A young wife wants to get pregnant and experiences all the wonderful sensations and feelings as she and her husband first try for a pregnancy

“It’s a pretty good life,” Carrie thought as she stood
looking at the rising sun through the kitchen window.
She was 23 years old, had graduated from college,
married. Both she and her husband Dzsepapper had good jobs.
They weren’t rich, but certainly comfortable for a
young couple. Dzsepapper was a great guy. He didn’t play
around. Always thought about her first.

Surprising to her, their marriage had settled into a
casual routine that didn’t seem possible after those
first months. There had been some wild times. Weekend
getaways, making love every night, life was a constant
thrill. Not that it was bad now, but it had gotten a
little predictable. Satisfying, but predictable.

As Carrie looked at the pill in her hand, she thought
about Dzsepapper showering, and about their early morning
“quickie.” It felt good to make love in the morning,
though it was usually pretty hurried. She rarely
orgasmed in these encounters. She had discovered that
she usually needed more time than that. But that was
okay. Carrie felt a fulfillment in meeting Dzsepapper’s
needs. In a way, it was nice having “a part of him”
with her during the day, even if it disappeared by
lunch. Such was the expression of his love she held
deep inside, clinging to the cervix of her womb.

She remembered reading the notes on her first “pill-
pak”, the warnings. Among those was the possibility of
diminished libido, breast tenderness, confusing data
about cancer. This little pill was a blessing and
curse, safety from pregnancy, suppression of urges.
Occasional bloating when even clothes didn’t fit
perfectly. Maybe they were ready. One of the
Kindergarten teachers across the hall at Elm Street
Elementary School seemed very happy as she announced
the news of her second child. She didn’t seem to mind
the prospect of getting huge.

Carrie and Dzsepapper had talked a little about starting a
family. They had even switched to “natural” family
planning for a while several months ago. That was quite
an experience! Daily thermometer readings, mucus
sampling, charting. It felt somehow different, better
not having the hormones controlling her body.

If nothing else, it confirmed the effects of the pill.
For those months the bloating never occurred. There was
some relief from worrying about the “c” word. Actually,
she learned more about her own reproductive biology
then than all through college. Most surprising was the
change in libido. But she and Dzsepapper had decided then
was not the time. So, back to the pill. It was an
acceptable trade-off.

In the meantime, Dzsepapper had finished showering and had
dressed. A quick kiss and he was gone. Carrie showered
fairly quickly. Not so hurriedly to not appreciate the
time she spent running each week. She had never been
athletic in high school, but her roommate in college
had gotten her started running. She had run 10K’s and
even one marathon. Wasn’t that an accomplishment! She
found that with the running, she had achieved and kept
the best physical shape of her life. And she didn’t
have to watch her diet much either!

As the soap covered her body, she admired her well-
defined legs. Her flat stomach, hardened by the sit-
ups, allowed the bright red bush to stand out even
more. “If I just had more to stand out up top,” she
thought. They were barely 34B’s. The light colored
areola, barely visible from a distance, provided a
backdrop for modest nipples. “At least not much for
gravity to pull down,” she smiled.

Having dried and massaged in the aromatic body lotion,
she strategically placed the drops of perfume. The
light, soft cup bra provided all the support she would
need. Rarely did her nipples show through even the
clingiest of tops, one of which she would wear. “Well,
first graders won’t notice anyway!”

Anne, the teacher who had recently announced her second
pregnancy, wasn’t so fortunate. She had the appearance
of having two marbles under her top all the time.
Carrie couldn’t help noticing Anne a couple of days
earlier. Carrie swore she could see the outline of huge
areola, but they couldn’t have been that large. It must
be one of the difficulties of pregnancy. She would have
to do some reading about sometime.

Enough daydreaming. Gathering the grade book and papers
in her briefcase, she eased the Honda out of the garage
and down the street to school.

“I like teaching, but I like to see them get on that
bus, too!”

Carrie remarked to Anne at the loading ramp.

“So do I. Listen, Carrie, don’t you have one of the
Kindergarten counting lines?” asked the Kindergarten

“Sure, come by the room. I think I have it here rather
than at home.” Carrie replied. “I’ll be there in a few
minutes. I have a parent conference first.”

About thirty minutes later Carrie walked into the room.
“How do you keep this place so well organized? I just
can’t seem to manage everything.” Anne commented.

“You have extra responsibilities at home that I don’t
have. I usually put in extra time each afternoon. You
have that little one to pick up from the daycare and
take home.” Carrie replied. “And I hear you’re going to
add to the family!”

“Well, that will be a while, after schools out next
summer. I’m only about 6 weeks along. But far enough to
know and feel it, that for certain. At least I get to
finish out the school year. We sure need the income
right now.” was Anne’s return.

Carrie nodded in agreement. “I understand that. By the
way, the counting line is at home. I could bring it
tomorrow, or you could drop by our home this evening
and pick it up.”

“You sure that won’t be a problem?”

“Not at all. Dzsepapper won’t be home till around eleven.
Don’t you know where we live?”

Anne appeared grateful. “Sure, and that’d be great.
I’ll come by around seven. See you then.”

Carrie finished preparing materials for the next day
and headed home. A quick stop at the grocer and
cleaners and she arrived home around 5: 30. Quickly
she changed and headed out for her afternoon run. It
was a good time for her. The solitude relaxed her and
the fitness benefits added a measure of satisfaction,

She ran up the driveway at 6:40, just enough time for a
quick shower before Anne arrived. The warm water
relaxed tense muscles. The leisurely, peaceful moment
was interrupted by the door chime. Turning the water
off and wrapping in her robe she hurried to the door.
Through the peephole she saw Anne and opened the door.

“Come in, sorry how I look. I just finished my run with
a quick shower. Make yourself at home while I get
dressed.” Carrie moved into the bedroom hearing Anne’s
“Thanks. Nice home. Have you lived here long?” Dialog.

“Almost two years. It’s been nice, a good neighborhood
and all. Take a look around.” Carrie called from the

Carrie slipped on the loose sweat pants and tank top
quickly and met Anne in the kitchen. “Would you care
for a soda or something?” she offered.

“Sure, but not a diet if you could. Artificial
sweeteners are a no-no during pregnancy,” Anne

“Sounds like pregnancy is a real adjustment,” Carrie
said as she returned from the refrigerator with the
drink and a glass.

“There are some changes, that’s for sure. But they are
worth a healthy baby,” Anne acknowledged. “You watch
what you eat, you exercise regularly, try to plenty of
sleep. Of course there is little you can do to prepare
for how your body changes.”

For the first time Carrie noticed that Anne was dressed
quite casually. A pair of worn, but obviously
comfortable sneakers, loose sweats and a rather
exposing tank top under a sweater draped over her
shoulders. She was unable to hide her surprise at the
revealing scene behind the loose tank top. It was very
obvious that Anne was more of a woman than the 34B’s
Carrie carried. And the way those nipples pointed
through the soft cotton material couldn’t help but
demand visual inspection. With a twinkle in her eye
Carrie was curious how Dzsepapper would respond if seated
across from this woman.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to…” Anne started as she
reached to pull the sweater closed.

“No problem, Anne. I didn’t mean to stare. It’s just
that I’ve never really known a pregnant lady that
closely. I’ll bet your husband is happily married!”
Carrie laughed.

Anne smiled. “Quite. I guess that’s why I’m expecting
another! Anyway, don’t believe all those horror stories
about ruining your body with pregnancy. Some of the
changes are rather beneficial.”


“I think so. There is something special about carrying
a new life inside you. You feel more complete, more
womanly. People treat you more courteously. Strangers
will smile, or make approving comments. When I was
pregnant the first time the kids in my class actually
behaved better. And I’ve been lucky. Never had a single
touch of morning sickness. And there are some personal,
private benefits as well.” Anne’s comments sounded very
genuine. She believed what she was saying. And they
stirred a curiosity that Carrie found exciting.
“Personal, private benefits?”

Anne seemed to lower her voice with intensity, almost
as if sharing a secret. “Tom thinks I am never sexier
than when I am pregnant. It doesn’t hurt that I’ve
filled out up top, either. But changes elsewhere are
nice too, if you know what I mean. We made love more
during my pregnancy and nursing than ever at any other
time, even our first year of marriage.”

“I don’t know if I’m ready to discuss those other
changes. But I can sure vouch for the changes topside.
You are magnificent! I don’t think I will ever be that
filled out.” Carrie was a little surprised that she
would share such thoughts with another woman. “You’ll
find out one day. I think I looked a lot like you
before my first. And boy was I grateful for what

Carrie was getting uncomfortable with her feelings and
decided to change the subject. “Well let me get that
material for you, it’s in the study.” She returned in a
moment and handed it to Anne as she got up to leave. As
Anne stood up, Carrie caught a glimpse of a sight she
had never seen. The loose top allowed a fleeting
glimpse of femininity like she had never known. The
skin seemed tight, as if straining to hold back an
enormous load. Areola of the darkest brown sharply
defined from the pink skin. And the nipple that had
made a dent in the cotton material was larger than any
Carrie had ever seen on baby bottles.

