A sister snuggles up in her brother’s bed one night and wakes up to the strangest sensations

I lay in my bed, shivering slightly in the cold late
autumn night. It had been a very warm day, but tonight
was unseasonably cold. Probably only about 39 degrees
outside, and not too much warmer inside. In theory I
could turn the heat up, but my mom and twelve-year-old
brother, Brady, were out of town with one of Brady’s
swim meets, and the thermostat had a security code on
it and I couldn’t turn it up, despite the cold.

I was fifteen, I thought. I shouldn’t be having to put
up with this.

Finally at about 11:00 I got tired of trying to stay
warm and thought of a different idea. I pulled on a
pair of panties and a t-shirt (I normally slept nude),
and walked down the hall to the bedroom of my thirteen-
year-old brother, Matt, where I knocked on the door.

I heard his still boyish voice come from the other side
of the door. “Yeah?”

“Can I come in, Matt?”


I opened his door and crept inside. In the faint light
from the window, I could see Matt covered almost
completely by his blankets.


“What do you think?”

I grinned a little while shivering still. “Well,
look… I can’t sleep cause I’m freezing my ass off.
Can I… well, can I sleep with you so that we can both
stay warm?”

“Uh… well, ok, sure.”

“Good. Move over.”

Matt scooted over and I pulled back his blankets,
joining him under them. At first it still felt cold,
but after only a couple minutes I warmed up and was
soon feeling nice and toasty.

“Oh, this is much better, Matt… thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Hannah,” he said, sounding a little

I laid on my back, my brother facing the wall of his
bedroom, and eventually drifted off to a nice warm

At some point later, I don’t know for sure when, I woke
up. I didn’t know why, but I was awake. I laid there,
totally motionless, wondering what had woken me up when
I suddenly became aware of my brother’s hand moving
along my arm.

I wondered why he was doing this and couldn’t figure
out how I should handle it. I mean, it didn’t feel BAD
having him touching my arm. It wasn’t any really big
deal. Perhaps he was sleeping and just doing so in his
sleep? That was cool, I guessed. No big deal.

Just as I started to doze off I felt my brother’s hand
move again and heard him whisper softly, “Hannah?
Hannah, are you awake?”

I said nothing, just continued to act asleep.

Very slowly Matt moved his hand off my arm and down to
my stomach. He moved his fingers gently up from there
until they brushed against the underside of one of my
breasts. He shifted his weight a little and slowly
traced his fingers up until his hand was completely
cupping my breast.

Well, now… this had my attention! I wanted to stop
him, but frankly it DID feel good, and he was certainly
keeping me warm, so I suppose I didn’t have too much to
complain about. Besides, it was kind of sweet in it’s
own way. I laid there in this half-asleep state,
wondering what else Matt had in mind to do.

It wasn’t too terribly long before I found out, as he
removed his hand from my breast and whispered, once
more, “Hannah? Hannah, wake up.” Ignoring him I
remained motionless.

Matt shifted around a little behind me and this time I
felt his fingers stray down to my panties. My pulse
jumped into high gear at this point. I’d had some
experience with boys, but it was mostly limited to
making out and one of them feeling my breasts, just
like Matt had done. None had ever put their hands
anywhere near my panties, despite what they might’ve

Matt first moved his hands along my stomach and then
along the waistband of my panties. I wondered if he was
going to try to slip it inside, but apparently not. All
he did was my his fingers along the surface from the
waistband and down slightly to the top of my pubic
hair. It wasn’t much, but it felt pretty nice.

My brother moved his hand off my panties and I felt him
shifting around behind me. It took a moment to figure
out what he was doing, but once I puzzled it out, it
was pretty clear he was masturbating.

As I laid there in Matt’s bed, trying to figure out
what to do next, he moved his hand back onto my
panties. “Hannah?” he whispered once more. Matt was
breathing pretty hard at this point. It was apparent
that he was quite excited by what he was doing. I could
hardly blame him, since I was pretty excited myself.

Matt then slipped a couple fingers into the waistband
of my panties. I found myself trying not to hold my
breath as he moved them down until they encountered my
pubic hair. He traced his fingertips around in the
tangle, and then moved down a little more until his
fingers brushed against my clitoris.

Now I was getting REALLY turned on, even if it was my
little brother who was feeling me up! It still felt
really nice. Besides, there wasn’t really any harm in
it, was there? It certainly was keeping me warm.

