A normal suburban family of three, gets new neighbors

Bonnie entered the house from the garage carrying two
bags of groceries. “There’s a sold sign on the
Mitchell’s house,” she told me, excited.

“Really! That was fast.” The Mitchells had lived next
door for about three years. They were great neighbors.
I really liked Stan. It seemed like he had two of
everything. Anything I ever needed around the house he
always had it. I’d miss good old Stan. Carrie was okay,
too. Kind of plain though. “Frumpy” would be the right
word. But she was pleasant enough. As for their two
teenaged sons, well, they were jerks. I wouldn’t miss
them at all.

I put down my magazine. “What? Was it on the market two

Bonnie thought a second. “I guess. I wonder what the
new people will be like.”

My name is Mark. I’m 35 years old, married to Bonnie
for 11 years. We have one c***d, a girl, 10 year old
Brandy. I work for a major corporation as a technical
writer. It’s a fancy name for a guy that takes the
gibberish from software engineers and tries to
translate into a c******n’s book so the latest 19 year
spin sister can read about the software so she can make
an attempt to operate the our company’s computers.

Generally these 19 year olds are more worried about
their nails, or what they’ve got planned with their
boyfriends for the weekend, or what the latest fashion
is, or the latest office gossip. It’s much more
interesting than learning about their job. It really
doesn’t matter though. Seven times out of ten they’ll
be gone in three months and the next 19 year old speed
queen will be there to take her place. Then that chick
will have to learn the computer system too.

Mostly I work at home, trying to decipher the scrawling
of some four year college geek software guru,
translating it into the English language, with words of
no more than two syllables. I publish what I think they
are trying to say by working with the computer and
writing down what I’ve found into a Word document. I
then I take the stuff back to the office twice a week
and download it into the mainframe. I’ve been doing it
for five years. The job pays well and they haven’t
fired me yet. All things considered, I like what I do,
especially working at home. The Corporation must like
it too.

We live in a rancher, in the suburbs. I lucked out 11
years ago when I met Bonnie. She is 33 and, in two
words, a “classic beauty.” There are no “ifs, ands, or
buts.” She’s blonde. The color comes from the bottle,
but that’s okay. Her hair is a little longer than
shoulder length. She has green eyes to die for.

Her figure is almost perfect, except she’s just a
little light on top, about a 34B. She’s five feet seven
inches and when she wears high heels she’s about an
inch taller than me. She’s about 120 pounds soaking
wet. Bonnie is on the treadmill at least five times a
week, eats right and generally looks after herself. She
always dresses nice. Her hair is always neat, whether
down, up or any other way. Her nose is a little pointy.
She says it’s her worst feature.

Bonnie’s best feature though is her legs. They are long
and slim. I have no idea how I captured this beauty but
I thank my lucky stars just about every day. After 11
years of marriage I still take a second look when she
wears a nice knee length skirt, sits down on a sofa or
chair and crosses those gorgeous legs. I really should
give her more compliments.

She was putting the groceries away. I got up from the
den sofa, walked into the kitchen and started helping
her. After we were done I put my arm around her waist.
“I know I don’t tell you enough but I love you babe.
You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.” Then I
quickly kissed her. Bonnie showed a little shock but
she recovered quickly.

“Mark, you’re such a romantic,” she teased. “I love you
too. What brought that on?” It felt good with my arm
around her.

Although Bonne is extremely good looking, our sex life
is very pedestrian. She seems to like it that way. We
seldom talk about it. We are just happy, I guess.
Sometimes, though, life seems to be passing by far too
quickly. Sometimes I just feel kinky. I guess most men
do, one time for another.

Bonnie wore a skirt and tee to the grocery store. She
wears skirts often. I like that. I think she knows men
like looking at her gorgeous legs. I don’t mind at all.

I lifted her skirt, just a little. “I don’t know. Maybe
it’s because of your nice legs,” I chuckled. “I think
they’re gorgeous. You should wear shorter skirts,” I

She stuck out one of those beautiful long legs and
looked at it. “You think? Actually, I saw a nice one in
Ross the other day. It was black with a white print. It
was silky. You know. It would kinda sway when I walked.
I thought it was sexy. I even tried it on but it only
came to mid thigh. I thought it was too short.” Her
voice dropped. It was seductive. “Mmmmm, now that I
know you like minis maybe I should I have bought it.”
She’s such a tease.

“Why not? You’ve got the legs, for sure. You’d go out
wearing it and drive some poor bastard crazy, that’s
all,” I chuckled. We seldom talked about sex, or sexy
clothes, or short skirts, or anything like that. I
liked this conversation. It was something new. “Maybe
you should go braless too,” I teased. “That would be
sexy. Braless and a silky mini-skirt. Wow!”

“Yeah, right. Not with my little tits. But maybe I
could wear knee stockings,” she giggled. “I’d look like
a hooker.”

‘Tits’, I thought quickly. She never called them
‘tits’. This was getting better. “Yeah, that would be
neat. I’d take pictures.”

“Oh yeah? You wish! You’re nuts. Anyway, I have to
start dinner. Can you call over to the Johnson’s and
get Brandy home?”

Brandy is tall and slim like her mother. She’s also
blonde but her color is natural. Her eyes are brown,
like mine. Her eyebrows are thicker than her moms and
it makes her look older than her 10 years. Brandy is
far from a blonde ditz, though. She gets excellent
grades and we’re very proud of her. She will be in the
5th grade in September. Man they grow up fast. She’s
probably 85 pounds. I’ll bet she’s five feet tall. I
made the call.

About a week later I was sitting in the den watching
TV. Bonnie and Brandy came in from shopping at the
mall. It was about 8 o’clock.

“Hi daddy!” Ah, Brandy my love. Always enthusiastic. I
loved her to death. She rushed over and gave me a hug.
She is still daddy’s little girl. I knew it would
change when she became a teenager. I didn’t want it to
happen, but I was a realist. I enjoyed every hug now.

