A young man leaves his cheating wife and goes into the soothing arms of his mother

Today is Tuesday, and three days ago I came back to the
house I grew up in. It was hard to believe how much has
happened during these days. I remember that before
entering the house I stood in front of it with dread
and foreboding, I didn’t want to tell my parents that I
had left my wife for good. Karen and I had been married
for only two and a half years but then we decided to
call our relationship off. I just turned twenty-five
and have an architecture degree and now I have to move
back home with the parents. How fucked up is that? I
asked myself as I walked up the driveway.

At 19 I scored a scholarship to Harvard and lived there
for 4 years, graduating with honors. I met Karen at
Harvard but it wasn’t until later that I slipped in her
my cock. I think one night she called me up, asked me
to come over. I didn’t know what was up, but I had
nothing better to do that night, and when I went over,
the next thing I knew, my pants were undone, and she
was slobbering on my cock.

Compared to my six foot one frame Karen was only five
foot one and probably weighs less than 100 pounds. She
had small little boobs and no ass but shit-howdy, when
your cock sinks into her pussy, it was worth it.
There’s nothing like a small woman’s pussy. Her pussy
was just as small as she was, and tight and warm. It
was one of those little ones where the lips don’t even
stick out much, and no matter how many times she
fucked, she still felt like a virgin. That’s why I
decided to marry her. But that was before I find out
about her cheating me.

One day I came home early. I walked up the path to the
front door and let myself in. The house almost seemed
deserted. I thought about calling out to Karen but
thought better of it. I walked up the stairs and could
hear a faint squeaking sound as I neared our bedroom.
The door was slightly open and I touched it lightly so
I could see inside. It opened only a bit but was enough
for me to see two men on the bed with my wife. I
thought I would die right then and there watching a big
hairy guy pumping his cock for all he was worth into
her dripping pussy and she sucking another younger
guy’s dick. Her beautiful lips were wrapped around it
and sucking and stroking him fast in rhythm with the
pounding she was getting from behind.

The younger guy started to breath heavy and Karen
popped her mouth loudly from his cock and continue to
jack him hard as his face contorted and hot milky cum
shot out the tip all over her face. She looked very
pleased as she licked the tip and then the hairy guy
started grunting. He jerked his cock out of her pussy
and sprayed a load all over her tan round ass. I was in
shock as I watched her smile at them both and told them
she would be available again same time next week. They
eagerly agreed and started to pull their clothes on. I
slipped across the hall to the other bedroom waiting
for them to leave.

There is no point in telling you what happened next.


The next day I was standing in front of the house I
grew up in.

Once there, I was about to ring the doorbell but heard
voices coming from around the side of the house toward
the garage. It was a Saturday morning in the middle of
July and the neighborhood was pretty quiet. I guess
everyone decided to take their little happy families to
the lake or the pool today. Man it was so freaking hot!
If I was with Karen we would be at the local home
improvement store buying crap for our house.

As I rounded the corner I could hear the voices of my
parents arguing. That was weird to me because I had
never seen them have a fight. To me, my parents had
always been the just like the “Leave It to Beaver” type
of parents. My dad went to work everyday and kissed Mom
on the cheek as he went whistling out to the car and
drove off to make the dough, while she stayed home and
baked cookies and ironed his shirts. When I moved away
to college Mom got a little part time job at the fabric
store for some extra spending money. Dad said it was to
pay for her E-bay habit.

“Dammit Celia we have not used that roaster in two
years!” I heard Dad shout.

“Well Thanksgiving is coming up and I might decide to
use it!” my mother screamed back at him.

“Don’t fight with me Celia?”

“I’m not fighting Rob,” she said, “Why don’t you talk
about something important to both of us.”

“You mean sex?”

“Yes, sex!”

“That may be important to you,” he said, “but I find
other things important, too.”

“Of course other things are important,” she conceded.
“But sex is extremely important to a happy marriage.”

“Obviously” He frowned.

“Don’t you understand what I’m trying to tell you?” she

“You confuse me. That’s what you do.”

“You go around pretending you’re not at all interested
in pussy, yet you can look at a beautiful teenage girl
and get a hard on that almost bursts your pants!
Someplace in you is an animal that wants sex� why don’t
you face it?”

“You’re crazy.”

“Maybe I am, but I’m happy in it,” she said.

I had stood there staring at my parents for about
thirty seconds, wondering if this was the first of many
“discussions” they had had this morning. I finally
thought I would break up the fun. I gave a good loud
cough to draw their attention. Both heads swung in my
direction and I saw my Dad’s face get a bit redder and
my Mom broke into a big bright smile.