Then my brother’s fingers drifted lower, until the tip
of one finger was pressing right against my vagina. He
pushed slightly and I felt his finger slide in a little
as he breathed out, whispering, “Oh, wow…”

I felt my brother’s bed shaking a little, and his
finger trembling as it pushed a little more into my
vagina, past about the first knuckle or so. Then Matt
let out a little moan and stiffened up next to me. He
was cumming, I realized.

When Matt was done with his orgasm he laid there
silently next to me for a moment, then pulled his
finger out of me. He moved around a little and, after a
bit, started breathing like he was sleep.

Once I was sure he was sleeping, I got out of his bed,
went to the bathroom, masturbated to a quick orgasm of
my own, and then went back to go to sleep, drifting off
with images of Matt dancing in my head.

* * *

By the time I woke up the next morning, Matt was
already out of bed and downstairs. I laid there in his
bed, wondering how much of what had happened last night
had been real and how much had just been a very vivid
dream. It certainly felt like it had been real, but how
was I to know for sure? I guessed there wasn’t any real
way, unless I talked with Matt about it, and he’d lie
like a dog if it were true. Oh, well.

When I finally got myself together, and put on some
clothes, I went down to where Matt was sitting in the
living room watching TV. I came up to him and gave him
a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you!” I said.

“For what?”

“Letting me sleep in your bed.”

“Oh! Sure, you’re welcome.”

A thought hit. “If it’s really cold tonight, can I do
it again?”

“Sure, if you want to.”

“I do.”


Matt and I went about the rest of our days seprately.
We got a call from our mom late in the night who told
us that Brady had made it into the semi-finals in his
swim meet. We were all pretty happy about that, so I
made a special dinner (homemade pizza), for my brother
and I before we got ready for bed.

When night rolled around, I was secretly pleased at how
cold it was. I told Matt I planned to sleep with him
tonight, and he said that was fine. So I went to my
bedroom, changed into just a t-shirt and, this time, a
pair of loose fitting boxers (to make it easier for
him), before I went and joined him in his bed.

“Welcome back, Hannah,” Matt said as I got into bed
with him.

“Thank you,” I said with a giggle. Then I leaned over
and hugged him, feeling his bare chest against me. “I
hate freezing.”

Matt laughed. “Me, too. It’s a lot warmer with you in
here with me.”


“Anyhow, goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Matt.”

I laid on my back, my head tilted away from my brother
and pretended to be sleeping. It actually didn’t take
too long before I started to drift slowly off, but as I
felt Matt begin moving next to me I woke entirely up,
wondering what he had in mind this time.

“Hannah?” he whispered again. I wondered what he’d do
if I responded. “Hannah, are you awake?”

Upon my saying nothing, my younger brother obviously
felt things were ok to go. He placed his hand at the
base of my tshirt and then slipped it slowly up inside.
This was new, but it didn’t bother me in the least, and
it especially didn’t bother me when Matt moved his hand
up until it was cupping my breast, my hard nipple
against the palm of his hand.

Matt whispered something under his breath, but I didn’t
catch what it was. Obviously he was pretty happy to
have his hand on me. He pulled his hand back after a
minute or two, though, but then he pulled my shirt up
enough to expose both my breasts. It moved me around
considerably, and if I hadn’t been awake already, this
would’ve woken me up.

“Wow,” he whispered as he looked at my exposed breasts.
I felt him shaking a little next to me and knew that he
was masturbating again. Then he placed a hand over one
of my nipples again, moving it around just a little. It
felt nice, that was certain.

Then Matt did something I really didn’t expect! He
leaned down and I felt his lips against my nipple. I’d
just had time to notice that when I felt him starting
to suck gently, which REALLY started to get me horny.
It was all that I could do to keep from twitching as
the pleasure flooded through my body.

Just as I was getting into it, Matt pulled his mouth
off me and pulled my t-shirt back down. He started
shaking a little more, which reminded me of what else
he was doing on his bed. I tried to picture what it
looked like when Matt masturbated. What his penis might
be like, etc.

Then I felt Matt moving again as his hand came to rest
above my panties. Moments later he slipped his fingers
under the waistband, probably very surprised to find
rather less hair than there had been the day before.
I’d trimmed it down a little during the afternoon.

If Matt noticed any difference, he didn’t let on. He
just moved his fingers down until the tip of one
encountered my vagina. He stuck out one of his fingers
and slowly slipped it up inside me, this time until it
was the way in me.

