A story about an attractive young widow and her evil son and a dog

Amanda was by any stretch of the imagination a truly
beautiful woman even at the age of 34 she still held
the figure of a woman over a decade her junior and has
shoulder length dark blonde hair which framed her
angelic face. Her breasts, whilst not being
particularly large were perfectly shaped and in
proportion to her slight 5′ 4″ frame. She had met her
husband Francis at high school they had dated and she
had fell pregnant on her seventeenth birthday having a
son who they named Jarrod.

Jarrod had always been a real problem throughout his
formative years and had been arrested a number of
times. He is a handsome young man with his father’s
dark almost black hair and an athletic build brought
through by his sterling work at the gym and on the
weights. Francis had tried to guide their son and help
him make all the right choices as he grew but the boy
had never really listened to nor complied with his
father’s wishes.

Francis was murdered on one of his business trips
shortly before Jarrod’s 18th birthday in an apparently
motiveless stabbing as he was pulling his rental car’s
keys from his pocket the police would later inform
Amanda that a disgruntled former business associate
was involved and had been arrested for Francis’

Amanda was stunned as the two police officer’s
informed her of her husband’s murder and screamed as
the female officer rushed to comfort her, she would
not have noticed the slight smirk that enveloped her
sons face as he quickly hid it with the heel of his
hand and made all the appropriate noises that a loving
bereaved son would make.

Amanda noticed a change in her son almost immediately
he became more attentive to his mother’s wishes and
helped her round the house as much as possible. He
attended school regularly which in itself was a minor
miracle as he rarely went when his father was alive
and he even managed to reasonable grades before the
summer term ended.

“So how’d you do?” shouted Amanda from the kitchen as
soon as she heard her son open the door

“Great 3 B’s and 2 A’s,” replied Jarrod with the
familiar sardonic smile that his mother recognised as
a trait inherited from his father. She was stood
leaning against the alcove into the kitchen drying her
hands on a towel

“Well,” she started, “we’ll have to do something extra
special tonight, I’ve been baking and made us both a
tray of cookies they’re cooling on the counter.”

Jarrod followed his mother into the kitchen all the
while eyeing her backside hungrily as she sashayed in
front of him. She turned as she reached the counter
top which held the fresh baked cookies and leapt in
surprise as her son had followed her and was stood
only a foot or so behind her.

“I think it’s time we moved onto the next stage of our
relationship mom,” Jarrod announced ominously as his
deep brown eyes penetrated his mother’s light blue
eyes. Jarrod leant forward and gripped his mother’s
hair behind her head and pulled her roughly towards
him forcing his mouth onto hers.

“Mmmmphh!” Amanda pushed at his chest with all her
might but being only a slim, short and not a
particularly powerful woman she had no chance of
fighting off her 6’0 son.

“Come on mom you know you want it, you’ve not been
fucked since dad was alive and now that useless cunt
is gone I am going to be your man” said Jarrod as he
held tightly onto his mother forcing her back to the

“Jarrod what are you doing? I’m your mother, you can’t
do this I’ll scream.”

“Scream all you want, the neighbours are away, don’t
you know the summer holidays start today,” Jarrod
replied as he leaned in for another passionate

Amanda was in full on panic mode by now her eyes were
wide and she spied a dangerous looking carving knife
on the counter top but she could no more stab or even
threaten her son with it than she could walk on the

“Come on mom, give it up you’ve got no place to go,”
said Jarrod, but his mother had other ideas as she
used all of her strength to raise her knee into her
sons groin. Jarrod’s hand slipped from her hair but
tightened on her shirt as he crumpled to the floor.
Amanda took this opportunity to try and make a bolt
for the front door and tore her shirt as she ran.

“You fucking cunt!” shouted Jarrod through his gritted
teeth as he rose to his feet to pursue her. Amanda was
at the door but Jarrod had locked it securely so she
had nowhere to run. Jarrod grabbed Amanda by the hair
on the back of her head and flung her roughly to the
floor, she skidded and rolled onto her feet before
springing up the stairs and into the bathroom locking
the door behind her.

“Jarrod, what are you doing I’m your mother you can’t
do this to me!” shouted Amanda through the locked
bathroom door. “Jarrod it’s ok sweety, nothing’s
happened we can just carry on as normal nobody will
ever know, Jarrod sweety are you there, Jarrod are you
listening to me?”

