A typical housewife of eighteen years discovers dog sex for the first time

It was an early morning in the middle of summer in the
small town that my husband of eighteen years and I
lived in located in the southeastern U.S. Mark, my
husband worked for the local District Attorneys office,
which kept him busy until all hours of the night (and
morning) at times.

I am a mother of two and have my hands full trying to
raise teen boys in what seems like a single parent
household. As I was preparing the boy’s clothes for
their annual Boy Scout outing I felt almost relieved
that I would have a whole two weeks to myself!!

Mark, my husband came down for breakfast and as usual
and right behind him was our dog Champ. Champ was our
pet lab of three years that certainly grew into one of
the family. As I served breakfast and then saw the boys
off to the front door where their Den Leader was
waiting to take them to their scouting event I began to
plan how I was going to spend the next two glorious
weeks of freedom.

As I waved goodbye to the boys Mark, walked up behind
me and in the voice he uses when he’s feeling frisky
said “I may be in late tonight…. the boys are gone,
and I have a while before I need to be in the
office…” I grabbed his arms that were now around my
waist and guided him into the den.

Mark was semi dressed for work wearing only his suit
pants and socks, and I had on my favorite bath robe,
you know, the one that’s about three years too old but
you cant seem to throw out? As mark got stripped down
to nothing but a smile and a stiff one I decided to
entice him a bit. I turned my back to him and untied
the sash to my bathrobe and let it slide down to right
above my ass.

Now I’m no Miss America, but I think that at 32 years
old I can hold my own with anyone my age. As the robe
hit the floor I walked over to Mark and told him to lie
on his back for me. Mark had a bit of a surprised look
on his face, as normally I’m not as uninhibited when it
comes to sex. As I mounted Mark and we began to settle
into a steady rhythm, I began to feel more and more
horny than I have in some time. I decided to pull off
of his rigid cock and scale my way up to his waiting

As I sat down on his face and wiggled my clit over his
lips I could feel my orgasm building. Mark was sucking
my clit like a madman that reminded me how he used to
take me when we first met. After about five minutes of
good hard clit licking I exploded right over his
flicking tongue and stiffened like a board while he
licked me over and over.

I made my way back to his cock and straddled him and
leaned forward so that my nipples were swaying right
above his mouth (I love that). Mark reached around and
cupped my ass and began to really give it to me and I
was pounding him back for all I was worth when I felt
what seemed like an ice cube brush across my asshole. I
looked back and was horrified to see Champ directly
behind my ass sniffing the most private part of my

Since Mark and I never have sex outside of our bedroom
because of the boys, we totally forgot about Champ. I
sprang off Mark’s cock as if lightning struck me and
yelled at Champ to “GO!”

Champ kind of cocked his head to the side as if he
didn’t quite understand that I was severely pissed off
with him. Mark braced himself on his elbows and shouted
out, “Champ! GO!” and at that Champ lumbered out of the
room. Now when I say lumbered I mean exactly that, as
Champ was weighs about 10-15 pounds more than me at 115

After Mark cleaned up and headed off to work I began to
plan my day. I thought that I would get the house in
order and then do my nails and head down to Wal-Mart to
do some shopping, As I began to run my bath water I
took a moment to cup my breast and then moved over to
the full length mirror that was on the bathroom wall. I
turned to the side and admired my still firm round ass
and thought how proud I was to have been able to take
care of myself and still have the body of a 25 year
old, and then out of nowhere it hit me… you know,
that horny feeling that you get when you’re all alone?

I was thinking about the pace at which Mark was fucking
me before he went to work and started to feel hot right
in the right spot when my mind flashed back at the
picture of Champ sniffing my asshole. I felt almost
ashamed and angry at the same time but still horny

I turned off the bath water and made my way to the bed.
As I stretched across the bed and spread my legs in
preparation for a good clit rubbing my mind again went
back to the picture of Champ nose and tongue near my
ass. For some reason now the scene seemed almost hot
and I felt myself become wet between the legs. I tried
to shut out the thoughts that were coming into my mind
but for some reason I couldn’t.

