A story about sex, drugs and more sex

Well, where to begin? I’ll start at the beginning, OK?
I’m Jessica and I’m just about to turn 25. I go to
college right now and I’m really involved in politics.
Actually, I’m involved in what we like to call counter-
politics; That is, I’m an Anarchist. I won’t go into
the details of the Anarchistic theory(s) but you should
at least know that Anarchists hate, but just hate,

Actually we hate all forms of government as a rule, but
cops are really the worse because they represent the
government, and actually they are a pain in the ass.

Me and a friend decided that we wanted to form a small
group of people like us so we could talk about politics
and do some actions. We contacted a small punk group
were I live and met some people through them. Soon we a
had a group of about five people. To honest, we really
didn’t do anything really revolutionary but most of the
time met somewhere and smoked pot.

Ilona, one of our group, had a nice apartment so most
of the time we went there and smoked. This week,
however, she was not here (someone said she flew over
to London for a week but I doubt that because I don’t
think she can afford it) so I invited everyone to my

Joseph and Lizard (yes, I know it’s a stupid nickname,
but then Lizard is only 19 and he insists we call him
that) were going to meet me and Holly at the park were
we would normally buy some grass so I went over to
Holly’s first. A guy opened the door and told me that
Holly is in the shower and that he’s a friend of hers
and that she invited him to join us. He was rather tall
and slim and had really nice long hair.

Holly came out from the shower a couple of minutes
later wearing only her panties. I guess Holly’s friend
knew she was a dyke because he didn’t do anything men
normally do when they see a naked woman. I, on the
other hand, was feeling weird. I’m not a lesbian, and
never really sexually touched another woman, but Holly
have such a great body I actually felt sorry I’m not

It took her some time to get dressed so we rushed over
to the park. As we are walking towards the park we saw
Lizard running towards us like a maniac. In a second he
got to us and breathing heavily gasped “Cops… The
fuckers got Joseph… C’mon.” We started running
towards my house fearing the worst. As we got to my
house and I locked door Lizard rushed to the window to
see if we lost the pigs. “They got J., but I got the
grass…” he uttered gasping. “Good, then they don’t
really have anything against him, right?” Holly was
also breathing heavily. “No” he replied, and making
sure that we’re really safe from the fuckers we
collapsed on the sofa.

I was so hot I felt I was burning. I’m a heavy smoker
and I’m not used to run that fast. I got a bottle of
water and some glasses from the kitchen and took a big
sip. I went to my bedroom and took off my pantyhose so
I could fell a little cooler. When I came back Lizard
was already telling how he and Joseph met their friend
in the park and how the cops jumped them and how he ran
away with the dope. Holly’s friend was sweating like a
pig from the long run we had and she suggested that
he’ll take a short shower. I didn’t really care so she
took him to the bathroom and showed him everything.

Lizard started rolling a joint so I sat by him and
drank me water silently. “I’m so hot” he said.

“Here,” I offered him a sip of my cup.

“Cheers.” He drank.

“Why not take your shirt off?” I asked as I got up to
put on some music, thinking he would feel much better.
He took it off and kept on making joints. “Can I?” I
pointed to a rolly.

“Sure,” I took a joint and lit it up. Lizard stopped
rolling and laid back on the sofa. “What’s with Holly
and Mike?” he asked.

“You know him?”

“Yeah, from one of the clubs… Anyways, what’s they
doing there I thought Holly was a dyke” he whispered
the last part.

“I thought so too…” I was feeling a little stoned and
laid on the couch with my head in Lizard’s lap. He
started fondling with my hair as we passed the joint to
each other. I could feel his cock getting harder under
his pants which really surprised me since I always
thought of him as nothing more then a friend, I guess
it was because he was a little younger then me.

I guess it was the grass and the music so I started
feeling a little silly. I sat down and put my hand on
his thigh, slowly moving it towards his cock. Lizard
was humming with the music and, as if he didn’t notice,
put his hand on my thigh too. The feeling of his hand
on my bare thigh really turned my on. I grabbed his
cock through his pants and started quizzing it.

I’m usually rather shy when it come to sex, but when I
get going there is nothing that can stop me. Not even
Holly and her friend coming back into the living room.
They both pretended as if they didn’t notice that I’m
grabbing Lizard’s cock and sat on the other side
lighting a joint. Lizard was about to take his hand off
my thigh but I stopped him, using my other hand to push
his hand up my leg. No man can say no when a woman
pushes his hand to her cunt. Not even if someone is
watching. And boy, were they watching. Both Holly and
her friend were sitting opposite me, staring directly
at me. Actually, directly at my groin.

As I was quizzing Lizard’s cock in his pants he pushed
his hand higher up my leg and tried to take off my
panties. I lifted my ass a bit and in a second I was
pantiless. Putting my right leg on the table, so as to
give Holly and her friend a better look at my cunt, I
unbuttoned Lizard’s jeans and after a short struggle
with his shorts I let his dick free. I started jerking
him off a little and them took his entire cock in my
mouth. He started moaning as I blew him.

