A woman pays to attend a house where the guests will be dominated and serve as a slave

The house was fairly rundown but a mansion still the
same. Donna had paid a lot of money just to come here
and wasn’t about to turn back now. This was a dream she
had fantasized about for yours. Total submission she
craved was finally about to be given. She got out the
door of the car that had picked her up at the airport
and grabbing her one bag and purse started walking
towards the door.

Donna had read about the place on the internet and
talked to several chat-room people about it. It was a
two week vacation where you would be subjected to all
kinds of bondage and discipline. During the two weeks,
you would be nothing more that a slave to be used;
however, the masters or mistresses of the house
determined and how. She finally got the nerve and set
the check.

She walked up to the large front door and knock on the
bell. The door opened as she saw a woman dressed as a
maid appeared.

“Please come in. The rest of the guests have already
arrived and you are the last.

Donna followed her inside. The place was huge but
beautiful in age as she was led down the long corridor
to a large room on the end. There were about 9 people
there. Six were women including herself and three were
men as they entered. Each had a drink in hand as she
walked in nervous.

“Please have a drink and make yourself comfortable,”
the maid said.

She turned around and looked at all the guests staring
at her.

“Now that everyone is here,” the maid said. “We will
now close the door and all of you will have several
more minutes to get acquainted before the mistress will
come on the intercom and tell you what to do next.

Donna turned to see the maid shutting the door and then
walked over to the wine table and poured her a drink.
She was very nervous but curious to what was going to
happen next. A young lady in her mid thirties walked

“Hi, I Carol.” She said. “You’re into this sort of
thing too, huh?

“Yes, I guess so,” Donna replied nervously. “Have you
been here before?

“No, I’m just like all the rest.” She laughed. “A first
timer, I guess. I just got to know what it’s like. How
about you.”

“Same here.” Donna replied. “I guess my fantasy is
about to become reality. Aren’t you scared?”

“Not much.” The girl replied. “My life was going
nowhere anyway so I didn’t have anything to lose.

Their attention was quickly diverted as the intercom
immediately came on.

“Welcome slaves to the House of Domination and Games.
We are presently observing your activities so go ahead
and enjoy your drinks till we demand you do otherwise.”

Donna and Carol both were looking around to see where
the sound was coming from but it seem to be all around.
The voice was that of a woman.

“Timothy Jones.” The intercom came back on. “Please
remove all your clothes now. You are nothing but a
thief and liar who have stolen thousands from the
company pension plan. Yes, you Tim. You been fucking
your secretary at work daily and dominating your wife
at night. Hurry up, pig and get undressed so everyone
can see your little wimpy cock you are so proud of. You
may leave by pushing the button by the door if you
like, but your affairs with the company will be
reported unless you do as you are told.”

Donna looked around the room to see whom the intercom
was talking to and suddenly noticed a nervous couple on
the far side. She watched as the man slowly started
removing his clothes. His face was red as he finally go
down to nothing but his panties and then lowered them
stepping out. His wife was trying to hide her face from
the rest of the crowd as he was now fully exposed.
Donna noticed he had a raging hard-on even through his
cock was only about 6 inches.

“Tim you are such a wimp.” The intercom came back on.
“Not even large enough to be considered a man. Now go
to the door with the red sign above it and push the
button and enter. You are about to punished for your
offenses like the pig you are. Hurry up.”

Donna watched the man just standing there and then
putting his hand over his cock start walking towards
the door.

“What about me?” Donna heard the woman that was
standing next to him asked. She assumed she must have
been his wife.

“No slut.” The intercom came back on. “You may end up
joining him later. You are nothing but a whore and cunt
who enjoyed the wealth he brings in no matter where it
comes from. You love to be dominated. Oh, yes that
young underage boy from the school does to spank your
naughty ass from time to time doesn’t he?”

Donna glanced over to see the man had pressed the
button and the door slid to the side to reveal a dark
area inside. He stood there for a moment as everybody
watched and then stepped in. The door slid shut behind

“Slut Jones remove all your clothing now.” The intercom
came back on. “Your husband belongs to us now and
unless you do as directed, you will go home with
nothing. You are a slut. Undress now.”