“Cliff, hey guy!” she beamed.

“Did I catch ya’ll at a bad time?” I asked.

“Uh no, Clifford, your Mother and I were just
discussing what is going into the garage sale we are
having next week.”

I could tell by the various piles on the floor that dad
was not entirely wrong. My Mom rushed over to me and
gave me a big hug. I wrapped my arms around her little
frame and gave a good squeeze. My Mom is a short gal
with shoulder length brown curly hair and always
smiling. She was a glamorous woman of uncertain years
who had withstood the years with considerable grace,
and even though she was my mother, many would never
have guessed it.

Dad is a little shorter version of me with light blonde
hair and glasses. I chuckled at myself as I looked over
and saw him in khaki shorts, with legs that didn’t look
like they had seen the light of day in a decade, and
his black dress socks and tasseled slip-on shoes. “What
a dork”, I thought to myself.

He was busily looking into an old coffee can and trying
to determine whether he would someday need those nails
again. I knew he was trying to ignore the fact I had
just caught them in an unpleasant act and keeping busy
was the cure for it all.

“What brings you out today Cliff, and where is Karen?”
She was looking around my 6 feet frame to see if my
wife was with me. I gave a sigh and decided it was best
to just get it out and tell them the truth.

“Karen kicked me out of the house last weekend and I
have been staying with Rick. His wife is moving her
grandma in and I have to get out of there. So I was
wondering if I could stay here with you guys until I
get a couple of paychecks under my belt, just until I
can get my own place.” I said.

My dad turned around upon hearing this and gave me a
hard look. My Mom gasped and put her hand over her
mouth. “Oh honey!” She put her hand out and touched my
chest, I guess in a comforting gesture.

“You didn’t hit her did you?” my father asked in a
severe tone.

“NO Dad! I would never do that. She just said she
didn’t feel like it was working out and told me she
wanted me to get out. I am not much for argument so I
left.” I explained.

“Well ok then you can stay I suppose.” he said and
turned away and started sorting again.

My mom turned and glared at him and grabbed my hand and
pulled me to the door leading into the house. I
followed her without a word as she took me up the
stairs and into her bedroom. We both sat down on the
bed and she turned to look up at me.

“Ok, now tell me what happened,” she said. The concern
for me was clear on her face. I knew she had always
adored Karen and it was going to hurt her feelings a
lot when she found out that I suspected my wife of
cheating. Mom was holding my hands tight and I could
feel her trembling slightly. As I was collecting my
thoughts on how to put it to her, I noticed her tank
top was showing more cleavage than I had ever seen on
my mother.

I cleared my throat and bowed my head and I then
noticed her shorts were a little on the short side for
her. I shook my head to clear it of all the weird
thoughts racing in my mind. Had my Mother lost weight?
I was looking at her creamy white thighs and could tell
that they looked more tone than they had a year before.
I had not seen them since Karen and I had them over for
dinner after we moved into our house. She is the
picture of health and beauty that all teenage girls
aspire to be.

“Cliff tell me what happened,” she said again as she
put her hand under my chin and lifted my head up. I
looked into her hazel eyes and I could feel myself
tearing up.

“She is cheating on me Mom!” I blurted out. We haven’t
had sex since we signed on the house and moved in. I
don’t know what has gotten into her. She is just is
obsessed with home improvements and is always talking
about it. Now she tells me she is unhappy with us and
wants me out!” I cried.

Then before I knew it my mother was standing in front
of me and my arms were around her. She held me against
her and my face was buried in her neck. I could smell
the sweet perfume she had always loved and that I
bought her every year for Christmas. Her hair smelled
of tropical flowers and I snuggled closer and squeezed
tighter. Her skin was warm to my touch and she seemed
to fit so perfectly in my arms.

I could hear her saying sweet calming things to me as I
took in the smell of her. Rubbing my back with her soft
hands and telling me everything would be ok. I could
stay with them as long as I liked and that all would
work itself out. I was flooded with love, contentment
and the realization that I was home, home with Mom
where I only ever wanted to be.

Like many teenage boys, she formed the first and
central core of my sexual fantasies, as she did for
many of my male friends I’m sure. But at that point I
was just thinking that I wanted to be with Mom, to be
in her company and bask in her warmth, love and
intelligent interesting company.

“Well you are welcome to stay here as long as you like
honey,” she said.

