A tale of love between a house maid and her daughter, and a widower and his son

A Suburban home somewhere in South Africa.

I would guess our black maid was barely 30, she was a
bit shorter than me, with large bedroom eyes, gorgeous
breasts and an ass I was desperate to feel in my hands.

She had been working for us, my dad and I, for nearly a
year. My mother had been killed in a car accident just
over three years previously, and try as we might;
neither of us had quite mastered the art of looking
after the house. Mary had been a godsend. She moved
into our servant’s quarters and had taken over the
house. I could see that Dad enjoyed having a woman
around again. I did not realize just how much. As a
typical 16-year-old guy, I often fantasized about
fucking her beautiful black cunt.

She was the most erotically beautiful woman I had ever
seen. Dad had no racial prejudice and had brought me up
the same, so Mary was like a member of the family. My
school was fully multi-racial with wall-to-wall black
and white babes. Tall and short, full-breasted and
skinny, lightly muscled and all soft curves, superbly
rounded butts and small rear-shelves – I wanted to fuck
them all. I was just too shy talk to them.

Tim, my best friend, who was black and the exact
opposite to me in many ways, had already fucked his way
through a dozen white and two dozen black girls in the
school. Not that the split had any real meaning to him,
pussy was pussy and his cocky attitude got him all the
cunt he wanted.

I was still a virgin and all because I became this
stuttering, blabbering wreck every time a girl
approached me. That started to change one weekend when
I was helping my dad install a ceiling fan in Mary’s
room. I learned that weekend that women are as
desperate for cock as men are for pussy, and only
social pressure keeps them from doing whatever it takes
to get it. I began to lose my shyness and get a cocky
come-and-get-it attitude like Tim’s.

Dad, a keen D.I.Y. man, had transformed our two dull
one-room servant’s quarters into a very nice flat.
Normally they are bare rooms with a bed, a door, and a
small window. Dad had converted the rooms into a queen-
size bedroom with all the amenities, and a nice
bathroom, with a large two-person tub & shower
enclosure. Dad had replaced the old ceiling with a
knotty pine ceiling to finish it off.

That is where I found the peephole. While in the roof,
helping my dad run new cables for the fan, I discovered
a knothole missing. I could see the whole room, but
because the knot was far from the light, it looked like
any other knothole. I got rock hard just thinking about
the potential of my newfound view, the chance of
finally seeing Mary’s hot body – naked.

The next day I rushed home to try it out. Mary tended
to spend the afternoon in her room, so I was hoping for
the best. My dad’s job made it possible for him to work
mostly from home in his study. I told dad and Mary I
was going to the pool, and then slipped up into the
attic to watch Mary. I arranged boards across the
beams, and a couple old towels and got comfortable.

Having cleaned up after lunch, Mary came into her room.
She closed her door and turned on her TV, and began to
strip. Her cotton dress was dropped onto the bed,
revealing blue silk underwear, and a pair of full,
heavy but perfectly formed breasts encased in thin
silk. As the bra fell from her full breasts, they
settled firmly a bit lower, and the large thick black
nipples hardened in the cool air. The contrast against
her light brown skin was perfect, I wanted to suck
them, to tug at those hard, thick nipples.

Mary wore her hair in long braids gathered together to
fall down the back of her neck and between her dusky
shoulder blades. As she turned her back to me I saw her
full-rounded ass and narrow hips encased in skimpy g-
string blue silk panties. She dropped them on the floor
and shamelessly grabbed her cunt, giving a low
satisfied moan as she massaged it. Her hips began to
grind a bit as her free hand enclosed one of those
perfect brown tits and pinched the thick nipple.

She stepped into the shower, leaving both the bathroom
door and the shower door open. She turned on the water,
adjusted the temperature, and then began to shower,
turning, soaping and letting the water run in streams
over her goddess-like body. I could feel the cum rising
in my cock as my hand lightly stroked it and my balls

She was so hot. Her body was perfect. Long legs
thickened into muscled thighs that split to show a nice
gap around her big black-haired cunt. Her ass was
rounded but showed only tight smoothness dropping from
the deep shelf of her lower back. Her waist was small
in comparison to her hips and as she turned I saw her
from every side. From her flat belly, proud tits and
dripping snatch to her full-cheeked ass and muscled
slim back. Her face was cherubic in fullness and her
eyes were a rich brown. Her full pink brown lips, even
white teeth and red tongue all begged to be kissed
fully and passionately. This was a woman who needed to
be fucked a lot and enjoyed her body.

