A woman and her wolf alone

At the base of a large berm out in the middle of the
open expanse of bare tundra, smoke and bright red
cinders floated up into the cold snowing night air.

Bedding down the sled dogs Pani returned to the shelter
with Amaruq following her at her side, the seal-oil
lanterns lit and the small fire having already warmed
the interior of her hut, the arched whale bone ceiling,
the thick loam walls, the light flickering and the
cracks and pops of the fire the only sounds inside the
well protected shelter. It was easily thirty degrees
warmer inside, and felt balmy, hot, almost like a sweat

Inside the domed shelter Amaruq laid down at the side of
Pani’s bed as Pani removed her heavy winter clothing.
Her slender hands emerged from her seal-fur mittens, her
long black hair spilled from her hood, her cheeks
reddish on her otherwise sun bronzed face. She pulled
the thick, heavy fur coat over her head, and removed her
equally heavy pants.

At a casual glance one wouldn’t know this resilient,
rugged figure with her heavy jacket and thick fur lined
pants and boots was a petite thirty-year-old woman
weathered and accustomed to the long stretches between
villages, to being on her own on the snow frozen winter
tundra in route bringing goods on her sled trading
between villages.

Pani paid little attention to her companion Amaruq,
trusting he was taking care of himself as she looked
after herself, needing to remove and dry her clothes.
She was quite the sexy woman in her calf high fur boots,
and now in just her underclothes hugging tight to her
feminine form, her narrow hourglass figure, her large
firm breasts; even as she removed her top, her slender
hips, her dimples on her lower back, attested to her
strong physical condition, the rigors of her disciplined

Standing in the flickering firelight, Pani’s deep almost
black almond eyes, and her long black hair certainly
made her a beauty. Her smile as warm as honeyed cream,
Pani was known by the villagers as a fiercely proud
woman, her spirit, generous.

Amaruq was Pani’s traveling companion and the direct
descendent of a legendary wolf pack whose territory they
were still in to this day. Like Pani he had presence
about him, a proud, noble being, his fur long and
silvery with browns and reds mixed throughout his full
winter coat, his chest as broad or more so as a man’s,
his build, his shoulders, his paws, huge compared to the
average dogs in the villages.

He and Pani had been together since they were both much
younger, and they behaved almost like a couple, knowing
each others thoughts, functioning as a team. He was her
companion, her protector, her best friend. He was so
large, he made her look smaller, more vulnerable than
she was, and on more than one occasion sensing Pani’s
discomfort he had warned off men in the villages; and,
on as many occasions, warned off other wolves, and polar
bear, many times his size, and kept the sled dogs in
line with just the slightest of growls.

Pani stood naked in just her boots, hanging the last of
her clothes at the ceiling to dry in the circulating
heat of the fire. It was late, they had eaten earlier,
and not yet ready for bed, invigorated from the shorter
trip that afternoon, Pani decided she wanted something
more tonight.

Amaruq sensed the shift in her, and raised his head. He
and Pani looked right into each other. They Both smiled.
With the majesty and certainty of an alpha-male, Amaruq
rolled onto his side, knowing what he wanted, too.

Pani moved over to him and kneeled on all fours, then
lay down alongside him with an elegance and grace best
described as feline. Her head at his belly, his head at
hers, she rubbed his chest and his belly, her hand
slowly moving onto his already bulging sheath.

As Amaruq’s thick cock emerged Pani stroked it like she
would a man’s cock until it was fully hard and thick and
pulsing in her pleasuring hand. Pani admired its weight,
its thickness, how firm it was as it throbbed in her

Her pussy was already slippery wet for him as she leaned
forward and licked it, mouthing its sides, and then took
it in her mouth, sucking her friend, sucking his
beautiful cock as Amaruq leaned between Pani’s legs and
sniffed at her sex, Pani jacking him until he was fully
distended, all nine inches of him so thick her fingers
barely touched as she wrapped her hand around it, as she
leaned his cock toward her and didn’t hesitate taking
him into her hot wet mouth, sucking him, sucking his
hugely thick cock, filling her mouth with him, hungry
for him.

