A Visit From nice twin

My answering machine went off in the middle of me trying
to watch MASK, right at the spot where Rocky is about to
teach a blind Laura Dern about colors. I ignored it; I
have no social life and no one ever calls me except
telemarketers and, once in a while, my mom. I only keep
the phone hooked up so I can call my temp agency and get

When the beep came, I got a surprise: “Hey, you, this is
Jessica Rebar. You there? David?”

I sighed and picked up the phone. “Careful, Jess,” I
said, “two phone calls in six months… you’ll spoil me.”
Jess is a woman fifteen years younger than me… sixteen,
maybe, I’m 39… totally hot if you like tall stacked
redheads, which in Jess’ case, I do; amazingly smart,
funny, bisexual, just in every way my perfect woman
except that, of course, she’s married. Not happily, but
she’s got much too much depth of character to cheat on
him with me, which I keep encouraging her to do in our
infrequent emails and much less frequent phone calls.

It’s against his house rules for her to give out their
phone number to straight guys, so I have to wait for her
to call me, which she doesn’t do very often. She seems to
find my lecherous attentions flattering, and since her
husband is utterly insane and pays little sexual
attention to her, she seems to need the flattery once in
a while… but although I fantasize about Jess all the
time, I never thought I’d seriously get any off her.

“Hey,” she said. “I’m glad you’re home. What are you
doing tonight?”

“Watching Rocky Dennis callously seduce a hot blond blind
girl,” I said.

“I love that movie!” she said, immediately (this is one
of many reasons I adore Jess; she and I always instantly
understand each other).

“You just want to munch on Laura Dern,” I said.

“Well, yeah, you don’t?” she shot back. I’ve teased Jess
about her bisexuality ever since she admitted it to me,
even though she’s only ever really been with one girl.

“Maybe for a while,” I admitted. “I’d rather fuck her
mouth, though.”

“Well, that works out,” she retorted immediately. “You
take the high road, I’ll take the low road.”

“Let’s compromise,” I said. “Laura Dern got old and kind
of homely, but you come over here and I’ll fuck your
mouth and munch on you at the same time.”

“I’ve never really been big on 69ing with a guy,” she
said thoughtfully. “I like to concentrate on one thing or
the other.”

“I can live with that,” I assured her. “So, did you just
want to talk dirty all night or was there some real
reason to call me?”

“Well,” she said, after a second’s hesitation, “I almost
hate to say it now, but I was actually going to ask if
you’d like to see me tonight.”

Now, I met Jess at a mutual temp job we were both on two
years or so ago, and was immediately gone for her in a
big way, but of course, although we hung out and went to
lunch together and talked, she was married and wouldn’t
go out with me. Since then I’ve only actually seen her
once, when she took me to lunch in exchange for
interviewing me for some survey she had to do for a psych
class or something. She never suggests seeing me,
although I always suggest getting together whenever we’re
in touch. So this was strange.

“You need someone to interview again?” I asked.

“No,” she said. “I just… I was just thinking about you
and I haven’t seen you in a year and a half and I just
wanted to.”

“Okay,” I said. “Will you wear that leopard skin tank top
and the black leather mini skirt?”

She sighed. “What, I have to dress to impress you? I
thought you loved me no matter how I looked.”

I sighed too. “Of course I love you no matter how you
look, and you don’t have to dress to impress me, but I
thought you, you know, might like to. Never mind. Wear
whatever you want. As long as it’s a thong and a tube

She laughed. “Okay, okay, I’ll find the tank top and the
miniskirt. Give me directions to your place.”

I paused. “What, you’re serious?”

“Yes,” she said, sounding surprised. “I want to see you.
Is that okay?”

“I know you want to see me,” I said, pretending to
misunderstand her. “I just meant, are you serious about
wearing that outfit?”

She giggled. “If that’s what you want me to wear,” she
said, “I’ll dig it out.”

I figured she was just teasing, so what the hell. “Well,
if you’re in such an obedient mood, forget the miniskirt.
Just wear the thong, and the leopard tank, and no bra.”

“Yes, master,” she said, in a tone dripping with sarcasm.
“Can I wear shoes or do you want me barefoot?”

“Shoes are fine,” I said. “Flats… you’re too tall as it
is.” Jess isn’t too anything except married, but she is
actually about an inch taller than my 5’11, which if she
weren’t perfect and totally hot, I’d have a problem with.

“Well, at least it won’t take me long to get dressed,”
she said. “Half an hour?”

“I.. okay,” I said, still having trouble believing she’d
come over.

