A young, rich Brazilian woman is introduced to the century’s old tradition of the bellyriders

Sao Paolo, Brazil, 1923:

When Alicia was a teenager her mother had thought her
religious devotion to be only a phase. The girl had
started rising before sunrise to attend early mass. This
was very unusual for her family was composed of hard-
nosed merchants in the city of Sao Paolo and rarely had
they the time for esoteric leanings. At first Alicia’s
mother suspected a boy. She was probably meeting some
young rake at mass, or worst, a priest. This turned out
not to be the case. Her mother just shrugged, thinking
that Alicia’s Jesus fixation would soon go away.

The women in Alicia’s family were not prudes but like
most upper-class Brazilian women they were all active
zoophiliacs. Her mother and her two sisters kept a
kennel with rottweilers and would mate with these
frequently. It was an open secret, many of these
households had kennels or even a stable housing a horse
or donkey, though not one ever discussed it in polite

One night one of her sisters offered to introduce her to
the art of dog loving. Alicia agreed reluctantly. The
thought of loosing her virginity to a dog had not
entered her mind. Her sister insisted. It was not as if
she was sinning; lying with a man would be a sin, being
with a dog was just fun.

When the two girls entered the kennel, they found their
mother knotted to a rottweiler. The older woman smiled
as she saw her youngest daughter strip and get on all
fours. An eager dog was produced and her sister guided
the shaft towards Alicia’s cunt. The dog was well
trained and eagerly mounted Alicia. The dog penis soon
punctured her hymeneal obstruction. Alicia found it all
degrading but also very exciting and, eventually, fun.
Her sister, meanwhile, had also gotten on all fours and
was being mounted by a dog. All three women settled down
to a passionate bout of dogloving. Pretty soon Alicia
felt the knot for the first time in her life and enjoyed
her first orgasm with a dog. From that day thereafter
Alicia became an avid doglover.

Still, her religious inclinations would not go away. How
could she reconcile her mating daily with a dog and then
attend Mass? One day she posed the question to her
confessor. The older man sighed. Another fine looking
woman had gone to the beasts. Being rather liberal,
however, the priest took it all in stride.

There was an apocryphal gospel, he explained, by one
Baruch of Arimathea, that described how, when Jesus
entered Jerusalem astride a donkey, he was followed
behind by another donkey under which was strapped Marie
Magdalene herself with the donkey’s penis inside her.
Did the story prove that the Church condoned bestiality?
Not necessarily, noted the priest, it’s just that these
things do happen. Perhaps Baruch had just had an
overactive imagination. No, the Church did not frown on
bestiality, at least not the Brazilian Church, since
there the practice was so endemic.

In fact, offered the priest, there was a particular
order of nuns that might just suit Alicia’s tastes, the
so-called Naked Sisters of Marie Magdalene. They were
bona-fide nuns and their motherhouse was in Recife, in
northern Brazil. The Church did not advertise them, as
it was sort of embarrassing, but they had gained
acceptance under Pope Alexander VI, the Borgia Pope, a
man who was pretty kinky himself, since it had been
founded by his own daughter, Lucrezia, who had
eventually entered its convent. Lucrezia had set it as a
condition that a vow of chastity was no longer a
requisite, other than a prohibition about mating with
human males.

It was said that the vows of the sisters of Marie
Magdalene included bestiality and nudity, among other
things. The order was banned in Europe but thrived in
Brazil. Perhaps Alicia could visit them, and, if she was
so inclined, take the vows.

Joining a nunnery, even one composed of nudist
zoophiliac nuns, was not an easy decision. When Alicia
mentioned the matter to her mother, the older woman
replied with a stern no. Alicia’s father was also
against the idea. Alicia was a plum prize. Marrying her
well would advance the family’s fortune. Another stream
of unsuccessful suitors followed.

The years went by. Alicia grew up to become a handsome,
attractive, woman. She steadily refused the advances of
the numerous suitors that approached her. Even her
sisters had been married off.

Finally, after refusing the marriage offer tendered by a
very wealthy landholder, her mother took her aside. Was
she mad? The man she had just said no to had ranches
that were larger than some European countries! The man’s
brother had been president! And he was a dreamboat! Was
it the knot? Did she not understand that the man knew
they all mated with dogs and would allow her to continue
doing so? But Alicia said nothing.

