A woman who has always liked to dominate her boyfriends

“You’re kidding!” said Madison.

Vanessa laughed. “No, I’m absolutely telling the
truth,” she said.

“You’ve been a conniving, controlling bitch since I
first met you, but it’s hard to believe you pulled
this off,” said Madison.

“But I did,” said Vanessa. Madison knew Vanessa took
her insults as compliments. “You’ve seen him.”

“Yes, and I know he’s totally focused on pleasing you,
but what you’re saying goes beyond belief,” said
Madison. “Since you know that there’s no way we can
check, you can say whatever you want.”

“What if I proved it to you?” said Vanessa.

“How could you ever do that?” said Madison.

“Well, I’ve been thinking about making some home
videos of us, just for me to watch,” said Vanessa. “I
don’t want Logan to know, so I’m slowly working on
getting more lighting into our bedroom and figuring
out where I can hide some high-definition video
cameras to shoot us from different angles.”

“Why wouldn’t you tell him?” asked Madison.

“Because as I just told you, I don’t tell him anything
he doesn’t need to know,” said Vanessa. “He’s happy
the way things are, and I’m ecstatic. It probably
wouldn’t make much difference, but why take chances?”

“What if I were to tell him what you just told me
about how you control him?” said Madison.

“I’d be very angry with you, and I’d have to take
revenge,” said Vanessa. “But even though it would
muddy the waters, I don’t think it would take long to
fix any problems you could cause. Think of Logan as a
huskie who’s part of a sled team. He’s not the lead
dog. He’s back in the pack. Right in front of him is a
female dog. All he can see in front of him is her
pussy and asshole. That is his whole life.”

“You really have a way with words,” said Madison. “I
know you want me to share this with Alexis, Ashely and
Lauren, because you want to rub it in. You think
because we’ve been unlucky in love, we’re not as smart
as you. Tell me one thing, Vanessa, do you even love

“Of course, I love him,” said Vanessa. “That has
nothing to do with anything. Or maybe it’s because I
love him that I’ve found a way to make sure he keeps
his priorities straight. It doesn’t hurt him to
worship me. I don’t mistreat him. Anyway, you can tell
them whatever you want. I’ve got to go now.”

“Well, I’m getting together with Ashley and Lauren for
lunch tomorrow,” said Madison, “and I’ll pass on what
you told me, but I don’t expect them to believe you

“We’ll see about that,” said Vanessa. “Bye.” As she
walked out of the restaurant, Madison saw that she was
angry. She knew it wasn’t because of the nasty insults
Madison and her other friends threw at her. She
reveled in them, because she thought it showed how
jealous they were of her. But Madison questioning her
bragging had insulted her.


The next day, Ashley and Lauren were astonished.

“It’s hard to believe that she can put that kind of a
spell on him,” Ashley said.

“It’s like he’s literally pussy whipped,” said Lauren.

“She said that once she found out he had a tremendous
sex drive, it was easy to channel it and bend it to
her wishes,” said Madison. “I still don’t understand
how, but I bet she’d love to tell us, because it would
give her another chance to be condescending.”

“I don’t care if it makes her even harder to live
with,” said Ashley.

“I want to find out. And I’ll bet Alexis does, too.”

“Count me in,” said Madison.

“Me, too,” said Lauren.


“Where is he now?” asked Alexis after they placed
their order.

“In front of the TV watching the Sunday football
games,” said Vanessa.

“He’s all man, with testosterone in abundance.”

“Then how did you whip him?” asked Lauren.

“It’s all a matter of goals, plans and persistence,”
said Vanessa. “If you girls would only apply
yourselves, you could have things your way, just like
I do. But if you don’t know what you want, you’ll
never get it.

“I wanted a masculine husband, but I wanted to be head
of the household. I wanted a man who treated me like a
woman, but also did everything I wanted all the time,
including when we had sex. Once I realized what my
priorities were, it was just a matter of making my
plan and then working it until I reached my goal. Sure
there were some obstacles along the way, but I found a
way to overcome them, and you can, too.”

“OK,” said Madison. “Stop talking generalities and get
down to specifics. What did you do and how did you do

“It started even before we were engaged,” said
Vanessa. “As soon as we hooked up, I found out that
Logan was insatiable. He was bright and outgoing and
ambitious, but there was always one thing foremost on
his mind.

“At first, it was just fun to find different ways to
respond to him every time he suggested we drop
everything and get on the job, but once I decided he
was the one, I realized that while I enjoyed making
love with him, my desire was no match for his, and
that could mean conflict if we were married, because,
as you know, I like to have my way.

“So I started thinking about what to do, and the
answer quickly became apparent. When it came to sex,
he was like a dog in heat, so he needed to be trained
like a dog.

“My first goal was to get engaged and married, so to
begin with, I gave in to him whenever I possibly
could, even though it was sometimes inconvenient. But
I went beyond that. I worked at suggesting sex even
before he did, and believe me that was hard. I tried
to introduce new twists and turns and techniques that
he had never thought of, which was also hard. When
there was something I just wouldn’t do — like anal —
I promised it to him after we were married. I did
everything I could to convince him that I was as eager
for 24-hour sex as he was.

“Once we were married, I kept this up on our honeymoon
and a few months after that, but I began to taper off
very gradually, so slowly that he didn’t notice. I
kept track of the number of times we had sex each week
— would you believe at first we did it at least twice
every night — and reduced the number by one every
three weeks.

“My first big challenge was anal. He kept reminding me
of my promise, and I knew that it was a promise I was
never going to keep. I started by telling him it was a
big step for me and something that I felt would both
hurt and be demeaning to me, and it would take time
until I could handle it. That worked as long as it
needed to. Once he was under my thumb, I found a way
to transfer his desire for anal.

“I began talking to him about my ass and how I thought
it was ugly and fat and hateful. I encouraged him to
compliment it in different ways and tell me how much
he desired it. Eventually, I got him to think of my
ass as the Holy Grail, which he still does. He has
fixated on it as the most desired object on Earth, and
an important part of our foreplay is his adoration of
my ass.

“Each time we make love, he caresses my ass, then he
massages it, then he spreads my cheeks apart and
worships up and down my crack with his tongue. Then he
stimulates my anus with his tongue. Not every time,
but often, I will push out as if I’m going to the
toilet and allow his tongue inside it. He will push
his tongue in with his face until he’s almost buried
inside my butt.

“At first, I would clean out with an enema before I
let him do this, but gradually, I stopped, and he
doesn’t seem to mind. Sometimes I tighten myself
inside and play with his tongue, grabbing it and
squeezing it a few times. He loves this.

“When we’re in the 69 position, sometimes I move back
on his face and pull my cheeks apart. Now he knows
this is his signal to stick his tongue in my ass as
deep as he can and start wiggling it. Meanwhile, I’m
using my fingers in front of me. As I come, my ass
spasms around his tongue, and it gets him so excited
that I just need to pump his penis a few times with my
fist and he’s coming.

“Of course, he thinks all this is a prelude to my
really offering my ass to him, which I’m never going
to do. I know if I gave in even once, he would need it
from then on, so I can’t let that happen. He doesn’t
know that I’ll be getting ready for anal but never
doing it for the rest of his life.