Twenty minutes later, I was out on my patio when a car I
vaguely remembered from our lunch date pulled in.
Apparently, she saw me through the slatted wood privacy
barrier, as she beeped, and pulled into the closest empty

I got up and walked out to the car, over to the driver’s
side. She had the window down and was undoing her seat
belt, I saw with pleasure that she’d actually worn the
leopard skin tank top I liked. She saw me come up to her
door and smiled. I leaned in her window, and figuring
what the hell, kissed her lightly on the mouth. I figured
she’d either pull back or just sit there and let me buss
her; I was surprised when she made a little sound and
actually kissed me back, leaning into it to press her
lips back against mine.

I was even more surprised when her lips opened under
mine, but not so surprised I didn’t extend my tongue into
the opening. She met my tongue with hers without
hesitation and the kiss went on for ten or fifteen
seconds after it turned french. Then I happened to let my
eyes open and glanced down… and pulled my mouth back
off hers with a gasp.

Her legs were entirely bare leading up to a tiny triangle
of cloth covering her crotch, with spaghetti straps
running up over her hipbones tied in cute little bows on
either side. She laughed as she saw what I was looking at
and flexed one long dancer’s leg, bending it and bringing
the knee up alongside her face with an easy limberness.
“What,” she asked me, mischievously. “Leopard tank and a
thong is what you said, right?”

As I already had head and shoulders into the car to kiss
her, I leaned in a tiny bit further and kissed her bare
knee. “Yes, ma’am,” I said. I nibbled, and she gasped.
“What if you’d been pulled over, baby?”

“Well,” she said with typical Jess practicalness, “I
probably wouldn’t have gotten a ticket when he saw what I
was wearing…”

I laughed and then kissed her again, this time running my
tongue around her parted lips before slipping it back
into her warm, spicy mouth. “mmMMM,” she said, and placed
her elbows on either of my shoulders, her arms laid one
on top of the other across the back of my neck, holding
me to her as she first, caught my tongue between her
teeth and nibbled it, then sucked on it powerfully for
ten seconds or so, then after that, pushed it firmly back
into my mouth with hers and thoroughly explored the
inside of my mouth with her tongue for another minute or

When we broke that time she rubbed her nose against mine
and murmured “I like your parking lot.”

A little baffled, I said “why?” enjoying the breath from
her words on my face, as our mouths were only maybe a
half inch apart.

“Cuz,” she said with a chuckle… Jess doesn’t really
giggle… “it’s not very well lit. Stand up straight for
me, but stay right there.”

Hoping I knew what she had in mind, but not being at all
sure, I pulled back out of her car window and then stood
straight next to it, which of course put my crotch right
at the level of the top of the car door. She reached out,
unsnapped and unzipped my jeans, and pushed them down;
they slid down my legs to around my knees. I wasn’t
wearing underwear and kissing her had me hard as a rock.

She leaned out slightly and kissed my cock up one side
and down the other, licked back up to the head in one
smooth stroke, and sucked it into her mouth. “Mnmmmmm,”
she moaned with obvious pleasure as she slid the tight,
wet clamp of her lips and tongue and palate down the
modest six inch shaft, taking it all to the hilt with no
effort at all. Her nose in my stomach, my cock swallowed
up in her mouth, she swirled her tongue and sucked at it
without moving for a few seconds, her mouth making very
erotic little wet sounds as she slurped my dick.

“Mmmmmm mmm mmmmmm,” she sighed happily around her
mouthful of prickmeat. Then she moved her head back,
letting her lips drag out as she slid them back up to the
top of my shaft, letting my head slip back out. She
kissed my cockhead and looked up at me. “David,” she
said, “It would give me great pleasure if you would
please come in my mouth sometime in the relatively
immediate future.” She swirled and fluttered her tongue
around under my cockhead delightfully.

“Okay, but I get to make you cum later,” I said.

“I can live with that,” she said matter-of-factly, and
took me back in her mouth, and started to pump her head
up and down on my hard on steadily and rhythmically,
rubbing it with her tongue and slurping away at it
noisily enough that anyone within ten yards had to know
someone was getting sucked off somewhere nearby.

It usually takes me a long time to cum from a suck job,
but this was Jess, whom I adored and was totally hot for,
and who is the sexiest woman I’ve ever actually met, and
besides all that, was married, too. The fact that she was
slurping away at my prick like a veteran cocksucker who
genuinely loved my dick in her mouth didn’t hurt, either.
Within a minute I felt the sperm starting to boil in my
balls and let my head fall back and I started to breath
hard. Jess heard me and pumped her mouth a little faster,
going ‘Mmmmm MMMMMM mmmm MMMMMM’ and within another
minute, I groaned, grabbed her ears, shoved her head down
hard and came like a geyser in her hot sucking mouth.

