A wife isn’t getting enough from her older husband

I’m 45 but my husband is 15 years older. He has retired
and we live on a farm in upstate New York. Our sex life
was always good, but lately he has slowed down and even
had some performance problems. He has a prescription for
Viagra which works well for him.

An hour after taking it, he always gets a good hard-on.
I still go down on him, but he won’t do it to me
anymore, not that I blame him. It’s because now that
I’ve started “the change” my periods are irregular and
I’m often spotting. This has turned him off to putting
his tongue down there. Oral sex is something that I
really miss, I used to get my best orgasms that way.
Anyway that’s how this whole thing started.

One day when my husband had gone to town, I was out by
the pool. I was wearing my white bikini. I’m no k*d
anymore but I’ve kept my figure pretty good. My breasts
are large and although they sag a little, my husband
says that just makes them sexier.

I felt a wetness and noticed that I had spotted through
my bikini bottom. I knew I should get them off and in
the wash before the stain set. I headed for the laundry
room in the basement. On the way I ran into Rocky. He’s
our Rottweiller.

He walked right up and stuck his nose in my crotch –
something he had never done before. “Well,” I said,
“Hello to you, too. I can see that a little b***d
doesn’t bother you like it does some males.”

As I continued on to the laundry room, he followed
closely behind.. When I got to the basement I took off
my bottoms and started to run water over the stain. I
was leaning over the tub. At this point Rocky again
stuck his nose in my crotch, only now I didn’t have
anything on from the waist down. His tongue licked
between my legs.

“Bad dog!” I said. He backed off looking confused. He
had startled me into dropping the soap. As I squatted
down to pick it up, he came forward. As my knees split
wide open, he stuck his head in and licked me again. The
previous lick had perked up my clit and this one hit me
right on the buzzer.

It had been awhile since I had felt that sensation – a
tongue on my pussy. It made me realize how much I had
missed it. Without thinking of the consequences I stayed
in the squatting position, hoping for another swipe of
that big tongue. Rocky quickly obliged. It felt

Knowing that I was alone, I then decided to go just a
little further. I reached down and spread my pussy lips
apart – exposing my swollen clit even more. I was
rewarded by another hard lick. Rocky obviously enjoyed
the taste of my menstrual juices. By now I was also
lubricating – and the smell and the wetness made Rocky
more excited.

There’s a couch in the basement and I walked over and
sat down. I perched on the edge and spread my legs.
Rocky had followed me over and immediately buried his
nose between my thighs. He went at me with a vengeance
now. His big tongue licked faster and faster. I felt
myself getting closer and closer – felt the pleasure
reach an unbearable level.

“Oh, good dog!” I whispered hoarsely. “Momma’s almost
there – keep going.” Then I started to come – every
nerve in my pussy was throbbing – “Oh God, yes!” I

After I recovered my senses I scooted back out of reach
of his tongue. I couldn’t take any more stimulation just
then. I relaxed and enjoyed the warm feeling left over
from my orgasm. I felt an incredible affection for Rocky
just then. “Such a good boy…. Yes you are,” I said.

Encouraged by the praise in my voice, Rocky then put his
front paws on either side of me on the couch. As he
stood up I could see that he had a huge erection. On
previous occasions I had seen his penis come out of its
sheath but never like this. Before it had looked small,
now it was at least 7 inches long and quite thick.

As I looked at him, I remembered some gossip about a
girl in my high school who used to go all the way with
the boys. Not just one guy – but several at a time. They
used to call her Gang Bang Betty. The rumor was that one
time after the Johnson brothers had finished taking
turns on her that she let their german shepherd do her
also. I never knew if it was true or just a rumor, but I
had always wondered what could make any girl so horny
that she’d let a dog fuck her!

Now I understood. I was considering doing the
unthinkable. I knew that it was perverted, but after
what I had just done, it didn’t seem like such a big
deal to take the next step. But I didn’t know if it was
really possible – could Rocky actually fuck me?

Determined to find out, I pulled my knees back to my
chest and scooted forward. Rocky’s cock was bobbing
around – tantalizing me – near my pussy but not going
in. I reached down and grabbed him behind his knot. I
figured that if he growled I would let go.