“He doesn’t need it anyway, although he doesn’t
realize it. I’ve trained him to come in all kinds of
ways, depending on whether I’m in the mood or not and
whether I’m in a hurry or not. As I slowly reduced
having sex to less than once a day and then to mostly
twice a week, I introduced him to the excitement of
anticipation and also to immense gratitude for every
time he has an orgasm.

“I constantly mix things up. For instance, I’ve found
that his prostrate is extremely sensitive. If I want
to finish quick, all I have to do is stick a finger or
two in his rear while we’re at it, and as soon as I
find the button and start pressing it, he’s done in
less than a minute. This is great when I have other
things to do. But sometimes, I’ll do this even when
I’m not in a hurry, and right after he comes, I’ll
start again immediately.

“He’s forgotten that we did it twice every night when
we were first married. Now he’s so grateful for a
second time in one night that he’s in heaven. After
one of those nights, I can ask him for anything I
want, and he’ll give it to me.

“Also, I’ve gotten him to bring himself off while I
watch. Even though he gives me oral in my ass and
vagina each time we make love, I’ve gradually stopped
giving him head. I never really enjoyed it, and even
though he’s conscientious and considerate about never
coming while he’s in my mouth, just the thought that
it might happen bothers me a little, so I thought, why
take the chance?

“First I came up with some creative ways to manipulate
his penis and his testicles to arouse him and give him
a big orgasm. Then, for fun, I taught him the
techniques that he responded to best and had him do
them to himself while I watched. At first, he didn’t
enjoy it, but when I kept telling him how exciting it
was to watch him, he got excited by my excitement, and
now he’s willing to do himself whenever I ask him to,
although I can tell he’s not totally happy with this
substitute for the real thing.

“And I guess that’s been my greatest satisfaction that
I’ve managed to control him so thoroughly that even
though he’s disappointed most of the time, he’s
content to follow my instructions. Deep down, he
hasn’t really changed. For instance, I know he still
wants anal in the worst way. But he’s now a Pavlov’s
dog. When I tinkle the bell, he’s ready to do whatever
I want.

“What’s maybe most amazing is that I’ve got him to
even go beyond eating out my asshole and bringing
himself off while I watch. One night, when I was in a
hurry, I had two fingers inside him searching for his
prostrate. After I found it and he quickly came, I
started thinking about whether I could fit three
fingers in.

“I looked on the Internet and discovered the world of
women fisting men. When I saw the videos, I got turned
on and wanted to try it on Logan, but when I tried
sticking three fingers in the next night, he got
upset. He told me that it hurt and made him feel
disgusted. My first reaction was to use his words
against him. I told him that now he had an idea why it
was taking me so long to get to get ready for anal.
But suddenly I stopped myself because a chill went
through my body.

“I thought I had conquered all the mountains when it
came to Logan, but here was a real Mt. Everest for me.
What I had done up to now was c***d’s play in
comparison. I had just channeled his strong sex drive
into outlets that were more satisfying for me. But I
had now found something that totally turned him off.
Could I come up with a plan and execute it? Could I
ever get him to let me fist his ass?

“I figured out my strategy. First, I would gradually
increase our sessions again. I went all the way back
to five times a week, and I concentrated on lots of
variety and making the sessions last longer. Each
session ended with my fingers in his ass, pressing his
button to bring him off. For a while, I stuck to two
fingers. Then when I stuck them in, I pulled them
apart and stretched his hole a little as I was working
them inside.

“After a few times of doing this, I added the third
finger and he didn’t say anything, probably because of
the stretching. Then I began to stretch him with three
fingers until got used to that and didn’t react when
the fourth finger went in.

“Now I began telling him how exciting it was to have
four fingers inside him while he was inside me, and I
began using lots of lubricant. I was always careful to
introduce the fingers slowly in our sessions and as
gently as I could. When I tucked my thumb in and
curled the other fingers over the thumb, he didn’t
know the difference until I told him, and he was
amazed that I was able to insert all five fingers.

“I kept using his desire for anal to help with this,
asking him how full it felt, did it hurt, did he think
I could take his penis like he was taking my fingers.
He began trying to prove to me how it wasn’t any
problem. If I relaxed like he was relaxing, I could
easily do it. Of course, I saw that it did hurt him,
especially once I began pushing past the second
knuckle, and I could see him holding back his tears.
That got me even more excited.

“Finally, one night when there was lots of lube inside
him and the fingers were going in and out smoothly to
the second knuckle, I began pressing. He immediately
asked me to stop, but I pretended I didn’t hear him
and kept pressing. He began yelling and moving away
from me, but my arm followed him and when he got as
far as the headboard and couldn’t go any further, the
momentum from my moving arm pushed my whole hand into
him. He screamed and began breathing really fast.

“I wanted to yell out in triumph, but instead, I began
soothing him, telling him that this is probably what
it would feel like to me the first time his penis was
in my ass, that he should breathe deeply and relax,
that the sight of my hand going into him was
incredibly exciting and as soon as I was able to get
it out, I was going to wild on him. I kept talking and
soothing him until he finally calmed down. Then I
carefully removed my hand. Even though he was still in
pain, after I threw everything I had at him, including
a blow job — no swallowing, of course — he was fine.

“After I took his virginity, I went back to using the
same training techniques as before to gradually add
fisting to our repertoire in bed. He still hates it,
and it’s still painful for him, so I don’t overdo it.
But he knows at least once a month he can expect me to
invade his ass. I’ve even got to the point where he
lets me milk him while I fist him.

“With my hand inside him, I finger his prostrate while
the other hand is squeezing the penis tightly. It’s
painful for him as I pump it up and down, but I can
actually force the come out of him without him having
an orgasm. It’s exhilarating, because I’m in complete
control. I can finish him without him even knowing it
or getting any pleasure from the process.

“Compared to the fisting and the milking, it was easy
to teach him to give himself a facial and to blow
himself because while that was degrading, it wasn’t

“Wait,” said Madison, interrupting for the first time.
“You did what?”

“It’s not that difficult,” said Vanessa, “especially
when the guy’s in good shape. You know Logan works out
all the time and has a great body, so I trained it to
get in the right position. It actually started with me
getting in that position. I found out about the
Viennese Oyster and practiced until I could do it.

“It’s where the woman lifts her legs back and locks
her feet behind her head and then puts her arms down
over her legs and pulls back and down so her ass is
lifted into the air and her vagina and is spread wide.
It makes it easier for the man to get deep
penetration, and if you’re like me, that feels really
good. Seeing me like that really gets Logan going,

“The first night I demonstrated the position, he went
nuts. I think it might have been because the woman’s
ass is also opened up in the position. Without
prompting, he began worshiping my ass, and I think he
might have thought that I was telling him it was open
for him to take it. But after he ate me out in both
places, I directed his penis to the vagina, and we
both enjoyed it.

“I started using the position more often, and one
night, I joked with him about whether he could do it.
He tried it right away, but he couldn’t get his legs
back far enough. I told him if he ever managed to do
it, I’d give him a real surprise. He must have
practiced during his floor exercise routine at the
gym, because a couple of weeks later he made a big
production out of showing me he could do it.

“I praised him for his flexibility and told him I was
excited about trying something I’d seen on the
Internet. So while he was in that position, I began
working on him with my mouth, which really got him
going, and then when he was close to coming, I
switched to one hand. He was disappointed, but he’s
used to disappointment now. While I pumped, I tried to
aim his penis, and when I thought it was pointed in
the right position, I dipped two fingers of my other
hand into some lube and inserted them into his anus.
It took me a few seconds to find his button, and then
he really came. It spurted out so hard that with the
help of my aiming him up and in the right direction,
some of it got as far as his chin.