Frankly, the idea of lying with a man, even a rich,
handsome one, filled her with revulsion. To pollute
herself with a man’s semen was revolting. To punish her
intransigence, her family sent her out to their
hacienda, close to the jungles of the Matto Grosso. The
servants were vigilant and under strict instructions not
to let her mate with any beasts.

One day, Alicia managed to escape her vigil and saddled
a horse and went riding alone through the fields of her
family’s hacienda. Through the morning mists, she
thought she saw a naked woman leading a donkey through a
country road. She thought she was hallucinating and
approached the unearthly vision carefully. It was real,
all right, and when she hailed her the woman greeted her
smiling. Except for a nun’s wimple and a dildo looking
crucifix she was a nude and sported penises tattooed on
her face.

Yes, she was a Naked Sister of Mary Magdalene, she
explained, and yes, her vows did include nudity and
bestiality. Alicia noticed how much at peace with
herself the woman seemed. Indeed, agreed the nun, she
was the freest of women, free of conventions, men, and,
of course, clothing.

To prove her point, the nun proceeded to mate with the
beast while a delighted Alicia held its reins. Alicia
offered the nun the hospitality of her family’s
hacienda, but the nun declined, as she was in a hurry to
take medicines to an Indian village in the jungle where
there was an outbreak of cholera.

After the mating finished Alicia reached for the
retracting donkey’s penis and held it in her hands,
mesmerized by its size and girth. The nun recognized the
look of love in Alicia and cupped her hands to capture
the gobs of donkey semen coming out of her cunt and
offered it to Alicia who knelt in front of her as if to
receive communion.

The taste was stronger, saltier, than her dogs’ semen
and tasted also of the woman’s cunt but Alicia drank it
eagerly, relishing if it were communion wine. Then a
shout from one of the hacienda servants who had been
sent to look for her brought her back to reality. The
nun blessed her and departed in a hurry.

Every since that day, Alicia became obsessed with taking
the vows of a Naked Sister of Mary Magdalene. Her family
had now become very insistent that she be married and
she was called back to Sao Paolo, for a suitor had been
chosen for her, a gross looking fellow that owned a
shipping line.

In the meanwhile, at her mother’s insistence for she
knew Alicia was suffering, she was allowed to resume her
matings with the dogs. Despite the comfort the dogs
provided, Alicia felt miserable. Her future husband was
close enough to an animal as could be found in the human
genre but still walked on two feet, most of the time.
Her mother assured her that he would allow her to
continue mating with dogs and was supposed to be well
endowed herself.

The memory of the large donkey’s penis entering the
naked nun on a country road tortured her. How could any
man’s penis compete with that magnificent shaft? The
night before her wedding, after repeated knottings,
Alicia put together a makeshift traveling case, grabbed
some money, and boarded the train to Recife.

After days of travel, she eventually arrived in Recife.
The man who she asked directions to the convent of the
Naked Sisters of Mary Magdalene stared at her rudely.
Old dog semen was trickling down her legs, a condition
that Alicia hardly noticed anymore for that the normal
state of the women in her family, but the man certainly
did. He leered and pointed to an edifice on a hill
overlooking the town.

A dilapidated taxi took her and her meager belongings to
the convent. It did not look impressive, surrounded by
an old high wall that enclosed several hectares. Alicia
rang the bell repeatedly without success until
eventually a small hole opened through which an older
woman stared at her. What did she want, asked the nun,
in an unfriendly tone of voice. The question unnerved
Alicia for a moment. She decided to be frank. She wanted
a beast, she said imploringly, and to live nude, free.
The hole slammed shut.

Hours passed. Alicia waited patiently. The monsoon rains
had already started and pretty soon she was wet and
miserable. Finally, a small doorway creaked open and a
female voice summoned her. She entered into a small,
quite pleasant, courtyard where a naked woman wearing
solely a crucifix and a nun’s wimple stood.