Donna watched as the woman nervously started removing
all her clothes in front of them. She hesitated for a
moment when she was down to nothing but a bra and panty
but the intercom came back on and demanded she remove
everything. She finally complied putting her arms
around her tits.

“Mrs. Jones you truly are a bitch.” The intercom came
back on. “Your thighs are already wet. See the
gentleman by the bar. You are to go to him and lower
his pants and suck his poor cock. His wife dominates
him but really she wants to be dominated herself and
wouldn’t tell him. She hates it. You will reward him
till he shoots his cum in your mouth and then you will
lead him by his cock to the door where he will enter
without you. He will find what he is looking for inside
but you will have to earn your right to enter.”

Donna watched as the older woman walked over to a man
about 25 years old. She stopped and looked at his wife
standing there.

“Don’t worry about the slut.” The intercom came back
on. “She will be busy undressing while you enjoy her
husband cock. Get on your knees and suck bitch. And you
Jenny, undressed now so everyone can see what a fake
mistress you are. Nothing but a worthless cunt to be

Donna cunt was already wet watching the events unfold
in front of her. The woman had immediated dropped down
on the floor in front of the young man and pulling his
pants and briefs down was sucking his cock in earnest.
His wife was undressing by his side at the same time.
When she finally had everything off, the intercom came
back on.

“Slut Joan, you are to go over there and grab that Slut
Jones by her hair. You are to lead her back to the
chair and you will proceed to give her thirty hard
swats on her sorry mistress ass till she is crying.
Then you will lead her to the door by her ass in your
hand and kick her butt inside. This is your one chance
to get back at the young girl who stole your husband
who you loved dominating you. You will get yours later.

A large older woman in her early fifties started
walking across the room. The young wife was just
standing there nude covering her tits and cunt with her
hands as she approached. She was shaking her head no as
the woman grabbed her hair and started leading her to a
nearby chair that was unoccupied at the moment. The
girl was waving her hands to the side as she swung her
over her knee and started whacking her ass as hard as
she could will her hand.

As Donna watched with cum soaked panties, the other
woman was leading the younger man to the door. Her face
had cum all over it as she held his cock in her hand
and pushed the button and the door opened. Donna again
could see nothing inside due to the darkness but
watched as the man slowly entered and the door closed
behind him.

She turned her glazed back to the young girl over the
woman lap who was now sobbing as the last blows were
being delivered to her red glowing ass in back. The
woman then grabbed her ass cheek in her hand and made
her get up as she led her towards the door like her
husband earlier. They pass Mrs. Jones still standing
there with cum all over her mouth and the woman pressed
the button. The door slide open as the woman gave the
younger girl a hard kick across her ass making her leap
inside as the door shut.

“Nice job slut Joan.” The intercom came back on. “Her
ass I’m sure will be quiet sore for what we plan to do
with it. Now slut Kim and Jack. Undress immediately.
You are making such a mess on yourselves. Both of your
pants are totally wet. Hurry up sluts. We know you both
love to be dominated in by females or males and wear
your fancy lace panties during the section and have
them on now. So the guests, what sluts you are.

Donna watched as a couple in there mid forties quickly
started to get undress. When their outer garments were
removed they had nothing on but a pair of lacy shining
panties underneath. Both were breathing hard and trying
to look down on the floor to avoid the stares of the
other guests.

The intercom came back on.

“David please remove all your clothing now.”

Donna watched as the last man in the room started
removing all his pants and shirt quickly as the
intercom came back on.

“That’s right David. We know you had never had a fuck
in your twenty-five years and dreamed of being
dominated and controlled. Such a pity, you have such a
nice fuck toy between your legs and quite large too.
Too bad, the women will not be able to enjoy it while
you are here. Now go over to the Grahams. You are to
put your finger in each of their assholes and lead them
to the door where Mr. Graham will puss the button and
lead you all in. Hurry David, you cock is leaking all
over the floor to do as I tell you.”

