A young woman raped by wolf

The air was sweet with the smell of wild flowers. The
mountains were shimmering as the sun peaked, revealing
its beauty and warmth. Ariel loved this place, she had
came here most of her life with her family. Today
though she was content to be there all by herself. The
entire week she fantasized about being in this
ravishing place but fantasy was no longer needed, she
was finally here. The brilliant scenery was a sharp
contrast to the roach infested, smogged covered,
positively crowded city where she lived.

It was such a beautiful day that Ariel decided to go
for a walk in the nearby terrain. Every step she made
increasingly surrounded her with the nature that she
loved. The sounds and smells of the wild excited her,
it made her feel more alive than she could ever
imagine. For the first time in a long time she was
alone, and she enjoyed it that way. Being alone gave
her the freedom to do whatever she wanted.

‘It is so hot day, I need to cool off,’ Ariel thought
as she noticed a bubbling creek from the corner of her
eye. What an idea, why not, there wasn’t anyone around.
She giggled with the excitement of being naked in the
wilderness. It made her feel naughty. A quiver ran up
her body as she submerged her big toe into the water.
It was cold but she didn’t care, any relief from the
heat suited her fine.

Unbuttoning her dress, Ariel maneuvered the fabric off
her shoulders. With a gentle persuasion, her dress
toppled to the ground. She leisurely stepped into the
water, submerging more and more of her ravishing body
with every step she made. She stayed there for almost a
hour before she decided to get out and dry off. The sun
illuminated her ivory skin as the water droplets ran
down her body. She sat on a nearby rock for a moment to
rest, she couldn’t believe how lovely it was today. The
peace and quiet, though, had gotten her thinking and
her thoughts turned, as usual, towards naughtiness.

‘I’m all by myself, I could do anything,’ she thought,
but she knew what she wanted to do. She had worked hard
all week, no time for herself. She was so horny that
didn’t know what to do with herself. Looking around
once more to make sure she was alone, she lowered
herself onto the rock. Without an instants hesitation
Ariel spread her legs open, allowing the air to brush
against her shaven pussy. Cupping her breasts in her
hands, she trailed her fingernails across her nipples.
She couldn’t stand it any longer. She wanted her
fingers in her pussy now.

She gave a soft sigh of contentment as she slid one
hand between her legs and began to stroke her pussy.
Her body reacted swiftly to the demands of her fingers.
She felt herself becoming increasingly wet and excited
with every stroke she made. She ran her fingers up and
down her pussy lips, gasping softly each time she
touched her clit. She knew she very badly needed
release so she began to attend to her clit more
directly. Applying a more insistent pressure to her
clit, her body spasmed with every touch she made. She
knew it wouldn’t be much longer. Rubbing harder and
harder, she found herself begging for the final
release. She gathered some of the wetness from inside
herself and frantically stroked her clit.

“Oh god,” she screamed, “I’m going to cum.”

Her pussy began to spasm uncontrollably. The sweet
smell of her body wafted on the mountain air. She
closed her eyes to delight in the aftershocks of

Suddenly the silence was broken by a soft rustling.
Ariel opened her eyes and saw a face emerging from the
bushes, but not a human one. It’s fangs sparkled in the
sun light. It’s yellow eyes stared at her. It’s grey
fur was entangled with twigs and leaves from where he
was hidden. The wolf started to circle her, waiting to
get closer to her and the smells that radiated from her

Ariel was absolutely petrified, what did this beast
want with her? How was she going to get this animal to
go away. She quietly surveyed the area to see if there
was anything around that she could use to defend
herself against him. Her heart pounded hard in her
chest, she couldn’t see anything to help her. The
animal grew increasingly aggravated by Ariel. Her fear
could not be mistaken as this filthy beast started to
walk towards her.

The closer the wolf stepped to her, the more its
excitement grow. With one sudden jerk, the wolf jumped
on top of Ariel and began growling wildly. She tried to
move away from the animal but her attempts failed. He
had her chest pinned to the ground only allowing her
the ability to move her arm. Without even contemplating
what she was doing, she grabbed the wolf by his cock.
The wolf’s growling turned to whining as Ariel started
to stroke his cock. Her hand trembled as she gripped
his red dick harder and harder making the wolf howl in

To Ariel’s surprise the beast lifted himself off of her
chest. She closed her eyes and sighed in relief but
relief was not to come. The wolf growled viciously,
revealing his sharp teeth. As Ariel nervously opened
her eyes, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The
vile beast craved the sweet scent that allured him in
the first place. Stepping on top of her again, the wolf
buried his face into her crotch. In a flash, his long,
wet tongue begun to lick at her newly shaven pussy. The
rough texture of his tongue caused her body to quiver
every time he struck her clit. As disgusted as she
felt, her body was enjoying this.

The wolf halted for a moment to observe her, then
aggressively he pressed his nose firmly against her
crotch and began to root at her again. He forcefully
pressed his nose between her labia, opening the lips
just enough to get his tongue in. With every stroke he
made, Ariel’s body craved for it more. She couldn’t
believe what she was doing, what this animal was trying
to do to her, but she needed the release now like she
never needed it before.

As he flicked and licked at her pussy, she felt herself
closer and closer to the point of no control. Her body
shook and twitted with every move that the wolf was
making. He lapped at her with such vigor, he wanted it
as much as she did. He wanted to eat up her pussy
juice. Licking her pussy, the wolf’s nose grazed her
clit with every stoke he made. She couldn’t hold it any
longer, her body started to convulse as her pussy
throbbed with the fire of her orgasm.

After devouring the sweet juices that her body
expelled, the wolf removed his paws from her body and
glared into her eyes. He had driven her to the point of
ecstacy, but she had done nothing to satisfy him in
return. For the rest of her days, Ariel never knew
whether what happened next was the wolf’s doing or her
own, but happen it did, and she would never forget it.

The wolf jumped forward and stood over her so that his
cock was hanging directly over her face. With no
further urging, Ariel parted her lips and took the
animals cock into her mouth. She had never done such a
thing before, even with a man, but it seemed to be just
the right thing to do. As she ran her soft tongue up
and down the slick red shaft, the wolf started to growl
and hump his hips into her face.

Half a heartbeat later, the animal began to whine and
Ariel intensified her efforts, moaning softly around
his cock. She gasped as the shaft in her mouth begin
twitching, and she felt a sudden splash in the back of
her throat as the wolf shot jet after jet of his hot
cum into her mouth. Ariel swallowed frantically, trying
not to miss any of the hot salty fluid, but a little of
it dripped out of the corner of her mouth and ran down
her chin.

The wolf huffed once and begun to walk away. Her body
trembling in disgust, Ariel got to her feet and brushed
the dirt off of herself. She couldn’t believe what had
just happened, and she couldn’t believe what she had
just done.

As she watched the wolf disappear into the trees, Ariel
vowed that as much as she had loved this place before,
she would never come here again.

‘Well,’ she thought as she licked up the last drops of
wolf cum from her lips, ‘at least not until next time.’

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