Alicia tried to introduce herself but the woman ignored
her and roughly removed her wet clothes. No clothes were
allowed in the convent, she explained, and, anyway, she
would catch pneumonia if she kept hers on. She then gave
Alicia a dry towel and a glass of rum. The nun left,
taking away Alicia’s wet clothes and her luggage, and
she was left sitting on a bench barely covered by the
towel and sipping her rum slowly.

After nun returned, this time leading a large mastiff.
Alicia smiled, this she could handle. The nun left
without saying a word. Alicia inspected the dog and
found that it had a fine-looking large and knobby penis
and an overly large scrotum housing two overgrown

Alicia did not know it, but its breed had been developed
by the order over the years. It was well trained and
seemed to know what to do and so did, of course, Alicia.
After a short while Alicia was on her fours, firmly
attached to the dog by its knot, and unable to uncouple.

Alicia was moaning orgasmically when the nun entered
once more. Alicia felt no shame at being seen thus. The
dog was wonderful, she told the nun, and had been
cumming inside her steadily. Then nun nodded and
produced a hypodermic with a milky substance. This she
injected into an exposed portion of the dog’s penis.
Alicia felt the penis harden inside her and the knot
actually increased in proportion. Alicia came
repeatedly. The nun briefly caressed her breasts and
left her thus.

In her house, Alicia had seen her mother and sisters
remain knotted for 30 minutes or more. The dogs, she
knew, would eventually come and the size of the knot
would decrease until she was able to uncouple. Alicia
had already orgasmed repeatedly when she realized that
her knotting was setting some sort of record. The dog
whimpered and a steady stream of his semen would flow
into Alicia. But he remained quite hard.

After what seemed an eternity, the nun emerged once
more. She smiled at Alicia and then proceeded to inject
the dog’s penis once more. The substance kept the dog’s
penis rock hard, she explained. For a moment Alicia
panicked, the knot was a delightful t*****e and she did
not know how long her body could continue thus.

Hours went by. Alicia lost count of her orgasms. Every
so often the nun would come by and inject the dog’s
penis. The dog did not seem uncomfortable. Though his
semen was no longer flowing, the penis remained quite
hard. Alicia lost track of time. Night fell. The nun
laid a set of old blankets caked with dried semen under
her. Then Alicia laid down, still attached to the dog.

The dog’s whimpers woke her up. Dawn was approaching.
Alicia was still knotted. The nun came by once more but
this time she did not inject the dog’s penis. She knelt
next to Alicia. She laid Alicia’s head on her lap and
stroked her breasts. Alicia eventually managed to orgasm
one last time. Then the knot went down and Alicia
disengaged with a loud pop, leaving behind a yawning
cunt. The nun placed herself on top of Alicia, in a 69
position and started licking the dog semen coming out of
the younger woman’s cunt.

Alicia had never had sex with another woman before. But
when she saw the nun’s rather dilated cunt in front of
her she eagerly pressed her mouth to the nun’s cunt. The
cunt tasted of dog and of another animal she could not

The two women promptly reached orgasm. Alicia laid on
the blankets, spent and fell asleep. The nun smiled
mischievously and left, returning this time leading a
donkey that was displaying a large, semi-erect penis.
She woke Alicia up gently. Alicia stared with amazement
at the new beast. Her muscles ached but did not complain
when the nun directed her to get on all fours on top of
a bench to offer her cunt to the donkey. The nun
expertly positioned the beast and Alicia felt the hot
donkey penis pressing against her cunt.

It was a tight fit and took some doing but eventually
Alicia felt the donkey’s shaft entering her. The
sensation of fullness was extraordinary and also
painful. Alicia was thoroughly aroused for she knew this
was the fulfillment of what she had wanted all her life.
She started fucking the donkey with passion as the nun
held the animal firmly and shouted her encouragement.

