A story about a retreat that caters to the rich and powerful to satisfy their perverted urges

This story is about a place and not about a person. It
involves persons of great power and influence and must
be kept confidential. If you can’t keep this confidence
then stop reading now and go elsewhere.

The Chateau is located in Luxembourg, and tucked away
between Belgium, France and Germany. It is in a wooded
area, isolated, but in a place of great scenic beauty.
The Chateau is a converted castle dated back to the 12th
century that has been tastefully enlarged to accommodate
a large specialized clientele who demand their unique
pleasures be satisfied. They can afford it since they
have wealth beyond measure.

My name is Elliott (not the same Elliott who appears in
Anne Rice’s Exit to Eden) but a math student, in my 3rd
year at the university in need of funds to continue my
education. In talking to the financial advisor at the
university and after she informed me that I did not
qualify for the limited funds available for a grant, I
could continue with a student loan or get a job. A
student loan would have resulted in such a large sum due
after getting my bachelor’s and graduate degrees, I
decided on getting a job. Of course a job required that
I drop out of school for a year. Looking me over, she
informed me that applications were being taken for guys
like me at Chateau d’Grandeur. I never heard of the
place before.

I applied. I was interviewed. I was given a thorough
physical and mental examination. I was shocked when
they informed me the nature of what they required for
the job. They were looking for someone who would fit in
the same way as one would fit in the island described in
Exit to Eden. “Not for me,” I told them, “I’m no
pervert; I’m no sicko.” They told me what the job would
pay. I signed up for one year.

Being furnished with an airplane ticket to Belgium, I
arrived in Brussels early and took the opportunity to
visit the sites. I was scheduled to take a special bus
with eleven other new male hired chaps to our
destination, arrived late and was told by a heavy handed
fascist broad that I would be reported and get my ass
beaten. I told her I wasn’t that late and besides the
bus was delayed for other reasons. The guy seated next
to me a big good looking chap was especially talkative,
told me he took the job because of some gambling debts
and managed to evade some nasty types who felt that
there was a duty to pay up or you better have your
medical insurance paid up. He bragged that he wouldn’t
be at the establishment too long, as he understood it
was loaded with rich broads one of whom he would induce
to finance his early departure.

When we arrived at the Chateau, we were lined up in a
row outside, 100 feet from it and instructed to disrobe
place all our belongings and our clothes in our suitcase
to be taken away for storage. As we stood naked soon
arrived a woman on horseback about 30 years old somewhat
attractive tall and slim who after dismounting, told us
her name was Lisa (not the same Lisa as appeared in Exit
to Eden). We were informed that she was the manager of
the Chateau, assigned all new personnel to their
assignments, and were told that obedience and service
was our prime dictate. All our superiors must be obeyed
and failure would result in immediate punishment with
the whip they each possessed.

We were to stand quietly at attention to be picked up to
go with our immediate superior who would supply us with
clothes and instructions as to our duties. However, we
were told that in the course of our employment we will
be required to also service the guests of the Chateau,
whose taste may be sexual or bizarre, and failure to
perform as they may demand authorizes them to punish as
they feel appropriate. The rule was that punishment
with a whip by a superior or a guest, although painful,
must not break the skin or be administered on a place on
the body that could result in permanent injury. The
superiors and guests had all been instructed in the
proper techniques for the use of the whip. To
demonstrate I was asked to step forward, and in view of
my being late, the fascist broad who had accompanied us
shall mete out 10 across my ass. I objected that it was
unfair to receive this much punishment for the few
minutes wait that resulted from my tardiness. I got the
ten, hard and learned a lesson not to be late.

With an erection, I was led back in line to await my
call. The first to arrive in a jeep, was a swarthy
heavyset Italian, the maitre d’ of the restaurant who
came to collect his charge. Checking Lisa’s clipboard
and looking us over he selected the chap who sat next to
me on the bus.

“OK boy, I’m going to train you to be a good bus boy,”
he said to him as he attached a collar around his neck
and pulled him out by leash to the back of the Jeep.

“Oh no,” he protested, “I didn’t hire on to be a bus
boy. I know my rights.”

“There’s no union here, you have no rights,” the Italian
said and putting a leather cord around his waist,
putting his hands in cuffs and attaching them to the
cord on both sides; he bent him over and with his whip
gave him a vicious lash across his ass. He screamed in

“Stop immediately, I quit this fucking job,” cried the
young chap.

“Too late, you’re mine and I’m going to train you to
accept the whip and enjoy giving pleasure to others,”
said the maitre d’ and twelve lashes of the whip landed
hard across his ass for instructional purposes causing
our hero to scream even louder.