The young man had been very busy as his mother
blathered on he’d been and retrieved the screwdriver
from the pantry and had spent the time carefully and
quietly unscrewing the hinges, he waited silently with
his ear against the door and listened intently to his
mother as she fell silent.

He heard her approach the door and place a wary hand
on it, as she did Jarrod pushed the door hard against
her knocking her to the floor across the bathroom with
the door landing on top of her. Amanda was winded but
not seriously hurt by the impact and she lay on the
floor coughing as Jarrod grabbed her by the hair and
dragged her to the toilet. Jarrod had brought a roll
of duct tape with him and bound Amanda’s hands behind
her back.

“You fucking cunt, you are going to have to pay for
kneeing me in the balls, come here,” said Jarrod, as
he stood over his bound and dazed mother. Reaching
down he took a firm grip of her hair and forced her
head into the toilet flushing the chain.

Jarrod had an idea as Amanda knelt coughing and
spluttering over the toilet, turning her around so she
was facing towards him. He placed the seat over her
exposed neck and lifted his left foot on it to keep
her immobile, undoing the zipper on the front of his
jeans and lowering them to the floor. He pulled his
cock out from his shorts and aimed at his mother’s

“Fucking drink it cunt, or I’ll make you fucking
sorry!” Thundered Jarrod, as his stream started
landing on his mother’s face, her eyes must have stung
as she closed them tightly but she had to open her
mouth in order to breathe. “Yeah, keep flushing, cos I
really need to piss,” smiled Jarrod as his mother
choked on his offering.

It may have only lasted 30-40 seconds but to Amanda it
felt like a week as her son used her like a toilet.
She wretched as her son lifted the seat from her and
allowed her to drop to the floor, she unceremoniously
vomited on the floor. Jarrod sneered at her before he
picked the scissors up off of the window sill and cut
the remaining shreds of her shirt from her back before
chopping through the strap of her bra and tearing it
away from her.

Next Jarrod moved onto the skin tight jeans that were
clinging to his mother’s gorgeous bum and he quickly
pulled them off. All that was left protecting Amanda’s
modesty now were a pair of pure white panties to which
Jarrod allowed himself a wry smile, it pleased him to
see his mother as the innocent before he ruined her.

“You’re all dirty mother, I think I should clean you
up before we move onto the next stage, don’t you?”
said Jarrod with a sadistic grin on his face as he
reached over to the bath and turned the taps on.

“Jarrod,” coughed Amanda. “Why are you doing this to

“Because I can and there’s not a thing you can do to
stop me. Let me see, are you excited yet?” said Jarrod
as he reached towards his mother’s groin hoping to
feel some dampness on his hand, but blame it on his
misguided youth as she was obviously not turned on in
the slightest. Jarrod kept his hand on his mother’s
sex rubbing and fondling it as the bath tub reached
its capacity and he lifted her, carefully placing her
in the bath face up. Amanda had had most of the fight
knocked out of her and even if her arms weren’t tied
behind her back she would have stood little chance of
fighting Jarrod off.

Amanda lay in the tub and Jarrod quickly climbed in on
top of her placing his knees either side of her
shoulders and pushing his quickly stiffening cock
towards her mouth. Amanda pursed her lips and turned
her head to the side this angered Jarrod and he
reached down and grabbed her hair pushing her closed
mouth towards his stiff member. She kept her mouth
closed and her eyes screwed shut so Jarrod pushed her
head under the water.

Amanda thought that she would rather die than give
head to her son but the instinct for self-preservation
won out and her mouth opened giving Jarrod he
opportunity he needed to force his cock between his
mother’s lips. Jarrod pulled her head from the water
and she started to choke. He pulled his cock from her
mouth in order to not receive a nasty bite as she
struggled to regain equilibrium and calm her ragged

Pulling the plug from the bath Jarrod lifted his
mother out and placed her gently on the floor. “Ok
mother it’s time to show me what a good cock sucking
slut you are.”

“No Jarrod you can’t force me to do it, I won’t do it”
Amanda said with what she hoped was a degree of
finality. With that act of defiance Jarrod stung the
side of Amanda’s face with the palm of his hand.

“Ready now, cunt?”

“No I wo… Ow Jarrod oww, owww!” she screamed as
Jarrod brought his hand to her face again and again.

“Ready now?” Amanda said nothing and Jarrod knew he
had her beat this round but he also knew there’d be a
fight every step of the way on their changed
relationship. Jarrod held onto the back of his
mother’s head and slowly forced his rock hard cock
between her lips. Rocking back and forth he ordered
her to lick the length of his cock.