I was getting real horny as was sucking Lizard’s cock,
sneaking peeks at Holly’s friend groin. Lizard was
trying to get at me pussy, but the position I was in
did not allow him. I found the situation funny and sat
down giggling. Lizard freed himself of his pants and
shorts and helped me out of my shirt, kissing and
massaging my tits, pinching and biting my nipples as
his hand was lifting my skirt up.

The feeling of his warm mouth on my nipples made my
nuts. I wanted him to fuck me. I signaled him to lie on
the couch and positioned myself over him. Lizard
grabbed my waist and slowly set me on his cock, every
inch sending me screaming and moaning. I started riding
him faster and faster as he was pressing his thumb on
my clit. The sensation was absolutely great. I was
getting closer and closer to orgasm and it was not long
before I came screaming and moaning, pressing my
fingernails into his bare chest.

Lizard, however, was far from satisfied. He wanted more
and was about to get some if Holly’s friend hasn’t
interrupted. In the heat of the moment I totally forgot
about Holly and her friend and when I saw him there,
standing naked like a Greek god in front of me I was
not about to let such a chance slip. I got up from
Lizard, and pushed him off the sofa saying something
like “Don’t worry”.

I was already holding Holly’s friend’s big cock in my
hand so I easily manipulated him so he would lie on the
sofa the way I wanted him to and in one blow sat myself
on his cock. I did not really thought that it was that
big a cock and the effect of it entering my pussy made
me scream with pleasure. He started massaging my tits
with his hands when I caught a glimpse of Lizard
standing naked about two feet from me, looking puzzled
and frustrated.

“Come here Lizard,” I said between moans and as he did
I grabbed his cock and started sucking it. So here I
was, one cock in my steaming cunt and another in my
mouth, and riding one cock like a maniac and sucking
the other like there’s not tomorrow, when I heard
Holly, whom I forgot about, saying, “It’s not fair,
you’ll have fun and I’m stuck here like with nothing to

“Well,” Holly’s friend let out, “I have an idea.” He
stopped me and lifted me up a from his cock. He started
fingering my cunt and smearing cunt juices on my
asshole. I a second he was fingering my ass. I like
anal sex so, still sucking Lizard’s dong, I positioned
myself over him and in a second his cock was slowly
penetrating deeper and deeper into my ass. Holly took
her dress off in a split second and sitting on the
floor started licking my cunt.

This was the best. No one licks a pussy like a lesbian.
Her tong flew swiftly on my clit, playing with it and
teasing it and I wanted so much to scream from pleasure
that I started sucking the cock in my mouth harder and
harder. Holly’s friend was now fucking me up the ass
very slowly and gently, and with every movement he made
I was twisting like crazy feeling the orgasm building

Since I was so excited I didn’t really notice that
Lizard was about to come and the first hit of sperm in
my mouth surprised me so I almost chocked. I quickly
pulled his cock out holding it pointed at me waiting
for the next shot of cum. And it came, shooting strait
at me open mouth. As I closed my mouth to swallow his
jizz he shot another load of cum on my face.

I was going crazy, all this overstimulation was too
much for me and I came again. Holly, stopped licking
and fingering me and motioned something to her friend.
He stopped fucking me in the ass and pulled me out. I
stood up and he too rose. Holly looked at me and
winked. She sat on the sofa and took my hand in hers.

“I think I deserve some love too,” she smiled and put
my hand on her cunt. I never felt a woman’s cunt but
myself before and I will never forget the feeling of my
hand on hers. It was soft and warm and wet and smelt so
great. I sat on the sofa besides her and started
exploring her.

Her friend was still standing above me with his huge
cock at a perfect 45 degrees. Holly slowly lay down and
very gently pushed my head down in the obvious
direction. “Why the hell not?” I thought and dived in.
I started licking her cunt slowly and gently but soon I
was getting excited and pushed my cum drenched fact in
her groin sucking and licking furiously.

“I want to fuck you in the ass again” her friend said
and I quickly lifted my ass up. I felt him standing on
the sofa and them I felt the head of his cock pressing
against my asshole. It was not a second before he had
it all in and started fucking me like crazy. This was
crazy, I was licking Holly’s cunt like crazy, pushing
two of my fingers as deep as I could, and with every
thrust of the cock in my ass pushing my fingers deeper
into her soaking cunt.

After a short while I felt Holly’s friend pull out of
me. He turned me around quickly and shot two loads of
warm sticky cum on my tits. The feeling of the warm
liquid on my tits was great and I started smearing it
all over my tits, trying to get some in my mouth.

As I was sitting with my back to Holly she moved
forward a little and started rubbing her cunt against
my ass chicks. She grabbed my tits and started to move
faster and faster until she came with a scream that I’m
sure even the neighbors could hear.

As we all relaxed and lit up another joint I started
thinking about what was going to happen next.

What shall we do next week?

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