“Ok, thanks,” I stated and cleared my throat.

“Well I better get back down there with your Father. I
wouldn’t want him to think I am slacking off on the
job.” she giggled as she walked out the door. I got up
and followed her down the garage again.


After dinner I recounted old times with my parents but
to my surprise Dad was a little lost in his thoughts.
We were sitting on the lounge, having a glass of wine
and chatting. It was summer and Mom had changed into a
dark red satin nightie after dinner. Mom had her legs
curled under her and was facing me. Try as I did, I
couldn’t help admiring her physical beauty. It was
evident that she did not have a bra on as her very
large nipples were poking out prominently against the
soft thin satin of her nightie.

Mom’s brown curly hair that cascades to her shoulders,
offsetting her beautiful face with its strong features
of prominent cheekbones, wide full lipped mouth, deep
green eyes and light olive perfect skin. She is the
picture of health and beauty that all teenage girls
aspire to be. Mom changed the position of her legs and
in the process her legs parted. I was given a brief
view up her inner thighs to the prominent bulge at
their juncture.

Instead of a teasing view of her panties I was the
lucky recipient of an all too brief view of a glorious
thick thatch of soft pubic hair, a thick forest
providing a tantalizing cover of modesty to the
entrance of her womanhood, the sacred cavern that gave
me life. That was it. My cock rose to full erection
within seconds but luckily the loose Balinese sarong I
was wearing afforded me a modest cover, unlike Mom, who
had just given me a small glimpse of paradise. Despite
my best intentions to focus on our conversation about
the bitch named Karen I was olging my mother.

Somehow I managed to hide my erection from Mom and
reminded myself that I was supposed to behave like a
heart broken man. Then my father took my paradise away
from me. He said that he was going to his bedroom.
Before moving he looked at Mom in a way that led mom to
beg leave too and follow him towards the bedroom.

I went to my room and tried to sleep but there was no
sleep possible due to multiple reasons and one of them
was my Mother. After twisting and turning for an hour I
got up to grab a glass of water from the kitchen. As I
was returning after quenching my thirst I heard

“Ohhhh Jeeeesus!”

The voice was that of my Mom and it came from her room.
There was some light coming from the narrow opening in
the door. Perhaps my parents have forgotten the fact
that they were not alone in the house that day.

I moved closer and looked inside. Both of my parents
were naked and as far as Mom was concerned she was
bending before dad, her hands on her knees, offering
herself to him in the lewdest way imaginable. I stood
frozen like a statue. Only a short distance away my
mother was bending forward, spreading her shapely legs
far apart, letting her hands reach down now from her
knees to touch the floor. I could see the moist opening
at the juncture between her smooth thighs… the
luscious coral-hued pussy, loose and ready, begging for
a cock!

“OH MY GOD,” I whispered to myself.

I watched as my Dad grabbed his hardened cock in his
hand and began teasing the open lips of her cunt with
the beet red head of the fleshy instrument. Her
whimpers and encouragements began to fill the room.
Vaguely, I saw the massive tip of his cock slowly
parting the soft curls of her pubic hair and guiding
into her hungrily waiting channel… and it was real…
it was happening right in front of me!

From my vantage point I could see my Dad’s cock slowly,
but relentlessly, disappeared up inside… all the way
inside… never stopping, continuing in a constant
penetration until it was completely out of sight,
submerged to the hilt into the farthest depths of Mom’s
upturned pussy. His fingernails dug deep into the flesh
of her shapely hips.

“NNNnnnghNgh!” Mom emitted a long choking moan, and I
grabbed onto a nearby chair as if to prevent myself
from falling off. Then, Dad began steady fucking in and
out of Mom’s steaming vagina, his body inclining back
from her in an arch as his hips thrust forward while he
pushed in until his testicles were buried completely in
the soft hairs of her pubis.

Mom was enraptured with her mouth hanging open and from
her throat coming low hum of delight. She began
rotating her hips and pushing back at her husband so
that she was almost lifted in the air with each forward
blow as his prick rammed harder and harder into her
raging pussy! “Mmmmmmfffh!” Mom was making noise while
her vagina was clasping and unclasping in delicious
convulsions all around the hard driving shaft.

I thought that I was going to burst apart with the
rising emotions inside me. I was being pulled in two
directions… one part of me was urging me to run
away… to put as much distance between myself and the
fucking scene as possible. The other was making me
stay… making me think and feel things which I knew
were unnatural. I don’t know after how much time but I
heard my Dad saying, “I’M CUMMING CELIA! OH DARLING!
I’M CUMMING!!!” Mom screwed her buttocks back onto his
crazily spewing cock while he wailed incoherently.

