A tale of forbidden love between Mother and Daughter

Donna Hartley was no shrinking violet. She had the kind
of job many men would have envied; she was a sports
commentator for super bike racing and loved every minute
of it. She presented the image of a tall confident woman
in her late thirties, not frightened of the world and
what it had to offer.

She began commentating fifteen years ago because of her
love of motorbikes coupled with her journalistic
training, and now worked for the major sports station as
their “star reporter” on the track. She was involved with
the sport on a personal basis as well, to the extent of
marrying one of Europe’s top riders, a Frenchman called

Sadly it was a short marriage, both of them had nothing
in common besides the physical side of the relationship
and it ended with a divorce in which she’d been allowed
to keep custody of their young daughter and a large slice
of his personal fortune.

The wind was gusting as she stood by the side of the
track interviewing one of the riders, her long tawny hair
blowing across her handsome features as she asked him
what he thought about the forthcoming race. The bike
engines roared as the riders pulled back their throttles,
causing her to shout into the microphone for her voice to
carry above the din.

She kept her questions brief, party because of the racket
and also because the race was due to start in a few
minutes. Still talking to camera she kept a running
commentary as the nearest competitor climbed onto his
bike saddle and revved up his engine. A tall leather clad
rider jumped onto his bike as he swung a long muscled leg
over the saddle.

“And here we see Marco Fonseca climb onto his bed and…”
She grinned sheepishly as she realised her error.

“Sorry about that,” she laughed I don’t know what I was
thinking of there.”

Behind the camera the soundman doubled up, his body
shaking with silent laughter at her Freudian slip. He
knew all right.

“You may laugh.” She shot back at him grinning, and then
rallied quickly as her professionalism reinserted itself
and she resumed her commentary. Her mind was already
anticipating the ribbing she’d receive in the bar from
the rest of the crew once they’d wrapped for the day.
She’d be able to take it of course, and give back as good
as she got, keeping up with the drinks and the usual
boy’s banter.

Donna had a masculine side, easy in the company of both
men and girls; she would invite either into her bed
indiscriminately. She was attractive to both sexes with a
slim shapely body, lithe limbs and a graceful bearing,
which she used to her advantage in and out of the
bedroom. Very much a handsome woman with striking blue
eyes, a long beautiful face, and tawny coloured hair that
fell down over her shoulders, she possessed an air of
devil may care which added to her appeal. Finally her
piece to camera ended and she put down the microphone.

“Sorry about that lads, he shouldn’t have been blessed
with such a gorgeous butt. I was thinking about him
climbing into bed.”

Dave the cameraman shouted back: “How about you climbing
into mine tonight, eh?”

“In your dreams little boy.” She replied to all round
laughter from the crew.

Shortly afterwards the race started and she began her
commentary of the race, her knowledge of her subject
unmistakable as she explained the technicalities and the
tactics of the riders as they sped around lap after lap
on their powerful machines. It was a gripping finish and
the world champion won the race after a nail biting
finish, which left everyone, Donna included almost
breathless with excitement.

She went down from the commentary box to congratulate the
winner Paulo Scorcini, and found him in the pits being
clapped on the back by his team. He was a good looking
Italian, olive skinned, dark haired and entertaining
company anytime, but after winning the race he was in
even better form than usual. He turned away from his
friends to give her his undivided attention and the
benefit of his sunny charm. She warmed to him instantly,
it was so refreshing to be with a man who was at ease
with himself and confident of his own worth.

Most men found her striking looks intimidating, finding
it difficult to initiate a conversation or say what they
really felt. Paulo had no such problem and invited her
for a drink at his hotel for a threesome with him and a
friend. She gladly accepted saying she’s be there later
in the afternoon around 3 p.m. She had no problem with
his motives, knowing quite well what his intentions were,
she hoped she was right and felt excited by the prospect.

She met them at the bar around 3.10 p.m. they had a
drink, she chatted a little and then told the two men she
fancied going up to Paulo’s room for some fun. He looked
over at his friend, giving him a look that said I told
you so and laughed.

“Lady, you don’t waste time. I like that, I like being
asked. It’s so good when a woman isn’t afraid to say what
she wants.”

She blew a smoke ring into the air before stubbing her
cigarette into an ashtray and standing up.

“Life’s for the taking Paulo.” She said in a quiet voice
before looking him in the eyes with what could have been
a challenge. “Now shall we go?”

It was a good session. The men where energetic and
reasonably inventive and all three managed to keep going
throughout the rest of the afternoon. Yet in spite of it,
there was still the all too familiar feeling that
something was missing, an element of something that
remained hidden.

It wasn’t as though there was anything wrong with the
men, they’d kept her going most of the time, their
thrusting cocks had filled her up and spurted into every
hole including her mouth, which she loved, it was just a
feeling that she always had after sex with men. The only
man, who had ever come near to curing her elusive craving
– for that is what it must be she decided – was her ex-

It was Francoise who had been willing to indulge her
fantasies. There was a dark forbidden side of her
sexuality, which as yet remained untapped. He was the
most inventive lover she’d ever had, with a kinky side to
his sexuality only matched by Susan her present lover.

Susan worked for the same television channel as her and
read the news each day to an appreciative audience of
admirers. She was channel 15’s pin-up girl and had her
photo clinging to many a men’s work place, mess room and
teenagers bedroom. An elegant woman of thirty-two, with
long black hair, sensual intelligent features and a
petite slim figure, her dark business suite, which she
wore each programme fitted her like an expensive glove.

Her many admirers would have been shocked if they’d have
known she was a committed lesbian. She’d been having a
very secret relationship with Donna for some time now, a
relationship which both women found extremely rewarding.
They met once a week at Susan’s plush apartment and spent
the afternoon making love, discussing fantasies and
sharing their love for kinky sex.

Both women enjoyed the idea of watersports, not being on
the receiving end mind you, but finding a partner who
would. It was partly because they were so well known that
each found it difficult to go out and find a partner that
would satisfy their particular fetish, except for Donna
who had found her ex husband to be a willing recipient.

Another one of Susan’s kinks, which would have shocked
everyone except her friend, was her attraction to young
girls. Donna shared her interest to some extent but not
to the same degree as Susan. Susan kept up the pretence
of respectable heterosexuality by being married to one of
the wealthiest landowners in the country.

It was a marriage of convenience which suited both of
them. Susan gained a wealthy life style and a screenr for
her real preferences while he gained a trophy wife who
allowed him to enjoy his secret affairs with rent boys.

The next day she went to work, spending a day in the
studio recording voice-overs for a new documentary called
“Bike’s Of The Future”, which she found interesting. So
much so that the day sped by quicker than she expected.
She arrived home to find the house empty, which was
unusual as Brittany her young daughter was usually at
home by now.

She looked around for a note, but couldn’t find one. Then
she tried her bedroom but again didn’t find anything. She
was about to leave when her eyes caught something
sticking out from beneath her daughter’s mattress; it
looked like a piece of material. Her curiosity aroused,
she walked over to the bed and pulled it out, and to her
shock discovered a pair of her own soiled panties.

That wasn’t all; next to them lay a collection of photos,
all were holiday snaps of Donna on the beach wearing a
scanty bikini, which left very little to the imagination.
As a Mother she was appalled, should she confront her and
find out what she was happening? The kind of behaviour
Brittany was exhibiting certainly wasn’t normal for a
girl of thirteen, especially when the object of her
desires was her own Mother.

She realized she was in shock as she made her way down-
stairs into the living room. Grabbing a bottle of vodka
from the drinks cabinet, she splashed a large measure of
the clear liquid into a tall glass, and then tipped it
between her lips and swallowed. She sat down on the sofa
as the warm liquid warmed her stomach and spread out
through her body like a warm wave. Her own daughter
wanted her sexually, the whole thing was so preposterous
so outrageous and so very wrong. ‘So wrong` she thought
feeling her thighs moisten and her nipples harden at the
depravity of the idea.

‘Oh my I’m so horny all of a sudden, why is this turning
me on` she thought. She took another drink as she
pondered the whole concept of incest, lesbian incest with
her young daughter and realised she could hear her own
jagged breathing and feel her clitoris throbbing with a
need she had never felt before. In bed flesh against
flesh, Mother and Daughter mouth to mouth, tongue against
nipple, tongues in ….

She gasped, her face felt hot but not from the vodka, she
knew with a certainty that she had found the missing
element in her sex life, she was finally finding the
answer, or at least part of it. Donna had a mental image
of her daughter standing before her naked, her immature
little body waiting for her to do with it as she wished.

Her pussy began to juice at the thought of the girl lying
on her bed with her legs open, her smooth cunt lips
waiting to be kissed and loved by her hungry mouth. Then
another picture of her laying face down on the bed, her
babyish buttocks pouting out cheekily as they waiting for
her caress. She reached down between her legs, and
pushing the light material of her panties aside, then
plunged her fingers into her squelching cunt just as the
final image burst upon her mind. She saw herself sitting
naked on the bed with her own beloved daughter kneeling
down before her. She was sucking her pussy, her face
hidden from view by her two fleshy thighs.

She moaned as she saw herself drape both of her long legs
over the girl’s thin shoulders, and then wrap them around
her back in an iron grip. With a feverish groan she know
she was making sure the girl couldn’t escape. Not until
she’d seen to her needs and pleasured her thoroughly.

She came with a loud cry, her hips jerking off the seat
as she saw herself cumming on Brittany’s young lips and
her mouth dripping with cum. She groaned and pulled her
panties back up then reached for the vodka again as she
began to plan her daughter’s seduction.

Meanwhile Brittany was at her younger friend Amanda’s
house. Amanda’s Mother was always friendly and often
invited Brittany over. She didn’t mind going over to
play, in fact she quite enjoyed having someone to play
with even if Amanda was two years year younger.

As a bonus she never came away empty-handed, Amanda’s
Mother usually gave her a soda or an ice cream. On this
particular day both girls were dancing around the bedroom
as the CD player belted out the number one single.

They laughed as their bodies gyrated to the beat of the
music, and although Amanda was only just eleven years old
she danced around with thrusting hips and swinging arms
the same way she’d seen the older girls do on the TV.
Both were oblivious to the commotion they were creating
as they bumped around the small room.

“Cut it out you two, the ceilings nearly caving in.”
Amanda’s Mother shouted. It looked as though the girls
had caught her on a bad day.

“Mummy’s cross.” Groaned Amanda.

With ill grace she walked over to the CD player and
turned it off, then jumped up on the bed slapping the
mattress with her hand in frustration. Brittany joined
her young friend, taking a place on top of the mattress
next to her.

“I’ll bet your Mummy doesn’t shout at you” Amanda sighed.

“She does sometimes.”


“Well…” Brittany tried to think but she couldn’t really
think of anything for the moment

“Your Mum’s nice, I wish my Mum was as nice as your

“Yes, my Mummy’s nice Amanda.”

“She’s pretty” She pronounced.

Brittany nodded her head and looked down as the carpet as
she thought about the Mother she adored. To say the
youngster worshipped her was an understatement; she felt
so fortunate to have not only a caring Mother, but also
one who was so beautiful. It was easy to see why she had
so many lovers. Some nights she’s hear moans and the
creaking of bedsprings coming from her bedroom. These
were often accompanied by her Mother’s voice as she
called out words of encouragement.

There was never any attempt by her Mother to hide her
sexuality and sometimes she would talk about whichever
partner she was seeing at the time. It was on one of
these occasions when she was dating another woman that
Brittany asked her if she was a lesbian. Her Mother
explained that she liked both men and women, but probably
preferred women a lot more. Then she went on to talk
about what it was like to kiss another woman, to taste
her lips and smell lovely perfume on her soft warm skin.

“I’m not rally a lesbian Brittany, but yes I do prefer
women. Maybe one day you’ll experience the love of a
woman and find you like it as well. I hope you do then
you’ll know how I feel.”

She remembered that conversation. She also remembered how
she wanted her Mother to kiss her, to feel her soft lips
against her own, to taste her mouth and suck in her warm
breath, then to reach down and caress her breasts beneath
her top. She was only five then, too young by far to be
experiencing such sexual feelings, at least most people
would think so, but most people weren’t Brittany and as
far as sex was concerned she was her Mother’s daughter.