She had never witnessed such womanhood even in late
night movies. At that moment something changed deep
inside her. She vowed in an instant to learn from
Anne’s experience. They would talk again. This woman
was experiencing something Carrie had not known. And a
primal drive from deep within would not be stilled
until she knew more. As Anne walked to her car she
called back. “Thanks for the soda, and the chat. Let’s
do this again sometime.”

“I’d love to,” Carrie replied, with more conviction
than almost anything she had ever said.

Dzsepapper didn’t arrive home until 9PM. He had called
ahead, so Carrie had their spaghetti and salad ready
when he arrived. After dinner, he had a quick shower
while she lay in bed with the headset on that gave her
the clear sounds off the CD player. Her eyes closed as
she let the music envelope her mind and soul. Carrie
preferred to sleep in a tee shirt only.

As she lay on her back, eyes closed, on top of the
bedcovers, she freed herself of the day’s activities.
However, the conversation with Anne kept returning.
Unknown to Carrie, Dzsepapper had finished his shower and
had walked silently to the bed. The first indication
she had of his presence was the playful pinch to her
left nipple.

“Watch it!” she said, not entirely seriously. “You’ll
start something you can’t finish.”

“I’ve never failed you yet,” he grinned. And he hadn’t
really. He had never experienced the feeling of
inability. For her part, she didn’t feel frigid by any
means, but orgasms weren’t a regular part of her
experience. Usually about once every couple of weeks
was all. Not that she felt neglected. She just didn’t
feel the desire for such more frequently. Most of her
climaxes came as a result of Dzsepapper performing orally on
her. It was quite satisfying, though she rarely
returned that style to him.

It had been a while. And while Dzsepapper’s not so subtle “I
haven’t had dessert” wasn’t his most original lead in,
it did convey his intentions. The earlier shower made
things more palatable. His kisses were soft and tender,
eventually probing her mouth. As he lay on top of her,
she could feel his hardness. It was adequate. Since she
had never known another man she didn’t exactly have any
measure to compare to him. His tongue moved from her
mouth to her ears and then her neck. His left hand
gently traced concentric circles on the outline of her
right breast, smaller and smaller until he softly
rolled the nipple between his fingers.

Carrie felt his warm breath on her left breast that was
immediately followed by his moist tongue tip. The
teasing produced the erection of her nipples, small but
very turgid. Finally he fastened his lips on the
protuberance. She could feel her nipple slide in and
out between his lips, not unlike the gentle thrusting
that she would soon accept.

She had always preferred the silence, gently offering
guidance with her hand. Now, he was adept at taking her
to the climax without her instruction now.
She drew the pillow over her face as his kisses moved
down her firm stomach. Past her navel he planted a kiss
in her soft red fur. His kissed blanketed the inside of
her thighs as he slowly parted her legs. She tensed
slightly as she anticipated his kisses to her most
sensitive place.

Dzsepapper softly blew his hot breath on her closed lips.
She held his head as she relaxed. At first he licked
the closed entrance. But his first probes led her to
open to his searching. She felt his lips cover her own
as his tongue began its assault on her clit. He was
good to her. He kept her moist and slowly increased the
pressure and frequency of the flicking of his tongue.

Carrie was beginning to surrender herself to the
mounting tension. Ever so slightly her hips began to
rotate. He soon matched her rhythm with the up and down
movement of his mouth, never losing contact with her
clit with his tongue. His left hand found the ripe
nipple of her right breast. She felt the firm rolling
of her nipple between his fingers. She guided his hand
to begin to stretch the nipple as she began the same
action on her left nipple with her free hand.

The moment was not far off now. As she pinched harder
and stretched farther Dzsepapper instinctively did the same.
His tongue now made short probes into her inner self.
Then, with a final harder twist of her nipple, she
stepped over the cliff of ecstasy. Instinctively she
pulled his head forcing his tongue deeper as Dzsepapper
tried to find her cervix with his tongue. After several
seconds passed, she finally began her descent. Making
two pulls on his shoulders, he followed her signal to
enter her with his masculinity.

Holding his weight on his arms, Dzsepapper felt Carrie guide
his searching penis to the door of her womanhood.
Already wet from her climax and his saliva, he slid
into her with ease. He began slowly thrusting as she
traced the nonfunctional nipples on his chest. As he
increased his frequency, she sensed the closeness of
his own climax and leaned up to lick his right nipple.
She new it would send him over the top soon.

As the moment of no return approached she began to
nibble the nipple between her teeth. He seemed to
prefer a touch that must have caused some pain.
Reluctant, she agreed for his sake. As the muscles in
his body began to tighten, she bit even harder, tasting
the smallest hint of blood. When she did, he instantly
pushed his full length into her. Holding almost
perfectly still, she felt the deposited of his
posterity onto the door to her womb. It felt good to
know he gave her the most personal of his gifts.

Sleep would come easily tonight. After moments in each
others’ arm, Carrie rolled over to curl up in the warm
comforter. Before she drifted off to sleep, her hand
moved below her waist. With the slightest movement, she
eased a finger between the lips of her pussy. She felt
Dzsepapper’s warm semen at the entrance, but not willing to
get up and go to the toilet, she eased the finger into
her vagina, blocking any escape. And with a final
smile, Carrie drifted off to sleep, her finger
partially inserted into her love nest.

As late September became early November, the friendship
between Carrie and Anne grew as the child within Anne
grew. Much more than the professional exchange was the
personal. It was no accident that Anne’s pregnancy had
stimulated a growing desire within Carrie. Even though
the pregnancy was not showing in Anne’s body outwardly,
the desire for motherhood was showing in Carrie.

They talked about Anne’s emotional and physical
feelings. They talked about the relationship Anne had
with her husband and first child. Anne was even
continuing some nursing during pregnancy. This Carrie
found fascinating. But then Carrie had not been exposed
to such things in her childhood. She had never
personally known someone expecting or nursing this
intimately. And she found it a unique satisfaction.

When she finally initiated conversation about pregnancy
with Dzsepapper, she was overjoyed that he, too, had been
thinking it was time to start their family. After an
appointment with her OB/GYN, they had decided that
Carrie would stop taking the Pill and practice natural
family planning to allow her body to adjust. It was an
exciting time getting out the thermometer and
temperature charts she had used briefly almost a year

Carrie also began to educate herself more about her
body. She read more carefully the booklet that came
with the natural family planning kit. As she began to
notice subtle changes in her body, she confirmed the
effects the Pill had been having on her. She had lost a
couple of pounds, not that she needed to. Her 5′ 3 1/2″
frame held the 120 lbs. nicely. She didn’t have the
stereotypical hourglass figure, but she could hold her
own poolside.

She had also, quite obviously, noticed a change in her
libido. Perhaps it was the adjustments in hormones.
Perhaps it was the increased knowledge she was
discovering. In any event, she was becoming much more
comfortable with her body and sensations.

It didn’t hurt that she was in physical contact wit her
body each day as she plotted her temperatures and
vaginal mucus consistency. As Dzsepapper became more
informed, he, quite willingly, helped her. He claimed
he could even taste a difference in her from day to day
as the booklet had suggested. Dzsepapper and Carrie were
making love more in the morning than at night now. As
he would check her taste and consistency, it just
naturally led to a fulfillment of the feelings it
started. Pleasantly, Carrie welcomed the increased

Perhaps the most startling surprise was one she made on
her own. As she had been performing her monthly breast
self exam, she was at first shook to see a drop of
clear, thick liquid appear on both her nipples.
Fortunately she was able to reach the nurse at her
doctor’s office that morning. The nurse explained that
it was not uncommon for women to be able to express a
small drop with BSE, especially at particular times of
her cycle. The withdrawal of the hormones of the Pill
also would contribute to this.

Relieved, Carrie had tried again that afternoon. To her
surprise, the same phenomenon had occurred. After
working her way around the globe of her breast, she had
squeezed her light pink areola and nipples producing
the clear drops again.

With childlike fascination, she performed the same
ritual almost daily. While the results had at first
been sporadic, now she could produce the drops almost
every morning and afternoon. It made her feel good
about her breasts. She had never particularly been
pleased with their size, although she was certainly
“perky.” Maybe it was real, maybe imagination. But,
Carrie was convinced that the strange feelings of
warmth deep inside her small bosom was real. And could
it be, were her breasts changing? Were they even
slightly larger? And the small nipples seemed to
actually grow a little!

This little secret Carrie had kept to herself. No one,
not even Dzsepapper or Anne, knew about this.

It was obvious that this Dzsepappertmas was going to be a
rather significant one. Dzsepapper was off with his brother
and brother-in-law on a three day deer hunting trip. He
was due home later in the day. The holidays had been
wonderful. Visits with families had less friction that
usual. Perhaps everyone was getting comfortable with
in-laws (and out-laws). Carrie had come home before the
guys went on the trip. There were still a few days
before New Year’s Day and the inevitable return to
school and work.

The last thing Carrie needed to tell her she was
ovulating was the kit she had purchased from the
pharmacy last week. All the physical signs were very
clear to her. She had been using the natural family
planning technique for three months and she had to
admit she felt like an expert. The steady drop in her
morning temperature over the past several days had been
abruptly stopped by the spike she detected this
morning. Without telling Dzsepapper, she had been learning
to read her vaginal secretions. The consistence was at
its stretchiest.