“Mmmmm, mmmmmm” Pani moaned on Amaruq’s cock as he
licked her creamy hot sex. She stopped and breathed in.
Amaruq’s long hot wet tongue knew her so well, licked
her just how she liked to be licked, slathering her
creamy hot cunt with the whole of his tongue.

Pani opened her knees further, Amaruq’s beautifully long
thick tongue lapping at her, licking her, his tongue
licking up inside her lovely little pussy as Pani
eagerly sucked the big animals huge swollen cock back
into her mouth “mmmphing” from the pleasure of his
wonderful tongue, his huge pulsing cock in her hand, in
her mouth, sucking him, her moans becoming louder,
longer, blending into one continuous mewling hum of her
pleasure sucking his magnificently hard thick cock.

Amaruq’s lovely hot tongue over and over lapping at her,
curling into her, snaking inside her, his rigid hard
cock dribbling pre-cum into Pani’s mouth, her sucking
harder, moaning louder, the more his cock drooled for
her, the more he licked her, licking up her cream
gushing from her hot little cunt, the two of them alone
in the shelter, sexual partners, alone together, no one
around for miles, in the middle of the night tundra.

She loved sucking Amaruq’s thick, bloated, rigid hard
wolf-cock, throbbing in her hands, throbbing in her hot
sucking mouth, her movements fluid, bobbing her mouth on
his hugely swollen cock.

Her long black hair draping over her shoulders and back,
her head bobbing on Amaruq’s cock, her fingers sliding
up and down his magnificent erection, squeezing him in
her slender fingers, in her loose fist, Pani wanted
Amaruq to fuck her, something she’d been waiting for all
day until they got to the shelter.

When on the trail, she would often just slip down her
winter gear, and pull open the special flap in her pants
she’d sewn in, and let Amaruq mount her just about
anywhere on the trail, almost whenever he wanted her,
and always when she wanted him. Tonight she wanted him
in the confines of the shelter, bathed, private, safe
and alone. “Nnnnn” she moaned, her mouth full of his
cock, “ooohhh fuck, nnnn, yesss” she murmured, letting
his cock slip from her mouth, jerked him as he continued
to take long swiping licks through her dripping hot wet

“Nnnn, Amaruq, ohhhh big dog, nnn, baby, yess, lick me.
Nnnn, I, I want you inside me” she gushed, as she rolled
away from Amaruq’s lovely hot wet tongue, and onto her
hands and knees, her heart shaped lovely round bottom
pushed up into the air.

Wiggling her hips, tempting him, her long black hair
fallen down around her, her breasts aching and swollen,
her nipples hard, her beautiful little pink cunny open
for him and dripping, throbbing, aching hot wet, “put
it, in me” she mewled, “fuck your little Pani, big wolf,
you know you want Pani’s little pussy” she moaned. “So
hot for you, big dog, so wet, nnnnn, look big wolf” she
gestured, sliding her fingers through her slit,
spreading herself open, “so wet for you, lover. Put it,
put it in me.”

Amaruq rose to his feet, his huge cock hard and swollen
and hanging down between his legs. Pani loved looking
over her shoulder at it, what was to come, all nine
inches of his huge thick throbbing red wolf-cock,
anticipating its thickness fucking into her as Amaruq
growled, walked around her, bumping her, rubbing along
her, his thick soft fur sending electric ripples through
her as she brushed her hand over her nipples, squeezed
her breasts, rubbed them on him as he passed her. His
fur felt so good on her bare hot skin.

He growled again, and Pani answered by imitating the
female dogs, a soft pleading whine, more, and more
urgent, turning back to look at him, moving forward and
back, wagging her bottom to entice him, whispering,
“Give Pani your cock, nnnn, give it to me, lover, fuck
your Pani, Amaruq” her round bottom pressed up, her pink
sex swollen and shiny wet, “fuck your little girl, I
need you, Amaruq, fuck your little girl.”

