A widowed woman takes a weekend at the coast and befriends a large dog

It was winter, not so long ago and I was at the beach
for the weekend for a so needed retreat from the
riggers of day to day work and city traffic.

I had rented a room for the weekend just off the beach
so I could enjoy the stormy surf that I love so much.

I had been married young and raised my c******n and
watched them leave the nest. The next thing I knew, my
husband contracted colon cancer and was gone in a year,
leaving me alone and afraid to look for another man.

I had met several over the years with my husband and
did not care for most of their attitudes towards women,
so I remained single and untouched by men for several

I am fifty years old, five foot two and one hundred and
seven pounds, 32C breast, so there’s not a lot to me,
but I keep firm and in shape with running, yoga and


Friday night I arrived at the room and settled in, as
the sun began to set, I decided to walk on the beach
and listen to the waves for the calming effect and to
stretch my legs a bit.

As I walked along the surf I first heard a dogs bark
from behind me, I turned to see a massive shape running
up the sand towards me. I was frightened and froze as
the dog neared, I wanted to run, bolt for my hotel
room, but the distance was to far and I was frozen.

I looked around for someone who might own the advancing
dog, but the beach was empty except for the two of us.

The closer the dog got, the more I realized his
enormous size, the dog was defiantly a mutt, but I
thought it might be part Saint Bernard and was better
then half my height, but the hair was not as long and
seemed more graceful.

As the dog drew closer, I was so frightened that all I
could think of doing was to hold out my hand and shout.
“Stop!” I commanded and the dog sat down only a foot or
so away from me, it tilted its head back and forth as
if it was wondering just what I was.

It was a moment or two before I realized it was not
going to attack me and I decided a quick rub on the
head and off to my room with me.

I approached the dog and patted it on his vary large
head. “You’re not a bad girl.” I said, then it stood up
and I could plainly see the sheath beneath him. “Boy, I

After rubbing his head for a bit, I turned and started
walking across the sand to my room, the dog followed
close behind me. “Go home.” I said looking back at him,
he just looked at me with those large eyes and tilted
his big head side to side.

“Really, Go Home!” I demanded, but he just continued to
walk, so I turned and took him around the neck, I
almost couldn’t get my arms around him as I looked for
some sort of tag, but there was none, not even a collar
so I said. “Stay!” in a firm voice and he sat.

I made it back to my room just as the rain came in, it
was a downpour and I was soaked within the last three
feet of the distance.

I opened the sliding glass door and went in, I showered
and put my sweatpants and top on, then came back out to
read for a bit before bed, when I looked out over the
sand to the waves, the dog was still just setting there
in the heavy rain.

I felt bad for him, I had told him to stay and he did
just that and now he would be drenched and possibly get
sick because of me.

I made a decision, putting the book down, I went and
pulled the towels from the bathroom and came back to
the door, sliding it opened I called him to come to me.

There was no hesitation, he stood and trotted over to
the door and sat just under the eve. “Oh my!” I said,
draping a towel over his head. “You are soaked.”

He just sat there as I toweled him down and stood when
I got to his hind legs. I dried his tail and started
with is underside, his chest and stomach, then further
back, as I did I felt his sheath covered cock, it was
thick, a good inch and a half round.

“Oh you are a big boy, aren’t you?” I asked and moved
to his legs and feet, then back up to beneath his tail
and to his massive balls, and they were huge, larger
then I had ever felt on my husbands.

Once I felt he was dry enough to come in, I stood up
and looked down at him. “I suppose you should come in
and lay down next to the heater so you can dry off
better.” I said and he did just that, the huge animal
padded past me and laid down just in front of the

I slid the glass door closed and realized that it was
me now that was soaked, my sweats clung to my small
frame and I realized I would have to shower again and
put something different on.

I closed the curtain on the sliding door and went into
the bathroom, there I pealed the wet cloths from my
body and let them slap wetly to the tiled floor.

I climbed into the shower once again and washed myself
off. As I stepped out, I realized I had used the towels
in here to dry the dog off and would have to go into
the other room to get more. I left the bathroom and
walked to the linen drawers where I had to bend down to
open them.