The taste was distinctly different. As she began the
exercise of trying to express the drop from her small
breasts, they had felt warm. Maybe it was her
imagination, but the drop that greeted her waiting eyes
seemed larger. It could have been her excitement in
anticipation of Dzsepapper’s return. It could have been the
condition of her body, ready to conceive. But she was
undoubtedly “hot.” She wanted to make love with Dzsepapper
more than she could ever remember.

The spike in her temperature was twin to the spike in
her sex drive. The device she held in her hand was just
another, more scientific, indicator. As she looked at
the device she had held in her urine stream, it too
confirmed ovulation. There was no doubt in her mind.
This evening she would begin the journey into

Time seemed to creep all day. Finally, just after
sunset, she heard the familiar engine noise in the
garage. She greeted the future father as he came
through the kitchen door. It was a good trip for him.
Dzsepapper had returned happy and content. She kept the
secret to herself for the moment. Dinner was on the
table when he returned from the shower. It was past 9
o’clock when they finally found themselves sitting
before the gas logs. It was time to let him know.
“Guess what happened today.” Carrie whispered, secure
in his arms.

“What?” Dzsepapper answered.

“I used the ovulator indicator,” she teased.

“And…?” Dzsepapper said, as his deftly slipped a hand
around her firm breast. He couldn’t avoid noticing the
firm nipple. The soft hint of perfume had already
created a stir in his masculinity. He thought the silky
gown concealed no other clothing.

“This body is about as ready as it can get,” Carrie
whispered in his ear, followed by a slip of her tongue
into his ear.

Dzsepapper took Carrie into his arms for a long, tender
kiss. Carrie received the gently probing of his tongue
into her mouth. She felt his hand caressing her soon to
change breasts. Her own hand found the tension in his
underwear and she had begun to softly massage the
growing firmness.

He moved to the bed she already had ready. The blanket
had warmed the place where she would begin her maternal
journey. She had turned off the gas logs and found him
waiting when she entered the room. She saw the effect
on him again as she stood before the bed and removed
her robe, revealing a firm, sensual body. The chill in
the winter evening was not the single cause of her
erect nipples. Slipping under the warm covers she found
her way into his embrace again. Carrie was astounded at
how aroused she had already become.

As Dzsepapper’s hands and lips caressed every surface of her
body, she was climbing the mountain to her climax
sooner than ever. They had practiced the position
suggested in her literature for conceiving a son. They
had not made love in several days, another suggestion.
As Dzsepapper began to kiss his way to her womanly fur, she
slipped to over-stuffed pillow under her hips.

Carrie closed her eyes as the blood rushed to her head,
her pussy elevated to Dzsepapper to invade. She could hear
him moan as he parted her lips to find her clit at its
largest. His tongue on her made her begin to rotate her
hips slightly. “Don’t forget. We should climax
together,” she said through tense lips. She heard his
muffled “I know,” and smiled. Her fingers joined his in
the rolling and pulling of her nipples. She had never
felt this much intensity in physical sensations. She
found it difficult to concentrate on the mounting
tension in her body while sensing his condition.

When she slipped her foot gently between his legs, she
was greeted by a coating of his pre-cum on her toes.
His humming and groaning signaled his readiness. Carrie
was at a point, herself, that climax was inevitable.
“Okay, come here,” she said.

Almost without interruption his mouth left her pussy
and she felt his pride and joy slip easily into her
waiting warmth. As he began thrusting into her, she
felt herself coming to an orgasm that was more intense
than she had possibly ever known. His tongue twitched
her nipples. Her hands held his hips firmly, pulling
him into her deeply with each thrust.

“I-I’m… cumming,” she panted. Through the fog of her
climax she felt his body grow rigid. Now her legs
wrapped themselves around his hips, driving his to his
deepest penetration. Having stopped his thrusting, she
felt the warm blast of his semen onto her cervix. With
each jerk of his spurt she felt the head of his penis
bump her womb. His searching mouth found hers. Carrie
reveled in the taste of her sexuality in his mouth. Her
pussy milked the penis until she felt it grow still and

After an unknown length of time, Dzsepapper finally withdrew
his spent tool and he rolled over to fall into
oblivion. As Carrie lay with her hips still elevated on
the pillows she smiled in anticipation of the cycle of
life that was beginning in her. Sleep came easily.

Carrie’s heart was beating at an unusually high pace in
her chest. Dzsepapper sat in the chair as she undressed in
the small examining room. On the wall were pictures of
pregnant women at various stages of their pregnancy.
Some were diagrams showing the growing baby inside a
woman’s body. Looking down at herself she wondered how
her body would ever change to accommodate a growing

There were several distinct signs that the miraculous
process had already begun. Certainly the missed period,
now almost 4 weeks late, was the most ominous. There
had also been a strange, persistent metallic taste in
her mouth. The changes in her breasts had not gone
unnoticed either. Her small bosoms had never felt so
full at any stage of her cycle. And it had been that
way almost a month. They felt warmer to her touch. The
nipples (she swore were getting larger) were in an
almost constant state of erection. Through her soft cup
bras they clearly announced their presence. When Anne
had noticed Carrie had just laughed it off as the cold
winter days. Carrie actually felt relief as releasing
them from the bra just now.

Her episodes of squeezing the clear drops had become a
much slower ritual. She was much more sensitive to
squeezing. She had also become more sensitive to the
ease at which Dzsepapper’s sucking and licking raised her

The doctor and his nurse entered the room and went
through the usual medical history questions, including
her cycle dates. She lay down on the table putting her
feet in the stirrups. As she glanced over at Dzsepapper she
suddenly realized that he had never been present for
this kind of exam. She could tell he felt out of place,
seemingly caught between wanting to hide and wanting to

Doctor Mayer was gentle enough. Carrie was surprised he
needed the medical lubricant noting the constant
wetness she felt. Efficient, he finished quickly. “I’m
going to perform a breast exam now, Carrie, he said
opening the gown.

Carrie watched as his hands began pressing the globe of
her breast. Unconsciously she winced at the pressure.

“I’m sorry,” the doctor said. “But I need to do a
thorough exam.”

As the pressure moved in concentric circles toward her
nipple, it stood at its greatest length, greeting the
squeeze of her areola. Surprisingly, a drop of fluid
appeared and began to run down the side of the erect
nipple. The doctor seemed oblivious. He examined the
other breast with the same result. Dzsepapper watched with

“Dzsepapper, come over here.”

He complied, standing beside his wife. “Do you see this
liquid? This is a sign of pregnancy. Also these little
bumps in the areola, they are called Montgomery’s
glands. They lubricate the nipple for lactation. And
your breasts are pretty sensitive, right? That is
another sign. My vaginal exam supports a pregnancy
diagnosis, also. We’ll be certain when the nurse
finishes the urine analysis, but I’m sure you know by
now what I know. You’re going to be parents!

As the doctor turned to remove the gloves, Dzsepapper leaned
over and kissed his wife. Daringly, he moved his lips
over her nipple and quickly licked off the fluid
expressed by the doctor. After dressing, the nurse led
them to the doctor’s private office. He gave them
several pieces of literature and a video tape about
pregnancy to take home.

“This is a very special time. Enjoy the new discoveries
you will make. Call the office anytime you have
questions. The literature will explain several things.
Also, the nurses will be able to answer most of your
questions. The literature will explain the schedule of
appointments. Any questions?” Shaking their heads no,
the doctor bid them good day.

As they drove home, Carrie felt like never before in
her life. They had stopped at the mall and purchased
several books on pregnancy and breastfeeding. It was
well after dark now. Suddenly, Carrie had an urge she
couldn’t contain. She leaned forward against the seat
belt and removed the shirt she was wearing. She then
lay over in Dzsepapper’ slap. “I feel more like a woman than
ever before.”

Dzsepapper replied, “You look more like one than ever. I
just hope we don’t get stopped.”

“I love you,” she whispered. “Keep driving,” she said
lustily. Carrie unfastened the belt and opened his

“Are you sure about this?” Dzsepapper asked hungrily.

“Just watch,” she grinned.

She eased his throbbing penis through his briefs. She
squeezed it and he produced the drop of lubrication.
“See, you’re leaking now, too!” She teased the drop
onto the tip of her tongue. Flicking, she spread the
drop all over the head of his penis, getting it wet and
slick. Cupping his balls in her hand, she slid his
penile head between her lips into her waiting warm

Dzsepapper groaned. Her mouth her tongue began an assault on
him. She could feel the car accelerating as his hand
slid into her jeans. She began to slide her mouth over
his penis, deeper, never exposing the head. As she felt
him start his climax, she held only the head in her
mouth, continuing the massage of her tongue. His semen
was hot and sticky.

Imagining the millions of sperm wiggling in her mouth
as she felt the spasmodic bursts of his hot cum coating
her tongue, teeth and gums made her wetter than ever
for him. His finger was slightly inside her pussy,
moving rhythmically. She held his ejaculate in her
mouth, enjoying the full feeling. Then she heard him
say something she had never heard before. “Kiss me,

Releasing his limp penis, she moved up to his mouth,
holding his production in her mouth. They pressed lips.
She felt his lips part and his tongue slightly probe
her lips. Opening wider, their tongues began to dance
in the sea of semen she held. After several moments he
released her. She smiled as she swallowed his most
prized possession. Safe in his embrace, they silently
drove on home. Carrie knew there were many discoveries
awaiting her. Her excitement held steady as she
considered that fact.