“From that night on, I began using my techniques to
get his legs further and further back, so his penis
was pushed closer and closer to his mouth. First, I
got him to let me aim him like a hose and paint his
entire face with his thick white come. Then I got him
to open his mouth so I could squirt him in there, too.

“But the crown jewel was when he was able to bring his
legs so far back that he could stick his penis right
in his mouth. At first, he wouldn’t suck it, but I was
patient and used everything I learned, until one day
he agreed to suck while I pumped him until he came so
hard into his mouth that the stuff spurted out of his

“The final obstacle was to get him to pump himself
while he was sucking, and we just passed that one last
month. I consider Logan my work of art. Like the great
masters, I created something beautiful, the perfect
husband for me. It took talent and hard work, but now
that it’s done, it gives me endless satisfaction.”

Vanessa stopped speaking and beamed at her friends,
whose mouths were hanging open in awe.

“What about Logan?” said Alexis. “You say he’s so
smart and successful.

Are you sure he can’t see through your manipulation.”

“On one level, I think he knows what I’ve done,” said
Vanessa. “I’m sure there are times that he thinks,
what am I doing and how did I get here? But you have
to understand that when the brain inside the pants
wakes up, the brain inside the head goes to sleep.
I’ve just helped his sex drive rule him even more than

“Every day, you can read and hear on TV about how a
politician or a businessman or an actor destroyed his
family and ruined his life because the brain in the
pants took over. You know yourself how it’s happened
to your boyfriends and ended relationships. The only
difference is that you chose to be the victim of this
drive while I chose to master it.”

“You are so smug, Vanessa,” said Ashley. “It really
makes me want to tell Logan or maybe seduce him just
to make you realize that you don’t have total

As usual, Vanessa was overjoyed to hear this and
similar remarks. They were jealous, and their jealousy
just reinforced her feeling of superiority. She felt
tender and benevolent toward them when they insulted
her, like she was their guru and they were her


The next time the four single friends got together
without Vanessa, there was only one topic of

“I love Vanessa, and I know she doesn’t mean any harm
to anyone,” said Lauren, “but I can’t help thinking
what she’s doing to Logan is pure evil.”

“Why?” said Madison. “She’s happy. He’s happy. As she
said, he’s smart enough to understand what she’s
doing, but he’d rather be a sled dog.”

“It’s her life,” said Alexis, “and she’s welcome to
it. I’m not envious about Logan. I wouldn’t want a man
like that. Being in that kind of a relationship would
totally turn me off. What gets me is that she’s so
condescending about it.”

“Yes,” said Ashley. “I’d love to wipe that self-
satisfied, superior expression off her face.”

“So would I,” said Madison. The others agreed, but
that was as far as it went until Vanessa invited them
over for lunch while Logan was out of town on a
business trip. After the chicken salad and carrot
cake, Vanessa looked at them as if she was about to

“Come into my office,” she said and led the way. She
sat down at her computer in front of her large monitor
and they gathered behind her. With a couple of clicks,
she started a video. It lasted 30 minutes. Then she
started another one. It also lasted 30 minutes. She
didn’t say a word, and neither did her friends until
the second video finished.

“Have you seen enough?” she asked.

“That was the same thing twice,” said Madison.

“That’s right,” said Vanessa. “I hid five different
cameras and took the same action from different
angles. I didn’t show you the one with the extreme
close-ups. You can even see our pores and every hair
around my ass in high definition.”

“No thanks,” said Alexis. “I’ve seen enough.” She
walked out of the room, and the others followed her
like zombies. There wasn’t much more talk before they
all said goodbye and left. As they were walking to
their cars, Madison said, “We need to have lunch on
Friday? Is everybody free?” They all nodded without
saying a word.


“I lied,” said Alexis on Friday. “I want to see the
other videos and especially the extreme close-ups. On
the video, all those things looked even worse than
what she described. He really was like a trained dog,
eager to do every disgusting thing she asked him to
do. Why am I so angry about that?”

“Because she was throwing it in our faces,” said
Madison. “She was almost jumping with glee when we
left. Now she’s going to be even more insufferable.”

“Right now, I feel I would do anything to get her off
her high horse,” said Ashley.

“Yes,” said Lauren. “What I was thinking is we should
do what she tells us to do.”

“What?” shouted the other three in unison.

“You heard me,” said Lauren. “We need to find our
impossible dream and then make a plan and work that
plan to achieve it, no matter what obstacles are in
our way. I’m thinking the impossible dream would be
for us to give Vanessa a little injection of

There was silence at the table for a moment, and then
Madison raised her glass of wine high. “I want to
propose a toast to genius,” she said, “and especially
the genius sitting right here with us. Here’s to
Lauren.” Four glasses clinked together across the


The four schemed for months before coming up with
their plan. The most fun was planning the finale. The
hardest was figuring out how to get to Logan. With
what they had seen and what Vanessa had told them,
they figured if there was any way they could knock him
out of the pattern he was locked into, they might be
able to use his sex drive to take him where they
wanted to go. But overcoming his inertia and getting
him moving was going to require something special
besides just deviousness.

It was Lauren who finally had an idea that they agreed
to try. “Let’s let Vanessa help us,” she said at one
of their planning sessions. “Let’s try to remember all
the things she told us. For instance, several times,
she said Logan still badly wants anal, remember? And
he also likes oral, although she hardly ever gives it
to him. And remember how she makes him whack himself
off, even though he’s humiliated by it? And how she
makes him come quickly whenever she’s not in the mood
or is in a hurry?

“Let’s write down everything we can remember of what
she told us and work with it. I know there will be
some information in there we can use to get Logan
moving in the direction we want.

“And we need one more thing. Ashley, you are our
computer guru. Do you think you can hack Vanessa’s
computer? How long would it take?”

“I’m sure she doesn’t use a password,” said Ashley.
“If I had five minutes in front of it, I could install
some software that she wouldn’t be able to see. It
would let me access her entire hard drive from my
computer whenever her computer was on and connected to
the Internet. I could even tell if she was working on
it, so I would wait until there was no activity.”

“We don’t want to spy on her,” said Lauren. “We just
need to get copies of certain videos.”

“If they’re still on the computer, it should be a
snap,” said Ashley.

“OK,” said Lauren. “Whoever is visiting Vanessa with
Ashley the next time will need to use the bathroom.
And a minute later, Ashley will also have an urgent
need and ask if she can use the one upstairs. Before
she flushes the toilet, Ashley should be able to get
to Vanessa’s computer for at least five minutes.”


Once they got the videos, they had a party at Ashley’s
house, and she borrowed her company’s professional
projection equipment. When they were watching the
close-up video and got to the part where Vanessa
pulled her fist out of Logan, Lauren paused the video
and got a yardstick. His gape was four feet wide on
the screen.

After they finished their plan, they got scared.
Alexis even suggested that maybe they should drop it,
because it was a lot of fun working on it, but if they
actually carried it out, there could be unforeseen
consequences. But after doing nothing for three weeks,
all of them were upset with themselves and unanimously
agreed to launch the plan as soon as they could.

They had to wait impatiently, because in order to get
to Logan, they had to find a moment when he wasn’t in
Vanessa’s clutches.

