A young dog loving woman dog-sits for her friend

Isabella woke with her arms around her dog, cuddling him
like a full body pillow. Memories of the night before
made her smile. She reached her right arm around her
husky’s charcoal grey and white furred body and felt
around his abdomen until she felt his sheathe. Rubbing
it gently she soon saw the red tip of his penis poking
out of his fur.

Toto (short for Totoro) stirred as he felt himself being
pleasured. He rolled onto his back, exposing his belly
for rubs and his cock for his bitch.

Isabella was interested more in his cock. She soon had
him at full mast and went down on him to give him his
nearly daily morning blowjob.

Some time in her early twenties she found dogs to be
perfect, both as an emotional companion and for
satisfying her insatiable libido. She enjoyed
relationships with women and men as well, but dogs were
like a summer fling and a slow burn wrapped in a hidden

She bobbed her head up and down, sucking his entire
length into her mouth. When he rolled over she
repositioned her body again and straddled his muzzle.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned, when she felt his tongue lick over
her pussy lips. She sped up her sucking to try to get
the dog to cum at the same time she did. No matter what
she did, her dog only licked at the same speed he fucked
her at � fast.

The husky lapped at her folds. Isabella trained him well
in the art of cunnilingus. He didn’t stay in one
position long. He turned his head sideways occasionally
to part her lips. This way he sometimes accidentally
tongue fucked her, much to her delight.

Before long Isabella felt an orgasm building. Her toes
curled, and once her legs started tensing, she could not
keep her mouth on his cock.

“Oh! Ahhhh!” she screamed as her legs tensed and bent in
the air. Her body tensed as her orgasm took her and she
flopped all over her dog.

When it was over she laid there, limp and tired. She
absentmindedly flipped her dog’s still erect penis up.
“Dammit, boy, you win again.”
She sucked his cock into her mouth again, bringing him
to orgasm in minutes and swallowed every drop.

She finally got out of bed for a shower while Toto
wandered elsewhere in the house. One she was dressed she
got food for him and herself and settled down for
breakfast. Today she was dog sitting for her friend
Madeleine. The girls had been friends since they were
teenagers and had been each other’s firsts in many ways.

The doorbell rang and Isabella went to answer it.
Madeleine stood on the front steps in a tank top and
jeans, revealing her tattoo of snaking flowering vines
on her upper left arm.

“Maddy!” Isabella exclaimed and threw her arms open for
a hug.


The taller, lithe Japanese girl stepped in for an
embrace while her Dalmatian brushed past the two girls
to greet Toto.

Her height was one thing Isabella was jealous of.
Despite her mixed heritage she got her height from her
mother’s side while her dad gave her a smattering of
freckles across her nose and cheeks and a slight auburn
in her hair.

“Thanks for dog sitting again. Sorry about Calcifer.
He’s pretty excited today,” Maddy said. ‘Probably
because I only had time to suck him off this morning,’
she thought.

“Don’t worry about it.” Isabella replied. “I have stuff
planned that will tire the both of them out.”

Madeleine left and Isabella turned to greet the dogs.
“Well boys, shall we get started?”

Isabella left the dogs in the kitchen and went back to
her bedroom. There she unceremoniously stripped off all
her clothes and put on a snug dog collar around her
neck. It had a silver charm in the front with her name
on it.

Opening her door she found both dogs waiting for her.
“Hello, boys.” She said with a smile. “You’ve saved me
the trouble of finding you again.”

She stepped to the side to let them in. Calcifer trotted
in and jumped onto the bed while Toto walked in

Calcifer laid down on his side looking almost expectedly
at her. Even now Isabella could see his red cock poking
out. She grinned and walked over to the bed. With the
large dog close to the edge all she could do was lean on
it, supporting herself with her elbows. She didn’t mind.
In this position she knew what Toto would do.

Isabella stroked Calcifer a couple times to get him
fully erect and to expose his knot. She licked up and
down his shaft lazily, running her tongue over every
inch she could reach. She turned her head to glance into
his eyes once before turning back and sucking his cock
into her. She sucked slowly. With each down stroke she
sucked more into her mouth.

Somewhere around the half way mark she suddenly felt
Toto jump onto her and mount her. The sudden force
pushed her forward, causing her to deep-throat the rest
of Cal’s eight-inch cock.

