A story of two people falling in love at a dogging site and finding out sex with a dog can be fun

I meet my husband Tony a little over four years ago at
our local dogging spot in the west of England, he had
been dogging for a few years. A friend had talked me
into coming along and have a look at what goes on and I
have always been sex mad. The people were friendly in
the most part and I had a good time watching people have
sex in their cars and bushes in a car park off the m4.

I had got talking to Tony and we laughed and joked about
sex and hit it off that first night, he did asked me for
sex that night but I was nervous and said no. We
arranged to meet next week weather permitting and we did
meet and have sex on a picnic table. It was great fun
and we continued to do this over the summer and in doing
so became great friends and fell in love.

We keep going back and fucking on the picnic table and
stayed in contact with our friends. Tony and I would put
a show on for the single guys and I acted as slutty as
possible and fuck tony until he cum inside my pussy.
After I would sit on the end of the table and play with
the cum running out of my cunt.

People watching had to ask Tony if they wanted to fuck
me because we had decided to ask each other to have
intercourse with other people. Tony doesn’t let many
guys fuck me we had to like them and they had to were a
rubber. But I could suck as much cock as I wanted when I
wanted and did every weekend for the last four years.

This brings me to the point for me writing this letter,
one mid week dogging session me and tony had fucked I
was messing around on the table wearing thigh high boots
mini skirt and a boob tube. Tony was off talking to a
friend David about his new car. There were a few people
about but someone was putting a show on in their car and
I was left with two young lads that were a bit shy and a
bloke with a large dog I don’t know what type of dog it

It was black with a whit spot on it neck and just sat
next to the man who was wanking slowly looking at me. I
asked if he wanted a hand with that and he came over and
I sat on the bench and started to suck on his average
size cock. After a few minutes the dog pushed his nose
into my pussy and licked up a little sperm, I stopped
sucking the man’s cock and pushed the dog away and the
man told the dog to sit and so I carried on enjoying his
stiff pick.

Then the dog tried to lick me again and the bloke says,
“I think he likes you love.”

I replied, “I think your right,” and pushed him away

Well after that the dog would not leave me alone and the
man says to me why not let him lick you; you never know
you might like it. So I did and carried on again sucking
his juicy knob. Well I have to say I loved it and so did
the dog because he kept licking me hard and when the man
shot his load in my mouth a few moments later I came so
hard on the dogs tongue.

After that I just sat on the bench being licked by the
dog and being watched be the two young lads and then
more people came over to see what I was doing. Tony came
back after chatting and saw what I was doing and was a
little freaked out, told me that we were going home and
we rowed all the way home.

I replied that it was doing no harm and that it felt
good but Tony was not happy about it and we stopped
talking for a few days. But in the end he admitted the
thought had turned him on and that he had felt shocked
at first. I asked my husband if I could do it again and
he said it would be okay, but that he must be present.

So the next week we went back to our picnic table and
fucked again and the dog man was there again. I gave him
a blow job and the dog licked me out to a lovely orgasm
and again after sat on the bench loving the dog licking
me. There were about ten or fifteen watching me with
their camera phones out I put my sunglasses on and
carried on enjoying dog lick love.

The dog kept jumping up on me and finally I asked,
“What’s wrong with him?”

Gary, the dog man said, “He wants to fuck you.”

His big and I mean very big dog cock was out and at that
point got scared and asked him to take the dog away.
Tony said on the way home, “Did you not think that the
dog would want to fuck you?”

It had not even crossed my mind until that moment.

I could not think of anything else over that week and by
Friday just wanted to fuck a dog. And again I asked Tony
if I could do it and his answer was, “I was hoping you
would ask because I really want to see you fuck that

Friday night again being licked and sucking the man’s
cock and then the dog starts jumping up and Tony says
right get on all fours you little bitch and fuck that
beast. So on all fours in my thigh high boots mini skirt
boob tube and up jumps the dog his dick jabbing around
my pussy and arse.

I think people had talked about me and there must have
been thirty or forty people there watching me get
mounted be this huge dog, I was a little worried but
just so turned on. Then all of a sudden his prick found
my cunt and rammed it home with the most force and I was
pushed face first in the grass and got muddy. I screamed
hard as it fuck me so fast and his cock was getting
bigger and bigger and filling up and up and my screams
turned to lots of small grunts.

Just when I thought I was full of cock I let out a
massive scream as a huge lump entered me. “Oh Tony! He’s
SO BIG! And he just got even bigger than when his knot
entered me! Oh, what fucking knot!” I didn’t even know
dogs had a knot. “Oh my god! I’m cumming!”

The thrusts got a little slower but the cock was still
growing inside me I felt faint after Cumming so hard. I
managed to look up to faces around me and they looked as
shocked as me, and looking up a guy came over a came all
over my face. The dog stopped moving and started to cum
and throb and twitch inside hitting my G spot and from
this point a cum continually.

The dog was locked and a few minutes later turned from
being on my back to facing away from me, still pumping
me full of dog cum. This went on for about half an hour
and slowly his cock softened and I was free of him, and
my god I was full of cum and covered in stranger’s jizz
from head to toe.

Feeling his hot cock twitch inside me for so long left
me so tired and faint but felt totally satisfied. At
least half the men that watched me came over me calling
a dirty bitch and I loved it.

Now people bring their dogs to me on a Friday night to
fuck me and I have tried all kinds and you can see me on
the internet if you look in the right places.

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