Lowering her head into a submissive posture was the
final queue in their ritual dance, her bottom high up,
her pussy dripping wet, swollen and open for him, her
pink wet folds enticing his maleness, she and Amaruq
hungry to fuck each other as they always were. Amaruq
licked her hot little cunny from behind.

“Nnnnn, yesss, Amaruq, so wet for you, baby, ohhhhnnn
lover, nnnnn, yesss, lick me, taste my cream, big wolf”
pushing her hot wet cunt back at Amaruq’s tongue, “taste
how ready my little pussy is for you, lover” mewling her
pleasure as Amaruq mounted her, growling, locking his
forearms and paws around her hips, pulling her fiercely
to him, where he wanted her, literally dragging her
along backwards.

“Ohhh, mmmuhhhnn, that’s it, baby, mmm big dog, put it,
in me” Pani moaned, pulling himself to her, them
together, finding her, “ahhh, ahhh, nnnn, ohhhh big
wolf” fucking his throbbing cock into her sopping wet
swollen and waiting pink cunt pushed up so high for him,
her breasts pressed into the blankets under her, her
back impossibly arched, her raw pink wet cunt sucking
him into her, his paws locked around her hips fucking
that huge cock into her hot wet cunt.

Pani moaned and mewled as he slid so easily inside her,
whispering “Nnnn, ohhhh, ohhh, nnnn, yes, in me” arching
her back, her firm athletic body pushing her hot cunt on
to Amaruq’s huge wolf-cock buried deep inside her, his
chest on her back, as she pushed up once he was fully
inside her, on her arms nuzzling at him above her.

“Ohhh goddess, yes, fuck me Amaruq, fuck me with that
huge fucking cock. Ohhhh, lover, yessss, nnnnuhhh, ohhh,
nnnnnuugh” she squealed and moaned and whined and cried
out, “so fucking big in me, so hard tonight, baby, you
want your little Pani tonight don’t you?” as he bucked
his hips into her, faster, harder, pulling her by her
tiny waist, her hips, her pear shaped bottom, fucking
his huge wolf-cock into his human lover, fucking her
tight hot wet pussy, growling his pleasure.

“Ohhh, Amaruq, yes fuck me, baby, fuck your little Pani,
fuck Pani’s hot little pussy. Ohhh, nnugh, big dog, nnn,
yes. You like my little pussy, don’t you? Ohhh, Amaruq,
I love your fucking cock in me. Good boy, nnn, ohhhugh,
nnn, ooohhh, yessss, fuck me baby” Pani groaned “fuck me
lover” as Amaruq humped himself so deep inside her,
“fuck my tight little cunt” his big thick wolf-cock
buried inside his lover, “Ohhhhh god, nnn, ahhh, ahhh,
ahhh, yess, fuckkk meee.”

Pani taught him how to fuck her long and hard, fast and
slow, prolonging fucking her, so petite under him, his
huge thick body above her, her bottom thrust up at him,
his bulking muscular hips pounding away at her, her
milking his cock, the weight of his furry body on top of
her lithe little frame, her long black hair lashing
around her face, her swollen big breasts bouncing to
each thrust.

“Ohhh god, baby, you’re so hot tonight, so hard, fucking
me, so good, nnnn, so good, nnnn deep, yessss.”

Pani partly stood up, partly turned to force Amaruq from
her. Amaruq growled and tried to force her back onto her

She smiled at him, teasing him, breathing so hard, her
body shining and glowing flushed in the low level light.
Her long hair wild and wrapped around her, she sat on
her bottom to resist him, and started crawling
backwards, facing Amaruq, smiling at him, inviting him.
“Nnn, baby, come to Pani, want you, back in me” mewling
her desire for his huge cock, moving toward the sleeping
pad, moving over the mound of blankets and stopping on
top of them so her pussy was slightly elevated.

Amaruq nearly pounced on her. Pani’s legs rubbing his
sides, his thighs pushing her legs open, his massive
chest over hers Pani reached between them, guiding his
cock back inside her as she pulled him on top of her.

“Nnnnn, ohhhh, ohhh, yes, in me, fuck that huge cock
into me, Amaruq” her knees thrown up into the air, her
cunt completely exposed to him as Amaruq fucked his cock
back into his beautiful human lover, thrusting into her.

