A story about a VERY strange family

Uncle John and Aunt Ethel lived in the country. It was
about 50 miles to the nearest town. They lived on a
nice farm which was about 60 or 70 acres, hardly
anyone ever came to that part of the country. Uncle
John and Aunt Ethel were getting up in years. Uncle
John was about 70 and Aunt Ethel was about 65.

Despite their advanced years they were in very good
shape. Uncle John Stood about 6 feet 2, had a full
head of grey hair, and was very well built. He really
didn’t look as age. Aunt Ethel did not look her age
either. She kept her hair in a bun; her face barely
had a wrinkle. She was quite the attractive woman.

The land had been in John’s family for more than a
hundred years. It was a tradition that every four
years we would meet at a family home for our special
Thanksgiving dinner. This was the sixth time that I
came for the Thanksgiving feast. We meet about two or
three weeks before Thanksgiving and order that we may
have the traditional hunt.

This was the second time I was actually allowed to
join in the hunt. We would pick a town or village that
was at least 200 miles from the farm. Uncle John would
usually scout the town, and its inhabitants, for at
least 3 months prior.

My family and I arrive to the farm on Halloween. My
mother Mary, younger sister Sara, my brother Tim, and
my dad Phil all were stuffed in our SUV. My mom’s
brother Robert and his three daughters were there when
we arrived. Uncle John and Aunt Ethel met us at the
door. We went in the house to have our regular
planning session for the hunt.

“Greetings everyone; I hope you all had a good trip
in. I have done some scouting found two possible areas
of opportunity for our hunt. We will divide into two
teams. Robert and I will be on team one, Phil and Mike
will be on Team 2. Remember we must always be in
constant contact with our cell phones. We will call or
text every 20 minutes. The team that sees the best
opportunity for a good capture will call the other
team in. At that point we will coordinate our efforts,
make a clean capture and clean retreat. We will leave
at 5 a.m. tomorrow.” That was the end Uncle John’s

We had a light supper, and then off to bed. Since I
have become a senior member of the family, I now rated
a room by myself. I was in a light sleep, anticipating
tomorrow’s event, when the door slowly opened and my
sister Sara came in.

“Mike; are you awake?”

“I am now, come on in.”

“Are you nervous about tomorrow?”

“No not really. I was with him last year is it really
is not hard. We just have to be careful.” Sarah
climbed on the bed. “So what are you doing in here
this time of night?”

“Mom said it was time.” I looked at her questioningly.
“You know,” she said, “it’s time for my first time,
and I told her I wanted it to be with you.”

I sat up in bed. “It would be an honor, Sara.” I
pulled her to me and gave her and gave her a very deep
kiss. Sarah had just turned 16, she had beautiful
golden hair. She was five foot one I’m a hundred
pounds soaking wet. I watched her grow up through her
awkward years into this beautiful woman before me now.
The thought I was going to fuck her was a very
exciting. My cock began to twitch.

I got out of bed I took my boxers off my 9-inch cock
was already starting to become erect. Sarah pulled her
nightgown over her head, and revealed her beautiful
tits. Her nipples were hard the size of a pencil
erasers. Her areolas were pink and beautiful. I laid
her back on the bed and cupped her tits in my hands. I
gave her another kiss then began to suck her tits. Her
breathing became ragged; my cock was now fully erect.
I looked into her eyes and asked if she was ready. She
nodded yes.

I pulled her panties down and saw the wisp a blonde
hair covering her labia. I put my hand on her pussy my
fingers spread her pussy lips. Her vaginal juices were
flowing; she jumped as I touched her clitoris. I
spread her legs positioned myself between them. I
moved my cock up and down her virgin slit. I found my
target and slowly entered her. I pushed and until I
felt the resistance of her hymen. Looking into her
eyes I made one more gentle push and broker
maidenhead. She was now a woman.

I woke up early Sara was still sleeping in my bed. She
was still naked and I could see the dried cum where it
had dripped down her leg. She was smiling in her sleep
so I left her there resting peacefully. I dressed and
went to the kitchen. Uncle John was there and the
coffee was made.

“Good morning Mike,” Uncle John said with a smile.
“Are you ready for the day’s activities?”

“Yes I’m very excited.”

“Good, just remember to take your time and be careful.
Robert and Phil are out getting the van ready. Bring
your coffee with you when will get on the road.”

