A story about my dog named Rambo and the fun we had with him

My wife and I enjoy a very active sex life. We enjoy
sex in every way imaginable. We are independently
wealthy and live on a large isolated tract of land away
from prying eyes so we can explore indoors or out when
and where we want without worrying about anyone seeing.

We’ve tried a wide variety of variations indoors and
out but there was one more that I wanted to try but was
afraid to ask. As open as we were, I was still afraid
to ask for this.

You see, I wanted to see a dog fuck her. This was
something that we had never even talked about. I
happened to see a short video online and was intrigued.
The dog in the video had a huge cock and fucked at such
a fast pace. It was just amazing. I got a huge hard on
from watching the video. I just had to see it in
person. And I wanted to see it up close in my wife.

The first thing I had to do was to arrange to find a
suitable dog. I was going to try to dog sit for friends
but thinking about them, none of them had a dog of any
size. That wasn’t going to work so I had to think of
something else. This was going to take some time and I
was patient.

I started to talk to my wife about getting a dog for
protection when I was away. We talked about it for a
while and discussed different breeds and the cost of
pure bred dogs. We decided against a pure bred because
of the problems associated with them. We decided to try
to get a big dog of some sort.

We started to look in the papers and talked to friends
about looking for a dog. A friend at work said his
neighbor told him about a friend of his that was giving
puppies away. I followed him home after work and we
went to the neighbor’s friends place. He only had 2
puppies left. They were 10 weeks old and were huge. He
said they were very smart and were already house
trained. I asked what kind they were and he either
didn’t know or wouldn’t say. He had one female and one
male. They both were very friendly. I said I’d take
the male as I didn’t want the chance of dealing with a
puppy maker.

When I got home my wife wanted to know where I’d been
as I’m never late. I told her I had a surprise for her.
I showed her the puppy and she was all excited. I told
her I already named him Rambo. I was thinking to myself
about seeing him ram her when I came up with the name.

Over the next three months he grew a lot and was a
great pet. He listened well and was good in the house.
When my wife was out I played with him in other ways. I
was preparing him for eventually fucking my wife. I
would stroke him every chance I got. At first he didn’t
get it but slowly he was enjoying it a lot. I even put
his cock in my mouth to see what he would do. He really
liked that. He would hump my face like crazy but was
too young to cum yet. Eventually when he got a little
older he started to cum in my mouth. It tasted pretty
good and I was starting to enjoy it. I let him fuck my
mouth a lot.

I started to have him try to mount me but he didn’t
seem to understand. I figured that maybe it was because
I had clothes on so I stripped down and we played that
way for a while before I had him try again. I
alternated between sucking him and trying to get him to
mount me. He was starting to get frantic to cum sot his
time he seemed to be more interested. He licked my ass
a little before jumping up and trying to mount me. I
kept moving away so he would get used to a moving

I doubted that my wife would be a willing participant
the first time so I wanted to make sure he wouldn’t
give up easily. He caught on to the game quickly and
hung on and chased along with me. When he got the tip
of his cock in my ass I froze because I wasn’t really
expecting that.

When I froze it gave him just enough time to catch up
with me and ram it in deep. I tried to get away but he
held on very tight. He was pumping my ass like a demon
dog. It wasn’t hurting me so I just gave up and let him
have his way with me.

I was getting real turned on by this so I reached down
and stroked myself. In no time I was cumming like
crazy. This felt so good, cumming while he was fucking
my ass. I never felt anything like it before. He seemed
to finish up soon after I did and jumped off of me. The
only thing was, he was knotted to me. I was so caught
up in getting myself off that I didn’t even notice the
knot going in me.

I was panicked at first but my wife wasn’t due back for
a while so I just waited for him to shrink and pull
out. After about 10 minutes he did pull out and clean
up his mess. I cleaned up the rest of the mess before
my wife came home. My ass was a little sore for a while
after that.


We repeated this exercise many times during his
training. My ass was getting a hell of a workout and he
was growing bigger in all ways. He was now about 150
lbs of what looked like a Great Dane-Saint Bernard mix.
His cock was getting hard to handle. It was a good
thing I has started when he was smaller because he
broke in my ass slowly over time. His cock had grown to
about 10 inches long and almost as thick as my wrist.