After a while the animal grew frenzied. She had to
uncouple, said the nun with an edge of urgency in her
voice. Alicia, she explained, is not yet ready to let it
come inside her. Alicia pulled herself forward with
regrets and the donkey’s penis exited her. The nun made
her kneel and then pressed the donkey’s penis to
Alicia’s lips. The donkey came spectacularly, releasing
a major volume of donkey semen into Alicia’s face and

The nun smiled at her and helped her to her feet. Both
women, but Alicia specially, were covered in donkey
semen. The animal was braying loudly. Congratulations,
said the nun, you have been baptized. And she kissed her
on the lips and took her hand and led her into the

The years went by. Alicia took the vows with the Naked
Sisters of Marie Magdalene. She assumed the name Leda,
after Saint Leda of Nicomedia, an apocryphal martyr that
had been impaled on a horse penis for not marrying a
pagan. Leda’s vows included nudity, poverty, and

Opinions were mixed when Leda’s family got the news of
her new career. Her father, frankly, did not understand
her religious devotion though he had gotten used to the
bestiality that his wife and daughters openly practiced.
The mother, however, convinced him to forgive Leda and
set out to visit her in Recife. There the two women
talked through a grill.

Her mother could see that Leda looked good. Except for
her nun’s wimple and a large dildo that masqueraded as a
crucifix, she was nude and sported a dark, overall, tan.
Her nipples stood proud and erect and the aureola were
dark and ample. Her face bore several tattooed penises
placed on her at ordination. Her cunt lips were
distended and a steady flow of donkey semen oozed out
from it. Was she happy, asked her mother.

Yes, replied Leda, beaming. Her life could not be
better. The donkeys were very well endowed and their
semen was abundant and delicious. She had never known so
much freedom. The two women talked long and settled all
their differences. When her mother left, she could hear
the braying of a donkey behind the convent’s walls.

The life of a nun was more than what Leda had expected.
Their nudity was convenient in the tropics and the nuns
all slept in simple, unadorned, rooms that had no doors.
This led to a lot of nocturnal visitation and lovemaking
amongst the sisters. As for the beasts, the nuns kept a
wide menagerie of dogs and equines. Tradition required
that at all times there would be a nun kept knotted with
a dog or mating with an equine. Leda got easily
accustomed to the cycle of praying, lesbian lovemaking,
and animal mating that became her daily routine.

On a frequent basis, the sisters would venture out of
the convent, wearing no clothes, of course. The first
time Alicia was sent out nude on an errand into Recife
she felt very self-conscious. She was, after all, an
heiress to a well known and respected family, not the
type you expected to be out on a market square strutting
bare-ass naked with tattooed penises on her face.
Thankfully, an older nun who tried to set her at ease
accompanied her.

To her surprise, Leda found that the Brazilians paid no
attention to their nudity. Like the sky-clad sadhus of
India, they were revered and respected. After a while,
Leda no longer felt any shame and was enjoyed walking
around nude in public.

Another activity that the nuns engaged in was that of a
mendicant, proselytizing, order. On these occasions, two
of the sisters would venture out of the convent, naked,
to spend a year wandering around the countryside. They
would visit the more remote, isolated communities and
there provide much-needed medical services and perform
other charitable work.

Leda participated in such a trek a few years after her
ordination. She and another sister ventured on foot
following the route of the Amazon. They led a well-
endowed donkey to carry medicines and other supplies and
also to service their sexual needs. Leda thoroughly
enjoyed her adventure and felt proud in the fact that
she was retracing the steps of the unknown naked nun she
had seen so many years before.

The Indian villages they visited received them
hospitably. For one, the naked sisters did not insist,
like the protestant missionaries did, in having the
Indians be clothed, a foolish notion in the tropical
jungle where clothing tended to rot easily. The sisters
adapted easily to the native lifestyle, and would wear
the body paint styles of their hosts.

The nuns, because of their intimate knowledge of animal
physiology, also provided veterinary services. At one
hacienda Leda arrived, they managed to nurse the owner’s
prize stud stallion back to health and, as a means of
showing that he was hale once more, mated with it
repeatedly. In one village they arrived during St.
Francis day, the date on which animals were
traditionally blessed. Leda and her companion joined the
celebration by publicly mating with all animals brought

The whole affair took several days and Leda serviced a
wide variety of dogs, donkeys, ponies, mules, horses,
and even a capybara. They all deposited semen libations
into the vaginas of Leda and her companion. It was only
at the protestant missions that Leda and her companion
were unwelcome. There, a usually dour minister of Christ
would curse and shoo them away lest the nude zoophiliac
catholic nuns corrupted his flock.