“God, that’s nice…” Matt whispered. I felt him
starting to shake big time, and it was pretty clear he
was about to cum. Sure enough, after only a few moments
of him fingering me he tensed up and let out a quiet
moan as his climax hit.

A few moments later Matt withdrew his finger from
inside my vagina. To my surprise he then leaned over
and gave me a kiss on the cheek before he laid back
and, presumably, eventually drifted off to sleep.

I, however, wasn’t at all able to sleep. I’d been horny
all day, and having my brother fingering me and sucking
on my breast had been enough to make me REALLY horny. I
wanted to get out of the bed and go masturbate, but I
also didn’t want to freeze my ass off.

Then after about fifteen minutes or so I came up with a
new idea. Turning over, I cracked open my eyes and in
the faint light from the window saw Matt laying on his
back, about half his chest exposed from under the

Quietly I whispered, “Matt? Matt?” No reply.

I grinned a little and placed my hand on his bare
chest, feeling the heat from his body against me. He
did have a pretty nice body, really. Plus it was kind
of cool feeling him up as he slept. Well, presumably
slept. For all I knew, he was faking like I had been.

“Matt? Matt, if you’re awake, I’ll let you fuck me,” I
lied softly. I figured if he was awake, that would
certainly get his attention. Nothing. Good.

I let my hand slide under the blanket and drift slowly
down my brother’s chest and stomach until I reached the
top of his boxers. Swallowing a little I moved my hand
down farther, until I felt a buldge in the fabric under
my palm. My hand was now resting over my little
brother’s penis.

A surge of excitement went through me at the thought of
what I was doing. I felt a lot of warmth under my palm,
and realized that there was nothing bit a thin bit of
fabric between me and my brother. Did I dare go

Hell, how could I not?

I moved my hand up again and before I could chicken out
slid it under the fabric of Matt’s boxers, past a small
bit of pubic hair and then, just that swiftly, my
fingers touched the base of his penis.

Oh, wow, I thought, but unlike Matt didn’t feel the
need to say. Moving my hand down farther, I let it rest
directly on his penis, and felt it twitch and start to
harden, until it was sticking out completely. I wrapped
my hand around it and held it, savoring the texture and

Well, here I was with my hand down my brothers boxers
and his penis in my hand. What did I do next? I had no
idea. I used my other hand to reach down into my
underwear and finger myself while holding him. It was
certainly cool.

It was at this point, with my brother’s penis in my
hand and my fingers inside my vagina, that my own
orgasm hit me, hard and sudden. It was, without a
doubt, the best I’d ever had, taking me at least a
couple minutes before I came back to myself.

And then, after all the excitement was over, I rolled
over onto my side and mere moments later was lost in

* * *

The next day passed uneventfully. It was Sunday night,
and Matt and I would still have tonight to be by
ourselves before our mom and Brady came back. We DID
get a call from them, saying that Brady was in the
finals. We wished him luck, and went about the rest of
the day. I didn’t know for sure what Matt was thinking
all day, but I was just killing time, waiting for bed.

Thankfully, it was even colder than it had been the
previous two nights. I was able to go into the kitchen,
open the fridge and have warm air come out. AND IT WAS
WORKING RIGHT! Amazing, and disturbing. Kind of like
what Matt and I had been up to.

As bedtime rolled around, I made sure Matt knew I
planned to sleep with him. He seemed just as thrilled
about the notion as I was, though I was sure he had no
idea why I was so pleased.

When I got to his bedroom, and under the blankets, Matt
said, “Hey, Hannah?”


“I got an idea.”


Matt was silent for so long I’d almost thought he was
sleeping. Then he said, “Well… look… I remember
reading in a Boy Scout book that… well… if you’re
sleeping with someone to stay warm you should, you
know, sleep… naked… cause the heat goes from one
person to the other person better than it would with

I was surprised and proud of my little brother for
comming with such an intelligent notion. So I said,
“Oh… ok, that sounds like a good idea.”

“It does?”

“Yeah!” I sat up in his bed and tossed my t-shirt onto
the ground, then pretended to throw my panties on the
floor. What my brother didn’t know is that I hadn’t
been wearing anything under the shirt.

Moments later Matt sat up and threw his boxers past me
and onto the floor. Then we both snuggled under the
blankets and said good night to each other. Then I just
had to pretend to sleep and see how long it would be
before Matt’s throbbing teenage hormones overtook him.

