A woman spies on her neighbors while gardening in her backyard

It was a beautiful late spring day and Lisa was in her
backyard weeding the landscaping. Like all the homes
in the subdivision she had a high privacy fence around
the yard and Lisa was working on the fence line
between her and her neighbors Tabby and Greg, a couple
in their mid-thirties that had moved in over the
winter. They were friendly but Lisa had not had too
much interaction with them yet.

Tabby and Greg were working in their backyard as well
and Lisa could hear them over there discussing where
to plant flowers and other typical yard work subjects.
But as she neared the center of the fence separating
their yards Lisa could tell that Tabby and Greg were
arguing. They were doing that sort of under-your-
breath yelling that conveyed intensity without any
volume so Lisa could not tell what they were arguing

But her curiosity was engaged now. Sitting back on her
knees, Lisa saw a knot hole in one of the fence
boards, about 2 1/2 feet off the ground, right on the
edge between two boards. Walking forward on her knees
a couple feet she came to the hole and, feeling a bit
guilty for doing so, peeped through.

Greg was wearing a white T-shirt and jeans and some
leather work boots. Tabby was looking cute for yard
work in tight shorts, a tube top that accented her
lovely breasts and her hair was tucked up into a white
golf visor. Greg was pointing at her, lecturing her
gruffly about something, and Tabby was managing to
glare back at him even as she pouted like a scolded
child. Lisa could see her face because Greg was
standing so his back was toward Lisa’s yard, though at
a slight angle.

It was suddenly obvious that Greg said something that
made Tabby angry because her eyes widened, her hands
became fists that she pushed straight at the ground in
petulant defiance and she stomped past Greg toward the

Suddenly Greg grabbed her by the arm and spun her
around. He grabbed the front of her tube top and
yanked upward with such force it lifted Tabby off the
ground until her arms were forced up over her head to
let the top over her. Her visor flew off and
strawberry blond hair fell down around her freckled
shoulders. She stood before him, topless, and her
defiance was gone.

Her manner was now completely submissive. Lisa could
not take her eyes from the scene unfolding before her.
The two had switched places and she looked past
Tabby’s shoulder and the shapely curve of her right
breast at Greg’s face. He smiled through gritted teeth
at her then reach up with both hands and grabbed both
of her nipples.

Lisa could see his arm muscles tighten with the force
he was applying as he pinched her hard, and with a
twist and downward pull, drove Tabby to her knees.
Tabby whimpered and followed that vicious tug to the
ground. But Greg kept pulling lower and Tabby bent at
the waste until her face was on the grass, like a
slave before her master. Lisa’s own nipples ached
against the inside of her bra, hardening to tight buds
and Lisa did not know if it was sympathy pains for
Tabby or arousal at what Greg was doing to her.

Greg lowered himself to a crouch, the knelt on the
back of Tabby’s shoulders, pinning her to the ground.
Tabby’s backside now was facing Lisa so she got a
tantalizing view as Greg leaned forward and slid
Tabby’s shorts back off her hips and down her thighs
to her knees. Lisa gasped. Though they had been doing
yard work, it was not that hot a day. Tabby’s panties
were slick with moisture, clinging and outlining her
lips and Lisa knew it was as much Tabby’s arousal as
sweat from work. She felt herself getting wetter down
there as well and just noticed herself gently tracing
one of her nipples through her top. She reached up
under her shirt and slipped her hand under her bra to
touch her nipple and her knees quivered with the
sensation. She looked back through the knothole.

Greg now slid Tabby’s panties down to thighs to her
knees as well, letting Lisa look at her bare backside
and glistening pussy. Lisa was shocked at what
happened next. Apparently so caught up in the moment
that he forgot about the neighbors hearing, or perhaps
deciding he did not care, he brought his hand down in
a powerful slap on Tabby’s rear end. Again and again,
from one cheek to another, Greg brought those
resounding slaps. Lisa’s began to tingle as the full
reality ran through her. Greg was spanking his wife
for disobedience right in the backyard!

Tabby wriggled, but only a bit, and clenched the grass
as Greg administered the spanking. When he stopped
Lisa sat back from the knothole. She had heard about
couples in the ‘lifestyle’ before, and had read a few
stories, shamefully fantasizing about being a
submissive or slave, but had never encountered it.

Yet here it was, being played out right before her
eyes. Her hand slid down her stomach, found the waist
band of her shorts and kept going. Her pussy was
soaking wet, and her lips were so sensitive she
shuddered as her fingers slid down, making a ‘V’ on
either side of her swollen clit. Just that bit of side
pressure on her engorged button made her swoon, and
she gently rubbed up and down, not touching it
directly, because she was afraid she would come. She
leaned forward and looked again through the knothole.

Greg finished his spanking and admired her reddened
ass. Gently stroking her lovely round cheeks, he did
something Lisa never expected…He whistled! Tabby
squeaked “Nooo!” The couple’s Boxer, Rowdy, came
padding into view, looked at Tabby’s available
backside and started to stick his nose up to her!