“Hi, kitten. Have a good time shopping?”

“Yeppers,” Brandy yelped. “We had fun. Mom bought me
some nice stuff. I mostly picked out my own stuff.
Mommy didn’t even say no once. This must be my lucky
day,” she wailed. As quick as she came in she turned
and scampered off to her bedroom, loaded down with
plastic bags, contents unknown.

“So what did it cost me this time?” I asked Bonnie,
trying to be serious.

“Not much. We shopped mostly at the discount stores.
It’s more fun that way.” She looked at me with an
expression of coyness. Hmmm, I wondered, quickly.
What’s up?

“Guess what was still at Ross today?” she said
playfully. “Ta-da!” She lifted a skirt from a bag. It
was the one she was obviously talking about in the
kitchen the other day. It was really pretty; just as
she had described it. “It was still there! Do you

I thought I’d be coy too. I winked at her. “Model it
for me, babe. I can tell better.”

“You just want to look at my legs,” she accused,
teasing. “You’re bad!”

“Yeah, that too!”

She went to the bedroom and came back a few minutes
later. She stood in front of me posing. The skirt was
just as she had described it. It came about mid-thigh.
It really showed off her legs nicely. I had never seen
her wear a mini before. I knew now I missed a lot.

“It’s beautiful,” I told her beaming. “It shows off the
nicest legs in the city.”

“I don’t know,” she said thoughtfully. “It’s really
short. I’ll have to learn how to sit again. One false
move and everyone will see my panties.”

Ah, time to take the plunge. “So! Then don’t wear
panties,” I laughed.

“Mark, you’re terrible!” she hissed. “You’d like that
wouldn’t you, you….. you man!” Then she looked at me
demure. All of a sudden, without warning, she reached
under the skirt and pulled down her panties, stepped
out of them and posed again. “Like this?”

I gulped. “Yeah, babe, exactly like that. Jesus, you
look sexy dressed like that.”

Just then Brandy came back in the room wearing what was
obviously one of her newest purchases. It was a pretty
pink dress. It came down just mid-thigh also. She
spotted her mother’s panties on the floor right away.
She started giggling. “You’re not wearing any panties,
mommy.” Then she looked at her mom, blushing a little.
“You look nice.”

“Your dad says I look sexy,” Bonnie told her.

What the hell did a 10 year-old know about ‘sexy’, I
thought. She was just a k*d. Granted she was a little
tall for her age, perhaps, but not developed at all. It
must be those episodes of “Sex And The City,” she
watched with her mom on TV. Christ, kids grow up way
too fast.

Brandy stood beside her mother and posed in her new
dress too. “Okay, now we both look sexy,” she told her
mother, laughing.” They were beautiful together. Then
she reached under her new dress and pulled down her
panties too. She bent over and stepped out of them.
Mother and daughter looked at each other and started
laughing. My problem was my prick was getting hard.

“It’s picture time,” I told them. “This opportunity I
can’t pass up.” They were two of the most beautiful
girls in the world, wearing two sexy outfits. “I gotta
get this one.” I ran for the digital camera and took
their pictures. They were posing like crazy now and
laughing like lunatics. They were having great fun. So
was I. Finally they stood quiet, arms around each
other’s waist.

Bonnie looked at me, then at Brandy. She winked at me
and pulled up the hem of Brandy’s dress, ever so
slightly, exposing a little more of her little girl
legs. They were still covered with that soft down that
little girls have. She was beautiful. I took another
picture. Bonnie was still smiling. She raised the
little pink dress further, still laughing, still
fooling around. I took another picture. Then she let
the hem drop.

“That’s a beautiful dress, kitten,” I told Brandy.
“It’s gorgeous on you.”

“Thanks, daddy!” she squealed. She scampered up on the
sofa and gave me another hug. Her dress rode up. I had
never felt like this before. I realized my little girl
was growing up. I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to run
my hand up her thigh, but I didn’t. She was getting
older. I had to be careful now.

“See. Brandy doesn’t care if we see her legs,” Bonnie
laughed. She still wanted to play. “Take some pictures
of us on the sofa.” The girls sat on the sofa. Brandy
had her hands in her lap, sitting demurely, dress back
down, looking like little miss prim. Bonnie had her
legs crossed. Cute and sexy. I should rename them, I
thought. They sat for several pictures in different
poses. Then Brandy reached over and kissed her mother
on the cheek. Her dress rode up again. I took another
picture. I showed them the picture.

Brandy didn’t seem to mind that she was showing lots of
leg. They were laughing and carrying on like crazy
again. Bonnie put her arm around Brandy and uncrossed
her legs. Brandy’s head was leaning on her mother’s
left breast. Bonnie spread her legs, ever so slightly.
I could almost see her pussy up the short skirt.

I took another picture. I showed them this picture too.
They ‘ooohed and aaahed’. Bonnie spread her legs even
further. Now my view of her pussy was unobstructed. She
looked down but she didn’t correct her skirt. She
looked at me, a very slight smile on her face. Should I
take it? Why not? I did. It was a digital camera. No
one but us would ever see.

Then things settled down.

“That was fun, mommy,” Brandy said innocently. “I like
taking pictures.” She got up and ran to her bedroom.
Bonnie looked at me, still smiling slightly.

“So… should I keep the skirt or not?” she asked me.
Her tone was demure; quiet.

“Oh, yeah, babe. I really like it. It fits nice. It
really shows you off.”

She looked at me, a little flushed. “That was fun with
Brandy,” she cooed. “Did you have fun?”

“Yeah, I did. I got some ah… pretty interesting
shots,” I told her. “Not stuff you’d want to pass
around to the neighbors, if you know what I mean.”

She looked at me and smiled again. “That’s okay, I
don’t mind.” She was quiet for a minute. “Maybe…
maybe we’ll do it again sometime. Take pictures, that
is.” This conversation was totally out of character for
the Bonnie I’d known for 11 years. Even her tone was
different; thoughtful. But I liked it. Frankly, it was

“Yeah, I’d like that,” I admitted. “You turn my crank,

She looked at me. She was hesitant. She spoke quietly.
“Me… me and Brandy both?”