In the end, Leda and her companion and their donkey
returned, happy, well bronzed from the tropical sun and
covered in Indian body paint designs. Two other women
that had asked to join the sisterhood, eager to partake
of the free lifestyle the order offered, also
accompanied them. They also escorted a flock of orphaned
c******n they had picked up on their trek.

As Leda found out, the Naked Sisters of St. Mary
Magdalene also ministered amongst prostitutes and
battered women. More than once had an enraged sister
confronted a brutal pimp that had been battering one of
his women. The sisters also kept an orphanage and a
hospital where impoverished women were given free
birthing services and prostitutes were treated for
venereal disease. Several of the sisters had been
streetwalkers themselves and no one thought the less of

If anything, the activism of the order in protecting
women’s rights often proved embarrassing to the Church.
The order was rich, since so many daughters of prominent
families tended to join it, bringing their dowries with
them. When the sisters were not raising Cain in the
brothels their lawyers were causing headaches in the
courts or in congress, the latter two being brothels of
a sort.

One day a sister stabbed a pimp on the streets of Bahia.
The man had been kicking one of his charges for getting
pregnant. When the nun had interrupted him, he pulled
out a knife on her. The nun had not been intimidated.
She was a former prostitute, a tough gal, and she fought
back. In the scuffle, the pimp’s own blade had stabbed
him. It was only a scratch and the police had promptly
arrived to control matters. But the press had had a
field day.

Reluctantly, Archbishop Montoya, head of the Brazilian
Church, had to take steps to bring in the order to
obedience. He took the long train ride to Recife and
there met with the head of the order. The mother
superior received him in her study while in the nude, as
was proper according to her vows. She was a handsome
woman, noted Montoya, though the penises tattooed on her
face could be distracting. Montoya just shrugged, this
was Brazil and Rome was far, far away. He knew of
congregations in the Amazon where the attendees, Indian
tribes, would attend Mass wearing only body paint.

The two clerics talked matters at length. Montoya did
not want to humble the order. Their social work was
beyond reproach and the pimp deserved everything he got.
Still, a show of penance was required, at least a token
bow to Church authority. What would be proper, inquired
the mother superior.

Montoya had several things in mind. Flaying and t*****e
would not do, as it was said that the nuns enjoyed the
sting of a good whipping on a daily basis as atonement
for their past sins. The mother superior’s multiple
healed lash scars on her bare back and buttocks
evidenced that she herself enjoyed the sting of the
lash. Denying them to lay with beasts would be against
their vows and over cruel, particularly to the beasts.

Perhaps, offered the mother superior, the order could
sponsor an entry into the bellyriding procession held
during the Rio Mardi Gras. Montoya pondered this, albeit
briefly. Bellyriding consisted of having a woman being
strapped under a horse nude, with the horse penis inside
her and her legs tied against the flanks of the horse.
The penis was kept hard by yerba dura, a naturally
occurring viagra precursor. The two, woman and horse,
were kept thus coupled for three days and their nights.
The bellyriders led thus in public through the streets
of Rio, unashamedly and to the cheers of onlookers,
while escorted by a samba dancing school.

Yes agreed Montoya, this would be fine with him, if it
were a nun that was the bellyrider. And, as a show of
humility, the bellyriding nun should agree to service
orally any man on the street that requested it. Fine,
agreed the mother superior, though it would be best if a
small fee, at least a symbolic one, were collected for
each blowjob. After all, noted the mother superior, they
were followers of Marie Magdalene and it would be
unseemly to give out their services for free. A portion
of the funds could go to the orphanage and, of course,
to the archbishop, to support his pious work.

Thus it was that the order purchased several uncut
stallions. Donkeys, though well equipped, had proven to
be too short legged for proper bellyriding. The Recife
motherhouse soon witnessed several nuns in training.
Leda was amongst the nuns volunteering and she looked
forward to being chosen. Despite her dislike of men,
that she would have to blow these in public did not
bother her. After all, the reputation of the order would
be enhanced and the money collected would go to a worthy
cause. But the first year Sister Libida was selected,
since she had been known for her oral skills as a
prostitute before taking her vows.