Donna knew the guy was horny as hell by his erection as
her cunt dripped at the sight of it. Damn, she thought,
I wish I could lick that one.

He walked over to the nervous couple and got behind
them without any resistance and put his hand in each of
their lacy panties in back. Both of them was moaning as
Donna knew his finger must have entered their assholes
and they started walking to the door. Donna was close
to cumming watching them as Mr. Graham pressed the
button and the door opened as all three was lead inside
and then it shut again.

Donna glanced around the room. There were only the four
women left in there. Mrs. Jones was still standing by
the door. Her face was still covered in cum and she was
lightly rubbing her cunt. The older woman who had
spanked the girl earlier had taken a seat and was
pressing her thighs close together wiggling in her
chair. Donna knew she was trying not to cum She glanced
at Carol still by her side and noticed her hand was
pressed again her snatch as she was rubbing her dress
against her cunt. They all waited for the intercom to
come back on and tell them what to do next. Finally, it

“Ladies, I afraid you will have to await your turn
since we will be busy for awhile. Remove all your
clothing now and sit by the fireplace on the end so you
can dry off your wet cunts. Yes we are watching you
trying to play with yourself without being notice and
that will not be allowed. Your cunt will be exposed to
any who wants to see it. So undress now sluts.”

Mrs. Jones didn’t have anything to remove as she slowly
made her way over to the fireplace. Joan started
removing her business outfit and Donna quickly noticed
she had a very attractive body for a woman of her age.
As she removed her blouse, she noticed Carol had
removed her dress and bra and was pulling her panties
down. She couldn’t have stare at her white ass cheeks
as she lowered her own shirt and then reach behind to
unhook her bra. She watched Carol and Joan both walking
over to the fireplace with their bare asses wiggling
behind them. Slowly she lowered her panties nervously
as they were soaking wet.

“Slut Donna.” The intercom came back on. “You are much
too slow and too busy enjoying the view of the other
women asses while they paraded around in front of you.
You are to be punished. You will slap your ass hard as
you join them by the fireplace and it better be red as
you bend over and present it to the other women before
you join them.

Donna has wanted this and now her fantasy was coming
real despite her fears. She started slapping her ass
with each hand as she walked over towards them. Her
cunt juice was splattering on the floor as she walked.
Carol had a broad grin across her face and Joan was
staring in lust as she approached. Mrs. Jones also was
watching wiping her mouth with her hand. She finally
arrived trying not to look at the others and then
turning around bent over with her butt towards each of
them in turn before taking her seat at the end by
Carol. She didn’t even dare to look at them.

“You’re such a slut.” Carol finally said. “I hope they
spank that fat ass of yours really good. Wish I could
see it.”

Donna was trying to decide what to say when the door
open and the maid they saw earlier came back in the
room. This time she was in a maid outfit but barely
below her waist and she was totally naked underneath.
They all watch her come in with four drinks on the
tray. She was very beautiful in the short outfit she
was wearing. The intercom came back on.

“Ladies, each of you are to take a drink and then kiss
the maid ass for binging it to you. I want you to plant
a nice wet one on her ass so I can see four lipstick
prints on it when she gets back.”

Joan was on the end and accepted the first glass. As
she picked it up, the maid turned around and presented
her nice round butt up to her face as Joan bent forward
and planted a kiss on it. She then stood back up and
repeated the process to Mrs. Jones and Carol. Donna was
so excited when she finally came to her taking her
glass and admiring the beautiful ass for a second
before planting her lips between the buttocks. She wish
she could tongue that glorious piece of ass but knew
better as it stood back up and started walking away.

Her thighs and seat was totally wet from her cum
drooling down as she glanced to see the others laps
were the same. She was praying that they would call her
name next and let her enter the door as she took
several sips of her drink. The maid had exited as the
women just sat sipping their drinks trying not to look
at the other.

