A Son’s obsession with his mother, clouds his entire life

Warning, this sex story was written as an adult fantasy. Anyone tempted to act out any of
the scenarios in this story should seriously consider
seeking professional help.

Unless you’re an alien life form, and if you are, then
“Welcome” each of us is here because of the collision
between our mother’s egg with our father’s sperm. In
case you didn’t know, that’s how it works.

Over her lifetime, your mom will only produce three
hundred and fifty fertilizable eggs out of a possible
three hundred thousand, so you are just one of her many
possibilities. While your father, on the other hand,
produces over five hundred billion sperm. Yes, that’s
Billions with a ‘B’ if only it was cash.

Our journey begins with this impact like a meteor
hitting a planet. While some planets explode and return
to comic dust, others remain intact. If we’re lucky, we
gestate in the safety and comfort of our mother’s womb
unconcerned with daily life around us until we become
too great a parasite to remain.

We are expelled into the world kicking and screaming at
our loss of security because now we’re immersed in a
strange new place with over seven billion similar
creatures all looking for their identity in the faceless
crowd. It’s should be apparent that your safe arrival is
a happenstance of galactic proportions. You, this
individual, are the winning lottery ticket and then

You grow in your little (or big) family unit. Each
taught and influenced by our parental units Mom and
Dad, two Moms, two Dads, single Mom or single Dad, and
then there’s siblings. You develop habits and tendencies
that will be with you for life because in your family,
that’s just how we do things. To you, your family is
‘normal’. It’s everyone else’s family that’s weird. That
premise holds no matter if you’re raised in a home of
saints, sinners or serial killers. It’s your ‘normal’.

That is, until you have that first sleep over at Joey’s
or Janie’s house, you’re exposed to their ‘normal’. They
eat in front of the TV. We never do that. They cuss and
swear. We never fucking do that. They go to church. God
forbid that we do that. You begin to wonder and
question. Is my ‘normal’ OK? Is my normal ‘normal’?
Maybe not consciously, but it happens on some level.

It must be something in our DNA that then makes us begin
to categorize people into various groups boys, girls,
black, white, brown, tall, short, smart, stupid,
whatever. If you’re doing that, imagine that everyone
around you is doing it, too, so you can conceive of all
the different iterations available. Every permutation
will have that individual’s ‘normal’ as an overlay to
bring it into their focus. No wonder things are so
fucked up with seven billion different ideas of

In our household, the bathroom door was never closed
except during a certain bodily function. It was ‘normal’
to see Mom or Dad peeing or bathing. It just wasn’t ever
thought to be a big deal. It was our ‘normal’ unless we
had company.

My earliest recollection of Mom’s and Dad’s sexuality
came from a trip to the potty. Their door was open and I
heard my Mommy making noises like she was having trouble
breathing. I stood in the doorway and watched as my
Dad’s shape rose and fell on her.

I distinctly remember saying, “Daddy, please don’t hurt

Her voice reassured me replying, “Everything is OK.
Daddy isn’t hurting me. Go back to bed.”

After that, my potty trips always required a pause and
listen at their door. Sometimes I would hear their
noises and it always sounded like Mommy was breathless,
but her initial reply had belayed my fears.

Those incidents must have spurred my sexuality even at
that young age because afterward, I was aware and
interested in things of a sexual nature. I didn’t know
they were sexual, but I was just interested in them. You
know how most boys around four or five have a phase of
continually holding that small appendage that resides
between their legs. I don’t think I ever out grew that.
I knew that that thing was something that identified me,
made me special and provide a great deal of pleasure
when it was rubbed.

My room was adjacent to my parents’ bedroom. If I
couldn’t sleep, I’d listen for their noises. I didn’t
understand the meaning of the words they said, but they
sounded excited to say them. Most nights were ‘normally’
pierced with their clamor.
Dad worked two jobs to make extra money for special
things for our family. He had a Monday through Friday
job and one that he worked on weekends.