Sister Libida soon journeyed down to Rio accompanied by
Leda who was to be her escort. For the three nights of
Mardi Gras Sister Libida was kept naked and coupled
underneath a horse on a corner in a Rio thoroughfare.
Her straps were kept loose enough that her face
protruded from beneath the horse yet insured the horse
penis remained inside her. During the three nights of
Mardi Gras a long line of men eagerly queued to be
serviced orally by the nun.

Leda meanwhile stood next to her, holding on to the
reins, sounding a campanile to attract customers, and
collecting the payments. Leda felt envious but took the
matter philosophically, her turn would soon come. It
was, rather, her having to wear a habit during Mardi
Gras, the first clothes she had worn in over ten years,
that proved to be more galling.

During the daytime, Sister Libida and her horse were
quartered in a secluded courtyard behind the cathedral.
The two were remained coupled and every once in a while
Leda would inject yerba dura into his shaft to keep it
hard. Sister Libida walked with some difficulty after
her three-day continuous horse fuck. In the end, the
Church’s bellyrider entry proved to be a success and the
archbishop’s coffers fattened and the order added a new
wing to their hospital.

Soon it was Leda’s turn to bellyride. The first two
nights were uneventful. Though she found men’s penises
to be puny in comparison to that of horses, she eagerly
fellated all that requested her services. Her mount,
however, had proven hard to manage, unused to the sounds
and bustle of Rio. It was at the beginning of the third
night that the accident happened. Leda’s horse was
startled by some fireworks and grew frenzied. Leda
almost bit off the man she was fellating when the horse

The escorting nun, Sister Martina, was young and
inexperienced. The poor woman had been kicked by the
horse, lost consciousness and let go of the reins. Leda
reached for the leather loops hanging from the saddle to
keep herself from sinking deep into the shaft. She felt
her torso being carried to an upright position as the
horse reared and the pressure in her cunt increased,
brutally. Then, inexorably, gravity pulled her down. She
felt something tear inside her and a sharp pain in her
cunt and mercifully lost consciousness.

When she came back to, hours had gone by. Her horse was
at a standstill. Samba music filled the air as the samba
schools paraded. Sister Martina was holding onto the
reins. She had a bandage around her head and one of her
eyes was almost closed. Leda felt coolness against her
pubes and realized with horror that it was the horse’s
balls. She had taken the whole shaft, to the hilt. She
was impaled.

Sister Martina advised her not to move. Sunrise was only
a few more hours away. The nuns had to obey the taboo
that kept an impaled bellyrider strapped until the end
of the third day. As soon as dawn broke she would then
be unstrapped and taken to surgery. An ambulance was
standing by. The bishop had arranged it all. It was all
her fault, said Sister Martina, weeping, for not holding
on to the reins more strongly. Leda touched her brow and
forgave her.

The shaft felt as if it were up to her throat, though
Leda knew that that was not possible. She tasted,
however, horse semen and knew that it had come up from
her innards. But her body felt numb. There was no pain.
Why? Sister Martina then told her that she had been
given drugs to ease matters. Leda started praying the
rosary and resigned herself to her fate.

Leda ran her hands along her belly. The shaft, she felt,
was getting flaccid. It would soon require more yerba
dura. It would probably cause further damage, even k**l
her outright, but the yerba dura would prevent it from
ejaculating inside her more. It wouldn’t matter, she
knew, with all the semen the horse had deposited into
her body, peritonitis was a given. Leda did not think
the matter further. She gestured to Sister Martina to
apply the injection. She would not die on a flaccid
shaft. Soon she felt a warm column of horse meat harden
inside her.

Now, said Leda, she had not travelled all the way to Rio
to just lie under a horse. Let the men line up again,
she pleaded. If she was to die, it would be better if
she had a penis in her mouth in the end. So Sister
Martina started sounding her campanile to summon the
bystanders and soon they queued up to Leda to be

The wily sister Martina, however, doubled the price, for
being fellated by an impaled woman was a rare privilege.
Leda sucked on bravely, swallowing as much as she could
in her impaled state. But then her motions had
stimulated the horse to orgasm. She knew it was going to
come and commended her soul to Christ. Then, she felt
her horse flare and come inside her and a stream of
horse and human semen erupted out of her mouth. She lost
consciousness and Sister Martina thought she had drowned
in horse semen and gave her the last rites.

