A very tall woman is taken and f****d into a number of sex acts that are arranged by her husband

Every time I passed her in the store she towered over
my 5′ 7.” I was beginning to wonder if I was going to
be able to pull this off. Was she as strong as she was
tall? Her name was Jill and I was going to kidnap her
and have some fun if she didn’t k**l me. She had brown
hair with blonde streaks and a fantastic body. Very
slender with large, high riding breasts which certainly
didn’t need a bra.

I decided to use chloroform to knock her out
temporarily at least until I could get back to my
basement. But even that was going to be difficult. I
planned on grabbing her as she walked to her car in the
parking lot. I set it up so that it looked like I had a
severe physical handicap and was having trouble with my
packages. I parked beside her vehicle and I waited
until she was almost at her car then faked slipping
with my crutches and dropping my bags.

As I tried to bend over to pick them up I heard her
come up behind me. “Can I help?” she asked and I said
that would be great if she didn’t mind. She opened the
back of my van and bent over for the bags. As she
reached in to put them down I drove my crutch into the
back of head knocking her face down into the storage

I quickly jumped in and sat on her back pining her arms
to the floor. Before she could figure out what was
happening I grabbed the chloroform from the floor and
poured it on a rag which I held over her mouth and
nose. She started to struggle but not for long. Quickly
I felt her slump down and stop fighting me as the
chloroform took affect. Jumping out of the vehicle I
lifted her legs and pushed her the rest of the way into
the compartment and closed the door.

As I walked around to the side door I quickly looked
around to see if anyone had noticed the action. When I
got in the side door she was just laying there and I
quickly stripped off pieces of duct tape and put them
over her mouth and wrapped her wrists behind her back
and ankles with more of the tape. I got the laundry bag
I had ready and pulled it over her head and tightened
the draw string enough so that she couldn’t pull or
shake it off. I then stretched her out and tied her
legs and wrists to the rings I had installed in the
floor of the van.

The ties were tight enough that she couldn’t start
kicking or pounding when she came to. I sat there for a
moment then ran my hand over her body feeling her
breasts and running my hand up between her legs and
over her pubic area. I slid my hand up under her t-
shirt and cupped her bra clad breast. I was getting a
hell of a hard on already and I had a good idea what it
what it was going to be like when I got her home.

With that thought I figured I should leave and at least
get on the road before she woke up which she did just
as was pulling onto the freeway. I heard her moaning
and then what sounded like muffled screaming as she
came right out of the chloroform induced sleep. I
couldn’t tell if she was frightened or pissed off.
Whatever, she was going to be frightened before this
experience was over.

I pulled into my drive way, opened the garage and swung
the van into it. After the door was closed I got in the
back with Jill and grabbing her hair through the bag I
flicked my knife open and touched the point to her
neck. “Keep absolutely still and quiet and I won’t cut
you” I told her. That shut her up and I could feel her
tremble under my hand. I tied her ankles about a foot
apart so that she could walk but not kick or run and
cut the rope securing her to the van floor.

I slipped the “collar” over her head and tightened it
gently around her neck. The “collar” was a device I had
picked up in a bondage store if the leash attached to
it was pulled it would tighten but wouldn’t loosen when
the pulling stopped until the ratchet was tripped with
an Allen key being pushed into a hexagonal hole in the
collar. If she pulled hard enough she would be choked
and would have no way of loosening the collar without
the key. I told her to step out of the van and I helped
her through the door.

When she was standing outside I said I was now going to
show her how the collar worked. I pulled the leash and
heard the ratchet tighten. Her natural reaction was to
jerk backwards and when she did the collar tightened
right up and her breath was cut off. I let the leash go
slack and watched her flounder about trying to get a
breath for a second or two then told her to stand still
and I will loosen it. She was panicking and I had to
grab her hair through the sack and hold her still until
I could get the key in the hole and pop the ratchet.

When she had caught her breath and quieted down I said,
“Do you understand now what happens when the leash is
pulled?” She nodded her head.

“You probably don’t want to go through that again do
you?” She shook her head.

“OK, lets go walk carefully and you won’t trip over
anything.” I took her arm and led her though the door
into the kitchen of my house.

“OK, well done. We are now going to go down some stairs
so step carefully.”

She reached out with her foot, felt the first step and
slowly moved down into the basement. I told her when
she was at the bottom and she just stood there. I led
her over to the center of the room and snapped the end
of the leash onto a rope that went up and over a pulley
near the high ceiling. Pulling gently on the rope the
leash tightened but the ratchet didn’t click. I tied
off the rope to a post about 12 feet from Jill. Now she
had no choice but to stand there. If she tried to walk
away she would tighten the collar and c***e.