Tabby squealed and threw her legs out, dropping flat
on her stomach. Greg smiled, an evil smile, and
proceeded to slap her rump again, harder than ever,
saying, “Don’t you do that! Get that ass back up
there. You do as you are told!” Rowdy, not wanting any
part of that backed away, and Greg spanked Tabby until
she wiggled back up on her knees, with her backside
high in the air. Not so easy with her shorts and
panties still right around the bend in her knees!

Greg whistled again and Rowdy quickly returned. He
began snuffing at Tabby’s sex, then without preamble
began to lick her aggressively, enjoying her salty
sweat and certainly the taste of her sex. Tabby
quivered under that tongue’s assault and rocked
backwards involuntarily as the sensations overwhelmed

Lisa could not believe what she was seeing! Her hand
was dipping deep into her wet pussy now, a slow rhythm
from insider her, up to her aching clit, and back down
and insider her again. She watched Rowdy licking Tabby
and wondered what that must feel like. Rowdy was
becoming more excited. Lisa could tell because he was
starting to hunch his hind quarters and she could see
the red tip of cock poking out of his sheath.

Suddenly Rowdy rose up onto Tabby’s back. Tabby made
an indescribable noise, muffled by the grass, as
Rowdy’s front legs latched onto her, wrapped around
her waist as he probed for her cunt. His thrusting was
manic, desperate, as he tried to find that warm wet
spot in his bitch. He poked her lips, he poked her
high near her pretty little ass, he probed low,
banging against her clit. Tabby, who seemed to be
fearful of this at the beginning, now adjusted herself
to make her pussy more accessible to the dog, longing
at this point for his penetration. Rowdy finally found
that spot and with three lightning fast lunges his
cock plunged two, then six, then fully into Tabby’s
hot cunt.

Tabby moaned with such an animal sound that Lisa
moaned herself. She heard the sound of Rowdy fucking
Tabby, wet, sucking sounds as he stretched her wide to
accept his large cock. A steady stream of fluid ran
down Tabby’s pussy lips and drizzled from her clit.
Lisa’s hand worked furiously at her own cunt, feeling
her orgasm coming on as she watched this taboo show.

Lisa could see a small knob at the base of Rowdy’s
cock that was swelling, and just passing in and out of
Tabby’s well used opening. Suddenly it passed all the
way in with one powerful thrust and Rowdy did not pull
it back out. His thrusting slowed and stopped. He
rested on Tabby’s back and Tabby put a hand through
her legs, ran it up her pussy and let herself feel
that doggie cock disappearing inside of her. Then her
hand lowered a bit to her clit, and with a couple of
circular motions she kicked off her orgasm.

Her swollen cunt convulsed and relaxed and convulsed
again on Rowdy’s knot, and though Lisa knew Rowdy was
already spurting deep inside Tabby’s belly the vision
of her, in the throes of her orgasm, virtually milking
that dog cum from Rowdy’s prick was so wanton, so
taboo, and so beautiful that Lisa’s own orgasm hit her
more powerfully than ever before. She bit her and
thrust her hips, grinding her pussy against her hand
as she tried to imagine that beautiful animal cock
filling her with an endless amount of cum.

Looking back through her peep hole Lisa saw Greg
stroking Tabby’s hair and back and speaking to her
gently. Tabby was clenching the grass and whimpering
in ecstasy. And Rowdy was facing Lisa! He had thrown a
leg over Tabby’s back and was standing there backside
to backside with his cock still stuck in Tabby’s
pussy. He started to pull forward and Tabby moaned,
her pussy lips tugged outward by the doggie knot
inside her. Rowdy waited a moment and then tugged
again and this time that large knot came through with
a wet sound and Tabby let out a guttural groan as his
cock slipped free of her and stream of his cum poured
from her abused pussy.

Rowdy walked across the yard and lay down, licking
himself. Greg rose to his feet, said something to
Tabby and then walked toward the house, out of sight.
Tabby laid there for a few minutes, little spasms
still running through her. Lisa kept watching her,
little spasms still running through her as well,
sharing her orgasm with Tabby, who had unknowingly
helped provide it.

Finally, Tabby leaned back on knees and rose to her
feet, a bit unsteadily. Her shorts and panties, which
had caught much of Rowdy’s cum as it ran from her,
fell to her ankles and she kicked them off, now
completely naked in her yard. She took a couple steps
toward the house, the turned and sidled up to the
fence. Lisa sat perfectly still, panic hitting her as
Tabby came right up to the knot hole.

Tabby’s bare pussy was now just a couple feet away and
as Lisa watched Tabby stood with her feet spread a
couple feet apart and suddenly another huge volume of
cum dribbled out of her beautiful pussy and down one
thigh. And then she suddenly squatted down and looked
through the knot hole at Lisa.

“When you want to try it, honey, just come over and
let me know,” she said with a smile. “We can do it
when Greg is not around if you like.”

And with a wink, Tabby rose and went into her house.
Lisa leaned back on her knees, bit her lip and thought
about what just happened. Then she thought to herself
that it was about time to get to know her neighbors!

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