A poker game turns into more than just a poker game when the host puts his daughter up as a bet

It’s a usual thing for me to hang out after work with
my friends. We usually play poker at each other’s
houses. On this day, it was David’s turn. After work,
David, Jim, Harry, and myself went to David’s house for
a night of gambling and alcohol.

David had a table and chairs set up in his basement. I
had no idea that his basement was set up like it was.
Off to one side he had a full bar and behind the bar
was his daughter, Josefin. David explained that she was
on vacation from college and was looking to have some
fun on her time off. I smiled at her, not noticing her
much until she walked around from behind the bar. She’d
been mixing drinks for us as we got our game started.

As she served us, I noticed she was wearing a bikini
that accented her shapely body. Her snow blonde hair
was pulled back in a pony tail. She was smiling and
giggling as the others poked and pinched at her. I kept
my eye on her as we played our game, hoping beyond hope
to catch a glimpse of her breasts or her pussy hair,
but I had no such luck.

After a couple of hours of playing, and maybe a few too
many drinks, David decided to make the game more
interesting. He announced that the winner of the next
hand would get a blow job by Josefin. This got all of
our attention. We played hard at getting the other guy
to bluff or show his hand. It ended up being David who
won that hand. I sat and watched in amazement as
Josefin got on her knees between her dad’s legs,
unzipped his fly, pulled out his hard cock, and began
sucking on him, taking him deep in her throat.

“I’m about to cum,” he said. “Watch this.”

David moaned and jerked in his chair, holding his
daughter’s head down on his cock. She swallowed him,
barely gagging, taking his full load down her throat.
When she was done, she wiped her mouth and kissed her
dad. He patted her ass cheeks and asked for another
drink. Myself and the other two stared in amazement at
this. I was hard and was about to explode in my pants.
I was so hard that it was hurting.

“Next hand that wins gets to take her ass,” David

This made the next hand more interesting. As we played,
she would come and stand between us. She leaned on my
shoulder and traced her finger over my ear and touched
my face. Did she like me as much as I was starting to
like her? Unfortunately, I didn’t win this hand. Harry
did. He smiled big as she walked over to him, undid his
pants, pulled him out, and got him hard. She pulled
down her bottoms and turned around. Carefully, she
positioned herself, licked her hand to lube her little
anal hole.

Carefully, she pushed back onto him. We watched as she
took him all the way in. She bounced and fucked herself
on him. It wasn’t long before he was jerking in his
chair, shooting his cum deep in her bowels. Josefin
looked like she was in ecstasy too, moaning and
groaning her own orgasms. Once he was done cumming, she
pulled off of him, pulled up her bottoms and kissed
him. She went behind the bar and got more drinks for

David began shuffling and dealing the cards again. The
three of us sat in anticipation of what David would
pull out of his hat for the next hand.

“Next hand gets to cum on her tits,” he announced.

Another round of hard playing and again Josefin stood
next to me, leaning on me as we played. I traced my
hand up the inside of her leg as she hugged on me, just
caressing her gently. She returned in kind, touching my
back and neck. Again, though, I didn’t win the hand.
This time, Jim got to have a chance with her. Josefin
got between his legs, pulled him out of his pants. She
reached behind her and pulled at the knot that kept her
top on. She let it fall, exposing her supple breasts
and her stiff nipples.

Jim began masturbating himself. Josefin touched his
cock with her tits and rubbed her nipples on his head.
She licked his cock head and kissed his shaft. She
reached her hand down the front of her bottoms and
began fingering her clit and moaning. It wasn’t long
before Jim was cumming, shooting his seed on her tits.
She was cumming too, moaning and smiling. She got up,
got a towel, and wiped her chest off. What surprised me
is she didn’t put her top back on.

“Next hand,” David announced, “Josefin gets to do what
she wants.”

The three of us smiled at that and got deep into our
game. Again, she came over and stood by me. I got a
good close up view of her breasts and almost touched
them, but resisted. This hand was hot and heavy, played
hard. This time, I won the hand. Jim and Harry both
moaned their losses but David smiled. I pushed back
from the table. Josefin had me stand up. She undid my
pants and pulled them down to my ankles. She sat me
back down and began sucking on me, keeping me hard. She
sat on my lap facing me, straddling me, taking me into
her pussy.

I didn’t get to see if she was shaven or not. She
kissed me and moved her hips on me. She kissed me
deeply and moaned into my mouth. I grasped her ass
cheeks and pushed her down hard onto me. She responded
by fucking me harder. Before long, she was orgasming,
her pussy muscles squeezing me. I couldn’t help myself,
I shot my seed in her. She looked at me in the eyes,
breathing hard and smiling, feeling me shoot deep in
her. She slowed down and pushed deep and held me in
I could feel her cervix pressing on my cockhead. She
was enjoying this.

“Josefin,” David called. “When you’re done, I want you
to lay on the table.”

She kissed me one more time and laid herself on the
table. I watched as David came around, cock in hand,
and pushed into her, fucking her ’til he came in her.
He invited Harry and Jim to do the same. They both
fucked her and came deep in her. David sat in his chair
and had her come straddle him. She pushed herself down
on him, taking him deep. He told Jim to get behind her
and to push into her ass. Jim did so, and pushed hard
and deep in her.