She had adored her Mother as long she could remember,
hardly even remembering her Father who was never at home
much anyway. Now three years later, even they shouldn’t,
her feelings were becoming sexual. She’d learned more
about lesbians from some of the magazines the older boys
brought into school after stealing them from their

She remembered flushing with excitement when someone
showed her photo’s of two women taking turns to perform
cunnilingus on each other, and ever since then she’d had
wanted to do it with her gorgeous Mother. Her fantasies
grew even stronger, to the extent of recently purloining
a pair of her Mother’s soiled panties from the linen bin
and several photos’ from her bedside cabinet, each one of
her lying back on a golden beach wearing her sexiest
bikini. She rubbed her hands between her legs each night
and held the woman’s scented knickers to her face as she
breathed in the scent.

“My Mum’s beautiful.” She said looking wistfully at
Amanda as she swept her hand over her forehead and pushed
her hair back.

Brittany noticed a change in her Mother over the next few
days. Instead of lounging around the house in a tea shirt
and jeans as she usually did, she wore low cut halter-
tops and short skirts which gave an eyeful of stockinged
legs and bare thighs. On one occasion when she was sat on
the sofa watching TV, Donna came in with a cloth and
sprayed the coffee table in front of her, and then bent
down to rub the table top.

Her bulging breasts were almost breaking free from the
small top, and to the girls disbelief she realised she
wasn’t even wearing a bra. She quickly lost all interest
in the program, her excited gaze taking in the sight of
the two cheeky breasts and upturned nipples. She blushed
furiously when she noticed her Mother looking down at her
with a secretive smile. It happened again as she bent
down in front of the TV to pick an imaginary piece of
dust up.

This time she was treated to the site of Donna’s black
skirt riding up past her stockings and bare thighs, to
reveal a pair of sheer dark panties she’d only recently
bought. Her eyes were drawn to the site of her Mum’s
white alabater buttocks seemingly winking back at her and
she blushed again as her mother swung round suddenly and
caught her staring. Shortly after that Donna went
upstairs, she heard her padding around for a while and
then the sound of the shower door clanging.

It was almost as though she was preparing to go out on a
date, although she hadn’t mad plans that she knew of.
There’d been an unusual atmosphere in the house just
lately, her Mother had been quieter than usual, not
saying much, just kind of acting up in a strange way
wearing that mysterious look. She turned her attention
back to the soap she was supposed to be watching, and let
go of her thoughts as the plot drew her in to it’s own
little parlour of intrigue and incredibility.

“Brittany. Turn the telly off its time for beddy-bies
now.” The sound of her Mother’s voice using the same
childish phrase she always used at this time came singing
down the stairs just as the credits came down. She looked
at the clock, it read eight-thirty, and she thought again
about her Mother’s unusual behaviour.

It reminded her of the teasing and flaunting she saw on
the television when a woman was trying to get a
boyfriend. All those suggestive looks and then the
provocative clothing were beginning to make her feel
flustered. She shook her head and called back, “Coming
Mum”, then switched off the set and flicked the light
switch off before running upstairs with a head full of
crazy thoughts about her unpredictable Mother.

She was dying to get into bed and play with herself, the
picture of her Mother bending over in front of her was
proving to tantalizing to resist. The girl threw her
clothes off and padded off to the bathroom, where she
washed and cleaned her teeth before putting on her
nightclothes. Then reaching under the mattress to pull
out the contraband panties and photos, she froze in

Instead of the pair which had been there last night,
there were the new pair her Mother had been wearing
today, nearly see-through and lacy with a note placed on
top. Everything became a dream as she reached over ever
so slowly and picked up the note and began to read.

My Love,

Don’t be frightened I’m not cross with you. I know how
you feel about me and I want you to know I feel the same
way about you. I’ve been thinking of you non-stop ever
since I found my panties and photo’s under your mattress.
I can’t get you out of my mind darling; you’re driving me
to despair. I’ know I’ve been acting up a little strange
these last few days, that’s because I wanted to see your
reaction to me when I flirted with you.

Now that I know how you’ve been thinking about me I
wanted to see if I could turn on. I want tonight to
change everything between us, but I’m giving you the
chance to make the decision by yourself. You can throw
the note away and stay in your room and I’ll love you as
I have always done, or you can come to my bedroom. Either
way I’m leaving it to you dear.

If you want to change your life forever and mine as well,
I’d like you to put this note down and come into my
bedroom where we’ll begin a new relationship, not just as
Mother and daughter, but as lovers as well.”


Brittany let the note fall to the floor as she felt her
legs grow weak. ‘It’s all a dream, it must be, ` she
thought. Yet she knew it was actually happening, she
could just walk into her Mothers bedroom and have
everything she’d ever dreamt of. She felt sick, not ill,
but sick with excitement, with shock almost as she began
to consider the enormity of what was about to happen. For
she’d already made her decision, there was never any
doubt in the matter.

She would accept the offer how could she not? How could
she throw away the chance of making a dream like this
come true? She knew if she ignored the note she would
never be asked again, and then she’d regret it for the
rest of her life. She squared her small shoulders and
walked out of the door to meet her Mother.

Some time earlier Donna had picked up the same neatly
written note and the pair of panties she’d been wearing
that day, and deposited them beneath her daughter’s
mattress. Then making her way to the bathroom, she’d
showered, washed and conditioned her hair until it had a
deep lush fragrance, which the packet insisted contained
the essence of golden woods and summer meadows.

Placing a towel over her head as she stepped out of the
shower, she rubbed her hair dry, and then pulled it away
to let her silky mane swirl down her back. Carefully
patting her skin dry, before rubbing fragrant essential
oils onto its surface, she padded into the bedroom and
sat before the dresser mirror. There she’d carefully
shaved her legs until they were smooth and shiny, and
then her armpits, until they felt sleek against the back
of her hand.

Satisfied with the result, she picked up a pair of
scissors and trimmed her dark pubic hair leaving a neat
triangle of growth. She was leaving nothing to chance,
and wanted her elegant appearance to do more than impress
her lovely young daughter. She decided on a makeover,
usually this wasn’t a necessary part of her preparations,
her beautiful features and clear complexion stamped her
with a character and sensuality that had never needed

In spite of this Donna carefully applied mascara to her
long eyelashes, and fresh beige eye shadow to her lids.
She blinked her eyes feeling pleased with her image in
the mirror, and reached over for her lipstick to apply a
red scented gloss around her shapely lips. Feeling
secretly pleased, and a little vain at the same time, she
reached for a blush stick and began to blend a shade of
light coral peach into the apples of her cheeks, and then
met her eyes in the mirror to give a perfect pout.

A few drops of her favourite perfume behind her ears and
under her breasts added an aroma of drifting sandalwood
and cloves to the warm night as she slipped on a silky
black gown, and tied it loosely around her waist. As a
final touch she flicked off the main light and turned on
a set of dimly glowing spotlights, which gave the cosy
room a soft romantic feeling. She paused to ponder her
actions for a moment.

Part of her was still appalled by what she was about to
do with her young daughter, who was after all only
thirteen years old for goodness sake. The whole situation
was sick and pathetic and so was she. But by far the
stronger voice said go for it. It’s what you’ve been
craving for all these years. Its taken Brittany’s own
need to make you realise it, don’t throw it away.

She knew she couldn’t fight her desires; they were too
strong for her to control. She glanced once more in the
mirror and then called her daughter to bed and heard her
run up the stairs. Twenty minutes later Brittany entered
the room to see her sitting on the bed waiting.

The sight of the glamorous woman stunned little Brittany.
Although she knew it was her Mother, she still had to
blink a little to make sure. The elegant woman could have
been a film star, she would have graced the screen in any
Hollywood picture as the perfect leading lady.

She stood and stared with the door handle still in her
hand, unsure of what to do next, almost as though she
couldn’t remember how to command her body. The beautiful
woman smiled back at her conspiratorially and self-
consciously swept a stray length of hair from her

“I’m nervous too.” She whispered, patting the mattress by
her side she added. “Sit here for Mummy and lets talk a

Brittany found her self-obeying as she walked across the
thick piled carpet that dominated the large room, now
made cosy by the dimly lit spotlights. She felt the
mattress yield softly to her light body as she took a
place next to the beautiful adult. Her senses reeled at
the scent of her Mother’s seductive fragrance and she
nearly swooned with pleasure as she sat near her.

“It didn’t take you long to find the note.” Her voice had
a hint of relief. She was glad she hadn’t had to sit here
any longer waiting for Brittany to find it. In spite of
her natural confidence she had never experienced anything
like the turmoil of emotions raging within her.

“No.” She replied a little sheepishly. “Are you cross
Mummy? I mean about me pinching your panties and

Donna reached over and gently stroked her daughter’s
hair, slowly running her hand through the blond tresses.
Her eye’s rested for a moment, as they seemed to examine
a stray lock before lifting her gaze back to meet hers.

“No. Of course not darling. Why do you think I’ve been
flaunting myself at you so shamelessly the last couple of
days,” she blushed. “I’d have been more upset if you
hadn’t come. I’m glad that you took my panties; you made
me realize what’s right here in front of me. You.”

She ceased her stroking to rest both hands on top of
Brittany’s shoulders. “I’ve always loved you Brittany,
even when your Father and I were together, you had the
first claim to my heart. I know I seem a bit of a tough
old stick.”

She shrugged. “Maybe I am. But you have to be in this
world, and a single woman has to keep pushing to get
anywhere, and to get people to take notice of her. I’ve
been away a lot. I’ve worked long hours and I haven’t
seen as much as you as I’d have liked. But I want you to
know the time we’ve had together has always been precious
to me.” Brittany sighed and reached over, taking her
Mother’s larger hand between her two smaller one’s and

“I love lots and lots Mummy.” Her eyes were glistening in
the dim light, and her Mother realized she was near to
tears herself as she gently clenched her daughter’s hands
back in a way that said ‘I know`. Donna cleared her
throat quietly. Cocking her head to the side slightly,
and seemingly in a sudden change of mood, she raised an
eyebrow in a questioning glance.

“So…what do you think of all this war paint I’ve
slapped over me. Does it meet with your approval? It’s
taken me ages to trowel on over all the cracks in my old

“Mum you’re the prettiest Mum in all the world.” She
frowned a little as she let out a sigh in mock
exasperation. “You know you are. You look like a lady in
the films. I’m so lucky to have such a lovely Mum.” And
then added in an afterthought “Amanda thinks you are

Donna flushed pleasantly at this piece of information.
Donna was a little angel, even younger than her daughter;
she was beginning to feel the same way as Susan did when
it came to little girls. Very young girls at that, the
very thought caused her new problems with her composure.

Returning back to the present she smiled back at her
lovely daughter. “That’s nice, Amanda’s such a lovely
little girl. But coming back to you and me darling, I’m
so glad you like me looking like this. It’s not my usual
style, and I must admit it feels a bit strange, but I
have to say it does feels kind of nice. She tossed her
hair back over her shoulders as she looked at herself in
the mirror. “How long have you wanted to have sex with
me?” The question came out haltingly in the quiet room.

Their eyes looked in the mirror briefly before Brittany
looked away. “A long time, I can’t remember.” She looked
up again as she gathered her courage. “How long have you
felt the same about me Mummy?”

“I only began to think about the possibility of us
becoming,” here she paused a second, “close. I think I’ve
wanted you for quite some time but never really known it.
Ever since you started developing from a toddler into a
beautiful little girl. You’re so sexy Brittany. You’ve
got such a pretty face, so full of character, so lovely
and your eyes sparkle so beautifully when you look at me.
When you laugh you’re so carefree and full of life. Your
body is young and immature, not even a young woman’s. Yet
for all that you have such a special sexuality, sometimes
I think that I could eat you.”

Her breath came out in a rush as she felt her arousal
building. She wanted to take her daughter to bed and knew
she couldn’t wait much longer. She reached over and
brushed her dimpled cheek with a soft kiss.

“What we’re thinking of doing is so wrong according to
the rules of the society we live in. What I mean is, we
can get ourselves into a lot of trouble if anyone else
finds out about us. Do you understand?” She asked

“I won’t ever let any one else know Mummy. I promise I
won’t say anything to anyone. I just want to do the
things I’ve seen the women doing in the magazine.” She

Donna frowned. “Which magazine’s this?”

“Oh, some of the boys brought a magazine to school. It
had pictures of women licking each other’s pussy’s and
bottoms.” The words left the girl’s lips easily; she
clearly wasn’t shy and had no difficulty using adult
words to describe sexual acts. Donna was glad she seemed
so uninhibited.

“Hmm…well yes darling”. She paused. “Yes we are going
to do all of the things in the magazine, and hopefully
more besides. The next few years are going to be the
richest of our lives.” She assured as she placed her arm
around her daughters shoulder and drew her close.