Suddenly a big screen TV on the side of the room came
on and the intercom at the same time.

“Mrs. Jones did you enjoy sucking the young man cock in
front of his wife. See what it’s getting now.”

Donna glanced up to see the young man who had gotten
the blowjob earlier was now bent over a paddled table
with his ass towards them and his ankles to each leg.
There was a clamp around his balls holding them very
tight as his hard cock was sticking out. They could see
a cat was being used by someone they couldn’t see who
was hitting his cock with it as he jump and wiggled
with each hit. Donna cunt drool at the sight as the TV
suddenly went black to her disappointment.

“Did you enjoy that Mrs. Jones? Do you want to suck his
poor little dickie now?” The intercom announced.

Suddenly Donna saw Mrs. Jones stand up.

“Yes, yes. Any cock. Let me suck any cock. Please. I
can’t stand it any longer. I need a cock to suck on.”
She was yelling and begging.

The intercom came back on.

“Oh well since you insist. Go to the table to your
right. You will find a butt plug and a large dildo in
it. Put both items in your nasty holes and you will
proceed to the door fucking yourself royally with each
of these items till you get there. If we are pleased,
we may open the door and let your fucking ass enter.”

Donna watched as Mrs. Jones practically ran to the
table and started pulling out the objects. The dildo
and butt plug. Both was quiet large as Donna watched
wondering if she could ever get something that large in
either of her holes. Mrs. Jones were having trouble
also as she was trying to wedge the large butt plug in
her asshole and forcing it as hard as she could.

Finally, she let out a screamed as it entered and
started panting for air. She then grabbed the dildo and
started working it in her cunt. It looked so awkward as
Donna watched dripping in excitement as the woman
finally was able to get it inside her pussy and was
trying to make it to the door pushing both objects in
her holes at the same time.

“Fuck me, Oh yes fuck me.” She was yelling trying to
walk bowlegged to the door shoving the objects in and
out. “Fuck this whore. Make me your bitch.”

If Donna own cunt was strobing so fast down below she
would have laughed at he sight but at present she was
wishing it was her as the woman finally made it and
pushed the button. Nothing happen.

The woman was in panic. She was jumping around shoving
the objects faster in and out.

“See” She yelled. “I am slut, whore, bitch. Use my
holes. Mistress, Master. Fuck me.”

The door suddenly opened as she practically ran inside
as it shut behind her. It was the most humiliating
thing Donna had ever seen of a woman and her cunt was
flowing from it. She felt Carol kiss her cheek on the
side and knew she was as much processed with the
thought as her.

The intercom came back on.

“Joan dear. You did enjoy spanking that young girl ass
so much; we think we would like to see you worship some
ass. Carol, Donna you both will stand up and in turn
present you wet asses to Joan so she can lick her
asshole till you cum once and only once. Do you want to
lick their assholes to earn your way inside Joan?”

“Yes mistress. Anything you want mistress.” Joan begged
out at Donna surprise.

“Go ahead Carol and put your big butt in Joan face so
she can homage to it.”

Carol didn’t even hesitate as she immediate got up and
got in front of Joan and pushed her ass in her face.
Donna could hear lapping sound as she watched Joan face
in between the cheeks of Carol rather large ass and
Carol moaning in front. It didn’t even take 2 minutes
as Carol started shaking all over.

“That enough Carol.” The intercom came back on. “Please
sit your big butt back in the chair and don’t you dare
touch your pussy. Donna your turn. Joan was eying your
tight ass earlier this evening so let her have a good
look at it.

Donna needed no further encouragement as she quickly
got up and walked over. She could see the lust in Joan
eyes as she approached and the saliva dripping down her
chin as she turned around and pressed her ass back in
her face. She felt a tongue quickly dart up her asshole
and start wiggling inside as her pussy started dripping
freely. In less than a minute her body shook
uncontrollably as she felt her best orgasm in years.