As it happened it didn’t take too long before I felt
him moving around next to me. I really wished I could
just open my eyes up and look at him and have him know
that he was making me feel good and everything else,
but I didn’t want to scare him.

Matt ended up making record time on his activities. Not
more than five minutes after I’d pretended to go to
sleep, he started whispering my name, trying to see if
I was awake. He even shook my shoulder, wanting to make
damn sure I was asleep. I gave him his wish.

My younger brother didn’t bother to wait any further.
He simply placed his hand between my legs and started
rubbing at my vagina, working a finger up inside me.
I’d left my legs spread to make this easier for him,
and that certainly seemed to help, and it felt even
better for me cause it meant that he could get his
finger into me a little deeper.

Matt shifted around on the bed, and I figured he was
just masturbating, but then I realized that he was
trying to spread my legs. Wondering exactly what he had
in mind, I let him spread them, and he got them pretty
wide before he let go. Then Matt sat up and moved over,
positioning himself so that he was between my legs.

Ok, I’ll admit. This surprised me. It was likely that
my brother was going to try and fuck me, and if he
thought I was going to pretend to be asleep while I
lost my virginity, he had another thing comming. Still,
I thought, maybe I was wrong. Maybe he didn’t have that
in mind, though what he DID have planned, I couldn’t

Matt moved himself up until his face was near mine.
“Hannah?” he whispered again. I kept pretending to
sleep. “Good,” he whispered softly. He reached down
between our legs and I felt the tip of his penis
brushing up against my vagina.

Well, great, I thought. Now I had to make up my mind
and make it up quick. Did I REALLY want to stop him, or
did I want to see what it felt like to have a boy
inside me? I mean, being a virgin at fifteen WAS kind
of sucky, after all. But did I want to loose it to my
little brother and while I was pretending to sleep?

Now I felt the tip of Matt’s penis pressing into the
entrance to my vagina. If I didn’t do something soon,
he’d slide right inside, and what would I do then?
There’d be no way I could keep pretending to sleep
while I got fucked.

So, being a little brat like only I can be, I opened my
eyes and quietly said, “Boo.”

“Aaaaaaaah!” Matt lept from off me, got tangled up in
his blankets and fell onto the floor with a loud thump
as I sat up in the bed and started laughing.

“Hannah!” Matt yelped, trying to cover himself with the
blanket that had ended up on the floor with him. “Uh…
I… it wasn’t… I just…”

I held up my hand and kept laughing as I shook my head.
“You were thinking I was asleep so you thought you’d
try fucking me, right?”

“What? No! Of course not!” my little brother replied,
doing his best to look offended and innocent at the
same time. It didn’t work. “I mean…” He laughed
weakly. “Why… why would you think that?”

“Cause you were naked on top of me with your dick about
to poke into me.”

“Oh, THAT. Well, that’s because… uh…”

I decided to have mercy. “Matt. Get back up into bed.”

“No, I’m fine down here.”

“Well, I’m COLD up here, so get your naked butt back
into bed.”

Shyly, and doing his best to hide his naked body, Matt
got back into the bed, laying as far away from me as he
could get.

“Why are you all the way over there?” I asked.

“Uh… more comfy.”

“Uh-huh… you didn’t have a problem being next to me
the last couple nights.”

Matt was silent.

“Ok, look. Let’s talk, Matt.”

“About what?”

“About you feeling me up when you thought I was

“Oh, that.”

“Yes, that. What do you have to say for yourself?”

Matt shifted around a bit and then said. “Uhm…

“That’s the best you can do?”

“Very sorry?” he replied after a moment.

I rolled my eyes. “Try again,” I said, reaching over
and smacking him on the arm.

Matt sighed. “Ok, Hannah. I’m sorry I was feeling you
up while I thought you were sleeping. It was wrong and
I shouldn’t have done it.”

“Apology accepted.”

“But… wait. If you were awake, why didn’t you stop

That question was not one I’d prepared for. “Er…” I
settled for honestly. “Well, to tell the truth, it felt
pretty nice.”

“It did?”

“Yeah. Besides, I already had my revenge.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I felt you up last night after you were done
with me.”

“You did?” he asked in a stunned tone.

“Yeah. Sorry.”

“Oh. What did you do?”

I shrugged. “Just put my hand down inside your boxers
and held your penis for a bit.”



“Well… fair is fair, I guess.”

“Yeah. Matt?”


“Were you really going to try to fuck me?”

