A neighbor and her son dominate their next door neighbor

Anne glanced at the teenage boy across the fence
looking over. He was their neighbor and every time her
or her daughter went out too get a suntan in their
bathing suits, the little runt was always at the fence
staring at them. She was furious at him. June, her
daughter, was in town at the moment as she tried to
ignore him. When she heard him whistle, she finally had
enough. She turned around and sat up.

“Go somewhere else you brat or I’m going to tell your
mommy on you. Maybe she’ll spank your ass,” she yelled.

The guy disappeared so she assumed she scared him off.
Pervert she thought lying back on her stomach on the
lawn chair. Probably came in his pants looking at her
loving tan. She was getting wet with the thought of the
brat masturbating his cock looking at her.

She had just started drifting off to sleep when she
felt something heavy land on her back pinning her flat
on the chair. She felt her bottom half of her bikini
being pulled down below her ass cheeks as she struggled
to grab them.

“Beat my ass will you bitch. Take this. And this.” A
voice above was yelling.

“Oww! Ow!” Anne screamed and cussed as she realized the
brat was on her back pinning her hands to her side. She
kept swinging her hands back trying to find something
to grab of pinch but her was to high up.

“Oww! You bastard!” she screamed.

Her ass was starting to hurt from the slaps as she
could only lay there and curse at him.

“When I get up, I’m going… Oww! Damnit that hurt!”
She yelled.

The guy just kept slapping as she realized the futility
of her position and started to plead with him offering
him food or money.

“When I get done with your ass bitch you be giving me
both,” he laughed and continued slapping her cheeks.

Anne was in tears, her ass was on fire and her pleads
were falling on deaf ears.

“Stop,” she begged. “I’ll do anything you want. Please

“Beg to suck my cock bitch!” he shouted.

“Yes anything. I’ll suck your cock.” She lied.

“Beg bitch.”

“Please let me suck your cock. Please.” She begged.

Anne felt the weight lift off her back and saw the brat
grinning at her from the side as she noticed he was
undoing his zipper. She got up as fast as possible and
tried to make a run for the house but the bikini
bottoms were at her ankles and tripped her. She fell
hard to the ground on her tits and felt the brat weight
on her back again.

“Lie to me bitch will you. You’ll pay dearly for that.”
He yelled.

She felt his cock at her ass crack and then his hand
down there guiding it to the entrance of her asshole.

“Nooooooo,” she screamed as she felt it on her puckered
hole. She tried to knock him to the side as she felt it
enter her asshole and she screamed out in pain. He
wasted no time forcing it through the entrance and
halfway in her asshole in two pushes. She lay trying to
catch her breath pleading with him as he continued to
push it in till it was fully in.

She had only been fucked in the ass twice by her ex as
she tried to loosen her ass muscles to lessen the pain.
As soon as it started to subside, she felt him pull
three fourths out and ram it back in as she screamed
again. He continued his onslaught as she laid on the
ground in desperation.

The pain had ceased and she found herself getting wet.
She had never enjoyed being fucked in the ass but it
had been so long and it was started to feel so good.
She found herself pushing back to help him ram her ass.
She needed to cum soon.

“Enjoying it bitch,” she heard him from below and felt
him grab her hair pulling it back.

“Yes, fuck my ass. Fuck my asshole!” She yelled.

“You’re my bitch now. I’m your master,” he whispered in
her ear.

“Yes master fuck my ass. Please keep fucking it. I’m
close to cumming!!” She screamed back.

Anne felt the brat drop her hair and slide his cock out
of her ass as she pleaded with him to put it back in.

“Now you can suck my cock bitch, he said. Clean it. Get
on your knees bitch.” He demanded.

Anne hated herself as she rose up on her knees and put
his cock in her mouth. She needed it inside her again
as she slowly rocked her mouth up and down on his
shaft. His cock was well developed for his age and she
wanted every bit on it in her.

