A strict aunt disciplines her nephew

Aunt Cecilia had lived alone until the day her sister
died in 1955 she was f****d to take in her sixteen year
old nephew. She enjoyed living alone and was not
offended by the term old maid or spinster, she enjoyed
her job as a librarian and thought a good book and a hot
coffee an enjoyable evening. At 43 she was still quite
attractive but considered plain due to her glasses and
the way she wore her hair tightly bunched up in a bun
and also for her penchant for tweed skirts and sensible

No freedom was giving to her nephew, he was not allowed
out at night and spent his days as her apprentice at the
library, where she kept him in the basement archiving an
array of papers and books. She held a weekly book club
with three of her friends, all of the same sort of
personality and age as her, which her nephew, Tom, was
f****d to attend to their needs by bringing in
refreshments etc, if he was not suitably employed doing
such things, then he had to quietly stand in the corner
and speak only when spoken to.

It was on one such evening, when she came back from the
shop, where she had just purchased some cream buns for
the ladies of her book club that she noticed Tom was
locked away in his bedroom. The ladies would be here in
around ten minutes and the teapot and cups were not yet
out, venturing upstairs with the intention of chastising
him she heard a tapping noise and groans coming from his

On opening the door she was shocked to see him sat on
his bed with his trousers pulled down to his knees, his
erect penis in one hand and a pair of her used panties
in the other.

Barging in, she grabbed his ear, “Oh, so you like to
masturbate then?!”

He tried to protest but she f****d him from his room and
down the stairs, his trousers still half way down and
his cock flapping about all over. Midway down the stairs
there was a knock at the door, “Come in ladies!” she

The three ladies entered and following Cecilia and the
boy into the room they asked what was going on. “I
caught this one playing with his penis, with my dirty
panties if you please!!” The ladies looked shocked, “Sit
down ladies, we’re going to teach this boy a lesson!”

The ladies sat down on the sofa as Cecilia placed a high
back dining chair in front of them, “Sit there.” she
ordered, the boy sat, his limp cock still exposed which
all three women gazed at.

Coming back from the kitchen Cecilia had in her hand a
length of rope, some scouring pads, a rolling pin and
metal toothed dog brush. She proceeded to tie the boys
hands behind his back and his ankles to the chair, then
pulled his trousers down to his ankles, lastly she
violently pulled his t shirt over his head, his torso,
genitals and legs were now completely exposed.

She produced the panties he was masturbating to and put
them under his nose to sniff, a small white smear on
them emanating the fragrance of his aunts vagina, “So
this is what you like is it? Its ladies underwear what
makes your cock go all hard? Well ladies, let’s oblige
him let’s make his cock go all hard.”

The three women giggled and opened their legs and showed
him their panties, one even pulling hers to the side to
expose her pussy lips, after which the others did the

Aunty Cecilia pulled his hair and f****d him to look at
the three exposed cunts, with the sight of three mature
pussies and the smell of his aunts panties it wasn’t
long before his cock was stiff and throbbing.”Yes he
likes it. The filthy boy. Now I will punish you so you
won’t want to use that dirty thing between your legs
ever again!” she shouted.

Taking hold of his thick hard on she squeezed tight
until all the b***d rushed to his bell end, then she
took the scouring pad and began roughly scraping it on
his most sensitive gland, he screamed in pain. “Put
those panties in his mouth to keep him quiet.”

One of the ladies obliged and he was gagged. Tears
flowed from his eyes, he watched now as the three ladies
stripped, showing their tits and hairy pussies and began
to finger each other, even with the pain his aunt was
inflicting on the head of his penis he couldn’t help but
to remain stiffly erect.

Aunt Cecilia stopped and letting go of his cock it
twanged comically to attention, his bell end red and
almost bleeding. Next came the rolling pin and striking
it down hard from above it connected on the top of his
penis causing him to bite the used panties stuffed in
his mouth, she then struck him in his balls which
dangled vulnerably against the hard seat of the chair.

Laughing she gripped his cock and began violently
rubbing, she’d turned her diamond ring so it cut harshly
into his shaft “What’s the matter? I thought you like
masturbating your cock?” The ladies were now in orgasm
at the sight of this young boy who was essentially their
play thing. Taking the dog brush she now gave his bell
end a sharp slap and pushed on of the metal teeth into
the slit of his penis. He tried to shout please, but was
prevented by the gag.

The three ladies meanwhile had, after satisfying their
lust of each other, got dressed and prepared to leave.
Aunt Cecilia showed them out.She slowly walked back into
the room where her nephew was panting through his nose,
his cock still hard between his legs.

She looked at it with her stern librarians expression,
she took hold of his sore red gland with her fingers and
to his surprise knelt down between his legs, putting her
face close to examine it, she wrapped her fingers round
its base and opening her mouth pushed her head down on
it and began sucking.

For a brief moment he felt horror thinking she would
bite it, even bite it off, but she sucked and her warm
mouth eased the pain and soreness and he felt a wave of
relief and pleasure, which made his cock grow even
bigger in her mouth.

She stopped, stood up and turned round so her back was
to him. She slid out of her panties and hitched up her
tweed skirt, he looked at her long legs in black
suspender and stockings, and even as his cock ached in
pain was excited at her peachy ass cheeks. She lowered
herself onto his cock and she watched her take hold of
it and slide it between the puffy lips of her moist
pussy. She bounced up and down on him, his huge erection
sliding in her cunt, she slammed down on his balls,
faster and faster and harder and harder.

She groaned in pleasure, he tried his hardest to cum, to
force himself to climax but the treatment she had given
his sensitive gland had made it so he felt nothing, he
was her tool now, a human dildo, still she bounced on
his stiff cock, he could feel her cum juices dripping
down his hard length.

Eventually after what seemed an eternity he did cum,
gallons of sperm shot up into his aunts pussy, she
screamed with pleasure. Then she stood up, respectfully
pulled her skirt up and picked her panties up from the
floor and walked out.

She returned an hour later to release him, looked his
cock limp, used and exhausted. Untying him she stood,
towering over him in the chair “Now go to your room,”
she said.

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