A woman scorned, turns to a hitchhiker and his dog for company

Heather was out driving to clear her head. She had just
caught her best girlfriend and lover fucking a total
stranger and her dog Saxon. The beautiful sunny day was
doing wonders for Heather’s disposition, as well as the
heady freedom of driving down the highway with no
particular place to go right in the middle of the week.
She had never run off from her responsibilities like
this before, and she was enjoying the rush of
excitement that was now pumping through her veins.

Anything could happen. And she was ready for anything.
Sure, her job would probably be gone when she got back,
but she could always get another. Today she wasn’t
going to worry about anything. Just go where the
feeling took her, and do what the feeling demanded. And
the first thing she was going to do was stop for some
breakfast. She was starving.

Heather stopped at a pleasant-looking family restaurant
and ordered scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and coffee. As
she waited for her order to arrive, she noticed a
handsome-looking young man with shoulder-length, sun-
bleached hair sitting at the counter drinking a cup of
coffee. He was dressed in jeans and faded denim shirt,
and a small knapsack rested against the base of the
counter under him.

A hitchhiker, Heather thought immediately. She watched
the youth attentively for several moments, actually
wondering what it would be like to fuck him. It
surprised her when she noticed what she was doing. She
hadn’t looked at a man with any kind of sexual intent
in weeks. In fact, she was sure she had had enough of
them to last a lifetime.

When her breakfast arrived, Heather began to eat
hungrily, forgetting for the moment all about the
rather soulful-looking youth on the barstool. She drank
the last of her coffee and stood up, ready to leave,
when the young man from the counter walked over and
stood directly in front of her.

“Excuse me, ma’am,” he said. “I hope you don’t mind my
asking, but I’m trying to get to Arizona and I’ve been
stuck at this junction since eleven o’clock last night.
Would you happen to be going my way?” Heather hesitated
for a moment, feeling automatically on the defensive.
But after thinking it over for a moment, she realized
there was no good reason why she shouldn’t give this
boy a lift. After all, she was headed east, why not go
right on into Arizona? It would be fun to have the
company, and this looked like a very nice boy, one she
knew instinctively she could trust.

“Sure, I’m going to Arizona. And I’ve got plenty of
room.” She smiled at the youth, and he smiled back.
Heather was charmed by how disarmingly naive and almost
pretty he looked when he smiled. She was definitely
going to enjoy the company.

“There’s one problem,” he said sheepishly.

“Oh?” Heather was immediately alert for any signs of a
con game. “Yeah. I’ve got a dog tied up outside.” His
face twisted ruefully. “I think he may be one reason
why I haven’t been able to get a ride.” “Why? Is he

“Heck no! Jethro wouldn’t hurt a fly, not unless it was
trying to hurt him, that is. But he’s kind of big. Do
you want to come out and have a look at him?”

“Sure, why not.”

Heather paid her bill and followed the youth around the
side of the restaurant to where a very large, gold-
colored dog was prancing excitedly as he watched the
approach of his young master. “Why, he’s beautiful!”
Heather enthused. “What kind of dog is he?”

“He’s part Saint Bernard and part golden lab.”

He looked apprehensively at Heather as she stroked the
animal’s flanks and big head. The dawn of a smile broke
out on his face. “Does this mean we get the ride?” he
asked. “Jethro’s really good in a car. He lies down and
stays down until I tell him otherwise.”

Heather laughed as the big animal reached up to lick
her face while she bent down to pat his head. The old
familiar excitement that reminded her at once of Saxon
raced through her loins, and she saw a sudden lewd
image of herself kneeling before the huge dog while he
fucked relentlessly up into her wetly clinging cunt.

Afraid the boy might notice she was blushing, Heather
straightened up and turned towards her car, beckoning
casually for the two hitchhikers to follow.

“Lots of room,” she said, and went ahead to unlock her
car. Heather and the boy talked companionably for half
an hour while they drove steadily through the early-
morning sunshine. The boy, who introduced himself as
John Bailey, was a college student heading to Arizona
to spend a couple of weeks with an older brother.
Heather found him far more interesting to talk to than
the older men she’d been dating. He actually seemed to
have something in his head besides money and getting

“Mind if I light up a joint?” he asked.