As she started to soap her pussy I could see she was
doing far more than getting it clean. Her cunt lips
were spread exposing her snatch. Pink inner lips framed
by dark outer lips and covered in a nice even mat of
black curly hair. As her fingers explored her cunt, her
free hand massaged her tits, moving from one to the
other and back, twisting each nipple and extracting low
moans of pure animal pleasure from their owner.

I saw Mary’s clit. It was long and slightly pinkish
brown. As thick as a baby’s finger it stood out from
its hood and bobbed under her caress, and I knew I had
to find a way to get my face buried in that dusky brown
nest of pure lust-filled heaven. She had beautifully
manicured nails and the sight of those long red
fingernails flicking her clit and stabbing two fingers
at a time deep into her cunt had me blasting out a huge
pool of cum. It was the most powerful climax of my life
so far.

Meanwhile Mary was finger-fucking herself in the shower
with wanton abandon. Her legs were straining to keep
her up. Her head was thrown back and her mouth was wide
open as she let out squeals and groans of sexual
pleasure. Leaning against the cool tiles, her hips
ground violently against her invading fingers. Impaling
her snatch over and over again. Her free hand franticly
worked her long clit in small circles that caused her
soap-covered cunt to foam.

Suddenly she came in wave after wave of pulsing
orgasmic bliss that made her cry out and slump to the
floor. She just sat there legs splayed, eyes closed and
shower dancing all over her body as she slowly came
down from her orgasmic rocket ride.

The mood was broken by a soft knock on her bedroom
door. Knowing there was no one there but Dad, I froze –
my heart leapt to my mouth. I went cold with fear of
being caught. Mary slowly got up, rinsed off the
remainder of the soap, turned off the water, stepped
from the shower, and walked into her bedroom trailing
small dribbles of water. Without reaching for a towel
or anything to cover herself, she went to the door, and
opened the door wide.

I was stunned. There stood my father. Naked! Wielding a
huge erection that was pointing straight at Mary’s

“About time Danny, I started without you. Get that cock
in my cunt and fuck me, lover!” Mary said in a lust-
filled husky voice as she launched herself at my

I could not believe my eyes or ears. Dad was fucking
‘MY’ Mary. I was indignant, jealous and aroused
simultaneously. As I watched, dad closed the door
behind him, locked it and pushed Mary backward onto the
bed all in what seemed like one fluid motion.

“Time for your daily ‘thank you for looking after me
and my son’ Mary” My dad said jokingly. ” And today I’m
exceptionally grateful.” His eyes sparkled and a huge
grin covered his face.

He fell onto Mary, who squealed with glee, and began
kissing her passionately. Mary returned the kiss with
equal passion. They moaned and wrestled with each other
as their lips were locked together in a searing
embrace. Mary was a willing and active partner in their
sexual wrestling match. Caressing dad all over his
naked body and running her long nails up and down his
back as they kissed and held each other Mary was a pure
sexual animal.

Legs intertwined, cock and cunt grinding together and
hands franticly exploring every inch of exposed flesh
they made love to each other.

She rolled him on top of her, wrapped her legs around
his lower back and said in a lust stained voice, “O
baby, fill my cunt with your hot white meat and fuck
me. Fuck me hard. I’m so wet and hot. Fuck my black
cunt and satisfy my aching pussy.”

I was masturbating like mad as I watched this live sex-
show through my view port. My father wrapped his arms
around Mary’s spread thighs and positioned himself.
Mary grabbed his full hard cock and placed it at the
opening to her dripping cunt opening her legs wide and
exposing her cunt and dad’s cock to my full view. Dad
thrust in hard and deep and Mary arched her back and
let out a loud cry. At first I thought dad had hurt
Mary but as he pulled out and plunged in again and
again Mary let out the same cry. Her face was covered
in pleasure and her hips trust hungrily up to dad’s
cock with each frantic thrust.

Cock flesh and cunt flesh were welded together in a
soaking wet, sucking, pumping flurry of pure hot sex.
Mary’s breasts bounced up and down as dad fucked her
like there was no tomorrow. Both their bodies began to
glisten as the heat of their coupling generated a sheen
of sweat over their bodies. I could not believe the
passion Mary had unleashed from my father. But I came
again, long before either of them were even close. I
watched in awe as, after pounding their sex-crazed
bodies together for what seemed like ages, they came in
a screaming crescendo of perfect unison.

