A Ramming For Hubby

The first time I shaved my pussy, I looked at it as I
was masturbating and loved the new look. I have a fat
little pussy and a wide ass. My labia has such profound
lips as they are quite puffy. I love to watch as I take
my toys or my husbands cock between my puffy lips.

It is so hot to see as I am being penetrated and watch
as my pussy opens up. I love sex and always have. I
have big breasts and love to massage them while I am
being fucked. Doggie style is my favorite position and
I also love oral and anal sex.

We have a big Great Dane named Buster that my husband
had gotten a couple of years back. We night as my hubby
and I were making love, he asked me if I would like to
have Buster fuck me. The thought of a doggies cock had
never entered my mind until then. I was a little afraid
to try it but my hubby, Jim wanted me to try it so I
did. He helped me get onto my hands and knees as he
called Buster into the room.

As Buster got onto the bed, my hubby started to play
with his cock as it grew so large. He then began to rub
his fingers over my wet cunt as I was playing with it,
as it was already so wet. I looked between my thighs to
see the largest cock I had ever seen, waiting for my
hot pussy.

He then helped Buster to mount me from behind as Jim
spread my thick pussy lips as he put that big doggie
cock to my pussy. He rubbed it along my slit and then
put the huge cockhead inside me as I felt it slip in.
It was so hot in me! That doggie cock was so big and so
hot as it went in.

As Buster started to fuck me with that huge cock of
his, Jim slid around and offered me his big cock to
suck on. I began to suck on it as Buster started to
give e a good, hard fucking. His doggie cock had me
spread so wide as he thrust more of that large dick to
my wet pussy, making me gasp as I sucked on Jim’s cock.

My pussy was not all that small, but when Buster began
to thrust hard to me, his huge doggie cock formed that
knot! With one hard lunge he sank that huge knot into
my tight pussy, causing me to almost bite my husbands
cock as the initial pain hit me. Then he held in to me
as I felt that big knot inside my wet cunt as I began
to like the feeling of being so full of cock.

He was making me cum so hard as he rammed that doggie
cock so deep to me, my cunt having convulsions as he
fucked me. I was cumming over and over as he thrust it
to me. Then I felt his cock as it began to swell,
knowing that he was ready to shoot me full of his cum.

Then I felt the hot cum as it started to erupt inside
my well fucked pussy. His cum was so hot in me as he
pumped it so deep, making me quiver as he filled my
hungry cunt. I was loving it as he just kept pumping me
full of his hot cum.

Jim’s cock began to swell in my mouth and I knew he was
cumming too as I greedily sucked harder on his cock as
it began to spew, filling my mouth with his hot cum. I
was being filled from both ends with nice, hot cum as
both dog and man pumped their cum to me.

“You like that doggie cock, don’t you? Did his cum feel
good to you?” My husband asked as he slid his soft cock
from my lips, “He sure has a nice cock, doesn’t he? I
bet you would love to fuck him everyday.”

“Yes, He is big. And only when you are with me to help.
I need you to help me with him.” I said, “His knot is
still in me. Help me get him loose. He is hurting me
now. My little pussy is so sore. Make him take it out.”

It was another few minutes before that hot doggie knot
went down and he pulled free of my dripping pussy. Then
his cum flowed from my cunt in buckets as it leaked out
and ran down onto the bed covers. My pussy had been
well fucked and I was a little sore from having that
big doggie cock in me.

About two days later, Jim came home drunk. He then
decided that it was time for me to have Buster fuck me
again. I followed him to the bedroom and stripped out
of my clothes as Buster came onto the bed. He had e get
on my hands and knees as he played with my wide ass.
This time he wanted me to suck on that doggie cock as
he fucked my ass.

Since I had never sucked a doggie cock before, I was a
little apprehensive about it, but Jim being drunk, took
Buster’s cock and held it to my lips.

“Now suck on his cock, bitch! Suck on it while I fuck
your hot little ass!” he shouted to me, “We are going
to both fuck you in your ass tonight! I know you want
his big cock in your ass and you are going to get it!”

I took Buster’s slimy cock and began to slowly suck on
it as Jim held it for me as his other hand found my
ass. That big cock was tasting a little tangy as I took
more of it into my mouth as Jim got behind me. I felt
him as he spread my ass cheeks, placing the head of his
cock to my tender asshole.

He reached up and sit on his fingers as he lubricated
me with his spit before he started to ram his cock to
me. I like anal sex when I am ready for it, but I was
not ready for the assault he was doing to me now. He
was real rough and it was painful as I felt his big
cock thrusting so hard up my ass.

There I was, on my hands and knees, sucking on a big
doggie cock and being fucked in my ass by my drunken
husband. But, I was loving it! Buster’s cock had become
so silky in my mouth and his cock wasn’t that slimy any
longer as I began to like the feel of that hot cock as
I sucked on it. My ass was being ravished by a nice
sized cock and I was starting to glow inside as I felt
the two cocks pounding in and out of me. I just didn’t
want my little ass to be ripped apart by that huge
doggie cock.

As Jim thrust hard into me and held his cock to me, I
knew he was on the verge of filling my bowels with his
hot cum as I wiggled my ass back to him, making little
circles with it as I worked on his cock with my
muscles. Then he began to shoot that hot cum to me, the
heat was so good as I felt it going inside my hot
little ass. That was when Buster’s cock began to swell
in my mouth.