I smiled. “Yeah, babe, you and Brandy both.” An
immediate sense of relief came over her face. She
smiled again. I thought it was almost as if she wanted
our little daughter to turn me on. I thought about it
for a second. Actually Brandy’s little show of legs did
turn me on. But for some reason I wasn’t ashamed. I
liked both of them being sexy.

Bonnie changed to subject. “I bought some other stuff
today. Wanna see?”

“Sure. Is the other stuff as sexy as the skirt?”

“You be the judge.”

She got up and retrieved the bags. Inside were a nice
white top that tied at the front, a short, pink sweater
that would come down to just above her navel, and the
shocker, a pair of fine white stockings that would come
up to just above the knee. The “hooker” stockings! I
didn’t want to be too eager. She just might take them
back. I wanted her keep all of it. I especially liked
the sweater. It looked a little small to me. It would
form to her body. Her little tits would stick out very
nicely when she wore it.

“So, what do you think?” she asked, again demure. “Nice

“You’ve got really good taste. I especially like the
sweater. You’d look sexy in it without a bra.” Would
she buy my compliments? “Try it on.”

Bonnie went into the bedroom again. A minute later she
came back, dressed in the skirt and sweater. They
matched perfectly. She also had on the “hooker”
stockings. There was about five inches of bare thigh
between the top of the stockings and the bottom hem of
the skirt. Her navel was showing and her little tits
were jutting out nicely. Her perky nipples were pressed
against the sweater material. They looked hard. My cock
was getting harder. She was beautiful.

“You’re gorgeous in that outfit, baby.”

She smiled at me seductively. “Yeah? How gorgeous?”

I stood up and took her in my arms. “This gorgeous.” We
kissed. I ran my hands over her ass. The skirt material
was silky-smooth.

“Mmmm,” she purred. “If I would have known it would
have this affect on you I’d have bought sexy clothes
along time ago.” I continued caressing her ass through
the skirt.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful and sexy.” I hardly ever used
profanity at home and when I did Bonnie always
chastised me. She was right, as usual. I shouldn’t do
it, especially around Brandy. But now I couldn’t help
myself. She looked over my shoulder, looking to see if
Brandy was around. Brandy was still in her bedroom.

She whispered. “Yeah, and I bet you’d really like to
fuck me, wouldn’t you?” That was a first! She never
used the word “fuck.” She reached down and massaged by
ever growing cock through my shorts. “Ooooh, it’s
getting hard. I’ll bet you’d like to do it right here,
right now, wouldn’t you?” I was shocked, but didn’t let
on. Bonnie never talked dirty. This was really new. I
liked it.

Her voice was slutty. “If I took your cock out it would
be easy to fuck me. I’d just have to raise this little
short skirt a tiny bit and you could stick it right in
my pussy. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? It would be
soooo easy.” She never teased me like this before. Not
in 11 years. I didn’t know if she was serious or not.
One thing I did know was that my cock was getting
harder and harder. If she kept this up I’d be rock hard
and then I’d have no choice. I’d have to fuck her right
here and now, on the sofa, Brandy or no Brandy. It
would be a chance I’d have to take.

“We can’t do it here, babe, Brandy might walk in,” I
cautioned, whispering. She continued massaging my prick
through my shorts.

“Yeah, but your cock is soooo hard. And I’m so fucking
horny. Feel, baby.” She took my hand and put it up the
skirt. I moved my finger through her pussy lips. She
was wet.

“Fuck it,” she growled quietly. “I want you to fuck me
now!” She unzipped my shorts and pulled out my now
raging hard cock. She pushed me to the sofa. As I lay
on my back she climbed on top, lifted her skirt,
grabbed my prick and guided it into her wet love hole.
I had never seen her like this. I was shocked but I was
horny too. Now I needed relief.

“You won’t even have to do any work, baby. I’m going to
fuck you dry,” she growled. She began to move up and
down, slowly at first. She was looking directly into my
eyes. Her blonde hair framed her face perfectly.

“Mmmmm. Feels good. My cunt feels good, doesn’t it,
baby? You like fucking your little whore, don’t you?
You like my little sexy short skirt. You like it when I
wear it without panties, eh, baby? You like it when I
show lots of leg, don’t you? Pretty soon you’ll want to
shoot your cum right up my love hole. I want you to. I
want to feel your hot cum shoot inside me, baby.” She
was gradually picking up speed. I started matching her
rhythm, thrusting up on her down strokes. This was too
unreal, fucking on the den sofa.

“You’re fucking hot, babe,” I told her. “Yeah, you’re
my little cock sucking whore. You really like it when
my cock runs up and down your cunt.” She sat up with my
cock still in her. She removed her sweater and threw it
on the floor. Her nipples were as hard as I had ever
seen them. My hands went to them immediately. “Fuck,
your tits are hard. Soooo fucking hard.”

“You like my fucking little tits, don’t you? Play with
them. I like it when you play with my fucking hard
little titties, baby. Make my nipples really hard. It’s
so fucking sexy.” She continued to pump me. I could
feel my balls beginning to contract. I could feel the
climax starting.

“I’m going to shoot my baby juice right up your fucking
cunt. I love it when you don’t wear panties. I love it
when you wear sexy, short skirts. I love it when your
nipples stick out from your tits, baby. Your hooker
stockings are a real turn on. Keep pumping on my rock
hard cock, baby. Oh fuck, I’m cumming. Ah fuck. Here it
comes.” I tensed. My head was back and I was gasping
for air. I started to shoot. I thought it would never
end. My cum kept coming and coming. It was spectacular,
probably the best climax I’d ever had in my life.

Gradually, I came down from my high. We didn’t move. We
smiled at each other. I could feel some cum slowly
trickle out of her pussy. She could feel it too. Then,

“What’s all the noise about in here?”