“Nnn, yes, nnn, ohhhh baby, fuck me, fuck my little
pussy” Pani moaned, thrusting her hips, rocking her
hips, pulling on his hugely hard cock with her hot wet
tight cunt.

“Ohhh, god, big dog, yesss, you love your little Pani’s
pussy, don’t you big wolf? Nnnn, yes, fuck me, fuck your
little Pani” her arms wrapped around her beast, her
wolf, her lover, her breasts hugging into his soft fur,
his broad muscular chest, his furry belly, his huge nine
inch cock fucking up inside her, stretching her pussy,
his fur rubbing her inner thighs draped around him, her
cunny dripping hot wet, pulling him into her, Pani
beside herself, fucking back at her lover.

“Ohhh, nnnnuggghh, yesss, fuck me, Amaruq, ohhh, ohhh,
nnnngggh, yes, nnnn, fuck, nnnn lover, yessss.”

“So big, so hard, ohhhhhh goddess, yes, Amaruq, fuck me
with your huge fucking cock, you beast, nnnn, nnn, mmm,
yes, love, your huge, cock in me” Pani blurted out,
hugging Amaruq to her, thrusting up at him, “love,
fucking you, with my little pussy.”

Amaruq was so powerful his hips thrust his cock deep
inside Pani, his swollen thick cock, his thrusts
bouncing her tits as she clung to him.

“Ohhh yes, nnn, nnn, ohhhh baby, nnnn, yes, fuck me,
nnnnn, fuck your little, Pani, fuck your little girl.
Ohhh god, Papa, cumming on your huge doggie-cock. Ohhhh,
god, Amaruq, love your huge cock in me, your huge hard
wolf-cock, nnnnn, Daddy, yes, nnnn, lover, nnnn, ohhhh
Amaruq, ohhhh Amaruq, cumming, again, cumming,
nnnnnyessss, fuck me. Nnn, such a big cock for your
little Pani. Nnnn, lover.”

Pani lifted herself up to him, fucking herself on his
huge cock spreading her open, sliding inside her, all
the way inside her. Pani reached between them when
Amaruq got too heated, trying to fuck his knot into her;
it was just too big.

“Ohhh, ohhh, Amaruq” Pani moaned urgently, feeling
Amaruq’s cock swelling insider her, throbbing, pulsing.

“Nnnn, cum in me Amaruq, cum in your little baby, cum in
me, Papa, nnnnn, nnnnn, ohhhhhhhh, Amaruq, yessss. Ohhh
baby, yes” rocking her cunt on Amaruq’s huge cock, his
cum pouring from her.

“Nnnn, Amaruq, you’re staying hard, baby, nnn, yessss,
nnnn, keep, fucking meee, ohhhhh, god, ohhhh Amaruq, so,
fucking, huge inside me” her big furry wolf, fucking
her, pumping into her, pumping his huge thick red cock
into her, spreading her pussy open, her legs wrapped
around his furry sides.

“Ohhhh, lover, nnnnn, fuck me, baby, fuck your little
girl, feel me squeeze you inside me, big dog, nnnn,
yessss, Pani loves my big wolf’s cock in me, fucking me.
Want to make you, cum again, inside me” she mewled, her
knees up high on his sides, gripping him between her
strong thighs.

“Ohhhh baby, cumming again, ahhh, ahhhh, nnnnngghhuhhh,
ohhhhh, lover, making me, cum, so hard, so big, in me.”

“Ohhh baby, yesss, fuck your little girl, fuck your
little Pani, ohhh, my big dog, yesss, cum in meeee”
Amaruq’s huge cock throbbing, spurting, pulsing deep in
her hot little pussy.

All alone out on the open tundra, his special little
girl under him, her rubbing her belly, her huge breasts
on his furry chest, rolling her little hips, milking his
cock as she so loved to do, kissing her huge lover,
knowing they would fuck each other all through the
night, Wolf’s big, thick wolf-cock buried deep inside
his little girl.

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