Matt went quiet but finally said, “Well… I was going
to try to at least put it in, just to see what it felt


“Yeah. I would’ve pulled out before I came. But it’s
just that I’m a virgin still and I wanted to know what
it’s like inside a girl.”

“Yeah, I can understand that. I wonder what it’s like
to have a boy inside me.”

“You’re still a virgin, too?”



“Well, you might’ve at least used a condom. You think I
want to get pregnant?”

“I don’t have any. Plus I wasn’t going to cum in you
anyhow. I was only going to stick it in and take it
right back out again.”



We were both silent for a bit now, but then I said,
“So… Matt?”


“I got a deal for you.”


I took a deep breath. “If you promise not to cum, I’ll
let you put it in me so that we can both see what it
feels like.”

“You will? Really?”

“Yeah, but you can’t cum inside me.”

“Ok!” Matt sat up. “You want me on top like I was going
to be?”



I spread my legs wide as Matt moved around, getting
between my legs. My heart was racing as I thought about
the fact that I was about to loose my virginity to my
little brother. I was a little creeped out, but mostly
just really excited and horny as hell.

Once Matt was on top of me I took his penis in my hand
and lined it up with my vagina, feeling the tip press
slightly into me.

“Push it in real slowly, ok?”


Matt nodded at me and looked down into the darkness
under the blanket. I felt him move around a little and
then a faint pressure between my legs as, with
surprising ease, my brother’s thirteen-year-old virgin
penis glidded smoothly into my fifteen-year-old virgin
vagina, stopping only when he could go no deeper.

For a few moments my brain froze up as Matt entered me
for the first time. The feeling of having him inside me
in such an amazing fashion was really overwhelming!
There was a faint twinge of pain, but that was knocked
aside by the pure pleasure of our incestual coupling.
It was like he was where he really belonged.

“Jesus, Hannah…” Matt whispered, looking down at me.

“I know…” I whispered back.

“This feels… so cool…”


I looked up at as much of my brother’s nude body I
could see in the faint light that filled the room. He
looked really hot on top of me, I had to admit. Knowing
that his penis was deep inside me made him even hotter.

Matt was trying hard not to move, which I guessed meant
that he was getting close to cumming. I let him keep
his penis inside me for about a minute or so, but then
I figured anything more than that and I could get
pregnant. So I had to do what I didn’t want to do.

“Matt…?” I whispered.


“You gotta pull out…”

Matt looked crushed. “Do I have to…?”

I nodded. “I don’t want you to… but you can’t cum in

“Can I just keep it inside a little longer? Please? I
promise to pull out before I cum! Please?”

Matt had such a look of desperation on his face… and
it DID feel really good to have him inside me. So
finally I nodded and said, “Ok… but you better pull

“I will, I promise!”


Matt at first didn’t move or anything, but then I felt
his muscular naked body moving on top of me in a slow,
somewhat steady motion, his penis sawing back and forth
inside my vagina as, for the first time, he stared to
truly fuck me.

I let out a little moan and placed my hands on my
brother’s ass, cupping it as he fucked me, my mind
spinning with pleasure. I’d never known anything could
ever feel this good! If I’d known sex was like this, I
would’ve lost my virginity years ago!

“Oh… ooooh… Hannah…?” Matt gasped as he moved his
penis within me.


“I’m gettin’ close…”


“Can I cum in you… please…? Just this once…
please? I promise I’ll never ask again… just this
once… please…?”

I knew I shouldn’t let him, but I didn’t want to have
him stop. It all felt way too good. But if he got me
pregnant… oh, the hell with it. The odds of that were
pretty low. I could take the chance.

“Ok… just this once…”

“Oh… oh, god… thank you… oh… OH!”

Matt’s body moved faster as he thrust ever harder into
me. Then he pushed deep inside me, tensed and grunted
as I felt his penis start to twitch within my vagina,
and I knew that my brother’s sperm was bathing the
inside of my body as he climaxed. I could actually feel
it spurting into me! It was incredibly intense, almost
enough to trigger my own orgasm, but not quite. When my
brother was done cumming, he fell on top of me, his
naked, sweaty body laying on mine, his erection still
within my body as he tried to get his breath back.

“Well…” I managed to say after a few moments. “That
was… interesting…”


“Get off me now.”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, ok.”

My brother’s penis slipped out of my vagina as he
rolled off me and onto his back. Neither of us spoke
for a bit, and then he said, “I can’t believe we just
had sex.”

“Me, either,” I confessed.