Toto fucked her at a jackhammer’s pace, as was his usual
style. Isabella took a minute to control her gag reflex
and then eased Cal’s dick out of her mouth. She caught
her breathe and then went down on him again, sucking a
comfortable six inches.

She already had a small orgasm from Toto’s pumping. The
thought of taking his load while drinking Cal’s puppy
juice was almost enough to give her another. She sped up
her pace, bobbing her head energetically up and down,
making slurping noises along his shaft.

Behind her she could feel Toto poking her with his knot,
a sure sign he was about to cum. He had made her his
bitch many times before but she had too much planned
today. She reached her left hand down between her legs
to prevent herself from being tied.

“Mmmmmph,” she moaned as Toto brought her close to her
second orgasm. She lost suction around Cal’s cock for a
bit before regaining her composure and continued blowing
him again, redoubling her efforts.

She felt Toto wrap his paws tighter around her waist and
thrust hard into her. She felt his hot semen fill her up
and climaxed with him. Cal came a second later, flooding
her mouth with his cum.

Toto dismounted, letting Isabella rest limply against
the bed. She panted softly in the afterglow, her upper
body resting on the mattress while the rest of her
dangled off the edge. She could feel Toto’s spunk
leaking out of her pussy and down her leg.

Once her orgasm subsided she stood up. Both dogs looked
at her expectedly.

“Come on, boys, it’s too good of a day to stay cooped

She led the way out of her bedroom, down the stairs and
out to the backyard. She never had any doubt of the
privacy of her backyard and frequently spent afternoons
sunbathing nude. This time was the first she was going
to bring her bedroom activities out in nature, however.

She got on her hands and knees in the middle of the yard
with her pussy presented to the dogs. She felt one of
them mount her shortly after. She had no idea which one
until Toto walked around to her front and began licking
her dangling breasts.

Cal’s earlier blowjob didn’t slow him down in the
slightest. He found her pussy on the first try and his
thrusts in and out of her were akin to Toto’s.

Isabella shook with each of his thrusts, her breasts and
short hair going back and forth in time.

“Ohhh, fuck yes,” Isabella moaned as the large Dalmatian
mounted her like a proper bitch. Cal wasn’t as long as
Toto, but he did have more girth.

Cal had his fore paws wrapped tightly around the girl’s
hips, holding her in place while his powerful hind legs
drove his penis deeper into his bitch.

Isabella gasped and panted underneath the large dog. Her
eyes were closed but the smells and sounds of nature
completed her bestial bonding experience.

Underneath the dog, Isabella was close to cumming. She
could feel it building somewhere in her centre, the
warmth spreading out to the rest of her body. Suddenly
Cal thrust his knot into her and started squirting.

“Ahhhhhuuunnngh!” Isabella moaned unintelligibly as she
came with him. Her legs gave out again and her left arm
collapsed underneath her. Her right arm spasmed straight
out, hitting Toto in his side. Her upper body flopped
limply onto the grass and her eyes rolled up into her
head. The rest of her was only being held up by Cal’s
cock and his strong fore paws.

When they were both finished, Cal dismounted and swung a
leg over her, facing the other direction while he waited
to pull out.

Isabella panted loudly as she caught her breath. She
reached down and traced the lips of her well- fucked
vagina. She could feel Cal’s knot just inside her. She
laid her upper body down on the bare grass and reached
both hands behind her and spread apart her back door.
She gently eased a finger inside to feel Cal’s cock
through the thin divide.

Suddenly Toto licked her face, interrupting her.

“I know, boy, it’s your turn now,” she said, slightly
annoyed, as she pushed herself back up. Once she as on
all fours again Toto mounted her from the front, hooking
his fore paws around her shoulders. Isabella reached out
with her right hand to control Toto’s cock as he thrust
it at her face. She guided it into her mouth and let him
handle the rest.

Toto fucked her mouth with the same energy he fucked her
with in her bedroom. Isabella didn’t need to do anything
else but keep up the suction on his cock. Her cheeks
caved in whenever he pulled out and when he thrust back
in he left a new layer of shaft slime on her lips.

