s nuts. How the fuck could you get bored with a
nice body like that?”

Yet as the six of us sat on Red’s front steps that long
ago summer night remembering the fun we had the past year
at my mother’s expense it was apparent that something was
missing, somehow we were actually bored. Bored not so
much with sex. No more with my mother than anything.

We had used her as a way to deal ourselves into getting
new willing “sex” partners. For pictures of my mother, or
having my mother perform for other guys around our age
bracket, we were able to get some pictures in exchange,
of their sisters, cousins, and even a couple of aunts.
Now some of the pictures we had to wait until the girls
matured more, but some paid out right away. We were
getting sex from a couple of high school seniors and an
eighth grader on a regular basis. In all fairness they
were not bad looking either.

So the guys, as well as myself, were getting plenty. It
was probably easier for the guys; because the girls were
closer to our age, so when they fucked they didn’t feel
intimidated. I guess. Also, although no one said it;
there was a bit of deep guilt at what we had done. All
except Red. As time went on that summer the others would
see less and less of my mother.

As another man walked out of Red’s rundown flat, zipping
up his pants, Jimmy said there went another happy
customer thanks to my mom. In fact my mother was inside
fucking and sucking for Red’s parents; who were still
making a fairly decent profit with my mother as their

Jimmy’s dad too, still used my mother to help him pay off
vendors in the back of his d**g store. The first time
jimmy’s dad did so once, when he knew he owed this vendor
a lot of money arranged for my mother to be there when
the vendor came to collect, a few brief words had the
vendor escort my mother to the back ally where he
stripped and fucked her hard on the dirt road.

With his comment Jimmy excused himself and went home.
Very shortly it was only Red and me sitting on the steps.
Another couple of men left the flat laughing and talking
loud enough about my mother’s pussy that most of the
block must have heard them. I let out a string of words
that would have made a sailor proud, and finishing by
yelling –Assholes– at them.

Red shook his head and told me how his parents and
Jimmy’s dad where going to ruin it all. I had to agree,
they were doing too much and using my mother to often, I
was certain, that if the law didn’t interfere, my dad
would. Either way there would be hell to pay.

As we talked, Red pointed out how they were making money
off of our “sex slave”, and what did we get. I reminded
him of the pictures we had swapped for, and the results.
He simply pointed out we could have done that anyway. I
thought a moment, and told him maybe we should pimp her
ourselves. Red shook his head, saying that’s risky and
that was not where the big money was.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask how much money
his parents where making off my mother’s body. To my
shock he figured they might make a couple of hundred each
time. But then they’d pay half to someone for some type
of protection.

Red had something on his mind, and he was leading me on
to where he wanted me to be. That was becoming clearer as
he talked. No; he went on, the big money was to be made
in movies and kinky parties.

Kinky parties and movies. The idea stirred something in
me as Red knew it would, but he knew what he was about to
say would really get my attention. He asked me; how I’d
feel if his parents and Jimmy’s dad could not touch my
mother ever again. He knew damned well how I hated the
idea of her being whored by strangers, to strangers. It
was one thing when we did it; at least I’d be there for
her if anything went wrong, and I could guarantee that
she’d not be recognized.

When I asked how he could stop his parents and Jimmy’s
dad from bothering my mother. He said two words that made
my mouth drop open and my heart race. Mr. H.

Mr. H: Red explained, had connections and could arrange
the films and parties. He could stop my mother from being
whored by his parents and Jimmy’s dad. All we had to do
was make sure my mother did what he wanted her too do.
We’d be working for him, by getting my mother to
cooperate. We’d be well paid, both money, and sex with
some very beautiful women.

The problem I was having; was that Mr. H was the old man
living in the apartment below us. All our young lives we
were all told never to go into his apartment or be alone
with him. He was crazy. At times there were strange
goings on in his butcher shop at night, which made people
believe he was holding devil worship rites. Bottom line
was; he was the bogeyman!

He was the bogeyman. Yet the next morning found Red and
myself walking into his butcher shop. My mouth was dry as
a bone and my stomach was in knots as we asked his
assistant for him.