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment this ritual began, but
it was sometime before kindergarten. If I heard Dad
leave for work, I would get out of my bed and join Mom
in hers. She’d be asleep or so I thought. She was so
pretty and to me was the ‘real’ sleeping beauty.

I distinctly remember the first time I slipped into her
bed. For some reason, I lifted the sheet up high and
looked down. Her nightie was bunched up around her
waist. I saw the V between her legs. It was covered with
hair. It looked so soft, mysterious and forbidden. I
wondered what was hiding in there.

It became a constant question in my mind from that day
on. Every time I would sneak into her bed, her nightie
was always gathered above her waist. This was my
‘normal’ .

When Dad worked late, Mom would ask me to take a bath
with her. She’d have me stand in the tub as she washed
my peepee and little balls.

She’d pull the skin covering the tip back and say, “We
need to keep this clean.” I loved the feel of her soapy
fingers as they slid up and down my micro shaft and
around the flare of my little dick. I always got stiff
when she did that.

She’d have me turn around and soap up my ass. Her hands
slipped over my alabaster butt as the suds built up.

She’d take both hands and spread my cheeks and say, “We
need to clean in here, too. If you don’t, you can get a

She’d slide her index finger up and down between my
cheeks then it would stop and circle around my little
brown muscle. Not every time, but every once and a
while, she’d push her little finger inside me. It
tickled, but felt good, too.

Now, it was my turn to wash her. I’d take the soap bar
and rub it on her titties.

She’d say, “Make lots of suds, son.”

Her skin was so smooth, soft and white. She’d instruct
me to use both on my hands and make circles. She always
wanted me to make sure the pointy things in the middle
were real clean. They seemed to get bigger when I washed

She’d usually be sitting Indian style, so when I looked
down, I could see her black curly hair covering
something pink that was squarely between her legs. She
didn’t have a peepee like me.

After washing her, I’d sit down and sometimes she’d take
my foot and put it between her legs.

She’d say, “Sam, wiggle your toes.”

Being a good son, I did what she asked. I remember the
feel of her hair on my toes and its softness as the
water sloshed about. She’d move my foot around while I
kept jiggling my toes.

When she’d stop biting her lips and breathing hard, we
get out and dry each other off. Our communal bathing was
our ‘normal’ until I started growing hair down there.

It was summer, and not like today, where everyone is so
paranoid about leaving their kids by themselves, so I
often found myself alone during the summer. For god’s
sake, my parents both worked and there weren’t day care
for kids in my social strata. I was beginning puberty,
but always interested in my dick and the pleasure it
provided. I was nave, but adventurous. One afternoon,
my running buddy, Billy, was off with his mom somewhere,
so I was basically, kind of wandering the streets just
looking in the stores trying to k**l time until supper.

I saw a car parked by the alley and its headlights
blinked a couple times. Maybe the guy sitting in it
needed help I thought to myself. Maybe he was hurt or
something. I went over to investigate further. Once I
was standing next to his car door, I saw that his pants
were unzipped and he had this HUGE hard dick. Well, it
was huge compared to mine.

You see, Billy and I had a game where we would play with
each other until we got boners. It was ‘normal’ for us,
two curious young boys. I couldn’t stop staring at his
HUGE stiff dick. I wondered if it felt different from
mine or Billy’s. I wanted to touch it.

I’m sure the man in the car had never had anyone stop
and just stare at his cock before. He seemed a little
surprised at my actions. He asked, “Do you want a ride?”

Even though Mom and Dad had warned me about accepting
rides from strangers, I answered, “Sure.”

I don’t think that kids really know who strangers are.
In my mind, they were some hideously disfigured person
like one of the monster in the horror movies I watched.
This guy looked like an older version of my Dad. No
monster there. Besides, I was always outgoing, so I
don’t think I knew any strangers. I wasn’t afraid just
really curious about what I was seeing.

I walked around his car and got in the passenger side.
As soon as I did, my eyes were glued to his erection.

He asked, “Do you want to touch it?”