The sound of her gulping and swallowing as I pumped her
head up and down on my sperm spurting erection added a
new dimension to the already intense pleasure of
orgasming into Jess’ mouth, and I sighed with contentment
as my balls emptied down her cum guzzling throat,
listening to her going ‘mmmulp mmmulppp mmmullpppp’ with
a bliss that bordered on euphoria.

Finally I finished coming and let go of her head, which
I’d been pumping up and down to make sure she took every
drop of my sperm. She slid her mouth back down to the
bottom of my cock contentedly and sucked away at it for
another minute or so. Finally, she let it slide out of
her mouth and sat back. “Yum,” she said. “That was very
nice. Remind me to do that again before I leave.”

“Uh, okay,” I said. “But I want to fuck you a couple of
times, too, so I may not have much left…”

She was doing something inside the car, I couldn’t see
well. Her voice was kind of muffled for second. “Oh, I
think by the time I drop you off at work tomorrow morning
you’ll have recharged some,” she said. She leaned out
again. “‘course, you aren’t going to get much sleep
tonight…” She grinned and tossed me something, I
realized with a start it was her tank top. She pulled
back inside and there was some movement and rustle, then
she reached out and dropped her thong on the pile.

“Damn, I wanted to see you in that outfit,” I said,
completely incredulous I’d actually said anything that
stupid the instant I said it.

She opened the car door, nudging me back with it, and
unfolded from the car; tall, slim, with huge tits,
amazingly trim and taut from her belly dancing, her
nipples dark and the size of quarters, the triangle
between her legs neatly trimmed, lips showing clearly.
She had white sneakers on. No socks. She looked like a
statue of some unlikely goddess of beauty and war, and a
justification for r**e in any culture in human history.
She reached over the seat and pulled out a backpack.
“I’ll model that outfit for you later,” she said. “And
some more I thought you’d like.”

I put my free arm — the other one had her outfit over it
— around her waist and kissed her mouth again, probing
with my tongue, enjoying the taste of my cock and sperm
on her breath. She kissed me back wetly, leisurely, not
seeming to care she was totally naked in the parking lot
in front of my building… well, down to her sneakers,

“You got all your stuff?” I asked her, enjoying the sight
of her, nuzzling her neck and ear as she stood next to
me. I had pulled my jeans back up and snapped them
without bothering to zip them; my half hard dick was
still hanging out the zipper, but with a naked Jess
standing next to me I doubted anyone would notice.

“Yep,” she said… then gasped a little in surprise as I
bent, slipped my right arm under her knees and my left
around her shoulders, and lifted her up in my arms.

Her arms immediately shot around my shoulders. “Hey,
don’t give yourself a hernia,” she said as I hefted her

“You’re not that heavy,” I said, and nuzzled her hair as
I carried her over and into my patio, where I set her
down in a chair, not wanting to risk trying to get her
through my sliding glass door and banging her head.

“I really like that outfit on you,” I said, my eyes
roaming up and down her naked body as she sat in the old,
overstuffed, bright yellow chair which I’d put out on my
porch because it was so goddam ugly. I put my knee on the
cushion next to hers, leaned down, and kissed her again,
taking my time, doing a thorough job, relishing the taste
and texture of her mouth and tongue responding eagerly to
mine. Her long fingers closed around my half hard cock,
which immediately hardened again fully; my left hand was
cupping and hefting her solid right breast, thumb rubbing
over her brownish pink nipple as we kissed.

After a minute or so, she moaned heavily into my mouth
and broke the kiss. “Aren’t you going to take me inside?”

“Jess,” I murmured back, dropping down to one knee and
kissing back and forth from one nipple to the other,
“I’ll take you inside, I’ll take you out here, I’ll take
you out in the parking lot bent over the hood of your
car”. I turned my head and sucked her right nipple into
my mouth with a murmured sigh, nibbling and licking as my
left hand played with her pussy lips and the ball of my
thumb found her clit and rubbed it.

“Oooohhhhh,” she gasped. “That… that sounds like
fun…” I was kissing down her tummy now, dropping to
both knees (there’s a rag mat out there, fortunately) and
slipping her legs over my shoulders. Two fingers of my
right hand teased down her pussy lips and slipped easily
past them as I kissed down her tummy, ran my tongue in
and out of her navel, then licked down to the top of her
pussy and rubbed her clit with it. My fingertips found
her pussy very wet, so I gently pushed them up inside her
as my teeth nibbled her clit lightly and my tongue
flicked it. She had a faintly sweetish taste.