I pulled the hood I had also bought at the bondage
store over my head and walked up to Jill. I first cut
the ropes holding her feet and then pulled the sack off
her head. She blinked in the bright light and I could
she that she had been crying. Tear trails ran down her
face. I jerked the tape off her mouth and she
immediately started asking me what I wanted.

“Shut up” I said, “or I will tighten the rope to shut
you up.” “If you haven’t figured out what I want yet
you are far to dumb to be working in a school. Behave
yourself and do as you are told and you will be going
home to your husband tonight.”

I walked around behind her and removed the duct tape
from her wrists. Now the collar was the only restraint
she had. I figured she would make one try at running
and I wasn’t disappointed. She grabbed the collar with
both hands and took off running for the stairs. She
thought she could keep the collar from c*****g her by
holding it away from her neck. When she hit the end of
the rope I heard the collar ratchet about four times.
She was partially successful in stopping herself from
being choked but she was still having trouble

I guess she thought the rope or leash would break but
it didn’t. I reached for the rope and jerked it hard.
The ratchet clicked three more times and now she was
c*****g herself with her own fingers. I again waited
for a few seconds before walking over, grabbing the
collar and pushing the key into the lock. The collar
immediately loosened and Jill sucked in air in great
gasps. Her hair was disheveled and her lipstick was
smeared but she still looked great.

“Do you understand now?” I asked.


“Jill, do you realize that if you try to escape you
will c***e, if you don’t do what you are told you will


“Great! Take your shirt off.” She hesitated and I
reached for the rope.

“No!” she cried and reached down and stripped her t-
shirt off over her head. She stood there trying to hold
it in front, hiding her bra but the rope passing up
through the neck hole was interfering. I walked over to
her and flicking my knife open I cut through the shirt
from the neck to the hem. “Take your pants off Jill.”
In order to do that she had to drop the t-shirt. Slowly
she let go of the shirt and I could see her bra clearly
for the first time. It was a half cup in a nice shade
of blue.

She undid the button and zipper and pulled her pants
down and kicked them away and stood there in a matching
thong panty.

God! She was gorgeous. A slender body with large tits
pushing against her bra.

Her panties were tight and I could see the indentation
where they pulled up into her cunt lips. I just looked
at her for about two minutes and said “Take the bra
off.” She again hesitated and I reached for the rope.
She didn’t say anything this time she just reached
behind her and undid her bra. Sliding the straps off
her shoulders she let the bra drop to the floor and
just stood there with her head hung down and her tits
in plain view. They hadn’t dropped at all.

I had never seen anyone over the age of 14 who had less
need for a bra. Hers tits stuck straight out the
nipples a reddish pink colour and the areolas a little
lighter and about the size of silver dollars. I walked
over to her and reached out and cupped her tits in my
hands. I played with them for awhile and pinched the
nipples until they started to react. She just stood
there with her head hung down.

She was wearing cute white thong panties and I told her
to slowly turn around. As she turned her ass came into
view and I could see the thong on her panties
disappearing into the crack of her ass.

“Now take the panties off.”

She whispered something and I told her to speak up.

“Please, can I leave my panties on.”

“Not a chance,” I told her, “take them off.”

I could see the tears starting to fall and I said in a
loud voice, “Take your god damn panties off,” and shook
the rope.

She quickly pushed her thumbs into the waistband and
slid the panties off over her hips. They hit the floor
and she was completely naked. I wondered how long it
had been since anyone other than her husband had seen
her this way.

Her legs were slightly parted and her pussy lips were a
little darker than the surrounding skin and they hung
down like they were inviting a cock to push between
them. I was certainly going to accept the invitation.
She shaved her pubic hair all but a thin strip that
pointed the way to her cunt and she looked totally
fuckable standing there looking at the floor.

“Play with your cunt.”

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“Spread the lips and stick your finger up your hole” I
told her. Slowly she complied and I saw her finger
disappearing up inside her cunt but I was getting to
horny to wait much longer. I pushed a padded sawhorse
over to her and told her to bend over it. I had
fastened loops of cotton rope to the legs on the side
where her arms would hang down and I told her to slip
her hands through the loops and pull them tight around
her wrists.

When she had done that, I walked around behind her saw
that her cunt was in plain view between her legs. The
dark lips were slightly spread waiting and I couldn’t
hold off any longer. Dropping my pants I walked up
behind her and said “Do you want me to fuck you Jill?”

“Please no, please, please!” she said in a squeaky
voice. I picked up the riding crop that was leaning
against the wall and brought I down with a sharp crack
right across her ass. She screamed and jerked up
against the ropes.