As we left the Sun was just peeking over the hills.
After a two hour drive we arrived at our destination.
It was a small town very quiet; it seemed the ideal
place. John had done his research well. We broke into
our teams and started the hunt.

Uncle John had given us a picture of our potential
prey. She was a 19 year old red haired female; her
body type was perfect for our purposes. My dad and I
were given a location where she was usually seen.
Uncle John had worked out her schedule to the minute.
At this time of day she was usually seen coming out of
a local restaurant. My dad and I waited only 10
minutes hey there she was walking out of the

“Wow dad she looks perfect.”

“Yes she does son. The perfect size and shape, look at
those tits, don’t they look scrumptious.”

“Yeah dad, she shouldn’t need any fattening up. Uncle
John sure can pick em.”

We followed her for the rest of the day and she was
following the same routine that Uncle John had noted.
I managed to get close enough to hear a conversation
she was having with a friend. She said she was going
jogging in the park at 6 p.m. This was perfect. I
called Uncle John and told him we had the perfect
opportunity for a capture.

We got ourselves set up at the park. As usual Uncle
John was in charge of the tranquilizer gun. We set up
along the jogging trail in a position where there was
a curve and had apple concealment. We were lucky not
many people were jogging. Robert was down the trail
spotting for us. He saw her coming and notified Uncle

She came around the corner; Uncle John made careful
aim and pulled the trigger. She froze in her steps;
staggered a bit and fell into the grass. My dad and I
quickly scooped her up and carried her to the van. The
d**g from the tranquilizer gun would keep her out long
enough for us to get home.

Uncle John was in the back of the van on the way home.
He felt her tits and big ass and said she will do
fine. We got her back to the farm Uncle John had a
cage prepared and we put her in it. In the cage was a
cot a small wash basin, and a bucket. We stripped her
and laid her on the cot. Everyone came out to see our
prize catch.

“Mama look at that. I think Uncle John did a good job
picking this one out.”

“He sure did baby. We just gotta make sure we keep her
fat until Thanksgiving. She’s a prize winner that one.
The last one we had was kind of scrawny, took a lot of
fattening up.”

Aunt Ethel said, “I just hope there are not too many
leftovers this time. Look she’s waking up try not to
scare her too much.”

The girl gave a small moan, her eyes fluttered, and
she looked around in a daze. “Oh my god, where are my
clothes. Who are you people where am I?” She made a
vain attempt to cover herself with her arms.

“Don’t you worry little girl,” Ethel said,
“everything’s gonna be just fine. Tim you go get her
something to eat.”

“Just let me go” pleaded the girl.

“Now why would we do that, you’re just perfect,” said
Uncle John.

She stared at Uncle John, still trying to cover
herself. “Perfect for what?”

Tim came with a bowl of oatmeal and pushed it through
a gap in the cage big enough for food trays. She took
it and tears began to flow in her eyes. Tim stood and
stared at her. “You got nice tits,” he said. She
dropped the bowl and tried to cover herself. Uncle
John slapped Tim on the back of the head.

“Boy, look what you made her do. Now she is gonna have
to clean that up.”

“Why am I here?” There was panic in her voice. “Please
give me my cloths. I won’t tell anyone about this,
just let me go home. My family will be worried.”

“We know you don’t have any family. Or at least any
that are close enough to worry about you. You are safe
with us. I know it’s cold; we will give you a blanket.
We just wanted to see our prize.” Uncle John motioned
for one of us to get the blanket.

“Prize?” She looked puzzled. “What do you mean,

“Never mind about that; here is your blanket. We will
be back to check on you.”

We went back into the house and all gather in the den
to celebrate our success. Aunt Ethel was the first to
take her clothes off. “OK, everyone find a partner.”
She said as she pinched her nipples. Her tits were a
little saggy, but a nice 35C. Her pussy had a full

My cock was instantly erect. I pulled my cloths of
quickly and moved over to my Aunt Ethel and got a
mouth full of nipple. She immediately started stroking
my erect cock. I put my finger in her pussy and felt
her soaking wet. “Mike, I have missed this cock.” She
cooed at me.

