Alanna being screwed by the owner and his animals

Realisation hid her like a well-aimed sledgehammer. She
had been fucked by this horse, which even now was still
calming down after loosing what seemed like a gallon of
horse cum into her stretched cunt. Alanna felt her
inner walls start to contract and adopt the usual shape
of her uterus instead of the expanded accommodating
tunnel that had so recently been violated by the

The mounting bench that she had been placed and tied on
was slick with the Animals seed. A pool of the milky
white fluid had collected on the floor where it had
gushed from her body and still trickled down the inside
of her trembling legs.

As a sledgehammer has an after pain, she began to
relive the events of the day and of the manner of her
violation. The waves of thought crashed into her brain,
as would the throb of pain after the initial blow from
the tool.

Her mistake of taking the right fork in the road had
led her to this. Trying to read a map and drive at the
same time is not recommended, especially in the tight
lanes of rural England. A snap decision to bear right
at the junction seemed for a short while, to have been
the right one.

The road was well maintained, with clipped hedges
lining the steep banks that were only relieved where a
gate into fields coincided. But, then the hardtop
suddenly ran out and the banks that had prevented her
from seeing any more than the road, also stopped. The
view that greeted Alanna through the screen was of a
dirt track that bent around a low hill and disappeared.

She had thought to turn around in the field immediately
in front of her. It would probably have been okay, but
she had not seen the cattle grid over the bonnet of her
clapped out Ford Escort. The first part of manoeuvring
had gone fine. Going forward was never a problem to
her, but reversing always caused her some anxiety.

She managed to get a tyre stuck fast between two bars
of the grid, bending one a little to allow the tyre to
pass through. It was terrible luck really, but seemed
to happen to her every time she selected the reverse
gear. Something would always happen, get in the way of
her. It was always unlucky, a million to one chance,
but she had accidents in reverse as often as some
people drink tea.

The smell of a burning clutch soon let her know she had
no chance of driving out of this one. But, had a more
than good chance she would completely fuck the decrepit
machine beyond even the magical skills of Brian, her
mechanic, who was starting to get rich from her various
adventures with automobiles.

Alanna left the cooling heap still stuck in the grid.
She decided that the track had to lead to somewhere,
and that the somewhere, was possibly populated. If she
really got lucky, they may even have a phone, though
God knew how long it would take to get a tow truck out

Twenty minutes of solid walking took her around the
edge of the low hill. Two buildings only spoiled the
panorama of undulating green fields. A white painted
silo stood next to a small pond. Probably for storing
grain, she had thought. The other building might have
been white once, but so much paint had fallen off, it
was hard to tell. A six-year-old c***d, judging by the
condition of it, had put a paddock together. The gate
that hung on only its bottom hinge stood open.

The old looking horse ignored the chance of freedom and
possibly stayed out of habit more than anything else.
The stables that almost inevitably lead on to the
paddock were obscured from view by the house. It had
also seen better days. Paint, shingles and
weatherboards were all peeling away from the structure
as if trying to escape.

Apart from the tired looking horse, no other signs of
life could be seen. But Alanna thought that there maybe
someone inside. A curlicue of smoke drifted haphazardly
from a chimney toward the back of the house. She
decided to try and raise some life from what really
looked like a forgotten place in history. Her feeling
that time had skimmed over the hill and missed the
house and surroundings looked as if it might be
accurate. The chance of a phone being installed in this
backwater dump diminished with every step that took her

She Knocked on an almost paint devoid door. No letter
flap she noticed, or bell push or anything that might
be considered modern. Silence almost deafened her. The
quiet had a palpable solidness to it, making it almost
touchable. She knocked again, but didn’t wait to see if
anyone would answer the summons.

Alanna walked around the side of the house, stepping
over cut logs and various rusted parts of machinery.
Close up, the paddock looked worse than from a
distance. The wooden rail mostly stayed attached to
posts through belligerence and little else. The horse
she had seen from a distance hadn’t moved and stood
like a palace guard over the water trough, which
seconded as a breading ground for mosquitoes. The horse
eyed her suspiciously, but made no effort to recognise
her appearance in any other way.