“Do you want me to fuck you Jill?” I asked again.

“Please don’t hit me again” she cried. I whacked her
again with the crop and again she screamed and jerked
against the ropes. Two welts were plainly showing now
and I wondered if there were going to be more.

“Do you want me to fuck you Jill?”

This time her reply was a sobbed “Yes.”

“What do you want, Jill?”

“I want you to fuck me,” she replied.

“How do I do that?” I asked.

She was quiet for a couple of seconds then said “Put
your cock in me.”

“Where do you want my cock, Jill.”

“In my vagina.”

“Would that be your cunt, Jill,” I said.

“I guess so.”

“So what do you want me to do,” I asked.

“I want you to put your cock in my cunt.”

“Where’s your manners, Jill,” I asked her, “Say

Again she was quiet for a couple of seconds and I
tapped her ass with the crop.

“Please put your cock in my cunt,” she said

“OK, if you really want me to,” I replied.

I picked up some Vaseline and smeared it on my cock
because I new she was probably going to be dry. Walking
up to her I reached down and spread the lips of her
cunt as wide as I could with my thumbs. I looked fondly
at her cunt for a few minutes seeing the pink insides
and then pushed the head of my cock just between her

“Are you sure this is what you want Jill?”

“Yes, just don’t hit me again.”

With that I rammed my cock its full length into her.
The Vaseline stopped any damage but the sudden entry
obviously hurt as she grunted loudly. I was buried
right to my balls in this beautiful amazon and I was
enjoying every minute of it. I stated working my cock
back and forth enjoying the sliding sensation of the

I decided to try the other whole. I pulled out and
smearing some Vaseline on my finger I pushed it into
Jill’s tight little asshole. She didn’t like that. She
started jerking about and telling me to take it out. I
tapped her with the crop again and she quieted down.
Pulling out my finger, I pushed the head of my cock
against her anus. I kept up a steady pressure but I
could tell Jill was tensing her muscles to stop me from
entering. I brought the crop down hard on her hip and
she lurched sideways.

“Relax and let me in or I will really start beating on
you.” I tapped the crop again for emphasis. I could
hear her starting to cry and she relaxed her sphincter.
The head of my cock slowly slid into her ass and
equally slowly up into her. Now that was tight! It
didn’t take long before I was on the verge of coming
and I pulled out before I shot my load. I walked around
to her front and told her the real fun was going to
start now. She was going to suck my cock until I came
and she was going to drink every bit of my cum.

She started to protest and I said “there are two ways
we can do this. I will go over to the sink and wash off
the Vaseline and any shit from your ass and you will
happily suck my nice clean cock or I can just whack you
with the crop until you give in and you will be sucking
Vaseline and shit. Which do you want?”

She cried and said the first. I walked over and washed
myself and came back. I was still as hard as a rock and
I turned her head towards me and she obediently opened
her mouth.

“Now you remember that you are going to drink every
last drop or you are going to have a very sore ass.”
She nodded and I slid my cock into her waiting mouth.
Maybe she just wanted to get this whole thing over with
because she started to suck me with great skill and it
felt fantastic. It wasn’t long before I felt the start
of my climax and I held onto her long hair. Then it
started and I felt the first spurt leave my cock. She
gagged but didn’t open her lips as spurt after spurt
flowed into her mouth. She was swallowing as fast as
she could and by God she didn’t lose a drop.

I pulled out of her mouth and reached down and loosened
the ropes on her wrists. She straitened up and couldn’t
help licking her lips to see if any was dripping.

I told her to put the laundry bag back over her head
and I handcuffed her hands behind her back again. She
asked about her clothes and I told her that she was
going to have to go home naked. I covered her mouth
with tape again and unhooking the rope from the leash I
led her back up the stairs and out to the van.

When we got to the parking lot where I had picked her
up it was dark and deserted. I handed her her purse and
went around and opened the side door. I pulled her out
and she stood there naked except for the bag on her
head which was tied with a tight knot. I told her that
her car was about 20 feet in front of her and that her
keys were in her purse. When she got into the car she
would be able to untie the knot on the bag in a while
and she was free to go home to her husband.

I took the handcuffs off, pointed her in the right
direction, got into the van and drove off. In the rear
view mirror I saw her walking with her hands out in
front to her car her white ass flashing in the lights
of the parking lot. By the time I turned out of the lot
she was leaning on her car frantically looking in her
purse for the keys.

I wondered if she would ever figure out that her
husband had set the whole thing up with me. Somehow I
doubted it.

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