“Something isn’t right,” said Jarrod as he looked at
his mother. “Ah, I know what it is. I want you to wear
lip stick so I can see where your fucking whore mouth
has been on my cock.” Picking the lip stick up out of
his mother’s make up bag on the window sill he did a
passable job of placing a nice bright rouge on her
lips. Starting again Jarrod placed his member between
Amanda’s lips again rocking her head gently back and
forth again.

“Uggh, fuck I’m cumming you better not spill a fucking
drop.” Jarrod grimaced and shot to the back of his
mother’s throat. Amanda slipped to the floor as Jarrod
released her head

“Ack, cough, Jarrod you can’t do this, I’m your mother
why are you doing this? Don’t you love me?”

“Yeah, I just loved you in your filthy whore mouth and
now I’m going to take you to your bed and love you in
your nice tight cunt.”

“AWWWWW!” Amanda screamed at the top of her lungs and
Jarrod knew he had to shut her up, grabbing the duct
tape again he wrapped it tightly round her mouth and
round the back of her head.

Dragging her to the bed room she had shared with his
dear departed father he threw her on the bed and then
climbed on top of her quickly tearing the white
panties off and depositing them on the floor, he had
an idea for them later. He pushed his re hardened
member into her and completed his rape of his own

“Wrap your legs around me cunt,” snarled Jarrod,
Amanda shook her head in the negative

“I said wrap your legs around me!” he snarled again
but he used his hand as an exclamation point hitting
her hard across the face again. At this Amanda lifted
her legs and placed her feet on the back of each of
her son’s thighs pointing her toes towards the wall
behind her son. Jarrod pumped away forcing his member
deep inside his mother.

“Yes fucking, take it you fucking slut,” growled
Jarrod as he released inside of his mom. At this
Jarrod rolled off his dazed mother lay next to her for
a moment before rising and securing his mother to the
bed with the duct tape.

He then picked her panties up off of the floor and
wiped the cum seeping from her cunt on them. Placing
them over his mother’s nose.

“If they aren’t there when I get back, you’re going to
be fucking sorry!” He snarled at his terrified mother.


Jarrod was downstairs in the kitchen rolling himself a
joint about 10 minutes or so later thinking about what
to do next. The problem with forcing yourself on
somebody you love is you will always feel a degree of
sympathy for the victim. He lit up and a cruel thought
came to his wicked mind. He could barely wait to get
back up the stairs but he decided that he should
finish his joint.

He wanted his mother and he wanted her to be a sex
slave answering every sexual desire that he had
willingly and enthusiastically. She was being awkward
he thought, crying and struggling. I don’t want to
keep hitting her, I don’t want to ruin her looks but
she needs to understand that this is going to happen
and she has to embrace this fact.

“Time for round two, mother,” smiled Jarrod as he re-
entered the room, he sat on the bed next to her face
removing the tainted cum stained panties from her
nose. “I’m going to take the tape off your mouth, DO

Amanda nodded her head.

“Ok don’t move I’ll cut the tape off.” He pulled the
tape away from her mouth

“Ow Jarrod stop” said Amanda Jarrod didn’t know
whether she meant stop the whole rape thing or stop
pulling the tape from her hair, not that he intended
doing either.

“I want another blow job ok?” he said although the
tone wasn’t a question

A solitary tear meandered down Amanda’s cheek as her
son busied himself in removing the tape securing her
arms and legs to the bed although he kept the tape
holding her hands together behind her back. Jarrod was
silently pleased that his mother was noticeably more
compliant as she slipped her mouth over his cock
running her lips up and down the length of his
admittedly impressive dick.

“I’m going to decorate your face with this one,”
Jarrod said lustfully “ok?”

Amanda said nothing she just continued working her
mouth and tongue along the length of her sons cock.
She moved her head voluntarily to the base of his cock
and slurped hungrily on his balls before moving slowly
and deliberately back to the head and slipping her
lips over it gently. As Jarrod’s orgasm was beginning
he pulled his cock from between her teeth and worked
his dick spraying a load onto her face in her eyes and
across her nose, he thought that she looked like the
world’s sexiest glazed donut.

“Did you enjoy that cunt?”

“No, I don’t want to do that again,” Jarrod looked at
her and smiled a lazy smile

“Ok, so you’re complaining? Well I can fix that, I’m
going to fuck your ass.”