I was constantly planning how to get my wife involved
when opportunity rang. We were playing around on our
couch when Rambo started nosing around. I had been
rubbing her juicy pussy and letting him sniff my hand
behind my back when he jumped up and started humping me
right there. We jumped up and she all of a sudden said
she had to go outside to weed some flower beds. She was
wearing a pair of those loose short shorts without
panties. The kind that showed her goodies when she bent
over just right. I’d been rubbing her through the leg

I had an idea. She went outside and I went upstairs to
set up the video camera. I didn’t know if it would work
or not but if it was I was going to get it on tape.
When I had the camera set up I went back down to the
door leading outside with Rambo by my side. He was
still excited after licking her juices off of my hand.
I knew that she was still juicy and Rambo was horny. I
was watching her work and stroking Rambo. He was
seeking relief humping my hand and trying to mount me
but all I was letting him get was more and more

I saw my chance coming up and waited for the perfect
moment. There was one place in the flower beds where
she had to stretch way in between some bushes that
would leave her vulnerable. I could see whenever she
leaned forward her shorts would creep to the side and
show her pussy wide open. Rambo would have to be a
little lucky but I thought in his excited state he
would jump right on and plow into her.

I gave him a couple more good strokes and quietly let
him outside. He was still humping the air a little when
he went out. I ran upstairs to the window and watched
from above.

He went straight over to her but she didn’t notice. She
was into her weeding. Just in time she reached into the
area I expected. Rambo took one sniff of her back end
and jumped on. She jumped and screamed a little but
Rambo had her pinned in between the bushes where she
couldn’t escape.

She was wiggling and calling for me but of course I
couldn’t hear her. Rambo was humping for all he was
worth but must not have been able to penetrate her. She
kept trying to escape but just couldn’t get away. All
of a sudden she stiffened up as Rambo must have hit his
intended target. She really started to call for me then
but I still waited. I waited until I saw that she was
starting to enjoy it.

Eventually she started to move with him and also
started moaning. I ran downstairs and outside and asked
what the hell was going on. She didn’t answer since she
was in the middle of an intense orgasm. Rambo was
obviously also cumming so I tried to pull him off of
her. She yelled for me to stop. She said it was too
late, he was locked into her.

She had her hand underneath rubbing her clit furiously.
She was going for another. Right when she started
cumming Rambo jumped off her and was ass to ass and
still locked with her. She went wild as she came. She
was moaning all kinds of things. She said she never
imagined it could be this good and he was so big and
filled her up.

When he finally pulled out she came out from between
the bushes and started to apologize. She said she was
sorry and didn’t mean to do that with him. I told her
that I didn’t care and that it was the hottest thing
I’d seen in a while. It turned me on and I was hard as
a rock.

She told me to straddle her and look at the mess Rambo
left while she sucked me off. She had slid the shorts
to the side so I could look at her dog cum drooling
pussy. I climbed on her and faced her soaked crotch.
She started to suck my cock slowly and would pinch it
once in a while to keep me from coming too quickly. I
was going crazy and begged her to let me cum.

I was fucking her mouth and she was taking it down her
throat but still applying the pressure to hold me off.
She reached up with her legs and pulled my face down
into her crotch and now she was grinding her sloppy dog
cummy pussy on my nose and mouth. I was ready to cum
when I felt Rambo jump on my back. When he did he
pushed me even deeper into my wife’s throat and my face
was pushed deeper into her sticky crotch. This pushed
me over the edge.

I wanted to cum too bad to try to stop Rambo from doing
what I knew he was going to do. Rambo started fucking
my ass for all he was worth while my wife about choked
on my cum, but she was swallowing it all. I felt like I
would never stop cumming.

This was as depraved as it could ever be. I was eating
dog cum out of my wife’s pussy as my dog ass fucked me
and my wife sucked me dry… and I was loving it.
Better yet,

Rambo pulled up tight as my wife was getting off again.
He unloaded in my ass as my wife was cumming on my
face. After my wife was through getting off on me she
slid out from under me. She sat back and watched as I
kneeled helplessly with Rambo’s cock stuck in me, ass
to ass.

She said that had to rank with some of the best sex she
has ever had. And if she didn’t know better she was set
up. I had it all on tape and we watched it over and

I admitted that I had wondered what it would be like to
have her have sex with a dog. And that when I saw her
bent over outside weeding with her pussy showing I came
up with a plan. But the plan didn’t include me getting
boned by the dog.

After Rambo came loose he licked my ass clean and went
over to clean himself. We just laid there for a while
talking when Rambo came back over and laid down with

He rolled over on his back and started to show some
pink doggy cock. We laughed at his display. This made
him show more pink. I told her that it looks like he
wants some more attention. I suggested that he might
like a hand job.

She reached out and slowly stroked him and he really
showed some pink. She said she couldn’t believe that it
all fit inside her and me. As she stroked him more and
more of him showed and then his knot started swelling.
She really couldn’t believe that the knot was inside
us. It was bigger than my fist.