“Come here.” She pulled Brittany closer and their lips
met in their first incestuous kiss, the thrill sending
shivers through their bodies as they realized its
importance. Donna’s lips pressed against her daughters,
writhing against them like a duel until the youngster
parted them slightly and felt her Mother’s tongue slide
past them to ream the inside of her mouth and run along
her teeth.

The room took on the sounds of French kissing as salvia
passed between their mouths and over Brittany’s cheeks as
her Mother hungrily mouthed her small face before
plunging back against her lips. Now heavy breathing and
the occasional fevered moan joined the sounds as the
atmosphere became charged with passion.

Moaning into Brittany’s mouth, her Mother pulled away the
girl’s nightie, drawing it up over her small body until
the material was nestling against her neck. She broke the
kiss with a loud plop, the girl whimpering as she did and
with one quick movement the pink material was up off her
shoulders to bare her slim chest and flat stomach.

“Here let me get these off. Stand up a sec.” She hissed.
Brittany began to stand up and immediately felt her white
panties sliding down her legs to the floor as the eager
woman stripped her naked. She stood without moving,
noting the lust written across her Mothers face as her
eyes devoured every inch of her beautiful pr-teen form.
Blonde hair cascaded to her shoulders, framing an oval
face and dimpled cheeks with a clear complexion like her

They both shared the same blue eyes, right down to the
sparkling anticipation, which now shone from them both.
Her skin had the complexion of clear honey without a
blemish to be found, and as the woman’s gaze travelled
down over her slim stomach she found even more pleasure
in her gaze. She had never looked at her daughter like
this before. As a Mother she’d seen her undressed on many
occasions, but never with the shiny eyes of a lover.

Her inner thighs moistened as her eyes moved down and
took in the puffy lips of her immature vagina. A gentle
push was all it took to send her falling on her back onto
the mattress with her Mother falling on top of her, her
curvy adult body with all it’s feminine beauty and needs
pinning her to the bed as she kissed her again. Brittany
reached round and brought her arms around the woman’s
back and held her close, moaning into the larger mouth as
it devoured her.

A thrill shot through her as she felt her Mother’s
breasts for the first time. The prodding of her swollen
nipples as they pressed through the silken robe into her
lower chest caused her to gasp out loud. Kisses rained
down on her face, her chin and her throat to the
accompaniment of breathless sighs from the eager woman as
she combined licks and nibbles with hungry open-mouthed
caresses. Sucking on the tiny nipples then flicking them
with the tip of her tongue caused a delighted “Oohh Mummy
that’s nice Mummy” to escape from the little girl.

She grunted with satisfaction as she felt the effect she
was having on her baby. Down she went, fleeting kisses
wetting her stomach and then long swipes of her busy
tongue around her pussy before pausing for a moment to
whisper, “I love you.”

She wriggled her tongue between the openings as she ate
her daughter’s pussy with shameless relish. Brittany
kicked her legs out as she felt the welcome invader slip
into her pussy and wriggle around inside. She let out a
series of gasps and sighs at the incredible sensations
within her.

“Yes Mummy. Oohh that’s lovely, it feels just… Ohhh
yes, please keep doing it Mummy.”

Donna held the girls thighs and pushed them back further
giving her access to her tight little butt hole, which
now lay fully exposed before her. She leaned in closer
and swiped her long tongue over the small rosebud until
it glistened with salvia, and then gently pushed the tip
past the tight ring and slowly fucked her rectum. By now
the youngster was crying out in ecstasy as she pumped her
tiny bottom into her Mothers face.

She squealed when Donna began to quicken the pace of her
tongue, watching it plunge in to the hilt and invade her
bowels, and then whip out again in a blur of motion.
Donna’s lust filled eyes remained fixed on her daughters
face as she raped her ass and felt her squirm and cry.
She kept it up for a few minutes more, the room now noisy
with cries of passion and the slurping of her tongue
inside the wet anus. Suddenly she switched to the girls
cunt and resumed sucking and licking the little clitoris.

“Mummy, Mummy. It’s feeling funny. Oohh yes, yes
Aaahhhhhh! Aaahhhhhh! Now Now! I’m weeing.”

She came as only a girl of that tender age can; lights
began to flash in her head as she felt her insides turn
to liquid, mistaking the sensation for pissing. Donna
carried on slowly licking and kissing until the thrusts
and sighs ceased, and then slowly pulled her tongue out
as she felt her daughter collapse. The woman slowly
kissed her way up the shaking body until she reached her
lips, and then kissed them tenderly before laying on her
side with her chin resting on her hand.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t like that.” She teased. A sly
smile touching her lips.

“I wouldn’t dare. It was the best of anything Mum, the
best ever” A small frown creased her smooth brow.
“There’s one thing I’d like better though.”

“Oh what’s that?” asked Donna lightly.

“To do it to you. Those pictures and your panties.” She
stopped suddenly embarrassed at having mentioned her

“It’s okay lover. I don’t mind, in fact I’m flattered.
I’m glad you took them, if you hadn’t, I wouldn’t have
known how you felt about me and that would’ve been
terrible for both of us. Tell me everything you feel
darling, I want to know exactly what you want from this

The soft lighting in the bedroom couldn’t diminish the
love shining from her Mother’s face as she tried to
reassure her little girl. Brittany’s face lit up at the
word “lover” being used to describe her and continued
with added courage.

“I wanted to see the pictures of you with hardly any
clothes on so I could think of you without anything on
and…and to have your panties so I could smell and lick,
then I could pretend I was doing it to you when I looked
at your picture.”

She looked up at the woman and continued almost
imploringly with her childish entreaty. “That’s what I’ve
always wanted Mum, to kiss you everywhere. I dream of you
making me do it to you, even if I don’t want to…. Like
I know I do really, but if I’m tired or doing something
else, like watching my favourite programme when you want
me to do it, you take me upstairs with you anyway, and
take your clothes off and make me do it like the women in
the magazine, only I do all the licking to you.”

Donna lay still, digesting the words and their clear
implications. Her daughter, even at that age was a
natural submissive and the thought made her pulse quicken
as she began to envisage the kind of relationship this
could lead to. She wasn’t displeased; on the contrary she
found the whole idea incredibly exciting as her mind
raced over the possibilities

“Do you think that’s weird Mum? Do you think I’m a perv?”
She whispered using the word she’d heard in the
playground. Her Mother shook her head, her hair sweeping
back across her slim shoulders as she ran a lazily finger
across the girl’s cheeks.

“No. Not at all, I’m so glad you’ve had the courage to
tell me. It’s very important that we’re completely honest
with each other,” Her eyes glinted as she continued, “and
ourselves.” Her face flushed as she realised it was time
to put her daughter to work on her own body a thought
she’d been relishing ever since all of this began.

She reached down and took a hold of the sash of her gown.
“Perhaps we’ve finished talking for now. I think it’s
time to have you put your wishes into action by giving me
pleasure.” “Don’t worry”, she purred, “I’ll guide you all
the way. Are you okay if I take my robe off now baby?”

The girl gulped. “Yes Mummy.”

“Good, because I’m going to stand up and show you my
body. You may have seen pictures of naked women before,
but seeing a fully grown woman in the flesh is quite a
different thing.” She sat up and swung her long legs off
the side of the bed, then got up and stood before her
daughter. Their eyes met for a second as she pulled at
the sash and slid the dark gown away from her body.

Brittany gasped when she saw her Mother’s magnificent
figure, her eyes taking in the sweeping curves of her
breasts and her long shapely legs with the dark fuzz
nestling in-between. Her skin looked toned and lightly
tanned, except for the pale conical breasts and angry
pink nipples; which now stood smartly to attention. She
sat down next to Brittany, and reached for her hand,
Mother and daughter both naked together.

“Place your hand on my breast,” she whispered to the
girl. Brittany obeyed and tentatively reached forward to
place her hand on the nearest, then waited to be told
what to do next.

“Now explore it, get used to how it feels, squeeze it a
little if you like, but be gentle. There, that’s nice
isn’t it? Feel how the nipple stands up and goes hard
when you touch it. Good. Now do the same with the other
one, run your hand over it, lift it up. Put your hand
underneath and feel it’s weight… That’s it does it feel
nice?” The girl nodded. Pleased, Donna continued.
“There’s only one thing better than touching it, and do
you know what that is?”

“No mummy.”

“Kissing it of course. That’s your next job honey. Lean
forward and put your mouth over my nipple, then kiss it
and feel it grow stiff between your lips” Brittany leaned
forward, taking the supple flesh in both hands and
brought her open mouth over the pink tip to suckle on.
The nipple felt hard and rubbery to her tongue, while the
flesh it surmounted felt soft and smooth, but still firm
as she closed her eyes and coed like a baby.

The way Brittany held onto her Mother’s breast and sucked
on the nipple wasn’t too dissimilar to a Mother feeding
her baby, except in this case the Mother was feeding
herself to her daughter for sexual gratification. Sighing
quietly, she cradled the girl’s head with her hands as
she enjoyed her oral caresses. “Good girl” she whispered,
her soft sighs turning into moans as she passed
Brittany’s lips from one breast to the other.

The pale flesh glistened with the girl’s salvia in the
dim bedroom light as they rose up to fill her mouth.
Whispered encouragement found it’s way past her lips as
she expressed her feelings with words. Suddenly Donna
recalled Brittany’s earlier words about how she wanted to
be dominated and she felt a fierce thrill enter her
loins. The tone of her voice changed, as her words became
more demanding, her cunt juicing in anticipation as she
instructed the girl to go lower.

Brittany moved to obey her wishes, quickly scooting down
past the woman’s stomach, but not before planting a wet
kiss on it’s wrinkled belly button and then downwards
into the fuzz of pubic hair above the wrinkled labia
“Just put your face next to my vagina or shall I say
cunt,” she said lewdly, parting her legs in anticipation,
“Yes that’s it. Now watch as I open myself up for you.
Look at it darling, see how wet it is and how it
glistens, you’ve done that by getting me excited. Watch
as I pull back the lips, they don’t hang down any more do
they? They’re more like the wings of a butterfly. I’m
going to put two fingers either side of my clitoris
Brittany… see how that make’s it come forward out of
it’s hood like a little finger. It’s for you honey, give
it a big kiss to say hello…”

“Ahh yes, that’s nice. That’s you’re fist kiss on my
clit, I’ll remember that, now run your tongue and lips
around it. Yes that’s it darling… all around with your
little baby tongue, feel it stiffen and grow just like my
nipples did. Lick it. How does it taste darling? Tell me
if you like it because you’ll be getting a lot more of it
from now on sweetie.”

“Umm yummy Mum. I love it.” Came the muffled response
from Brittany with her mouth hidden in the hairy bush.

Donna sighed and pushed her pelvis forward. “That’s good,
I’m so glad. Keep sweeping your tongue into me! Rub your
lips against me as well and give me plenty of little
kisses. Yes that’s right. Good girl keep at it.”

And then; “Oh darling, I can’t wait any longer for this.
Press your face between my thighs and suck my clit hard!
Don’t stop doing it until I come right in that pretty
little mouth of yours. I’m going to fuck your face with
my hot cunt lover. Flick your tongue from side to side to
excite my clitoris. Does it feel angry? Yes I’ll bet it
does, it’s throbbing like mad. Take it between your lips;
pretend it’s a lollypop… Yeah baby like that!” She
hissed, “Now suck on it!” She yelled. “Ohh, Ohhhhh yeah!
Keep sucking! Keep going!”

Brittany flinched as she felt the woman’s thighs flip
over her shoulders, her Mother noticed and tried to
reassure her. “Don’t panic darling.” She cooed. “It’s
okay, I’m just bringing my legs up over your shoulders.
Feel them close over your head. You like? Umm… Nod your
head for yes honey. Good girl, I knew you would. You like
the feeling of Mummy’s big thighs squeezing your ears
don’t you? Yeaaahhh! You know you do! Feel my legs as
they wrap around your back and hold you in.”

Her voice rose with excitement as she thrilled to the
sound of her own lewd words. “You’re Mummy’s prisoner
darling and you’re going nowhere till you’ve satisfied me
completely. Uh hugh!” She thrust her cunt up hard. “Uh
hugh!” Then again. “Yeah! Yeaaahh darling, keep going! Go
faster! Faster! Don’t stop…. Don’t ever stop! Ohh God
Yeah! Yeah! That’s it sweetie! That’s it!”

