A “ringmaster” at the circus gets a workout from some of the circus animals

I heard that Enzos Niki the doglover was going to be the
guest ringmaster at the circus. I hate the circus but I
couldn’t miss the chance to see Enzos Niki in person.

A chance like that only comes around once in a

She looked fantastic, she entered the arena on a
beautiful black stallion. She was wearing stretch pants
and a low cut top. Her tits were bouncing all over the
arena. I couldn’t believe she was only 20 years old but
they announced it was her birthday over the P A system.
The crowd sang happy birthday to her.

Her big moment came when she lay on the ground
perfectly still. The trainers brought over an elephant
and had him lay down on top of her. I thought she was
extremely brave, and it seemed oddly erotic.

I had to meet her, I had a huge boner and was hoping
for an autograph, well I didn’t really want an
autograph but maybe we would touch hands during the

Sadly there was no autograph session, but I had to get
a close up of the Goddess. I hid in the bathroom until
everybody left.

I was in luck, I saw the tent that they had set up for
Enzos Niki. It was open and I could see right inside of
it. I hid behind a tree and had a perfect view. I could
die a happy man if I could see her undress.

There was a circus worker in the tent with her, he left
and I thought, maybe she will change. I wanted to sit
down but I couldn’t. I was glad nobody else was around.

A couple of minutes later the worker returned. He had
the stallion that Enzos Niki had ridden into the arena. I
hoped that was her transportation.

Enzos Niki gave the horse an apple and let him smell her
hand. She then dropped to her knees. I couldn’t believe
what I saw next. She reached underneath the horse and
grabbed it’s cock.

She started stroking it and it quickly grew to a foot
in length. Enzos Niki licked the tip and it grew some
more. The trainer told her now, and Enzos Niki dropped to
all fours directly under the huge stallion. The trainer
grabbed the cock and shoved it into Enzos Niki’s cunt.

I could see the cock immediately expand as soon as it
entered her pussy. It was probably 18 inches long now
and thicker than her arm. The trainer held the horse
still and Enzos Niki started to rock back on the cock.

I could hear her grunt and groan as the giant cock was
buried deeper and deeper inside of her. She had about
14 inches of horse cock stuffed into her cunt. She
rocked back a little further and took another inch.

The trainer released the stallion. He bucked forward
and buried his cock all the way into the young actress.
I could not believe what I was seeing. Where did all
the cock disappear too? The horse reared back and
thrust forward again. It Knocked Enzos Niki flat on her
face. When he pulled back, he lifted Enzos Niki off the

She was hanging vertically in the air suspended on the
horse cock. The trainer grabbed her around the waist
and started lifting her up and down. The stallion
started to buck and tried to pull out. Enzos Niki was
stuck though. The horse was starting to go wild. The
stallion began to cum and that was the lubrication it
needed to remove Enzos Niki from it’s member.

The trainer finally removed her and laid her on the
ground. She slapped him across the face. She screamed I
wasn’t finished yet. He told her she wore out the
horse. She yelled at him to get another one. I felt the
cum dripping down my leg. It was going to be an
embarrassing trip home.

The trainer left to get another horse. I couldn’t wait.
Enzos Niki was lying on the floor with 4 fingers shoved
inside her cunt. I was a drooling fool.

The trainer returned but he didn’t have a horse, he had
returned with the elephant from the show. He told
Enzos Niki she knew what to do. Enzos Niki was scared. The
elephant caught a whiff of Enzos Niki’s dripping cunt and
it’s cock started to grow, and grow, and grow.

It stood at 4 feet long and was thicker than her calf.
She was terrified, but she had to have it. She lay on
her stomach, with her back arched a little. The trainer
led the beast over to her and told it to lie down.

As the elephant laid on top of Jen, the trainer guided
it’s cock into her cunt. He got the tip in and stopped
the elephant before he was flat on top of Jen. He let
her adjust to the tip of it’s cock. When she started to
arch her back even more to get more cock in. He let the
elephant lay flat.

It buried 2 feet of cock in Jen. She screamed at the
top of her lungs, I wanted to go help her but my third
leg wouldn’t work. The elephant started to shove more
cock into the screaming girl, but it was trained no to
hurt anyone. It stood up because it though it was
hurting her.

It stood on all fours with Jen hanging underneath it.
The trainer ordered it to lie down again. This time it
laid flat and buried it’s cock even further into Jen.
She screamed in pain. The trainer went to pull it out
of her but she screamed no. He ordered the elephant to
lay flatter.

I must have been dreaming. Superstar actress Enzos Niki
the doglover was in front of me with 3 feet of elephant
cock buried in her cunt. I shot another load in my

Enzos Niki couldn’t take anymore, she begged the trainer
to get that cock out of her. He told her he had to let
him finish or he would be out of control and could
trample them both.

Enzos Niki was being split in 2, she had to get off that
monster cock. She told him she would suck off the
beast. He tried to pull her off but she was stuck. He
finally told the beast to stand and he crawled
underneath it and held on to Enzos Niki. When the beast
stood on two feet it’s cock was pulled from out of
Enzos Niki.

She laid down underneath the beast and began licking up
and down it’s four foot long cock. She could taste her
own juices. She placed her lips around the tip of the
elephant cock just in time for it to shoot al load into
her mouth.

The beast quickly filled up her mouth before she could
get it off of the cock. The cum came spilling out. The
beast kept cumming and completely cover her face. I
came sprawling out of my hiding place.

Jen and the trainer came running over to me. Jen was
completely covered in elephant sperm so I didn’t offer
to shake her hand. They begged me not to tell anyone
what I had just seen. I told them I am sure we can come
to some kind of agreement.

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