Heather didn’t mind at all. In fact she figured a few
tokes might be exactly what she needed right now. She
sucked long and deep on the slender cigarette each time
it was passed back to her. Within minutes she found her
attention lapsing, so that she almost hit an oncoming
car as she let her front end wander over the center

“I don’t think I’m used enough to dope to be driving
under the influence,” she told her companion
sheepishly. “Mind if we pull over for a little while?
I’d like to have a closer look at the countryside

“Hey, I’d like that. I’m in no hurry anyway, now that
I’ve got a ride.” Heather found a country road that led
into a grove of trees about a thousand yards off the
highway. They got out of the car and Heather got an old
picnic blanket out of the trunk so they’d have
something to sit on. The dog nosed about among the
trees, checking out the new terrain while the two
humans talked. Every now and then he’d check back in
for a pat and a lick before venturing back out into the

As she and John talked, Heather found her mind
wandering mysteriously from the subject of conversation
to the idea of being fucked by that big friendly dog.
She could feel that the crotch of her shorts was
actually wet with pussy-juice. Her horniness and the
boy’s uncanny openness made her feel less inhibited
than usual. That, and the dope. She had become bored
with mere conversation. They were alone in this lovely
wood, and she was ripe to take advantage of the
situation and the day and her mood.

“I’d like to suck your cock,” Heather found herself
saying aloud.

“Far-out,” the boy answered, his face mellowing into a
peaceful grin.

“Well, if you’d like it, I’d sure like it,” he told
her. Without batting an eyelash, he opened his fly and
pulled out his cock, long and thick, but still soft in
his hand.

Watching the boy open his pants, Heather took off her
own shirt and shorts so she was naked, her nipples
hardening delightfully in response to the slight, warm
breeze in the wood. Her own wanton nudity outside in
broad daylight heightened her d**g-induced horniness,
and she knelt forward on all fours to reach for John’s
cock and squeeze it fondly between her fingers.

It really was a very nice cock, she thought lewdly. It
had been a long time, but she remembered now how much
she liked the smooth, fleshy feel of a prick as it
began to harden in her hand.

“Why don’t you just lie down on the blanket, darling?”
Heather suggested. “Relax, and let me make you feel
good… I love the feel of your prick, John. See,
already it’s getting nice and hard for me.” Her words
stopped there as she lowered her mouth over the boy’s
body and closed her lips softly over the flaring head
of his rapidly swelling cock.

She thrust her ass lewdly into the air behind her as
she began to nip and tease at the tip of the turgid
prick in her mouth. Her asscheeks were poised high in
the air as though in obscene invitation to another
lover, and in fact Heather in her stoned mind was
hoping the dog might take an interest in the ripe aroma
of her excited cunt and come fuck her.

John began to moan softly from time to time as Heather
lowered her mouth all the way down over his rigid cock,
encasing its entire pulsing length in the warm wet
hollow of her cheeks. She established a smooth, slow
rhythm over the upthrust tool, following the movement
of her mouth with the stroking of her clasped hand
around the fleshy cock-shaft. Up and down her blonde
head worked over the still-clothed boy, who lay smiling
in blissful agony, watching the lovely naked older
woman eagerly suck his pulsating rod.

“Jeez, Heather, you’re really a beautiful chick,” he
told her even as his hips continued to squirm in
response to the maddening attentions of her mouth on
his prick. “Your mouth’s like liquid honey on my prick.
I’ve never known a girl who could suck cock like you
do.” Heather was pleased by the boy’s appreciative
words and by the gentle, matter-of-fact manner in which
he spoke them.

She realized that he wanted her to handle things the
way she wanted to handle them. And right now she wanted
to handle this lovely hard cock of John’s, to suck it
like it had never gotten sucked before. Her mouth
worked hungrily up and down the gleaming, purple-veined
cock, while her hand jacked rhythmically on the shaft.

She tried to imagine what the blow-job felt like to the
boy, and her horniness increased. Soon she was totally
engrossed in sucking the boy off there in the sunlit
wood, oblivious to anything but one hard fleshy cock,
when suddenly she felt a cold wet presence at her

It was Jethro’s nose!