Her voice rose to a loud wail, filling the room with the
sounds of her exhilaration as she approached her crises;
the sensation of Brittany’s tongue lapping her and the
knowledge of the forbidden act they were involved in
drove her over the edge. Her voice came in sobs as angry
passion seized her, and crying out she reached for the
girl’s head and took a handful of hair to roughly pull
her face against her wet cunt and grind her pelvis up
against her chin.

Cunt soup smeared her face as it bounced against her
Mother’s thrusting groin, the woman groaning louder as
more taboo thoughts filled her head. “Come on! Come on!”
She urged. “Suck me off! Lick it! Lick it! Lick it! Oh
fuck! Oh fuck I’m going to cum. I can’t hold back. I
can’t stop it I… Yes! Keep going…Keep it up, stay
with me baby! Stay with me…here it comes! Here it
comes…I’m going to cum right in that sweet fucking
mouth of yours. Ugghh! Ugghh!” She cried as her hips
slammed backwards and forwards, her legs locked round her
daughter’s shoulders, holding her in place as the heel of
her foot beat a tattoo against her back.

The girl tried to keep up, sucking and flicking her
tongue within the woman’s vagina, loving her new role as
her Mother’s lover, until she felt hot cum spurting into
her mouth and throat, some going down the wrong to make
her cough and splutter.

Donna paused briefly as she fought for breath. She waited
a few minutes at the most, and then climbed up Brittany’s
body and sat on her gasping face. With the headboard
clattering against the wall and the mattress singing, she
rode the c***d to a climax, and then rested apparently
spent, but then moved up again to resume fucking the
girl’s tired mouth. The same pattern was set for the rest
of the night until eventually both could stand no more,
and lay back exhausted to sleep.

The next few days were like a honeymoon. The morning
after their long night of lovemaking, Donna phoned in
sick for the next three days, then did the same for her
daughter by speaking to her school and telling them she
had the flu. They spent the rest of the morning sleeping
until they both dragged themselves up for Donna to
prepare them a large breakfast.

They went shopping for the rest of the afternoon with
Brittany whooping with joy at some of the new dolls her
Mother bought her. When they got back home Brittany
wanted to run upstairs and play with her two new Barbie’s
and their outfits, but her Mother said she could do that
later. She wanted to go to bed again first and teach her
how to make love to her behind.

It was one of her favourite acts and she wanted to entice
her young daughter into rimming her buttocks as soon as
possible, hence the bribe of the two dolls. Leading
Brittany by the hand she led her up the stairs to the
bedroom where she quickly shed her clothes.

“Take off your clothes honey, then kneel down on this
pillow Mummy’s putting on the floor. Good, that’s it. Now
I’m going to teach you how to suck my other hole. When I
stand in front of you I want you to lick and kiss the
cheeks of my nice big bottom. Start by doing that and
then I’ll guide you in further when I’m ready for you.
How do you feel about that? I promise that when you’ve
done it to me for long enough and made me very happy,
I’ll let you go and play with your dollies. Okay?”

She gave her daughter a bright smile and suddenly
Brittany couldn’t have given two pence for her dolls. The
thought of being allowed to worship her beautiful Mother
in such an exciting and unusual way made her little pussy
throb through her panties.

“Oh yes Mummy. I’d love to suck you again; your bottom’s
so nice. I don’t car how long you want me to suck it for;
I really want to do it for you Mummy.”

“Good girl Brittany. Mummy’s so proud of you darling.”
She gushed. “There love, just kneel down here and get
ready to kiss my big old bottom.”

The little girl protested that it was the loveliest
bottom she’d ever seen, even better than the women’s
bottom in the magazines she’d seen at school. Donna gave
a throaty chuckle and shoved her domed buttocks into the
face of the kneeling youngster, telling her she’d better
prove it. She did by placing her hands on the woman’s
legs to support herself, and then with a sigh of pleasure
she leaned forwards and pressed her pretty features into
the first cheek. It yielded to the pressure of her face,
yet still felt firm to the touch. She stuck out her
tongue, and at first tentatively licked up and down the

She felt goose pimples and in one or two places a couple
of brown moles, which she twirled the tip around to
savour. The flesh felt warm and still smelt beautiful
from the body oil rubbed into it earlier, and she
relished the feeling of the silky domes as she lapped
them with her tongue, and began covering each one with a
series of butterfly kisses, followed by wet open mouthed

She felt her Mother push back as she rubbed her ass into
her willing face, and opened her mouth wider, trying to
fill it with the soft flesh. Then she felt a hand gently
guide her face sideways until she took the hint and moved
her head towards the partition, slowly kissing her way
along, until her nose brushed against the woman’s dark

She sighed as she took the plunge and felt her Mother’s
hands on the back of her head become more demanding so
she had no choice but to bury her lips against the brown
rose bud of her anus. She breathed in the rich aroma of
it’s dank secretions, the smell nearly made her pull out
and gag but she knew that would upset her grown up lover,
so she f****d herself to breath in again and tolerate the
strong tang.

Donna began to churn her buttocks round and round into
her face, so that any one viewing the scene, would have
seen a beautiful woman with her head thrown back in
ecstasy, grinding her buttocks into the obscured face of
a young c***d. The person would either be appalled or
enthralled, but either way would watch in fascination,
hearing the wet slops of the girl’s feasting mouth, and
the moans of the woman, as he or she witnessed the lewd
scene before them.

Donna came noisily, there’s no other way to describe it.
For the first time in her life, she screamed during an
orgasm, so much so that she scared Brittany so much, she
tried to pull out, until her Mother begged her to carry
on. The orgasm left Donna sobbing as she collapsed on to
the bed and took her daughter in her arms.

It was a shattering experience for both of them and for
the next twenty minutes they both lay still until their
breathing returned to normal. Finally Donna propped her
head up from the pillow and kissed the girl softly on the
lips as she smiled into her eyes.

“Thank you darling, that was wonderful for me. Did you
mind doing it?”

Brittany shook her head vigorously as though the very
thought of her minding doing anything to make her Mother
happy was unthinkable.

“I’ll do anything for you Mummy. I love you. It was a bit
strange at first,” she admitted, “but then I got to
really like it, and it felt good doing it to you, and
hearing you making all those noises.” Her Mother sighed
lustily as she kissed her forehead, then her nose, then
her ears and finally her lips as unbelievably her passion
grew once again.

“That’s nice Brittany.” she whispered seductively, “In
that case do you think you could manage to do it one more
time before you go and play with your dolls?”

“Yes Mummy.” She nodded dutifully.

Donna reached a pillow over and placed it under her
crotch, then buried her face in the other as she arched
her proud buttocks into the air

“Take your time darling. Make Mummy climb up the wall.”

****** CHAPTER TWO ******


“Cheers!” replied Donna as she clinked her glass of gin
and tonic against Susan’s.

Both women were laying back on the sofa in the sumptuous
living room of Susan’s London flat. Although she was
married it belonged to her and had nothing to do with her
husband. Susan presented a welcoming sight to viewers as
she read the news most days of the week. Her attractive
trim appearance gave the impression she was speaking to
them personally, her blue intelligent eyes seemed to see
through the camera straight in to theirs.

Donna was delighted when Susan had made a pass at her
last year at a party; ever since then they’d been lovers
with constant meetings at Susan’s flat. They met once a
week for discreet daytime sessions of lovemaking, both
women had every Wednesday to themselves and made full use
of it for their weekly tryst. Susan studied her friends
face sensing a difference in her this week. She reached
over to stroke her hand as she gently probed.

“So how was your week?”

Donna’s lips twitched as she smiled, knowing she couldn’t
hide her excitement. “Oh not bad.” She said casually,
trying with a feeble attempt to hide her glee.

Susan raised her eyebrow knowingly. It could only be
something wonderful, probably something very exciting to
make Donna so agitated. The woman was dying to tell her
something quite thrilling; she’d noticed her energised
state as soon as she walked through the door. Knowing
Donna, the only thing that could possibly have such an
effect on her had to be sex, and it wasn’t to wild an
assumption to work out she’d made a new conquest.

“Who’ve you been making it with honey bunch?”

“Pardon?” she replied surprised that her friend knew so

Susan’s hand slid down to her friend’s leg, and caressed
its way up her stockinged thigh. “You know you can share
your secret with me.” She sighed. “We never keep anything
from each other darling. Do tell honey, you know it’s
safe with me.”

Donna looked away for a moment as she sought for the
right words to tell Susan about her and Brittany, she’d
been dying to tell her ever since she came round. Susan
was Donna’s soul mate, both were more than friends and
lovers; they were almost like sisters, both fiercely
protective of each other and totally devoted.

“Your right.” She bit her lip slightly before she
continued. “I know how much you adore younger girls
Susan. It’s one of your closely guarded secrets.” Susan
gave a long apprising stare as she wondered just what
this was leading up to.

Donna knew her liking for young girls and had been her
only confident, her secret yearning known only to her
because she knew she wouldn’t be appalled as other people
would. In fact Donna had found the idea quite stimulating
herself, but never to the extent that Susan had. Her
breath caught in her throat as she waited for her to

“Well, it’s happened to me Susan. I’m having a sexual
relationship with a young girl.”

“How young?” She asked hardly trusting her voice.

“Thirteen, Susan. In a way I’ve been having a
relationship with her ever since she was born.” She
reached out taking Susan’s had in hers as she gazed into
her burning eyes. “You see darling I’m her Mother.” The
effect was electrifying. Susan’s eyes rolled in their
sockets as she whispered, “Oh my God.” Her head fell back
on the sofa as she stared up at the ceiling. For a while
there was silence almost like the after effects of an
explosion, and in a way it was.

“Have I shocked you.”?

“In the enormity of what you’re saying I suppose you
have. I just need to take it in, I don’t disapprove.” She
paused and breathed out loudly, letting a gust of air
blow her dark hair away form her forehead. “I’m honoured
you told me. How long…I mean when did you…” She

Donna leaned forward and kissed her. For the next half an
hour she told her everything, right from the discovery
under Brittany’s mattress, all that had happened, how she
had felt, what she had done about it, and everything they
had done together since.

When she had finished, Susan quietly stood up, took Donna
by the hand and kissed her with a furious passion, which
showed just how she felt. “I think it’s time we made our
way upstairs.” She whispered.

With that they began their slow progress to the bedroom.
Slow because the two excited women could only get a few
feet further before falling on each other, kissing
passionately and pulling off items of clothing. By the
time they flung the bedroom door open, they were both
naked. They threw the silken covers back and began a
session so frantic that both women lost all sense of time
and place as the morning passed into afternoon and
shadows began to fall across the large room.

“It’s time I thought about getting back home.” Donna
sighed as she noted the changing light seeping over their
sweating bodies. “Brittany’s due to be coming home from
school soon.” She yawned and leaned over to kiss Susan on
the lips. “I’m going to be too tired for any more fun
today though. As usual you’ve worn me out, and believe me
that takes some doing.” Susan didn’t respond, her mind
was elsewhere for a moment. “Honey, where have you gone,
you’re miles away?” Donna asked looking down at her
preoccupied lover.

“Oh.” She exhaled as she came out of her reverie and
looked up at Donna. “I was just thinking about Brittany
for a moment.”

“Yes?” Donna raised her eyebrows slightly.

“You said she’s submissive right and she’ll do anything
you say?”

“That’s true.” She admitted.

“Well, you know how you’ve got this thing about golden
showers, giving them I mean….” She continued

“Go on.” Donna urged. “You have as well remembered.”

“I know. But you have the opportunity of having someone
fill those wishes now. Wouldn’t Brittany agree to let you
do it with her?”

“I’ve thought about it,” Donna admitted as she lay back
to stare at the white ceiling, “but it’s how to ask her.
I don’t want to put her off by saying something really
clumsy, I’m not sure how to steer the conversation in the
right direction.”

“Umm.” Susan though for a moment and then sat up and
squeezed the other woman’s breast. “I know.” She
exclaimed. “You don’t have to.”

“What. But I thought you just said….”

“No listen for a second.” She interrupted. It could be an
accident. It could just happen. What happens if you loose
control of yourself when you’re sitting on her face and
you’re having an orgasm? In that position it’s got
nowhere else to go except her mouth. Why not just pretend
that you’ve lost control and peed yourself, then see how
she copes. If she really hates it, well then maybe it
isn’t going to work out, on the other hand if she doesn’t
mind… then maybe you can start training her to be a
regular little toilet.”

Donna eyes shone as she reached over and kissed her
friend, smiling into her eyes she agreed to try it.