Two things combined to get their plan started. One was
the report from Madison after a lunch with Vanessa.
She told the others how upset Vanessa was about her
recent birthday.

“Logan planned an amazing day for her,” Madison said.
“In the morning, he told her to get dressed casually
and that they were going for a birthday drive. He
drove two hours to a fabulous resort. They checked in,
and she found he had secretly packed both their

“After they got to their room, he told her that in
half an hour she was due at the spa. There she spent
the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon
being pampered. Dinner was at a beautiful restaurant
that served amazing food, and after dinner, he offered
his body in whatever way she wanted.

“Can you believe that all through this special day,
she was getting more and more upset. She told me that
Logan’s training wasn’t complete yet if he could keep
that kind of secret from her. She didn’t want to be
surprised by him ever again. She needed to know
everything he was doing. Sure, this had been great,
but next time, he might plan something she didn’t
like. She was disappointed that she wasn’t as much in
control of Logan as she thought.

“I asked her if she told him anything about how she
felt, and she said of course not. As far as he knew,
she loved his surprise, and she hadn’t said anything
to him about not keeping things secret from her. But
when she got back from her mother’s, she was going to
start some more training in that direction.”

Vanessa’s 10-day trip was the second thing that got
things going. Logan couldn’t get away because of work.
Madison called him on Monday, the day after Vanessa
left, and said she and the others needed to see him
right after work. They met at a coffee shop, and they
told him they were planning a surprise party for
Vanessa and they needed his help. They wanted as much
time from him as possible before Vanessa got back, but
it had to be secret. Would he be able to help them?

He told them he had a lot of work at the office and
might have to be there until 7 some evenings, but
after that, he was ready to do anything he could, and
he also had the weekend unless there was some work he
had to take home. They asked him if he could make up
stories about what he was doing so Vanessa wouldn’t
get suspicious, and he told them that wouldn’t be a
problem. Then he told them how he had kept everything
secret for his birthday surprise.

They got him to follow them to Ashley’s house, and
when they were all sitting in the living room in front
of the big projection screen, Madison said, “Now,
Logan, prepare to be shocked. But there’s a reason why
we’re showing these to you.”

As the first video started, Logan reacted with a gasp
when he saw that they were showing him a porn video.
But in a few seconds, he became absolutely still as he
realized who the actors were. After a couple of
minutes, he stood up and yelled, “Stop! Where did you
get this?”

“Sit down, Logan,” said Madison. “Take a few deep
breaths. Vanessa set up hidden cameras in your bedroom
one night to make these videos.”

“There’s more than one?” he said as he sat down. There
was an hysterical edge to his voice.

“Actually, she went through almost everything you two
do together in 30 minutes, but she shot the action
from all different angles. There are five versions of
the same thing. We can show you as many as you want to

“I don’t believe you,” he said. “She would never do
that without telling me.”

“Logan, listen,” said Ashley. “Do you think we got
into your bedroom and placed all those cameras without
telling you and Vanessa? Don’t you remember the night
these were made. Did you wonder about the extra lights
and why you had to rush from one position to another
so fast? Or do you do that all the time?”

Logan leaned back and stared at the ceiling. He took
some more deep breaths.

“OK,” he said. “I still don’t understand, but I want
to see everything.

Before I do, though, I want you to explain what this
is all about.”

“It’s not very complicated,” said Madison. “We all get
together and tell each other everything about our love
lives, including Vanessa. We got very excited after we
watched the two of you, because we felt we were right
there with you. Wait until you see the closeup video,
and you’ll really understand what I mean.

“It got our crazy minds going, and we figured out this
surprise party for Vanessa. We know that she’s been
preparing to give you her ass for a long time, and we
decided we’d like to be there when she did. Hasn’t she
told you that it was going to be soon?

“Well, we wanted to make it special and even film it
for the two of you, sort of like these videos. I know
you are probably put off by the idea of us watching,
but she obviously doesn’t care what we see. So the
reason we’re showing these to you tonight is to get
you used to the idea of us being there and filming her
losing her anal virginity to you.

“We hope after you’ve seen the videos tonight, you’ll
go along with the plan, which we’ll begin working on
tomorrow night. We don’t have much time, but we
realized that you might be a bit shocked, so we’re
prepared for you to sleep on it tonight and tell us
your decision tomorrow.”

“All right,” he said quietly. He was now very subdued.
They saw that his eyes were wide as he watched each
video, but he didn’t say a word. After he left, Alexis
swore she had seen a tear in one eye, but the others
said they didn’t see anything.


The next morning, Madison received a call from Logan
around 11 a.m. “This is my first break,” he said, “and
I only have a few seconds. I’m exhausted because I
didn’t get much sleep last night, but I’ve decided to
help you with the party. I hope to get off by 6:30
tonight. Where should I meet you?”

“Meet us back at Ashley’s,” said Madison. “Did Vanessa
call and ask you where you were last night?”

“Yes,” he said, “but don’t worry. I handled it.”

That night they showed him the studio that they had
set up in Ashley’s home. The living room had been
converted to a porno set, with a big bed in the
middle, lights all around and five cameras at various
locations. They showed him the two handheld cameras
that would be used for close-ups.

“What we’re going to do is rehearse the party, minute
by minute,” said Madison. “You and we are going to do
everything that you’re going to do with Vanessa, but
no, you’re not actually going to do us in the ass,
although from the way you looked around just now, I
think you wouldn’t mind, would you, Logan? Don’t
answer that question. I’m just joking.

“We are going to simulate as close as we can and work
out every detail and make it a special night and a
special video. None of us are that modest, so we don’t
mind working in the nude for the simulations, but if
it bothers you, you are welcome to wear as much
clothing as you want. Anyway, we’ve already seen you
doing things that are much more embarrassing.”

“I guess you’re right,” he said. “I thought there was
some stuff that was private between me and Vanessa,
but obviously, I was wrong.”

“That doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you very much,
Logan,” said Lauren, “but you know, when it comes to
sex, everybody has his or her own quirks.”

“I’m the director of the production,” said Madison,
“so I’ll explain the plot. The set is going to be a
fancy hotel suite downtown. It will have a huge
bedroom, so we can get all this equipment set up for
the surprise after we check in.

“You are going to have to lie to her and tell her the
day before that you’ll be working past midnight the
next day and then come to the hotel and prepare with
us as soon as you leave the office. One of us will
bring her to the hotel using a story that we’re still
working on. When she knocks on the door, the rest of
us will greet her completely naked, and you’ll give
her a big, wet kiss. We’ll capture her shock and the
kiss in slo-mo on video.

“After that, you will leave for the bedroom, and we
will warm her up.

Then we’ll bring her to you.”

“Don’t you think she’ll fight you?” said Logan. “She
doesn’t like surprises. She always has to be in
control. Even though she’s promised me that she’s
almost ready to do anal, I know she wants to be the
one who decides exactly when and where. Even when I
plan something she likes, she gets upset if I surprise

“Did she say anything about your romantic kidnapping?”
said Madison.

“No, but I’ve been married to her long enough to know
that although she enjoyed it, she was still upset that
it was a surprise.”

“Well, she’ll be upset with all of us, too,” said
Madison, “and we thought of that. Then we all decided
that although we hope she’ll get into the spirit of
the surprise, we’re resigned to the fact that she
might give us a cold shoulder afterward for a while.
Do you think you could handle that?”