Underneath the dog Isabella was at the mercy of her pet.
Toto could always hold out longer when he had already
cum once. She found this immensely pleasurable when he
was fucking her pussy or ass but it got a little tiring
when he fucked her mouth. Her jaw muscles were just
starting to ache when she felt Cal try to pull out of

“Mmmmmph!” Isabella screamed, muffled by Toto’s cock.
Cal was pulling out too early and his still inflated
knot was stretching her pussy too wide. Isabella reached
behind her desperately trying to grab one of his hind
legs or his tail to stop him.

She felt his tail wagging back and forth over her
buttocks but she could not pin it down.

“Mmmmmph!” she screamed again as Cal tried tugging his
penis out of her. Her cries of pain must have felt
pleasurable to Toto because she suddenly felt him
shooting into her mouth.

Just as Cal was about to try again she managed to get a
hand around his left hind leg and gave him a sharp pull.
Cal backed up against her, no longer putting pressure on
her poor pussy. Isabella sighed with relief and went
back to enjoying Toto’s dog juice.

Once Toto finished he dismounted, leaving Isabella to
clean herself up. She licked her lips, savouring the
light, pre-cum taste of the shaft slime Toto left on

Isabella folded her arms and rested her head while she
waited for Cal to pull out. She breathed the deep earthy
smells of nature while she pondered what she would do
for the rest of the day.

A short while later she felt the familiar feeling of an
unknotting. Cal pulled out of her, with no surprises
this time. Isabella immediately turned around to stop
him from licking himself clean.

“Stop!” She commanded. “I think you owe me a little.”
She got him to roll over onto his back and then
straddled him in a sixty-nine. Isabella felt Cal’s
tongue on her pussy and moaned out loud with her eyes
closed. Her boys were well trained. Then she settled on
her prize � Cal’s cock, covered in her pussy juices. She
licked one side of his shaft, starting from his knot and
going to the tip. Once at his fleshy apex she engulfed
his entire length in one go, sliding her lips down his
pole until she touched his knot again. She continued at
a leisurely pace while Cal quickly licked her to orgasm.

Seeing her in the bitch position again, Toto mounted her
from behind and began thrusting his still erect cock at
her. Before Isabella could guide him into her ass, he
slid into her pussy. Cal continued licking her, not
caring that he was also licking a fellow canine cock.

Isabella moaned at the twin pleasures her dogs were
giving her and redoubled her efforts on Cal’s delicious
dog meat.Toto held her tight around her hips and fucked
her with quick, powerful thrusts while Cal licked her
clit underneath her. Isabella was the one who trained
them and their stamina today surprised even her. Between
the two she had cum dozens of times. When she wasn’t
bobbing her head up and down Cal’s hot shaft she was
moaning her orgasms with his cock in her mouth.

The threesome continued longer than Isabella imagined
until Toto finally fucked his knot into her and shot his
seed deep into her pussy. Between her countless orgasms
Isabella hadn’t been able to continue long enough to
suck Cal off. Moaning one last time as Toto got her off,
she sucked Cal up to the knot and proceeded to give him
the wettest, sloppiest, and most intense blowjob she
could muster.

She slurped up and down his thick dog meat like it was
the tastiest popsicle in the world. On every upstroke
her cheeks caved in with the force of her suction. She
even deep-throated him a couple times. Even so it took
her nearly ten minutes before Cal shot his load into

She held his cock in her mouth until he emptied his
balls. Keeping her lips a tight seal, she slid her mouth
off his penis, careful to keep all his cum inside her.
She swirled her tongue around her mouth to savour the
taste, and then swallowed it all in one gulp.

Toto swung a leg over her and Isabella flopped down on
Cal, exhausted for the moment. Cal occasionally licked
her stuffed pussy, flicking his tongue over her
sensitive clit. Isabella shuddered with pleasure
whenever he touched her little button.

The three of remained in place until Toto pulled nearly
forty minutes later. By that time Isabella had recovered
and was randy as ever.

“Toto,” she said, getting the husky’s attention. “If you
weren’t so impatient to fuck me you could have had my

The dog couldn’t understand her but perked up at the
word ‘fuck’ nonetheless.

Isabella got him to roll over on his back and then
straddled him reverse cowgirl. She grasped his dick and
eased him gently to her puckered entrance. She slowly
put him inside her.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, as the first inch slipped in. Little
by little she penetrated herself on his shaft and slid
him into her until she felt his knot against her. She
laid down, feeling his fur against her back.