Leda was rushed to surgery as soon as the dawn broke.
Her prospects were not good. Archbishop Montoya had seen
to it that the best surgeons were made available.
Miraculously, Leda survived. She spent the next six
months undergoing repeated operations and recuperating
in a private clinic in Rio. Alas, the price she paid was
steep. Her body had suffered extensive damage,
particularly her intestinal tract. Her womb had to be
removed and she was in constant pain and walked with

When she returned to Recife, Leda was received as a
heroine and the sisters made all efforts to keep her
comfortable. But Leda was moody and depressed. She
longed for the shaft and repeatedly wished she had died
on it. Slowly, time healed her outlook. Her mood
improved considerably when she was again allowed to mate
with a beast.

Admittedly, it was a dog, a labrador, whose proportions
were not even close to that of an equine. The whole
affair took some doing for she was in much pain and
required the help of several of the sisters to position
her to receive the dog’s penis. When she again felt the
familiar sensation of the knot inside her, Leda wept
tears of joy.

Two years later, when Mardi Gras again approached, Leda
again asked to be allowed to ride. Her cunt, she
explained, had recuperated and was now a yawning cavern
for the labia no longer met. She was ready to mate with
a horse again. The mother superior denied her request.
She already had done her part for the order and her body
had suffered enough.

There were plenty of younger nuns, with far more elastic
vaginas, that were willing to bellyride. Precisely
because she had suffered so much, argued Leda, she
should be allowed to bellyride. After all, she knew her
life expectancy was shortened, therefore, why put
another sister at risk? The two women argued long on the
points until finally Leda won the mother superior’s
tentative consent.

So a few weeks before Mardi Gras Leda recruited Sor
Martina to help her prepare. She had the younger nun
repeatedly fist her to get used once again to large
objects. The pain was excruciating at first but in the
end she was able to accommodate both Sor Martina’s
hands. It was time to try out a horse.

In preparation for the trial, the mother superior
insisted that Leda set her affairs in order. Leda’s
father had recently died, willing her a considerable
fortune. Leda was now incredibly wealthy yet the thought
of leaving the order and retire to enjoy her wealth did
not occur to her. Instead, she had the family solicitor
make out her will in which she donated all her earthly
goods to the order.

One morning, after Mass, Leda felt herself physically
and spiritually ready to receive the horse shaft once
again. A mount was prepared for her in a convent hall.
This was a large horse, a warm b***d, at least 14 hands
tall and with a shaft that flared considerably when
coming. Several sisters helped Leda unto the harness and
gently tied her up in place. The mother superior asked
her if she was still willing and Leda nodded in
agreement. She was then given absolution and the trial

Sister Martina injected the horse penis with yerba dura.
The shaft slowly dropped out of its sheath. While still
flaccid, Sister Martina held the head against Leda’s
cunt. The shaft continued to extend and easily slipped
into her distended cunt. Leda moaned from both pain and
pleasure and a leather strip was placed between her
teeth. The shaft grew harder and longer.

She felt her torso being pushed forward by the huge
shaft but the ropes kept her tied in place. The pressure
was intense and the ropes were biting deep into her
body. Inch by inch, the member slid into Leda. Despite
her training, the distension was incredibly painful.
Leda was now in tears and biting hard on the leather
bit. The shaft continued to enter, relentlessly.

The mother superior asked her if she wanted it to be
taken out. Leda whimpered and shook her head. The brutal
distension continued until finally Leda had almost a
foot of horse penis inside her. The penetration had
finished. She was!
now ready to be led around.

The nuns let her sit thus for a bit until she regained
her strength. The ropes holding Leda in place were
tightened so that there would be little play when the
horse moved. She was just a living sheath wrapped around
the horse shaft. Sor Martina let her know that she was
about to start leading the horse. Leda dug her face into
the horse’s chest and grabbed the leather loops hanging
at the side. The first step caused Leda to shriek,
letting go of the leather bit.