“Oh yes,” he said. “It’s like her birthday. I know she
wasn’t happy all the time when it was happening, but
I’m hoping that when she thinks about what I did in
the future, her memories will be happy ones, because
it was so special. This sounds like it’s going to be
really special, too, and even if she’s a little angry
at first, I can handle it.”

“Good,” said Madison. “As for her fighting us, we’re
ready for her to be a little antagonistic. But she
loves to be the center of attention, and the night is
all about her.”

“Now after she’s naked on the bed with you, I want you
to start with some familiar things so she relaxes a
little. Would you mind rehearsing some of them with
Alexis, who’s playing the part of Vanessa for
tonight’s rehearsal? Remember, if there’s anything we
ask you to do that’s uncomfortable for you, just stop
us. We’re going to try to make the simulation as
realistic as possible, so we can check the lighting
and camera angles and where the videographers need to
position themselves for the extreme close-ups like you
saw the other night.

“First, I’d like Alexis to get on the bed on her back,
and I want you to get between her legs and pretend to
give her oral. That’s it, Alexis. Bring up your legs
and spread your knees wide. Get a little closer,
Logan. Can you see, Alexis stopped shaving a couple of
months ago so she can simulate Vanessa’s pubic hair
better. We know it’s not as bushy as Vanessa’s, but it
will help get the camera and lighting right so
everything is visible.

“It looks like she’s wide open and red and juicy. I
think she’s excited, Logan. I hope you don’t mind that
you’ve turned her on. Would you be willing to give her
a few light licks so we can take some lighting
measurements? You don’t have to, if you don’t want to.
There, that was good. Wow! Did you see her respond.
She really liked that.

“Oh, you are too nice, Logan. She’s really
appreciating that you kept going. It won’t take long,
I’m sure. There, did you see her body convulse. I
counted five orgasms. No wonder Vanessa loves you so

“OK, I think we’ve got the settings on that position.
Now, we’re going to ask you for something more
challenging. Vanessa said you definitely don’t like
this one and only do it to please her. It’s your deep
mouth and tongue massage of her anus.

“We picked Alexis for this, because she has the most
beautiful ass of any of us. Show it to him, Alexis.
That’s a great position, the way you’re sticking it
out. It’s so round and firm and perky that any guy
would just eat it up. I see Logan got turned up by
your movements. Logan, you should know that Alexis
double cleaned it out earlier and she even perfumed
herself inside and out to make it more palatable.”

“That’s more than Vanessa does,” said Logan quietly as
Alexis got on her hands and knees. He seemed almost
eager to slide under her rear.

“By the way, Logan,” said Madison, “we don’t need to
rehearse this, but while you are performing on
Vanessa, we’ll all be taking turns giving her lots of
attention, mostly with kisses. And we’ve got another
fun thing we’re going to do. Watch while I empty this
helium balloon into Alexis’ mouth.

“OK, now I want Lauren to get on the bed and go over
to Alexis/Vanessa’s ass and pull open the cheeks and
position her hole over Logan’s mouth while Ashley
pushes a pillow under his head to bring his mouth up
right against her anus. You don’t have to push into
the hole with your face and stick your tongue into her
ass, Logan. We just want to get the lighting and
camera positions right.

“Oh, you don’t mind. You’re really getting into the
spirit of this rehearsal. Do you hear those squeaky
duck sounds coming from Alexis? That’s what Vanessa
will sound like on the video. It’s from the helium in
the balloon. It will be really funny.

“Alexis, you don’t have to suck on Logan. Vanessa
certainly won’t be doing that. Maybe Logan doesn’t
like that. Lift your ass off him for a second, so he
can say something. Oh, you don’t mind Logan. OK, you
two, carry on while we adjust things. Wow! You are
really going at it. Watch out! Oh, Logan, you just
came in Alexis’ mouth. Don’t worry, She doesn’t mind.
Wait until you see the rehearsal video. She’s sloshing
it around and opening her mouth to show how much you
deposited, and now she’s swallowing it all and giving
the camera a big smile.

“You can stop eating out her ass now, Logan. She’s not
going to use her fingers to get herself off like
Vanessa does.

“I think you’ve got the hang of the rehearsals now.
Look at Alexis’ tiny hand. It’s much smaller than
Vanessa’s. We know you don’t like this either, but
would you mind if she fisted you so we can get that
set up? She’s going to be very gentle, because Vanessa
told us you don’t like the rough way she pushes her
hand in and out. She’ll also milk you, but again,
she’s going to have a much lighter touch.

“I think she’s got you so excited that you’d do
anything for her, Logan. Girls, get moving. The first
finger is already in. That looks great. And two and
three and four and — I can’ believe how fast she got
her hand into you. I think you’re excited by this,
Logan. Ooops, you’re starting to flow. Look how much
you still have after what you deposited in her mouth.
This looks terrific. Are you feeling sore? No. We
really appreciate your cooperation. OK, after Alexis
pulls her hand out, that’s it for tonight’s

“To be honest, Logan, I don’t even know if tonight’s
stuff will be in the final script, but we’re preparing
just in case. I have a feeling that when we get to the
anal tomorrow night, it will take up so much time that
we may have to drop this part. If so, it will just be
a rehearsal memory for us girls when we watch this
video. Would you be upset about that? You are such a
sweetheart, Logan.”


“What do you think?” said Madison after Logan left.

“I think we wrecked her marriage,” said Alexis.

“How can you say that,” said Ashley. “The person who
walked out of here is exactly the same person who
walked in. He hasn’t done anything different than he
did before. He may have said one halfway negative
thing about Vanessa, but the rest was all positive.
We’re all hiding our vengeful motives, but he’s
totally cooperating with us from a positive position.”

“But he’s not stupid,” said Lauren. “Vanessa has told
us that over and over. Don’t tell me he doesn’t
understand that something is going on here that’s not
exactly what it seems. He was definitely having fun
with it, and boy did he enjoy Alexis!”

“If we do bust up the marriage, I’m going after him,”
said Alexis.

“I’ve done anal, and I hate it as much as Vanessa
thinks she’ll hate it.

The thought of that gigantic, thick snake inside my
ass is frightening. But for that man, I’d be willing
to do it occasionally. And he’s so eager to please
that I’m sure he wouldn’t even demand it too often if
I told him I didn’t like it.”

“That’s too bad,” said Madison.

“What do you mean,” said Alexis.

“Because if you went after him, too, that means one of
us would have to die,” said Madison.

“Make that two of us,” said Ashley.

“Make it three,” said Lauren.

“I think Logan’s just like Vanessa told us he was,”
said Madison. “He’s so smart he must know there’s
something strange going on, but he’s so excited by our
little rehearsal and the idea of finally getting some
anal that he’s kind of looking the other way to avoid
seeing anything wrong. I can’t wait until tomorrow


The next night, Madison told him that they wouldn’t be
using any of the stuff from the first rehearsal.

“I hope you’re not upset, Logan, but I don’t consider
it a completely wasted night, because I think it was a
good warm-up for tonight, which I think is going to be
really productive. So let’s start from after you’ve
kissed Vanessa and we’ve each kissed her, and we’ve
given her the helium for the funny voice and taken off
her clothes.