Carrie had decided not to announce her pregnancy. She
and Dzsepapper were undecided about her working after the
baby came, so she felt it wise not to make the
knowledge public. However, she noticed in the couple of
weeks following her initial doctor’s visit that Anne
was acting a little different. Their friendship had
grown much closer, they visited in each other’s homes
frequently now, often talking about Anne’s pregnancy.

Carrie suspected Anne knew about Carrie’s pregnancy.
After school, Anne had invited Carrie to drop by on the
way home, to which Carrie had agreed. Carrie had stayed
at the school about an hour after Anne left. Carrie
heard Anne call for her to “come in!” after she rang
the doorbell. Carrie opened the door, calling out,
“Anne, it’s Carrie!”

“I’m in the den,” Anne answered. Anne walked around the
corner from the den as Carrie turned back from closing
the door. Carrie’s surprise at seeing Anne in a night
gown must have shown on her face. “I hope you don’t
mind, I’m really beginning to get tired by the end of
the day. Most of the time, I just come home, change,
and plop down on the couch,” as Carrie sat down in the
rocker near Anne on the couch. “No problem. I’m sure
it’s a drain on the bod,” Carrie answered.

“I hope you don’t mind me asking, is something going on
with you?” Anne asked.

“What do you mean?” Carrie asked, wondering if Anne
suspected Carrie’s unannounced news.

“Well, I’ve noticed a change in you looks. I hope you
don’t mind me saying, but you look like your breasts
are larger. It looks like your nipples stand out as
much as mine.” Carrie was secretly pleased that Anne
was comfortable enough to say such a thing. She had
been hoping Anne would become a person she could talk
to in this new experience.

“We haven’t said anything, but I’m pregnant. Almost
through my third month now!”

“Hey, congratulations! I thought you looked like it,”
Anne said as she reached for Carrie’s hand.

“I wondered if it showed. I don’t need the maternity
clothes, except for the bra,” Carrie smiled as she
spoke. “I never knew I would begin to grow there so

“Amazing isn’t it,” Anne answered, the sound of
experience in her voice. “You haven’t seen anything
yet. They will keep growing and even begin to leak
something called colostrum, a kind of early milk, soon.
I’m even beginning to wear nursing pads. Best thing
about coming home is taking that thing off and getting
comfortable,” she said as she lifted a breast with her
hand through the gown.

“Actually, I can express a little even now. I do it
every morning and evening. Feels pretty good too,”
Carrie laughed. Anne’s next statement made Carrie’s
heart skip a beat. “Do you think we look the same?”

“I don’t know,” Carrie said quietly. Then, with a high
school like giggle she said, “Want to find out?”

“I was hoping you would say that,” Anne said already
unbuttoning the gown that only partially hid her
flowering womanhood. Carrie removed the suit jacked and
began to unbutton her shirt, revealing a thin, lacy
soft cup bra that was obviously under a strain. Carrie
could not help herself at the sight of Anne’s pregnant
breasts. They were so large and full it looked like
they were resting on her growing belly. “God, those are
beautiful.” Anne smiled as she continued to watch
Carrie. Carrie continued, “Your nipples and areola are
so large and dark. Are you always that way?”

“No, they get darker with pregnancy. You see this,”
Anne said leaning forward, holding her nipple for
Carrie to see. “This is some colostrum that has dried.”
she said, picking the tiny flakes off with her

“Would you…” Carrie started but was interrupted by

“Watch this,” Anne said. Carrie watched with
fascination, forgetting to remove her bra, as Anne
began to massage the body of her huge breast. Then,
using her thumb and forefinger, she began a scissor-
like motion on the edge of her areola. With each gently
squeeze a small drop of thick, clear yellowish fluid
appeared on the tip of her nipple. After a few times, a
small stream began to creep down the side of the huge,
erect, almost black nipple until it began to flow over
her finger.

“Ooohhh,” was Carrie’s first response, not realizing
her left was caressing her own left breast through the
soft cup.

“Why don’t you take that thing off and let me see you,”
was Anne’s response, a sensuous smile on her lips.
Carrie unhooked the front hook bra, and heard Anne
gasp. “Carrie, their beautiful. I love the reddish
color. Matches your hair!” she grinned.

“I don’t think I have that much,” Carrie said as she
reached up and squeezed the firm nipple. She was
greeted instantly with a drop of the fluid. A couple
more squeezes produced some more, but it was soon
apparent there was no more.

“You’re not squeezing the right place. You have to work
the milk sinuses behind the nipple by working your
areola. Here, let me show you,” Anne said as she
reached for Carrie’s breast. The feel of a warm hand
massaging the globe of her breast created a tingle
Carrie was not prepared to experience. She moaned
softly as she watched Anne’s hand work the breast.
Anne’s own breasts touched Carrie’s arm. She did not
move to separate the two.

Looking through narrowed eyes, Carrie watched as Anne
expertly milked the virgin breast. She was fascinated
as the colostrum flowed as freely and abundantly as
from Anne’s breast. “Why don’t you work my other
breast,” Anne suggested.

“You don’t mind?” Carrie asked.

“I might not do it right, I probably have more than
you, so it would be good practice,” was Anne’s answer.

Carrie reveled in the heat of Anne’s pregnant breast.
She closed her eyes as she began to massage its
fullness. It felt firm and full. The nipple stood out.
It required that Carrie use both hands. She heard
Anne’s sigh as she began to slowly, rhythmically
squeeze the areola. Instantly a huge drop of the
beautiful fluid appeared and ran down the turgid
nipple. After several seconds, Carrie’s fingers were
getting a pretty good covering. Without thinking about
how Anne would react, she lifted her hand and began to
lick the wonder off her fingers. Opening her eyes, she
saw that Anne was doing the same.

They paused, looking into each other’s eyes. An animal
desire welled up inside Carrie matched only by what
Anne was silently feeling. Anne leaned back a little
and lifted her breast, closing her eyes. Carrie
completely received the silent message and knelt on her
knees between Anne’s legs.

Cupping Anne’s free breast with her left hand, she
placed her hand under Anne’s and lowered her face.
Carrie paused to look closely at the beautiful, dark
nipple crowned with the coating of colostrum. Gently,
easily she extended her tongue to touch the mountain of
mammary wonder. Carrie touched the colostrum on the
peak of Anne’s nipple ever so gently with the tip of
her pink tongue and brought the drop into her mouth.

This first taste was so small Carrie could not really
taste the wondrous fluid. As Carrie paused, she looked
closely at Anne’s pregnant breast. The web of veins
shown clearly under her skin. Away from the nipple and
areola there was a fine, soft sampling of hair standing
straight out. Leaning forward, Carrie gently closed her
lips around the base of Anne’s nipple, just where it
emerged from the dark brown areola. Gently she sucked
on the firm flesh, feeling it stretch further into her

She began a slow rhythm that brought waves of pleasure
to her. So spellbound was Carrie that she almost failed
to feel Anne’s renewed hand motions on her own nipple.
But rather than a distraction, it served to heighten
Carrie’s sensations. After a couple of minutes of
steady sucking, Anne slipped her finger into the corner
of Carrie’s mouth breaking the suction. “Sit up here on
the couch,” Anne instructed Carrie.

Complying, Carrie moved beside Anne. Anne then turned
around and laid her head in Carrie’s lap, just below
Carrie’s swollen right breast.

“The nursing motions of an infant’s mouth are a little
different from what you are doing,” Anne said. “Watch
closely as I nurse on you. You will feel my gums on the
outer edges of your areola. That’s where the milk
glands are in your breast.” Anne leaned her mouth
forward and engulfed Carrie’s waiting breast. She had
no trouble taking all Carrie’s areola into her mouth.

What Carrie was feeling was a totally new experience.
This was definitely different from anything she had
ever felt with Dzsepapper. There was such a surge of desire
to hold Anne, to embrace her. Carrie held Anne’s head
in her hand. The maternal instinct was intoxicating.
Her only desire was to supply the nursing mouth at her
breast with an abundance of infant nutrition. So
powerful was the desire to hold and caress that
Carrie’s free hand quite naturally encompassed Anne’s
sticky breast. She gently massaged the firm nipple with
her fingers.

Suddenly she noticed a change in Anne’s suckling. It
was more erratic, more powerful. Her breathing was
labored, hastened. And then Anne’s legs squeezed
together, her body in shaking quivers. Carrie realized
through the fog of her own sensations that Anne was
having an orgasm while suckling at Carrie’s breast.

Seconds passed as Anne’s climax passed. A smile
appeared on Anne’s face as Carrie’s firm nipple escaped
from the attack it had experienced.

“I’ve never had that happen. Of course, I’ve never had
this kind of experience. I’m sorry if I…” Anne began.

“No, don’t be. While this wasn’t what I expected, it
was okay. I think I’m lucky to have such a good
friend,” Carrie smiled as she replied.

They talked a few minutes. Finally, Carrie left and
headed home. That night, when Dzsepapper slipped under the
bed covers beside Carrie, she held him close. After
moments of kissing, Carrie moved on top of her husband.
Gently, she swallowed and gripped him in the most
private way. Carrie leaned forward. “We need to get
these things ready for the baby. Would you help?”

