Adventures of Mary Webb

My name is Mary Webb, and I have been around, let me 
tell you. I love men and women both. I guess you can 
say I am a 'free spirit'. Let me describe myself to 
you. I am 38 yrs. old with shoulder length dark brown 
hair and dark almond shaped eyes. I am 5'6" tall and 
weigh 118 lbs. My figure is 38-24-36. 

I just love to wear short miniskirts with black seamed 
thigh-high stockings, with no panties, just a garter 
belt. I also like to wear 5" heels with my outfit. I 
always wear a lot of jewelry; my favorite is gold and 
pearls. I usually pin my hair up with 2 or 3 pearl 
combs. Besides having a nice body, my lips are 
probably my best asset. They are slightly full and 
very sexy. I also love to use my mouth.

One of my boyfriend's favorite fantasies is for me to 
give him a good juicy blow job while he records the 
event on video tape. What we usually do is not have 
any sex for about 8 days. Then I tell him that I want 
to suck his cock tonight. This drives him crazy.

When we get home from work I tease him by showing him 
my ass and pussy. Then I tell him to watch one of our 
videos. I'll tell him that I have to get ready. He 
gets a hard on right away. I can see him with his cock 
hanging out dripping pre-cum while he watches a 
previous video of my great cock sucking. 

While he is watching I'll go take a shower and get 
real clean. Then I'll paint my finger nails a very 
bright, glossy red. Next I'll put on a very black and 
very tight garter and teddy set, without panties. Next 
comes the thigh high black fishnet stockings. Then I 
set up the video camera on a tripod and put my 
favorite cock sucking chair in the right spot in the 
room. I also shine a floodlight on the chair. It is a 
very low-backed rocker. It sits comfortable and puts 
my mouth right at cock-sucking level. 

Next I put on my makeup. My boyfriend really likes 
excessive makeup. I help out by putting on lots of 
bright blue eye shadow and black eyeliner. Then I put 
on lots of red blush. Then I call him in and let him 
pick out my lipstick. He loves me to wear either a 
very dark, almost purple rich cream or a very bright 
red cream lipstick. NO matter how thick I put it on He 
says put more on. He usually picks the very bright 
red. So I really apply it thickly, then I sit in the 

By now he is at the camera and he makes me pose with 
my legs spread wide. Then he makes me finger fuck 
myself. Sometimes I even cum. Occasionally I have to 
get out my dildo and fuck myself with it. He also 
makes me pinch my breasts till I am so hot I can't 
stand it. All the time I'm doing this I am begging him 
to let me suck his cock. I make my mouth into a big 
red wet oval and lick my lips and the dildo! 

Finally he brings his fat cum swollen cock over to my 
lips. I make a large O and he presses the pre-cum 
covered head of his cock to my mouth. I always open 
wide and try to take about 3 inches in my mouth before 
I close my lips on his cock and paint a red ring on 
it. He loves to see my lipstick on his cock. His pre-
cum has a salty flavor to it. 

He usually gives me about 20 long thrust until almost 
all of my lipstick is on his cock. Then I get up and 
pose for him. My cunt is pouring now and he usually 
fucks me roughly doggie style. He always stops before 
he cums. Then He gets out a bright red cream lip-gloss 
that comes in a tube with a brush. He makes me put on 
so much I look like the cocksucking slut that I am. 
Back to the chair I go.

Now he focuses really good on my head and brings me 
his cock that is dripping more than pre-cum. It has a 
few drops of actual cum hanging off of it in a thick 
strand. He makes me open wide then he squeezes this 
juice out on my tongue. Then I make an oval on his 
cock and polish the head real good. I lick and suck 
all the goo off of it. Then I start my blow job in 
earnest. I suck and lick for all I am worth. My mouth 
is a constant bright red wet oval. 

Then he usually pulls his fat dick out of my mouth and 
tells me to open wide. He always shoots that first 
stream of cum to the back of my mouth. Then I close my 
mouth on that geysers and he pumps about 2 more shots 
in my mouth then pulls out and paint my lips with the 
cum pouring out of his cock head. It literally runs. 
Then he will shoot more cum up on my forehead and runs 
down over my blue eye shadow and across my cum cover 
lips. When he is finished my whole face is covered in 
cum. Then he makes me open my mouth and you can see it 
hanging in my teeth and on my tongue. 

Until recently it gagged me to swallow, but now I take 
my tongue and lick all the goo off of my lips. I 
collect as much as I can off my face with my fingers 
and lick them dry. I usually have a mouthful of cum 
and when I swallow it all slides down my throat in one 
sticky wad. I truly am a good cum eater.

Lately I've discovered that I have other talents as 
well. I like to dress up as I've described above 
before I met my computer lover Karen Kalish. IF we 
ever meet in person, say at a motel between here and 
there, I'll make sure she is in the room first. When I 
check in the first thing I am going to do is open the 
door and greet my lover with a very watt french kiss. 

While we are swapping lipsticks, I am going to be 
fondling her 44d tits. I am going to pay special 
attention to the nipples. When they are hard I am 
going to undress her and lay her down on the bed. I am 
going to continue french kissing her mouth till her 
lips are swollen. 

Then I am going to work on one nipple while I force 
her to suck the other. When they are both hard I am 
going to pierce them with a pair of 14k gold nipple 
rings that are engraved with 'property of M.W.' Then I 
am going to hook a 14 k gold chain between them. Next 
I am going to make her undress me. 

Then she is going to suck my pussy until her face is 
wet. Next I am going to make her lay across my lap and 
I am going to blister her ass. She knows why. Then I 
am going to rub my tits all over her ass to soothe it. 
Next comes the dildo. I am going to fuck her hard with 
it I am also going to fuck her ass with the big end.

When she has cum several times I am going to make her 
clean every inch of the dildo with her tongue 
including any shit that might be on it, either hers or 
mine. After we have finished eating each other, we are 
both going to shower and dress each other up like 
whores. Then we are going to meet my boyfriend for a 
quick meal then back to the motel. 

He is going to set up his video camera and we are both 
going to suck him like I described above, except I am 
going to allow him to fuck you in the ass while I lick 
your pussy. Then we are both going to put on a very 
red wet lip-gloss and we are going to french kiss 
around his cock. 

When he cums, I am going to let him give your face a 
cum bath. Then I am going to lick up all the cum off 
of your face. Then I am going to drool it out into 
your mouth. We can then french kiss and chase the cum 
around each other's mouth. 

When he gets hard again, I am going to let him fuck 
you in the ass while I lick your wet pussy. I might 
dildo you while he is ass fucking you. When he cums I 
will lick all the cum out of your ass and pussy.

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