They fell apart both completely spent. I could see a
mixture of dads cum and Mary’s juice oozing from her
freshly flayed cunt lips as Mary laid spread eagle on
the bed next to my father. Dad’s chest was raising and
falling as he took deep gulps of air. “O Mary that was
fantastic. No one fucks like you do,” panted my father.

“Well my daughter does,” replied Mary with a
mischievous glint in her eye. “And when the school
holidays start, she will be here for us both – she
likes licking pussy and getting her pussy licked as
much as I like you fucking me.”

Smiling, dad replied, “I’ll take you word for it Mary.
I just hope I can rise to the occasion, fucking you
takes all my strength as it is, two of you will be a
hard order to fill.”

“By the time Thandi is here, I’ll be ready. Besides,
she is not here just to play with you and me,” Mary
pointed out.

I could not believe what I was hearing.

“I’m sure she’ll make my son a lot more confident
around girls.”

A smile covered her face. “Yes and once Thandi has
broken him in, I’ll finish him, and have him in me all
day and all night long.” She chuckled.

He rolled onto his back and looked straight at me. My
head snapped back involuntarily. I knew he could not
see me, but his eyes had seemed to look straight at me.

I lay there stunned.

They were planning to get me laid!

Mary wanted to fuck me!

Dad was going to fuck Mary’s daughter, and Mary wasn’t

Mary and her daughter apparently had sex with each
other! Two women!

Had I died and gone to heaven? The school holidays were
a week and a half away. I stayed in my hiding place for
another couple of hours and watched as Dad and Mary
fucked over and over again, in several positions. I
paid very close attention to everything they did. I
came twice more. When it was my turn, I intended to not
look like an inexperienced boy.


The last week and a half had passed in a blur. After
school each day I’d rush home, gulp down lunch, come up
with some fictitious place to go and hurry up to my
hiding place.

During this time I came to see both my dad and Mary in
a new light. Dad’s skill in bed was awe-inspiring.

Mary’s passion left me in a state of perpetual

Something else had started to change too. The hornier
girls at school seemed to notice and hang around me
more. I’m not sure what it was, but I was fast becoming
a cunt magnet. Tim said I had changed, was more
confident and stuff.

On Saturday I walked into the kitchen and stopped dead
in my tracks. Standing in the kitchen with Mary was the
most beautiful girl I had ever seen.

Thandi positively oozed sex appeal – Mary’s
introductions went unheard as I drank in this brown-
skinned goddess. She was a little shorter than I, slim,
and in a one-piece leather jumpsuit. Her face was
round, with a cute little-girl chin, dimples, a snub
nose, and large brown child-like eyes that oozed
desire. Her hair was trimmed very short. She wore a
little makeup to accentuate her full sexy lips and
sweet smile.

The zip of the jumpsuit was pulled down to just below
her full 36c breasts, The smooth mounds of her breasts
were barely hidden under the flaps of the half done
zip. Her breasts were slightly cone-shaped and pushed
the fabric out, showing an incredible firmness. Under
my burning gaze, her nipples hardened, and showed
through the thin leather. The skintight jumpsuit let me
see her shapely legs part at her upper thighs. The
leather clung to a full cunt mound that was obviously a
family trait. There was no panty line in sight.

I was instantly hard, and wanted to unzip her and fuck
her right there on the floor, in front of her mom. It
took all the willpower I could muster to keep my cool.

Mary asked me if I wanted something to drink and I
said, “Some cock would be fine.”

She looked at me funny and I realized what I had just
said. My face went red and I stumbled over a

Thandi giggled and looked right at my crotch where my
raging hard-on was clearly visible. She walked up to me
took my arm and guided me into the lounge. “Thank you
for the compliment.” She whispered into my ear.
Pressing her body to mine, her scent filling my

“What compliment?”

“Why your massive hard-on for me.” She said looking
straight into my eyes. “A girl loves to be

I stood there like a fool with my mouth gaping wide.
Trying to regain my composure I asked, “How old are

“Oh, I’m 19,” she said.

19! She looked 22, or older! Seeing my surprise, she
said, “I was an early starter, at age 8, I had
breasts.” She rubbed her hard nipples against my arm as
she continued, pouting, “And they just keep growing,
every year bigger and bigger. Maybe they’ll even get
bigger than mom’s – after I’ve had a little girl of my
own, but of course I’ll have to get sperm inside me
first. Hey, can I see your room?”