The next few days were hectic at work preparing for the
Grand Prix that Saturday, Donna wasn’t getting back home
until Saturday night. Fortunately Amanda’s parents Jean
and David Dawson were really good about looking after
Brittany, both were some years older than she was, I
guess probably in their early fifties, Amanda being

They assured her they’d love to look after Brittany, she
was a delightful girl and besides it would be good
company for their Amanda. As soon as the race ended Donna
was on her way back home driving through the rain for a
few days leave and time to spend with her beautiful
daughter. She called at Jean Stone’s place around ten
that evening and Jean answered the door.

Jean was a pleasant faced attractive woman with shoulder
length curly blonde hair and sparkly green eyes that
managed to keep her full figure in good shape. Donna was
glad to see you could still look good in your fifties if
you were lucky, and maybe worked out a little and
resolved to do the same herself when she had to.

“Hi Donna, come in out of the weather.” She smiled. “I’ll
bet you’re about worn out, you look it. Would you like a

Donna must have looked tired, she certainly felt it and
she was more than glad to accept a large gin and tonic
when she put it into her hand. She thanked her as she
called for the girls to come down stairs. It took some
time for them to answer, but they finally did. Both were
heavily engrossed in one of Amanda’s board games, which
they were playing on her bedroom floor.

“Brittany, it’s your Mum, she’s here!” She called.
Donna’s heart leapt as she heard her call “Mummy” and
rush down the stairs like a tornado to jump into her
arms. Donna lifted her up off the floor and nearly forgot
herself by kissing her like a lover instead of a Mother;
instead she gave her a large hug and told her how much
she’d missed her. She put her down on the floor and she
wrapped her arms around her Mother’s legs and clung onto
her as she thanked Jean for looking after her.

“Don’t worry Donna, it’s been a pleasure to have her
here, especially with David working during the evenings
so much it’s nice to have a houseful of c******n to keep
me occupied.” She said stroking Amanda’s hair. Both
Mother and daughter smiled at each other and Donna could
see the love in their eyes as it shone brightly for each

She took her own daughter by the hand and led her to the
door. “If you ever need the same just get in touch and
I’ll be more than happy to look after Amanda, just let me
know Jean.”

“Thanks love, I will.” she nodded.

The car resounded with excited chatter as Brittany
recounted all the things she and Amanda had done during
her three-day stay. She told of the den they’d built at
the bottom of the garden and how they’d used it as a
hideaway for all their adventures, even for picnics with
Mrs Dawson bringing down buns and coke. It had all been
such fun she said. Donna smiled inwardly as she listened
to her daughters excited prattle, part of her was glad
she’d had such a good time while she was away, and she
was grateful to the Dawson’s for that and yet deep down
she was a little upset that Brittany hadn’t spoken of how
much she’d missed her yet.

“Mummy, it’s been fun but I hope you don’t keep going
away, please don’t.” Brittany’s looked up at her Mother,
her face suddenly as sad as her quietly stated entreaty.
“I’ve been thinking of you all the time.” She continued.
Donna glanced down from the road for a second the wipers
waltzing across the screen as they swept aside the
pattering rain, and her emotions flooded as she saw the
pleading little eyes of the girl she loved twinkling in
the dark of the car.

“I’ll try so hard not to darling. Sometimes Mummy has to
go away so she can earn us pennies. We need money to keep
our house and give us somewhere to live. I’m sorry love
but sometimes I’m going to have to go away, even if I
don’t want to, I’d much rather be at home with my special
little girl. Honey…”

She continued driving with one hand as the other took her
daughter’s hand in hers and gave it a squeeze, “I’ve
missed you too.” She let her breath out in a sudden rush
as she thought of how much she’d yearned for her
daughter’s childish loving and she glanced down again at
her daughter beautiful lips before fixing her attention
back to the glistening road and the drive home.

The last few days had taken their toll on Donna, it had
been a tough work schedule with long hours of preparation
sometimes from dawn to dusk and she needed her sleep.
Unfortunately this meant Brittany being relegated to her
own room for the night and a somewhat disappointing night
for Brittany who had been relishing the thought of
spending the night her Mother.

As the dispirited girl made her way to her room Donna
followed her up the stairs and upon reaching the top
turned her around and kissed her softly on the lips,
promising it was only for tonight, and tomorrow would be
very different. “Just give me chance to catch up on some
sleep and I promise you we’ll do everything and more in
my bed tomorrow.”

Brittany’s skin tingled as she tried to imagine what that
could mean, so that she shook herself before reaching up
to wrap her arms around her Mothers legs and hug her face
into her nightgown. “I can’t wait for then, but I’ll have
to. Goodnight Mummy.”

“Goodnight darling.”

The next day Donna devoted herself to Brittany’s pleasure
by taking her to the zoo, something she’d wanted to do
for some time but hadn’t got round to. Brittany was
totally awestruck by the animals and had the best
afternoon of her life as she laughed and squealed at the
antics of the chimpanzees, which were clearly her

She liked all of the animals, even the placid snakes in
the reptile house which made her mother shudder. Donna
took her for a pizza on the way home and watched as she
devoured every morsel with relish; Donna only had an
orange juice, explaining to Brittany how she had to watch
her figure.

“What’s do you mean, you look fine to me?” She asked in a
puzzled voice.

“I have a tendency to put on weight if I’m not careful, I
eat carefully because I don’t want to get fat like that
lady over there.” Her eyes pointed to a huge female sat
with two other women, all of them large and all scoffing
double fries and whoppers. Luckily the atmosphere buzzed
with chatter in the full restaurant and nothing they said
could be overheard from their small table in the corner
of the room. Brittany looked round and giggled as she
crammed another mouthful in and began to munch it.

“She looks like that big hippo we saw in the zoo.” Both
of them laughed at that, then Donna leaned forward to
bring her face close to her daughters, and flicked her
ear playfully as she laughed.

“I hope you don’t think your Mother looks like a hippo in
the zoo.”

“You don’t look like a hippo, more like a nice cat.
You’re lovely and not at all fat.”

“Like a cat, hmm. Well that’s good because I have nice
hungry pussy waiting for you when we get home.
Gurrrrrrrr.” She growled as Brittany burst out laughing
so much she got the hiccups. Donna smiled and waited for
the attack to subside and then continued talking in
simple terms for the small c***d.

“Sometimes I’m very busy at work dear. I was very tired
when I finished being on television, which is why I
needed to sleep so much when I got home, and you had to
sleep in your own bed. Now though….” She said the last
couple of words in a quieter voice making sure despite
the hubbub that they were for Brittany’s ears alone. “I’m
feeling exceptionally randy, and once we get home….”
Her finger traced the contours of the girl’s small mouth;
it’s tip caressing the sensitive lips.

“My mouth?” She guessed, knowing any activities would
involve around its use.

“Uh huh.” She nodded and then growled like a tiger once
again and Brittany smiled back at her Mother’s tinkling

“An early bedtime?” She asked. Donna looked at her watch,
it pointed to five minutes past five.

“Right again.” She assured the girl. “In half an hour to
be precise.” She rose from the table clutching the car

The drive home was fast, there’s no other way of
describing it. The speed grew apace with the woman’s
ardour, the suppressed sexual tension of the last few
days breaking over the dam of her restraint as her foot
squeezed the accelerator. Ideas began forming in her head
of the kind of things she wanted to do with her young
lover, one in particular taking root.

Perhaps it would be a catalyst for a whole range of
‘special’ lovemaking. It was after all Brittany’s own
suggestion. A secret yearning of her own perhaps? Yes of
course it was. She’d wanted to find a willing partner
who’d be servile and willing enough to submit herself to
this manner of sex for such a long time now, someone able
enough to quench her need for the more unusual kind of
‘perversions’ she secretly dreamt of.

“Brittany, you know when you told me about wanting to be
bossed around in the bedroom.”

“Yes Mummy.” Her shy reply.

“Do you still want that?” Brittany sighed quietly and
tentatively caressed her Mother’s arm.

“Oh yes. Yes please.” She glanced up at the woman’s face
and noticed her lips pursed in thought. Donna glanced
down at her for a second her eyes meeting the girl’s for
the less than a heartbeat but long enough for a silent
understanding to pass between them both.

“Good.” She nodded. “I’d like you to call me Mistress
when we’re in the bedroom. We’ll have a practice run of
Mistress and slave girl” The whispered assent was barely
audible above the noise of the engine as she pushed the
accelerator down to the floor. Brittany felt her heart
racing at the new twist and the change in her Mother’s
tone. She could hardly wait to find out what it all

Two minutes later they were home, the key turned in the
lock as the door slammed shut on the outside world
leaving the two of them alone once more. No words were
spoken as the woman unbuttoned her coat and threw it over
the banister rail then bent down to do the same for the

She held her hand out expectantly for her daughter, who
after a second slid her smaller one forward to feel it’s
determined grip, as hand in hand they climbed the stairs
to the large bedroom. Once inside she flicked on the main
switch, throwing the large room into bright light instead
of the usual romantic glow, then she began to undress.

“I want you to see everything.” She stated simply.
Brittany nodded nervously, excited now to the point of
shaking. “Take them off then,” she instructed. “Your
clothes dear”. She sighed impatiently “Your clothes. Get
naked. Quick!”

“Yes.” She replied as she rushed to obey.

“Yes what.” Donna frowned her voice rising in the quiet

“Yes Mistress.” She remembered. Seconds later after a
flurry of frantic activity she stood naked on the plush
carpet amid a heap of discarded clothes. Now Donna
resumed undressing, taking her time to divest her of her
garments. Each button on her white blouse was unsnapped
and pulled away with the slowest deliberation. A small
smile played on her lips as she threw the top to the
floor and reached down to unfasten the zipper of her
pencil shaped skirt, the sound instantly recognisable in
the silent room.

It fell in a heap down her shapely legs to reveal silky
dark stockings resting beneath a thrilly black suspender
belt. She sent the skirt flying across the room with what
seemed like an almost lazy kick of her leg, and then
reached behind her back to unsnap her bra, allowing her
heavy breasts to spill out and bounce lewdly together.
Donna tossed her long hair back over her shoulders,
causing the long dark tresses to tumble down past her
shoulder blades as she purred in antici!
pation of her young lovers agile mouth.

The harsh light picked out the hard nipples with a
clarity Brittany had never seen before, so that even the
veins stood out clearly inside the white flesh of her
breasts. Her knickers came off with a swish but instead
of throwing them away she kept hold of them and held the
soiled crotch in her hand.

“Lick them. Taste your beautiful Mistress.” She ordered
in a quiet, sultry voice. Brittany didn’t keep her
Mother/Mistress waiting as she grabbed the panties and
pressed them against her mouth, running her tongue into
the yellow vee and cramming it into her mouth. Donna
watched her for a while and then slid a hand between her
thighs to stroke her pussy lips through the forest of

She walked over to the wardrobe and pulled out two fat
pillows of the shelf and placed them on the floor by the
side of the double bed. “Sniff them, smell my cunt
nectar, it’s what you’re going to be drinking in a
minute.” Brittany put the sheer material to her nose and
inhaled the pungent fragrance of the smelly knickers with
her eyes closed in ecstasy.

Donna found the act of devotion quite beautiful, but was
eager to get the pretty girls face elsewhere, it had been
a long wait for the horny woman and she was dying to
satisfy the weeklong famine. “Kneel on the cushions
Brittany and face me.” She instructed gently.

Quick to obey her Mother and enjoying this new game she
hurried to obey and soon knelt comfortably on the firm
pillows and waited for whatever was to happen next. She
didn’t have long to wait as her Mother crossed the
harshly lit room to stand before her, now completely
naked but for her skimpy stockings and suspenders.

“Kiss my pussy Brittany.” She ordered, interlocking her
fingers on the back of her head and pulling her closer.
“Kiss it you darling girl!”

Brittany lips pressed against the hairy dank cunt and she
began to lick and kiss it instinctively, her tongue
flicked against the clit teasing the tender flesh. Donna
loved the feeling of power she wielded over the young
girl. As a Mother in the normal sense of the word, she
had always had it, but not like this, it was so nasty!
Gently, she took her by the ears and began guiding her
with up and down motions of her head, wiping her face
against the bushy pussy. She trembled as her nose, lips
and chin grazed the gaping flaps of her hole. When she
held her to her clit she concentrated on that area,
sighing as desire rocked her.

“Mmmm, yes yes.” She hissed humping against her. “Your
tongue! Use your tongue on my clit. Can you feel it? Feel
the hard little bump. Oh yes!” She screamed. “Lick it!
Kiss it! Suck it!”