Mr. H was a smallish somewhat fail looking man that
always reminded me of Adolph Hitler. He rarely smiled and
always had a cold look about him. But this day was
different. He was all smiles as Red told him that I
agreed to work for him. Somehow I managed to interrupt
and clarified things by saying; only if he could stop
Red’s parents and Jimmy’s Dad from bothering my mother.
That if no one bothered her for the next month, I’d work
for him. For the first time I heard him laugh. For the
first time I found him—likable.

Before we parted, Mr. H put his arm around my shoulders
and walked us outside. As we walked, he told me
everything would be alright, that at the end of the
month’s time we agreed upon; he’d have a job for us. Then
slipping $50 in my hand he told Red and me to be
especially kind to my mother.

The month came and went. Just like Mr. H promised no one
bothered my mother; much to her delight. For the first
time in a long time she seemed relaxed and cheerful
again. She had no idea what was coming next. Neither did

Standing outside his apartment, Mr. H was waiting for me
to come down the stairs. He asked me to enter his
apartment, but old fears are hard to let go and I
declined his offer. Standing there somewhat nervously I
listened as he told me he had already talked with Red and
would tell me the same things he told him.

We were told to get mother to take us to this semi-
private swimming pool and see a man named “Ted”. I asked
what was going to happen and got the smug answer–maybe
nothing; or maybe something that will make you $500. He
went on to tell me not to let my mother think anything
was going to happen and to be especially nice for the
next week, before taking her to the pool.

Red and I waited until we found out my dad would be going
out of town; then we asked my mother to take us to the
pool that Mr. H wanted us to go to.

That Monday we arrived at the pool around 3 p.m. My
mother went into the women’s locker room and we went to
the men’s. We got out first and asked around for “Ted”,
only to find he had not arrived. The three of us swam and
played happily around; now and then Red would try to find
Ted. It just about 5 p.m. and my mother was getting ready
to take us home. I thought to myself nothing was going to
happen, not here at least. Just then a deep voice from a
rather fat man introduced himself as, Ted.

As Red jumped out of the pool Ted asked what we wanted.
Red tried his best to be so bold about what he wanted to
say: But with a nervous and breaking voice, told the man
that Mr. H told us that if we brought my mother here,
that he (Ted) would give us $500. Ted just glared back
and said is that so; then asked where my mother was. When
Red pointed to her, the man let out a low whistle of
approval. He told Red to go with him, and for me to stay
with my mother.

It had been only fifteen minutes or so, when a public
address speaker blared out the instructions: All non
boy’s club members were to now leave the pool; that the
pool was now closed to the public. Many people began to
leave, as did my mother. She looked around for my friend
for a while until she was one of the last women to be in
the pool area. Finally she told me to wait for him, and
she’d be back after she got dressed.

I don’t know what kind of boy’s club it was, but I
suddenly was painfully aware that I was the only minority
there– one poor little white boy among a pool full of
black boys around my age and younger. It seemed like an
eternity as I waited for my mother and Red to return. It
was obvious to me that something was going on with my
mother, and I expected them to be back soon with Red
telling me all the details.

Another fifteen minutes had past and another announcement
to leave the pool came blurring loud and clear. Two of
the life guards that were left rounded us up and headed
us all off noisily to the men’s locker room.

Great, I thought to myself, I’m left behind, and these
black guys seem to be bumping into me on purpose.
Needless to say my friend better had gotten our $500!

Going inside, it was loud, noisily and a bit scary for
me. Then the loud noisily talking became a bit hushed
mingled with snickering and fingers pointing towards the

My mouth dropped open as I stood staring up at the
ceiling. My mother hung suspended in her bathing suit
just out of reach. She hung there with her arms out like
an airplane. Ropes held her arms up by her wrists and
elbows. Her legs were tied together at the knees and
ankles. There were two ropes that held her legs up. There
was no gag in her mouth, but she made no sound–still you
could tell she had been crying. Beside her, on top of a
high step ladder sat Red.