Before I could stop myself, I said, “Yeah.” My left-hand
reached out and my fingers slowly folded around his
shaft. A jolt, of what I know now to be sexual energy,
coursed through my body. It was the most awesome feeling
of my short life. The man let out a stifled groan.

“That feels really good. Just keep holding it until I
stop. OK?” he said.

“Oh, yes, I can do that,” was my reply.

He drove a couple miles from downtown to a residential
area. He said, “You need to duck down in the seat so no
one can see you.” I did.

He turned onto a dead-end street and into the long
curved drive at the end. The driveway ended behind his
house. He stopped the car and told me to stay down until
he parked in the garage. He zipped up and opened the
garage door. Once the garage door was closed, I got out.
There was a connecting door to the house. We entered.

The house didn’t have a womanly scent or feel about it.
You know that lingering of perfume or dainty knick
knacks on the shelves of the bookcase. We ended up in a
large living room with picture frame block paneling.

In his living room, I saw a movie projector and a
screen. I plopped down on his sofa wondering what was
next. I was excited. He asked, “Do you want a soda?”

“Yeah, that’ll be great. Thank you,” I responded. Mom
would have been proud of my manners.

A couple minutes later, he returned with two drinks. I
took a sip. Mine tasted a little funny, but I could tell
it was mostly cola.

He asked, “Would like to see my cock again?”

“Yes, I would.”

“To be fair, I think you should show me yours, too.” He

I thought to myself, I hope my little dick isn’t a
disappointment to him. When I started to take off my
clothes, so did he. We stood there, both naked, staring
at each other me staring at his cock and him looking
at my dick. Doing that made me feel so excited, grown up
and a little nasty like when I saw my Dad’s cock in the
bathroom, but it was never hard and sticking straight
out like this. This wasn’t a ‘normal’ thing at my house,
but it seemed ‘normal’ to Chester, so who was I to judge
like they say, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

Well, we were both standing there just looking at each
other. I was anxious and I guess so was Chester. I’m
sure I was the first young man that had ever come to his
house to look at his cock and he really didn’t know what
to do with me or should I say to me.

He said, “Let’s sit on the sofa and you can touch it
again if you want.”

I replied with my unbounded eagerness, “Oh, yes, I do
want to touch it.”

He asked, “Do you want me to touch yours?”

“Yes, please,” I replied.

We sat there fondling each other. I played with his cock
and he played with my dick. I couldn’t call mine a cock
at that age. I’m sure he was as ecstatic as I was. I was
holding a grown man’s cock in my hand and it felt
wondrous. As my hand moved over its surface, my
sensations were in overdrive. I loved feeling its heat,
bigness, smoothness and hardness. Suddenly, Chester
moaned and hot stuff shot out of his cock coating my
hand, himself and the floor. I’d never seen anything
like that and leapt from the sofa.

I was dumbfounded and said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to
hurt you.”

He answered, “No, that’s alright. It was beautiful.
That’s what normally happens. Maybe I should take you
back now.”

“I think so,” I agreed. I felt reassured that I hadn’t
hurt him. I thought to myself, he said that’s what
normally happens. Did he mean just his cock or would my
dick do that too?

We got our clothes on and once in the car, he asked me
to lie down again until we were several miles from his

He gave me his phone number and said, “If you ever want
to do this again, call me, but under no circumstances,
tell anyone about this never. They wouldn’t
understand. OK?”

He leaned in and kissed my lips. I was shocked because
no man had ever kissed me like that. My Dad would give
me a peck, but it was nothing like Chester had just
done. I got out and headed for home. It was almost
supper time and Mom would be looking for me.

I only lasted about two weeks before my curiosity and
lust got the better of me. I called Chester. He
suggested that we meet at the park about four blocks
away from my house. I was excited and could hardly wait
to see his car drive up.

I opened the passenger door and slid in. When we got
close to his house, he again asked me to duck down in
the seat so no one would see me. Once the garage door
was close, I bounded out and entered his house. I headed
straight for the living room. It was liked I’d been
there a thousand times already and I had in my

He said, “Let’s watch a movie.”