“That it bitch. Suck it like the dog you are. Wag that
fat ass of yours to show me you like it.” He taunted

Anne started wiggling her ass from side to side as she
continued to suck on his cock.

“Good bitch,” he remarked, shoving his cock faster and
faster in her throat. “I’m going to shoot my cum up
that big mouth of yours bitch.”

Anne wanted to scream no. She needed it in her pussy
bad but she felt the first load shoot down the throat
of her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could to
keep from c*****g.

“I see you’re having fun with the neighborhood slut
Johnny.” A voice was heard. “I couldn’t help but to
film it from the window. It was quite a show.”

Anne tried to turn her head to the side but the guy had
a tight quip on her hair. She knew it was the brat mom
Joan from the voice. She felt like a whore on her knees
before him with his mother looking at her. And she even
filmed it.

“I see you need a few pointers on how to treat a slut,”
Joan continued, “and decided to come over and help

“Let mommy show you the proper way to control a slut,”
Joan said.

Anne felt Joan behind her and then a sharp pain in her
cunt as she screamed out with the cock still in her
mouth. Joan had grabbed her cunt and had it in a pinch
grip. The pain was intolerable.

“See son. Just grab their cunt like this and they’ll
obey your every wish.” Joan told him. “Won’t you slut?”

“Yesssssss. YES!” Anne screamed out as the cock popped
out of her mouth.

“Good. Johnny turn around. I think it time you gave her
a real treat. Pull your pants down.” Joan continued.
“That’s it. She always showing off her ass and I think
it’s time she admires yours. Get your face in there
slut and get a good look. Be sure to lick it. I want to
hear him enjoying your worship of his ass or I’ll pinch
this big clitty of yours right off.”

The pain in Anne’s cunt hurt like hell as she realized
she couldn’t escape from the two of them. She looked at
the hairy ass just inches from her face as she lean
forward and slowly started licking slowly on his ass.

“Between the cheeks slut,” Joan yelled. “Put that slut
face of yours where it belongs.”

She pinched harder on Anne’s clit as Anne started
licking his asshole faster. He was moaning from above
and wiggling his butt on her face as she continued to
probe his asshole with her tongue. She knew he was
getting very close to cumming.

“Enough slut. I want him to cum in your fat mouth.”
Joan yelled. “Help me move her to the lawn chair

Joan grabbed Anne by the hair while Johnny grabbed her
arm. They took her bra off and used it and her bottom
half to tie her feet and hands to the chair while lying
on her stomach.

“Much better,” Joan said. “Now she can get her tan and
put that nasty mouth of hers to work at the same time.
Donny, I heard a car drive up. I’m going inside to see
if that is the slut daughter. Why don’t you entertain
the cunt here and put her mouth to work.

“Use this,” she said, giving him a switch she found on
the ground. “Beat her ass with it if she disobeys
anything you tell her. She got plenty of ass back there
to beat.”

Joan pinched Anne’s ass as she got up and Anne yelled
in pain. “See you later dearly; right now I’m going to
take care of that cunt daughter of yours. I bet she has
one sweet little ass.” Joan remarked.

“Please,” Anne cried out, as Johnny shoved his cock in
her mouth again.

“Lick it slut,” Johnny said, striking her ass with the
switch. “Get it hard again and I may shove it up that
hot cunt of yours.”

Anne sucked on the cock in her mouth fearing what June
may be going through in the house. She had her own
troubles right now and she didn’t want that switch on
her ass again. She sucked as he pushed his cock in and
out her mouth without any regards to her situation. She
hated herself but she was horny again dripping on the
chair trying to get it as hard as she could so he would
fuck her. Damn it tasted so good.

Anne felt Donny shoot his load in her mouth as she
swallowed as fast as she could. Her cunt needed it so
bad, the bastard. It was his second load. Surely he
couldn’t cum again.

Donny was laughing at her. “Sorry slut, your mouth was
just to good. Guess you’ll just have to wait till I get
horny again.”

