A mother visits her daughter but daughter already has some unpleasant visitors

A rare sunny day in England. A modest two storey
detached house, in its own grounds, surrounded by a
high hedge. A gravel drive with two cars parked on it.
Signs of wealth, not to wealthy but comfortable.

Standing about to put her key in the front door, is 40
year old Marion Davidson. Marion an attractive five
foot six brunette. With a nice figure for a mother of
two, one boy of 17 and a daughter of 21.

Emma, the daughter, is the reason Marion is here. This
is the house she shares with her husband of 6 months
and mother and daughter are going to spend a day
together. Marion is looking foreword to spending a
whole day with Emma.

Unlocking the door Marion stepped through into the
hallway. She could her music playing quite loudly and
coming from the direction of the open front room door.

“That’s a bit loud.” She thought walking towards the

Stepping through the doorway she started to say “What’s
going on Emms? You having a…” She stopped speaking
and walking suddenly at the scene in front of her.
There was her beautiful daughter on her hands and knees
on the floor, naked! Kneeling behind her. with his cock
buried deep in her pussy, was an equally naked thin
man. The man’s body was brown, he had long hair and the
face that had know spun round to face Marion was
pockmarked with acne scars. There was a big grin spread
over it. At the other end of Emma with his cock buried
in her mouth, was another equally naked man.

This one was fat and bald. This man was now also
looking at Marion with shock and lust in his eyes.
Seated on a chair was another man. This one was quite
attractive in a rough sort of way. He was naked from
the waste down with just a shirt on. In one hand he had
a half full whisky bottle in the other was a lit
cigarette. Another man was standing looking at the
r**e. He was short and stocky with a full beard and
tattoos on his arms. He was also drinking and smoking.
Tied to a straight backed chair and gagged was Steve,
Emma’s husband. He had a black eye, a cut lip and a big
bruise on his cheek.

Marion took a step towards her daughter in a daze. A
shout brought her to her senses. The room filled with
the excited shouts of the men. She couldn’t understand
a word that was being said as the men where all talking
in a foreign language.

What she didn’t know was that the group of men where
all illegal immigrants who had entered the country and
where carrying on where they had left off in their
native land. There they where all part of a gang that
toured the country robbing and raping and generally
causing trouble. They had nearly got caught so had fled
and had found it easy to enter Britain and having been
there for a couple of months had easily started up
their old lives again. A number of violent rapes across
the country where down to them.

Marion was about to find out first hand how they

Tattooed man grabbed her arms from behind and pulled to
his chest.


The man who was sitting down, Stefan the leader of the
gang, got up and stood in front of her.

She looked at him with tears running down her cheeks.
“Please let us go. ” She sobbed. “Take all the money.
We won’t say anything, just let us go. ”

Stefan’s fist came up and punched her hard in the
stomach. With a loud Ump the air left her body and if
it wasn’t for the man behind her she would have fallen
to the floor. She was pulled upright again and then
CRACK!! Stefan’s open hand slapped her across the face.
First one way then, CRACK!! back the other way.

His hand then came up and grasped her chin tightly.

“We take money and anything else bitch. You not stop
us!” He shouted in very bad English.

He then said something to the man standing behind her.
Her arms where f****d back and she was made to stand up
straight. Looking at Stefan through tear filled eyes
she heard a click and a wicked looking knife appeared
in front of her. Stefan waved the knife in her face.
“You stay still or you get hurt. We not care if you get
hurt but would rather fuck a live pussy.”

The knife then disappeared from her sight and she felt
the front of the summer dress she was wearing pulled
tight. A flick of the sharp blade and a quick tug and
her dress was open at the front. Her bra was then cut
apart and her 34c breasts sprung free.

A touch of the knife blade on her legs and her thong
was history. Her arms were then released and the
remnants of her dress and bra were dragged of her body.
It all happened in a minute but now she stood, in her
daughter’s front room completely naked, apart from her
shoes, in front of 4 strange men, her daughter and son
in law. Hell had arrived in her life.

She didn’t have time to think as she was thrown over
the arm of a chair. Her head on the seat and her arse
in the air. Stefan moved behind her, his erect cock
pointing the way foreword.

“Now bitch I get your pussy.”

On hearing this she started sobbing loudly and shaking
her head and kicking her legs



There was a loud SWISH and a sudden very sharp stinging
sensation on her raised arse. The pain was intense and
she screamed loudly. Stefan was beating her arse with
the short bamboo cane he always carried with him. Five
more times the cane struck her. Then Stefan’s face
appeared beside her tear streaked one and she heard him
tell her.

“Now bitch you behave yourself. Yes? If not, there’s
four more of us to beat you. We do what we like and you
not stop us. Yes?”

“Yes I will. Just please don’t hit me anymore. “The
defeated women sobbed.

With a grunt Stefan stood up and saying something to
Tattoo, which made him laugh cruelly, he got back
behind the bent over woman.

Through tear filled eyes Marion looked over at her
daughter who was on all fours on the floor being raped
by the other two members of the gang. Emma was a
beautiful blonde with a models figure. She was now
naked on all fours, her 38c breasts hanging down. Her
lovely tear streaked face was buried in the groin of
the fat man raping her throat. His hands in her long
blonde hair forcing her head onto his cock, a look of
pure ecstasy on his face.