“The next thing we’ll do won’t be filmed. We four
girls are going to take her to the bathroom and give
her two hot soapy enemas to clean out everything
inside her colon. We don’t want any accidents
happening on camera. Then we’re going to use the enema
equipment to fill her with greasy lubricant to make
her first experience as smooth and easy as possible.
After that we’ll bring her back to the bed, and you
need to be ready to go.”

“I’ll be ready,” said Logan.

“We don’t need to practice the enema stuff,” said
Madison. “We girls will figure that stuff out
ourselves. But for the next four nights you’re going
to rehearse each anal position with us. The first one
tonight will be the spoon position. You’ll get behind
Ashley and curl up around her as you enter her. This
is the most gentle position, and you can’t go in too
deeply, but you will move from slow to quite fast to
prepare her for what’s coming.

“Now remember, when we rehearse all these things,
we’re going to pretend that you’re doing them in our
ass. But like we will be standing in for Vanessa, our
vaginas will be standing in for her asshole. I hope
you don’t mind that. If you feel funny about it, you
don’t have to insert. We just think it would make the
rehearsal more realistic to have you moving in and
out. We’ll leave that up to you.

“Once you’ve finished with the spoon position, the
girls will lift Vanessa off you and you’ll get on your
back and move back to the headboard where you can see
we’ve placed all those pillows. You’ll position
yourself against them so you’re leaning back just a
little. Then we’ll let Vanessa experience all of your
huge firehose slowly, at her own pace, so she can
adjust to it.

“The way we’ll do that is to get her standing on the
bed over you. Lauren will be rehearsing this with you
tomorrow. After she’s over you with her legs on each
side, we’ll start pulling her legs slowly apart. As
she squats down to keep from falling, we’ll position
her anus right over you, and once your tip touches her
hole, she’ll begin dripping grease on it. Then we’ll
support her legs and release her.

“With gravity helping her, she’ll slowly sink down
onto you until you are all the way in. It should look
great on video because you’ll see all the emotion on
her face while your snake slides into her. You’ll let
her settle in for a minute or two, and then you’ll
start bouncing your ass against the mattress springs.
As you bounce, you’ll send her up in the air to fall
back down on you and push you in even deeper. After
maybe five minutes of this, you’ll stop and lift her
legs up so that her feet are resting on your thighs.

“Then you’ll grab her behind the knees and start
rocking her back and forth so your penis is going in
and out. You’ll increase your speed until you’re
really flying, and then you’ll pull back hard on her
thighs and lean back at the same time. This will cause
your entire shaft to jump free of her and open her
anus up so wide that it looks like a giant black hole.
Remember what you looked like on the video when she
fisted you. It should look something like that. It
will slowly close up, and we’ll give you the signal to
rock her back onto the shaft and slowly build up speed
again to do the same thing. This is called gaping, and
she should really react to it. It also looks amazing
on video.

“The next night, working with me, you’ll transition
from her sitting on you to doggy style by rolling her
over with you still inside her. Then you’ll get her/me
up on all fours and start bumping my ass harder and
harder as you drive into me. After you do this a
while, you’ll get over me, uh her, and you’ll use your
leg muscles because your penis will be almost
vertical. You’ll be squatting down into me as fast and
hard as you can so that my body starts bouncing up and
down like the bed is a trampoline.

“The final night will be with Alexis. You’ll practice
pulling out of her in doggie and rolling her over on
her back and putting her into the Viennese Oyster
position — I saw that smile — and then, with her ass
high in the air, pounding her so hard that she bounces
up and down like a basketball. Her big breasts will be
flopping madly, and it should be a sight. Remember
that while we’re rehearsing four nights, she’s going
to experience all this in an hour, so by that time,
she should be ready for what we call ass to mouth.

“That means once you feel yourself close to coming,
you’ll pull out of her anus in the oyster position and
scoot up over her body to stick your thing in her
mouth. Remember, we’ve cleaned her out, so it will be
symbolically degrading, but there won’t be a single
fleck on you.

“We’ll give her a choice anyway. We’ll ask her first
if she’s rather suck you off to orgasm or have you
continue wrecking her asshole until you come. We’re
pretty sure she’ll prefer taking you in her mouth at
that point. You are blessed with a huge reservoir of
come, but we want you to find an excuse not to come
for a couple of days before this, so it should be
spectacular watching her expression as you blast into
her and your come goes up her throat and gushes out
her nose while she’s swallowing as hard as she can to
keep from c*****g.

“As soon as you’ve emptied into her, you’ll pull out,
and while she’s recovering from your power sperm
hosedown, you’ll stick a finger into her anus as
quickly as you can add a second, third, fourth and
fifth. It should be easy with her loosened anal
muscles and all that lube. Then you’ll gradually work
her until you’ve got your hand in up to the wrist.
Then you’re slowly going to move it further, and we’ll
see how deep you can go. We’re shooting for past the
elbow, all the way to your shoulder, but you’ve got
some pretty big forearm muscles and biceps, so that
might not be possible.

“Finally, you’ll pull your arm out, and when you get
to your hand, you’ll make it into a big fist and
slowly stretch her ass really wide for one last
gigantic gape as it comes out.”

“Do you have any questions, Logan?”

“Not right now,” he said, “but I’m still wondering how
you’re going to get her to agree to all this. You’re
not going to d**g her, are you?”

“Absolutely not,” said Madison. “This is about her and
you experiencing all these sensations. We want Vanessa
totally alert and awake for the whole thing, not
oblivious. Don’t worry about how we’ll handle it. I
think we’ve got it figured out. You just need to be
ready to perform.”

“I’ll do my best,” he said with a mischievous smile.


Vanessa tried to keep her cool when she saw the first
video. Ashley had edited it so that it was easy to see
her friends performing with the amazing man. She had
to hand it to them. They managed to find someone who
did everything Logan did. His body even looked a
little like Logan’s. She wished she could see his
face, but they had edited that out. Unlike Logan, he
had a couple of tattoos — she wouldn’t permit Logan
to mar his perfect body — but the tattoos were small.
She thought they looked like the washable kind.

“He does this with all of you watching and filming
him?” she asked.

“Yes, and we don’t even have to pay him,” said
Madison. “He’s got amazing energy. Even after he
comes, he’s ready for more. I don’t think you could
handle him, Vanessa. Did you see the way he pounded
Alexis in the oyster position? She said that she still
has the bruises, but she doesn’t care, because she had
so many orgasms she didn’t want him to stop.

“He does whatever he wants with us, and he’s totally
in control. We’re afraid some night, he might want
anal. That huge thing would tear us apart if he did.
But we’re hooked on him like d**g addicts.”

Vanessa didn’t say anything for a while. She resented
the tone of condescension Madison was using in the
conversation, as if she and her other friends had
graduated to the big leagues while Vanessa was still
playing baby games. And she was really turned on by
their mystery man, even by the idea of losing control.

“Does he do this with other women?” she asked Madison,
trying to sound curious, not interested.

“I don’t know, but if you’re asking whether you can
join us one night, the answer is yes. He wouldn’t
mind. He’d probably get really excited by a new woman,
and there’s no telling what he’d do. I can read your
mind, Vanessa. I know you too well. You’re intrigued
by the idea, but you’ve got Logan under control, and
it would be too big a risk.”

“Don’t worry about Logan,” she said. “But you’re
right. I’m not like you girls. I want things
predictable. I want to them to go the right way for
me. That’s why I’m happily married. This thing with
you and that guy — sure you are all enjoying it, but
it’s just another distraction keeping you from growing
up and finding that special person that you will be
happy with.”