I told her to see how he tastes. She didn’t want to at
first but eventually did give him a tentative lick.
After seeing it didn’t taste that bad she stuck it in
her mouth and made a show of giving him a quality blow
job. He was humping the air trying to get more in her
mouth. I was impressed that she was doing her best to
get it all down her throat.

By now I had a massive hard on myself. I got behind her
and rammed my cock into her pussy and gave her my best
while looking over her shoulder. I was pushing her onto
Rambo’s cock even more than she was herself. She was
swallowing his cock right down to the knot. It looked
like she was trying to get the knot into her mouth too.
She was really into this.

I knew the signs from experience and could see that
Rambo was about to unleash a torrent of cum into her
throat. He was making the familiar noises that he makes
when he’s about to cum. I sped up to cum with him and
was surprised when she started cumming also. Rambo let
out a growl, my wife moaned over his cock and I groaned
as we came.

We all fell in a heap after that. Rambo cleaned himself
then us, me first then the wife. She had to push him
away as she was getting sore from the workout.

We all three slept great that night in the same bed. I
woke up twice to Rambo fucking my wife. She fucked him
doggy style on the bed and missionary off the edge of
the bed.


I woke up and went to the bathroom to piss and when I
got back and sat on the bed Rambo jumped up and knocked
me onto my back. Once on my back, he was standing
between my legs on top of me humping me. I tried to get
up and mistakenly raised my knees and he humped right
into my ass. He was fucking me silly before I knew it.
I gave up fighting him and just let him have his way
with me. This was really giving me a hard on with his
furry belly rubbing against my cock.

I started to hump back at him so hard that it woke up
my wife. She rolled over and saw what we were up to and
was just amazed. She pulled my cock to the side and
started to suck on it as Rambo fucked me. Rambo was
taking longer than usual as he probably came 8 times
already during the last 24 hours.

My ass was burning from the a***e it had taken so far
and my cock felt like it was going to spew hot molten
lava. I screamed out that I was going to cum just as
Rambo pulled up tight to do the same. My wife took me
out of her mouth and jerked me all over her face. I
came so much I couldn’t believe how much I came. There
was something special about cumming while being fucked
in the ass by a dog. This time I was being fucked
missionary style which was a new one for me and Rambo.

My wife admitted that Rambo had fucked her missionary
style twice and once in the ass during the night. She
said that it was the best she had ever had. She had
never had anything that deep in her before and it felt
unbelievable. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she
woke up and found him fucking me the same way. I told
her how it happened.

Training him to let us be when we didn’t want sex took
a while. We called him a rapist for a while because he
didn’t understand and would overpower us occasionally.
Luckily this didn’t happen while guests were visiting.
We had to keep him locked up while guests were

One female guest insisted that we let him out while she
was there saying that it was unfair to keep him locked
up just because she was there. She was a wild friend of
my wife’s so I relented. Surprisingly he behaved

When it was time for bed he was sticking to her side.
We joked that it looked like he wanted to stay with her
tonight. She said that would be fine and she would let
him out if he wanted to go outside.

Luckily we had arranged for her to stay in a room with
a hidden camera in a corner facing the bed. We went to
bed and turned on the TV and tuned to the guest room. I
was happy that I had spent the money on a good camera
because the picture was great. I put a tape in the VCR
and hit record. We watched as she got ready for bed and
Rambo just watched.

When she got into bed Rambo jumped up on the bed with
her and laid down. She tried to get him off of the bed
when he rolled onto his back and showed some pink. She
stopped suddenly, looked at his cock and then the door,
and then back at his cock. She slowly reached out and
gently stroked his cock and about 6 inches of pink

On the TV we could see her mouth wow. She continued to
stroke him as it grew to bigger lengths. Then she
brought her hand to her mouth to first smell and then
taste his juices. When she seemed to approve of the
taste she looked back at the door before going in for a
more direct taste. She first lightly licked him then
quickly sucked in a mouthful.

This caused Rambo to start bucking and fucking her
mouth. She stopped quickly and seemed to make a
decision. She jumped up and took off her panties and
leaned over the bed presenting her ass to him. He was
up in a flash and was on her back before she could
change her mind. He was in her deep and fucking hard
and fast before she knew what was happening. She was
cumming right away. We could hear her moaning even
without the TV. He fucked her through what seemed like
continuous orgasms.


The next morning she slept late and after a shower she
left saying she would have to visit again soon. We told
her she was welcome anytime. She said Rambo was great
company during the night and that he made her feel
safe. We left the VCR running all night and later found
out that he fucked her seven times during the night and
hit every hole at least twice. She has been back
several times and we have several tapes of her

That dog has been a faithful companion and is very much
a part of our sex lives to this day.

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