In a daze I took her into my bedroom. She followed me
in, closing and locking the door behind her. Leaning
against the door she spread legs so I could get an even
better view of her leather-clad cunt. She looked at me
and licked her lips a little nervously. “You wanna make
love to me?” She asked hesitantly.

I had been fantasizing about this all my life, but
being asked straight out by this leather-clad black
bombshell! She saw the lust in my eyes, and simply
started to walk towards me, unzipping as she came.

She stopped in front of me, took my hand and guided it
into the jumpsuit crotch.

Her cunt was firm yet soft to the touch and totally
bald. As my hand cupped her snatch, I could feel the
wetness dribbling down her slit.

“You like my smooth black pussy?” She asked.

“Yes,” was all I could manage.

“Good!” she said and hunching her shoulders she started
to peal off the jumpsuit with me standing there cupping
her pussy. The suit peeled down her trim young body
exposing more and more naked young flesh. When her tits
were fully exposed I stared in dumbstruck silence. They
were the most perfect tits in the world. Where her
mother’s were large, round and heavy; hers were like
two perfect rounded cones high on her chest. There was
a slight curve from their base to their nipple-tipped
peaks. And each pointed slightly up and away from the
other. Her nipples were exactly like her mother’s, a
raised round dark areola topped off by a thick black

I dragged my eyes from her twin mounds and knelt before
her. I took the suit in my hands as she steadied
herself on my shoulders. I began peeling the tight
fitting garment down her slim legs. Pulling each
jumpsuit leg off over her small feet.

She was now completely naked and as I lifted my head
from removing the last pants leg of the suit I found
myself eye-to-pussy with her young cunt mound. My gaze
riveted on her twat. It was deep brown with a slim pink
centerline that showed where her lips parted. The top
of the slit looked like the eye of a needle with her
clit as the thread poking out through it. There was not
a hair anywhere to be seen, she was shaved as smooth as
a baby’s bottom. I had seen her mother’s cunt enough
over the past week to see the family resemblance.

I slid my hands around her ass, and she squeaked in
surprise as I licked her clit. She trembled a little,
and then I knew her confidence was all an act. That’s
when I began to take control back from Thandi. I licked
her sodden cunt deeply, forcing my chin between her
thighs, and licking the full length of it – dragging
her slick juices up and over, and swirling them around
her sensitive clit. I tongued her deeply, and then
nibbled and tugged at her cunt lips, stretching them
and stimulating her clit. She kept her hands buried in
my hair and moaned with lust.

I stood up, and she began to kiss me passionately, our
mouths met in a kiss that was so hot I thought I was
going to melt. I returned her passion for all I was
worth. Feeling her tongue deep into my mouth and
thrusting my tongue into hers. Thandi began to whimper,
rubbing herself against me as we kissed. Frantically
she pulled off my clothes. She pushed me gently but
firmly in the chest and I stepped back only to find the
bed right behind me causing me to fall backward onto
the bed.

Looking down at me she smiled a shyly wicked smile and
said, “Alright, white boy. Your cock is mine!”

She straddled me and pushed her wet cunt down hard
against my rampant cock trapping it between her pussy
lips and my stomach. She began to rub herself up and
down on my cock in long slow measured strokes. Sliding
my full cock length over the soft inner lips of her
slick spread snatch.

I reached up and took hold of her tits. Each one barely
filled my hand. Copying my father I began to softly
massage each one, paying attention to the hardened
nipples. I softly ran each nipple between my thumb and
forefinger. Thandi looked down at me and groaned.

“Oh yes baby play with my tits. Pinch my nipples, it
drives me wild. Oh god yes, please, yes… Oh yes.”

She was getting more and more frantic and her hips were
sliding up and down my cock, drenching it in a river of
cunt juice. I too was thrusting my hips up at Thandi
increasing the pressure between her cunt and my cock.
It was driving her wild.

Faster and faster my little black goddess rubbed
herself on my cock. She was well into her first climax
before I fully realized what was happening. Her head
was nodding back and forth as she let out a long
panting squeal of pleasure. Her thighs locked down hard
on my hips and her fingers dug into my shoulders as she
rode her first climax.