As I ruffled through the sheets washcloths and oh, of
course towels, the dog came up behind me and licked my
butt. His tongue was wide, warm and a little ruff, but
to tell the truth, it kind of felt nice and perhaps I
should have straightened then and shooed him away, but
I didn’t, he licked me again and this time his tongue
went into the crack of my butt and touched my hole, I
jumped a little and was about to straighten when his
tongue lashed out again and went over the outer lips of
my vagina and up sliding slightly into my asshole.

I froze, not knowing what to do, and almost afraid to
move, he might do it again and afraid he wouldn’t
either. The tongue lashed out again and slightly parted
my lips, rubbing the insides of my vagina and touching
my clitoris just enough to send a chill through my
body, my legs involuntarily spread a little as his
tongue came again, a little deeper into each hole and a
little faster on the next lap.

My legs were trembling as each new lash of his tongue
brought throbbing sensations through my entire body,
but seemed to resonate deep inside my cunt, my natural
juices started flowing, his tongue was long, thick and
hot, it felt better then my husbands cock had ever
felt, causing my mind to real with lustful thoughts.

Deeper and deeper his tongue drove, first into my cunt
then into my asshole, feelings I had not had in a vary
long time washed its warmth over me as his tongue went
yet even deeper into me, now I could feel his hot
breath on my butt and the brush of his teeth against my
skin, his tongue seemed to find and wrap around my
button deep inside of me, my cunt began to spasm
locking and sucking his tongue deeper within me. “I’m
going to cum!” I thought and in an instant remembered
how wrong this was.

“Stop!” I ordered, but my voice was weak with passion
as his tongue slid again deep within me. “Please stop!”
I begged but the onslaught of the invading tongue

My body jerked, my cunt grabbed and sucked as I came
hard, harder then I remember ever cumming before and
instinctively my hips gyrated to the motion of his

As he pulled his tongue from my now dripping cunt, my
pelvis rotated in an attempt to recapture the thick
invading tongue causing my cunt to gape open and
positioning it in such a way he felt I was his bitch
ready for breading. He was up and on top of me, all
four feet planted on the floor as his throbbing cock
found my opening easily and before I could react he
thrust forward, stabbing me with his full length. His
cock felt different then my husbands, thicker, longer;
hotter and more ridged.

I screamed in fear and pain as I moved forward to un-
impale myself from his ravenous r**e, but as I did his
front legs snagged me in a painfully strong embrace and
pulled me back onto his shaft. My head went down
threatening to slap the floor; my hands went up to
catch myself as he drove again deep within me, forcing
my body even further forward, his weight resting on my
legs and pelvis I was trapped.

Each new thrust was deeper and each time his hips
tilted further in to push moor, I felt his cock begin
to expand inside of me, thicker; longer, he pushed into

I wanted to scream, but my breath was pushed out with
each new thrust and my body slid along the floor as he
road my. My cunt gripped back ad his hot throbbing cock
expanded further inside of me; I had never felt
something this huge inside of my cunt before as it
drove deeper I could feel the base of his cock start to
swell just inside of me, my cunt felt like it would
ripe open, it must have grown to the size of a large
grapefruit as the cock inside of me pushed even deeper,
I could feel him hitting my cervix and I was cumming
again and again.

Even through the pain, I was enjoying the fucking I was
receiving from this giant cock.

Then he stopped moving and pushed deeper, into my
cervix opening and I could feel his cock expand and
contract as hot cum pumped deep inside of me; my body
shook as my cunt milked him and I came and came with
each new wash of hot dog cum. I could feel his hot
seamen trickling down my inner thighs as he continued
to pump me full.

Then he dismounted me and turned so we were butt to
butt, still locked together he dragged me back over to
the bed where he laid down.

Afraid, hurting and exhausted I could only do the same,
but I could not sleep as I continued to feel his cock
and knot contract and expand inside of me until finally
nearly a half hour went by and his knot slipped out
with a semi-pop and our combined juices ran from my
gapping hole.

The dog cleaned himself and then turned his attention
onto my hole licking and cleaning me, each lap
heightened my senses, arousing the lust inside of me,
my cunt began to close and suck on his tongue again and
I knew I was ready for round two.