He grinned as he gently grasped Carrie’s breast. She
lowered her waiting nipple to his mouth. He surrounded
it the say way she had grasped Anne’s, at the base
where it emerged from the areola. Not enough to get
milk, Carrie thought, but enough to increase her
pleasure. She felt her nipple stretch to fill his mouth
as his penis stretched her deep inside.

Soon she entered her own ecstasy of climax, even before
he filled her pussy with his semen. Something was
changing with Carrie. She was finding more ease in
giving herself to sexual expression. She wondered where
it would all lead, what she would experience in the

Saturday dawned a beautiful late winter, early spring
day. Dzsepapper had gotten up earlier and gone to the
kitchen, returning with a bed tray of breakfast. They
ate together in bed fondling each other lightly,
listening to the radio. Dzsepapper noticed something on
Carrie’s gown at her breasts and felt. It was some
hardened material, like dried drops of some liquid.
“What’s this?” he asked feeling the Carrie’s firm
nipple under the place of notice.

Carrie looked and felt for herself. “I’m not sure,” she

Sitting up she pulled the gown over her head and turned
it inside out. “It may be that I’ve started leaking
colostrum during the night. It’s in the right place.”

“Let me look,” he said as Carrie lay back down. She
watched him, like a child exploring a new toy, touch
her breast. “There’s something on your nipple,” he
breathed heavily. Sure enough, dried bits of colostrum
had formed on the tips of Carrie’s full, ruby red
nipples. As he was lightly touching her breasts, Carrie
closed her eyes to the sudden surge of pleasure.

Her hand had moved between her legs. She could feel the
moistness through her panties, a constant condition
these days. She opened her eyes as Dzsepapper squeezed her
right nipple, immediately greeted by the presence of a
large drop of the wondrous substance that slowly began
to run down the peak. His hot tongue traced the golden
material. She could feel his firmness next to her leg.

“Let me try,” she said. “I think you need to express
lover, squeezing on the areola.” Carrie reached to her
other breast, grasping it at the outer edges of the
ruby red areola as she remembered how Anne had suckled
her. The sudden appearance of colostrum was so abundant
that it flowed over both her thumb and finger that
encircled the areola. An “ooo” escaped simultaneously
from both Carrie and Dzsepapper.

Dzsepapper started to lean over to lick and suck the warm
substance from his wife’s breasts when she stopped him.
“Would you help me?” His smile was sincere as Dzsepapper
nodded. “Help push the nipple up closer to my mouth.”
Dzsepapper took the breast, sticky and wet, in his hand and
pushed it up toward his wife’s open mouth. He could
feel the disappointment in Carrie as she leaned and
bent her neck, trying to reach and suckle herself.

She simply could not reach herself. “Let me put both
pillows behind my head.” she said. Dzsepapper held his
wife’s breast closer to her mouth. Still she could not
engulf the wet waiting nipple in her lips. Secretly
resigning to her inability, Carrie extended her tongue
and began to lick the colostrum from herself. The feel
of her own flesh with her tongue was exhilarating.

As Carrie lay back and relaxed, Dzsepapper removed the damp
panties from his wife’s body and gently moved on top of
her. His enlarged penis easily slipped into the hot wet
pussy as Carrie moaned a smile. His slow movements
inside her felt exactly the way she desired. “Help me
again,” she said looking at her full womanly breast.
Holding his weight with one hand, Dzsepapper grasped
Carrie’s breast with the other, expressing another flow
of her colostrum. Carrie bent forward and again licked
her own colostrum. Dzsepapper lowered his mouth and their
two tongues began a dance on her nipple and areola as
he rhythmically expressed.

It was only moments before Carrie arched her head back
in a soul-shaking orgasm. As she climaxed, Dzsepapper
nibbled the nipple between his teeth. The intensity
sent Carrie into a rare second orgasm. The feel on his
penis was too much for Dzsepapper to resist. He slowly, but
firmly pushed his full length as deeply in her as he
could and released his own expression of desire.

It was several minutes before Dzsepapper pulled out of her.
Carrie slowly pulled and tugged her nipples in their
moments of afterglow. He took over the early morning
ritual of preparation on one of Carrie’s breasts.
Finally, smiling at him, she got up and moved to the
shower. Calling back over her shoulder, “I think we’re
going to have fun in those maternity shops today!”

Carrie had dressed very casual, knowing that there
would be a lot of clothes to try on for size. She had
on her sweats, which felt pretty good on the cool
spring day. Needless to say, she was much more
comfortable with her expanding waist and bust. Dzsepapper
was getting quite a charge out of seeing her firm
nipples wiggle under the cotton material as she had
went braless. He had tempted her to leave the panties
off, but she had drawn the line at that.

There were several stores she wanted to shop. They went
first to one of the malls. The “Maternity Boutique”
wasn’t very busy when they entered. The two ladies
appeared in their 30’s. Carrie found several dresses
and jumpers she wanted to put on. Actually, Dzsepapper was a
good help, holding the outfits as she wandered the

She was surprised that he didn’t seem too embarrassed.
In the past, about the last thing he wanted to do was
go with her through the ladies’ wear stores and
departments. This particular store seemed to have
everything. Lingerie, outerwear, shoes, even some books
and literature.

“Hi, my name is Judy. May I help you?” the blond
haired, well-endowed sales person said as she walked

“I’m just shopping for several things,” Carrie replied.
“I’m just getting to the point to need these special

“Great! There are dressing rooms in the back. And it’s
nice to see a Dad here,” Judy said to Dzsepapper. “Let me
know when you get ready to try on some things. Also, if
you need maternity or nursing bras, I can get them from
the counter.”

“That’s my next stop,” Carrie replied. The threesome
walked to the counter. Judy began to explain the
various styles and features. Dzsepapper leisurely patted
Carrie’s fanny as they listened to Judy talk.

“How far are you in your pregnancy and what size are
you?” Judy asked.

“I’m starting my fifth month. I was hardly a full 34B
before I got pregnant, but I’ve gotten entirely too
large for those bras. I’m not sure what size I am now,”
Carrie said.

“Why don’t we go back to the dressing room and I’ll
take your measurements? Then I can bring several styles
in your size.” Judy offered.

“Great,” Carrie replied. The three moved to the back of
the store. Judy and Carrie entered the very spacious
dressing room while Dzsepapper stopped outside.

“It’s all right Dad, you can come in. Maternity stores
are different from others. Besides, I’m sure your wife
wants your opinion on the clothes.”

Dzsepapper hung the outfits on the hooks. Turning around, he
watched with more than mild interest as Carrie pulled
the sweatshirt over her head.

Carrie’s breasts showed a heaviness that defied the
effects of gravity. The full bodies of mammary tissue
stood out against Carrie’s shapely chest. The nipples
were, as always, in their erect state. The dark red
areola formed perfect circles at the peak of the
horizontal mountains. Bluish veins formed patterns
visible from under Carrie’s skin. The effect on Dzsepapper
was instantaneous as he felt the stir between his legs.

“Let’s get your bra size first. Can you hold your
breasts up a little?” Judy instructed.

Carrie realized that this was the first time she had
ever had a formal sizing for a bra. She felt a warm
flush move across her breast and up her neck. “I hope
I’m not red-faced,” she thought as Judy leaned forward
just in front of the womanly wonders.

“You’re a full 36 inches. No doubt you’ll grow more as
your pregnancy progresses. Let me measure for your cup
size, although I’m sure you’re a C-cup,” Judy said in
what sounded like an attempt at a professional voice.

Carrie released her breasts, revealing nipples that
looked to Dzsepapper as if they were 3/4 of an inch long.
Both Dzsepapper and Carrie watched closely as Judy moved the
tape measure up over Carrie’s breasts. Her hand brushed
Carrie’s skin as she placed the tape directly over the
erect nipples. “You’re already producing colostrum I
see,” Judy said. The cloth tape measure showed two wet
spots when Carrie looked down. “Thirty-nine, yes a full
C-cup. If you’ve been wearing B-cup bras you’ve no
doubt been uncomfortable.” Judy said. “I’ll be back in
a couple of minutes with some samples.”

Judy left the dressing room. Dzsepapper walked over to
Carrie and placed took one of Carrie’s wet nipples
between his fingers. “You are a sexy thing!” he said.
Dzsepapper lowered his head and began to gently suckle the
nipple. Carrie absent-mindedly began to rub her other
nipple. For a few moments she closed her eyes to the
pleasure she felt. “You’ve got to stop before she comes
back,” Carrie said to Dzsepapper as she gave his crotch a
playful thump.

Releasing the nipple, Dzsepapper gave her a quick kiss on
the lips and stepped back. Only seconds later Judy
returned with several bras. She opened the package of
one of bras and gave it to Carrie. Carrie listened to
Judy’s sales talk as she reached behind to close the
hooks. “It’s durable washable cotton, wide straps and
can accommodate some of the size increase you’re going
to see in the weeks to come. This is a 36C, but
probably won’t get you all the way through your
pregnancy. You’ll probably need more then. How does it

Carrie stood in front of the mirror, marveling at the
size of the bra cups she now filled. They were quite
comfortable, and yet she could tell that much more
breast would test the capacity of even this garment.
“Much better than what I’ve been wearing. That’s part
of the reason I didn’t wear mine today.” Carrie said.
“Are they all underwire? I really would prefer non-

“Most are, but not all. You’re going to have to get
used to being different from a perky 34B,” Judy said.