Lifting her head slowly and opening her eyes she looked
at me, reached between her legs, positioned my hard
cock, lifted her young hips and guided me into her
cunt. I was losing my virginity to this 19-year-old
sexual dynamo. Her cunt was so tight sliding down over
my stiff, angry-red prick.

Her cunt lips spread, exposing more of her hot, pink
inner wetness as my hard cock slid up into this sweet
black girl, horny for my stiff white thickness.

She whispered “O god, you’re such a big boy. It feels
so good. Fill me up lover. Fill my little cunt with
your big fat cock.”

Hearing her say it made me feel enormous.

She struggled and twisted, pushing herself all the way
down my ridged male member. Once firmly impaled on my
cock, she began to ride me.

“Fuck, you feel so good on me, Thandi.” I pulled her
lips to mine and kissed her deeply.

I met her stroke for stroke, pushing my hips up as she
came down with hers. She looked at me with wonder in
her eyes and increased her pace. I too increased my
strokes. Faster and faster we both went. My cock
plunging deep into her cunt and bumping her womb
opening with each stoke. Her cunt juice flowed like a
river as she plunged her tight pussy down on me over
and over. I could feel her cunt walls gripping my cock,
as she became more and more frantic.

I found myself matching her cries of passion with cries
of my own. “O yes ride me Thandi. Ride me with your wet
pussy. I’m fucking your hot cunt. Harder, yes,
faster… Oh yes… Oh yes… Baby! Do it to me….. Oh
GOD, Yes… Yesss… YES… AAAAUUGHH!!”

Together we both hit our peak in perfect unison. Her
cunt clamped down hard on my cock and I felt my balls
tighten and the sperm shoot through my cock and come
pouring out my cock head and into her tight hole. We
kept plunging and thrusting as we rode our mutual
orgasm till finally Thandi fell limp across my chest
and lay still with my cock still buried deep inside

Looking at me she gave me a soft kiss on my lips and
whispered an out of breath. “God you’re good. I loved
that. Mum said you were a virgin. But I don’t believe
her. Not after that.”

Smiling I stoked her close cropped hair and said. “I
was. You are my first.”

Sitting up she looked at me “You lie!” she said, “I’ve
only had one other, but you’re more experienced.”

“No, really! You were my first kiss as well.”

Her eyes filled with wonder. “Then how did you learn to
fuck like that?”

I lied, “I don’t know. I just did what came naturally.”

“Naturally?” She quizzed. “I suppose your cock
hardening in me, not 5 minutes after cumming, is
natural too?”

I was getting hard again, and fast. Grabbing her
shoulders, I flipped her over onto her back before she
could put up a fight, and started to slowly fuck her
like my father did her mother. I knew from my
afternoons of watching him how to pace it so that
Thandi would have the most pleasure.

I suckled her nipples, kissed her full lips and
generally showered her with passion as I built the pace
up till her young legs were spread wide and her hips
were being pounded by my long, deep stokes. She was
holding on to me and crying out as she felt each thrust
deep inside her tight young hole. My thrusting hips and
sliding cock were rubbing her large clitty as she
reached what was the first of a string of climaxes
before I shot my sperm deep into her fertile young
cunt. We lay there afterwards drenched in sweat and
slipped off into sleep, our spent bodies intertwined.

I couldn’t wait to see her sweet flat belly swell with
my child.


Thandi and I were woken by a knock on the door. “Who is
it?” I asked groggily still half asleep. “It’s me,
Mary, have you two finished napping yet? Lunch is
ready.” I sat bolt upright in my bed and looked next to
me as my mind cleared, and I realized that a beautiful
sexy 19-year-old black girl was in my bed with me.

Smiling up at me, Thandi said. “Lunch – great, I’m
hungry. Come on, let’s eat.” And with that she hopped
out of bed, naked, breasts bouncing gently, and smiled
sexily back at me as she opened my bedroom door. I
leaped out of bed, and snaked my arms around her and
held her in the open doorway, my stiff cock pressed in
between her firm asscheeks. I kissed her and slipped my
tongue into her gasping mouth as she trembled a little.

Holding onto her throat with my left hand to keep her
kissing me, I began to pinch and twist her nipples with
my right, and then slid it down to her smooth cunt-
mound, and began to rub and tug on her brown wet
cuntlips as I fed my cock up into her still-wet
glistening twat. She moaned, and arched her back, and
pushed onto me – forcing my cock deeper into her sweet

“Goddamn, loverboy, aren’t you tired yet?” she
breathed, as she kissed me.