“I really liked it.”

“I did, too,” I said, after thinking for a moment.

“Do you… maybe… wanna do it again sometime?” he
asked, with hope in his voice.

I considered the question. “Yeah. I think so. It really
felt nice.”

“Cool.” Matt was quiet again. “Do you think you wanna
do it again… right now?”

I laughed at my horny brother. “Now? But we just got
DONE doing it!”

“Yeah, but I’m still hard.”

“You are?” I reached under the blanket and found my
brother’s stiff penis. Stroking it a little I said,
“Damn… yeah, you are.”

“I told you.”

“Yeah…” I thought about it for a few seconds.
“Well… ok. I guess we can do it some more tonight,
but if we do it after this, we’re going to have to get
some condoms, ok?”


“Let’s get these blankets off, though. I’m too hot.”

“Me, too.”

We tossed Matt’s blankets onto the floor and savored
the feeling of the cooler air over our naked teenage
bodies. It was somewhat ironic that I’d come into his
room originally to stay warm and now was too warm!

“Hey, Hannah?”


“Do you mind if I turn on a light this time? I wanna
see you when we do it.”

“Sure,” I said with a shrug.

Then we both spent several minutes going “argh” as the
light blinded us. When our eyes finally adjusted I
checked out my naked brother and got a good look at the
penis that had taken my virginity. It was about four,
maybe four and a half inches long and, like the rest of
his body, was rather thin and mostly hairless. Nice,

“You look beautiful, Hannah,” Matt said, looking at me
as he started stroking his penis.

“You look good, too.”

I assumed the position again, laying on my back with my
legs spread wide and high, watching as Matt moved his
naked body on top of mine, with his penis pointing
almost straight up at the ceiling. I watched as he took
it in his hand and aimed it at my vagina.

“Are you ready?” my brother asked, looking into my

“Oh, yes.”


I looked down between my legs, wanting to see my
brother entering me. I’d felt it, of course, the first
time, but this time I’d actually be able to see it when
he put his penis inside me, and I couldn’t wait!

Matt scooted forward until the tip of his erection
pressed against me. Then I watched him move again and
watched as he very slowly began to sink his penis into
my vagina. The shaft disapeared into me bit by bit
until it was all the way inside me, and his pubic hair
was mashed into mine. It was the coolest thing I’d ever
seen and felt even better than it had the first time he
put it in me!

“God, that’s cool,” Matt said, smiling as he looked
down at me.

“Yeah, it is…”

Matt lowered his body down onto mine and started slowly
pumping with his hips, slidding in and out of me in a
fairly steady rhythm. It felt wonderful having him do
that! I once again let my hands stray onto his firm
butt, savoring the motion of his muscles under the

“This so wonderful, Hannah…” Matt whispered.

“Yeah… oh, god, yeah…”

Matt fucked me like that for a good three or four
minutes before an idea hit me.

“Hey, Matt?”


“Stop for a second.”

Matt stopped moving and looked down at me, concern on
his face. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” I grinned. “I just wanna be on top.”

“Oh!” Matt smiled back. “Ok!”

“Here, get off me and lay on your back.”

“Alright.” Matt got off me, his penis slipping out my
body as he flipped over and laid down on his bed.

I straddled my brother at the waist, taking his penis
in my hand and lining it up with my vagina. I thought
at first that it would be a little awkward this way,
but it really wasn’t. I just sort of backed up, lowered
myself down, and just that easily had him inside me.

“Oh, I REALLY like that…” I said with a smile as I
looked down at my naked brother.

“Me, too,” he grinned back.

I placed one hand on the bed to steady myself and the
other on my brother’s smooth, hairless chest as I
started doing my best to ride his penis. This was going
to take some practice, I realized quick. It certainly
felt good to have him under me like this, and it was
cool looking down and seeing the look of rapture on his
face as we fucked.

“Oh, that’s good,” muttered Matt as he started pushing
up into me.


My brother reached up with one hand and cupped one of
my breasts, then moved the hand down to my clitoris,
trying to rub at it while we fucked. After a bit he
gave up and just laid there and enjoyed the ride.

“Oh…” Matt whispered after about three minutes.
“Oh… Hannah… I’m gonna… AH!” He pushed up into me
and I felt his penis pulsing inside my vagina as his
sperm filled me. The look on his face was adorable! It
was just a pity I didn’t wind up cumming as well.