It was Brandy. Holy shit! Bonnie had her skirt over our
lower bodies but she was nude from the waist up. Bonnie
didn’t even attempt to cover up. She just smiled at

“Nothing, baby. Daddy and I were just playing, that’s
all. Adults play too sometimes, you know.”

“Why do you have your shirt off, mommy?” Bonnie asked.
She was looking directly at her mother’s hard tits,

“Because… because daddy was playing with my titties,
baby. He likes doing that.” Bonnie seemed to be taking
this all in stride, not ruffled at all. She wasn’t
embarrassed about showing her tits to her 10 year old
daughter. She just sat there. More trickle. I didn’t
know what to do. This was neat. I laughed to myself. My
cum was running out of my beautiful wife’s cunt. My
cock was still in her, and, she was having a
conversation with our little 10 year old daughter about
her bare tits. This was too much!

Brandy was still staring at her mother. She was a
little red but didn’t seem ruffled at all. “Well you
guys sure are noisy. Try to keep it down, please.”
Brandy walked away in a pseudo-huff and went back to
her bedroom. Both Bonnie and I started laughing. It was
too funny.

“That was awesome, baby. The best sex ever,” I told
Bonnie. Bonnie was silent for a second. She leaned down
and we kissed.

“For me too. I don’t know what came over me. You
looking at me in this skirt and caressing my ass just
got me going. I really don’t know where those words
came from Mark. I just said them.”
I pulled her lips to me again and again kissed her

“It’s okay baby. I like it when you talk dirty. It adds
to the fun. I really like it when you were talking to
Brandy with your tits showing and my cock in your
pussy. I was killing myself laughing inside.”

“Yeah, she seemed to take it okay, eh? Did you see the
way she was staring at my tits?” Again she was
thoughtful for a second; apprehensive. Then, “I… I
liked her looking at them.” That was quite a
revelation, I thought. It was almost as if Bonnie was
admitting that she was turned on by our daughter
staring at her tits.

Bonnie thought a minute, not sharing with me. She
became impassive. “Oh well. It’s over. But now we gotta
get cleaned up. But we’ll do it quietly,” she
whispered, snickering. “After all, Brandy gave us our
instructions, eh?” We laughed together again and she
got off me, I buckled my shorts and we started for our
bedroom to clean up.

Bonnie stopped at Brandy’s room, still nude from the
waist up. I was behind her. She still didn’t attempt to
cover herself. Brandy was lying on her stomach,

“You okay, kitten?”

“Sure, mommy, I’m fine.” She looked at her mother’s
tits again. “I like your titties, mommy, they’re cool.
I hope mine are just like yours someday.” Bonnie just
stood there, a little longer than she needed to. Her
hands went up to her tits and she cupped them while her
daughter watched. Her fingers moved her nipples, gently

“They will be, baby. You’ll have real pretty titties,
someday.” Her hands dropped. “Sleep tight, baby.”

“Nite, mommy.” Bonnie closed her door.

The moving van arrived about a week later. We had said
our goodbyes to the Mitchells a few days before. They
gave us a heads up on our new neighbors. They didn’t
know a lot about them but they told us as much as they
knew. Apparently the new neighbors were a couple a
little younger than Bonnie and me, with two kids. The
Mitchells didn’t know their ages. We were glad for the
limited information though.

Their car arrived right behind the van. The family
looked average. The kids piled out of the SUV. A girl
and a boy. I couldn’t really see the girl. She got out
on the opposite side. The boy looked to be about 11.
From what I could tell, the girl looked about 15.
Bonnie and I sat in the living room, peeking through
the curtains, like reverse peeping toms. My first
thought was that they had married very young.

The mother looked no more than 28 or 29. She was very
attractive. Not frumpy Carrie Mitchell, that’s for
sure. I knew I was going to enjoy having her as a
neighbor. If even just to look at. She had dark hair,
cut short. I really couldn’t see her facial features
but her body sure was nice. She was about five feet
five inches and looked to weigh about 120 or 125
pounds. She was wearing shorts and a sports bra. Her
tits looked bigger than Bonnie’s. Her hips curved
nicely. Her legs were a little muscular, but real nice.

The guy was a little younger than me. He looked
average, about five feet 10 inches. He was starting to
develop a slight pot belly. The k*d was a regular mop
top. The girl came around the car. I had a better view
of her now. Christ! She was a knock out! She was
wearing hip-hugger jeans and a tee that barely came
down to her navel. Her most striking feature was her
ass. It jutted out beautifully from her skin tight low-
rider jeans. Now that is definitely jail bait, I

She had long blonde hair. Her beautiful set of tits
bounced nicely when she walked. Her curves were in all
the right places. This one I’d have to see close up.
Fuck, she was beautiful. They never made them like that
when I was 15. I couldn’t see her legs but I sure could
imagine. She was instant hard-on material. I felt
guilty ogling such a young teenager, but she was a
goddess. Fuck, what was I thinking?

Bonnie was watching too. “You lucked out, Mark. The mom
is a looker. And if you like ’em young, the girl isn’t
too shabby either.” Since our escapade on the sofa a
week ago our sex life definitely took a turn for the
better. Although we didn’t “do it” every night, it was
getting better. We hadn’t tried too many different
positions or had any kinky sex yet but there was always
tomorrow. What was more important we were talking about
sex. Before, Bonnie would have never commented on the
looks of a 15 old girl. Now she was making spicy
comments like, “if you like ’em young.”

“She’s got a great ass,” I whispered.

Bonnie laughed. “Who? The mom or the chick.”

“The girl.”

“You fucking pervert,” Bonnie giggled. “You do like ’em
young. I guess we will definitely be introducing
ourselves later on when they get settled, eh, Mark?
After all, you’ll want to check out that nice little
ass again real soon. I know… I know I will,” she

“Yeah, and what else do you want to check out, my sweet
Bonnie? The dad I’d guess.”