“Ok,” I answered.

He started the movie and sat next to me on the sofa.
There were two guys and a girl. They talked for about
thirty seconds and then began taking off all their
clothes. My little dick was squirming in my pants. I’d
never seen anything like that before, but after one of
the guys began shoving his dick into the girl, the
motion they were doing was just like I remembered seeing
Mom and Dad doing.

The girl was making noises that sounded a lot like Mom’s
babble. I don’t know why, but that just made my dick get
harder. Chester put his arm around me and gave me a hug.
He lightly kissed my cheek. He hugged me again and then
he kissed my lips.

“Do you want to take your shirt off?” He questioned. Of
course, I did. He took his shirt off, too.

He hugged me again and played with my nipples. It
tickled and felt great especially when he leaned over
and licked them.

“Would you mind taking off your pants?” he asked. Of
course, I didn’t. I took them off and he took his pants
off, too.

My dick was straining at my briefs when he asked, “Would
you take your underwear off?” I was naked in the blink
of an eye. My dick was sticking straight out like Mom
had just washed it. His was too.

We sat down and began touching each other. His cock felt
awesome. It was so warm like holding a hot piece of
sausage. We watched as one of the guys in the movie
began sucking the other one’s cock. I’d never thought of
doing that.

Chester asked, “Can I do that for you?”

“Yeah, sure, that’ll be great.” I answered.

His mouth and tongue began sending me to heaven. I’d
never felt anything like that in my life. It was
incredible and he was really good at it. I came in a
minute or two. It was ‘dry’, but extremely intense, much
better than what Billy and I had been doing.

We sat there for a couple more minutes just watching the

I couldn’t help myself and asked, “Can I do yours?” I
thought to myself, “Please say yes.”

“OK, but only if you really want to do it. I don’t want
you to feel f****d.”

“Yes, I really want to do it.” I replied.

“You know it’ll shoot stuff out like the guys in the
movie. Is that OK?”

“Yes, yes, I want to taste it.” I quickly replied.

“Well, if you really want to do it. Ok then. I don’t
want to think you were f****d to do it. It’s OK if you
don’t want to do it.”

“No, no, I really, really want to do it.” I reassured

I opened my mouth and slipped it over his cock. It was
so big. Chester began giving me instructions on how to
do it, how to use my tongue, watch out for those teeth.
I’m sure his pleasure was more an ethereal one because I
was a novice of the first degree as it filled my mouth.
I don’t think I was very good at it, but he came almost
as quickly as I had. I remember his taste and warmth on
my tongue. How it felt having his cock filling my mouth
and then filling it with his juice.

I get hard every time I recall that episode. His cum was
thick and salty and a different flavor from anything I’d
ever tasted before. I wanted to please him, to feel
grown up and like I’d seen the guys in the movie do, I
swallowed as much of his gift as possible. Most of it
made it to my stomach, but the rest was everywhere his
legs, my chin and chest, the sofa.

We met weekly for fun and training. Chester had a large
collection of porn movies and magazines. There were all
kinds guys together, girls together, boys and girls
together, everything you could imagine and some that I
couldn’t, but enjoyed watching. Chester taught me all
about gay sex, but he didn’t neglect straight sex
either. I was getting a well-rounded top-notch sex
education. This was my ‘new normal”.

After a couple weeks, I got up my nerve and showed Billy
how to suck a cock. He was more excited about it than I
was. He asked, “How do you know how to do this?”

I introduced him to Chester.

After Chester, Billy and I were having sex regularly, I
began to notice Mom even more than before. She always
seemed to be flashing me by letting her bathrobe slip
open, lingering a little longer in the bath, or
spreading her legs a little wider when I snuck into her
bed after Dad left for work. I was fully into puberty
and horny constantly. I’d probably have fucked a hole in
the ground if it would have gotten me off. From watching
Chester’s movies, I knew how to have sex with a woman,
but I had never had any real contact with any female
other than my Mom.