Once Matt was finished cumming, I lifted myself off him
and laid back down on the bed, a little of his sperm
leaking out from me as I did so. I ran a finger through
it and looked at it. Just like they told us in health
class. Sticky, white, smelled weird.

For quite a while neither of us said anything. We just
laid side-by-side on Matt’s bed, slowly getting our
breath back and staring at the ceiling, and then Matt
said, “I gotta go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.”


Matt got out of bed and walked out of the room, my eyes
fixed on his butt as he walked. I wondered why I’d
never realized before just how good looking Matt was.
Probably just because he was my brother.

Which brought me, of course, to another problem. I
started to wonder, in the back of my head, about the
appropriateness of what Matt and I had done. I mean,
this was incest, after all, which was illegal and most
people thought it was immoral.

I wasn’t sure what I should think about it. It felt
really good the two times we’d had sex, but maybe there
was a good reason why it was illegal and wrong. But
could anything that felt so good as this be wrong?

Ah, who cared. I’d sort it out later. Right now my mind
drifted back to other things as my naked brother walked
back into the bedroom, looking all shy and cute and
smiling just a little bit.

“Hey,” he said. “Mind if I join you?”

“Not at all.”

“Excellent,” Matt said, steepling his fingers like Mr

I shuddered. “Don’t do that again.”

“Oh? What if I do?” he asked, getting into bed with me.

“Then no more sex.”

“Oh? So if I DON’T do it, I DO get more sex?” my
brother asked hopefully.

I laughed. “God, don’t tell me you’re horny again!”

Matt blushed a little. “Well, not quite yet, but I’m
getting there.”

I rolled my eyes. “You’re such a… a… I don’t know
what you are, but you’re it!”

“Glad to hear it!” Matt leaned over and kissed me on
the cheek.

I laughed a little. “Now you ARE getting to be horny
again, aren’t you?”

Matt placed his hand between my legs and rubbed at my
vagina a little. “Like you aren’t?”

“Well, maybe a little.”

“Maybe you just like having your brother inside you so
much that you can’t ever say no?”

“Dream on, little boy,” I laughed.

“Oh, really? So you’re saying no right now?”

“Well… no. Wait. Yes. No. Wait. No, no. Uh…” I
crossed my eyes.

Matt laughed. “So you’re saying yes right now?” He
pushed his hard penis against my thigh.

“Oh, god, it’s back…” I muttered, looking at my
brother’s erection.

“Yes. So can I put it somewhere nice and warm?”

I rolled my eyes. “I can tell you where you can stick

“In you?”

I laughed again. “You’re really a pest, aren’t you?”

“That’s not a no,” he pointed out.

I laughed some more and spread my legs for my brother.
“Alright, alright. I know better than to try and fight
the inevitable.”

“Good!” My brother said, grinning widely as he got on
top of me. He took his penis in his hand and slipped it
easily into me with one smooth motion, burrying himself
all the way inside my vagina.

“Ah…” A wordless moan of pleasure from me.

“Thank you for doing this with me…”

“You’re very, very welcome…”

My younger brother lowered himself down again until his
face was mere inches from mine. “Can we do this again?
A lot more?”

“Oh, yes…”

“Every day?”


“Cool…” Matt smiled as he kept thrusting into me. “Am
I gonna have to start wearing a condom?”

“No…” I didn’t really want him to. It would’ve
seemed… wrong… somehow.

“Can I always cum in you?” he whispered, fucking me a
little faster.

“Yes…” I whispered back, not sure why, but it felt
like the right answer. It certainly sent a little
thrill through my body.

Matt leaned in closer, until his lips were almost
touching mine as he fucked me faster and faster. “Do
you… want to… have a baby… with me?”

“Oh, god, yes,” I moaned, unsure if I really wanted to,
but not really caring. “Make me pregnant, little
brother… give me a baby…”

Matt closed his eyes, let out a low moan, and then, to
my surprise, kissed me! His mouth pushed right up
against mine as I felt his penis start kicking inside
my vagina, his sperm flooding into me for the third
time today, heading out onto its mission of making me

The idea of that was enough to finally give me my first
orgasm with a boy, my vagina convulsing around my
brother’s hard penis as I clutched his ass and the
pleasure washed over me in waves that I rode with a
bliss that made everything else we’d done look like
nothing at all!

This time, when Matt was done cumming, he simply
collapased on top of me, both of us breathing hard and
sweating up a storm. After a minute or two he said,
“Ok, I think I’m offically fucked-out for right now,”
and rolled onto the bed next to me.