This got her squealing with delight. I don’t know if
she’d ever had this happen, but she was loving it. She
fucked them both and screamed her orgasm. Feeling her
squeezing their cocks, both men came, shooting seed in
her. Jim pulled out and she got off, sitting next to
her father, panting and calming down from her orgasms.
Harry announced that he had to pee and asked for the
bathroom. David stopped him from pulling up his pants
and told Josefin to go suck on him. Harry stood there,
watching her suck on him. He was moaning, trying to not
let loose, but she was relentless.

He held her head and I watched as she began swallowing.
He was peeing in her mouth and she was swallowing it!
She let a little dribble out as she drank, but not
much. I watched her throat spasm as she swallowed him.
Once he was done, she kept sucking on him till he came
and she swallowed that too. She stood up, went to the
bar and poured herself a shot of tequila and downed it.
David called her over and told her to do the same for

He stood and she knelt in front of him, taking his cock
in her mouth, sucking on him. It wasn’t long before she
was swallowing too. Again, when he was done, she sucked
him off to cumming. I piped up stating I had to use the
bathroom, but I needed to use the toilet. David told
Josefin to take me upstairs to the bathroom. She smiled
and took me by the hand and led me upstairs. She took
me to the bathroom and led me in. She closed the door
behind us, locking it.

“I lied,” I confessed to her. “I just wanted to get you

“I know,” she smiled. She stepped up to me and kissed
me deeply, pressing her body to me.

She stepped away and sat herself on the toilet,
spreading her legs, inviting me to come to her. I got
on my knees and started kissing her inner thigh and up
to her pussy. I licked and ate her, sucking on her

“I have to pee�” she cautioned me.

I didn’t stop. Once I tasted her pee trickling out, I
placed my mouth over her pussy and began swallowing
her. She put her hand behind my head, pushing my face
into her crotch, filling my mouth with her nectar. She
pushed it out hard, trying to get it all out and I took
it and swallowed like I hadn’t had a drink in a long
time. She tasted wonderful. When she was done, she
leaned down and kissed me, tasting her piss on my
tongue. She had me stand up and she began sucking on
me, begging me to pee. I did so, letting loose in her
mouth. She swallowed me and sucked me to orgasm again.

“I wanted you to be the first one I let cum in me,” she
whispered. “I’m in my fertile cycle.”

She got up and turned on the water in the bathtub. She
turned the shower on and asked me to get naked and join
her. I did so. Standing, she bent over, pushing her ass
to me. I pushed into her again and fucked her. I pulled
out of her pussy and pushed into her ass and back to
her pussy.

She orgasmed over and over again, begging me to cum. I
fucked her ass till I had to cum and then pulled out
and pushed into her pussy, letting loose with my seed
in her pussy. She was in heaven. So was I. When we
finally got done, I re-dressed. She just toweled off,
not dressing. We walked out into the living room. Jim
and Harry were passed out on the couch. David was
spreading blankets on them. He was now naked.

“Still awake?” he asked. “Josefin has a place for you
to sleep.”

She led me to her room, undressed me, and asked me to
join her in bed. I did so. We curled up together and
fell asleep. Sometime in the middle of the night, I
awoke to her riding me. She was grinding her crotch
into me, pushing my cock deep into her. She was moaning
loudly, orgasming and squeezing my cock hard. I
couldn’t help myself. I shot my seed deep into her.

When I was done, I grabbed her, rolled her onto her
back and began fucking her hard and fast. I pushed hard
and fucked her until I came again. She was crying from
the pain of how rough I was but didn’t want me to stop.
I kissed her deeply and held her close to me. The last
thing I remember before falling asleep was her
whispering naughty things in my ear.


When I awoke, the sun was already up and beaming in
through the window. Josefin was already awake and was
looking at me.

“Hi,” she smiled. “Daddy took the other guys home when
they woke up, so it’s just you and me.”

I smiled and pulled her close, kissing her. She got up
and got on her hands and knees. She told me to get
behind her and fuck her. I did so, fucking her deep.
She came a couple times before pulling herself away
from me. She grabbed my cock and began sucking on me.

“Going to cum?” she asked.

“Yes, but I have to pee.”

She smiled and kept sucking. I took that as a hint and
let loose. She swallowed me without wasting a drop,
then laid back and spread her legs.

“Fuck me, now,” she demanded. “Cum in me! This pussy is
all yours.”

I didn’t argue. I fucked her pussy like I owned her.
She orgasmed over and over again, squeezing my cock. I
filled her pussy again with my seed and was rewarded
with her screaming out my name. I kissed my way down to
her pussy and ate her again, sucking hard on her clit.
I felt her flexing her stomach muscles and tasted her
urine on her lips.

She peed in my mouth as I ate her and I swallowed her
yet again, taking her juices into my stomach. She
pulled me up to her and kissed me, holding me tight.

When David returned, he made us breakfast and welcomed
me to the family.

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