A woman second encounter with a man and a dog

After leaving the Suffolk village as I did rather
hurriedly, I was totally unaware of the goings on there
afterwards. Sue left Norman to go to live in London
with James… and Norman set about trying to trace
where I had disappeared to. As I was not in hiding in
any way it didn’t take him long to locate me and I had
in fact not gone that far… only to Southwold. I
managed to get a position as a typist and sort of
unofficial PA to a solicitor’s office….a father and
son business, just the two of them, but it kept me
busy. Imagine my total surprise when Norman appeared
one day as I was working in the front office, to say
the least I was lost for words.

“Hey you, how you doi’n girl?” he asked in his gruff
Suffolk accent.

The surprise was evident on my face but he was probably
totally unaware of the sheer horror that filled me.

“Oh, it’s you,” I managed to say with my throat dry and
voice cracking.

He looked me up and down as he usually did, eyes
lingering on my breasts and legs… he mentally
undressed all the women he met, ‘damn him’ I thought.

“Meet me for lunch, eh?” he said in a way that made it
sound more like a request than an invitation. I opened
my mouth to reply but just then Graham senior came out
of his office, Looked at Norman, then at me, probably
assuming Norman was a client, but then realising that
he was not and that he was intruding on something
private…all I wanted then was to get rid of Norman.

“Perhaps when you are ready Miss Greer, some letters to
write,” Graham said charmingly.

I nodded and then turned to Norman.

“I’m off at 12.30 and I’ll meet you in the Crown, ok?”

To my relief he smiled and left after agreeing to meet
me. I found it hard to concentrate on taking notes with
Graham senior, my mind going back to that afternoon
earlier in the year when I had succumbed to Norman’s
insistence to perform with him and Blackie. That same
sort of overbearing personality showed itself today and
I seemed unable to cope with it. It wasn’t out of
weakness or lack of character on my part, but something
that was much deeper in my psyche.

At length lunchtime came, It was but a short walk up
the high street to the Crown. Norman was already there,
sitting at a corner table facing the door so as not to
miss me. After the usual pleasantries of sitting me
down, getting me a drink and ordering some sandwiches,
we sat opposite each other. He hadn’t changed, the same
florid face and rough hands, but he had made an effort
to smarten himself up a bit. Between gulps of his beer
he told me what had transpired after I left and he was
pretty matter of fact about it, it seemed that he was
now living in that large house on his own… then there
was a awkward silence as I looked down at my drink and
he played with a beer mat.

“I can’t get you out of my bloody head,” he suddenly
said loudly… I was aware of people turning round to
look at us. I shifted in my seat as he leaned forward
at me…”You know what I mean,” he said at normal

His eyes were fixed on mine and I had to look away over
his shoulder, he was facing me with memories and
feelings that I did not understand, it’s as if he
understood them more than I did.

“You fucking loved it didn’t you?” he said as if it
were an accusation rather than a statement of fact or a
question, he then leaned back in his chair almost with
a look of satisfaction on his face, then leaned forward
to make another point. “‘cos I know I did!” he almost
yelled again, more people turned to look at us. I now
felt I needed to say something, anything…. as I could
tell he was getting worked up.

“Look Norman,” I said quietly, trying to keep my voice
level, “It happened… ok? I rather wish it had not
but…” I didn’t get to fish the sentence.

“Liar,” he said quietly, looking now about the room to
make sure no one could hear, “Who do you think you are
kidding, eh? Why aren’t you honest girl? Don’t tell me
you haven’t thought about it since and fucked yourself
over it.”

“You are rude Norman,” I said trying to fend him off
but he was absolutely right and I was never a good
liar. “So what do you want then?” I asked.

“What do you think I want?” he asked incredulously.
“Girls like you are few and far between. Look, let’s
meet and just see what happens, I promise it won’t be
like last time… I won’t push you, ok?”

I looked at him now and he seemed sincere, but he was
the sort of man that could get carried away, could he
contain himself? What was I doing thinking this way? It
was then that I realised the temptation he put before
me was appealing, he was right, he had made me come to
terms with it.

“Where?” I asked looking into my glass again.

There was a pause as he realised what I had agreed to,
“Where ever you feel most comfortable,” he replied.

“My place then… Friday evening about 9 pm… I live

“I know where you live,” he said.

I looked at my watch, my lunch time was over and I got
up. We left together without saying much and parted
with few words. I am not sure who was more surprised by
the outcome of events, he or I. All that afternoon I
thought about Blackie and Norman and sometimes got lost
in a freaky world of heightened sexuality and fear, and
perhaps those two are the essential ingredients for me.

Friday seemed to come around quickly and the day flew
past, it always being busy at the end of the week. When
I arrived home there was a message on my answering
machine to remind me of the meeting, as if I would have
forgotten I thought and laughed to myself. I ate early
and decided to have a bath and try to relax, also a few
gin and tonics… more than I should have had too. I
lay in the bath thinking and drinking for probably an
hour, and by the time I emerged I was very relaxed…I
looked in the mirror at myself and then decided to
dress sexily… why not? Not for Norman or the dog, but
for me.

I wanted and needed to feel good. Black suited me well,
and black underwear with black stockings seemed to fit
the bill topped by a slinky black number and black
patent heels. And so I relaxed with some soft jazz
until the door bell rang at exactly 9 pm. I bet he’s
been waiting outside in the car I thought to myself.

I stepped aside as they entered, Blackie looking about
at this strange new environment, as did Norman, I led
them through to the lounge, which was a large open room
with plenty of floor space. Blackie trotted about as
Norman sat, looking at me in his usual way as I asked
him for a drink and then we sat together on the large

“God, you look good,” he said quietly.