Alanna stepped over a low rail and entered the paddock.
Even the flies seemed lazy as they circled the head of
the still horse. It didn’t seem to have the energy to
blink or flick its tail at them. A twin set of doors
stood open at the back of the house. It was obvious to
her that the stables would be inside. Alanna gently
knocked on the doorjamb and entered the cool semi-
darkness of the stable.

In complete contrast to the rest of the property, the
stables were immaculate. A centre aisle of packed earth
and clean straw, stretched away from her. Horses and
ponies mostly occupied stalls on either side. Tack hung
from hooks on many of the stall frames. White paint had
been carefully applied to the woodwork.

“Hellooo!” Alanna called, but only the nearest horses
acknowledged her with a whicker. She slowly walked down
the aisle, looking at the animals on either side,
admiring their stately heads as they watched her pass.
A tuneless whistling was coming from the far end. She
called again without any response.

There must have been some thirty stalls, not all
occupied, but those that were looked extremely clean.
Equine smells had ingrained themselves to the timber,
but a scrubbed and washed cleanliness also made a
presence. At last, she reached the end room. The double
door stood open and she could see the white tiled walls
inside. The whistling was coming from here, but she
couldn’t see the whistler at first. Then he emerged
from behind a screen and stopped in a shocked stance,
looking at her.

My God! Thought Alanna, it’s the original slack jaw
from the Deep South. The gangling youth bore a
remarkable resemblance to the hillbilly. Her thought
became even more positive when he answered her first
question with a simple “Yarr.” Copying the southern
burr. She had asked him if there was a phone she could

“Look, I am stuck in a cattle grid up by the road and I
need to call a tow truck to pull my car out.”

“Yarr.” A little drool slipped from the side of his
mouth and joined the stains on his coveralls.

Alanna was saved from further frustrations by the
clatter of hooves in the stable behind her and a man’s
voice shouting Tommy.

She turned to see who the owner of the voice was and
nearly fell to the floor. Her knees almost gave way at
the sight of a devastatingly handsome man of about six
four, all dressed in riding boots, jodhpurs and a red

He spotted her and tilted his head, waiting for her to
introduce herself or at least make some kind of effort
at speech. Alanna thought her tongue had been removed.
His hair waved blackly off his forehead and framed a
face of clear skin, tanned but unlined. His shoulders
shrugged as he gave up waiting for her.

“Can I help you?” The question dripped into her brain
like hot silver.

“Um, my car'” She began, but got no further.

“What about your car?”

“It’s stuck. Um, it’s stuck'”. Coherence was not really
with her at that moment. “In the cattle grid.”

“Ah, I see. And you need help to pull it out do you?” A
smile creased his eyes and melted her heart. “I’m
afraid Tommy here is a little slow, but he keeps the
place good and clean, don’t you Tommy?”

“Yarr.” A giggle escaped Tommy and he rushed out of the
room to some errand.

“See to Caesar will you?” The man shouted to Tommy’s
retreating back. A muffled yarr was the answer. “Sorry
about Tommy, I keep him on to clean up. He does a good
job and really loves the animals. I’m Ray by the way.”
He stuck out a massive hand.

“Alanna”. Her hand disappeared between his fingers.

She told him about her problem with the car. He would
get it dragged out by the tractor and get her on her
way, but in the meantime, why not stay for lunch or
something. An hour slipped by and Alanna became more
and more interested in this huge, but gentle man. They
very quickly drew up a friendship, talking about
anything and everything. Soon, Alanna didn’t really
want to carry on with her journey, besides, her sister
wasn’t that important and she would be able to find her
way tomorrow.

Ray showed her around the place, skipping over the
ramshackle house. They had slack jaw saddle up a couple
of horses and rode around the stud farm. Alanna
admitted that she knew nothing about studwork and
expressed an interest in learning more.

“Well’we are going to inseminate a brood mare this
afternoon.” Ray informed her and invited her to watch
as they extracted the semen from his lead stallion.
Alanna, not sure what would be involved agreed.

Later that day, a beautiful white Arabian stallion was
lead in to the room where she had first met Tommy and
the object of her desire. Ray matter of factly
described the process of milking the stallion and then
inseminating the mare that was to receive it. The
method sounded quite ordinary, but the actuality of the
deed caused her to almost faint with an overwhelming
need to fuck this guy into next week.