Red looked over at the fat man– Ted: Who with two others
held cameras filming everybody. With a nod from Ted, Red
unzipped the back of mother’s swim suit; then with a big
smile pulled it down towards her hips. Her two huge milky
white tits fell free and dangled down towards us like two
huge pinatas meant to be broken open. All hell broke
loose as every one of the kids jumped up and tried to
grab one. Her tits jumped and bounced wildly as hands
slapped and clawed at them.

She was then lowered, hanging as if hung on a cross. Red
pulled off her swim suit, and had barely got it past her
knees when everyone attacked the white woman. At times I
could hardly see her. These black boys probably had as
much knowledge of a woman than we had a year earlier. And
for damn certain they had never played with a white
woman! The contrast of their black hands on and in her
white body struck me as rather amusing. As I stared
intently at them, I over heard a few of them daring each
other to “eat her”.

Now I wasn’t exactly sure of what they meant by “eating
her.” Oddly, I felt no panic; but a strange erotic
sensation as the mental pictures flashed in my head.

As my mother was spread eagled on top of a table with her
head dangling down at one end and her ass just resting on
the other end, I watched a boy, younger than me, bury his
face in her pussy. As some more followed the little boy,
I couldn’t help but feel aroused.

Turnabout seemed to be in order, as my mother was still
tied to the table; the men lined us up single file before
her and handed us two cloths pins. I was towards the end
of the line. We were told to remove our swim trunks and
filmed as we stood there. I watched each boy in front of
me straddle my mother’s face and watched as she would
lift her head and take his cock in her mouth. My heart
pounded, and the excitement grew as I got closer and

Finally I stood over her face. Without hesitation she
lifted her head and I felt the warm wet lips of her mouth
clamp down on my cock. Her hot wet tongue licked rather
hungrily at the head of my cock, driving me wild.
Suddenly she jumped and her mouth clamped down harder on
my now leaking cock and her tongue moved harder and
faster. The second time it happened I exploded.

When I was done and my dripping cock slipped out of her
mouth, she turned her head and spit my cum out. I was
told by one of the men to use my cloths pins. I had been
so excited about having my cock sucked that I had been
somewhat oblivious about what was going on. As I looked
at the cloths pins clamped onto her nipples and tits, I
realized why she had jumped those two times.

There wasn’t much space to place them on her tits and
absolutely no space on her nipples. With the help of one
of the men with a camera, I clamped first one on her clit
then another on one of her pussy’s lips. I stood back
with the others and watched her pussy disappear under the
rest of the cloths pins.

We were told to get towels and wet them. When we came
back my mother hung by her wrists, her body covered by
cloths pins. The men counted to three and told us all
snap our wet towels at her to knock off all the cloths
pins. Her body twisted and jerked as the towels were
snapped at her, and she would moan and squeal in pain.

Finally it was over; leaving just my mother, Red and I
alone in the locker room. We had to help her place her
dress over her swollen body. She was exhausted and
wouldn’t talk to us.


Three weeks past before Mr. H talked to us again. He
asked if we had told her about our deal. We told him we
hadn’t. With that, a broad smile crossed his face and he
uttered– perfect. Then told us not to tell my mother
about his involvement; just do what he wanted us to do.

The next thing he wanted us to do was take my mother to a
place on State Street in Chicago. When I told him that
she probably wouldn’t go with us, because the fact simply
was, she didn’t trust us. His reply was rather simple.

When Red and I approached her about going to Chicago with
us, she frowned and told us in a cold voice—no. Red
then went ahead and repeated what Mr. H’s reply to us was
when I told him she probably wouldn’t go with us. That
was: She worked for us and our boss’s or go back to
working for Red’s parents and Jimmy’s dad and others in
our own neighborhood. Her eyes widened and her face
flushed with anger, and she stormed into the bathroom
locking the door behind her.

It was almost an hour before she opened the door. She
looked at us coldly and asked who our “boss” was. Red
laughed at her lifting up her dress, telling her we
couldn’t tell. As Red held her dress up and began to
fondle her crotch, I explained that at least this way she
wouldn’t have to worry about anyone catching on in the
neighborhood as to what was going on.