One Saturday morning, I was fourteen and I found myself
in her bed with my head under the covers. I couldn’t
help but stare at that dark, mysterious patch of hair
between her legs. By now, I knew what was down there,
but I’d never seen one close up and I wanted to. My hand
unconsciously found my hard cock and I began to lightly
stroke myself. I’d done this discretely many times
before while lying beside her, but this time, I did it
two strokes too long. Cum blasted out of my cock all
over her bare thigh. Oh, man, I was in deep shit.

Mom slowly turned her head and looked directly into my
frighten eyes. I knew I was fucked and not in the good
way. In my mind, I could feel my Dad’s belt on my ass
and I’d be grounded for life.

I was amazed when she smiled and said calmly, “I
understand what you’re going through and you’re doing a
lot of growing right now. This is one of the things that
can happen. I’m not mad at you, Son.”

She slowly moved closer. I thought she was going to kiss
my forehead. She kissed my lips. It was soft, gentle and
loving. Her tongue began slithering between my lips. I
was hard again. My brain’s state was pure unconstrained
euphoria. After spending my entire life looking at her,
I wanted her. I wanted to fuck her.

My hand instinctively found her warm full breast as I
squeezed it through her nightie. Her lips parted as she
moaned with acceptance and her tongue probed deeper into
my mouth. I thought to myself, “This is it. IT’S GONNA
HAPPEN.” Imagine my emotions when she sighed and removed
my hand from her breast.

She looked into my eyes again and said, “I understand
your feelings, but you can’t come in my bed anymore.
Don’t worry . I won’t tell your Dad. This’ll be our
secret.” She kissed my cheek saying, “You need to go

I crawled out of bed, cock still hard, brain in a total
state of confusion and headed back to my bedroom to
a***e myself. What had just happened? Well, whatever it
was it was over and that ‘normal’ part of my life had

From then on my glimpses of her seemed to last longer
and longer, they didn’t feel like the brief looks I’d
had before. They were more like exposures, letting me
see her lovely breast, looking so soft and supple, her
hard nipples so suckable, a glimpse of her fur even
seeing her naked after showering. When our eyes met,
she’d smile coyly at me, but never a spoken word.

I was our resident ‘Peeping Tom’ and a silent
acknowledgement existed between us that I could look but
not touch. My cock was in constant turmoil if puberty
wasn’t bad enough. It was t*****e. She was continually
in my thoughts and no amount of self-a***e helped. That
was my ‘new normal’.

Mom and Dad split up when I was seventeen. By then, I
had been with several women if you can call a seventeen
year-old girl, a woman. From Chester’s sexually
education training, I knew how to please them orally and
with my cock, too, but Dad’s leaving was hard on both of
Mom and I.

The divorce seemed to make Mom even more brazen in
exposing herself to me. I began reciprocating by wearing
nothing but my boxer underwear around the house.
Sometimes, I’d catch her looking at my cock’s head as it
slipped from under the cotton leg opening. I knew she
enjoyed tormenting me with her body. She knew I lusted
for her. I abused myself nightly thinking about her in
the next room naked with no cock to her void. That was
my ‘new normal’.

After I turned eighteen, she started dating. This one
evening, she came home very drunk. Her clothes were
disheveled, her hair was a matted mess, her makeup was
smeared and she smelled like cum. If anyone knew what
cum smelled like, it was I. She flopped on the sofa. I
was in my boxers. I didn’t know what she needed, but I
knew she needed something. I sat down and hugged her.

She began sobbing and saying, “I’m such a slut. Guys
just want to use you for their needs.” Her head nestled
into my shoulder. I knew what she was saying.

As I hugged her more tightly trying to better console
her, she raised her head and kissed me. It was a
deliciously long, wet, deep French kiss. My mind was a
blur and I unconsciously squeezed her breast. Her hand
fell to my lap and she squeezed my cock. I was
instantaneously hard and wanted her with all my soul. I
felt the touch of her delicate fingers as she began to
stroke my manhood.