He too, was coming as I took his doggie cock and sucked
the hot cum from that doggie prick. They were both
cumming at the same time as they filled me with their
cum, so hot to me as wave after wave of pleasure swept
over me as my own climax started. Both cocks in me were
so big as they emptied their hot loads of cum to me as
I took every drop I could and milked Jim’s cock with my
ass as the doggie cum ran down my chin and onto my

“Damn! Bitch, that was good!” Jim said to me as he
withdrew his soft cock from my slick ass. “I hope you
are ready for some doggie cock in your ass. Cause just
as soon as he gets hard again, I am going to have him
fuck your ass!”

“Jim, he is too big for me. His big cock will hurt my
tight ass.” I said as he wiped the doggie cum from my
lips and tits, “Don’t make me fuck him. I am afraid he
will hurt me.”

“Bitch, as wet as your ass is with my cum, he won’t
have any problems getting it in you, ” he said,
“Besides, I want to watch you taking his doggie cock up
your ass.”

Jim took me and rolled me up onto my knees once again
as he called Buster to me. I felt him as he mounted my
hips, his paws on each side of me as Jim took his huge
cock and stroked it for him, getting it good and hard
for my ass.

The cum from Jim was still leaking out of my ass as he
placed that huge doggie cock to my tight entrance. Then
he held the big, red cockhead as Buster gave one hard
push into me. He sank that huge cock so deep in me with
one powerful thrust, sending me down into the pillow my
head was resting on.

“OH, MY GOD! His cock is so big!” I cried out as that
cock sank all the way into my little ass, “Oh, Jim! He
is so big! Does it look good, his cock in my ass? Oh,
BABY! YES! It feels so good!”

Jim had his cock in his hand as he stroked it, watching
the doggie cock fucking my tight little ass as he
jacked off. I watched as his cock grew so big as I took
that huge monster of a doggie cock up my tight ass.
Then Jim lay down beside me and began to massage my
tits as he stroked his cock, me having my ass filled
with that big doggie cock as Buster pounded it to me.
The only thing that was missing was his big knot and
from the feel of his huge cock in me, there was no way
it would go in me as he seemed to sense that.

As Buster started to cum in me, I went wild! That hot
doggie cum was almost burning my ass as it shot into
me. As it spewed forth, the warm feeling of his cumin
my ass made me cum, over and over as he filled my tight
ass with that hot cum.

Jim had passed out as he was sucking and playing with
my tits as Buster’s cock slipped from my ass, his cum
running out of me like a river. I stood up as I felt it
running down my legs. As I cleaned my self up, I looked
over to see Jim laying on top of my pillow, his ass in
the air as he was sound asleep. Then a thought went
through my mind. What if I tied him up to the big posts
on our bed and had Buster fuck him in his ass! What a
lovely thought!

I went and got the padded handcuffs he used on me
sometimes and brought them to the bed. I moved his ass
and placed yet another pillow under his hips, raising
his ass higher into the air. It took a bit of doing,
but I finally got him positioned just right. Then I
took his arms and put the cuffs on his hands, fastening
each hand to the bed posts as he lay there spread eagle
with that ass high in the air. I began to massage his
ass as I took the KY jelly and laced a big glob of it
on his ass. Then I called Buster up onto the bed once

As I took Buster’s doggie cock and stroked it for him
until he started to get good and hard. Then I led him
over to Jim as I placed his paws on Jim’s hips. I took
his slimy doggie cock and began to put it to Jim’s
virgin asshole with one hand as I reached under him and
took his limp cock into my other hand. As I began to
play with his cock, it started to grow back to life
about the same time that Buster rammed that doggie cock
to his upturned ass!

Buster and I was raping my husband as Jim woke up in a
frenzy, Buster’s big doggie cock going up his ass as he
screamed out loud. There was no getting free of his
doggie cock as Jim squirmed and shouted for us to stop.
I watched with pleasure as Buster thrust that huge cock
to my husband’s ass.

“How do you like that now? You did want some of his
doggie cock, didn’t you? ” I mocked him as I played
with his hardening cock, “How does that feel to your
ass? Let him fuck you, Jim, just relax and enjoy it.”

Jim sort of relaxed as Buster rammed that doggie cock
to his tight ass, fucking him so hard as his cock
pushed further in. Me and Buster was enjoying ourselves
as I watched his cock going rapidly in and out of that

After a few minutes of this, I saw him thrust his cock
to Jim and hold it as he started to cum. Jim was
actually beginning to enjoy it too as I saw his ass
buck back to Buster’s cock as he pumped his ass full of
his hot doggie cum. Buster filled his ass so full of
cum as I felt Jim’s cock began to shoot his load as I
stroked it for him while Buster finished cumming in his

After it was over with, Jim admitted that he sort of
liked being as fucked by Buster. From that day on, he
always asked me if I wanted Buster to fuck me and never
once made him do it to me.

Both Jim and I still have not had his knot in our ass
but Buster loves to slide that huge knot to my pussy. I
love to feel his huge doggie cock as that knot fills my
poor little pussy as he slams it to me.

Now our favorite way to fuck is for Jim to get on me
missionary style and start fucking me as Buster mounts
him and slides his doggie cock to his ass. The movement
of Buster ramming Jim’s ass sends his cock deeper in me
as we both get fucked. I have learned to put my legs on
his shoulders as he plummets my pussy, Buster fucking
his ass as Jim fucks me. Then we all cum together and I
turn my ass up for Buster’s big doggie cock while Jim
lays there and lets me suck on his big cock.