I looked over and saw Tim eating Mom’s pussy. She was
holding his head and bucking at each lick. Dad had
Sara and was taking her anal virginity. Uncle John had
one of Roberts’s twin daughters Angela sucking his
cock while her sister Jennifer was servicing her dad.
It was one big fuck fest.

“FUCK ME TIM!” My mom cried out.

Tim got between moms legs and shoved his 7-inch cock
into her pussy.

“YESSS!” mom cried out.

Pussy juice was running down Sara’s leg as dad fucked
her in the ass. Her eyes were closed and she was
biting her lower lip. Her tits were swaying as dad
fucked her.

I bent Aunt Ethel over and started fucking her doggy
style. She bucked and met me with every stroke. Mom
started screaming that she was cumming as I saw Tim
push in deep and deposit his seed in his mother. Dad
was on his back on the floor by this time and Sara was
impaled on his cock. She was moving up and down on
him, her tits bouncing and soon she was cumming. I
could tell dad was shooting spurts into my sister’s
fertile womb.

I shot my load into Aunt Ethel. Uncle John was
shooting his load down Angela’s throat and Robert was
cumming on his daughter’s face. These fests went on
every night until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
Our “guest” stayed in her cage and we fed her well
until then.

Uncle John woke up the morning before Thanksgiving and
was sharpening his butcher knife I walked over to him.
“Is it sharp enough?”

“Yes, I believe so. We need to get the butcher table
ready.” The butcher table was one that would tilt to a
30 degree angle, and was made of several pieces of
butcher block glued together. It had been in the
family for about 50 years and we used it every time we
gathered. We took hot water and washed the table with
scrub brushes to make sure is was sanitized. I made
sure the leather straps were in good shape on either
end of the table.

“OK, I think we are good.” I told Uncle John.

“Gather everyone and we will get started.”

We all gathered around the table. Each of the women
had buckets and seasonings. Aunt Ethel had a very
large pan of stuffing ready on the side and a big
sewing needle and string. Everything was set. Dad and
Robert brought the girl in. Her hands were bound
behind her and she was blindfolded. She was completely

“Where are we?” she whimpered.

“No need to worry, sweetheart. Everything will be
fine.” Mom said as she stroked her hair. The girl had
perfect 36C tits and a nice bush of red hair on her
pussy. Dad and Robert sat her on the table. It felt
cold to her butt and she flinched. “What is this?” She

“Just a table, not to worry.” Dad said. “Now lay

Dad, Robert and I strapped down her arms and legs.
Once she was secured we removed the blindfold. She
blinked and looked around at everyone. She saw Uncle
John’s big knife and screamed. “NOOOO!!!”

Uncle John laid down the knife and climbed on the
table and unleashed his 9 inch cock. He pushed in her
pussy and fucked vigorously until he came in her. Each
of the men had their turn cumming in her pussy.

“Please stop. Please don’t hurt me.” She cried.

“We have all now anointed you with our seed. You will
be pleased to know that you will be our main course at
our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.” Uncle John made the
same pronouncement to each of our Thanksgiving main

She looked with horror at us. “OH GOD NO!!! PLEASE

Uncle John turned the crank and the part of the table
with her head on it slowly lowered. She was in an
inverted position. Aunt Ethel put a pan under the head
and smiled at the girl. Uncle John walked over to the
girl and with a quick slice cut the artery in her
neck. B***d spurted into the pan. The girl’s eyes were
wide and her chest was moving fast as she took in her
last breaths. Soon her eyes were fixed and the b***d
flow slowed. Her chest stopped heaving and she was

Mom and Aunt Ethel shaved her head and pussy of all
the hair. Uncle John cut her stomach open and removed
her intestines putting them in a bucket. He removed
her heart and liver and put them in a roasting pan.
Aunt Ethel started stuffing her with her dressing and
sewed up the cavity. We rubbed her with our seasoning
mix and put her into a very large roasting pan.

My grandfather had it made years ago so we could keep
the limbs straight during roasting. We had a large
outdoor oven that was ready to fire at first light.
The girl’s body was put in our large walking
refrigerator for overnight to marinate in the

Finally Thanksgiving dinner had come. Dad and Robert
brought in our main course on a large cutting board
made for the occasion. She was roasted to a golden
brown. Tim shouted out. “I want a tit.” And we all dug
in.. We ate for several days on her until finally the
last piece was her pussy lips, Uncle John had that

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