Her body was jerking as the man buried deep in her
pussy drove in and out. With his hands on her hips he
was fucking her with force. Every time he drove forward
she would be f****d on to the cock in her throat.

Marion’s mind was diverted from her daughter’s plight
when she felt her own legs f****d apart. Then a cock
touched her pussy lips and with a push it was buried in
her. The tears and sobbing started anew as she felt the
hardness invading the space normally reserved for her
husband. She felt Stefan’s hands grab her hips as he
drove his cock into her.

She felt someone kneel on the chair beside her head.
Looking up she saw a cock beside her head. Hands
grabbed a handful of her hair and f****d her face
towards the cock in front of her. She pressed her lips
tightly together to stop the piece of male flesh
entering her mouth. Words where passed between the two
men and a hand was brought down hard on her arse.

“Suck it!”

Twice more the hands slapped her. Then she opened her
mouth and the hard cock entered her mouth. She gagged
on the smell and taste of the further intrusion to her
body, but managed to keep the bile down and started to
suck the hard cock.

For several minuets the music playing in the room was
mixed with the slap of flesh on flesh, the grunts of
the men and the muffled sobbing of the two women.

Then with a loud grunt the man fucking Emma’s pussy
pulled her back onto him and pumped his seed deep into
her body. Seeing his mate come in the beautiful blonde
the fat man fucking her face couldn’t hold back any
more and came in her throat. Emma’s face contorted in
disgust as the horrible tasting come filled her mouth,
with the cock still in her mouth she had no option put
to swallow it. The two cocks then left her body and her
abused body collapsed onto the floor.

She was allowed no respite as the fat man said
something to his mate and they grabbed her arms and
legs and flipped her onto her back. The fat man then
reached over and started to maul her tits, causing
small squeals of pain to come from her.

“Please don’t! Leave me alone.”

The man ignored her pleas and moved so he could get his
mouth on her luscious mounds. After a couple of minutes
of playing with her tits he was hard again. Getting in
between her legs he drove his hard cock into her abused

“No more. Pleeaase. It hurts!!”

Her pleas fell on deaf ears, he couldn’t understand her
anyway, as he continued to pound her. The other man had
now started playing with her tits. He grabbed her hand
and f****d on his cock, making her grip it, and
starting to make her wank him. When she didn’t do what
he wanted he squeezed her breast hard until she
screamed in pain. Taking her hand in his he started the
wanking motion again while gripping her breast. She got
the message and started wanking his cock back into

Meanwhile her mother was being pounded by her own two
rapists. Then with a shout tattoo man came and her
mouth was filled with his vile seed. He kept his cock
in her mouth , forcing her to swallow the mouthful.
Stefan pounding her pussy came then as well. She felt
his weight leave her back and his cock left her body.
Dazed she still lay on the arm of the chair as the two
men laughed and talked above her. She shuddered as she
felt a rough hand stroke her raised backside, pulling
her arsecheeks apart and slipping into her abused

Tattoo man was the one who was feeling her luscious
backside working himself into hardness again ready for
his favorite type of fucking, taking a women in the
arse by force. Marion grunted when she felt a finger
probe her arsehole. Not comprehending what was about to
happen to her she lay there sobbing loudly, the sobs
quickly changed to screams as she felt something that
wasn’t a finger touch her puckered hole.


They paid no attention to her screams, laughing at her
struggles. Tattoo stood with his cock touching the
puckered hole. With a thrust of his hips he buried his
cock into her ripe arse.

A loud scream erupted from Marion as she felt the
intrusion. Her body arched up from the chair at the
pain that was being inflicted on her. Crying and
sobbing uncontrollably she dropped back down onto the
seat. Every time the cock was thrust into her it
brought a loud sob from her.

Stefan stood and gazed down at the abused women in
front of him.

Marion sobbing loudly as Tattoo f****d his cock in and
out of her arse. Emma with fat man pounding her pussy
and her hand wanking another cock.

“I like this country,” He thought to himself. “Time to
get paid.”

He left the room and went exploring around the house,
going through every room searching for money, jewelry
and anything small the gang could carry easily. The had
to get money for somewhere it cost a lot to travel
round the country doing their job. After about a while
he had a good haul. Leaving it near the front door,
ready for when they left, he made his way back into the
front room to enjoy the women again.

In the room the scene that he left had changed. Marion
was on her back on the floor with the fat mans cock
buried in her pussy. Emma was on top of Scar face with
his cock in her pussy and Tattoo behind her his cock
pounding her arse. The look on her face was pure pain
as the two hard members pounded her sore, abused body.

Fat mans body jerked as he pumped his come into Marion,
he stood up grinned at Stefan grabbed a bottle of
whisky and went and sat watching the two men on Emma.

Stefan bent down and said to Marion, “Told you we take
what we want. Hope you enjoying yourself as much as we

He got no answer only a blank look from the tear
stained face.

Stroking his cock he got into position and plunged his
member into the body before him. Driving in and out
with nice leisurely stokes his mouth taking the
occasional suck, lick and bite on her tits.

That was how it was for the next hour as the four men
took their turns with the women’s bodies. Just before
they left they tied the women together in the 69
position. Took their bags of loot and Marion’s car
locked the door threw away the keys and left.

Off to spread pain and fear to another part of the

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