Donna became oblivious to the awkward position she had
f****d Brittany into. All that mattered to her now was
her own satisfaction. Her side stance became even more
lewd as she bent her knees and practically mounted
Brittany’s upturned face as she sagged in her kneeling
position on the pile of pillows by the side of the bed.

The girl let out a series of gasps and groans, which the
smothering press of her mostly muffled as Donna selfishly
jockeyed for an even better position. When the ecstasy
overwhelmed her, Donna climbed up even higher and draped
a leg over the youngsters shoulder. At the same time she
lowered her pussy down hard on her face, causing her to
tumble back on the bed. She rode down on her, gasping for
joy as her cunt completely smothered her. Her thighs were
practically pressing against the mattress, as she bore
her cunt down on her face.

“Do it! Shove your tongue up inside my pussy!” Her
daughter had little choice in the matter, but it was
patently clear that she wasn’t finding the experience
distressing as her tongue penetrated her cunt and licked
up the syrupy honey inside. Vibrations rattled Donna’s
very core as she shrieked in joyous rapture. Erotic
flames danced in her cuntal depths, filling her with
sweet delight.

Soon, she began rotating her hips, pressing down harder
onto Brittany’s mouth and face. Again her nose nudged her
clit, and the horny woman squealed in delight as a sudden
intense orgasm ripped through her. She bolted upright,
stiffening as wild sensation shot through her cunt, her
juices wetting Brittany’s face, filling her mouth and
going up her nostrils.

“Drink it!” She yelled, her voice coming in a breathless
gasp. “Suck it all up! Yes! Yes! Oh yes damn you yessss!”

Her cunt clenched her tongue as her climax heightened.
The she heard her lips smack as she drank up the tartly
flavoured burst of nectar. She munched on her pussy,
feasting on the soggy gash and then wriggled her tongue,
licking out the creamy tunnel while nipping at the
dangling pussy lips. She shivered as another orgasm
happened and Brittany continued to eat her.

Meanwhile Brittany reached behind Donna and clutched the
smooth and supple cheeks of her trembling buttocks and
gripped her Mother tightly, as if to steady the trembling
pussy. She continued to devour her cunt, sucking the very
essence of her pussy down her throat. Donna’s cunt
overflowed, she grabbed her young lover’s hair and pulled
her even tighter to her quaking cunt.

Her gasping words were no longer understandable, but
Brittany seemed to have no trouble getting her message.
Suddenly her mouth was awash with hot liquid. It was a
taste she’d never known before, bitter and salty and it
took her by surprise. She had no other choice but to
swallow, even then the flow was so fast some of it went
down the wrong way, then up her nose making her c***e and

Donna pulled away quickly at the sounds of the girl’s
distress, still pissing wildly for a second, urine
splashing and hissing off the girl’s face until she was
able to clench her bladder and cease the flow.

“Sorry darling Oh sorry lover.” She cried. All signs of
the mistress disappearing as she switched her role to
concerned Mother. “Are you alright Brittany?” She cried,
gasping still from her devastating orgasm.

“Yes I’m fine.” She coughed, sitting upright as she
spluttered and cleared her lungs. Donna sprinted to the
bathroom her breasts swinging crazily in time to her
wobbling buttocks. All grace and poise seemed to have
evaporated as she brought back a wet flannel and a towel
to wash and dab the c***d’s swimming face. “I’m alright
Mum it’s better now.”

She believed her because Brittany smiled as she spoke but
felt guilty about the charade of pretending it was an
accident knowing it was all planned before hand to test
the girl’s reaction.

“There,” she cooed as she dabbed her face dry with the
towel “You’re all dried off now. I’m sorry dear I just
lost control.” She lied, apparently not guilty enough to
tell the truth yet.

“It must have been monstrous for you my poor little love.
It must have been terrible for you having to drink
Mummy’s wee wee like that, all that nasty taste in your
mouth as well.” Brittany shook her head as Donna wiped
away the pee from her face. She decided the whole thing
had been pretty cool all in all, and the new taste pretty
nasty but terribly exiting.

“It didn’t taste that bad really.”

“Oh really dear.” She exclaimed raising an eyebrow.

“Not really. It tasted…. Ummm.” She dropped her eyes
shyly, not wishing to look her Mother in the eyes.
Donna’s heart began to quicken slightly.

“Please darling. Please tell me.” She looked into her
face appealingly.

“You’ll think it’s dirty though.”

“No I won’t Brittany. If anyone’s dirty it’s me for doing
it, not you. I’m the one who couldn’t stop myself from
filling you with my pee.” She soothed.

“Well”. Brittany continued, encouraged by her
reassurance. “I didn’t like it when it went down the
wrong way and made me cough and that, but…”

Her voice trailed off as she looked up into her Mother’s
face seeking further reassurance, which came with a
vigorous nodding of the head and raised eyebrows, in an
unspoken. ‘Yes go on, it’s alright, I’m listening’ kind
of way.

“I liked it.” She confessed very quietly. “It was nice
and it made me feel all funny and…” She blushed
furiously and her face suddenly hot as she looked away
from her Mother’s earnest eyes. There was a subdued
silence for the next few moments as Donna gently stroked
her daughter’s brow, thinking of what to say next and how
to continue with the crucial moment.

She bent down to kiss her forehead for a moment, her lips
brushing against her in a soft caress. Then choosing her
next words carefully she continued, but not before being
f****d to clear her tight throat first.

“Do you know what?” She continued, putting a warm smile
into her voice. “I kind of liked it as well, and if we
both liked it…Well why don’t we do it again, only I’ll
be a lot more careful this time.”

“Can we?” Brittany chirped eagerly.

“Yes. As a matter of fact I didn’t finish going just
then. I had to stop myself. There’s still quite a lot
more inside me. Would you like me to do the rest in your

“Oh yes please.”

“And will you drink it?”

“Yes.” She replied with a nod. Donna exhaled in relief,
suddenly feeling light headed with excitement as she said
in as normal a voice as possible.

“Good. Lift your head up a second….that’s it good. Just
let me slide this towel underneath your head so we don’t
get the bed wet.” Once Donna was satisfied with the
arrangements and Brittany was laying flat on her back
with the towels beneath her head, she climbed onto the
bed and knee walked up Brittany’s body with swaying
breasts, until her cunt was poised just above her mouth.
She opened her lips up with her fingers and Brittany eyes
were glued to the beautiful sight of her Mother’s wide-
open sex.

There were a few moment of silence in the charged
atmosphere of the large bedroom, and then Donna gave a
quiet sigh and relaxed her bladder slightly to allow a
thin trickle of pee to stream out of her urethra. The
warm liquid splashed over Brittany’s tongue, washing over
her teeth and gums as it began to fill her mouth. She
found the taste exciting rather than pleasant and
murmured with pleasure as her mouth began to brim with
the yellow liquid.

“Hold it there sweetie.” Her Mother instructed. “Taste it
first. Good, now slowly begin to swallow.” Brittany
gulped and a swish of the warm nectar coursed down her
throat and into her stomach. It felt good so she gulped
again, with a loud glug, making Donna close her eyes in
ecstasy at the filthy sound. She imagined her piss
filling her lovers stomach; it was so nasty just the
thought of participating in such a perverted act with her
young daughter was bliss to her soul.

A moan of ecstasy passed her lips when she saw Brittany
had drank it all up. “Drink it straight away now.” She
urged, as with a sigh, she began again, a slow steady
force, which had Brittany swallowing continuously. A
stray lock of hair hung over one of Brittany’s eyes,
which Donna patted back into place beyond her hairline.
Her fingers ran through her hair, caressing the long
blonde locks as she murmured loving sweet nothings, her
soft words mingling with the gentle hiss of her flowing
nectar and the littl!
e girl’s swallowing.

“Beautiful.” She murmured.

It was, and so was the rest of the night.

****** CHAPTER THREE ******

The honeymoon continued, and was getting kinkier by the
day. Brittany developed a taste for piss, something Donna
was eager to nurture, and she indulged her daughter at
every instance. The toilet was out of bounds for Donna
for the rest of the weekend for everything – or nearly
everything – and each time she felt her bladder filling
up and the need of release imminent, she crooked her
finger at Brittany who dropped to her knee’s with an open

They managed to christen every room of the house with
their bizarre games, with Brittany drinking her Mother’s
precious piss at every opportunity.

The golden showers continued over the next few weeks as
Brittany tried to drink her Mother dry. One afternoon for
instance, Donna went the to rest room at work and took
out a drinks flask from her handbag. She unscrewed the
plastic lid and held the neck between her legs and filled
it to the brim with her piss. She ran her dangling labia
around the rim, shook off the last few drops and then
replaced the now considerably heavier container into her

When she arrived home Brittany was watching cartoons on
the TV. She smiled as her Mother bent to plant a kiss on
her lips and whisper “I’ve got a surprise for you”,
before going into the kitchen. She took the flask out of
her bag, unscrewed the lid and poured the still warm
liquid into a tall glass and added a straw. By now she
was feeling quite giddy as she took the golden piss into
the living room and placed the warm glass in her hands.

“Just a minute don’t start yet” she shot, as she fell
back into a chair opposite her. The girl glanced from the
full glass with it’s obscene contents back to her Mother
as she lay back strumming her clit with her finger.
“Drink it for Mummy.” She intoned in the syrupy voice
parents use to talk to very young c******n.

The girl’s eyes left the telly and looked back at the
glass, her nose twitching as she inhaled the strong
aroma. Putting the straw to her lips, she began to suck
up her Mother’s piss, stopping only to burp half way
through the glass as her stomach rebelled against the
pungent mixture. She rested a while, her ears picking up
the sound of squelching.

Her eyes took in the sight of Donna, her long dark hair
hanging in a silky swathe over her shoulder, and her legs
thrown back over the chair arms rubbing her sopping
vagina through her now transparent panties. Then she took
a deep breath and placed the plastic coloured straw back
in her mouth and continued drinking. It was a huge amount
to swallow, but eventually after another two minutes the
glugging ceased, then the large glass was empty. She put
it down on the table with a loud gasp and wiped her lips
with the back of her hand.

At that point Donna got up off the chair, hiked up her
skirt and pulled her knickers down off her legs. In two
strides she walked over to the seated girl and cocked a
leg onto the cushion next to her. With a loud groan she
brought her hands behind Brittany’s head and tugged it
forward against her cunt.

Just watching her drink from the straw had brought her to
the brink, all it took to bring her off were a few
forceful fuck thrusts against her lips. She came almost
immediately, not even giving Brittany time to get her
tongue into action before spurting a torrent of cunt soup
down her throat, to join the rest of her bodily fluids in
her churning stomach.

Three hours later after eating supper and watching some
television they went upstairs to bed. The house soon
resounded to the sounds of passion, except for the
occasional break in between as they recovered between
Donna’s orgasms. During one of these breaks Donna told
her daughter she wanted to shit in her mouth.

“What?” Brittany gasped.

Donna lay on her back resting, her breasts rising and
falling with her deep breathing. Brittany had already
been performing cunnilingus for the last hour or so, and
she’d experienced three beautiful orgasms. The last one
had been particularly satisfying, and had involved
Brittany lying flat out on the large bed with her head
hanging over the foot of the mattress.

Donna had stepped carefully over her daughter, facing
away from the bed, giving Brittany a panoramic view of
her Mother’s naked body. Her hairy mound was dewy with
cum juices as beads of cum hung from the ends of the
hairs, while further up her breasts swung like pendulums
as she placed herself in position above.

Brittany felt the woman’s hands as they supported the
back of her head, a firm but gentle cradle, and then her
vision was obscured as she felt Donna’s soft thighs brush
her cheeks as she crouched down onto her, burying her
face in a carpet of hair and wet flesh. It hadn’t been
gentle for Brittany as she licked her Mothers thrusting
vagina, feeling it bare down onto her and squeezing her
cheeks flat with its force.

Now they both lay down hand in hand resting from their
exertions. The woman’s secretions drying on her face made
the soft flesh feel slightly chapped as her mind
wandering yet again at the energy of her mature lover.
She seemed to burn like a fireball of energy once the
bedroom door was closed behind them.

She closed her eyes as she pondered the thought of what
it would take to make her Mother tired if ever such a
thing was possible, when she heard her voice seeping
through her musings. Something about trying something
new, her Mother was saying she wanted to try something

“It’s something I’ve been thinking of for sometime and
I’ve never found the right moment to ask.” Brittany
opened her eyes again and looked up into the face of her
lover, a sensual face, extremely sexual, and now looking
earnestly down into hers.