“Thank you,” I replied. “I feel good too.”

“Here boy!” he called to Blackie, the dog came over
obediently and sat before Norman, who stroked his face.

“He’s had a bath… didn’t enjoy it… but needed it…
covered in cow shit again.”

I thought that information to be quite off-putting
really but it was Norman’s way, he was no diplomat. He
roughly pulled the dog over so he was in front of
me…and I gave him a pat, he licked my hand, perhaps
he remembered me. Then I smiled at such a stupid
notion. Norman ran the palm of his hand along my
stockinged thigh, the rough skin dragging on the fine
deniere, he turned up my dress in the front so that my
stocking tops, thighs and pantie covered pubes showed.

“I’ve dreamed of this,” he said not looking at me.

“I need to say something Norman,” I said in a level
voice, the alcohol giving me the courage to confront
him, I casually pulled my dress down again.

“C’mon girl, let’s hear it then.”

“Well it’s like this. I want to experience the dog on
my own….I’m happy for you to stay, and help if
necessary, but I don’t want it like last time…ok?”

He sat looking into his drink for a while and I thought
that he might throw a wobbly.

“What about me then?” he asked looking and sounding
almost hurt. “I want to fuck you too.”

“You really know how to woo a girl don’t you Norman,” I
said sarcastically.

He looked at me with fury in his eyes… a frightening

“Well,” he said, looking into his glass again. “I see
it this way girl, you want the dog, I know that… I’m
the price you pay for that pleasure.”

My heart sank, this was not going the way I had
planned, but I was stupid to think that Norman had any
finer feelings because he didn’t. He looked at me and
saw the reticence in my face and knew that he had won.

“C’mon girl, don’t be miserable,” he said moving nearer
and putting his hand on my thigh, squeezing it none too
gently. I leaned back to put my glass down and his hand
slid unceremoniously under my dress and felt up my
thigh, reaching the bareness past the stocking top. I
leaned back, watching like a spectator as he renewed
his memory of me. I lifted my hips as he drew down my
panties, exposing my dark mass of curly pubes. My heels
raised my knees from the edge of the seat so it was
easy to just open them for him and Blackie, who now
showed some interest in the procedure. Norman gently
slipped a finger into me and then withdrew it, offering
it to the sensitive nose, it was sniffed gently, then

“Move yourself to the edge of the seat girl,” he said

I did so, my buttocks right on the edge, my pubes
overhanging. Norman parted me and Blackie’s nose
followed the scent… I bit my lower lip as I felt his
tongue going to work. I had forgotten how good this
felt. I lay back with the dogs head between my open
thighs as Norman fondled and removed both my breasts
from their cups, pulling and sucking at the nipples
which responded as they always did. I felt almost like
a woman being seen to by two men.

I couldn’t see Blackie of course but I could feel him
getting more and more enthralled with reaching my
marrow, perhaps he saw it as a bone… he certainly
treated my entrance as one. I was moaning now as
Blackie started to bring me to a heightened state of
arousal, at which stage Norman decided to expose
himself and drag me over so that I was sitting on him,
facing Blackie. Blackie was not to be denied and as
Norman slid into me, Blackie proceeded to lick my front
and I guess Normans balls too.

The more he lifted me up and down the more juices were
there for Blackie to lick and with the stimulation of
Blackie’s tongue on my clit and Norman’s bone in me, I
started to reach an orgasm quickly. I could see
Blackie’s mounting excitement too, he was darting
about, with his tongue fixed to me, I caught a glimpse
of his huge erection every now and then, then I was
being pushed forward, with Norman still in me.

I knew what he now wanted so I dropped to my knees, as
soon as Blackie saw me on my knees he mounted, not at
the rear because Norman was still there grunting and
pulling at my hips, but he mounted at the front and
side, like he was desperate to hump at something, his
huge hanging affair was pushed into my face a couple of
times and I felt a couple of squirts from his cock on
my face.

Suddenly it was there under my nose and I managed to
grasp it with one hand, only just able to support my
weight with the other… he stopped as if frozen at
this, my hand cupping his huge knot… and to my own
surprise I started to kiss and lick it, and gradually I
took it in and sucked it, a strange steely taste
engulfed my mouth, not unpleasant but he soon started
to fill it with short squirts, I let it dribble out.

I was with this new interest unaware of Norman’s
withdrawal until his head appeared next to mine, his
eyes wide looking at me fellating his dog with
enthusiasm. Blackie saw his opportunity then and he
pulled away, making for my rear, he licked at me, I
guess at what Norman had left there for him and I like
a proper bitch dipped my back and exposed all I had, he
nuzzled into my sex at first licking deliciously.

Then he mounted me, already jabbing at the target two,
three maybe four times before he found it… then he
was in with a huge thrust… I wanted it all as I
rested my head on my folded arms waiting for the huge
know to be f****d in… it didn’t take much… two
thrusts and it started to slide through the opening…
I cried out as it stretched… then it was inside…

Blackie rested on top of me and the pleasure began, a
swelling followed by a spasm over and over… orgasm
followed orgasm, it was totally overwhelming… all
consuming… like nothing I ever felt before.

I just moaned and moaned with it. Norman tried to make
me suck him while this happened but I didn’t want it,
he looked cheated, for at least twenty minutes I moaned
and felt as if I was in heaven.

When at last Blackie had finished with me… his affair
came out with a huge plop, followed by a stream of
semen… then I felt Norman there helping himself to
what was left… his efforts could have gone unnoticed
after Blackie’s but it satisfied him and he pulled out
and sprayed over me. Now I had fully experienced the
wonder of sex with a dog. I determined that it would be
without the help of another man next time… but then
many plans go wrong or fail for various reasons which I
will go into later.

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