“That enough Donna. You are enjoying it too much.” The
intercom came back on. “Return to your seat and
remember not to play with yourself. Joan dear you are
such a good little ass licker that we think you should
crawl over to the door so we can let you in. We have a
lot of nice brownie holes in her so you can tongue.

Donna watched as Joan immediately jumped down to her
hands and knees and started crawling as fast as she
could to the door. The door opened as soon as she
arrived and she crawled in before it closed.

Donna just sat there, her body still shaking from her
orgasm earlier. When is it my turn she wanted to yell
out as loud as she could. She needed a cock, anything
in her cunt. She could feel Carol by her side wiggling
wildly in her seat also and knew she must be having the
same thoughts. Damn, what’s taking them so long to get
to them? They both just sat there not speaking trying
to control their feelings and losing it every moment.
Donna wanted to reach over and grab Carol and shove her
face in her cunt. Anything for relief. What was taking
so long?

Finally, the intercom came back on.

“Ladies it seems like ya are the last two and we may be
able to take one of you now while the other may have to
wait a little longer. On the table to your left you
will find two buttons on each side. Both of you will go
over and push one now.”

Both Donna and Carol immediately got up and ran to the
table and pushed a button. A long paddle stool started
coming out the ends of it and Donna could see a big
butt plug attached to it. Two metal chains were also to
its side.

“Ah a gift.” The intercom came back on. “Ladies, each
of you is to sit on the big butt plug on the stool in
front of you after you attached the two nipple clamps
to your firm tits. The first one who comes will be
allow to get up and walk to the door to push the
button. You may start now. ”

Donna glanced over to see Carol was already trying to
hook one of the clamps to her tit and reached down for
her own. War is hell she thought trying to catch up.
She heard Carol yell as she hooked her own and yelled
out also in pain. As she tried to get use to the pain,
Carol had already yelled again and was trying to sit on
the plug. She quickly attached her other clamp in pain
and the straddling the dildo try to sit down on it.

Damn it was so big. She was having trouble as she
glanced over to see Carol already had it all the way in
her asshole and was rocking up and down on it. She
gritted her teeth and pressed down as hard as she could
yelling out in pain as it filled her asshole. She
didn’t even try to get adjust to it as she tried to
rise slightly and sat back on it. Pain or not, her cunt
was drooling all over and she needed to get into that
room soon. Just as she was getting used to the feeling
and enjoying it, she heard Carol yell and start shaking
all over. She sat down on her plug crying.

“Good slut Carol.” The intercom came back on. “You just
love it in her butt don’t you?”

“Yes mistress.” Carol yelled out. “My ass needs a good
fucking. Please use my ass mistress.”

“You may get off your plug now Carol and come to the
door.” The intercom said.

Donna watched crying that it wasn’t her as Carol tried
to get off the plug and disconnect the clamps. She
yelped in pain as the clamps were removed and Donna
could hear a popping noise as her ass got off the
dildo. She was holding her hand on her ass running for
the door as Donna could do nothing but sit on her plug
crying as she walked in and the door closed.

Finally she quit crying and started to remove her
clamps from her tits disappointed.

“Did we say you could get up slut?” The intercom came
back on.

Donna was totally out of control now.

“Please mistress. I’ll do anything you ask.” Donna
yelled out crying. “I want to be your cunt, whore,
bitch. Anything. Please, I can’t take anymore. Use me
as your piggie. Anything. Please.

Donna was beyond repair now as she sat on her plug
begging to do anything they wanted if only they would
use her. There was long silence as she broke down and
started crying uncontrollably. She couldn’t believe she
was actually begging to be use in any way they wanted
if they would just let her.

Finally in what seem like an eternity. The intercom
came back on.

“Slut Donna you may remove your clamp and get off your
plug now. You will go to the wall with the metal round
shield on it and turn around. You will shove your ass
back in it till it is firmly seated inside. When you do
this, do not be surprised to see it will tighten around
your waist maintaining you in place for whatever fun we
may want with it.