She looked at me coyly. “Oh, I don’t know. The mom
looks foxy to me.” She giggled. “Maybe I should see if
she goes both ways.” Bonnie was becoming such a tease.
But I really liked the “new and improved” version.

“Yeah, right. as if!” I said, disbelieving her. “In
that case, I’ll race ya for the girl.” We both laughed.
Things were definitely different.

It was two days later. About 8 o’clock in the evening.
The lights were on at the new neighbors, so the three
of us decided it was time to introduce ourselves.
Bonnie had a cake. We went over and rang the doorbell.
The dad opened the door. Bonnie took the lead.

“Hi. We’re your neighbors next door and we just thought
we’d stop by and welcome you to the neighborhood. We
brought a cake. Hope you guys like chocolate.” The guy
broke into a broad grin. He turned.

“Jan, come here. The neighbors are here bearing gifts.”
The woman came from the kitchen, wiping her hands on a
tea towel. She was pretty, I thought.

“Invite them in you doofus,” she said to her husband.
“Men!” She held out her hand to Bonnie.

“Hi. I’m Jan. Mr. Sociable here is Bob. Come in.” Nice
blue eyes with that short, dark hair. Her dark, thick
eyebrows set off the color of her eyes really nice. She
had a good tan. She was wearing shorts. Nice muscular

“I’m Bonnie. This is Mark. And this is our daughter
Brandy. She’s 10, going on 16,” Bonnie laughed. “Here.”
She gave the cake to Jan.

“Ooooh, chocolate. My favorite. Thanks. I’ll take it to
the kitchen. Be right back.” I watched her walk away.
Nice ass. Fuck, I’m going to like this neighbor. Bob
lead us all into the living room. It’s strange. We had
been in this house a few times, but with different
furniture, arranged differently, and with new people it
almost looked like we had never been here before. Their
furniture didn’t look cheap and it didn’t look
expensive. It was just regular furniture. There were a
few packing boxes still lying around.

“Sorry,” Bob apologized. “We’re still not completely
unpacked yet. It’ll take a few days to get settled, I
guess.” Just then the “looker” and her mop-top brother
came in. Jan was right behind them. “This is Josh. He’s
11.” She ruffled his hair. “And this is Andrea, our new
teenager. She just turned 13 last week. Everyone calls
her Andi.”

Holy shit! 13! No bloody way! She can’t be only 13!
This I could not believe! I think I may have gone pale.
She was dressed in a high riding tee again and short
shorts. Her legs were a little muscular like her mom’s
but very fine. If the tee were any shorter I’d be able
to see the lower part of her tits, which stuck out
proudly. Her blonde hair was down.

I looked at her face closer. Now I could see that her
face had not matured as fast as her body. It looked
like a 13 year old face. A few freckles on her nose.
Her eyebrows were thick, like her mothers. Her nose was
little, slightly up-turned. Her eyes were blue, again
like her moms but a paler color. She was about five
foot three or four. I’ll bet she didn’t weigh 110
pounds. She was a goddess, a 13 year old fucking

Bonnie glanced at me and smiled, knowingly. She had
that “pervert” smile on her face.

Josh said “Hi” but Andrea said nothing. Typical
teenager I thought. No time for adults.

“Have a chair,” Bob offered. He offered drinks. I had a
beer. Bonnie had something a little stronger. We all
sat down. Bob took a recliner, I sat in a sofa chair
and the two women sat on the sofa. Brandy and Josh
wound up on the floor. Andrea took off somewhere. I was
tremendously disappointed. I could have looked at that
13 year old all night. She was fucking beautiful.

“So, where you guys from?” I asked Bob.

“Actually we’re right from town here. We lived in the
north end and thought we’d just move up a notch. We had
a little equity in our other house, we heard the
schools were a little better down here so we just
decided to sell and move over. I work downtown so it
really didn’t matter. It’s a commute either way.” The
conversation carried on for about 45 minutes. We had a
few more drinks. I liked this guy. He was a real host.

We found out Bob was an accountant and Jan was a stay
at home mom, just like Bonnie. She sold Avon on the
side for a little extra income. It was just a general,
get to know you, conversation. They seemed like a nice,
average family, moving up in the world. We’d get to
know them better as the weeks wore on. Bonnie and Jan
hit it off as women often do.

Bob and I were a little different. He liked golf, I
didn’t. I liked computers. He only used them because he
had to. Stuff like that. But it was okay. Both of us
liked football, so at least we had something in common.
He and I both liked beer. He was friendly and looked
like he would be a good neighbor. He didn’t have two of
everything I found out, so I’d really miss Stan
Mitchell now.

We didn’t want to overstay our welcome so we left about
9 o’clock. We said our goodbyes and headed home. Bonnie
and I both had a little buzz on.

“They’re nice,” Bonnie remarked when we got back. “I
like her. She’s my kind of girl.”

“Yep, I think they’ll be good neighbors. Can you
believe Andi is only 13?”

Brandy piped up. “She sure has big boobs for 13. I
think they’re already bigger than mom’s. I liked her
shorts and tee, too. Mom, can I get shorts like that?”

“Okay, baby, some day,” Bonnie replied. “Don’t grow up
too fast though, okay? I love my little girl just the
way she is.” She gave Brandy a hug.

“Thanks mom. I’m going in to watch TV.” She scampered
off to the den.

“Man, they grow up fast,” I remarked to Bonnie.

“Yeah, they sure do. It just seems like yesterday she
was a babe in arms, sucking dinner from my tits. Now
she wants short shorts and short tees. How will we ever
cope? Oh, well, that’s life I guess. I’m going to

I joined Brandy in the den. She was curled up watching
TV on the sofa. I sat in a chair across from her. She
looked so comfortable. She was still wearing the dress
she wore next door. It was a little short. She
definitely would have nice long legs like her mother. I
just sat there dreamily glancing at my daughter
wondering what she’d look like in three years when she
was 13. Man, time flies. My little buzz was getting
stronger. Too much beer.