“Of your sweet black body? Never. I’ll never get tired
of fucking you, Thandi.” I thrust into her hard and
deep, making her moan.

I tugged on her nipples with my right hand, and then
stuck two fingers into her mouth, as she sucked on
them, I pulled them out from between her full brownish-
pink lips – covered in saliva. I immediately began
swirling them over her swollen clitty. Thandi squealed,
“No, that’s cheating! God! Unnnngghh! Yes! Do it! Feel
my cunny as you fuck me! Augh! Gently, lover-boy!” she
squealed. “YESSSS, that’s it. Pump your fat prick into
me. Harder! AHHHHH! HARDer! HARDER! GOD! Yes, Yes,

I could feel her cunt rippling around my invading
thickness, the muscles dragging my spunk out of me into
her sweet young body, her back arched tightly, forcing
her ass back onto me, and my prick as deeply as it
could into her.

She devolved into wordless squeals and shaking as she
came, and clung to the door to stay upright as I
gripped her hips and pumped my third load into her
nubile body. Thandi loved being fucked, and she also
obviously loved to be controlled a bit – to have a man
force her into sex.

When she recovered again, she wiped the sweat from her
brow, kissed me, and said, “Come on, let’s have lunch.
You’ll need your strength, I know I do.” Thandi said
smiling, as she swayed down the hallway towards the
kitchen, my cum and her juices running down her inner

She was still naked! Then I thought, ‘Hell, we just
fucked in an open doorway, and everybody knows what
we’ve been doing,’ so I walked naked from the room,
following her naked 19-year-old ass, eyes locked on
those swinging young brown hips and tight brown ass –
my cock swinging free and slightly hardening.

Mary met me at the corner, wearing a short, thin
sundress that hid her lush body only a little. “Oh,
hello, sleepy head!” Said Mary, a big grin on her face,
her eyes down on my stiffening cock. “You enjoy
fucking my daughter?”

I shyly said “Yes.” I reached for Mary, pulled her to
me, kissed her, and twisted her hardening nipples as I
kissed her again.

She pulled back, breathing a little hard, starring into
my eyes in wonder. “I knew you two would hit it off.
Thandi is sleeping in your room while she is here, I
hope you don’t mind?”

I shook my head and mumbled a “No, not at all.” I could
not see Thandi anywhere.

Seeing my eyes scanning the room, Mary asked, “Looking
for Thandi?”

“Yes.” I replied.

“She’s in the living room, greeting your dad.”

I entered the living room, and there was my father,
pants open, lying on his back as a still-naked Thandi
sucked his cock.

Looking up, dad smiled “Hope you don’t mind if I get a
bit of this hot little kitten, son?”

“Uh, OK dad, no problem as long as I get some of Mary,”
I said.

He groaned in lust and said, “Of course you can.”

Mary came up beside me and looked down at her daughter
and my father. “Hurry up you two, lunch is ready.
Thandi you can finish off that for dessert. Now come
and eat something.”

“But mum, I am eating something.” Thandi giggled.

“I know dear but we can eat them both after lunch. OK?”

“Great,” I said, stiff cock twitching as I slid one
hand down around Mary’s sweet ass.

Thandi walked around the couch and threw her arms
around my neck and gave me a deep, passionate kiss.
“Come on lover, lets have lunch. Then afterward you can
eat me for desert.”

She grabbed my hand and dragged me over to the table.
As Thandi and I sat down, she burst out “Hey, mom, you
and ‘dad’ aren’t naked.”

“Great idea.” said my father as his clothes hit the
floor. He sat down next to Mary, who was busy

Naked, we all sat and had a lunch of cold meats and
salads. I sat through the whole thing with a raging
hard on that was not missed by Thandi.

I took every opportunity to rub her thighs, suck on her
fingers as she fed me, tease her nipples, and pull her
over to me for kisses.

She responded by sucking on my fingers as I fed her,
rubbing her legs against mine, and fondling my cock.

“Now Thandi,” Mary said, “You’ve had lots of that, it’s
my turn next. You can fuck ‘dad’ for your first helping
of dessert.”

“Ok mum, but wouldn’t you rather do me in front of
these two horny men just to get us all nice and hot?”

“Mmm you know I would honey. Ok, first me, then ‘dad’.