He learned his lesson well for he sobbed, “OK, I’ll do
anything you say, please stop, master.”

The Italian maitre d’, being a compassionate man, turned
his young man around, wiped the tears from his face with
his handkerchief, let him blow his nose and then with
his two hands on his shoulder pushed him down to his
knees. Out came the Italian’s prick that he pressed
against his boy’s lips and said, “Open your mouth and
take it all the way down. You’ll like it, all my boys
do and of course the guests frequently want a blow job
with dinner.”

The maitre d’s name was Caesar and like his namesake, he
saw, he came, he conquered and after he was finished he
put his charge in the jeep and drove back to the Chateau
to introduce him to his duties.

After watching those in line who didn’t have an erection
from seeing my beating had a prominent erection now.
The captain in charge of room service arrived on his
electric baggage cart to make his selection and pointed
to me, but Lisa apparently had selected me for herself
so he had to pick another. His second choice was a
stout fellow two guys down in the line, who wisely
offered no resistance, and got in the back of his cart
to his assigned job. They arrived one by one; the
manager of the stables, chief of maintenance, head
gardener, and head of the kitchen staff and made their
selection, led away, no one had the stomach to dispute
their work assignment or superior.

When all were taken away Lisa attached a long leash to
my collar remounted her horse and led me back to the
Chateau naked, with an erection, debased and
embarrassed, with my hands cuffed to my sides and
totally under her control. As she slowly trotted back,
I could hear the snickers and giggles of the guests and
other employees of the establishment as we passed them.
When we arrived at the front entrance Lisa dismounted
gave the rein of the horse to the attendant at the door
and entered with me in tow. A few gave me a smile, a
high sign or a light pat on the ass as we went by. It
was humiliating.

We took the elevator to the Executive suite; Lisa’s
office was large and sumptuously furnished, with her
personal quarters adjoining also lavish. As part of her
quarters were two small rooms with a small bathroom
between them. One was to be my living space and the
other was Diana’s (not the Diana in Exit to Eden) Lisa’s
personal aide, more about her later. The room was OK,
10 feet by 8, a small but comfortable bed, a closet for
clothes, a dresser, a small table with lamp and most
important, two shelves containing my school books
obviously they thought of everything. Lisa instructed
me that I was to rest for a couple of hours, wash up,
get dressed with clothes from the closet and go down
with Diana for lunch. I would have this day off but
tomorrow I will start my year of service.

I could have just dropped down on my bed naked, but I
don’t like sleeping in the nude; checking the dresser, I
found some silk pajamas, luckily my size, or was it
luck? After resting for two hours I took a shower, and
discovered that the closet was fully furnished with
clothes all my size.

Selecting some casual slacks and a sport jacket I made a
presentable bloke, I could have easily been mistaken
downstairs as a guest. A light knock on my door and my,
“Come in,” brought in Diana, a most attractive young

Diana slim with long legs, small breasted but
attractive, a nice ass but not to large, pretty face,
she could have easily become a model. She was pale,
quiet and shy but had a beautiful smile and I was
immediately attracted to her. We exchanged greetings
and went down to have lunch. I was intent on become
better acquainted for my intuition told me this was
someone I could trust and like.

There were two restaurants, but we went to the
relatively small cafeteria-style coffee shop, only more
then just coffee was served; you could get sandwiches
with fries, deserts, or you could have brought in from
the main kitchen a full plate for breakfast or lunch.
We ordered omelets even though it was lunchtime. Over
our food and coffee we talked.

She felt comfortable with me and after some prodding she
satisfied my curiosity of why she came here. She was
Scottish; her ancestry was aristocratic, her lineage
dated back before the border wars with the British. Her
family owns a castle that was part of those wars except
it was in need of repairs and she was fearful that the
upkeep would result in her family losing it. That’s why
she was here; she became Lisa’s indentured servant to
help pay these costs.

After lunch Diana suggested that she should show me
around. In fact she informed me it was Lisa that
instructed her that I was to become familiar with the
facilities and in the process the nature of my job and
my duties were to be explained to me. She started with
a walk to the outdoor theatre where contests between
nude wrestlers were held and other obscene shows and
contests were held. “Lisa is not that bad,” she told
me, “True she is strict and cruel but she is not a
barbarian. She will use the whip if either you or I
goof up. Sometimes she is understanding and sometimes
not. There is no predicting, and it is certain we will
get whipped at least once a week.”

Diana further told me “It was Lisa who started up this
place; she got her ideas from Anna Rice’s classic book,
Exit to Eden. She recognized that there were many rich
and powerful persons who would vacation in a facility
that would provide both accommodations and a place to
enjoy their perversion. For it to be a success it was
necessary for their stay be confidential. Their
reputation and image must be protected. When she
presented her ideas to investors she had no trouble
raising the necessary capital to establish this place.”