Then she spread her legs, presenting her pussy to Cal,
who had been watching this whole time. He didn’t need
any encouragement and mounted her missionary style. He
held her firmly around the hips thrust into her wet

“Mmmauuugh!” Isabella cried out. With a cock already in
her ass her pussy was an even tighter fit than normal.
Cal filled her and stretched more than she thought
possible, but it still felt so good. She nearly came
from his first thrust alone.

The Dalmatian sped up, leaving Isabella with nothing to
do but lay back and enjoy being filled by two dogs.

“Oooooooh, yes!” she moaned as Cal fucked her silly.
Sometimes the dogs didn’t grip around her hips. Instead
they stood with all four legs on the ground and fucked
her. In those positions they would tickle her nipples
with their fur. Alas there was none of that this time,
just a good hard cock between her legs.

She wrapped her legs around Cal’s body as he thrust in
and out energetically. He soon knotted her and filled
her pussy with his hot cum.

Isabella didn’t let the dog go. She pulled him closer
with her arms, hugging him tightly.

“Cal!” she commanded, “roll over.”

He did as she said, rolling to his left. Isabella
followed, the momentum pulling Toto’s cock out of her
ass. The dog was not about to be put out and mounted her
again. Isabella moaned as she was stuffed again. She
moved back and forth a little with his thrusts, rubbing
her nipples and clit against Cal’s fur.

Isabella moaned and mewed between the two dogs, her
pussy leaking a mixture of her and Cal’s cum whenever
Toto thrust into her. She could feel her ass being
stretched out with each thrust until his knot slipped
into her with an especially powerful thrust. A second
later she was filled with Toto’s cum.

Isabella laid there on top of Cal listening to his
heartbeat. She could feel both hard knots inside her
slowly shrink until Toto pulled out. She rolled off of
Cal and his cock slid out of her pussy. She laid in the
grass and continued resting from her marathon sex

Toto nosed around the yard before coming back between
her legs and licked her pussy clean from Cal’s cum.

She closed her eyes and took a nap in the sun. A while
later Isabella sat up, stretched and walked into the

“Come on boys,” she called over her shoulder.

She glanced at the clock in the kitchen as she passed
through on the way to her room. It was nearly one
o’clock. They had been having sex for over three hours.

Grabbing a towel, she went to take a nice, relaxing
shower. Afterwards she prepared lunch for herself
wearing shorts, a t-shirt and a towel around her head.

As she was eating at least one of the dogs would go
under the table and try to get his head between her
legs, only to be stopped by her shorts.

Isabella smirked. She took her empty plate to the sink
and washed up. As she was cleaning she heard both dogs
walk up to her and felt their noses against her butt.

She looked over her shoulder and down at them.

“What’s the matter boys?” she asked. “Do you want me to
take off my shorts? Do you want more of my pussy?”

She was careful not to say any of the words she used as
command words, but ‘pussy’ just slipped out. She didn’t
see any indication they understood the word in the
context of a question, but she never knew what went on
in their heads.

Toto nosed between her legs hard, actually forcing them
apart a bit and pressing into her clit.

“Oh!” Isabella shouted, surprised. “Well alright then.”

She slipped her thumbs into her waistband and pulled her
shorts off. Both dogs lunged at her. Toto was closer and
licked her through her panties.

“Ohhhhhhh,” she moaned. His nose bumped her clit while
his warm tongue licked her through the thin cotton. She
came quickly and had to hold onto the counter to keep
herself from falling.
She closed her legs and gently pushed Toto away with her
hand. “Alright, Cal. You wanted some too, right?”

She walked over to a kitchen chair, sat down and spread
her legs. The dog had followed her eagerly and began
eating her out.

“Mmmmm,” Isabella moaned. She cupped her breasts through
her t-shirt and rubbed her nipples.

Cal was just as good as Toto at cunnilingus and had
Isabella grinding her panty-covered pussy against his

She pulled her panties to the left to let him lick her
directly and played with her clit with her other hand.
She rubbed herself while Cal licked up and down her
folds. When she got close to orgasm she spread her pussy
open with a couple fingers. Cal didn’t disappoint and
tongue fucked her while her fingers picked up where Cal
left off.

“Ahhhhh!” Isabella half screamed and half moaned. She
came so hard she wrapped her legs nearly all the way
around the dog.