“Ohhh SHIT,” she said. “Okay, you don’t have to stop
doing THAT any time soon.”

I chuckled against her clit, kissing it, then closed my
lips around it and began sucking it as my fingers started
moving in and out of her pussy. Her legs over my
shoulders had a nice, hefty, smooth feel to them, and
tightened around my neck as I nibbled and licked at her
clit. I slipped my left hand up to probe with my index
finger at her anus, she didn’t protest, but said, “Mmmm,
get that wet before you put it up there, please,” so I
obligingly slipped my right fingers out of her pussy and
my left index finger into her, continuing to lick her
clit as I did it.

After a minute or so, I slipped my now Jess-slick left
index finger back out of her pussy; she hunched her ass
forward a little further and I slipped two fingers from
my right hand and the index finger of the left up into
her pussy and ass at the same time.

“GuuUUHHhh,” she grunted as I fingered both her holes and
tongue lashed her clit. “Ohhhh yeah yesssss ohhhhh OHHHHH
yessss David ohhhh my GOD,” she gasped as I sucked and
nibbled and lapped at her clit while plunging fingers in
and out of her pussy and ass deeply if slowly,
alternating strokes so the fingers in her pussy slid out
as the finger in her ass slid back in, and vice versa.

Finally her hands reached around her legs under her ass,
grabbed both of mine, and shoved all three fingers as far
up her holes as she could, at the same time, she
stiffened and trembled and arched her back, grinding her
cunt into my chin, and went “ggguuuhhhh YEAHHHHHHHHH” for
several seconds.. and then, finally, sagged back into the

Knowing most women are sensitive right after they cum, I
kissed each of her thighs, then her belly, then kissed up
to her nipples and licked each of them. She sighed and
unwound her legs from around my neck.

“Mmmmmmm,” she said, reaching down and running her
fingers through my hair. “That was pretty good for a
boy.” She made a noise that was almost a giggle. “Say, do
you think we should go inside?”

I slid up and kissed her mouth, softly, once, twice, then
three times, running my tongue around her lips the third
time. “I don’t know,” I said. “I should check my lease,
but I don’t think there’s anything about balling hot
married redheads in the parking lot or on your patio in

She kissed me back leisurely, then said “Mmmm I think a
bed or at least a couch would be more comfy, though.”

“Christ,” I pretended to complain. “Comes over, callously
seduces me, practically rapes me in the parking lot, then
wants to be comfy on a bed or a couch… I suppose you’re
going to want more of this horrible sex stuff, too! My
God, I feel so used.”

“I have not yet begun to use you, peasant,” she said,
mock haughtily. “Now carry the Serpent Queen within her
nesting chamber like a good lackey.”

I got to my feet, reached down, took her hand, and pulled
her up too, and kissed her again, pulling her to me
firmly. After we were done a minute or so later, I said
“Serpent Queen better get her naked sexy ass into the
living room right now.”

Jess stuck her tongue out at me, which was nice because
her face was only an inch or so away from mine, so I
turned my head a bit, leaned in, and nibbled on it. She
pulled it back, laughed, turned, and scampered inside.

“Geez, David, this place is a MESS,” I heard her say as
she got her first look at my bachelor apartment. “You
LIVE this way?”

I’d come in behind her, she was stopped right beyond my
rec-center, looking over the slovenly hovel that my
active inhabitation has reduced a fairly nice single
bedroom apartment to. I slipped my arms around her waist
and pulled her back into me, nibbling on her neck. “Ohh,”
she sighed, and reached up and back with one long
fingered hand to grasp the back of my head and hold my
face there. Against her throat, I asked “Can I leave
marks, or…”

“Go ahead,” she said. “If Drew asks me about them I’ll
just say he sure didn’t give them to me and apparently
doesn’t want to, so why should he care who did?”

“Good attitude,” I said, and suckled her neck firmly,
nibbling down and sucking hard, wanting everyone who saw
her for the next day or so to know that I’d been there.
My hands were full of her tits, squeezing and fondling
and rubbing her nipples with my thumbs.

Jess moaned happily then sort of shook herself and turned
around in my arms. She tilted my chin up and kissed me
hungrily, tongue exploring my mouth again, then slurping
mine back into hers and sucking on it. Her hands slipped
down to my jeans as we kissed and she unsnapped them,
pushing them down until they slid down around my ankles
and I kicked them off one foot at a time.