Bonnie joined us. She had changed into her nightshirt.
She sat down on the other end of the sofa. Brandy
scooted over and cuddled with her mom. Bonnie put her
arm around her. Brandy’s dress rode up further and I
could see her panties. She didn’t seem to care. I just
got this feeling that it was fun sneaking a peek up my
little daughter’s dress. My cock started to stir.

“You’re going to get your dress all wrinkled, baby,”
Bonnie told her. “Why don’t you put on your new
nightshirt that we bought and come back and watch TV?
You’ll be more comfortable.”

“Okay.” Brandy got up and scampered off again. Bonnie
looked at me, smiled and drew her legs up under her.
Tonight she looked real sexy. The house seemed quiet
even with the low murmur of the TV. Brandy came back in
her nightshirt and immediately cuddled with her mom
again. They were beautiful together. The girls just sat
there watching TV for a few minutes. I was sitting
across from them doing nothing except admiring them. I
loved them both very much.

Brandy changed positions. She lay back across her
mother’s lap and stretched out. Her head was on the arm
rest pillow, her little butt across Bonnie’s lap. Her
nightshirt was way up. I could see all of her little
panties. They were powder blue with little designs. She
either didn’t know her nightshirt was up or she didn’t

“I want boobs just like yours when I grow up,” she said
softly to her mother. She reached up and gently
squeezed Bonnie’s left tit. Bonnie just smiled at her.

“You will, baby. It’ll be just a few more years.” She
didn’t stop Brandy from playing with her tit. She
wasn’t shocked.

“Will they be nice and soft like yours are?” Brandy
asked quietly, continuing to squeeze.

“Yes they will, baby. They’ll be real soft.”

“Mommy, did I suck on them when I was a little baby?”
Brandy asked, innocently.

Brandy was now playing with Bonnie’s nipple through the
nightshirt. I could tell it was becoming hard. Both
nubs were poking out. Still, Bonnie did nothing to stop

“Yeah you did, baby,” Bonnie replied quietly. “That’s
the way I fed you.”

Brandy was quiet for a second, still caressing. “Did it

“No, baby, it didn’t hurt. You were very gentle. I
liked it.” My cock was stirring more now just watching
Brandy play with her mother’s tit. It was very erotic.
Bonnie’s nipples were rock hard. It seemed so natural
the way Brandy was playing with her. Bonnie looked at
me and smiled. I smiled back. She knew I was enjoying
this. I knew she was too. Bonnie put her feet on the
floor. She moved her ass up a little from the sofa and
pulled away her nightshirt. Now it was free. She took
Brandy’s hand and put it up inside her nightshirt.

“Here, baby, play with it like this.” She guided
Brandy’s hand to her bare breast, under the shirt.
Bonnie then reached over to Brandy’s thigh. She started
caressing ever so gently. She bent down and gave Brandy
a little kiss on the lips.

You’re so beautiful,” she told her daughter, quietly.

“You smell like booze,” Brandy told her mom,
innocently. She continued to play with her mother’s
bare tit.

Brandy was very quiet. “I like your tit mommy. It’s
really soft but your nipple is really hard.”

“It gets that way when someone plays with it, baby,”
Bonnie replied softly. “It feels really good.”

“I know mommy. They were really hard the other night
after daddy played with them.” She giggled.

After a few minutes Brandy asked innocently, “mommy,
can I suck on your tit just like when I was a little

Bonnie looked at me hesitantly. I just smiled and
shrugged my shoulders. Bonnie smiled back.

“Well, I guess that would be okay, baby. But I’ll have
to take off my nightshirt.” She removed the shirt. Her
tits were beautiful. The nipples were very hard and
rosy. Brandy went back to playing with Bonnie’s left
nipple. Bonnie put her arm under Brandy’s head and
gently drew her up to her right nipple.

“See, just like when you were little,” Bonnie cooed.
Brandy put her little lips on Bonnie’s nipple and began
to suck. Bonnie looked down and smiled. “Mmmmm, that
feels good, baby. It reminds me of when you were a
baby. Lick it a little too, okay? Just like a
lollipop.” Our little girl sucked and licked. It was so
erotic. My cock was hard now.

Then Brandy stopped for a second. “Did daddy suck on
them too the other night?”

Bonnie was a little taken aback but answered
truthfully. “Yes, kitten. He did. It feels really
good.” Brandy smiled at her mom then went back to
Bonnie’s now rock hard nub. Bonnie’s head went back
against the sofa and her eyes closed. Her hand slowly
crept up on Brandy’s thigh. Her finger began to trace
inside the little girl’s leg. I didn’t know if it was
intentional or just an automatic reaction. Knowing
Bonnie, I thought it was automatic. I was hard. Bonnie
traced her finger slowly over Brandy’s little slit
through the little pale blue panties. Brandy didn’t
seem to mind. In fact she spread her legs a little.

Our little girl removed her lips from Bonnie’s breast.
She looked down and watched her mother caress her
little slit. She looked into her mother’s eyes,
dreamily. “Kiss me again, mommy. I liked that.”

Bonnie again bent over and kissed our daughter, this
time gentler and longer while she continued to trace
Brandy’s little slit through her panties. She broke the
kiss and looked into Brandy’s eyes.

“Let me take off your nightshirt, baby, okay?”

“Okay, mommy,” Brandy replied innocently. “Do you want
to see my little titties too?” She was serious, not

“Yeah, baby, I do?” Bonnie’s voice was sultry, almost a

Brandy rose up a little and Bonnie removed the shirt.
Now Brandy had only her little panties on. Her chest
was completely flat, with just little tiny rosy
nipples. Bonnie looked up and down her daughter, as if
seeing her for the first time. Again she started
tracing her finger through Brandy’s panties.