“Yeah,” I said with a gasp. “Me, too.”

After a bit I got out of bed and went to the bathroom
where I did the usually bathroomy things and cleaned up
a little. By the time I got back to Matt’s bedroom he
was already aslseep. I snuggled up under the blankets
next to him and in moments had joined him in slumber.

* * *

I woke up first the next morning. I looked over at my
brother, my lover, I guessed he was now, laying naked
in the bed next to me. He looked so adorable! I wanted
to feel him inside me again, but first needed to take
care of other pressing biological business.

While I used the bathroom I thought about everything
that had gone on last night. I still had no regrets,
except that I DID wish I hadn’t mentioned anything
about having a baby. Despite what I’d said, I certainly
didn’t want to get pregnant, especially not by my own
brother. The sex was nice, but not worth that.

So I made up my mind that, as soon as possible, I would
get out there and get on the Pill. Meantime, if Matt
and I continued to have sex with each other, which
seemed quite likely, we’d just take our chances.

Quickly I became aware of the fact that I really,
really smelled bad. This was what a night of hardcore
sex with your brother can do. Since I was still naked,
I figured I might as well get a shower, so I turned on
the water and, once it was ready, stepped inside.

Ah… not quite as good as the sex last night, but nice
anyhow, I thought to myself as the water beat down onto
me. I picked up the soap and started getting clean,
paying special attention to the part between my legs.

Just as I was about finished the curtain got pulled
back and Matt stuck his head in. “Room for one more?”
he asked.



My brother got into the shower with me, naked as he was
the night before, still hard as he was the night
before. I stood aside so that he could get under the
flow of water and he did so, getting good and soaked.

“Ah… that feels nice…”


He grinned a little. “I’m sore in a lots of places.”

I smiled back. “Me, too.”

“So we really DID do it last night, huh?”

“Yeah. What you thought we didn’t?”

Matt shrugged. “I wondered if I’d maybe dreamed it

“You didn’t.”

“I know.”

Looking down at my brother’s hard penis, I got an idea.
“Stand still for a second.”


I dropped to my knees in front of Matt, gave his penis
a couple strokes, then opened my mouth up and lowered
it around the shaft. I’d given a couple blowjobs before
in my life, and always felt somewhat ambivilant about
them. The idea of sucking my own brother off really
appealed, though, so I had no problem with doing it.

“Oooooh… whoof… that’s nice…” Matt said, putting
his hands on the back of my head. “Oh, that feels real

I pulled my face off his penis, still stroking it with
one hand. “Better than sex?” I asked with a grin.

“Fuck, no.”

“Thought so.” I went back down on my brother.

After a minute or so, Matt said, “Hey, Hannah?”


“Can I fuck you now?” Matt grinned a little. “We can
have another try at making a baby.”

I laughed. “Ok, sure.”

Standing up, I figured the best way to do it would be
to turn away from him, lean up against a wall and bend
over a little, which I did as Matt got behind me. I
felt his penis poking against my ass.

“Where do I go in?”

I took my brother’s penis in my hand and lined him up.
“Right here.”

“Ok.” Matt gave a little push and slowly slid his penis
into my vagina. He moaned a little and began thrusting
slowly. It was pretty neat, really, cause I could feel
his hips pushing against my butt as he fucked me.

I moaned lowly as my brother fucked me. Oh, I LOVED
having him inside me like this. I was addicted forever
now, and I knew it. Even if I wanted to stop having sex
with Matt there wouldnt’ be any way that I could. I’d
never experienced anything as wonderful as this!

We fucked for about five minutes there in the shower.
It wasn’t very comfortable, but it felt pretty good.
Good enough, certainly, that at the end of that time,
my brother fired yet another blast of sperm into my

After he was done cumming in me, Matt stayed inside my
vagina for a few moments, getting his breath back and
cupping my breasts.

“Wow… this is all so cool,” he whispered into my ear.


“You think I’ve got you pregnant yet?”

“Uh, maybe,” I said, not sure what else to say. I still
wasn’t exactly wild about the idea of carrying my
little brother’s baby, but it was obviously turning him

“I hope so,” he replied, sawing his still slightly hard
penis back and forth inside me for a few seconds before
slipping out.

Making a mental note to myself to go and get onto the
Pill, I finished cleaning up and soon my brother and I
exited the shower, went to our respective bedrooms, got
dressed and made ready for the day.

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