A teacher is forcibly raped in a deserted bathroom

It was a scorching May afternoon in the nation’s capital.
The air was full of excitement and joy. Robin loved this
time of year. Graduation Day was always bitter sweet,
saying good-bye to her students, but it made her proud
that she could have an impact on their lives. This year
was no different, she thought as she moved through the
crowd at the end of the ceremony.

“Boy, it sure is hot,” she thought, shaking hands,
hugging students and parents. City College was a not very
big school, in fact the school in N.W. Washington DC
graduated about 250 students each year. But the 2000 or
so people crammed into the main building for refreshments
and to take pictures and socialize.

“Hi! Professor,” a student yelled through the crowd.
“Come meet my family.”

“Sure,” she replied. “Hi, what a pleasure to meet you!”
replied the short, 40-something professor, with shoulder
length black hair and round frame glasses.

Going thought the motions but still happy to meet the
families of her students.

“Well, its nice to meet you too, Congratulations,” she
said wading through the crowd, in no general direction.

“Man, someone needs to turn on the AC!” someone declared.

“It sure is hot in here.” Announced someone else as she
moved through the crowd overhearing conversations.

The 150 year-old building did have central air but it
wasn’t having much effect with such a large crowd.

“I think I know a cool place,” she thought to herself,
changing direction in the crowd heading toward the back
stairs. “And I wont be bothered by anyone.”

She walked down the first flight of stairs and looked
down the hallway. There was a long line formed out side
the women’s room.

“Ha,” she thought, ducking around the corner to another
set of stairs. The heels on her white leather shoes
clicked as she walked down the old wooden stairs. She was
in the sub-basement of the building. She glanced around
looking for signs directing people to the bathroom, but
saw none.

“Good,” she thought walking down the long corridor. Her
heels were the only noise as she traversed the long
winding hallway.

“There is no one down here,” she thought, “Great.”

Turning the corner, on the left was a door labeled
Women’s” It was right next to a row of student lockers.
She took a quick look around and darted inside. She
walked in the bathroom and shut the old large door behind
her. She caught her reflection in the mirror over the

Her small, round, pale, face looked back at her. She was
wearing her doctoral robe and hat, with a mantle hanging
around her neck. The robe hid her petite (she was about 5
feet tall in her shoes), thin body. She worked out
regularly and while she did not have a hard body, she
kept herself in shape. Directly underneath her robe, she
had on a long light blue and white dress that dropped
below the robe to her ankles. Her ankles protected by her
tan pantyhose lead to her shoes.

“It’s nice and cool down here,” she said opening the
window at the end of the bathroom. The warm wind rushed
in to the bathroom, blowing her hair off her shoulder.
“That feels good,” she said opening the stall door and
still on the toilet seat.

However, She didn’t see the man standing at the hallway
by the janitor’s entrance. But he saw her go into the
bathroom. He quietly approached the door and listened for

The breeze was blowing through the bottom of the stall.
It was so relaxing that she shut her eyes, leaning back
against the side of the narrow stall. He listened for a
few minutes, looked around to see if anyone else was
coming and then slowing began to turn the doorknob.

He was a young black man, strong and muscular. He always
liked peeking at women and occasionally feeling them up
on trains, but had never actually f****d himself on one.

The knob creaked as he turned it and the door began to
push open. The door ached and moaned as he slowed step
through it, looking around.

“Damn, who is that?” She thought opening her eyes. All of
a sudden, someone had turned on the tap at full blast.

“Maybe they will leave,” she thought closing her eyes

He slowly stooped down to look under the stalls. He saw
her white shoes and panty-hosed ankles sitting in the far
stall. His nature began to rise as he looked at her. He
slowly stood up and carefully walked toward the last
stall. He made sure to walk close to the wall, so that
she wouldn’t see his feet as he approached. He licked his
lips in anticipation.

The incessant sound of the water was starting to irritate

“Did someone leave that one?” she said standing up. He
walked in front of her door and took a quiet seek
forward. He was about to kick it in, when he heard her
stand-up. Robin got this sense that something was wrong.

“Well I better go,” she thought pulling the stall door

As she pulled the door open, He lunged at her. The door
flew open on its hinges as he pressed through. She was
pushed hard back into the stall and up against the

“HELP!” she screamed realizing what has happening. He
slapped his hand around her mouth as hard as he could,
cutting her off in mid-sentence. The force of the blow
pushed the much smaller woman hard up against the side of
the stall.