Without thinking I made my way back down to the den
where we were earlier. I checked the front and back
doors, letting Champ in through the back door. I went
back into the den and closed the door almost
completely, leaving it cracked a bit, and then spread
out on the den floor. I felt my knees tremble as I
decided if I would call Champ or not. I could tell that
he was just on the other side of the door.

My heart was pounding! What am I doing? This is sick! I
can’t do this, I’ll go to hell… I have two teenaged
boys and a husband… I decided that I couldn’t go
through with it. As I began to get up Champ pushed the
door open enough to get through.

I had my back turned to him and when he sprang near me
I was pushed forward sort of half way under the glass
coffee table face down and ass up. In what seemed like
a split second; there it was again, just like earlier
that cold nose touching my puckered asshole.

I let out a moan that seemed to come from deep within
my core. I tried to get from beneath the coffee table
but then felt Champs tongue brush the lips of my pussy
and then touching my clit. I closed my eyes and yelled,
“No Champ! NO!” but I could have yelled through a
megaphone directly into his ears and it would have made
no difference, Champ was licking me like a dog

As I lay there horrified I began to feel myself
fighting off an orgasm. “NO! I can’t let this dog make
me cum!” my mind was screaming. I could hear Champ
whining and whimpering behind me as he was going for
broke with that tongue of his and then… I just let
go, it simply felt too good… I was able to kick Champ
away with the heels of my feet and get from under the
coffee table.

I crawled to the center to the den, placed the side of
my head on the floor and then lifted my ass into the
air and spread my legs to give Champ full access to my
husbands pussy and my c******n’s birth; canal but for
this moment in time my pussy was Champs. I slapped my
right ass cheek and whispered, “Come here boy!”

Champ went wild! His tongue attacked my pussy like a
buzz saw licking me from my asshole to my clit. Every
time he would reach my clit it would make my asshole
pucker even more and then he was back to my asshole
leaving my pussy gaping and gasping for air. I was in

I felt my pussy twitching, trying to grab his darting
tongue and squeeze it, my head was getting light and I
my breath got shorter. I though I was going to cum when
Champ just stopped and took about two steps back. I
heard him whimper and then felt his weight on my back
and then his paws grab my torso. My eyes opened wide in
a flash and I gripped the legs of the ottoman chair in
front of me.

Champ was so heavy… I felt his weight and it moved me
forward each time he hunched forward to get closer to
me. I was so horny that I couldn’t believe it was me
doing this… but it was. I wiggled my lily-white ass
under his thrusting hips until I felt his furry sheath
brush against my pouting pussy lips. I spread my legs
as far as I could and at the same time Champ hunched
forward and his dick was half way into my vagina.

I heard Champ let out a whine and I followed him with a
tiny whimper as I could feel him throbbing in me. Champ
steadied himself for a second and pounded me with what
seemed like four quick jabs into my now sloppy wet
pussy. The first three thrusts seemed to guide his dick
along the walls of my stretching vagina, but that
fourth one REALLY drove his cock deep into my pussy,
causing all the air in my stuffed vagina to come
blasting out which caused what some call a pussy fart.

My husband complains when that happens when we have sex
but Champ didn’t complain one bit. I yelled and gripped
the chair legs as tight as I could as Champ picked up
his already fast pace. I tried to match his trust but
just couldn’t keep up.

I felt my pussy start to really quiver and spasm around
his stiff dick and then I exploded hard all over his
thrusting cock. Champ must have somehow known or felt
me because as soon as I did he let out a long whine and
came in throbbing spurts. I could feel my pussy filling
with his warm seed to the point that it was oozing down
my thigh.

I felt his dick swell from what I know now was his
locking knot. We stayed there for what seemed like 10
minutes before I felt Camp pull out of me and heard the
sound of his dick leaving my sopping vagina.

After I cleaned up I let Champ out of the house and
finished my bath, that was the beginning of a wonderful
two weeks.

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