Carrie took off the bra and began to try on the others.
Her preference was, of course, the soft cup ones. Even
though her nipples clearly showed through them, they
felt the best. “I also brought some nursing bras. I
didn’t know if you were going to nurse the baby. If you
do, you’ll probably need larger ones then, but you
could get used to the idea, and they can be useful
during pregnancy for getting your nipples prepared.”
Judy said. “I’m nursing now and although they aren’t
the prettiest things in the world, they are extremely

“I will be nursing the baby. Let me try them too.”
Carrie answered. She first put on a back hook type,
soft cup. “The cup opens like this. You can easily
learn to open it with one hand,” Judy said. But when
Carrie attempted, she couldn’t manage the action
smoothly. “It takes some practice. Here, let me show
you, if you don’t mind?”

“Please,” Carrie answered. Judy unbuttoned the blouse
to reveal a bra filled with milk-making substance.
“Watch,” she told Carrie. In a smooth motion she
pressed the release and lowered the cup revealing a
breast slightly larger than Carrie’s. The areola and
nipple were a radiant pink color. And then, as she
watched, drops of white milk began to appear on the
crown of the nipple.

“Sorry, it’s about the time for me to pump.” Judy
blushed slightly as she took a single finger and pushed
the nipple back into her breast. “This is how you stop
the let-down reflex.”

It was obvious to Judy that both Carrie and Dzsepapper were
amazed and spell-bound by the sudden event. Feeling
suddenly warm, Judy said, “I’ll let you try these
others and wait for you at the counter.” She closed the
cup of the bra, re-buttoned the blouse and left by
saying, “Call me if you want to try some others.”

Carrie tried several of the nursing bras, with quite a
bit of playful help from Dzsepapper. She selected one that
fit very nicely and tried on the outfits. Several of
them were nursing outfits and wearing the nursing bra
allowed her to “test” their practicality. After close
to half an hour, Carrie and Dzsepapper emerged form the
dressing room and went to the counter.

“I’ll take these. We left the others in the dressing
room,” Carrie said.

“Great!” Judy answered beginning to register the
purchases. Bagging the clothes, with the several bras,
Judy placed several complimentary magazines in the
sack. “Thank you, and we hope to see you again.”

Leaving the store, Carrie leaned over and whispered in
Dzsepapper’s ear, “If we had stayed there much longer, I
would have needed your help for more than clothes.” She
quickly flicked her tongue playfully in his ear. “You
don’t know the half of it. When she started leaking
milk, I almost came in my pants.” Dzsepapper grinned as he
spoke. “Some day soon, I’ll be nursing you all you
want!” Carrie smiled, promising to herself to explore
all the sensations of pregnancy and lactation.

The day Carrie and Dzsepapper spent shopping for maternity
clothes for her went quickly. Carrie had bought clothes
for school, casual, sleepwear, and lingerie. In several
of the shops she had Dzsepapper with her as she tried on the
different items. In some of the shops, he had to wait
out on the sales floor. They had even gone by a
bookstore in the mall and bought some more books on
pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. She had
purchased some breast cream in one of the maternity

Needless to say, Dzsepapper had been aroused all day long.
Not surprisingly, so had Carrie. More than once she had
expressed a few drops of colostrum on her finger before
coming out of the dressing room. She would casually
wife it on his lips. Even once she had dipped her
finger into her always wet and sticky pussy for him,
not missing the opportunity to taste herself, while he
was with her in the dressing room.

Back at home that evening, she put on a fashion show,
concluding with the bras and nursing gowns. Eventually
passion surpassed reason. Lying beside each other, they
took turns massaging breast cream into each others
nipples and breasts. Fully aroused herself, Carrie sat
up. “Come here and lay your head in my lap. Let me try
out this nursing gown with you,” she said.

Dzsepapper complied instantly, his face just before the
slits that would release her breasts into view. Using
her free hand, she guided her breast out of the opening
that would one day serve as a fountain of mother’s
milk. She compressed the areola just where the color
began. Predictably a stream of colostrum began to slide
out and down the firm, dark red nipple.

Having learned the technique of nursing better, Dzsepapper
engulfed his wife’s nipple and areola, the outer ring
of the color just visible at his lips. His compressions
on her milk glands and suction on her womanly nipple
instantly created the building sensations throughout
her body. Dzsepapper slipped his hand into the other slit
and began to fondle her other nipple. He expertly
massaged the full mass and began to express colostrum
from the free nipple, the sticky drops on his finger.
Carrie bent low to lick her production from his finger.

Sensing her growing sexual tension, he lifted the
breast to her mouth. With his fingers he could feel her
tongue flicking her own nipple, which he continued to
squeeze for more of the wondrous fluid. His own
suckling had grown erratic as his penis jumped free of
the covers, pulsing with each heartbeat.

His moaning was the signal that Carrie understood. She
took his penis in her hand and leaned over to receive
the head in her mouth while Dzsepapper was firmly attached
to her breast. Only moments passed until she felt his
body grow rigid. She released all but the head of his
penis as his semen shot into her mouth, warm and salty.
She had grown to enjoy the taste. His ejaculation
brought her own mounting tension to release, even
without direct stimulation of her pussy.

Having taken all he had into her mouth, she held the
warm thick masculinity, weaving her tongue all through
the result of his climax. Dzsepapper released her nipple
from lips. With fascination, he watched as Carrie
opened her mouth at her nipple, allowing the semen to
flow over her unsuckled breast.

Dzsepapper adjusted himself slightly in the bed and began to
lick off her sticky breast, eventually bringing Carrie
to another orgasm. Finally they kissed long and

Not satisfied, Carrie pushed him over on his back to
mount him. Licking him, the limpness soon grew rigid
again. With deliberate passion, she began twisting his
tiny nipples. Straddling him, she engulfed him and
began her assault. The sessions of kegel exercises had
already reaped benefits. In just a few minutes she
succeeded in pumping another explosion from his tool.
Lowering herself, she whispered to him, “Now I have
something to keep with me while I sleep.” And sleep
they did, exhausted and fulfilled.

Carrie’s pregnancy was moving quite nicely. She had had
very few of the discomforts. In reality, she had never
felt better or felt more satisfied with her looks. Her
growing tummy and breasts had become a source or
provide satisfaction.

Jennifer ushered her into the examination room, asking
her to disrobe before leaving the room. She slipped out
of her pants and maternity top, removed the bra and
panties, and took the examination wrap. Her nipples
were crusted in the colostrum, as usual these days. Her
breasts criss-crossed with blue veins, providing a
colorful contrast to the pink skin and ruby red areola
and nipple.

Doctor Mayer and Jennifer, his nurse, returned
momentarily. Eventually, Carrie took her place on the
table, feet in the stirrups. As she lay there she
thought of the changes. Her breasts, hardly visible
when she lay on her back before the pregnancy, now
formed twin mountains, still larger than her growing
belly. She easily accommodated the doctor’s exam,
hardly flinching due to the constant state of
lubrication. As he made a quick visual exam of her
breasts, the intercom called for him. “Jennifer, finish
up here and I’ll be back in a moment,” he instructed.

Jennifer made some notes on the chart and then did a
breast exam. She carefully felt the bulk of Carrie’s
breasts, moving in the concentric circles toward the
areola and nipple. By the time she was ready to do the
traditional “squeeze” Carrie’s breasts already had a
slow moving yellowish stream down the mountains.
“Carrie, are you planning to breastfeed?” Jennifer

“Yes, I am and I am looking forward to it. It must be a
wonderful experience,” she replied.

“The Lactation Center is just down the building in
Suite 107.

They specialize in information, pump rental and those
kinds of things. They will even do an exam for inverted
nipples, which you obviously don’t have,” Jennifer
explained. “Their fees for pump rental are their only
charges. Many of our mothers find them helpful, even in
pregnancy. I would suggest you pay them a visit. The
literature we have given you is very basic. They are
much more thorough.”

“Thanks, I will. Do I make an appointment or just stop
by?” Carrie asked.

“If they are very busy you might need to make an
appointment. Usually you can just stop in,” she said.
“By the way, breast milk is supposed to be a good
nipple treatment if you want to massage in your
colostrum in to your nipples and areola.” Jennifer said
as she finished making notes on the chart.

Carrie was grateful for the chance to touch herself.
She still lay fully exposed on the exam table. She
silently wondered if Jennifer knew about her almost
constant state of arousal. Using her index finger she
massaged in the yellow fluid, using the new exudations
of the substance as she worked her areolae.

The rest of the visit went normally, with the exception
that the doctor wanted her to begin twice a month
visits now. Carrie moved down the sidewalk to the suite
clearly labeled, The Lactation Center.

“I’ll bet Dzsepapper sure wishes he were able to come with
me today,” she thought as she opened the door. Carrie
was totally unprepared for what she saw. A comfortable
waiting room greeted her, complete with the usual
chairs, tables and magazines. The surprise that greeted
her were all the pictures on the wall. Scattered across
the room were poster size photos of women nursing

Some looked almost as if the baby was simply asleep in
mother’s arms. Others show exposed breasts, some with
milk flowing from the nipples either in drops or
spraying from several openings. The sights mirrored
those on the breastfeeding video she had gotten from
Dr. Mayer’s office weeks earlier.