So Martina, at the mother superior’s instructions,
ignored her cries and continued to lead the horse slowly
around the hall. Leda felt the huge piston ramming her
insides with every step. She expected the tear to occur
any moment but her scar tissue held. Due to her
injuries, Leda no longer had the ability to orgasm but
she started feeling a curious arousal overcoming her.
Yes, she knew she could survive the ordeal and, if it
killed her, she was past caring.

The sisters followed the curious procession singing
chants and praying. The mother superior meanwhile kept a
hand on the exposed portion of the horse’s shaft,
gauging when the horse was ready to come. At the mother
superior’s signal, the walk was ended. Sister Martina
was admonished to hold the horse steady. Leda stared
wide-eyed from beneath the horse.

The moment of truth was approaching. Already she was
feeling a warmness as the horse’s precum filled her. The
horse started to stomp and whinny. The mother superior
massaged the shaft and the balls to coax the orgasm. A
sister pushed the leather bit into Leda’s mouth. Then
the flare came. Leda felt the initial tremors and then
the shaft flared and she thought that the inevitable had
happened, that the shaft was tearing indeed her in two.

Her shriek was heard outside the convent’s walls. Then
slowly the shaft retracted and popped out of Leda’s
cavernous orifice. Thankfully, instead of b***d and
entrails it was only semen that gushed out of her. The
sisters chanted with joy. Leda had survived. The trial
was a success.

Leda returned to the Rio Mardi Gras and survived her
bellyride. She even managed to bellyride for a few more
Mardi Grases. Eventually, she retired from bellyriding,
not wanting to deny the honor to other sisters. She was
eventually appointed mother superior and governed her
sisters with a gentle yet firm hand for a few years.

Eventually, she died, peacefully, in her sleep, while
strapped under a horse. She was still rather young but
all the injuries she had suffered had contributed to her
death. A movement was started to canonize her but the
matter was dropped since Rome was not sympathetic;
however, this did not keep unofficial shrines to her
from cropping throughout the Brazilian countryside. She
is known as Santa Leda la Empalada and these home-grown
sanctuaries display a statue of Leda bellyriding impaled
with the entire horse shaft inside her. To assure good
crops and the fertility of their beasts the locals
anoint the figure with animal semen.

Soon after Leda’s death, the foreign protestant missions
exerted pressure on the Brazilian government to curb the
activities of the Naked Sisters of Mary Magdalene. In
turn, the government pressured Rome. The Holy See had
only been looking for an excuse to discipline the order
and the Pope did so. The order’s wealth went to the
bishoprics and to Rome, which stifled all protests from
the Brazilian hierarchy.

The sisters were f****d to become a run of the mill,
dressed, order. The penis facial tattoo was also
outlawed and those nuns that still sported it were
f****d to wear a mask. Membership dropped considerably
for many sisters abandoned the order, many being f****d
again to resort to prostitution to earn a living,
unfortunately. The endowments also dried up, for no
longer did the daughters of prominent Brazilian families
seek entry into the order.

Thus, much to the regret of all Brazil, there are no
longer naked activist nuns roaming though the
countryside and streets protecting the weak and
defenseless. Their convent still stands, rather forlorn,
on the hill overlooking Recife, though, as the Church
inspectors regularly verify, no untoward sexual
activities take place, just praying and fasting.

The orphanages and hospitals they sponsored, however,
are still active, though now secularized. In one
hospital a large oil painting honors the sisters and
shows them engaged in various sexual activities with
animals; however, the painting has been moved to a back
room and the hospital management is reluctant to show it
to visitors.

As for the Rio Mardi Gras, a rash of fatal accidents and
the censure of foreign governments caused the government
to ban bellyriding in 1946. However, it is said that
even today the women of the Brazilian upper class
families still practice zoophilia, in the privacy of
their backcountry haciendas, that is. Once in a while
these families will host an itinerant nun of the
(clothed) order of St. Mary Magdalene, admittedly to be
lectured on the gospels. The nun usually arrives leading
a donkey, to carry her road supplies, of course.

His braying is usually heard through the night…