Donna eyes lit up in excitement as she stopped crying
wiping her face with her palm. Quickly she removed the
clamps yelling as b***d rush back into her tits and
tried to get up from the plug. It was so big it felt
like it was never going to get out as she finally was
able to stand up and rub her butt in back as she walked
over to the metal shield.

It did nothing till she turned around and then it
opened up as she pushed her ass back inside it. Slowly
it started closing in around her lower thighs and back
till she was pinned in a bent over position with her
ass and cunt exposed in back for whatever uses they had
of it. She was totally cramped without escape.

The intercom came back on.

“Donna what did you think of slut Carol who beat you
earlier” It asked.

“She an asshole.” Donna yelled. “I hope ya beat her ass

“We are.” The intercom came back on.

She felt something at her pucker asshole wet and then
something making its way inside slippery. Her cunt was
dripping in excitement.

“As a matter of fact. That is her tongue in your
asshole at the present time and she is getting her ass
beat raw while she is doing it. Are you enjoying it?

“Ah yesssssss..” Donna yelled out in delight as the
tongue in her rear was now driving her wild in
excitement. “Beat the shit out of her. I want to feel
her tongue deep in my ass. The bitch.”

“What about Mrs. Joans earlier.” The intercom came back
on. “Did you enjoy watching her suck cock?”

“Ahhh yeeesssss.” Donna wailed. “She a whore cunt.”

“We are glad you said that.” The intercom came back on.

Donna felt as wet object at her clit and then rapid up
and down motions on it. She was in heaven as her clit
reacting to it.

“She licking your clit at the moment while the young
stud she craved in shoving his big cock up her asshole.
Do you enjoy?”

“Ahhhhhhh. Yes. Don’t let them stop. Please.” She
yelled out. “I cumming all over their ugly faces.”

The intercom came back on.

“We have a proposal for you Donna. Our maid has not had
a vacation for over a year now and we decided she
desired one. She was so impressed by your ass kissing
earlier that she wants you to take over her spot while
she is gone and if you like you can remain her slave
when she returns. In the meantime, you can use all the
slaves here however you want when you are not serving
our needs.”

Donna heard the door opening and saw the maid walking
into the room. His body was shaking all over from the
tonguing below and her mouth started watering at the
beauty walking towards her.

“In a minute, I am going to shove my cock deep in your
asshole which is well loosen enough for it while a
mistress is going to shove a dildo up you soaking wet
cunt. Do you want to be our new maid and her slave

The girl was now almost right up to her face as Donna
was shaking her head wildly.

“Yes master, mistress.” She yelled as loud as she
could. “I want to be your maid and the maid slave toy.

Please.” She wailed. “Please shove your ass in my face
mistress maid. Use me as your slut.

Donna felt something wet and hard at her asshole and
loosen her ass so it could get inside fast.

“Please mistress maid. Shove your ass on my worthless
face.” She begged. “Let me clean your beautiful ass.”

She felt the cock enter her ass as the maid pushed her
ass back on her face. Donna started rimming her pucker
hole as the cock was already deep in her asshole and
was now pumping in and out. She worked her tongue deep
inside trying to get as much as she could in the maid
asshole as she felt something cold and wet at her cunt.

She didn’t care as she was cumming all over the place
down below as she wiggled her tongue in the tight
opening as best as she could. As the cunt cock entered
she came again and her tongue was now working away
inside the now loosen brown hole. She rimmed the
asshole with all her might as she felt one orgasm after
another. As the cocks withdrew, she had no resistance
left to try to hold them in.

She felt the maid removing her butt from her face
disappointed and watched as she walked over to a drawer
and pulled out what look to be a dog collar and leash.
She walked back over and attached the collar around
Donna neck as she lusted to lick her glistering cunt in
front of her.

“Don’t worry.” The maid told her. “I have all night to
train you to take my spot while I am gone and I have
plenty of uses for that sweet tongue of yours. Come
along little puppy.”

The maid pressed the button as the shield opened and
Donna practically fell out of in on her hands and
knees. Her cunt and ass was dripping all over the floor
as she followed her new mistress out the main door.

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