Without losing her cock-sucking rhythm, she waited in
breathless anticipation of what the big dog might do.
She waved her butt encouragingly in his face, thrusting
her buns farther upward so the dog would find her wet,
seeping slit in his explorations. “Aaaagghh!” she
moaned around the fleshy tool in her mouth as the dog’s
tongue lashed out to lap roughly over her whole slit
and the knot of her asshole.

Jethro had been distracted from his play by the strange
coupling that was taking place on the blanket, and when
he went over to investigate, he was immediately
attracted by the earthy scent emanating from the
woman’s aroused cunt. He did as his instincts commanded
under the circumstances–took a sniff and then a lick.
He liked the taste and began to lick greedily at
Heather’s parted pussy-slit, thrusting his head in
between her thighs to get full access to her drooling

Heather parted her legs as far as she could to give the
animal full access to her hotly quivering cunt. She
found the liquid pressure of the dog’s tongue on her
cunt-lips thoroughly arousing, so much so that she
almost forgot to keep her head working up and down over
John’s stiff prick. Saliva ran wetly from her mouth as
she sucked like a woman demented at his glistening
cock-shaft, feeling its tip grazing her tonsils as her
mouth engorged the whole pulsing rod.

The young hitchhiker could scarcely believe the
incredibly sensual threesome he and his dog had
suddenly become involved in. Such a short time ago, it
seemed, all he’d been worried about was getting to his
brother’s place. Now here he was lying on a blanket in
the woods with a beautiful naked woman kneeling over
him, sucking his prick while his dog licked at her

John’s first instinct when he’d seen Jethro heading for
the woman’s ass was to shoo him off, but he’d been
thoroughly surprised, and aroused, to find that the
woman actually seemed to want the dog to pay attention
to her ass and cunt. She was wiggling her buttcheeks
back and forth in search of more of the animal
tonguing, mewling all the while around his cock while
she sucked and slavered, bringing him to an amazing
peak of sexual arousal.

Nothing in John’s hitherto rather bland sex life could
even begin to measure up to what was happening to him
this morning. He had never before been so thoroughly

“Ughhh!” the boy grunted, pumping his hips more
energetically up into Heather’s mouth in abandoned
appreciation of her talented cock-tonguing. Heather
felt she had never been so depraved in her entire life.
Here she was in the great outdoors, less than a mile
from a main highway, sucking on a total stranger’s
prick while his dog lapped at her cunt!

The pain and agony she had experienced short hours ago
were now totally forgotten, forsaken in the rush to
answer the call of more compelling emotions, to revel
in the wanton participation in orgiastic pleasures of
the flesh.

Heather felt her pleasure would be complete if only the
dog would fuck her, would jam her cunt full with what
she imagined must be his truly huge prick. A dog that
size had to be hung like a small horse! She thought
perhaps he might be in need of a little encouragement,
that he had undoubtedly never fucked a human before.
Raising her head for a moment from the youth’s cock,
she turned to the dog and patted her own ass as she

“Come on boy. Up, up. Come on, that’s a good boy.” The
big dog seemed a little confused at first by the
woman’s words and gestures, but he abandoned his
licking of her cunt to look at her and try to fathom
what was expected of him.

Inspired by the woman’s aromatic cunt-juice, he began
mounting her ass, like he did with female dogs. The
handsome mongrel rose to his feet and raised his front
paws onto Heather’s back, at the same time thrusting
forward frantically with his hips.

Heather was almost mad with excitement. She’d caught a
glimpse of the dog’s thick glistening prick before he
rose up behind her, and she immediately began to quiver
with fear that was heavily tinged with pure ravenous
sexual hunger. Confident that the dog had the idea now
of what was expected of him, she went back to her task
of sucking and caressing John’s rock-hard cock, which
was lurching heavily as though in search of that
wonderful mouth that had momentarily deserted it.

John had been almost unable to believe his ears when he
heard the woman coax the dog to mount her. He realized
this strange beautiful woman actually seemed to be
trying to get his dog to fuck her! He’d heard or read
the old thing about women fucking animals, but he’d
never seriously believed it. Now here he was getting an
incredible blow-job from a gorgeous blonde that was
obviously into screwing dogs!

