A story about a 40-year-old housewife who gets her rocks off by being dominated by other women

My hand was trembling as I dialed the number, this was
a completely new thing for me, I had never before done
anything like it. The card in the phone box said “all
services available”; well we would soon find out. I was
absolutely terrified, but at the same time incredibly
excited. What would the reaction be I wondered? My
fingers dialed the number; I could hear the running
tone, then the click as the phone at the other end was
answered. “Hello, can I help you?” the voice asked.

In a quiet voice I replied, “I am phoning about your

“Where did you see the ad?” the voice sounded young,
early twenties perhaps. “Outside Paddington Station,” I
had to think for a moment where exactly I had seen it.

“And what services would you require?” Still no
reference to the fact that I was a woman.

“Do you, erm, do you cater for ladies?” I was still
very hesitant. “Of course madam, which service would
you like?” Her voice had become surprisingly softer.

Then adding, “The young lady today is Silvia, she is
22, has jet black hair, stands 5’8″ tall, she has a 38,
26, 36 figure, specializes in all the unusual services,
has a complete fantasy wardrobe and is ESPECIALLY fond
of lady clients, which service are you looking for?”

“Please excuse me, I’m very nervous, I’ve never done
anything like this before,” was all I could say.

“OK madam, the fee is from 40, why don’t I give you the
address and you can come around and we can discuss it

I agreed and 10 minutes later was knocking on her flat
door. A black woman in her early forties let me in,
“I’m Jessica, the maid,” she informed me. She led me
through to a large lounge where she asked me to wait. A
few moments later a door opened and into the room came
this stunning raven-haired girl of about 22, she was
wearing very little, just a pair of high patent leather
boots and a red and black Basque, fishnet stockings and
a tiny pair of lace panties.

“Good afternoon, I am Silvia, Madam Silvia, and you are
the shy lady who phoned just now?”

“Yes” I replied.

“OK, first things first, did you pay my maid?”

“Er, no.”

She rang a small bell and the maid entered the room.

“Please give Jessica 40 and perhaps something for

I handed over 60 in all.

“OK, that’s done, now all we have to do is discover
which of my services you require, I assume you’re not
here for straight woman to woman sex, am I correct?”

I nodded.

“OK, I do bondage, whipping, mild and strong torture,
slave training, humiliation, rubber wear, leather wear,
golden showers, brown showers, domination…”

“That’s it, that’s what I want!” I said.


“Golden and brown showers,” I whispered.

“Right, now we’re getting somewhere. Do you want it one
way or two way?” she asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Well one way means I do it to you, two way means you
get to do it also. Although if you want two way, you’ll
have to make do with Jessica my maid. I only give, I
don’t take.”

“I see,” my voice was still trembling, now more with
excitement though. “Look, why don’t you tell me exactly
what you want now we have established the service?”

I plucked up courage, “Can I have the service with both
you and Jessica, please Madam?”
With that she became much more severe. “You will tell
me EXACTLY what you want, do you UNDERSTAND, you
miserable worm?”

“Yes Madam, I would like you to piss and shit over me,
I would also like to shit over Jessica and have her
shit on me also.” “Do you EAT it slut?”

“Yes Madam, I eat it.”

“Good, the fee for this service will be 200, pay
Jessica now, then we shall begin.”

I paid over rest of the money and took my clothes off.
At 45 I still had a good body a fact, which Madam
Silvia commented on. I stood in front of her, naked,
trembling with excitement and nervousness, my arms
folded against my breasts recalling how my ex-lover had
introduced me to the world of sub/dom. toilet games,
and how much I missed her. “Time to begin, Slut!” I
looked up and saw that Jessica the maid was now as
naked as I was, her black breasts were huge, with large
hard nipples, I was getting wet now at the thought of
what was to come.

“This is what is going to happen now Slut” said Madam
Sylvia, “Jessica is going to lie down and you are going
to shit and piss all over her, you will piss on her
cunt, her tits and in her mouth, you will shit on her
tits and in her mouth, you will then rub it all over
her body and cunt and then, slut, you will clean it
off, you will lick it from her body, you will eat it
from her cunt and you will suck it from her mouth, do
you understand?”

“Yes mistress.”


The maid was lying on the floor and I straddled her
body. My bladder was full to bursting as I pulled open
my pussy lips and let fly my stream of warm golden
piss. I watched it bounce off those lovely big tits,
and run down her stomach, I aimed it at those hard
nipples of hers and heard her moan as the force of the
stream hit them.

She opened her thighs and pulled apart her cunt lips
and I pissed directly onto her clit, she moaned again,
and finally I aimed at her wide-open mouth, which she
allowed to fill with my piss before swallowing every
drop. I lowered my cunt to her tits, I wanted to feel
one of those hard nipples against my clit as the last
drops of piss dribbled out of me. And that is when I
came for the first time! I stood up shakily, Jessica
was rubbing her tits, rubbing my piss into them, her
eyes wide open, staring at me, licking her lips.

It was time for the second course. I turned around and
squatted over her tits and began to strain. I farted
and felt my bowels begin to move, I could feel my bum
open as the shit began to leave my arse, it fell onto
her tits with a small wet sound, I looked over my
shoulder, it was laying between them, its light brown
colour contrasting starkly with the dark brown of her
skin. I adjusted my position slightly until my arse was
over her open mouth. I farted again, and three more
turds dropped out of my bum hole, Jessica moaned again,
and I turned around to see her mouth full of my shit.

Kneeling over, I took the shit from her tits and began
to lovingly rub it into them, I coated those beautiful
nipples with the stuff, spreading it down her stomach
and smeared the rest into her cunt. I looked up at
Mistress Sylvia, she was sitting in a chair watching
closely, a vibrator at her crotch loving every moment.
I moved back up Jessica’s body and watched in
fascination as she chewed my shit.

“Kiss her!” came the breathless instruction from
Mistress. I leant down and placed my lips over
Jessica’s, her mouth opened to receive my tongue and
that is when I came for the second time, when my tongue
slid into her mouth and tasted my own shit. We were
both moaning and groaning now, passing my shit back and
forth in our mouths. Our tits were grinding together
mashing the shit between them.

I felt myself getting coated and I loved every moment
of it. Soon our mouths were empty and I began to slide
down her body, licking as I went. I licked her breasts
clean and sucked my shit from those lovely hard
nipples. I licked my shit from her stomach, catching a
few small drops of my piss that had gathered in her
belly button, until I was gazing into her lovely pink
cunt, coated with my shit. I plunged my face into it,
licking every little crease and fold, pushing my tongue
deep inside her, tasting my shit mingled with her cunt
juices. I licked around her piss hole and clit until
there was no more shit left.

I don’t know how many times she came, two or three
perhaps, but on the last one, I felt her piss hole
flutter beneath my tongue and she let loose a torrent
of hot golden pee straight into my open mouth. I
swallowed every drop, never spilling any and that is
when I came for the third time! I rolled over onto my
back, exhausted and looked up at Mistress Sylvia, she
was in the throes of her own orgasm, the vibrator
thrust deep inside her cunt.

When at last she regained her composure she looked down
at me smiling, “Well my little shit-eating slut that
was quite a performance!” “Thank you mistress.” I

“But,” she went on, “that was only the beginning, the
best is yet to come!”

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