“Ummmpht,” she mumbled, grabbing at his hand around her
mouth. She kicked and twisted and tried pinching and
scratching him, but she could not get free.

The more she fought, the harder he pressed against her
face, making it more difficult to breathe.

“UMMMMMPH, UMMMMMPH,” she moaned looking at his face. He
studied her with a quick glance and released his hand
from her mouth.

Just as soon as she was free from the grip of his hand,
he pushed his face forward and pushed his tongue into her

“UMMMMPH, UMMMMMM,” she moaned, hitting him in the chest
with her small fists and trying to push him away.

His tongue probed her mouth and lips. It was the first
time he had kissed an women before and it was better than
he’d imagined it would be. Her mouth was warm and soft
and even though she was resisting him, her tongue mixing
with his was about to make him cream.

“NO!” she mumbled pushing at him.

“OH my God!” she thought.

“What can I do?” She kneed him as hard as she could but
it only made things worst.

He moaned deeply and grabbed her throat with his left
hand and began to squeeze.

“NO! UMMMMMMPH,” she moaned opening her eyes to see his
angry eyes staring back at her.

She grabbed at his hand around her throat and thought to
herself that if she tried to fight him he’d k**l her.

With his right hand, he reached between the split in the
front of her robe and grabbed the front of her dress and
began to pull her dress and robe up.

“UMMMMMPH,” she moaned, with his tongue still in her
mouth, twisting her head in both directions.

She started to cry. He pulled her dress and robe up
around her waist. They both fell on to his arm as he
rubbed the stomach. He found what he was looking for, the
tops of her pantyhose. He pushed his hand inside her hose
and down passing her belly button.

“NO!” she moaned, twisting her lower half.

His hand tightened and loosened around her neck. She
again stood still. His hand continued into her gray
cotton panties.

“Damn she feels great,” he thought amazed by the feel of
her flesh. He continued into her hairy bush.

He rubbed her hair gently with his hand. She again began
twisting and pulsating. His hands continued to her large
mound and lips. He rubbed her clit and opened her cunt.
She was sliding up and down the wall to the stall.

Crying and scared, she decided to let him do what he was
going to do, in hopes of living. She closed her eyes and
thought of her husband. Her pussy was big and hairy, he
thought, rubbing his finger through her labia. The feel
of her panties and hose up against the back of his hand,
also excited him. He opened her again, this time he
pushed two fingers into her love canal.

“Ummmph,” she moaned, tears streaming down her face on

He pushed his fingers into her tight hole as far as they
would go, almost lifting her off the floor. She was warm
and tight, she was also a little wet up there too, he
thought. She began to pulsate vigorously as he pumped his
fingers up and down inside her.

She put one foot on the toilet set for support as he
fucked her with his hand. She panted and moaned as he
violated her with his hand and her mouth was becoming dry
and his tongue was exploring a cavity she had.

“Please let it stop,” she thought.

“Oh god,” he thought retracting his tongue from her mouth
and covering it with his hand. “Don’t scream or I’ll k**l
you,” he whispered in her ear.

She nodded okay, as he took his hand off of her mouth
letting her breathe. She was panting out loud as he
continued to finger her. She rested her hands on his
strong arms for further support.

He quickly unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out.

“Rub it!” he said.

She held his cock in her palm and began to slowly message

“Ahh AHHH AHHHHHH.” He yelled, jamming his fingers in her
and spraying cum all over her hand and robe.

He pulled his hands out of her dress and she slumped to
the floor. He glanced down and saw b***d on his fingers.

“If you say anything, I’ll k**l you,” he said, pulling
his pants up.

He turned and ran out of the bathroom.

Slumping to the floor, she closed her eyes and cried. A
small part of her thankful that he did not hurt her more
than he did. She slowly rose to her feet and slowly
walked toward the bathroom door. Her vagina area ached
with every step. As she walked outside, she saw a
security guard. She flagged him down and told him what
had happened. He rushed her to the security office where
the police was called.


Robin was treated for minor injuries and released that
day. She settled a lawsuit with City College for an
undisclosed amount of money and now works for the
American Psychology Association in a secure building.

The perpetrator was never caught.

This story written by an adult fantasy! Not real.

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