A young man’s seduction by a beautiful Vampire

The city was dark that night, darker than hell. The
rain clouds seemed thicker than ever before and there
was the occasional rumble of distant thunder.

My name is Andy and I am a writer but not one of good
fortune. I had been having a hard time during those
months. Several publishing companies had rejected my
manuscript and I was reduced to working as a bartender.

It was a really seedy place and the clientele were a
pretty rough crowd. Thankfully the bar was fairly empty
that night, though the shift had been dragging.

That was, until she walked in.

The woman was stunning; her beauty took my breath
away. She looked really upmarket, dressed in expensive
clothes, with long black hair, a sophisticated

Planting herself on a stool at the bar she ordered me
to serve her in an offhand manner.

“Barman a white wine, and make it quick!”

Pouring the glass of wine as requested I said nothing.
As I served her I could almost feel her eyes burning
into me.

She sat there at the bar looking me up and down. I was
feeling pretty self-conscious at this point, and so
carried on putting the glasses away.

She beckoned me over, her eyes catching mine and held
my gaze.

I felt like a small animal caught by a bright light in
the dark. They seemed to bore right into my soul.

“What time do you finish?” She asked me demandingly.

“I finish at midnight.” I answered automatically,
shocked that she even asked.

Drinking up her wine she got up and left the bar,
leaving me standing there feeling quite confused.

The remainder of the shift was as mind numbingly boring
as before and I was glad to see the end of it.

Leaving the bar I ventured out into the cold of the
night and headed home. I pulled my coat close about
me as it was pouring with rain and the wind had picked
up driving it into my face.

As I struggled my way against the gale along the
street, a car headlight coming towards me blinded me.
The limousine pulled up next to me and its electric
window whirred open revealing the woman from earlier.

“Get in,” She ordered, which I did without question.

“No not on the seat you’ll make a mess.”

My clothes were drenched right through.

“You will have to sit on the floor.”

The widows were blacked out and there was a dark
screen between the chauffeur and us.

From where I was sat I could see right up between her
thighs as her coat was open and her short black dress
had a split up the front.

“Take off your clothes, all of them.”

Again her eyes bore into me making me feel that it was
impossible to refuse so I complied reluctantly though
I was not sure why.

Now totally naked I tried to cover myself up, as my
penis was now becoming erect.

She kicked her foot out at my hands.

“Don’t cover yourself, I want to see all of you.”

She drew her legs apart revealing that she wasn’t
wearing any underwear, and her pussy was fully shaved.

“Come and lick me, now!” she demanded.

I crawled forward and started to kiss the inside of
her thighs, slowly working my way up.

She was having none of that. Violently grabbing my
hair she f****d my face straight up between her legs.

“Now lick me,” she yelled.

I did so fervently, feeling her hard clit poking onto
my tongue, tasting her sweet juices as they were
smothered over my face. Just as I thought I was going
to make her come the car pulled to a halt.

“Get out!” she spat at me.

The door opened automatically and I was kicked out of
the car.

I found myself in an underground carpark near the
entrance to a lift. Pulling myself to my feet I turned
to get my clothes but she had already got out and shut
the door.

The car pulled away leaving me stood there naked
whilst she looked like she’d just come from a cocktail
party. I attempted to wipe her slime from my face but
she stopped me, and grabbing my face she kissed me
really hard, her tongue going everywhere, sucking and
licking her own juices.

The lift door opened, and she pushed me in. We rode
to the top floor with her licking my face the whole

I was starting to feel a little less exposed but my
relief was short lived as the lift doors opened.

Before me was a penthouse apartment full of people,
most of which were women.

“Get the hell out of here!” my mind was screaming.

I just didn’t seem able to pull away from her. She
was in total control. She led me by my penis into the
room, greeting some of the women as we went.

Walking through, I could see that several of the women
were sniggering at me and some even ran their hands
over me as we passed.

Pushing open a door she dragged me into a bedroom and
shoved me backward onto an ornate brass bed. It was
covered in bright red satin sheets, which I seemed to
just slide over.

Straddling me she lowered her face to kiss me. In
doing so she pushed my arms above my head, and before
I knew what was happening she snapped on some handcuffs
already attached to the headboard.

A thought occurred to me, “Why didn’t I notice them

Sliding her hands down my body she began to massage my
erection, my balls, then down my legs, only to snap
handcuffs on each ankle.

Standing astride me on the bed she slowly removed her

“Now your mine,” she said breaking into an evil laugh.

I looked up to see her nakedness, the hard nipples,
and her aroused pussy. The lips were swollen, and
there was a large erect clit poking out at the top
with glistening juices dribbling out onto her thighs.

She took hold of my erection, produced a leather strap,
and proceeded to loop it around my cock and balls.
It had the effect of drawing my foreskin back, and I
could feel my cock get extra hard and engorged with
b***d. She squatted down over my cock, then with one
swift movement impaled herself up to the hilt.


Drawing herself up, again she slammed down on it.

Faster and faster she went, thumping onto me with


She seemed to go wild, thrashing about on top of me,
with her hair flaying about all over.

“Whhooaa Whhooaa, Aghhh, Aghhh!” she wailed as her
orgasm came near.

I could hold back my orgasm no longer and my cock
started to twitch. Realising I was about to cum; she
yanked mercilessly on the leather strap, without even
missing a stroke.

It stopping my orgasm in its tracks and brought a
scream of agony from my lips.

She was driving herself harder onto my cock, as fast
as she could go.

“That’s it, that’s it, YEEEEESSSSS!”

The orgasm ripped through her body and she dug her
nails deep into my chest and clung on as she shuddered
through her cum.


She raised herself off of me and inspected the state
of my cock.

It felt like it was going to explode, still straining
for release from the strapping, and still covered with
her juices.

She looked up my body at me and caught my gaze; a
wicked look emerged in her eyes.

Realisation hit me like a steamroller.

She opened her mouth and two needle sharp teeth slowly
extended from inside the top of her mouth and two more
came from the bottom of her mouth.

She was a vampire, and I was her prey.

Slowly she enveloped the swollen head of my cock with
her mouth.

I struggled to free myself, but it was too late.

She struck.

Her fangs sliced into the head.


She released the strapping, letting the b***d flow and
my cock began to spurt my long denied cum into mouth
at the same time.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god!”


It was a scream of agony and ecstasy at the same time.

I could see her drawing on my cock sucking the life
force out of me.

Strangely my orgasm didn’t stop. I just kept cumming
and cumming.

I could feel my flesh gradually dissipating, the skin
began to hang on my bones, and my balls withered back
to nothing.

Soon there was not much left and my vision was
starting to blur. I could feel my eyeballs shrink back
into the sockets. All the time my orgasm was assisting
the drain on my life.

The last thing I saw was the remnants of my cock, just
a flap of skin, slip from her mouth.

I was dead.

All of a sudden I became aware of consciousness. Was
it a dream?

I could see nothing, just darkness.

A noise made my senses erupt like fire.

She removed the lid to the coffin I was lying in. I
could see her standing over me naked; with the same
wicked grin on her face.

“Now you will be my slave forever.”

As she said that a sudden thought occurred to me,
“This could make a great story…”

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