Bonnie kissed her again, quickly. “I like kissing you,
kitten.” She kissed her a third time but this time I
could tell her tongue was moving over Brandy’s teeth.
Finally Brandy’s mouth opened. Bonnie quickly stuck her
tongue in Brandy’s mouth and intertwined with Brandy’s.
She quickly withdrew.

Bonnie chuckled a little. “You like that, baby? It’s
called a French kiss.”

“Yeah! Do that again, mommy. That was nice.” Bonnie
kissed her again. This time Brandy was ready and I
could see their tongues clearly intertwined in an
erotic French kiss. As they were kissing Bonnie was
caressing Brandy’s stomach. Her fingers were partially
down Brandy’s panties. Finally her fingers snaked
inside of the little blue panties. Bonnie was caressing
our little girl’s bare pussy. Brandy started to moan a
little. Bonnie again broke the kiss. She removed her
hand from inside the little panties, traced her fingers
over Brandy’s little body and began to play with her
little flat nipples. She played with them a minute or

“Mommy?” Brandy’s voice was no more than a whisper.

“Yes, baby.”

“Put your hand back in my panties. That felt really
good, especially when you were kissing me at the same

Bonnie looked over at me again. She was perplexed.
Nothing like this had ever happened before. She knew
what she was doing was wrong. I was playing with my
rock hard cock through my shorts. She watched for a
second. My movements seemed to ratify her decision to

Her eyes went back to our little girl. “I… I
shouldn’t be doing this kitten. Some people think it’s
wrong. You can’t tell a soul, okay, baby? Daddy and I
could get into lots of trouble if anyone found out.”

“I won’t tell anybody, mommy. I don’t know why it’s
wrong. It feels really good when you play with my
little cunny. I like it. I like it when you kiss me
like that too.”

“You know what I’d like, kitten. I’d like it if daddy
took some pictures of us. Like the other night. Would
that be okay, baby?”

“Oh, yeah, mommy. That would be fun. I had lots of fun
the other night.” On cue I got the camera. Again Bonnie
kissed Brandy. Again her hand snaked into the little
girl’s panties. I shot some pictures. The kiss broke.

Bonnie’s voice was no more than a whisper. “Pull your
panties down a little, kitten. I want daddy to take a
picture of my fingers playing with your cunny.”
Brandy’s hands went down to the elastic of her panties.
She gradually pulled the front down. I had a clear view
of Bonnie’s fingers tracing over the tiny lips. It was
the first time I’d seen my daughter’s little pussy
since she was a baby. It was absolutely beautiful. It
was a little red from Bonnie’s caresses. I thought I
detected a little moisture. I took pictures. Bonnie’s
inserted her finger just a little into our little
girl’s love canal. She began to move it in and out ever
so slowly, ever so gently. Brandy spread her legs a
little more.

“Oh, mommy,” she gasped. “That feels awesome!” Her
little hips began to move to the rhythm of Bonnie’s
finger. I moved further down to the end of the sofa. I
wanted to be sure to get their faces in the photos, to
capture the sensuous expressions of both girls.
Bonnie’s finger continued to gradually deeper and
deeper into the little love hole. Brandy’s eyes closed.
Her hips moved faster and faster against Bonnie’s

Then she tensed. She moaned. Could a 10 year-old have
an orgasm? Is it possible? Her legs went straight out.
“What’s…. what’s happening? I… I feel like I have
to pee?” She moaned again. She was! She was having her
first orgasm. And we were there. I caught it all on
camera. This was beautiful.

Gradually Brandy came down from her high. Her eyes were
still closed. She relaxed. Bonnie removed her finger.
She traced back up through Brandy’s navel and up to her
little tiny nipples. She was smiling at her little

Brandy finally spoke. “What was that, mommy? I’ve never
felt anything like that before. It was totally awesome.
What happened?”

Bonnie smiled at her little daughter. “You had what’s
called an orgasm, baby. I shouldn’t have done it to you
but I knew it would feel really good.” Bonnie thought a
minute. She made a decision. “When I do it to you,
baby, it’s called ‘finger-fucking’.” It’s fun, isn’t

“Yeah! But isn’t that a dirty word, mommy?”

“It’s an adult word baby. There are some words adults
use to describe things that are sometimes fun to say.
It’s not something we say in public but when we’re
alone, just the three of us, it might be okay in
certain situations. Like when I play with your little

Brandy thought a minute. She smiled. “Tell me some more
dirty words, mommy. I want to hear them.”

Again Bonnie was unsure how far she wanted to go. But
Brandy wanted to know. I wanted to hear them too.

Bonnie’s finger again went to Brandy’s little nipples.
“These are called your tits, baby. People like playing
with them and sucking on them. It feels really good.”
Bonnie’s finger circled the little rosy tips.

She looked down Brandy’s little body. “Take your
panties all the way off, baby.” Brandy reached down and
removed her panties to her knees. Bonnie sat her up.
“Here, baby, let me help you.” Bonnie got up from the
sofa. Now Brandy was lying by herself on the sofa,
stretched out. Bonnie removed her panties completely.
Brandy was completely naked. Bonnie’s finger again
traced through the little slit.

Bonnie’s voice was quiet. “This is called your cunt,
baby. When someone plays with it it makes you feel
really good. Just like I did earlier. Yours is really
pretty. People really like feeling your little cunt.”
Bonnie was staring at the little lips. “Sometimes….
sometimes people like to kiss it too. It tastes good.”
Bonnie was mesmerized by our daughters little organ.

Brandy looked down at her mother. “Kiss my cunt, mommy.
I want you to. Taste it. See if mine tastes good.”
Bonnie looked up. She smiled. She took Brandy’s right
leg and draped it over the side of the sofa, exposing
the little opening completely. She put her hand under
Brandy’s little butt and lifted. She bent down. Her
lips contacted the little cunt. She sucked. Again
Brandy’s head went back.