He removed his cock from her mouth, as Anne looked on
disappointed. Sitting by the side of the lawn chair, he
reached under and found her nipples through the holes
in it and pulled them between the nylon straps below.
Her tits were pinched between the materials.

“Guess I’ll milked these jugs of yours while you tan
that hide for a while,” he laugh, tweaking and pulling
the nipples as Anne whined in pain.

“Please master fuck me,” she screamed. “I’ll be good. I

“Maybe later,” Johnny replied, continuing to pull on
the tender nipples as she wiggled on the chair. “In a
minute, I think I’ll take a ride on my bitch. Wouldn’t
that be fun?”

“Yes Master. Anything. Just fuck me afterwards this

Anne screamed. “Oww! That hurts!”

Johnny finally tired of her nipples and reached back
pulling her cunt hairs slightly as Anne begged him to
shove his finger in her twat.

“Does my bitch want to ride me around the yard?” he

“Yes master,” Anne replied quickly hoping to be untied
from the uncomfortable chair.

Johnny untied her legs and then pulled the bikini
panties over her head and through the leg hole. This
should make a good rein, he said, untying the arms.
Dragging her off the chair by the panties, he pushed
her on all fours on the grass and sat astride her back.
Ride bitch, he yelled striking her ass with the switch
still in his hand.

Anne started crawling around the yard with the brat on
her back hitting her sore ass again and again with the
switch. He was very heavy but the switch was motivating
her to move faster as she crawled. Despite the pain,
her cunt was even getting hornier that before and she
needed to please him as best as she could if she wanted
it up her cunt.

By the time they made a trip around the yard, she saw
Joan standing outside the backdoor with June naked at
her side. She had June’s tit in her hand groping it
tightly. As she walked her around, she saw June’s ass
was bright red and a hairbrush was protruding out of
her asshole.

When they neared, Joan continued to lead her to the
lawn chair as Anne watched Joan lay back on the chair
as June got to her knees between her legs and bent her
head down in her crotch. Anne kept crawling forward
with the switch still hitting her butt till she had a
close up view of June lapping Joan’s cunt. She didn’t
think her daughter would be that easy to be dominated
but then again, she didn’t think she would have either.

“I see you’ll taken the slut out for a ride,” Joan told
them as they approached.

“Didn’t take as long as I thought to tame this cunt and
teach her who was boss.”

She grabbed June’s hair and pushed her face deeper in
her crotch. “Get that tongue of yours inside my cunt
slut, she yelled, or I’ll take that brush out of your
ass and use it on your butt again.”

Anne could see June was struggling to get her tongue
deep in Joan’s hairy cunt and somehow she was getting
excited watching. She felt Johnny push her head to the
grass and getting off her back move behind her.

“Time to fuck you bitch,” he yelled, putting his cock
at the entrance to her cunt and shoving it all the way
in with one push.

“Yeessss,” Anne screamed fuck my cunt master. “Fuck it

She rocked back and forth on his cock helping him force
it deeper and deeper in her twat. It felt so good to
finally have it in.

Anne continued to rock back and forth on Johnny’s cock
till it went limp inside her. She knew he had already
come twice and was wiggling her ass and everything else
trying to keep it hard. She barely came when it went so
limp it fell out of her cunt much to her

“Please master,” she begged, “let me suck it till it
hard again.”

“Later slut,” Donny ignored her. Getting up, he walked
over to where June was licking his mother cunt.

“Hon, slap this slut ass. This is the poorest excuse of
a cunt lapper I have ever seen.” Joan told him as he

Johnny started slapping June’s ass around the brush as
she started yelling in Joan’s cunt in protest. He took
no mercy slapping her already redden cheeks.

“Oh, that’s better,” Joan said. “I’ll let you have a
turn with her later. Right now I’m going to cum all
over that ugly face of hers. Why don’t you rinse that
dog of yours with the hose over there and take her in.
I’ll be in there shortly so we can have some fun with
the cute little things.”

Johnny pointed at the water hose.