He didn’t growl, instead he started humping. But a
handjob for him wasn’t what I had in mind. Holding his
cock in place I slid down further to meet it. His prick
was bright red and warm to the touch….and it was
poised at the entrance to my cunt.

At this point I hesitated and thought about what I was
doing. I would be crossing a threshold. “Being sexually
liberated is one thing,” I thought, “but this is more,
this is perversion – bestiality. Even the Jerry Springer
Show doesn’t talk about something like this. If people
found out – instead of “Gang Bang Betty,” I would be
“Dog Fucker Debbie.”

“But, hell,” I said to myself, “Betty’s mistake was
doing it when somebody else was there to see…. I’ll be
all alone for at least another hour.”

Besides, – I rationalized – lots of women use a vibrator
or a dildo – so how does their sliding a battery-
operated cock inside of them differ so much from what
I’m thinking of doing?. Instead of a machine I’d be
using a flesh and b***d cock. “It’s more natural,” I
told myself. And I was sure it would feel even better.

The “Will I or Won’t I,” question was getting me worked
up. I’ve always enjoyed being a tease…. and this delay
was tantalizing both me and Rocky. Watching his cock
grow bigger – and listening to him whine in frustration
– told me how much he wanted me. By now I was sopping
wet in anticipation of what might happen. I hesitated
for just a moment longer and then made up my mind.

“Okay, Boy, here it comes.” I whispered.

I slid Rocky’s cock into me. The act of doing it was
incredibly erotic. “Oh my God,” I gasped. It felt so
good. It was warm, very warm. And as the walls of my
pussy gripped it, the dog’s cock seemed to grow even

If I had thought of using his prick as a dildo, I soon
found out that this wasn’t what Rocky had in mind. He
intended to fuck me – good and hard. He started humping
with his hindquarters. I lost my grip on his knot and I
felt it pushing against my outer lips. It was up against
my clit and each push sent a jolt of pleasure through
me. Instinctively I started humping back against him. We
went at it as fiercely as any two dogs fucking.

I’ve had three babies, so my pussy is not small. I
imagined that with one hard lunge he might actually get
his knot into me. It was taking a chance but I wanted to
go all the way now — to experience a real dog fuck. I
wanted his knot inside of me.

I pushed back against him as hard as I could and felt
just an instant of pain as my cunt stretched to
accommodate the full size and length of his swollen
prick. As soon as he was completely in, he stopped
humping and stood stock-still. His cock began to spurt.
I could feel every gush. His cock was warm but his spunk
was actually hot. It was great – like nothing I had ever
felt before.

His knot was so big it made my clit bulge out. I reached
down between my legs and began to masturbate. All the
while he continued to ejaculate. I felt like I must have
a quart of dog cum inside me already. There was so much
that even the plug of his knot couldn’t keep it all in.
I could feel it leaking out around the edge of my pussy.
I wetted my finger in his leaking cum and rubbed my clit
with it.

He was licking the side of my face now, but I was so
aroused that I barely noticed. I was getting closer and
closer to coming – and all I could think about was how
my pussy was filled with dog cock. His prick jerked and
shot another spurt – and it pushed me over the edge. I
bucked up and down with the force of my orgasm and
howled like a bitch in heat. It was the best fuck of my

After my orgasm subsided, I lay back on the couch and
rested. After what had to be at least ten minutes,
Rocky’s cock deflated enough for him to free himself. I
heard a slurping sound and felt it pull out.

A rush of dog cum gushed out of me and spilled onto the
floor. Rocky moved back and started to lick my pussy
again. This was something no man had ever done for me
… it felt wonderful. I reached down and petted him on
the head as he continued to tongue me for several more
minutes. Then he lay down on the floor and began to lick


That’s how my husband found me – asleep – curled up
naked on the couch with Rocky on the floor nearby.


Several months have gone by and that basement couch has
become a special place for Rocky and me. And if my
husband wonders why I always take a nap on it after he
goes to town…. well, he hasn’t asked me yet. If he
ever does … maybe I will tell him the truth. Letting
him watch the dog fuck me might work even better than

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