“Anything Mummy. You’re brilliant, I mean it… I really
do. I love you, I love you.” She smiled up at her. The
woman’s calm gaze fixed on her a moment longer before she
closed her eyes, and once again opened them. Their gaze
seemed to bore into her soul. She let out a warm deep
breath and then spoke.

“I want to shit in your mouth.” The words hung in the air
and at first she thought she must have been hearing
things, she couldn’t believe her ears.

“What?” She gaped.

“It needn’t be right away, I don’t mean we have to do it
tonight, but I would like to try it.”

“Why?” Came the started reply.

Donna stopped. That was a good question. Why? Why did she
want to perform such an act, and with her own daughter?
The very meaning of the words she’d just uttered meant
undertaking an act so disgusting to decent society it
would shock a normal person to the core. But so what?
What is normal? ‘Everything’s subjective` she thought.
‘Because most of society finds it abhorrent, does it mean
that I automatically have to as well? No it doesn’t, it
just means I’m different and what’s so wrong with that?’

To Donna there wasn’t, as a matter of fact it was
something to be glad of, she was proud of her
individuality. The very thought of doing such a thing
with her young daughter was intensely exciting to her,
and none of society’s conventions were going to diminish
the pleasure of performing such a sordid task with her
darling girl. Donna had always had a fascination with
shit. Ever since being a teenager she had wanted to watch
it coiling and making it’s way out of her body.

She remembered once while she was still young enough to
be living with her parents, she’d placed a newspaper on
the floor in front of a mirror. She’d locked her bedroom
door, then taken her clothes off and crouched down over
the paper, expelling turd after turd onto the rustling
newssheet, while she watched with fascinated excitement
at the reflection in the mirror.

From there her fantasies had grown; until she began to
imagine someone kneeling behind her eating from her ass.
Never the other way round though, it was the thought of
someone actually eating something so gross, something
from within her body that she found so utterly
compelling. Over the years she had sought to bring her
strange ‘need` to life with a handful of her more
adventurous lovers but without any success.

The only person she had found empathy with had been Sue;
both women were similar in many ways. Sue had the same
fantasies and desires as Donna, but like her she wasn’t
particularly interested in being a ‘taker`. Each of the
women dreamt wistfully of finding a person who could
satisfy their shared perversion. The chosen person would
have to be willing to perform an act of homage so
bizarre, and yet so extremely intimate, that Donna and
Sue could think of no show of devotion so complete.

They would have to be willing and prepared to eat their
shit, it was as simple as that. Donna knew she had to
focus her will on bringing her daughter over to her way
of thinking. She wanted Brittany to be a willing partner
in this extraordinary need of hers. She continued to lock
her gaze with Brittany’s, as she continued in a low but
steady voice, the task of winning her over.

“When two people are very close, like you and I are, it’s
very important that they hide nothing from each other.
We’re closer than most people. We’re not just a normal
Mother and daughters are we honey? We’re also lovers.”
Donna paused for a second to let her words sink in. “Do
you agree with that Brittany?” Brittany nodded in
agreement, smiling shyly up as she did.

“Good. For many years now I’ve been having thoughts about
finding a special person who would be able to help me
with my secret need. No one has been able to do that and
it’s left me frustrated.” She stopped for a moment and
took a deep breath before letting it out in a deep sigh.
She gazed dramatically upwards for a moment and then
resumed. “Oh yes Brittany, I’ve had many lovers in my
life, I’m a very liberated woman and I know I’m quite an
attractive one too. But in all those years I’ve found no
one willing, or able to satisfy me in the way I have
asked you to do. I’m asking you now Brittany are you
willing to do as I’ve asked?”

Brittany looked at her hands; her fists were clenched
with tension causing her to bite her lip before she
spoke. “Now.” She whispered almost inaudibly. Donna shook
her head causing a long swathe of hair to fall over her
face, which she brushed back before answering.

“No. Soon though, I’ll ease you into it gently.” She
reached out and took the girls clenched hand and opened
it. She bent down and planted a soft kiss into its palm,
and then smiled lovingly at her. “Do I take that as a
yes?” Brittany’s face was flushed, a picture of bashful
uncertainty, but she managed a brief nod all the same.
Donna was elated at the response.

Muted though it was it added up to a yes and that was all
she needed to know. With a sudden surge of generosity she
promised Brittany all the things she’d ever wanted in the
hope it would make her more eager to offer her favours.
“I’ll make it good for you I promise. Now…” she
exclaimed. “I’m going to show you how much I love you.
Tomorrow morning you can take the day off school and I’ll
take you shopping. You can have all the things you like.
I’m going to see to it you get everything you ever
wanted. How’s that?”

“Thank you Mum.” She said softly.

Donna sat up on the bed, standing up she pulled Brittany
to her feet until she stood next to her. “Come to the
bathroom with me darling. I want you to see what my shit
looks like as it comes out of my bottom. I’d like you
know what you’re going to be eating when you’re ready.
When I’ve finished I want you to come back to bed with me
and lick the crease between my cheeks.” Reaching out, she
took Brittany’s hand and led her to the bathroom.

The bathroom was large and sumptuous. The walls were clad
with tiles displaying a colourful seabed collage while
the floors were covered in ivory coloured ceramic. The
only part of the wall not displaying the ocean scene, was
the large linen cupboard doors, which were mirrored to
give a floor to ceiling reflection. It was to this mirror
that Donna chose to stand in front of, telling Brittany
to kneel down on the floor behind her. When she was
satisfied with her position, she bent forward to give
Brittany a close up view of her pale buttocks.

“Now Brittany I want you to watch my bottom do its work
and see how you feel about it. Ok?”

“Suppose so.”

Donna bit her lip. Brittany didn’t sound too eager, so
she tried again.

“I know how much you like my sexy bottom. You said it was
sexy yourself didn’t you? Well just think of it as though
it’s feeding you. You should like that shouldn’t you?

“Do you want me to eat it now? You said you were going to
do it later.” She frowned up at Donna.

“No I don’t mean now. Just watch love. Watch it come out
of me and fall on the floor, then pick it up in your
hands and put it down the bowl. That way you’ll get a
feel of it, as well as a taste when we get on the bed and
you lick me.” Brittany was nervous, but even though she
wasn’t showing it, she was excited at the same time. This
new twist had come as a complete surprise to her and she
wandered how she was going to cope.

But by now, she was infatuated by her sexy Mother, she
was getting to know every inch of her body, how it felt,
what it tasted like and just recently what came out of
it. She adored being her Mother’s pee girl; the taste
thrilled her, as did the warm salty jet as it coursed
down into her stomach. Donna’s obvious excitement at the
act acted as a channel for her own stimulus, until she
desired it as much as her Mother. Now she wandered if
this new sex game would be as much fun, and bring her
even closer to the woman she adored.

As for Donna, she was apprehensive for other reasons.
Would Brittany find the act repulsive? The very sight of
a woman standing in front of her as she expelled her
waste, her shit onto the floor? How would she deal with
it? Depending on how her daughter reacted to the
experience rested the whole future of their sex life and
the unanswered question of weither Donna would find a
willing partner for her copraphillic fantasies.

She wanted a toilet slave, the fact that she was hoping
to groom her own daughter for the post only added to her
ardour. She squatted down slightly, and then relaxed her
bowels. Her nerves were making it difficult to eject the
faeces. She had to really force the first turd out of
herself, her brown rosebud pulsing, with its puckered
grey entrance opening and closing as though it was
gasping for life. Eventually she felt it move, and with a
grunt it slid down her shit tube and out of her anus.

Brittany’s eyes were almost on stilts as she watched it
coil out and drop to the floor, with a cross between a
plop and a thud. The room was filled with the stench of
the reeking turd. Brittany wanted to hold her nose and
say ‘pooh! `. Then the bathroom resounded to the ringing
tones of a loud burst of ass gas as Donna expelled
another and then another and yet again another large
smelly sausage of shit, until they lay on top of each
other in a brown sweating pile.

With a final grunt Donna straightened up and turned round
to look at her mess. Her eyes fixed on the brown mound in
the centre of the tiled floor and then moved onto
Brittany’s face, before finally resting on her mouth, the
connection between the two very obvious. Her hand dropped
down past her belly as with slow deliberation she parted
the lips of her sex, then teased the nub of her clit,
flicking it with her fingertip, and causing it to stick
out like a small penis.

She did this on purpose; she wanted Brittany to see the
ecstasy she felt at giving the disgusting display. Now
she asked her to pick it up and feel it with her hands.
When she was satisfied that she’d held it long enough and
not been too disgusted at the feel of it, she allowed
herself a sigh of relief, then told her to drop it into
the pan.

“I’d like you to lick your hands clean now.”

Brittany opened them up, they were streaked with brown
stains and smelt horribly, but with a sudden surge of
courage she stuck her tongue out and lapped it across her
greasy palm. The taste was awful, but perversely the very
thought of the filthy act she was perpetrating gave her a
strange thrill and she f****d herself to carry on licking
until both hands were clean.

For her part Donna could hardly give credence to the
sight of her daughter dutifully licking her shitty hands
clean. It caused her to give a loud groan and clutch her
sex with the rest of her hand. It was a fantastic start,
and hopefully a sign that things would get even better.
Her face lit up as she held out her hand for Brittany.

“Wonderful darling! Now come with me.” With that she led
her back into the bedroom and let go of her hand. She
climbed onto the bed, and then knelt down on all fours
with her buttocks pointing proudly upwards. “If you do
half as good licking me between these” she said spreading
th e cheeks to show her shit-smeared asshole “I’ll be so

Brittany went over and climbed onto the mattress to kneel
behind her Mother. She looked at the graphic scene of
Donna’s arse-hole caked in brown shit and trembled as she
steeled herself to press her face into the dark runny
crack. She held her breath and dived in with her mouth,
and licked along the length with a long sweep of her
tongue. The taste was vile; ‘Uggh` she gasped and made to
pull out but then stopped herself. This was her Mother,
the woman she loved and adored, the thought of doing such
an intimate act and knowing how much her older lover had
almost begged her to do it filled her with an inner
strength, enough to make her continue. With a huge effort
she gulped down the brown shit sauce from her tongue and
stuck it out again and pushed further into the tunnel for
another tongue smearing.

Again she did the same and gulped down the filthy sauce
and went back for more. Donna whimpered like a bitch in
heat as she felt the youngsters tongue penetrate her anus
and lick out its waste. She couldn’t believe how lucky
she was, Brittany was going for it, doing what she had
yearned for all these years. Oh how she loved her, how
she adored her beautiful baby for making her so happy.
Bringing a hand down to her cunt she began frigging
herself. At the same time she began pushing her ass into
Brittany’s face, smearing the brown slime around her
lips, cheeks and forehead until she was truly browned.

Although aware of the gross nature of the act she was
performing, Brittany began to experience an intense
feeling of pleasure as she listened to her Mother’s moans
of ecstasy. The fact that what she was doing such a
forbidden with her Mother sent thrills through her small
body, until suddenly the vile taste wasn’t so bad after
all and she began to enjoy the experience.

The minutes ticked by as the bedroom resounded to the
sound of wet slurping. Brittany licked the asshole
spotless as Donna moaned and groaned and brought her self
off with her flicking fingers. Suddenly Donna bucked
backwards and brought her other hand to the back of her
daughter’s head to jam her face even tighter between the
sweating cheeks and then screamed.

The shriek ripped through the large house like a blast
from a furnace such was its volume and intensity.
Brittany held her breath; her nose was pressed so deeply
inside the rectum that she had no chance of drawing any
breath. She just waited to be released and allowed to
breath again. Then the scream ended and ebbed out into a
series of guttural groans as Donna fell forward onto the
mattress sobbing.

Donna had never experience anything like the orgasm she’d
just had, and lay still except for the rising and falling
of her breasts. The quiet was broken as she turned over
onto her back and blew out, sending a swirl of dark hair
dancing in the draft. Phew.

“God that was intense.” She chuckled.


The next few days brought them both closer to Donna’s
ultimate goal and when five days later, Brittany picked
up one of her freshly expelled turds and licking the tip
with her tongue moaned “Umm… yummy” and proceeded to
lick the round the brown nugget as though it was an ice
cream Donna decided she was ready. Taking the piece of
shit in her own hand, she ran the slimy end around her
daughter’s lips as though applying lips stick. Satisfied
with her work she gave a final brush on each of her
cheeks, then stood back again and chucked throatily.