We went to the stables where on Thursdays they held a
foxhunt, except it was not a fox that was hunted but a
young fellow and a young girl stripped naked except for
a foxtail inserted in their ass and snickers on their
feet so they could run better. The prey was doused with
a liquid that had a fox odor, released a half an hour
before the dogs and guests on horseback who would chase
after them. The guest who first captured a prize could
use the trophy in any way that he saw fit. They were
always caught.

Diana in the course of our tour explained to me that
Lisa as manager took on the responsibility of resolving
problems with the most important guests who invariably
would find some fault that had to be handled with
diplomacy and tact. Many of those guests were investors
or influential and it was necessary that they be
pacified no matter how unreasonable they may be. Lisa
had chosen me together with Diana to assist her in this
task since on examining my resume I was the most
qualified among the new applicants. Diana warned me that
Lisa would punish us both if the guests were not
properly pacified whether it was our fault or not.

My first assignment on the job was a problem with very
important guest, a Bavarian banker, who was upset with
room service. The banker was at the Chateau to work out
with Lisa the restructuring of loans that were coming
due next month. It was imperative that Diana and I
straighten it out. Coming to his room we found the
banker in a rage hollering, “The room service is
horrible, the food is cold and the waiter and waitress
who brought it up don’t know how to properly set the
table.” He wanted them to be flogged immediately.

Diana in her most soothing voice tried to calm him down;
she told him she would have the offending food removed
immediately and have our best personnel deliver and
serve anything he wanted, no charge. I instructed our
people to take the food away and withdraw. He was not
satisfied. “I will not be countermanded,” he screamed,
“OK, you dismissed those idiots you sent up, I will flog
you two instead.” The banker grabbed Diana, who did not
resist, pulled up her dress and started to whip her. I
didn’t know what to do, but on seeing the second blow on
Diana’s slender frame, I got angry and grabbed the whip
away from him.

Surprised, the banker was dumbfounded. I spun him
around and pulled him over on the bed, jumped on him so
he couldn’t move and pulled his shirt up tangling his
hands in it. He screamed, “Get off, what are you doing?
Stop, you’ll be punished.” While he was struggling to
get out of his tangled shirt and out from under me I
pulled his pants down exposing his fat ass. The more he
struggled the more he got tangled in his own clothes and
the sheets of the bed. If he only would have relaxed he
could have easily extricated himself but instead he got
more tangled up. I let him have it and gave him a hard
lash with his own whip.

“Yeoh,” he screamed. I wrapped the pajama bottoms that
was lying on the bed around his hands to more
effectively bind him and gave him a second lash with the

Diana, alarmed begged, “We shouldn’t be doing this,
we’re going to be punished.”

The banker’s wife came out of the bathroom with a towel
wrapped around her wet body said, “What’s going on
here?” Seeing her husband bent over on the bed being
whipped she howled, “Stop. What do you think you are
doing?” I pulled the towel off her and shoved her along
side of him, ass up over the edge of the bed. The
suddenness of what I was doing paralyzed her and I had
the opportunity to bind her hands with her own nightie
lying on the bed and gave her a whack on the ass with
the whip.

In panic Diana said, “We mustn’t do this. Lisa will
punish us bad.”

I said, “It’s too late for me but you go and report me
and save yourself.”

“No,” Diana declared, “If you are going to get punished
me too.” Took the whip from my hand and gave the banker
a well-deserved lash and gave his wife one too. We
realized that it was too late for both of us so we
decided to do it right. We bound them properly so that
they were both naked, ass up, gags in their mouths so
that their screams would not be heard, and whipped them
both so that they would long remember that which they
were so willing and eager to give to others. When we
felt they had enough, I sat in front of him and Diana
sat in front of her and as they kneeled in front of us,
he sucked and she slurped until we came. We ended our
session by having him lie on the bottom and she on top
in a sixty-nine position. We left them humping each
other and went to our quarters to await our fate.

With great trepidation we waited for the punishment Lisa
was going to mete out on us. And we waited. Nothing
happened. It was more then an hour and Lisa must know
by this time. But nothing. We decided to go downstairs
and see what was happening. The Banker and his wife,
dressed and appeared to be in good spirits; he was
talking and laughing with some friends, except they
seemed to be favoring their ass which was obviously
bothering them. They spotted us and immediately turned
away with a funny look. We were curious as to what was
going on and I walked over to them.

“Say look,” the banker said as he took me aside, “I’m
sorry I acted as I did. We won’t give you a problem,
please forgive us.”