“No Jarrod, you can’t, please I’ve never done that!”

Jarrod smiled again before standing over her picking
her up off the floor and trying to get her to make a
pyramid shape as compliant as she was with the earlier
blow job she was being as difficult in regards to her
ass fucking.

“Stick your ass up.”

“Baby I can’t with my hands tied.”

“I don’t care about that stick your ass up or I’m
going to beat you so bad you won’t be able to sit for
a week.” Jarrod was delighted as she firmed up in
front of him and she presented her gorgeous heart
shaped bum to him. Amanda wished to herself that she
hadn’t got Jarrod to threaten her with a beating to
her back side because now he’d probably do it either

Jarrod pushed his rock hard cock into her tight and up
to this point virginal ass and discovered for himself
the virtues of ass fucking as the hole was so tight he
pushed as hard as he could and Amanda released an
involuntary moan and grimaced as the pain of the un-
natural intrusion hit home.

Jarrod pushed his hips forward and his dick penetrated
her to the full length. Amanda was in pain and she was
moaning quietly as she was sodomised to the fullest
extent. Jarrod was moving his bum back and forth
pushing in deeper all the time, it was so tight and
her moaning was such a huge turn on that he thought he
would embarrass himself.

Jarrod continued pumping away and his mother’s moaning
got louder as the pain started to become unbearable.
He continued pushing into his mother and brought his
hand down hard on his her rear causing her to yelp
loudly this turned him on even more so he did it again
and again. Suddenly Jarrod pulled out and crossed
towards his moms face grabbing her hair and cumming on
her face in her eyes and mouth.

“That was fun, huh mom we’ll be doing that a lot,”
Jarrod said, as his mother collapsed in a heap next to
him. “Tell me you enjoyed it bitch.”

Amanda looked up at him and realised that her spirit
had been broken.

“That was fun, wasn’t it mother?”

“Yes sweety,” she said unconvincingly as a lonely tear
rolled down her face

“I need a piss, open your mouth bitch, tell me you
want me to piss in your mouth mom.”

“Ok, piss in mommy’s mouth baby,” said the tormented


The following day Jarrod was sat at the dining table
eating a bowl of cereal whilst his mother was on the
floor under the table with her mouth tightly wrapped
around her sons throbbing cock. Jarrod was absent
mindedly holding the back of her head as it moved back
and forth.

“Your heart still isn’t in it, is it mother.” Amanda
looked up with tears in her eyes but said nothing in
reply before continuing with the passionless blow job.

This irritated Jarrod he wanted her to be a willing
slave not a victim, how could be break her completely,
make her grateful and willingly compliant?

A cruel thought occurred to Jarrod as he sprayed his
cum to the back of his mother’s throat

“Upstairs now,” said Jarrod, “I’m tying you to the bed
and then I’m going out for an hour or so”

“Jarrod you don’t need to tie me up, I promise I won’t
try to escape honestly sweety.”

“Shut the fuck up and get on the bed,” he snapped
slapping her hard across the ass

Amanda lay on the bed and Jarrod fastened her securely
to the bed he picked the previous days cummed stained
white panties pushed them in her mouth and looked in
her eyes

“If they aren’t in there when I get back I’ll beat you
with my belt, ok cunt?”

Amanda nodded her head, eyes wide with fear. It’s time
to try inter-species breeding, thought Jarrod darkly.

Jarrod opened the front door and breathed a lung full
of the warm summer air. He listened out and heard what
he was waiting for. Kaiser the neighbours from down
the streets black and tan long haired German Shepherd
was barking at something although he was secured in
the back garden by a pole.

The young man was trying to remember the name of the
family which owned the dog. He knew they were away and
a relative called round daily to feed the animal but
other than that he knew nobody was going to miss him
for at least a couple of weeks, the relative a short
middle aged woman was leaving as Jarrod approached the
house and they exchanged cheery greetings as they
passed one another.

Jarrod had brought some cooked ham and knew that the
large powerful animal would much sooner eat that than
the disgusting processed slop that he had in his bowl.
He handed the meat to the dog and checked to make sure
that it hadn’t been fixed, luckily or unluckily
depending on your point of view the animals ‘utensils’
were intact.

Kaiser happily followed Jarrod back to his house
wagging his long bushy tail as they walked.