Carrie couldn’t keep from taking a deep breath as she
made a complete circular visual exam of the room. What
kind of new experience was she in for? Not boring by
any means.

As a receptionist asked,” May I help you?”

Carrie knew this could be fun.

The receptionist, wearing a name tag with “Judy,” faced
her. “May I help you? I can see you have a little one
on the way.” Carrie responded, “Hi. My name is Carrie.
I’m a patient of Dr. Mayer, a few doors down. He and
his nurse recommended I drop by. Yes I’m expecting and
plan to nurse. So I cam just to see what services,
advice might be available.”

“Great! I’m Judy, one of the certified lactation
consultants here,” Judy said, her smile and voice
genuinely warm and friendly. “We are a consultant and
pump rental service. With the recommendation of your
doctor, our consultations are at no charge, unless we
visit in your home. The rental fees for the pumps
provide all the income of the service.” Judy continued.
“We offer initial evaluations, literature, video tapes,
telephone support, hospital consultations as well as
rental on different types of breast pumps. Is this your
first baby?”

“Yes it is! Guess it probably shows. I know this may
sound foolish, but I have never had a relative who
nursed a baby, so the only things I know are the things
I have read. I guess women should know all about this.”

“No reason to be embarrassed. With smaller families and
people moving faraway from their families it’s not
uncommon for women to give birth and having never seen
nursing. Some don’t even seem to know what is happening
to their breasts through pregnancy and after birth when
their milk comes in.” Judy explained. “Why don’t you
come back and let’s see what we can help you with.”

Carrie agreed and walked through the door to a
consultation room in the back. It was much like an
office crossed with a medical examination room. On the
way two other women, consultants she guessed, spoke to
her. She could hear muffled conversation behind one
closed door. Entering room marked No. 4, Judy led
Carrie to a chair and took a seat behind a desk. The
first few minutes were spent in getting the usual
medical history and progress of pregnancy.

“What we usually do in this first visit is an initial
breast exam, provide some literature, answer questions
and show you the various pumps we have for rental as
well as some you might purchase from pharmacies. Is
that okay with you?” Judy asked.

“Sure, that’s why I’m here.” Carrie answered.

“Okay, if you’ll remove your blouse and bra, let’s
examine your breasts.”

Carrie complied as Judy got a clipboard and rather
large magnifying glass. Judy moved out from behind the
desk and placed a chair in front of Carrie. “What
changes have you noticed in your breasts since you
became pregnant?” Judy asked.

“Well,” Carrie began, “my breasts have gotten larger
and heavier. I was only a 34B, but now 36 C bras are
getting pretty tight. My nipples and areola have gotten
a lot larger and darker. There are some bumps that have
shown up on my areola. And, of course, there is some
fluid that seeps from my nipples, especially if I
squeeze them.”

“Very good,” Judy nodded. “Those are all normal and
expected changes. Your breasts are preparing for the
job of nourishing your baby. Can you feel the glands
inside your breasts?”

Carrie moved her hand to her right breast and began to
examine them, similar to her monthly breast exams. “Yes
I can. They have really gotten noticeable, different
that what I felt before pregnancy.”

“Again, that’s normal. And the bumps and glands you
feel will be constantly changing with the production of
milk.” Judy pointed to the drop of colostrum that was
beginning to form on the end of Carrie’s nipple.

“You will have more colostrum in the first 2-3 days
after birth. It is the perfect food for newborns.
Expressing some will help stretch the milk glands and
milk pools in a woman who is in her first pregnancy.
There is nothing nasty about it. It is just an early
form of milk. You may be able to express as much as a
teaspoon from each breast in the last month of

“My husband has been helping me with some stimulation
and nipple preparation,” Carrie said. “Any problem with

“Not at all. In fact, that will probably help the two
of you stay even closer during all these transitions,”
Judy said. Reaching for Carrie’s left breast she
continued. “If you squeeze behind the nipple, here at
the edge of the areola, you will notice that the most
colostrum is expressed because that is where the milk
pools are located. In fact, that is where the baby will
bite down with her gums to force the milk from your
breasts down through the nipple into her mouth. I can
tell also that you don’t have any problem with
inversion of nipples.”

Carrie was feeling definite arousal as Judy held her
breast. Her hands were soft, yet her motions had a
firmness that conveyed experience and confidence.

Judy continued. “Take the magnifying glass and look
closely at your nipple as I again express some
colostrum. You will see it come from several openings
in your nipple.”

Carrie watch with genuine interest and growing
excitement as Judy expressed again, very slowly this
time. Sure enough, through the magnifying glass she
could see the fluid appear through several openings
before it combined into one sticky drop.

“When your milk comes in, you will probably experience
milk spraying in several tiny openings from your
nipples if they are uncovered. It’s kind of funny, but
the jets don’t all point in the same direction,
sometimes going in several directions. I sometimes
nurse my baby topless, for the closeness, and milk
sprays in four or five directions if I don’t have a
towel or bra over my breast,” Judy explained.

“You are nursing now?” Carrie asked. Continuing she
said, “I can’t imagine seeing that much milk coming
from a woman’s breast.”

“You wouldn’t be offended if I showed you?” Judy asked
with a subtle smile.

“Not at all. I just want to learn all I can about
lactation and nursing.”

“Okay,” Judy said. Carrie watched as Judy unbuttoned
her blouse completely, to reveal breasts that must have
been D cup size. There were pads covering each nipple
that could be seen through the cotton material.

“I’ll have to relax and concentrate to achieve a strong
letdown reflex,” Judy said as she unclasped both cups,
revealing beautifully tanned breasts with almost black
areolae and nipples. Carrie couldn’t help but gasp as
the sight. She had never wanted to reach out and touch
another woman so much. In fascination she watched as
Judy closed her eyes in concentration and relaxation.

Carrie watched with deep interest as Judy closed her
eyes in concentration. Judy’s tanned breasts were
topped with the dark brown areolae and nipples. As she
watched, Carrie saw large nipples, begin to grow erect.
They were as big around as her finger and reached out
almost an inch. Unconsciously Carrie’s hand found the
feel of her own nipple that Judy had been examining
just moments earlier. She gave no thought to the
vulnerability of being in an unlocked exam room.

With her face no more than two feet from Judy’s
enormous breasts, Carrie’s eyes grew wide as a tiny
drop of white began to appear at the tip of Judy’s
nipples. It took all the control she had not to reach
out and touch the wonder. Within seconds the drop on
each nipple grew so large that it fell onto Judy’s
thigh. It was replaced instantly with another. The
drops began to fall at a rate of one a second, soon
changing to a constant dribble. Judy still sat still,
with her eyes closed in concentration.

Her concentration then was broken with a sigh from
Judy’s throat. The sigh was followed with a rush of
milk to the pools underneath the areola that resulted
in several tiny jets of milk that began to spray from
the large erect nipples. Carrie’s mouth opened
involuntarily as 7 to 8 tiny lines of milk extended in
various directions, one directly toward her face. The
drops of milk played on her face until she moved her
mouth to intercept the stream, resulting in a pool of
milk that began to form under her tongue.

Judy opened her eyes to slits and gazed at the jet of
milk spraying across 2 feet of space directly into
Carrie’s mouth. She smiled as she watched Carrie’s
fingers pulling on her own nipples. She didn’t want to
interrupt the moment, but she knew the other
consultants might not realize how casually this
situation had emerged. Deliberately releasing a louder
sigh, she heard Carrie move back.

Judy then opened her eyes, noticing the droplets of
milk on Carrie’s face.

Judy broke the silence. “I should go ahead and pump
since I am flowing so freely.” Judy got up, drops of
milk still freely flowing from her nipples, and moved
to a table where the twin funnels of a professional
breast pump rested. She quickly turned on the pump and
inserted her breasts into the receptacles.

“I was planning to explain these to you anyway. This is
our deluxe model breast pump. It pumps both breasts
simultaneously. There is an automatic cycling feature
for the suction. You can set the frequency and
intensity of the suction. The other pumps only pump one
breast at a time. And, they don’t have automatic
suction regulation. The manual ones can actually pump
the milk better than the smaller battery models. You
can create some strong suction with them.” Judy

Carrie was fascinated at the action of the pump on
Judy’s breasts. With each cycle of suction Judy’s
areoalae and nipples would be pulled into the horns of
the pump, releasing fresh jets or milk that collected
in the bottles. Each nipple poured forth their bounty
through multiple openings in the tips.

Judy sat, leaning slightly forward. Her magnificent,
heavy breasts appeared larger than before as they hung
like twin udders from her chest. Carrie felt the hot
flush of sexual excitement moving across her chest, up
her neck to her face. Nonchalantly she glanced down to
see a small dark spot of wetness in the crotch of her
pants. Judy continued. “Carrie, please hold the horns
onto my breasts.”

Carrie complied instantly and watched as Judy began to
alternately massage her breasts behind the trapped
areolae. Each massage produced the expected profusion
of milk from the nipple. After several minutes, the
flow of milk had diminished to just a few drops with
each cycle of massage and suction. Judy reached over
and turned off the machine. She took the horns from
Carrie and placed them on the table. The milk collected
easily filled an eight ounce bottle when combined.