Again she closed her eyes. I started taking pictures
again. Bonnie started licking. Her tongue began to
probe. Her fingers went up. She spread the little lips.
Her tongue probed deeper. She raised Brandy’s ass
higher. She spread her ass cheeks. Her tongue went
lower, licking our little girls little puckered
asshole. Then back to her cunt. Probing, licking,
sucking. She couldn’t get enough. It was beautiful. She
lowered our baby. One hand went inside of her own
panties. She was fingering her own precious lips. She
stopped kissing Brandy.

She looked at me. Her lips were wet, her face
contorted. “I just have to, baby. I can’t help it.” She
went to the floor on her back. She took off her own
panties, completely. Her knees bent. Her hand went to
her thighs. She caressed. Then her right hand went to
her pussy. She began to masturbate while Brandy and I
watched in awe. Her left hand went to her tits. She
squeezed. She began to ride her finger. She inserted
another. She was in complete rapture, masturbating in
front of her husband and 10 year old daughter. Brandy
sat up on the sofa, watching her mother, mesmerized by
the scene that unfolded before her.

Bonnie started moaning. She stared directly at Brandy.
“Come and kiss mommy, baby,” she whispered. Brandy came
over. She French-kissed her mother. She began to
squeeze one of her tits. “Oh, god,” Bonnie moaned. “Oh,
fuck. Suck on my fucking tit, baby. Mmmmmm, god.”
Brandy went down. She started sucking, licking Bonnie’s
tit. It had flattened against her chest but her nipple
was hard, rosy. Bonnie was fingering herself faster.
“Oh, god. This is too much. Oh, fuck. Mmmmmm. Oh, baby.
Put your hand over mommy’s, baby. Please baby, help
mommy fuck herself. Oh, god.”

As soon as Brandy placed her hand over her mother’s
Bonnie’s head went back. Her eyes closed. Her hips
rose; then lowered, meeting each move of her fingers,
in perfect rhythm. Brandy still sucked. Bonnie tensed.
Her fingers stopped. Her hips rose higher. “Oh, fuck,
I’m cuummmmming. I’m fucking cuummmming. Oh, god. It
feels so fucking good.” Her face was contorted. Her
knees were moving in an out, in pace with the rapid
thrusts of her climax.

It was over. Her eyes were still closed. Her hips
lowered. Her arm went over her forehead. She was still
in ecstasy, but quiet now. Her fingers remained in her
pussy. Brandy’s hand was still covering Bonnie’s.
Brandy stopped sucking. She looked at her mother. Her
eyes were huge.

“Oh, god, what have I done?” Bonnie began to weep
slightly. Her eyes were still closed, her arm still
over her forehead. “I didn’t mean to baby. I’m sorry. I
shouldn’t have done this in front of you, baby. I… I
just couldn’t help myself. Baby, please forgive mommy.
I’m really sorry.”

Brandy went up. Her face was directly in front of her
mother’s, nose to nose. “Mommy, don’t cry.” I don’t
think Brandy had ever seen her mother cry before. She
tried to comfort her mother. “It was fun, mommy. I love
you. Please don’t cry. I liked what we did. I’ll never
tell anyone, ever.”

Bonnie opened her eyes. Her daughter’s face was there.
She smiled. She gave Brandy a quick kiss on the lips.
“Really, baby? You’re not mad? You’re not ashamed of
me? I just had to do it. I was overcome with emotion.
I… I just had to masturbate in front of you and
daddy. I don’t know why.”

Brandy smiled at her mother. She reached up and wiped
away a tear. “Mommy, I love you and daddy very, very
much. I had fun. I… I want you guys to teach me more
about sex. It’s really fun.” She kissed her mother,
longer than a little peck. “I like kissing you, mommy,
and feeling your tits, and kissing them. I want tits
just like them when I get older. I like you to feeling
mine too.” Her voice lowered. “I…. I really, really
like it when you play with my little…… cunt. I want
you to do it again. It feels good. It makes me feel
good.” She thought a minute. “I want to tell you
something else, too. Can I? Promise you won’t get mad
at me.”

Bonnie looked at her, still smiling. “I promise, baby.
Tell me.”

“I…. I really liked it when you licked and sucked my
cunt. And…. and my… and my poop hole. That really,
really felt good. I’ve never felt anything like that
before, ever. It was soooo cool!”

“Oh, god, baby. Thank you. I promise. We’ll have more
fun together, baby. I want to teach you soooo bad about
being sexy, dressing sexy, kissing sexy. I don’t know
why, I just do.”

Brandy got this big grin on her face. “Dressing sexy?
Oh boy, I can hardly wait. New clothes! But you have to
dress sexy too, mommy. You have to wear more skirts
like the mini you bought. Stuff like that. Maybe even
with no panties underneath.” She giggled. “Maybe no
bra, sometimes. Maybe we can go to the mall sometime
with no panties on. That’d be cool.” She giggled again.

Bonnie giggled to. “Maybe. That’d be fun.” Bonnie
glanced over at me, finally realizing I was still in
the room. The girls were so into their conversation
that they probably forgot I was still there. My raging
hard on had become a semi now. I didn’t think I had so
much control. I didn’t even cum in my shorts. But I was
horny, that’s for sure. But I didn’t mind. Having my
girls take their relationship to the next level was
mind boggling. I knew this was going to be fun. Bonnie
smiled at me.

She turned again to Brandy. “I think daddy really
enjoyed the show we put on. What do you think?”

“I…. I think you and daddy are going to have sex
tonight.” She giggled, coyly. Her voice went to almost
a whisper. “I think daddy is going to fuck you tonight,

Bonnie smiled. “I think so, too.” And I did. We all
went to bed happy. Bonnie gave me the best blow job I’d
ever had in my life that night. My balls were so full
that when I unloaded into her cunt I just kept cumming
and cumming. After it was over we lay back.

“Mark?” Her voice was quiet in the dark.


“Would… would you like to fuck Brandy sometime?”

“Yeah, baby, I would.” This was my revelation. “I can
hardly wait, baby.”

“Do it before she’s 11. I wanna watch.”