Red then asked her if anyone had bothered her the past
several weeks. She pushed his hand away, agreeing to go
along with us: As long as there would be no activity with
Red’s parents, Jimmy’s dad, our friends, and finally
nothing in or close to our neighborhood.

We took a bus to the downtown area of the city, to the
south State street area. The area had cheap arcades,
sleazy bars and burlesque theaters. Finding the address
we were told to go too was no problem. Still as the three
of us looked at the run down building that housed a
burlesque theater, we wondered if we had the wrong
address. Red asked a janitor as he opened one of the
doors to the theater, if we had the right place. The man
motioned us to go inside then up a flight of stairs. As
he watched us pass he smiled broadly at my mother.

We stood in a large studio; somewhat empty except for a
desk and a couple of chairs. The large windows looked
down on State Street but they were so dirty you could
hardly see out of them. There was some noise of people
talking in the back room, but no one came out to answer
Red’s shouts asking if anyone was around.

Finally as we stood around for another ten minutes, a
rather disheveled man came out from the back. He asked,
almost pissed off at having seen us there, what we
wanted. Red handed him a note that Mr. H had given us.
After reading it he laughed and called for his three
equally disheveled friends to come out, and to bring out
the equipment.

My mother’s eyes turned away from the camera equipment
being brought out. It was then that I realized that the
only pictures taken of her had been by us; and then her
face had been covered or blocked out. Except for some
that Red’s parents had, there were no others. She
whispered to me that she couldn’t do this. But it was to

“Okay mommy, take off your cloths,” the first man said as
he loaded up a camera.

Screens were quickly set up and lights placed around.
Some of the strippers came up as did the janitor to
watch; which made her only the more nervous and scared. I
couldn’t figure out why. Here she had been raped in
public and exhibited in public more than I could
remember— and this bothered her. It would be years
later before I finally understood what must have been
going though her mind.

The camera man grew more pissed off and screamed at her
to get naked before he ripped her cloths off himself. A
voice from the back spoke up; it came from one of the
strippers, calming him down with the suggestion that she
(my mother) might be more comfortable if she had a couple
of drinks.

With that the little black stripper came forward and took
my mother by her hand and pulled her off to one side. She
handed a bottle to her, and to my surprise my mother took
it and began to drink. As she did the stripper talked
with her calming her down.

Just about the time the camera man was about to get
violent, my mother stepped forward and said she was
ready. The rather pissed off camera man, told her there
was a change of plans. Her sons were to undress her.

With his instructions we first removed her nylons. As the
camera’s clicked, we undressed her until she was standing
there between us totally nude. For all in the room it was
just another day in the office, except for the fact that
this model was a pure amateur. We stood and watched as
she was posed in various positions. Props were brought
in, and she was posed on top of a bed, a couch, a desk,
and on top of a table. Each pose got more graphic.

When we were though and my mother was dressed, and about
to leave, she was told that she’d be called in a few
days. On the bus ride back my mother, who was still a bit
drunk, told us that at least she hadn’t been raped and

The next trip back to State Street was a month later, and
found my mother a bit unhappy over having her picture
taken, still she was more relaxed and unconcerned. In
fact she told both Red and me, that the way she figured
it no one would see the pictures in this country. After
all it was illegal.

Red just smiled at me and shook his head. He pulled out a
“Men’s magazine” that was available at most any place
magazines were sold and was about to show it to her, but
I motioned for him not to do so. In that magazine were
four photos of her. Of course her nipples and pussy area
were air brushed out, but her face was fully shown. The
article was titled “Housewife Sluts”.

Mother’s belief that no one in the USA would ever see the
pictures was dashed to pieces when we went into the front
door of the burlesque theater. Just inside the lobby
almost full size, was a picture of her– and the nipples
and the pussy were not air brushed out. Going up the
stairs you could sense how bothered she was by the
picture. It only was to get worse.

Unlike the first time, when we found the studio almost
empty and had to wait for someone to come out, we found
several men in business suits waiting with the guys who
were there the first time. Mother was told to undress
even before she could say hello.