Isabella’s body went limp and she slouched further down
in the chair. She was panting hard in the aftermath of
her orgasm.

“Well,” she said, as she slid off her panties, soaked in
Cal’s saliva and her own juices. “I suppose it’s time to
do some laundry.”

She went down to the basement where the rest of her
clothes were waiting to be washed. She emptied the
previous load in the washer into the dryer. As she was
bending over she felt a tongue lick all the way up her

Still sensitive from Cal, the tingles she felt made her
knees weak. She had to hang onto the dryer to keep from
falling to the floor.

“Boys!” she said, half exasperated and half playful. “I
have to fin-oh!” The dog had mounted her. His paws were
next to her head on the dryer and his cock was poking at
her pussy. It slid in moments later and Isabella was
pounded against the machine with the dog’s powerful

She felt him thrust energetically in and out of her
until he thrust in one last time and unloaded inside
her. It felt like it had barely lasted two minutes. The
dog dismounted but she didn’t get a chance to rest
because the other dog immediately began licking her
pussy, cleaning her out of the other dog’s cum.

Isabella couldn’t resist anymore and let the dog have
his way with her. She heard the previous dog walk up the
stairs and turned her head toward the sound. Apparently
Toto was the alpha of the pair.

Cal’s paws came up onto the dryer and Isabella prepared
herself for his cock. He slid in and fucked her as hard
as Toto had. She gripped the dryer hard to keep her
breasts from getting mashed against the hard metal. Her
panting breath steamed the surface of the machine.

Soon Cal was done and she could feel his cum flooding
her pussy. He pulled out and went upstairs. Isabella
flopped to the ground and turned herself around to sit
on the floor. Aside from the surprise she had loved the
roughness of it. It felt like they had fucked her as a
proper bitch.

She took off her t-shirt. The back was likely covered in
dog hair. She stood up and tossed it into the washer
along with the rest of the load. Cal’s cum had leaked
out of her and left a small puddle on the floor while
she was sitting down. She felt the rest of it run down
her leg. Cleaning that up as well, she went upstairs to
finish the rest of her chores. She paused at the first
floor and glanced down the hall towards her bedroom. She
quickly changed her mind and went about her day naked.

The rest of the day went on like that. If anyone felt
like fucking they just did it. Toto had her again
against the fridge. Isabella got Cal on his back in the
living room and rode him until they both came. She also
got her ‘revenge’ on Toto by sucking his dick while he
was drinking some water. Cal bent her over the arm of
the sofa while she was folding laundry, fucking her ass
and knotting her. Toto had her a little while later on
the sofa just as she had finished folding, fucking her
missionary style and knotting her as well.

Just as she had finished putting away her clothes she
heard the doorbell ring. Glancing at the clock she saw
it was time for Maddy to pick Cal up. She threw on a
robe and went to answer the door. Her friend gave her
the customary hug and the two sat in the kitchen with
some coffee and cookies between them.

“How was Cal?” Maddy asked.

“Wonderful as always,” Isabella said.

“Good, good,” Maddy replied, as she reached into her
purse for her tablet. “I didn’t just run errands today.
I found a new friend for us.”

“Oh?” Isabella commented, raising an eyebrow. She
wondered who would end up keeping this new friend.

Maddy tapped in her password and played the video.
Isabella saw Maddy was in a bedroom. She was naked and
sitting on the floor with her back against the bed. A
tan or brown furred dog had his forepaws on top of the
bed. Maddy gripped his erect penis and guided it to her
mouth and began sucking him off with the dog helping by
thrusting against her face.

“Do you like him?” the girl behind tablet asked.

Maddy only responded with ‘mmmphs’.

The video panned and there was another girl on all fours
near the foot of the bed being fucked by a grey coloured
Lab. She had long brown hair with European looks.

“What about you, Sophia? Do you like dogs more than cats

The girl barely mumbled a coherent answer.

The camerawoman put the tablet on a high place and both
girls could be seen in the video. The girl walked into
the frame and Isabella could see she was an Asian girl
with long hair like the European girl. She could also
see the dog Maddy was sucking off. It was another Lab.