After several moments, Mom shook her ass, expelling
Dad’s softening prick from her pussy. Dad raised his
head and looked down at her, a weary smile on his face.
“Celia baby, I’m sorry I came so soon.”

She giggled. “In case you didn’t know, I came, too � Oh
Rob, it was wonderful. Really wonderful.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” he said.

As they moved to clean I moved to my room. As I turned
in dark I hit something and there was a big sound. I
didn’t have the time to see I hit what. I moved quickly
but just before entering my room I turned my head to
see towards my parent’s bedroom. The door was half open
and in it was standing my Mom completely naked.

Even after masturbating and taking a long shower, I
still couldn’t shake the mental image of my mother from
my mind. In particular her standing naked in the half
open door seemed more erotic then watching her getting
fucked by dad.


Sunday went quietly and during the day there was no
mention of the incident of last night by any of us. At
night after dinner Dad announced that he had to wake up
early next day for work so he was going for sleeping.
Mom advised him to take his sleeping pill and told him
that she would spend some time talking to me about my
future and would join him later. He said bye to us and
went away.

After his departure Mom asked me if I have made sure
that my wife was not pregnant because in case of
avarice this might complicate things for me. I told her
that I was using protection and there was no such

I was expecting her to talk some more about my ruined
marital life and my financial position but suddenly she
said, “Now tell me what you were doing last night
outside our room?”

I searched for words but failed to find best possible
way to tell her that it was an accident. “You’re gonna
get pissed, Mom,” I said. “I mean, you’re really gonna
be mad at me.”

“I won’t be mad at you,” she said softly. “I promise I
will not, as you say, be pissed at you.”

I sucked in a deep breath, and stared at my mother’s
heaving tits. “It was accidental Mom. I was retuning
after taking a glass of water from the kitchen when I
saw light coming from your room through the narrow
opening of door… and saw you naked … and I…”

“Your Dad was naked too…”

“But I was looking at you only.”

“And you think it’s cute?”

I gulped and said, “I am sorry.”

She suddenly laughed and said, “I think I understand
your position.”

I thanked her and said, “It won’t happen again I

“Okay guy, now tell me frankly what you think of me as
a woman?” Mom again put a bold question on me as if she
was talking about pumpkins. Looked at her and found her

“You are beautiful Mom.”

Mom blushed, something she very rarely does, “Oh Cliff
you silly boy, you say silliest things at times, but,
oh, you silly lovely boy.” She gave me a playful slap
and a hug, before releasing me.

I responded by pulling her over to me, getting her to
rest her head on my shoulder while I put my arm around
her and rested my chin softly on her head as we
snuggled up; “Mom, I’ve spent the last 3 years sowing
my wild oats so to speak with a woman who was
unfaithful to me and now … I feel totally
dissatisfied and empty.”

With that I sobbed a little. “It’s all right, baby!
It’s all right!” she cooed, rocking me back and forth.

I put my arms around her and pressed my body against
hers, allowing her to comfort me. I could feel her
heart pounding fast as she let me crush her breasts
against my chest.

To ease the tension she started tickling me. My sarong
had loosened as we were cuddling and talking. I pounced
on Mom and started tickling her back like I used to a
lot of years ago. Mom tried to fend me off but not
strongly. We were now stretched out fully on the sofa
with me on top of Mom and she giggling as she vainly
tried to push me off with unconvincing attempts and
mock protest.

And then it happened. My sarong completely untied and
although still draped over my arse and the back of my
legs, was totally apart at the front, my erect cock
free of its cloth confines. Moms mid thigh length satin
nightie had crept up to her waist in our playful
wrestle. A bolt of pleasure coursed up my cock and
encapsulated my groin as I felt my cock caressed by the
flesh of her soft thighs. Mom felt it at the same time
and her eyes and mouth opened wide, but no words came
from either of us as we realized what at happened.

I broke the ice; “Oh Mom,” I gushed. “Oh Mom, oh Mom!”

Like yesterday she was not wearing panties so I eased
up a part of my throbbing cock inside her soft bush.
There was no way I could stop now.

Mom put her hands on my chest and pushed, but not with
her full strength. “Oh Cliff, Clifford, what are you
doing, get off me straight away, I’m your Mother!”