“Will I ever produce that much?” Carrie asked.

“Most women can, especially if its been several hours
since you nursed. Actually, you should not let your
breasts get this full. Full breasts signal the brain to
slow production. So you want to keep your breasts
emptied every couple of hours.” Judy rinsed the horns
out and turned to Carrie. “Would you like to get the
feel of this pump?”

“It will be okay?” Carrie asked, already sitting down
next to the pump.

“Sure. That’s part of the reason you came isn’t it?”
Carrie leaned forward, allowing her breasts to hang out
in the same way as Judy. She held the horns close to
her breasts as Judy took her breasts and guided them,
one by one, into the horns.

Carrie was unprepared for the sensation she felt as
Judy turned on the machine. Carrie watched with open
mouth as the cycles of suction pulled and tugged her
nipples deeply into the horns. Immediately drops of
colostrum formed on her nipples. Each few seconds a
thick, sticky drop fell from the dark pink tips.

“I need to go put this milk into the refrigerator. I’ll
be back in a moment. The suction is set about medium.
You can control it with this knob,” Judy said and then
left the room.

Sexual tension was growing rapidly deep inside Carrie.
The taste and sight of Judy’s milk had already lifted
her to a higher plateau of excitement. Now, with the
pump working her hot pregnant breasts, she moved
quickly closer to climax. She managed to turn the
suction to maximum. She grimaced as the pink turned to
deep red. The blood inside her breasts was being pulled
to her nipples and areola. Nipples were stretched to an
inch long and the machine rhythmically pulled and
released them.

Quite unexpectedly Carrie climaxed into a quivering
orgasm. Never had she experienced such intensity from
nipple stimulation. Silently she was thankful that Judy
was not there to distract her. It felt good to release
the tension.

Eventually Judy returned. She offered Carrie some
breast cream which Carrie massaged onto the very
sensitive nipples. It was a forgone conclusion that she
would rent the pump immediately and use it to continue
preparing her breasts for the job of feeding her soon
to be born infant. Carrie thought to herself as she
left with the pump in its plain box how much this
little device was going to do more than just relieve
her breasts.

Carrie’s pregnancy had progressed quite quickly it
seemed to her. She was less than 2 months from her due
date. She had continued to give much attention to her
now 38c breasts. Her nipples and areola were a dark
wine red color. The drops of colostrum she expressed
several times a day had grown to almost a teaspoon from
each breast each time.

Hungrily she licked the thick yellow fluid from her
nipples as it exuded with each rhythmic suction of the
breast pump or the expert compression of the milk pools
behind the areola she or Dzsepapper used. The stimulation of
her breasts kept her in a state of at least mild
arousal if not on the verge of orgasm almost

It had been a while since she had visited Anne. That
day she had called and would visit that afternoon after
school. Carrie’s heart pounded in her chest, causing
her bosom to thump with each beat as she rang the door
bell. When Anne opened the door, their eyes met with a
grin as each woman reached out to embrace.

“Gosh, it’s great to see you. Boy, have you grown or
what!” Anne said as she closed the door behind Carrie.
“You must be growing a toddler in there,” she said as
her hand affectionately rubbed Carrie’s huge belly.

“Yeah, it’s jumping around like on a trampoline most of
the time! Its been amazing to think there’s a baby
hiding in there. And all from a simple act of
intercourse.” Carrie said excitedly. “I would never
have imagined the feelings and sensations from
pregnancy. Its the most wonderful thing a woman could
ever experience.”

“Well tell me?” Anne asked as they sat on the sofa.
“Are you still planning to nurse?”

“Absolutely!” Carrie answered. “I’ve been expressing or
pumping several times a day. Dzsepapper suckles me morning,
afternoon and bedtime too. I love the feeling, not to
mention the orgasms it often gives me.”

“You’ve got to realize that the baby suckles somewhat
different than an adult or a pump. You need to
experience that to really know what breastfeeding is
like,” Anne offered, with a smile.

Carrie’s eyes shone as she talked. “I am really looking
forward to it. I sometimes think I could go all day
long with someone latched on to my breast.”

Anne asked, “Would you like to feel my daughter suckle
you? It’s time for me to get her from a nap. Being
sleepy, she’d most likely latch on to you instantly.”

“Could I?” Carrie asked as she sat up on the edge of
the sofa. “I think all three of us would enjoy this.
Let me go get her while you take off your blouse and
bra. It’s much nicer to nurse topless.” Anne said as
she got up and left.

Carrie’s breathing was deeper and more frequent as she
removed her blouse and the confining bra. Her breasts
had not been stimulated since lunch, and she ached for
attention to them. The room was warm as Anne returned
with the sleeping baby in her arms. Leaning over, she
handed the infant to Carrie.

Whispering softly, Anne spoke. “God, you are beautiful
girl. You definitely don’t have inverted nipples. Let
you nipple rub the corner of her mouth and she will
root toward you. When she opens very wide, put your
nipple and most of your areola in her mouth. She’ll do
the rest.”

Carrie’s breast never felt hotter as the baby stirred
against her naked belly and chest. Her head moved
around in a searching way. Finally she opened her mouth
wide and Carrie, using her left hand, guided her breast
to the baby’s mouth.

A groan came from deep within Carrie as the baby
grasped the huge breast, immediately compressing the
milk pools under the areola with a force Carrie didn’t
think possible from an infant. For a minute of so the
baby continued to suckle Carrie’s pregnant breast as
she felt a mixture of maternal and sexual feelings.
Abruptly the baby released the breast. She started
whimpering as if about to cry.

“Since you don’t have milk yet, she’s not getting
anything. We need to entice her to continue nursing
your breast,” Anne said as she began to remover her
pull-over sweat shirt to expose a braless bosom,
surprisingly not as big as Carrie.

Anne sat on the sofa next to Carrie, facing her. “I’m
going to drip some of my milk on your breast. With the
taste of the milk, I think she will continue to nurse.
And I can let some leak on you right at the corner of
her mouth and she’ll be getting some of my milk as she
suckles on you. Is that okay?”

“Oh please do.” Carrie said almost breathlessly. Anne
leaned near so as to place her nipple next to Carrie’s
breast and manually expressed. Instantly several jets
of milk covered Carrie’s nipple, areola, and breast
with small drops, some running down her pregnant belly.
Carrie leaned the baby near her nipple again and the
infant latched on with renewed vigor. While the baby
nursed, Anne allowed her now steadily dripping nipple
to drip where Carrie’s areola disappeared into the
baby’s mouth.

Several minutes passed as Carrie’s eyes finally closed
in imagination and excitement. She felt, rather than
saw, Anne lean and whisper in her ear, “I need to
remove the milk from my breasts if you are going to
suckle the baby.”

When Carrie opened her eyes slightly, she saw beside
her face Anne’s other breast, milk drops appearing on
and dripping off the nipple at a rate of 3 or four a
second. Carrie felt the baby’s hypnotizing rhythm at
her breast. She smelled the fresh milk from Anne’s
breasts. Her head leaned toward the dripping breast as
Anne’s hand held the back of Carrie’s auburn hair.

Opening her mouth, she took Carrie’s milky breast and
began to imitate the suckling action attached to her
own breast. Warm, sweet milk swirled into her mouth
with each suck. She found an abundance that required
swallowing after only 2 or 3 sucks. There, with the
sticky feeling and sweet smell of mother’s milk she
gave suck as she suckled herself. It was no surprise
that her mounting sexual excitement grew rapidly.

Anne, too, felt an excitement mounting in her. One hand
was occasionally squeezing milk from one breast as her
other hand held Carrie’s soft hair, pulling her face to
the breast. Her soft hair draped the breast Carrie was
suckling. She slipped one leg between Carrie’s legs and
began to slide her wet pussy back and forth over
Carrie’s leg.

Maybe it was coincidence or minor miracle. The two
women entered the climax of orgasm together. A throaty
“OOOHhhhhhhhhh!” escaped from Anne’s mouth as she felt
a fresh rush of milk from her breasts, one releasing
onto Carrie’s belly, the other into her mouth. She knew
Carrie had climaxed too, for she felt her teeth
suddenly bite down on the nipple, sending a wondrous
sensation of pain through the nipple. Carrie felt an
orgasm of unexpected intensity.

The grasp of the baby on one nipple while she tugged
and twisted the other, the feeling of warm milk
squirting into her own mouth, all was more than she
could control. She involuntarily felt her teeth clamp
down on Anne’s nipple. After a blessed eternity of
ecstasy, Carrie released Anne’s nipple and leaned back
on the sofa. Anne stood up on shaky legs and took
Carrie’s hand helping her to her feet. Leading her into
the bedroom, Anne helped Carrie lie on the bed,
surprisingly with the baby still attached.

“Let her change breasts,” Anne said.

Quickly, Carrie rolled to position the baby on her
other breast. Anne they lay beside her, higher up in
the bed with the baby between them. Anne positioned her
other, full breast near Carrie’s face. There was no
need for words. There in the warm bed, the two women
lay. The infant lay, contentedly suckling Carrie’s
breast as Carrie began to suckle the milk-laden breast
Anne offered.

The last thing Carrie thought as she dozed off to sleep
was how she hoped she would never wake up.

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