“Crawl over there slut,” he yelled at Anne. He gave her
a quick kick to her ass to get her moving faster. “I
don’t have all day to waste on that big ass of yours.”

Anne had to remain on all fours as Johnny poured the
cold water all over her body, shaking from the chill.

“Now get in slut. I’m going to enjoy going through your
drawers and seeing what nasty little toys you’ve been
hiding.” He said.

Anne quickly crawled towards the back door with her
master striding along behind probing her ass cheeks
with his foot several times till she went inside. He
told her to crawl to her bedroom, which she obeyed and
watched as he opened her drawers going through her
private stuff. It didn’t take long before he found the
dildo she hid in there for emergencies.

“What have we here slut?” He asked. “Been naughty
lately? Bet you been working that worthless cunt of
yours for hours at night with this. Guess what. I’m
going to show it a new hole it can play with. Turn
around slut and get your ass up. There’s a lonely hole
this toy belongs in.”

Anne slowly turned around putting her head to the floor
and reaching back spread her ass cheeks apart knowing
what was going to come next. Her favorite dildo that
she treasured and loved was now going to be rammed up
her big ass. She clenched her teeth as she felt it at
the entrance and moaned as it f****d it way inside till
it was fully inserted.

“Looks like it likes it there slut.” He said. “Don’t
let it drop out or I’ll make you clean it before I put
it back where it belongs.”

Anne and Johnny heard voices in the living room and
knew Joan and June must have come back in.

“Come on bitch,” Johnny yelled at her. “I want to play
with that slut of yours.”

Anne started to get up but felt a hard slap on her ass
driving the dildo deeper in her butt hole. She yelled
in pain.

“On all fours bitch,” Johnny yelled. “Crawl like the
dog you are.”

Anne followed Donny out the room as they went in the
living area where Joan was having fun with June. Joan
was making June practice her cheerleading routines with
two fingers shoved up her asshole. June was jumping and
squealing each time she came down as the fingers drove
deeper and deeper in her butt.

“Wow mom. She is good,” Johnny exclaimed walking in.

“Just wanted to see if she could do anything other than
lick pussy,” Joan laughed. Had to give her some
incentive of course. Anytime you want to shove your
cock up her ass, I think she will be ready.”

Johnny laughed and sat down on the sofa as Anne crawled
forward to sit on her hunches at his side.

“Why don’t you work on my slut here while I test her
mouth,” Johnny asked. “Her butt is already plugged with
her favorite toy I found in the bedroom.”

“Lovely,” said Johnny’s mother. Grabbing June by the
hair and her fingers still in her ass, she led her over
to him and bent her down till she swallowed Johnny’s
cock. Withdrawing her fingers, she snapped her fingers
at Anne.

“Come her bitch. Time to show us some new tricks.” She

Anne slowly crawled over afraid of the bigger woman.

“Let’s start with rolling over,” Joan smiled. “No not
on your side. On your head bitch. That’s it. Now lift
your ass and flip it over your head.”

Anne pushed with her feet to try to caterpillar her ass
over her head. Hallway up, Joan caught her legs pinning
her ass straight up in the air. She started swatting it
with her bare palm as Anne whined in pain down below.
She was pinned and available to whatever Joan wanted to
do as she wiggled and screamed as the swats kept
raining down on her ass.

“Next time I snap my fingers bitch, I expect your ass
to get moving. Is that understood?” Joan asked.

“Yes mistress,” Anne yelled. Her ass hurt like hell.

Joan dropped her legs as her rump hit the floor and
Anne screamed from the dildo in her butt. She had
little time to relax as she saw Joan standing prone
over her face.

“Time to meet a perfect match for your face,” Joan
laughed and lowered her ass down on Anne’s weeping face
down below. “Kiss it all over first and then get your
tongue in my lovely asshole,” she continued.

Anne started planting kissing all over her huge ass as
she swayed it back and forth on her face and then
settled down with her nose planted deep in her ass

She realized that this was going to be her neighborly
duty from now on.