“You’re right, Vanessa,” said Madison. “But while
we’re looking for that person, we certainly are having
an amazing time, wouldn’t you say?” Her grin of
superiority as she said this made Vanessa’s b***d
boil. “I’ll tell the girls not to bring this up with
you again, since you disapprove. But if you should
ever want to take a walk on the wild side, just let us
know, and we’ll tell you when we’re having our next

“I don’t mind hearing about your exploits,” said
Vanessa. “You don’t have to tiptoe around me. I want
you always to feel you can share everything with me,
so you can tell me as much as you are comfortable

“Then I’ll tell you we’ve got a session booked
tomorrow night,” Madison said. “Want to join us?”

“Sorry,” said Vanessa.

“I was lying,” said Madison. “I just wanted to see
what your reaction was. It’s funny, I thought you’d
shut me down a lot more firmly than you did. ‘Sorry’
isn’t a very strong answer, is it? I can tell that
you’d love to join us, but you never will. I’ll tell
the others about our conversation, and we’ll
definitely be thinking about you at our next party.”

Vanessa was angry, but she clenched her teeth and said


After a few similar conversations between Vanessa and
her friends, Madison called Logan at work a couple of
weeks later. “I think she’s ready,” she told him.
“When is the next night that you don’t have to work

“I can get off early Friday afternoon,” he said.

“OK,” she said, “then it’s Friday at 7 at the hotel I
told you about.

We’ll be there early to set up the lights and cameras
the way we rehearsed.

I’ll call you Friday at 4 and tell you the number of
the suite.

“Here’s where you have to be a really good liar. You
have to tell Vanessa that on Friday she shouldn’t wait
up for you, because you’re going to be tied up until
after midnight. Do you think you can handle that?”

“Leave it to me,” he said, and she noticed the
excitement in his voice.

“OK, because I’m calling Vanessa as soon as I hang up
with you,” said Madison.


“Hi, Vanessa,” said Madison. “I’m on the run, but I
wanted to give you a quick call because we’ve booked
our next session Friday night.”

“What?” said Vanessa.

“You know,” said Madison. “I told you we’d share
everything with you.

We’ll enjoy knowing you’re thinking about us Friday

“I won’t be thinking about you, because we have a
dinner date with some friends,” said Madison. “Where
are you doing this?”

“Oh no,” said Madison. “That’s the one thing we’re not
sharing. If you want to come, I will escort you there
because I want the pleasure of watching you from the
moment I pick you up. And don’t tell me you won’t be
thinking of us Friday night, you liar. I’ve got to go
now. Bye.”


The next day Vanessa called Madison. Madison could
tell she was having a hard time controlling her voice
and breathing calmly. “Logan has to work late on
Friday,” she said, “so our plans are canceled. If I
went with you, would I have to participate, or could I
just watch?”

“Sorry,” said Madison. “We don’t want any disapproving
wet blankets spoiling the fun. If you can’t let go for
one night, you’re not coming.”

“Then forget it!” said Vanessa and slammed down the

Thursday night, she called Madison at home. “What time
are you picking me up tomorrow,” she said.

“Six-forty-five,” said Madison. “And don’t keep me


They didn’t say anything during the car ride, but
Madison noticed Vanessa couldn’t sit still. And she
was almost bouncing as they walked into the lobby and
got into the elevator. When they stopped at the door
of the room, Vanessa took a deep breath while Madison
knocked. Then things happened quickly.

The door opened, and Alexis was there naked, ushering
Vanessa into the room. “Quickly,” said Madison, who
was pushing her from behind and got them both in and
the door shut behind them. Bright lights were shining
into their eyes, and the first thing that Vanessa saw
was Ashley aiming a video camera at her.

The next thing she saw was the naked Logan walking
toward her and saying, “Surprise!” She screamed in
shock, but his kiss smothered the scream. He held her
and gave her a deep kiss with a lot of tongue, but she
wasn’t receptive. She struggled in his arms, trying to
free herself.

“Let her go,” said Madison, and when he did, the
scream started again, but again was quickly cut off as
Lauren put her mouth over Vanessa’s and embraced her.
Lauren was the largest of the friends, at 5-9, and
worked out regularly with weights. She was strong, and
she pulled Vanessa tight, while keeping their mouths
locked. Then Madison reached over with her thumb and
index finger and squeezed Vanessa’s nostrils together.

The tight clinch squeezed the air out of Vanessa, and
the smothering mouth and squeezed nose wouldn’t let
her breathe. She struggled wildly for a while but
gradually became weaker and weaker. When Lauren felt
her becoming dead weight, she lifted her mouth off
her, and Madison took her fingers off Vanessa’s nose.

They carried the limp Vanessa to the bedroom, where
Logan was waiting on the bed. Madison whispered into
her ear as they helped her. “You’ll soon be able to
say whatever you want and scream as loud as you wish,”
she said. “But you need to be quiet until we get your
clothes off or else we’ll need to kiss and hug you
again. I want you to know that this surprise is our
idea, and we tricked Logan into getting involved.”

She didn’t know whether Vanessa heard her, but when
they lay her on the bed and began to remove her
clothes, she didn’t resist. Then the women carried her
to the bathroom.

When they returned to the bed, Vanessa looked slightly
pregnant. “That’s from all the lube we pumped into her
intestines after we cleaned her out, Logan,” said
Madison. “It’ll soon be coming out.”

The women pushed Vanessa onto the bed, and as they
did, she began yelling. While she was getting the
cleansing enemas and the lube enema, she had been
gathering her strength to do something. But after a
couple of words, she stopped and looked shocked. When
she screamed, her voice was tiny and sounded like
Donald Duck. She said a few more words and stopped

“That was the helium from the balloon that we fed
you,” said Madison. “We’ve got some more balloons in
reserve, because we don’t want to alarm anyone at the
hotel with loud noises, but we also want you to
express your feelings as much as you want tonight.

“You’ve probably realized it already, but tonight is
the night you’ve been promising Logan for a long time.
You’re finally going to give him your ass. He said you
had told him it would be happening really soon, so we
persuaded him to make it into a special party and do a
video. He was reluctant until we showed him the videos
you made of the two of you and he saw that you really
enjoyed videos of extreme sex.

“So we rehearsed this and have all our camera cues
written down to get the best angles on each position
he’s going to use. There will be four of them, and
they will sort of build up to a big finish that will
stimulate your body’s nerve ends in ways they’ve never
experienced before.

“And then, after Logan has thoroughly initiated your
ass, there are a couple of surprises to finish things
off. So let’s get started with that spoon position.
You know what to do, Logan, so I’m not going to say
anything. We want the soundtrack to be filled with the
sounds of love from you and Vanessa.

After a few high pitched squawks when Logan first
entered her anus in the spoon position, Vanessa
stopped speaking and all they heard was her breathing
patterns. She tried to control them, but she couldn’t
control her agonized facial expressions and frantic
eyes, and even the breathing broke down after a while.

Once they shifted to the lap-sitting position, little
noises began coming from her mouth. Again, she tried
to prevent them, but the pain was too strong. And when
he began gaping her, she shrieked, or they would have
been shrieks, but they sounded like the hysterical
sound of that duck on the TV commercials.