Jarrod sat and spoke quietly to the dog when they were
in the living room looking directly into the dogs eyes

“Listen now boy, there’s a good bitch upstairs for
you, she’s going to be the best bitch you ever had. Ok
boy?” The dogs tongue was hanging from his mouth and a
pool of saliva was gathering on the floor

The dog didn’t understand a word of what the tall
human was saying but what he did recognise was the
smell, the smell of a bitch up the stairs, would that
be his bitch? He knew that he was happy to have
followed this human because something wonderful was
about to happen and instinctively he knew that today
would be a great day.

Before they ascended the stairs Jarrod spent a couple
of minutes checking the animals ‘credentials’ and it
was huge it would fill his mother and then some there
was some dog cum on his hand afterwards, he thought
about wiping it off but decided to put it someplace
else. Leaving Kaiser at the bedroom door Jarrod
entered the room and pulled the panties from his
mother’s mouth.

“Hi mother,” said Jarrod amiably. “I’ve brought a
friend show him a good time ok?” Jarrod cut the
bindings from his mother’s arms and legs. “Kaiser come
here boy!”

Amanda’s eyes widened in fear when the large long
haired dog entered the room, his tongue lolling from
his mouth

“Jarrod, sweety please. I can’t do anything with a dog
please baby. I’m your slut sex slave mother and I’ll
do anything you ask. I-I… I’ll suck your cock I’ll
give you one of your special lipstick blow jobs
swallow every drop and then let you fuck my ass and
I’ll enjoy it really I will, but please don’t let that
dog breed me.”

“Mom I’ve promised Kaiser that he’ll get a good sexy
fuck, now you’re not about to make a liar out of me,
lick my fingers mom.”

“Yes baby, mommy will lick your fingers, mommy will
suck her baby’s fingers does mommy’s baby have
anything else he wants sucking?” Said Amanda whilst
diligently cleaning her sons hand.

“Yeah mom suck the dogs cock, you’ll enjoy it you
already tasted his cum.”

“That’s yucky baby, please I only want to fuck you not
a big hairy dog.”

“You’ll do it, you’ll dine on his cock and enjoy it or
you’ll live to regret it!” Jarrod snapped.

“No Jarrod, I will not!” Amanda said determinedly. “I
will not fuck a dog!”

“Yes you fucking will!” Shouted Jarrod whilst pulling
his belt out of the loops of his jeans.

Jarrod grabbed Amanda’s hair and pushed her down onto
the bed face down using his free hand he made a loop
of his belt and brought it down hard on his mother’s
exposed rear. Again he did it and then again and
again. Stopping Jarrod brought his face down to his
mother’s ear.

“Ready now?” He snarled bringing the belt down again

“Oww, owww Jarrod you bastard ok I’ll fuck that dog,
just please don’t hurt me anymore!” She cried with the
force of a person whose spirit had completely broken.

“Ok that’s what I thought, now call to him,” said

“Kaiser come here boy I’ve got something for you.” The
dog rose off his haunches and cautiously approached
the broken woman.

Kaiser had his curiosity truly piqued now this bitch
smelt so good and had none of the coverings that this
incomprehensible species usually wore.

“Give him a kiss,” said Jarrod.

As the dog approached Amanda kissed him on the nose
and the dogs wet tongue splashed across her face.

“Not like that kiss him properly,” ordered Jarrod.

Amanda raised both of her arms and placed them on the
dogs shoulders pushing her open mouth onto the canines
lolling tongue before placing her lips onto the dogs
maw the dog licking the inside of her mouth.

“That’s it mom, now reach round and play with his cock
while you kiss.”

Amanda reached under the animal and placed her hand
onto the dogs slimy cock massaging it back and forth.
Kaiser broke the kiss and turned his head back to see
what the bitch was doing to his dick although he
didn’t move.

“Now smell his ass.”

Amanda moved to the rear of the dog and placed her
nose near his anus.

“Breathe deep, get your nose right in there,” he

Amanda pushed forward and placed her nose into the
dogs butt.

“Lick it!”

Amanda looked at Jarrod and considered refusing for a
moment before she remembered the pain her demonic son
could inflict on her for non-compliance. She placed
her hands on the animals rear and pushed her tongue
into the waiting anus making the whole area wet as she
hungrily devoured the animals ass. Jarrod sat on the
bed and watched as the dog stood and seemingly enjoyed
the first stage of his introduction to his mother.