This is the last thing I expected from him under the
circumstance, but what the hell I thought, and answered
him back, “I don’t know, I’ll think about that and I
will give you my personal attention for the rest of your
stay here.” He just groaned and went to join his
friends. The next day he worked out his deal with Lisa
and said nothing as to us. Happy with the deal Lisa
wanted us to escort them and to make sure their wants
were satisfied. Out of Lisa’s presence he whispered to
me, “You’re not going to tell anyone about what happened

“Only if you behave yourself, or maybe I’ll give you
another whipping,” I declared. He groaned. We made
arrangement to get together after supper to escort them
for some nightlife. Diana took the banker’s wife after
supper to a small bar on the premises with male
strippers. Diana, having foresight, made sure one of
the gorgeous hunks striped directly in front of her and
when completely nude waive his ample cock right in front
of her. She whooped and enjoyed herself immensely and
brought her back to her room drunk and put her to bed.

I took him to another bar with lap dancers. I had one
of the better-looking babes give him the full treatment
so that he came in his pants. He was too drunk to know
the difference and he was put to bed by me and a helper
naked and I’m sure during the night he fucked his own
wife not knowing it was her. After escorting them for
the balance of their stay they left the Chateau and
insisted that Diana and I shall be their personal
attendants on their next visit. They left a generous
gratuity for us.

Lisa was overjoyed. She wanted to know how we cooled
off the banker and his wife. Of course we didn’t tell
her. I gave her some dumb answer. We were immediately
assigned to handle an obnoxious American and his floozy
wife who were terrorizing room service. When we got to
his room we heard the loud braggart making commands in
his room. On entering his suite we found him with a
bullwhip in hand scaring the living shit out of the
waitress who had just brought up beef sandwiches and
beer. He had her buck-naked prancing around the room
while he cracked the whip snapping it close to her.

“That could be dangerous,” I complained. He and his
wife just laughed and he cracked the bullwhip at Diana.
It got her in the ass and she cried out and jumped
almost a mile high. That was it. I dismissed the
waitress, locked the door behind her, grabbed the whip
from the lout and tied his hands with the end of it.
His floozy wife started pummeling me with her hands
screaming profanities. Diana got on her pulled her
hands behind her back and cuffed her with cuffs she had
in her pocket since our previous encounter with the
unmanageable guest. What the hell, it worked before
we’ll try again.

It didn’t take us long to have them stripped on the bed
whipping their ass. They were wailing and crying. They
could dish it out but couldn’t take it. It worked.
They became compliant and submissive and begged us to
stop. To emphasize that we would not put up with their
nonsense we had them kneel before us to get our
forgiveness by him giving me a blowjob and the floozy
giving Diana an organism with her tongue. After being
satisfied we left them in bed fucking.

As we entered our quarters we threw away the bullwhip
into the trash bin. Lisa obviously realized that we
were effective in handling the tough situations of
demanding guests. She assigned us one after another and
we used the whip on them with success. Soon she left to
us that part of her responsibility without interference
and our status with both the other employees and the
guests became such that we were held in high regard.
But more important the guests who we mollified with our
whip would bestow on us large gratuities when they left
for the attention we gave them.

Lisa was ecstatic by our success in controlling the most
difficult guests and tried to find out the secret of our
success. No way were we going to give away how we were
doing it. We knew that once we let the cat out of the
bag we would no longer be effective. The guests that we
forced to be submissive would never permit their
reputation of being a dominate personality be put at
risk, they really wanted the punishment and control and
needed it but in secret and the rest of the world had to
believe otherwise.

My year was nearly up and I asked Diana to marry me. I
told her that I was willing to give up my career to
become a mathematician for her. She would not have it;
she said love is fleeting and I would eventually regret
it; besides although she had a deep affection for me,
she loved another. “Oh, you love a Scottish lad back
home?” I asked her.

“No, they are a bunch of boors,” was her reply, “I see
from your expression you wonder who it could be. It’s
Lisa of course. I’ve convinced her to be my femme after
a number of sessions with my whip. I’m her butch, and
she has agreed to come home with me. She’s not only
going to be my lover but she is also going to be my
manager of the family castle which we are going renovate
and turn into a resort like this one.”

“But what about this Chateau that she manages?” I

“That’s all been taken care of. She’s going to continue
being involved with it by being on the Board of
Directors, and will be on the Committee to find a new
manager. The investors here are going to franchise my
castle and open other castles for which they will sell
franchises appealing to the same specialized clientele
as come here,” she explained.

Diana was right, I went home and continued my education,
but knew I would always remember her fondly even after I
found another.

Post-script: My apology to Anne Rice who I hope never
sees or hears of this story. I’m afraid if she does,
she may seek me out and whip my ass.

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