“Now you’re really a brownie.”

Brittany looked in the mirror and laughed at her bizarre

“Do you think you’re ready to go the whole way then?”

Brittany looked back at her Mothers arched brow and

“Yes Mum, I’d love to.”

Donna tapped Brittany’s nose playfully, delighted with
the way events were unfolding.



The next evening Donna sent Brittany up to her bedroom to
play with one of the computer games she’d just bought her
on their recent shopping trip, and began to prepare the
evening meal. Brittany was crestfallen when she learnt
she wasn’t invited to join her Mother at the table. The
rich aroma of cooking wafted up the stairs, then she
heard the sounds of plates and cutlery being set and the
unmistakable sound of the meal dished up. She ran down
the stairs shouting.

“Mum, Muuuum is dinner reeeady!”

When she reached the dining room her Mother had already
started the meal of chicken stir-fry, and when she looked
at her place she saw it was empty. Donna finished her
mouthful and looked sadly at her daughter.

“I’m really sorry pet, but if you eat now you won’t be
able to eat later tonight.”

“What do…”? Then she remembered. Her hand shot up and
covered her mouth and her eyes went big as she realised
what Donna meant. She let out a loud exclamation of
“Ooooh!” which was muffled somewhat by the palm of her

Donna couldn’t help but smile.

“Don’t worry honey pie I’ll soon fill that tummy of yours
and you’ll not have long to wait, I had a bowl of bran
this morning and that always makes me loose, so I really
hope you ARE hungry.”

Suddenly Brittany was beside her self with excitement,
the thought of eating from her Mother made her cry out in

“Are you going to do it now Mum. Please, Pleeeeeese!”

“In about half an hour. Just give me time to finish up
here and I’ll go upstairs and change. I’ve bought
something special to wear to compliment the occasion.”
She said in a cryptic voice.

“Oh good.”

“Oh one more thing dear.”


“Address me as Mistress once we’re upstairs. I need a
slave for this okay dear?”

Brittany would get what she wanted at last. She wanted a
Mistress, well that was fine, Donna intoned to play her
part to the full.

She finished the meal in a daze of excitement and left
the dirty pots in the sink. She couldn’t even think about
doing the washing up just now, she would do it tomorrow.
By then she’d have lived out her fantasy and any amount
of washing up wouldn’t bother her. She flounced up the
stairs to her bedroom with feet as light as air, and then
headed for the dressing table.

There she sat down and applied a pale foundation to her
cheeks and rubbed it into her skin until they took on a
pale sheen. Next came the eyeliner, which she applied
generously until it contrasted starkly with the white of
her skin. It was so dark it resembled the Kohl paint of
ancient Egypt. She tinted her lips a shiny red and
painted her nails the same racy colour. Then she pursed
her lips together, pulling her face into seductive
expressions as she tested the effect.

Finally pleased with her reflection, she undressed
quickly, throwing her clothes into a heap by the door and
replacing them with the one’s she’d bought during the
afternoon, in honour of the special occasion. Finally she
slipped on a new pair of shiny black stilettos and
strolled over to the mirror, where with hands on hips she
struck a provocative pose.

The effect was startling. Black lustrous hair hung down
past her pale shoulders like a flowing river, while her
ears were studded with diamond earrings. A black choker
adorned her throat, with a gold stud attached regally to
the front as it shone in the bedroom light. A slinky
black PVC corset adorned her slinky curves.

Laced down the front and strapless, it gave the bulging
shape of her full pale breasts a daunting sexuality.
Black suspenders gripped the bottom of the corset, while
they in turn held up a pair of black fishnet stockings,
and above them thrilly black panties. The high stiletto
heels made her look tall and statuesque, while a
finishing touch of black velvet elbow gloves finished the
effect of sluttish dominance.

She was admiring the stunning effect and pursing her lips
at her reflection in the tall mirror when suddenly a low
rumble erupted from deep within her bowels. She felt a
movement, a big one and clutched her hands over her
midriff, her poise suddenly lost.

“Oh Gawd.” She groaned. “I can’t wait any longer.”

“Brittany.” She shouted. “Upstairs and quick.”

As soon as the words were out of her mouth she heard a
scurrying from downstairs followed by the sound of tiny
running feet flying up the steps. Brittany burst through
the door and stopped with her mouth open. By now Donna
had managed to compose herself again and stood with her
hands on her hips looking down at the astonished girl.
Her mouth was literally hanging open in bomb-shelled
disbelief at the tall dominatrix who stood before her
with an enigmatic smile and an upraised eyebrow.

“Well slave” she crooned silkily. “Do you like you’re
Mistresses appearance.”

Brittany moved her lips but he was still to dazed to

“Answer me slave. Don’t keep me waiting. What’s wrong?
Cat got your tongue? Hmmm… Well!”

” S.sorry.” She blurted.

“Sorry what!” Donna demanded.

“Err… S.sorry Mistress.”

“Good, that’s betters. You know why you’re here don’t
you? You’re her to serve me aren’t you?”

Donna’s bowels rumbled angrily as though telling her to
get on with it. She grimaced slightly as the cramp
squeezed her innards and didn’t wait for an answer before
she continued.

“Are you ready to be Mistress’s toilet?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Excellent” She hissed thrilling at the new role. “I’ve
bought you some special panties to wear. I wish you to
put them on now.”

Brittany obeyed and pulled the clothes off her slim body
and began to dress as her Mother had instructed. The
panties were covered in yellow teddy bears, which jumped
and danced against a pink background as though playing
games. Donna nodded with satisfaction when she saw the
childish garment on her trim buttocks, and produced a
pair of shiny pink ribbons from a draw.

She used these to tie the girl’s blonde hair into two
little pigtails, and then stood back to drink in her
handy work. Her teenage daughter looked every inch the
pretty little toddler, her pale body looked smaller than
ever, and if possible even cuter. She sighed with lust as
her eyes roamed over her sweet innocence, before she
locked them with Brittany’s and held her gaze. Then she
made a lewd show of running the tip of her tongue round
the line of her lips in a provocative display of sexual

The childish panties and dainty little pink ribbons were
an inspiration. The very essence of sweet childish
innocence, a spot of role-play, which would allow Donna
to imagine she was using a pre-schooler, a little girl
who was going to be used to satisfy the woman’s obscene
needs. The very thought of EXACTLY what that meant caused
her to close her eyes and shiver from head to toe.

“Walk over here, then kiss my beautiful bottom through my
panties and say thank you to it. Thank you for what I am
about to receive.” Brittany made her way over to her
Mother but apparently not smartly enough.

“Quick I can’t wait any longer I need to have you eating.
Come behind and kiss it.”

He words had an electric effect on Brittany who reacted
as though hit by a bolt of lightening. She quickly stood
behind Donna with her head stooped down kissing the nylon
covered cheeks of her buttocks.

“Thank you bottom. Thank you for the dinner you are going
to give me.” She lisped.

“Pull them down.”

In an act of silent reverence, she pulled the panties
down over the plump domes of her ass and the length of
the fishnets. Donna lifted her heels slightly to allow
them to fall off with a discreet swish, and then turned
round and pointed to a black rubber mat which lay on the

“Lay on your back.”

Brittany lowered herself to the cold shiny rubber and lay
in the position she had been ordered.

This was the moment they had both been waiting for. Donna
stepped over the prone body and stood over the girls
face. She looked up and gulped with apprehension as she
saw the pale chubby cheeks begin their descent. Then they
stopped; their downward descent arrested, ominously
perhaps, only inches from her mouth.

“Open your mouth for me.”

She complied immediately, opening her lips wider than
Donna ever thought possible. ‘Nothing wrong there’ she
thought as she thrilled at her eagerness.

“Good. Now you are going to be my toilet. My very own
personal toilet. I am going to shit in your mouth and you
are going to eat it. Every morsel. You shall consume me.”

With that she released her bowels. Released is the
correct word because the waste product within had been
building up dangerously for the last half-hour. There was
a loud explosion immediately followed by a whoosh of
light brown yellow shit.

Within seconds it had shot out and filled Brittany’s
straining mouth to overflow with slimy stinking crap. It
wasn’t like the other nights when Donna had defecated in
front of her, that had been a darker brown and much more
solid. This had the consistency of diahorea and stank the
room out with its stench. With a superhuman effort she
managed to nip her sphincter and stop the flow giving
Brittany a fighting chance of swallowing it before she
was overwhelmed.

“Chew it. That’s it, that’s it” she encouraged.

She had an easy job of chewing; it was so sloppy it
disintegrated in her mouth as she ground her teeth
together, and she was able to swallow it down with
minimum of effort. The gooey filth tasted almost too vile
for her to cope with though, it was only with the
strongest of will powers that she was able to proceed and
even then she gagged three times threatening to vomit it
back up.

Luckily she didn’t though, and eventually the meal
disappeared into her stomach. With swimming eyes she
looked upwards to see the brown rosebud of her Mother’s
anus pulsing wildly, and then dilate as another load
f****d it to protrude like a small cone and send a long
coil of shit winding down into her open mouth. This time
the brown sausage had more substance to it and was at
least a foot and a half long before it broke off. Such
was its bulk, that it f****d the startled girls lips so
apart wide that she experienced a splitting pain at the
corners of her mouth.

There was no chance of her accommodating the monster, it
filled her up completely and pressed against the back of
her throat with increasing pressure, casing her to gag
anew with water spilling out of her eyes and down her
cheeks. Again Donna clenched her buttocks and stopped the
next turd from forcing its way out into the world. Her
eyes took on the look of concern as she turned around and
saw her young lovers struggles. Even though Brittany
tried, she couldn’t make head way against the mound
sticking out of her mouth.

She couldn’t find enough room to move her jaws; she was
so crammed with her Mother’s faeces. Donna eased an inch
of the protruding monster out of her mouth with her
fingers, and Brittany coughed sending brown spit flying
from her mouth. After to more barks her mouth was empty
again and Donna slipped the tip of the brown sausage back
to rest against her lips. She wiped a tear from
Brittany’s cheeks as she advised her how to continue.

“Bite this piece off and chew it. You should be all right
with it if you don’t struggle but just take it easy and
chew it round. …Hmmm… will you be okay?” She asked.

“Umm” from Brittany “yes Mistress.”

The woman flushed with pride at her daughter’s brave
spirit. She wasn’t to be beaten; there was no way her
clever little lover was going to give in. How she loved
her at that moment. With a push she sent the squishy
brown sausage past her lips and into her mouth once more.
This time it wasn’t too much, she had begun to get used
to the stronger taste of the usual waste her Mother

In a few moments she had chewed about an inch and a half
of it and then swallowed it in a triumphant gulp. Donna
fed her some more, and then continued feeding her baby
with the turd until she had eaten the last morsel. Yet
Donna’s bowels were far from being empty; she had to
expel more. Standing up again, she crouched above her
mouth once more. After a slight groan she produced
another long turd, and even though it filled her mouth
again, it wasn’t the same huge size of the previous

With closed eyes Brittany got down to the task of
munching the turd and swallowing it down piece-by-piece,
a gulp at a time, while Donna watched and masturbated
until it was gone. By now though her small stomach was
bulging from the huge meal and it was with huge relief
that her dinner was nearly over.

“One more. Just once more my darling little toilet girl.
You’re doing so well eating up Mummy’s shit,” Donna sang
the words encouragingly as she resumed her squat above
her mouth and let loose with another coiling sausage of
shit. Brittany couldn’t help but whimper as the brown
mass filled her mouth again and spilled out across her
wet cheeks.

Luckily she was getting the hang of it as she munched it
down, slopping it noisily around the roof of her mouth
and over her gums, before gulping it down into her
bulging stomach. Eventually her mouth was empty and she
let out a loud belch of satisfaction. All that was left
was for Donna to turn around and do the same with her
bladder as she pissed its warm yellow liquid into
Brittany’s mouth. She drank the salty brew gratefully,
gulping the gurgling stream down until her Mother sighed
with satisfaction, the satisfaction of relief.

Later as Donna lay on her bed, listening to the sound of
her young daughter cleaning herself in the shower, her
thoughts turned to the future. The thought of Brittany
and Sue getting together appealed to her.

They would both enjoy the experience, she was sure of
that. She would arrange it. On top of all that she was
quite taken with Brittany’s friend, little Amanda Stone
and thoughts of more sexual escapes featuring her and the
girl made her tingle to her toes.

The future would be very interesting…

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