“Ok” replied Thandi.

I sat in mute silence as these two sex-crazed women
calmly decided on girl-girl sex. I wasn’t complaining –
I was looking forward to finally getting my hands on
Mary’s ass, and spurting my seed inside her for a

We finished, and quickly cleared the table, and then
Thandi got things rolling by getting up walking around
to her mother and getting up on to the table in front
of her. Shamelessly opening her legs and offering her
mother her young sperm-filled cunt. Mary smiled and set
to work, lifting Thandi’s young thighs over her own
shoulders, causing Thandi to lie back.

Mary bent her lips to her little girl’s shaven cunt,
and sampled the forbidden fruit. First she spread
Thandi’s lips and licked her open gash from bottom to
top. She then started to kiss and nibble her inner
thighs and full cunt flesh. Thandi moaned and wriggled
her young hips and pulled at her nipples as the
pleasure of her mother’s tongue filled her body. I was
so turned on – watching not only two women in a lewd
position, but Mary and her daughter. It was the most
erotic thing I had ever seen.

They both loved what they were doing, and wanted dad
and I to watch. Dad was so turned on he moved his chair
closer to Mary so he could fondle her tits and pussy
while watching her eat Thandi out. I was struck with
how gentle Mary was and how she drew out the pleasure
for Thandi. Making a mental note to eat her the same
way she was eating her daughter when the time came I
started to masturbate as I watched them.

Thandi looked at me, and I leaned over the table and
kissed her upside down. It felt funny kissing a girl
like that but I enjoyed it. Thandi moaned as she
tongue-fucked my mouth in her lust. I returned the
pleasure and the four of us were well on our way to our
first pleasure orgy.

I reached for Thandi’s tits and began to massage them
and play with their nipples. She was really writhing
now. The experienced attention her cunt-sucking mother
was giving her was having its desired result. I looked
up and watched Mary sucking each of Thandi’s cunt lips
deep into her mouth while her fingers pumped in and out
of the young girl’s fuck hole. She then moved on to
Thandi’s erect clit and flicked it with the tip of her
tongue. The sight made me want to cum it was so hot,
and Thandi was riding her mothers face for all she was
worth. Long gasps of pleasure leapt from deep in her
throat. She pressed her hips up begging for more and
driving her mother on.

Mary was in heaven. She was riding dad’s probing
fingers and sucking her daughter franticly. “I need
more,” Mary panted.

“Oh, GOD so do I! UNNNNGGHH!” Thandi replied.

“Come on, lets move to the lounge where it’s easier to
fuck.” We all moved quickly to the lounge. Thandi
pushed me down onto the couch and planted a hot wet
deep kiss on my open mouth, then turned round, her back
towards me, spread her legs wide and guided my thick
white cock into her red-pink black cunny.

Leaning back on my chest she offered her impaled pussy
to her mother who kneeled before her and started to
lick my stiff white cock and balls where it went into
her young daughter’s soft black cunt, flicking Thandi’s
clit with the tip of her tongue.

I grabbed Thandi’s breasts and massaged them roughly,
pinching the nipples hard and twisting them – Thandi
began to squeal and writhe on my cock.

“Oh, God, you horny fucker! Pull my nipples, suck my
clitty! Fuuck me, oooh, FUCK ME!”

Seeing Mary’s round black ass, with a dripping cunt
gleaming pinkly as an invitation to him, my father got
behind Mary. He lined up on the hole and then lunged
his fat cock in to the limit in a fast, hard stroke.
Mary squealed, and then both women were moaning in
pleasure as the four of us slipped easily into a
rhythmic dance of lust.

The sensation of having my cock and balls licked while
fucking deep into Thandi’s tight young cunt was
incredible. Thandi was obviously enjoying the tongue
licking her mother was giving us both. Her proud firm
young breasts were in my hands and her hands covered
mine. Her hips were thrusting back and forward as she
rode my cock.

Her mother’s mouth pushing against her cunt as she
bobbed back and forward under the pussy pounding she
was getting from my dad.

We were all being vocal and the room was filled with
erotic moans of pleasure. The frantic coupling was
getting more and more intense as Dad gave Mary and her
cunt all his attention and Mary and I looked after

Soon both women started to cum. It was incredible.
Thandi’s cunt got even tighter, if that is possible, as
her pussy muscles clamped down on the first of her
rapid-fire multiple orgasms.