I slipped my hand under her skirt. She was panty-less
and was dripping wet and sticky with his and her cum. I
knew this was finally going to be it when my lust for
her would be satisfied.

As quickly as it began, she pulled away saying, “No,
this isn’t right. I’m sorry for being a bad Mom.” She
went upstairs to her bedroom. I heard the door close.

I was hard, confused again and unsatisfied. I jacked off
twice slurping up my seed. I was angry at her and myself
for letting this happen again. Sleep didn’t come that

The next several days, we barely spoke. I guess she was
either ashamed or mad at how far things had gone. I knew
I was just mad that it hadn’t gone further. I couldn’t
get that night out of my mind. It was on a continuous
loop that played in my consciousness even though I was
actively doing something else. Five days later, I was
naked lying on my bed in my darkened bedroom just slow
stroking my cock and thinking about how getting my cock
sucked felt so good.

My door began to open. Light streamed in like rapid
sunrise. It was Mom. She stood in the doorway wearing a
black sheer nightie. Her body was silhouetted by the
hallway light. It was like the scene from “My Dad
Married an Alien”, where Kim Bassinger stands in a
doorway. She looked so hot. My sex-o-meter was
instantaneously erect.

My hand froze mid-stroke. My mouth opened to say
something, but before an utter could be released, she

“Quiet! Don’t say a word.” She demanded in a low, firm
voice. She approached my bed.

Leaning down, she kissed me with the most sensuous kiss
I’ve ever received. It was like a feather being raked
over my lips, soft, tender and loving initially, but
then her tongue began a frenzied search for my
epiglottis. My tongue reciprocated. Her hand replaced
mine. The kissing went on for an eternity and I loved
every second of it. Her hand was gently squeezing my
cock as her tongue work its magic in my mouth. The
kissing stopped.

Like an apparition, her head drifted toward my pleasure
organ and her lips placed a succulent kiss on the tip. I
was in orbit. Her tongue made a couple laps around my
circumference before enveloping me with her oral warmth.
There was no movement just the warmth of her mouth. Time
was standing still. I nearly came from the experience.

Her talented tongue began swirling around my head,
licking my shaft until it was fully coated with her
spit. She was drooling with anticipation when she
stopped. “Oh god, no, please don’t stop now.” I thought.

She straddled me holding my stiff meat in one hand and
with the other opening herself to me. She lowered
herself onto my throbbing cock. The feeling of her inner
warmth slowly enveloping me was overwhelming. It’s a
feeling I’ll never forget. She began to slowly rise and
impale herself on me.

My head was spinning with the event of a lifetime. I
said, “I’m glad I’ve already cum once.”

She laughed and replied, “Shut up and fuck me.”

I pulled her to my chest and rammed my cock deep into
her pumping like this would never happen again. As I
came, I tried to push my cock through the top of her
skull as I tried to get myself back into her womb. I’d
never felt anything that that before. It was
indescribable such that tears of elations began running
down my cheek. I felt hers drip on my chest. I held her
in my arms tightly with my cock squirming inside her
warmth. A lifetime of desire and lust at last fulfilled.

My every nerve was screaming and aware of the slightest
stimulation. It was such a significant emotional event
that every instant, caress, sound and scent of that
scene is burnt into my memory like a slow motion car
wreck. During that encounter, time moved as if I was in
an alternate universe. I wanted it to last forever.

After a few minutes, she rolled to my side, lightly
kissed my lips and walked out. As quickly as it had
begun, it was over.

We never spoke about that night or what happened.

I went off to the university on scholarship and got a BA
and MA. During semester and summer breaks, I stayed at
home to save money. It seemed the older I got the more
Mom would exposed herself to me. She’d let her bathrobe
slip open showing me her tits with hard nipples;
sitting in a short skirt with her legs parted showing
me her wet panties; standing the bathroom doorway naked
showing me what I couldn’t touch. That was our

When I would approach her and try to hug her, she would
push me away. I was going fucking insane and my cock was
getting calloused from the constant beatings especially
when she’d come home a mess. I knew she’d been fucking
someone, but not me.