I took both Moms’ wrists and held them behind her head
firmly but gently. “Oh Mom, I love you so much, I
worship you Mom, you’re so beautiful”

Mom looked very startled and pleaded; “Please Cliff,
this is so wrong, you can’t do this to me, we can’t, oh
god, I’m your Mother, it’s so wrong can’t you see, what
has got into you, please get off.”

But Mom wasn’t pushing me off too hard; she wasn’t
pulling her pussy away from my throbbing invading cock.

“Oh Mom, can’t you see, I’ve lusted after you for

Mom looked at me horrified, but not terrified, a
crucial difference. “Clifford, you’re insane, I’m your
Mother, this is incest, we can’t, this is impossible,
please stop Darling, I love you, don’t spoil it for

I looked at Mom with love and lust, released my grip on
her slightly but did not let her slip from under me, as
I spoke I slowed slid my cock back & forth through her
delightful thick bush, finally finding her silken gash,
it was very moist and slippery, with the erotic viscous
extrusions of her arousal.

“Oh, God!” she breathed, “Ohhhh, my God, Cliff!”

“Oh Mom, can’t you see how right it is.” By now the
head of my cock was rubbing against Mom’s huge aroused
clit, and my cock had seeped it a generous outpouring
of lubricating pre-cum all along her slit. Her
beautiful warm gorgeous cunt was ready for my
incestuous invasion.”

Mom’s protest continued, but less urgent; “Please don’t
baby, it’s not right… we will both regret this,
please, ooh, please, uh ungh oh, no.”

My throbbing cock continued to caress her slit; juices
were now flowing freely from her cunt. My cock had
never felt so hard or so enlarged. Never had sexual
foreplay felt so good. Without even ejaculating I was
in a state of ecstasy such as I had never before
experienced. “Oh Mom, Mom, it feels so right Mom, it
does doesn’t it Mom, surely you can see how right it
feels, be honest with your feelings Mom, we were meant
to be together, how can something as beautiful as this
be wrong Mom?”

“Oh God, please, no, we, I, we can’t, oh no no, aarrrh,

The large head of my cock entered the entrance to her
love canal, the same canal I travelled down 25 years
ago. I pulled it back slightly and then slowly, ever so
slowly, pushed it into the dark wet tunnel of my
desire. My cock was caressed by a warm velvet glove,
engulfed inside my Mother. Never had my cock
experienced such pleasure, a pleasure beyond
description. All I could do was groan and sigh as my
sperm shaft approached the cavern of my origin.

“Ooohhh, Cliff!” she moaned.

“Ahhhh, Mom!” I grunted.

Finally my cock pressed against Mom’s cervix, and my
balls were pushed firmly against her arse. Our thick
hairy pubic thatches were an interwoven wet mess of
sexuality. I did not dare move, for fear of blowing my
load. My cock was throbbing with a strength and
intensity I’d never known. Mom must surely have felt
its throbbing presence; she commenced to thrust against

“Oh no baby, please, don’t do this, unnh, we shouldn’t
be doing this, I, oh God, oh baby, oh baby, its so
wrong, mmmm, sooooo… oh God, God forgive me,
nnnngghh, aaarrrhh.”

I had to know, I didn’t just want sex with Mom. “Oh
Mom, oh Mom, I love you so much, tell me Mom, tell me,
do really you want this or not?”

Mom finally opened her eyes, they were glazed but had a
fire in them I had never seen before, her mouth was
open but no words came out, finally she spoke, in a
deep throaty growl. “Oh son, my son, yes, I’ve had
these lurid forbidden thoughts of you too, I engaged in
that evil fantasy too, but I thought I had expunged it
when you married the bitch Karen, but, now it is back,
but we can’t baby, don’t you see how wrong it is!”

“Why should we be denied happiness, oh Mom, I love you
so much.”

I bent down and quickly gave Mom a full hungry open
mouth kiss, her mouth opened and for an all too brief
time our tongues caressed, communicating a mutual lust.

For the next 15 minutes all that could be heard was the
lurid sounds of a cock going in and out of a very wet
cunt, an incestuous son’s cock in a mother’s incestuous
cunt, and the squelching noises of a furious forbidden
union, the coupling of loins that many mothers and sons
fantasise of but never occurs.

“Uhn, unh, wild!” I groaned.

“Oh, baby!” Mom cried. She slipped her fingers down
between their groins and began pressing and squeezing
mercilessly on her clit.