The girl walked around to the other side of the bed and
laid on her back with her hips and legs over the edge.
Another Lab bounded in from off camera and mounted the
Asian girl. Isabella and Maddy watched the video to the
end. The Asian girl and the European girl ended up
knotted while Maddy sat on the Asian girl’s face while
she lay there attached to the dog and prone to her

“Well, what do you think?” Maddy asked.

“Are they all our new friends?” Isabella replied with a
wide smile.

Maddy smiled back. “Just the girls and one of the Labs.
The other two were loaners.”

“Loaners? From where?”

“A place I know,” Maddy replied cryptically. “Here’s the
situation. I’ve vetted both girls and they’re on our
level. However, she is going off to do a Masters
overseas.” She said, bringing the video back up and
pointing o the European girl. “The other girl can’t take
up a double dorm by herself so she needs a place to stay
for the summer. If you can take her in I’ll make it up
to you by letting you use my access to where I got the
loaners from. ”

Isabella raised her eyebrow again.

“Trust me, it is worth it.”

Maddy was the one who got her into dogs with those same

“Alright. I’ll do it. When does she move in?”

“Ummm, now?”


Maddy went to the front door and opened it. The Asian
girl Isabella had seen in the video looked into doorway
from the right. She had been standing right next to the
doorway the entire time so she couldn’t be seen. She
looked about the same size as herself.

“Hello!” she said cheerfully and extending her hand.
“I’m Ingrid. Nice to meet you!”

“Nice to meet you too,” Isabella replied, shaking her
hand. Behind her on the front steps she could see the
girl’s bags and the dog from the video. It was indeed a
tan coloured Lab.

Maddy helped Ingrid bring her bags and dog inside. “I
know we’ll be good friends. We already have lots in

Ingrid quickly glanced at Isabella and then back at

“Yes, this is the girl I told you about,” Maddy said,
reading her mind and making it plainly clear that they
all enjoyed having sex with dogs.

“Oh! This is Haku.” She took hold of the dog’s leash and
led him over to Isabella.
Isabella held out a closed hand for the dog to sniff,
which he did and then immediately sniffed at her crotch
through her robe.

“Oh my!” Ingrid exclaimed. “I’m sorry! He isn’t this,
um, forward with strangers.” She pulled on his leash but
the dog could not be moved. He dove forward, parting the
fabric and licking Isabella’s bare pussy.

“Ohhhhh,” Isabella moaned pleasantly.

Maddy grinned. “Come on,” she said, taking Haku’s leash
from Ingrid and unfastening it from the dog. “Let them
get to know each other. You can get to know Calcifer and
her dog Totoro.”

Ingrid’s face brightened at the invitation.

“Make yourself comfortable, you know?” Maddy said as she
left the kitchen in search of the dogs.

Ingrid looked around, wondering where would be best.
Isabella had backed herself into a kitchen chair and
untied her robe, revealing her naked body. Her legs were
spread and Haku was going to town on her pussy.

Ingrid wandered into the living room. She took her
clothes off and laid them on the arm of the sofa.

Maddy came back with the Dalmatian and Husky in tow.

“Well, aren’t you a sight?” she said with a lascivious

Ingrid simply smiled and got on all fours. Maddy led
Toto behind her and the dog mounted her, needing no help
to find her pussy. Then she led Cal to her front where
he mounted her and Ingrid guided his cock to her mouth.
Maddy stepped back to admire the girl being pounded from
both ends before she disrobed and went to the kitchen to
sample Haku’s tasty cock again.

There she discovered the dog had mounted Isabella and
was fucking her in the chair.

“Darn!” Maddy exclaimed out loud. “All dressed up and
nowhere to go.” She regretted letting both dogs have
Ingrid but there was nothing she could do now. She
dressed and left Isabella a note saying she would be
back tomorrow to pick up Cal before leaving for home.

Isabella and Ingrid enjoyed their new lovers. It was at
least fifteen minutes before Haku came, thrusting his
knot into Isabella. About five or ten minutes later Toto
knotted Ingrid and filled her up. Cal was last unloaded
into Ingrid’s mouth. Ingrid kept sucking, slurping up
all she could and swallowed it all.

The girls waited for the dogs to unknot, exchanging
small talk between rooms.

When the dogs dismounted Isabella went about preparing
dinner for the both of them and came across Maddy’s

“Ingrid?” she asked. “Did Maddy ever mention a place
called the Dog House to you?”

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