A nurse with an anal fetish performs procedures on her boyfriend with a rectal thermometer, an enema bulb, and a gloved hand

The loving couple sat in the living room watching a
love story on TV. It was about a doctor and a nurse.
Sue being a nurse couldn’t resist medical fetishes.

She pulled Jays shorts off and laid him across her lap.
“Oooooo…” he moaned as she rubbed his back. Little
did he know what she had in store. Her clit was swollen
and twitching as she watched the doctor on TV kissing
and fondling his nurse’s privates.

She grabbed a rectal thermometer and shook it down. Jay
looked around. “Oh no, you’re not”, he said
embarrassed. “Oh yes I am, so don’t try and resist, I’m
much stronger than you,” said nurse Sue.

She dipped the end of the bulb into Vicks Vaporub; it
gave a nice tingly icy feeling in ones rectum. She
pried apart Jays butt cheeks and played with his anus
and penis to get him more in the mood. “LET ME CUM!” He
was begging her to bring him to climax, but no, first
he had to satisfy her fetish. The thermometer was
slowly pushed into place. It was pushed in and out, in
and out, twirled around in his bottom, then held in
place for at least 5 minutes. Jay was squirming. Sue
pulled out the thermometer and read it. It was an even
100 degrees.

“You have a slight fever. An enema will make you feel
better.” In she came with a bulb enema apparatus and a
bowl of very warm soapy water. She squirted this up
Jay’s ass till he thought he would cum on her couch. It
was leather. So it wouldn’t stain. But he had the idea
she might punish him somehow if he came without her
permission, so he waited, and enjoyed the feeling of
the water rushing into him. The short spurts each set
off a new wave of horny feelings.

Then she let him up to go to the bathroom and expel.
Nothing much came out but clear water. He was a very
healthy boy.

She dragged him across her lap again and had a towel
under his penis.

“I need to give you an anal exam with my finger. I have
a rubber glove on. Now take a deep breath. And if you
feel the need to cum, I want you to ejaculate into the
towel. Or I will have to get the red bag out and give
you a 5 qt enema just to be sure there is nothing
lurking up inside you.” This excited him even more. He
loved her to “talk dirty.”

As her finger went up inside him, she made a few twists
and turns, felt his prostate gland, and could just
begin to notice him humping her thigh. She rammed her 2
fingers into him a few times to give him the message.

“Go ahead and cum Baby Boy, I know you need to. You
have my permission now.” And with that, Jay let loose
with the largest ejaculation in his life. “Don’t forget
we need to have a session every other day. Tomorrow
it’s my turn. I’ll show you how to work the equipment.”
Said nurse Sue.

Oh what a nice nurse…

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