Standing nude before the men who checked her out like
someone checking out a race horse or prize cow, made her
very self conscience. Finally one man said in a matter of
fact voice, “Three rolls of stills, one in color with the
Red headed k*d. Usual price.”

The man who was the camera man, told one of his
assistants three men’s names, to bring up to the studio.
The assistant asked if it would be alright if he could be
one of the three. The camera man laughed telling him it
was okay, and said to me, “He likes your old lady.”

Another couple of suited men talked with my mother for a
bit before turning to each other. I heard one say how
naive she was and so perfect. They turned to the camera
man and told him, “Three shoots. Our crew. Our studios.”
The camera man had a bit of a problem with it but gave in
and asked when. The two men told him that it would be in
a week or so.

As soon as the men that the camera man had told his
assistant to get, were in the studio, and all but the man
who requested the stills had left; people began sitting
up lights and cameras around a bedroom set. I watched my
mother emotionlessly being undressed by two large men
nearly two feet taller then my mother. They pulled out
there long cocks and one inserted it in her mouth the
other in her pussy.

They fucked her long and hard with the camera man
shouting them instructions. They both shot their loads
and then another black male came up to my mother, the
camera man shouted its time for the anal shots, which
came as a disgusting shock to her. The black man had my
mother bend over and began eating out her asshole. His
rolled over her anus as he fucked her with his tongue.
Red and I were amazed.

After fingering her asshole a while, he then slowly
inserted his throbbing cock and my mother bit her teeth.
Then he began pounding away, until he was all the way
inside her ass as the cameras rolled until he cummed in
her ass. Then came the pictures of her sucking cock
pictures of drool running down her cheek as a big hard
cock was in her mouth, and then pics of cum covering her
lips. Finally to Red’s delight a roll of film of the two
of them fucking.

Before we left Red and I were told where and when to have
her at the photo shoots. My mother stood silently by, and
remained silent the ride back home, except to say that it
was just a matter of time before someone would see the

I told her that the chances of anyone she knew of seeing
them were very little, since none of her friends and our
family looked at that kind of stuff. Red added, that even
Jimmy’s dad and his parents weren’t going to say
anything, because of our “boss”. It was surprising how
easily she agreed with us and seemed to relax again.

The week of the three photo shoots found me to sick to
go, which was fine with Red. After the first shoot my
mother came in barely able to stand. Apparently she was
in a 20 man gangbang film that ended with her completely
covered in cum.. She came home with a copy that she was
to give to me that I really enjoyed. It was the story of
a gang that kidnapped my mother and brought her to their
hideout where she was used as a fuck doll to all members
of the gang.

I had to cover for her with my dad and brother who had
come back to us for the week, from the military school he
and my cousin were attending. I told them she was getting
what I had. The thought of getting sick on his vacation
sent my brother running back to my cousin’s family.

The second and third shoots didn’t go much better for her
either. She had rope burns and bruises in very private
places. The three photo shoots turned out to be S&M
films, which seemed to have been very popular. I saw one
in a theater some thirty years later, and had seen out
takes up until around the same time.

For our efforts Red and I had split over a thousand
dollars. But Red wanted much more and had already been
working on a deal with Mr. H behind my back.

The arrangements were made, and the day and time was
scheduled on a weekend when my dad was out of town.
Things between my mother and me had smoothed over and we
were back to being as normal a family as we could be
under the circumstances. So when Red suggested that we
all go to a Saturday night movie, my mother had no idea–
– nor did I know what Red had in mind.

The route to the theater would take us close to Mr. H’s
butcher shop, but the short cut we took, pasted directly
behind the butcher shop. The alley was dark and poorly
lit, but it always was a safe route. As we turned into
the alley a couple came out and nodded at us– yes the
route was safe.

Only a short ways into the alley we were confronted by
six men. They grabbed my mother, Red, and myself, and
f****d us into a garage. To my surprise both Red and I
were made to undress as my mother was having her cloths
ripped from her. Fear suddenly took hold of me and I
started to panic.