The shrieks continued through the doggie positions. By
the time Logan was bouncing her like a basketball in
the Viennese Oyster position, she was totally out of
control. She gasped, she squirmed, she squealed, she
twisted, she grimaced.

When he was finished with that, she was exhausted and
they had to repeat her choice twice. Should he
continue to pound her ass and come inside or would she
bring him off with her mouth. By this time, her voice
was so weak, they stopped using the balloons, and her
screaming, gasping, c*****g and sputtering were muted
as he exploded into her throat.

When he started on the fisting, she didn’t say
anything, just moaned softly until his hand suddenly
entered her and went in to the wrist. That brought a
much larger moan. He only was able to push halfway to
the elbow, but while he was doing it, her body began
to go into crazy motion again. And when he clenched
his hand into a fist inside her and began pulling out,
she found the strength to howl like a maimed animal.

After it was over, each of her friends gave her a hug
and a kiss on the cheek, and then they got dressed
while looking at her. First, she lay on the bed in a
fetal position. As she recovered, she sat up and
stared at them while breathing deeply. Lightning bolts
of hatred shot from her eyes.

When Logan went to her, she first pushed him away with
a soft cry, but a moment later, she pulled him to her
and collapsed in his harms crying. He helped her get
dressed and lifted her to her feet. She screamed from
pain when she took her first step, and then she tried
to keep her legs close together as they walked to the
door. She stopped him when they got there and
painfully turned around and looked at her friends. The
room was completely quiet.

Taking a deep breath, she said in a quavering voice,
“I will never talk to any of you again for the rest of
our lives. And if it’s the last thing I do, I’m going
to get even with you bitches.” Then she turned and
hobbled out, leaning on Logan.


Logan called Madison at her office a couple of days
later. “She’s still angry at all of you, but she’s
forgiven me,” he said. “Give her some time. It still
hurts when she walks. Once she’s back to normal, I’m
sure she’ll want to see you again.”

“Did she say anything about the surprise party?” asked

“No. I explained that we were only doing what we would
have done anyway in a few weeks, but I thought it
would be fun to go along with your surprise plan
instead of waiting for her to make arrangements. I
said that at first I was shocked when I saw the videos
of us, but I wanted her to know that she didn’t need
to keep them secret and that I was all right with
having sex in front of cameras and that was another
reason for the surprise party. I told her I only went
along with the fisting at the end because I felt she
would really dig it on the video.”

“So she didn’t say anything about us?” said Madison.

“No, the only thing was when I started talking about
what good friends you were, she shut me up and said
not to mention any of you again,” he said. “That’s why
I think you need to give it time.”


A month later, Logan called Madison again.

“Thanks for the video,” he said. “It was really
amazing the way you guys edited it and added the music
in the right spots, where things were funny or
dramatic. Vanessa couldn’t wait to see it, and after
dinner, we watched it twice. I won’t tell you what we
did after that, but it was fantastic and exhausting
for both of us. I think she wants to watch it again

“She still doesn’t want to talk to you, but she asked
me to see if you would also send us all the raw
footage from every camera. Evidently she wants to look
at every second from every angle.”

“No problem,” said Madison. “How are the two of you
getting along?”

“Better than ever,” said Logan. “I didn’t think I
could love her any more than I already did, but I do.
And she’s more loving than I can ever remember. We are
even starting to talk about starting our family.”

“Wow!” said Madison. “That’s great.”


Three months after the surprise party, Lauren got a
call from Vanessa.

“I’d like you all to meet me at Luigi’s on Friday
night at 7,” she said. “I arranged to get that little
room way in the back where you can be as loud as you
want and nobody in the restaurant can hear you. I’ve
got some things to say to you.”

They all arrived early and talked nervously, trying to
guess what Vanessa was going to throw at them and how
she was going to exact her revenge. They stopped
talking but got more nervous when she entered the room
with a broad smile.

“I’m glad you could all make it,” she said in a quiet
voice. “Isn’t it amazing the amount of evil bitch
power we have in this one room? I want to celebrate
it, and that’s why dinner is on me, but before we
order, I want you to know how grateful I am to you.

“I’m grateful that you opened the anal gates for Logan
so wide that I can’t close them. I’ve used every trick
and twist and maneuver I can think of, but he won’t
budge. All he says is, let’s put a date on the
calendar. If the date is more than three weeks away, I
can tell by his face that it better be closer. I’ve
tried to explain how much it hurts and how much it
degrades me, and I can see him struggling to accept my
excuses. Eventually, I give in, because I’m worried
that if I don’t, he’ll eventually leave me for someone
who will give it to him.

“And thanks for giving Logan permission to surprise
me. All my carefully worked-out plans mean nothing
anymore when he comes up with some crazy idea that he
thinks I’ll like. Our stable, comfortable life style
is a thing of the past. I can’t count on anything

“So thank you, my friends, who seduced my more-than-
willing husband into hurting and humiliating me more
than I could ever have imagined. You sure stuck it to

“Are you sitting there wondering what I’m going to do
to you in return? Well, I promise you I haven’t
poisoned the food tonight. But I am going to try to
get you all as drunk as I’m going to get, because I’ve
thought up some mean, nasty and funny toasts for each
of you.

“I’m also going to kiss you and hug you a lot tonight,
but not the kind of kisses and hugs you gave me at
your surprise party. And I’m going to cry a lot. You
can see that I’m already crying. Because even though
you I hated what you did to me, I think you are the
best friends in the world.

“You made me find out what I was missing — and I
don’t mean a dick in my ass. Once you unchained Logan,
he got a chance to show me why I married him in the
first place. He’s the most loving, caring, selfless,
sexy, exciting man in the world, but I had turned him
into a robot. Now I can’t control him, and I love it.

“Even when he comes up with something special for me
that I hate, I love it because of why he did it. He
tries to be considerate with the anal and take it
gently and carefully and slowly. He can’t understand
why I try to get him worked up to pound me faster,
because he thinks that hurts me more. I don’t tell him
that the slow gentle way hurts just as much and at
least when I get him slamming into me, he’ll come
sooner and get that thing out of me.

“He still does the same things he did for me before,
but now I don’t have to twist and lie to make him do
them. He’s turned them into a bargaining game. So when
I give him my ass, I get to fist him. And when I want
him to eat out both my holes, I blow him. He’ll even
warn me when he’s about to come in my mouth, so I can
prepare for his buckets of come. He knows I still hate
the smell and taste, and he’s always grateful and
always trying to make it up to me in other ways.

“I know you think this is weird, but my new nickname
for him is Caveman, and I encourage him to take from
me what he wants like a savage. He’s hesitant,
especially in bed, but he’s starting to understand
that the wilder he gets, the more times I come. I’m
happier than I’ve ever been in my whole life, and I
owe it all to you.

“I was having fun with you a few minutes ago, but
you’ve given me something so precious, I can never
repay you.

“But I have to warn you that I still want my revenge,
and I’m making my plans. All of you have had some hard
luck with your men, but I know you are going to find
that special man someday who appreciates how wonderful
you are, just like I found Logan.

“As each of you gets into a serious relationship, I’m
going to find some way to get to your boyfriend, your
lover or your husband and convince them that no matter
how much you protest, you are looking forward to
losing your anal virginity.

“I want you to be as happy as I am someday, but I also
want your asses to experience what mine experiences
every couple of weeks. And that’s my first toast for
the night.”

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