Our mouths broke apart and she chuckled and lifted her
chin. “Did you leave a nice mark?” she asked. It was
already red and irritated looking where I’d sucked, I
said “Sure did.” She said “Good. Now put your arms up,
please”, and when I did, she took my pullover shirt off
me with no wasted movements and dropped it on the floor.
Then she sighed happily, leaned forward and started
moving from one of my nipples to the other, suckling and
nibbling and licking. Her hand went to my hard cock and
stroked it as she did that.

After a minute or so she looked up at me bright eyed,
started to say something… then went, softly, “Damn,”
and kissed down over my large, hairy belly, dropping
slowly to her knees, and sucked my cock into her mouth
again. This time she held my hips and nursed at my cock
more patiently and slowly, although obviously with as
much relish as before, keeping it swallowed up in her hot
wet mouth, moving her tongue on it as she sucked it, not
really bobbing her head, just slurping away. I moaned in
pleasure and dropped my hands to her copper haired head,
holding it as it swayed in and out just slightly while
she sucked me.

Finally she drew her mouth back with seeming reluctance
and let my cock slip out into the cool air again. She
looked up at me and rubbed her wet mouth with the back of
her hand, obviously removing some hairs that had clung
there. “This is annoying,” she said conversationally. “I
want you to take me into your bedroom and fuck me, but I
also really want to just have your cock in my mouth,

“Well,” I said, “if you’re into that sort of thing, I
could fist you while you suck me, or maybe find something
that we could use for a dildo.”

“Hmmmm,” she said, thoughtfully, licking my cockhead
while she considered that.

Which was how, a few minutes later, we wound up laying
back on my queen sized futon in roughly a 69 position.
Jess wasn’t exactly on top of me but was sort of half
crouched, half lying right next to me, her head between
my legs and my cock buried in her mouth as she sucked
away at it contentedly. I had a white ceramic pestle, for
grinding herbs, that I’d had for years at that point,
which was about eight inches long and had a rounded,
bulbous end to it, in my hand.

I was holding the bulbous end and pushing the ceramic
shaft in and out of Jess’ pussy, intermittently leaning
in from time to time to lick and nibble at her clit. It
was one of the nicer ways I could think of to spend a
half hour or so. Jess wasn’t really making any attempt to
get me off again, which was fine with me, since I wanted
to fuck her all night. She, of course, was welcome to cum
her brains out.

At one point, she lifted her head off my cock long enough
to say “See if that thing will fit up my ass,” so I
pulled it out of her cunt and tried to gently lodge it in
her anus. She gasped around my cock as I did, then
reached back, repositioned it slightly with her hand on
the shaft, then lifted her mouth again to say, “Shove it
in hard now!” She kept her hand on it, so I did as she
asked, pushing it in firmly.

It slid into her ass like a cork into a bottleneck,
shoving all the way up until the bulbous, flared head was
snug and tight between her cheeks. She’d taken my cock
back in her mouth and at that point went, “MMMMpppphhh!”
around it. With my fingers on the knob, I started to turn
it clockwise in her ass, which she responded to with
another moan around my dick.

She lifted her head, reached back to put her own hand on
the knob, and quickly kneewalked around. “This is
amazing,” she said in a low, breathy voice. “I never
tried this before.” She straddled me and, keeping one
hand behind her, rubbed her soaking wet pussy up the
underside of my cock until the head slid up her cleft and
popped inside her. She moaned as she backed her hips
down, swallowing my cock up in her cunt, her hand behind
her holding the ceramic pestle firmly up her ass.

I reached behind her and grabbed the knob of the pestle.
“Let me hold this, hon,” I said. “You just fuck me.”

“Mmmmmmm,” she said. “Deal.” She began moving her hips,
fucking me slowly, moaning, as I held the pestle in place
in her anus. After a minute or so, she flattened herself
to my body and covered my mouth with hers, and I started
sucking her tongue and swirling my own tongue around it
as she pumped her tight, wet cunt up and down my hard

Fucking Jess was, literally, a dream come true, and even
though I’d already gone off a few times, I found myself
coming to an orgasm quickly again. “Damn,” I said,
breaking our kiss for a second, “I’m gonna do it again,
unless you slow down.”

“It’s okay,” she moaned, continuing to fuck me hard. “Cum
in me, I want you to. You can go down on me again after
if you want to get me off.”

“Deal,” I grunted, breathlessly, and then I was shooting
up into her, and moaning as I pulled mouth back against
mine again.

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