As my mother screamed and pleaded with her attackers, I
got mad and began to scream for them to stop. Red on the
other hand remained calm and grabbed me by my shoulder
whispering for me to calm down. I realized then that this
had been planned, and had to trust him and his judgment;
I finished taking my cloths off and didn’t fight when my
hands were tied together.

Both Red and I watched silently as the six violently
raped my mother for almost an hour. Making her suck their
cocks and fucking her. Suddenly they just stopped; and
without putting on their cloths on they picked up my
mother taped her mouth shut tied her hands together, and
then her feet. They took a long pole and put it between
her wrists and ankles. Hanging from the pole, she was
carried into the night. Red and I had our mouths taped,
and were led out right behind her into the dark alley.

It wasn’t a long walk to the butcher shop, but the stones
and gravel of the alley hurt my feet and being nude and
somewhat helpless was uncomfortable. Still, even with
some fear, as I watched my mothers nude body sway and
bounce as she was being carried made me become a bit

She was hung by her wrists to a meat hook used to hang
sides of beef; right in the middle of the butcher’s area.
I was hung by my wrists to a hook on one of the walls
with my feet barely touching the sawdust covered floor.
Red on the other hand, was untied, and left with a very
attractive girl, who was rather enjoying checking out his
cock. With a smile and a wave to me, he and the girl

Mr. H and two rather burly men were running their hands
all over my mother’s body. Mr. H made no attempt to hide
his joy of having my mother at his pleasure. His voice
was almost at a shout as he taunted her, telling her how
long he dreamt of this moment. . Her face showed pure
fear and panic.

It was then I realized that there were people on the
other side of the butcher’s area– standing and leaning
on the display cases watching what was going on. Mr. H
lifted my mother’s breasts in his and let them drop, he
looked at her and said. With tits like this you must have
known your whole life that you were born to fuck. And he

I was lifted off the hook, carried and then laid on top
of one of the butcher’s tables. I heard my mother being
told that they were going to cut off my cock then gut me
if she didn’t do what they wanted. With that; I almost
pissed. However, as the tape was removed from my mouth
and my hands were untied, I heard Jimmy’s twin sister’s
little voice whisper into my ear to do just what they
wanted, I calmed down– just a little.

I looked over at her and saw she was nude also. She also
was a bit pale and scared looking. I tried to say
something to her but she was led by one of the men to
another butcher’s table and quickly tied spread eagled to

As my mother stood over me, two men with cameras gathered
around us. With the word “action” my mother began to
caress my body. She kissed my face then shocked me by
kissing me on my lips—hard. She opened her lips
slightly and stuck her tongue out a bit. I almost choked
when someone told me to kiss her on her mouth and stick
my tongue into her mouth. I did as I was told and did
find it very arousing. But as my mother’s lips and tongue
touched my body, working themselves to my cock, I began
to enjoy myself. First she took my balls in her mouth,
then my cock, and finally both my cock and balls. I was
fully erect as she climbed on top of the table,
straddling me.

I was told to play with her tits as they dangled in my
face. No problem. I even surprised them by sucking on her
nipples without being told. However, when my mother’s
pussy was positioned inches from my mouth, I had to be
told as what to do. It wasn’t something that I would deem
enjoyable for some years to come. My mother repositioned
herself; reaching back she took my cock and inserted it
into her cunt.

I was amazed on how it felt, how fucking wonderful it
felt. To my surprise her cunt was rather tightly clamped
around my cock, not as tight as a young girl, but tight
enough to make it feel just wonderful. Just before I felt
myself begin to cum, my mother and I switched places. I
mounted her as the cameras rolled, and began to fuck and
fuck as hard as I could, until I exploded and exploded.