“Good that’s really good mom, now suck his cock don’t
forget to swallow. Stains on the carpet will be
punished,” smiled Jarrod. “Ok mother?”

Amanda didn’t answer, she moved her mouth onto he dogs
large red member and slapped her lips wetly around it.

Kaiser thought that this was the best bitch he’d ever
met the things she was doing to his cock were
spectacular and he hoped that he could live here
forever. Amanda worked the dogs cock in her mouth
using her tongue to swill the tip around her lips the
lubricant smearing her face messily, she didn’t care.

“Is he cumming mom? I think he might be, don’t forget
to swallow it all,” said Jarrod lustfully “Does it
taste good?” asked Jarrod, Amanda again didn’t answer,
this irritated the young man.

The dogs body stiffened and a hot spray of cum hit the
back of Amanda’s throat she pulled her head away and
another shot flew and hit her in the eye more was
coming so Amanda placed her mouth over the dogs
opening and received it in her waiting mouth
swallowing it as quickly as she could. Some dribbled
onto her chest and she rubbed it into her tits. The
animals orgasm started to subside and the cock drooped
slightly and some doggy cum fell to the floor.

“You’d better lick that up bitch,” Jarrod threatened
and Amanda obediently lowered her head to the floor
and licked it up.

“Now fuck him mother, tell him to fuck you, invite
him, let him fuck you.”

Amanda looked at her son “You want me ask him to fuck
me? You want your mommy to cry while she fucks a dirty
dog? Ok, come here boy this bitch is yours fill this
bitch mommy with your cock, give this bitch what it
deserves” Amanda turned around and presented her ass
to the large dog.

Kaiser approached and lifted himself onto the woman’s
back placing his front paws around her waist stabbing
at her with his hard again cock, reaching round she
guided the animals slimy red cock into the entrance to
her cunt at which point the large hairy dog started to
pump forcing his huge knot into the young mother.

Amanda screamed but not too loudly and Jarrod dropped
off of the bed in front of her. It was Amanda’s first
double team as Jarrod pushed his stiff cock into her
mouth. He came almost immediately into her mouth
watching the dog breed his mother was such a huge turn
on. It’s long bushy coat covering her and a string of
saliva falling from the dogs mouth landing on her bare

“Looks like our new friend is enjoying himself,”
quipped Jarrod.

Jarrod had his phone in his hand and was taking
photographs of his mother being bred by the German
Shepherd, doggy cum was dribbling down the inside of
her legs and pooling messily on the floor under her.

“This is so fucking hot mom, smile for me,” said

Amanda raised her right hand and reached for the dog’s
head pulling it towards her gently, she smiled and
posed for the pictures pouting and kissing the dogs
snout from the side. Again the dog stiffened and came
into Amanda lots of the thick doggy cum was pooled on
the floor between Amanda’s knees. The young mother
knew she would probably have to lick this up but at
the moment she and her new lover were knotted

After about five minutes the dogs knot had subsided
sufficiently so that it slipped wetly from Amanda’s
cunt and a spew of yet more doggy cum cascaded onto
the floor beneath Amanda.

“Clean up mother, clean Kaisers cock too I think he
deserves it.”

Amanda pushed her face down into the puddle on the
floor sucking it up and swallowing it as she had been
ordered. Next she crawled towards the dog who had just
started to clean himself.

“No, sweety let your bitch clean you,” said Amanda as
she lowered her mouth onto the dogs hairy cock. She
licked it clean much to Kaisers delight.

Jarrod was pretty certain that she was broken that she
had nothing left to fight with but he had one last
test for her before he could be absolutely positive.

“Let him piss in your mouth now mom let all dogs know
that you are doggy property.”

“How do I do that sweety?”

“I’ll piss on you first and then the dog will see it
and do the same” he said expecting a fight.

“Ok baby piss in mommy’s mouth.”

Jarrod turned and pissed on her catching the dogs
attention, Amanda catching it all in her waiting

The dog lifted his leg and fired a full load into the
bitches mouth and Amanda moved her head into the
stream drinking it greedily.

Jarrod returned Kaiser to his own garden but not
before he had his mother give him a good bye blowjob.
Amanda had protested that she wanted tying up before
they left and Jarrod was happy to oblige, although he
thought that he would sleep in her bed tonight leaving
her untied as they slept. He wondered just what his
mother could fuck next.
Don’t forget this is an adult fantasy and
if you are considering anything like this then you
should seek professional help because that’s just

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