Heather was groaning with excitement as she felt the
big animal humping up against her crotch, searching
with his prick for her waiting cunt. She realized after
a few moments of hit and miss activity that the dog was
going to need some help. For assistance, she raised her
eyes pleadingly to the boy’s watching face, trying to
convey to him, without raising her mouth from his cock,
just what it was she needed from him.

John’s mouth hung open in awe as he watched the sexy
blonde work over his inflated tool while the big dog
struggled to impale her from behind. For long moments
he was unable to take his eyes from her full pink lips
that locked so hotly around his pulsing cock-shaft,
nibbling and sucking ever-increasing sparks of
excitement from the very depths of his aroused balls.

At last he noticed the woman was staring at him with a
look of incredible pleading in her lovely blue eyes. He
couldn’t figure out what it was all about at first, but
suddenly it dawned on him. She wanted him to help the
dog get his prick in … To coach his dog in his first
attempt at fucking a human female!

Carefully, so as not to disturb her lips’ hold on his
throbbing prick, he maneuvered his body around until
his shoulder was almost brushing against his dog’s rear
leg. He reached timidly for the slick red girth of
Jethro’s cock and guided the turgid rod in between her
ass-crack towards the wet, waiting mouth of her cunt.
He poked the tip of the dog’s cock against the yielding
pussy-flesh until the dog himself sensed that he had at
last found the right place and lunged forward with
compulsive strength.

“Aaaaarrgghhh!” Heather moaned around the filling girth
ofJohn’s prick. It hurt terribly, much more than
Saxon’s cock ever had. Her sensual apprehension
suddenly turned to real fear as she realized nothing
was going to stop the animal from ramming his huge cock
all the way up into her tight, defenseless cunt. She
suddenly pulled her head up from John’s dick.

“No, no, John! Stop him! It’s too much! I can’t take
his cock!” But already the big dog had sensed his
victory and was thrusting back and forth with powerful
strokes that were forcing his giant dick farther and
farther up into the reluctantly yielding recesses of
her cunt.

His cock was hard and thick and powerful, and the
strength of each instroke f****d her head down so her
mouth was again closed over the upthrust staff of
John’s dick. Mechanically, she began to suck the dick
rod, resigning herself to the fearful fate she had cut
out for herself, victim to the relentless fucking of a
dog with a prick almost twice the size of her dear
familiar Saxon’s.

John had heard the woman’s cry for help, but he sensed
that it was only half-hearted, that the pleas for mercy
would soon turn into mewls of pleasure. He was
mesmerized by the sight of his pet’s thick red cock
disappearing far up between the flowering pink lips of
Heather’s pussy, and then reappearing momentarily only
to plow once again all the way up into the woman’s
hungry cunt.

It looked more like her snatch was struggling to
swallow the entire rigid dog-cock rather than fight it
off, so wetly was it opening and closing around the
animal’s stroking dong. There was no way he was going
to turn off the circus now. He wanted to see the show
right through to the end. Watch this nympho woman that
was sucking his cock turn into a raving banshee as she
learned to respond to his dog’s relentless fucking.

Gradually, ever so gradually, Heather’s resignation to
her newfound pain turned into a hungry acceptance of a
new, deeper, more intense thrill. She was actually
taking that massive dog’s cock all the way up into her
dilating pussy! The rampaging thickness was coaxing her
sensitive nerve-endings into building appreciation of
the pitiless fucking she was taking up her vulnerable
cunt. It was feeling good. It was feeling damned good.
Angle had never been fucked like this in her life and
she knew it.

As she once again sucked eagerly on John’s rubbery
cock, she reminded herself lewdly of how it had
actually taken a chance meeting with a hitchhiker and
his beautiful big pet to coax her into the incredible
orgiastic pleasure she was now enjoying. She was riding
high on a peak of wanton abandon that even surpassed
anything she had known with Saxon and Sally, and for a
moment she felt a little pang of guilt that she was
experiencing a more intense passion with strangers. But
then her memory reminded her of the scene she had
interrupted last night and she knew an even more
furious excitement.

She was getting her own back. She, too, could pick up
someone and make them show her body wilder and more
intense erotic experiences than she had known at home.
She could get fucked, too. She smiled a little around
the cock driving into her face as she tried to imagine
what Sally would think if she could see her now:
Kneeling naked in the woods, sucking a college boy’s
cock while his dog fucked her cunt with the force and
speed of an oncoming freight train.

“Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh!” Heather mewled around John’s prick
as her entire body drank in the incredible stimulation
of the animal-humping she was getting from behind. She
was beginning to feel weak and a little tired but still
Jethro fucked on and on, his powerful body rutting with
the intensity of a jackhammer, forcing her to almost
unbearable summits of sensual pleasure.

Bravely, Heather continued to suck and lave John’s
swollen tool, though her strength was fading, though
she was like a heroin addict who was floating off
somewhere in a private pleasurable fantasy world,
driven there by the intensity of the most thorough,
rousing fuck she had ever known in her entire
promiscuous young life.

“Jeez, baby, I don’t know how much longer I can hold
on!” John groaned between clenched teeth. Watching this
wild woman suck his cock while she got thoroughly
turned on to his pet’s hard-fucking prick was driving
him to the peak with furious intensity. That and the
fact that Heather’s cock-sucking maneuvers were
becoming more and more abandoned as she was driven
farther and farther toward the brink of distraction by
Jethro’s tireless dog-cock.

John knew he was going to come within moments, and he
realized instinctively it was going to be the most
memorable orgasm of his life. He began to pump his
loins more energetically at the woman’s face, rushing
to meet the explosion threatened to break at any

Heather could tell by John’s erotic squirmings that he
was struggling on the brink of climax. At the same time
she could feel the dog’s prick growing larger inside
her clutching cunt as the animal, too, struggled to
fulfill the promise of release.

The idea of having both her mouth and cunt filled by
thick white male sperm, half-animal, half-human, drove
Heather over the brink of excitement, and she writhed
and gyrated her ass furiously, coaxing the dog to come
in her twat even as she clenched with her hand and
sucked tighter with her mouth at John’s twitching cock.

John was the first to go. Heather could feel the hot
jets of salty jizz shooting far into the back of her
throat, and she swallowed them hungrily while the dog
thrust his cock energetically far up into her wet pussy
to unload his own salty ration of spunk. The knowledge
that it was finally happening — that she was being
filled to the peak of her lustful capacity — triggered
Heather’s own climax.

“Mmmmmm, aaaannhhhhh!” she moaned around the spurting
rod in her mouth as her nerve endings seemed to explode
with the intense force of a thousand tiny firecrackers.
She was over the top. She and her two strange new
companions were climaxing together here in the woods on
this lovely warm summer’s day. It was crazy. It was
sexy. She loved it. She loved it!

The three orgiastic revelers lay in a confused heap of
fur and flesh for some time before John finally
struggled to his feet and pulled up the zipper of his
jeans. Jethro leaped up and joined him, snuggling
against the boy’s leg affectionately. John reached down
and stroked the animal. “Hi, fella. Have a good time?
We sure learned a few things about the birds and the
bees today, didn’t we?”

Hearing John’s words, Heather giggled and rolled over
onto her back to look up at her two handsome lovers.
“Hey, does that make me a teacher?” she asked
coquettishly. “Maybe I’ve discovered a new vocation.”
“You’re the best damned teacher I ever met,” John
complimented her, giving her a friendly hug as she rose
to her feet.

The boy and his dog played fetch-it with a big stick
for a few minutes while Heather dressed and put the
blanket back in the car. She still felt vaguely stoned,
but it was hard to tell how much of that was the result
of the marijuana and how much of her fabulous orgasm.
She felt totally rejuvenated, freed of the burden of
last night’s sorrow and anger.

“Hey, you guys ready to leave?” she called at last.
“Ready when you are.” John and Jethro sauntered back to
the car, both looking extremely smug and well taken
care of. “Hey, Heather,” John suggested as he got back
in the car, “why don’t you come along to my brother
Sid’s place with me? He wrote me that he has orgies and
stuff like that going at his ranch. You might be
interested, and I’m sure he’d be glad to meet you.”

Heather was a little shocked at first, and then laughed
at her own silly prudishness. A girl who could pick up
a boy and his dog and fuck them both certainly had
nothing to fear from a mere orgy. Besides, it was a new
opportunity, something different. Who knew what might

“Sure, why not?” She shrugged her shoulders. “You know,
I think it’s time I met more of my own kind of people.”