When it was over I was led back to the wall and the hook.
My hands were tied and I once more felt myself secured,
but this time Mr. H placed a small stool under me to sit

He kept asking how it felt to fuck my own mother and
asking me how I was enjoying myself. I really didn’t have
a chance to say anything before he taped my mouth shut.
My mother was now f****d to make love to Jimmy’s sister’s
young and tender body. My mother was told to lick the
young girl’s pussy and she did so. Her pussy was bald
being that of a nine year old and my mother kissed it so

After awhile, a midget joined them, as the cameras rolled
as the three fucked and sodomized each other. The midget
shot his load deep in my mother. My mother sucked and
licked on the young girls pussy making her squirm and
moan softly my mother did everything in such a loving

The cameras were turned off and my mother was once more
hung to the meat hook with her mouth taped closed. But
this time her legs straddled the butcher’s table. Each of
her legs was secured to the floor. Now it began!

Taking a large flat thick wooden paddle, he began to
“tenderize” the meat by spanking her buttocks. Tears
rolled across her face, and her body bounced with each
hit. Her ass cheeks soon became red.

Turning his attention to her ample tits someone asked
when he was going to start on the young one. To which he
replied–she has been spoken for. I looked over at
Jimmy’s sister, who now hung from another meat hook with
her mouth taped shut and wondered what he meant. I would
not see her after that last glance.

As Mr. H tied cords around each of mother’s tits with the
help of one of his assistants. The assistant and Mr. H
tightened the cords, and I watched as by mother’s tits
began to swell, turn pink, then red. After some violent
slaps on each tit he undid the cords.

Once done, my mother was taken down, with the help of two
men, who held her up by her arms, which were tied behind
her back. Finally Red came in and freed me, as they laid
my mother face up on top of one of the butcher’s tables.
The girl he had been with handed me my cloths.

As my mother slowly gained her senses once more, Mr. H
told Red and me to leave that he’d bring my mother home.
I didn’t trust him anymore and I didn’t trust Red either.
I argued and fought as best I could to take her home with

I watched my mother hung up to the meat hooks in the
middle of the butcher’s area once more; but this time she
was hung by her ankles and wrists. She hung there with
her large full breasts dangling over the butcher’s table.
I pleaded once more for me to take her home or at least
to be allowed to stay. Mr. H just had Red and me put out
of the store, again he told me he’d make sure she was
home for breakfast.

Finally I fell asleep. It was two in the afternoon before
I awoke. I seen my mother lying passed out from
exhaustion on our couch . I ran downstairs to Mr. H’s
apartment, but he wasn’t there. I ran over to Red’s and
found him sitting on the front steps.

“Come with me I think a film will explain it best.” I
lead Bob to a very private room hidden behind a book
case. “Get a couple of drinks and I’ll set things up.”

By the time Bob got back with the drinks I had the
projector ready and the room darkened. We sat in two of
the swivel chairs and as I began the film.

I began the film. As the old black and white film began
to flicker across the screen I turned myself somewhat to
watch Bob’s face. I had no need to watch the film, I
pretty much knew it by heart.

What Bob was watching was a woman being hung up by her
ankles and wrists to meat hooks hanging from a ceiling
over the middle of a butchers area in a butcher shop. Her
breasts were large and full and dangled in their fullness
over a butcher’s table. Three men dressed as butchers
fondled the breasts and then turned their attention to
her exposed pussy which they then shaved. One took out
his large cock and placed it at the entrance.

With a hard thrust all of his man hood was deep inside
her. One of the other men played with her tits while the
other f****d my mother to suck on his cock. They then
repositioned my mother on her hands and knees and brought
out a rotweiler. They helped the dog straddle my mother
and guided his cock inside. I never seen my mother look
more humiliated and embarrassed as when the dog began
humping her. Her tits shook as his swollen knot bulged
inside of my mother’s warm cunt.

She began sobbing like I never seen before. She was no
longer able to hold back the tears balling and balling
like a baby. The dog left scratches on her hips as he
tried desperately to get as deep inside of her as
possible. The men laughed at her humiliation. The dog
reached an incredible pace before dumping an enormous
amount of cum inside of her. The tape shut off a little
after that.

“Enjoy it?” Bob repeated my question. After taking a long
drink he looked at me almost embarrassed to ask me to
rerun it one more time.

“Did Red know about all this shit? And when did you find
out about it?”

“I saw this film when I was about 22. Almost ten years
after the fact.

I knew then that I had to stop my dealings with Mr. H.

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