During finals week, I was exempted from taking the two
finals on the final day before classes were dismissed.
After getting my stuff all packed up and driving home,
it was about 8 pm when I pulled into our driveway. My
arrival was two days earlier than expected.

I wanted to surprise Mom so I quietly opened the door.
Once inside, the house was dark except for the living
room. I heard groaning and moaning emanating from there.
I creep toward the sounds and stood in the doorway. It
was like I’d been punched in the stomach. Mom was naked
on all four with a guy fucking her slit while she sucked
the other’s cock. I couldn’t help but watch for a
second. Both those cocks were cover with Mom’s natural
liqueurs oral and cunt.

I was kinda in a trance and didn’t know what to do or
say. The guy being sucked saw me and pointed my way. The
guy fucking her stopped and looked over his shoulder. He
pulled out and walked in my direction.

He said, “Do you like what you’re seeing?”

By force of habit, I glanced down at his cock. The other
guy had taken a position behind me. He pulled my arms
behind my back and his knees pushed on the back of my
knees, which caused me to collapse to the floor. Now, I
was staring directly at this cock. It glistened with my
Mom’s juices as it stared back.

Mom blurted out, “Don’t hurt him.”

“I won’t hurt him. I’ll bet he wants to know what his
Mom’s cunt tastes like. Don’t you?”

I didn’t get a chance to answer because he grabbed my
head with both hands as his cock moved toward my lips.
He rubbed his head across my lips. My nostrils were
picking up Mom’s scent. Instinctively, my lips parted
and he slid his meat into my mouth. In that instant, I
had the two things I coveted most my Mom and a hard
cock. My tongue began pleasing the thing in my mouth
while savoring Mom’s cum.

“Wow! He’s just as good a cocksucker as his mom.”

The guy holding my arms said, “I wonder if he’s as good
a fuck, too.”

He pulled down my pants and underwear while I sucked the
other guy. He rammed his cock up my ass.

“His ass is tighter than his Mom’s. I’m goin’ to be
cumming soon.”

I couldn’t help it. My cock began to dribble

“Look he likes it. What a fag. I bet he gets assfucked
regularly by his college buddies.”

The guy fucking my ass shoved his cock deep into my
recesses and filled me as the one in my mouth fire his
load down my throat.

“Why don’t you be a good boy and go upstairs while we
finish fucking your mom.”

I limped upstairs to my room and slammed the door as
hard as I could. I threw myself on my bed with the
images of Mom seeing me wantonly taking those men. Now
they were downstairs fucking her brains. She was still a
trim good-looking woman with nice curves even in her

Thirty minutes later I heard the front open and close.
Soon afterward, my door opened and Mom took her place
next to me. She was wearing her bathrobe with nothing

“Are you OK? I’m sorry that happened to you and you had
to see me like that. I didn’t expect you home until
tomorrow night.” She explained.

My emotions were raw and I looked at the object of my
desires saying, “Yes, I’ll live. Mom, I know you know I
love you and by love, I mean ‘Love’ in the sense that a
man and a woman love each other. I’ve wanted to have you
as long as I can remember my whole lifetime and we did
it once years ago. It was right here on this bed; we
fucked each other; we both came; we both loved it; we
both cried.

“Since then, you’ve been teasing me for six years, but
when I try to touch you, you pull or push me away. You
have to know that I still want you in the most
undeniable way. Why is it that you’re willing to fuck
and suck any Tom, Dick or Harry that comes along but not

I looked into her eyes as tears begin to well up. Soon
they were streaking down her cheeks as she began to sob.