As her daughter cried out in ecstasy, Mary humped back
at dad, arching her back and shouted “O my GOD! YES!
Fuck my black cunt.” and launched into her own series
of bone crushing orgasms. The sight of these two women
losing it so completely had both my dad and I humping
our hips up and into our loves as we plunged our cocks
deep into them. We both of filled the two hungry cunts
with load after load of hot potent cum.

We all lay there in a tangled web of bodies and started
to get our breaths back. Dad then got up took Thandi by
the hand and led her back to the carpet where they
started to make out. Mary smiled at the sight of her
lover getting ready to fuck her daughter and turned her
attention to me.

“Oh baby, I know you have wanted me from the first day
you saw me. I don’t know why you took so long to make a
move. Your father was fucking me the day I arrived. Now
its your turn.”

I grinned like a fool took Mary’s face in my hands and
cut off any further talking with my tongue and lips
pressing hard against hers. Returning my kiss with her
own passionate probing tongue, she pulled me down onto
the floor next to my dad and Thandi who were now 69ing
each other with wild abandon.

I looked down at Mary who was lying below me legs wide
and cunt pressing against my cock. I smiled at her, and
turned around, straddling her face and letting my hard
cock brush her lips. I looked down on her black curly-
haired pussy and lowered my head into her mature
snatch. Softer and slightly looser than Thandi’s, it
gave off a pungent sexual odor that was like an erotic
form of incense.

I opened her up with my probing fingers and began to
mimic what I’d seen her doing to Thandi. Very soon her
hot mouth engulfed my cock and her muffled moans
escaped as she sucked me and played with my balls. My
fantasy was coming true as I dipped my tongue into her
moist cunt lips lapping up the female sexual nectar
that was oozing to the surface as I played with her
cunt. Sucking her thick clitty was like sucking my
little finger and it responded to my attentions by
sending waves of sexual thrills up into Mary’s hot

Her body responded by wiggling and humping her hips and
causing squeals of pleasure to fill my ears. As I
explored her fuck hole I inserted first one, then two,
then three fingers. All the time she remained
surprisingly tight but still took each extra finger. My
licking and sucking on her clit and my fingers plunging
into her cunt had Mary writhing and moaning and crying
out in passion.

Beside me Thandi had straddled my Father and from my
vantage point I had to only turn my head to see his
white cock disappearing into a tight black love tunnel.
Thandi was humping my father with crazed passion that
had her tits bouncing wildly, her head tilted back and
her chest heaving with exertion.

My own cock was fucking down, deeply into Mary’s
willing mouth as I worked her hot mature black cunt
into a lather of cunt juice and wet hair. My fingers
and face were covered in a thick syrupy coating of
milky cunt nectar and as fast as I gulped it down it
continued to flow. I’d never realized a woman’s juice
could flow in such quantities – I was lapping Mary’s
love hole like a puppy dog.

Pulling my cock out of her sucking black lips, I
abruptly twisted around over the woman I’d been lusting
after for almost a year, and staring down at her sexy
lush body – open and ready for me, I looked deep into
her big brown eyes as I pushed my cock into her waiting
cunt. She wrapped her legs around me and we began the
serious job of fucking.

Her hips rising and falling as my cock plunged into her
black passion hole. Our lips were locked in a deep kiss
and Mary tasted herself in me and I on her. And soon we
were riding a growing wave of passion that had us
screaming out with passion. And Mary came over and over
again and I was able to hold off my own climax and cum
only as she went into her last cock squeezing orgasm.


My life from then on was never the same. At home my
cock was employed filling two women’s holes every
chance I could get. Mary and my dad never married. I
don’t know why, but she moved into his bedroom and
became my mother in every sense, and more.

Thandi loved to bring young virgins home on weekends
and introduce them to every kind of sex in just one
weekeknd – ending in a all-out orgy. My confidence
grew, and I started to fuck my way around the school’s
female population, but Thandi and Mary were still my
lovers of choice.

Thandi and I became inseparable, fucking daily, even as
her and Mary’s bellies began to swell. Her tits did
grow, and I loved sucking both Mary’s and Thandi’s
swollen breasts as they lay squealing beneath me,
impaled on my thick white cock.

I fell deeply in love with my little black 19-year-old
sex-kitten, and who knows, I may even make her my wife
one day, but till then I intend to enjoy my life as it
is, impregnating as many girls as I can. This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

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