I felt my balls tighten and then it came, like an
express train roaring out of a long dark tunnel in the
dead of night, the first thick rope of semen roared up
my sperm shaft and shot out of the eye of my cock like
the first burst from a fire-hose, it splashed against
Mom’s cervix coating it in a thick layer of hot potent

As we let eachother go we remained silent for a while.
Finally momma cut the silence by saying “Honey it is
sin we have done and your father will kill us if he
knew this.”

“Come on Mom, he is sleeping.”

“Let me check him or he might come by and sees us.”

I let her go but said, “Listen if he is sleeping
soundly come back.”

She said nothing and went away. After her going to her
room I waited for her return but as time passed I lost
hope. It was very late at night so I went to my room. I
lay on bed and again waited for the return of mom but
she did not come. I finally went to sleep.


I was still sleeping when I heard a knock on the door.
Waking reluctantly I realized that it was morning.
“Come in” I said. The door opened and I saw Mom
standing in the door; the only thing that was covering
her was her bush of pubic hairs.

“Where is dad?’ I asked but without a word she got on
the bed on my left side and lay down. I said, “I should
have realized that he has gone to work.”

I leaned over to my mom and kissed her on the lips. She
pushed her tongue into my mouth and I did the same. We
then started to French kiss each other. I then moved
down and got and put my mouth on my mom’s breast and
started to suck it. I sucked one of them while I
caressed the other one.

My mom said “I like it rough.” I almost bit her nipple
and pinched the other nipple hard. I pulled out hard on
both of my mom’s tits. When my mom’s tits were red I
went down to my mom’s pussy and stuck two fingers up my
mom’s pussy. I kept on fingering her pussy until she
was very wet. I then put my mouth at my mom’s pussy and
I licked all over the outside of it. I then stuck my
tongue into my mom’s pussy and ate my mom out.

“Oh God, Oh God!” she wailed and her pussy muscles
contracted around my tongue, massaging it as if it were
a prick.

I began stabbing my tongue in and out, fucking steadily
into her. Her cunt cream had a musky smell and a salty
taste, but this only served to turn me on all the more.
Every now and then, the bridge of my nose would press
against her swollen cunt.

“Aw, Christ… Cliff � ungh…” Mom groaned as she
squirmed on the bed.

She tightened her grip on my head, squirming from ass
cheek to ass cheek as she made the rugged climb toward
an orgasm. I kept it up until my mom finally climaxed.

I got out of my cloths pulled out my prick. Mom crawled
toward me and put her mouth to my steely cock. Then she
swiped the length of my prick with her tongue, pausing
to give extra attention to the rim of prick flesh just
below my prick head.

“Aw, man!” I groaned and shuddered with pleasure.
Suddenly she let my cock go from her mouth.

“Do me, Cliff!” she cried in a strangled voice. She was
laying flat on her back, pulling her knees up and
spreading them a little.

“Oh yeah that’s what I want to see!” I said.

“Hurt me!” she said.

In my life I have never done anything to hurt mother
but now I approached her with a savage desire. I lined
up my dick with my mom’s pussy and stuck the head of my
dick into her pussy. As soon as I was in her body she
lifted up and took almost my entire cock shaft deep
into her body! I could feel my cock getting even
thicker inside her hole as it pumped into her.

“Aaaaagh!” she cried.

We began to pump against each other in a fit of desire
and passion. We had nothing else but our bodies fucking
each other. There’s no thinking no planning, no small
talk. We just kept thrusting against each other and our
bodies built towards climax.

She knew I was about ready to cum! She wrapped her legs
around me and used her arms to hold me tight as we both
pumped together thrusting our bodies to climax. Pumping
and pumping into each other like crazed animals, we
started to orgasm together. Our bodies hammering hard
into each other. Our sex organs pumping and rocking
against each other.

Mom came first, and as soon as I heard her orgasmic
grunts and groans, I popped my wad too. I rammed my
prick in to the hilt, unloading deep in her pussy. My
hot wad spattered against the delicate walls of her
pussy, triggering five, or ten orgasms in rapid

When she felt me cumming, she howled and whimpered and
moaned. She thrust up wildly with her pelvis, absorbing
my strong thrusts and calling my name over and over.

We fucked until we both felt that the other person has
finished climaxing! When it was over, she went slack,
her body wrung out from an overload of pleasure. I fell
on to the bed completely drained! Believe it or not,
the most exciting single thing about fucking one’s
mother is hearing her call her son’s name when she was
climaxing, and knowing he was the man making her cum!
That’s called great motherly love!

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