Between the sniffing, she confessed, “Son, I have always
wanted to have sex with you. I do mean ALWAYS. Don’t
think badly of me, but it began when you were a month
old. While I was changing your diaper, I couldn’t stop
looking at your precious little penis. I don’t know what
came over me, but I had to suck it. Once I felt you
inside my mouth, the most erotic feeling I’d ever felt
in my life crashed over me. I shocked myself and
released you after a few seconds. I couldn’t believe I’d
done that. I vowed that it would never happen again.”

“But it was too late. You were a sexual being to me from
that day on. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t help myself
from seeing you in a sexual light. I didn’t want to
destroy the Mother and son bound we had and I didn’t
want to take advantage of you at that age. I’m such a
bad mother.”

“No, no, you’re not. I love you and always will love
you, Mom.” I said as I put my arm around her.

“You know the reason I let you see me was because it
satisfied my ‘unnatural’ sexual desire for you and kept
me from doing other things. I know it must’ve been hard
on you all those years.”

“It seemed so cruel to me back then, but I kinda
understand what you mean, but what about these other
men?” I asked.

“I have these needs. I really enjoy sex, so I guess
you’d say I’m scratching an itch.”

“Well, I’m not your ‘little boy’ anymore. I’m a man. I
know what I want and calling our feelings for each other
‘unnatural’ is a cop-out.”

We continued our conversation sharing all the pent up
feelings from over the years. We talked for over an hour
of point counterpoint, each of us making our case.

The conversation hit a lull as we had exhausted our
mental lists. Her head turned toward me. When she wet
her lips, I leaned in and kissed her. That kiss was one
of the several throughout my life that I distinctly
remember. It was different from the first sexual kiss
those years before. This one was purely loving.

Gone was the sense of shame, fear and desperation. There
was no underlining feeling that IT had to happen. It was
just simple pure love as we shared our love for each
other. She tasted so sweet like I imagine the essence of
life nectar tastes.

Soon our hands began to explore each other then we were
naked. Every detail seemed to blend into the next,
painting a canvas of sensuality. My consciousness was
experiencing things I’d never felt before with women,
men or both. To say I was in an excited state was an
underestimate of universal proportions.

I cupped her breast while our tongues were exploring the
other’s respective throat. She moaned in my mouth when I
gently pinched her nipple. Her fingers found my rigid
cock and she began slowly tugging at the hardest cock
I’d ever produced. There was no rush just the
culmination of years of desire being released. We’d stop
and look into each other’s eyes knowing that we both
finally wanted the same thing. In a low, soft voice,
she’d laugh like she couldn’t believe this was happening
but was joyful that it was. It was contagiously,
euphoric and delightful.

I pulled her down to the bed as our hands, fingers, lips
and tongues continued the exploration. It wasn’t frantic
in spite of our mutual passion. This time IT had to be
perfect. I used everything I’d learned from Chester’s
Sex Ed training to give her the pleasure she deserved.
She reciprocated and Mom knew a LOT.

I suckled her soft, warm white breasts and she licked,
sucked and gently nibbled at mine. I kissed my way down
to her belly button and stuck my tongue in it trying to
re-enter there. My lips moved to her thighs planting
kisses on the soft inner flesh. I was on reconnaissance
mission to cover every inch of her skin, smelling it,
tasting it, savoring it.

Her tongue found my throbbing stiffness and gave it a
long, slow lapping and then my nuts. Her finger slipped
into my backdoor as she began fucking it. She flipped
over and we began the best 69 of my life. Like I said,
she knew a LOT and her tongue work was better than a gay
man’s. She tasted like a ‘Savoy Truffle’. I was in

Her orgasm began as I suckled at her clit. It started
with her pelvis doing a slow undulation up and down,
followed by a slow motion from side to side. There was a
shiver that rippled through her with a soft moan that
grew as my tongue and fingers work my birth place. My
cock slipped from her mouth as it built to its peak,
which was followed by a loud cry. That’s when she rammed
two fingers deep into my brown pucker muscle causing me
to blast cum all over her face.

We collapsed in each other’s arms just caressing and
cuddling in the afterglow of the most exhilarating and
sensuous experience of our lives.

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