The stallion was led to the mounting stool that was
vaguely shaped like the rear end of a mare. The leather
hide had been smeared with something that Alanna
guessed was from an in heat mare. The stallion needed
little encouragement and mounted the stool. His
enormous cock waved around, stiffening all the time
until it found the hole that was prepared for him.
Powerful hip thrusts shoved his two-foot long cock into
the waiting bottle hidden inside the stool.

He bit the stool and screamed his ejaculation, eyes
wild and teeth bared. Alanna could not believe the
amount of seminal fluid the animal had shot. She could
not believe just how much she had let go herself. Her
panties were dripping and she thought she might have
had a quiet orgasm just from the excitement of watching
this beautiful creature fucking the leather-covered

The fluid was transferred to a vial with a plunger in
it, similar to a syringe, kept warm and then inserted
into the mare who was tethered in her stall. Rays arm
travelled into the mare’s cunt up to his elbow. He had
to work it in and out for a little while.

It seemed that the mare could only be made fertile by
getting her aroused. Alanna couldn’t help herself,
seeing this gorgeous man with his arm in a beautiful
mare, giving it the frigging of a lifetime. Her hand
travelled to her crotch and began working the fabric of
her panties across the proud clit hidden beneath.

It took no time for her to get herself to pitch point.
Oblivious to anything, she took her orgasm to its
fulfilment and beyond. Closing her eyes, she almost
screamed as wave after wave rocked her body.

“It often gets people like that,” Ray remarked dryly.
He had completed his task and had observed Alanna bring
herself off. “You would be surprised the amount of
times I have seen someone just do themselves while
watching. Thing is, it rarely satisfies them. I guess
as an ice breaker, it is a little unusual, but very

Ray gently grasped her arm and lifted her from the
stool she had been sitting on. Somehow, her dress was
unbuttoned and taken from her body. Panties and bra
joined the dress on the floor. Ray covered her mouth
with his own, stifling any complaint she might have
made, not that she would have. His giant fingers found
her mound and quickly had her shuddering as he expertly
finger fucked her where she stood. She lasted a few
seconds before she sprayed him with her cum.

Deciding she was ready, Ray turned her in his arms. Her
feet were completely off the floor she was only being
supported only by the strength of his arms. He slowly
pushed her forward so that she was bent over like a
broken shotgun in the crook of his elbow. He lifted her
slightly and then lowered her while guiding his cock
between her lips. His entry into her body seemed to go
on forever. Once he had fully opened her cunt with his
ramrod prick, he fucked her. Still her feet didn’t
touch the floor.

Alanna cried, she screamed and eventually, she just
could do nothing. Her nerve ends jangling and reason
all shot to bits as wave after wave of total orgasm
rendered her body and mind devoid of the capability to
control herself. Suddenly, Ray stiffened, his cock
f****d its way beyond anywhere it had reached before
and he shot his white-hot seed so deep inside her, she
thought she ought to be able to taste it.

“Damn! That was good.” Ray said. “You okay?”

Alanna could only nod and wave a hand at the seat,
indicating she needed to sit down or something. She
needed to relax and get control of her body back. He
gently sat her on the stool and pulled his jodhpurs up
folding a huge cock inside. It was her first look at
the thing that had so effectively, fucked her into

“Would you like dinner?” Ray asked, bringing her
clothing to her. “I’ll get Tommy to cook something up
if you like. Without waiting for an answer, he turned
and shouted to Tommy. The look on his face told Alanna
that he had watched the whole thing and by the redness
of his face and stains on his coveralls, had had
knocked one or two off from his wrist.

Dinner had been a simple affair and then it was back to
work for Ray. Alanna stayed with him for the afternoon,
observing the animal husbandry and marvelling at the
care and deliberate way Ray treated the animals. She
found his movements to be graceful, almost beautiful
for a big guy. He talked to each of the horses and
calmed them with soothing words and gently blowing into
their nostrils.

“Now old red, as we call him, is a bit of a flirt. For
a small pony, he has to be the randiest bastard going
and will shag anything that has a hole in it. Tried on
me and Tommy a few times.”

Alanna thought that would be fun to watch and then
thought it might be even better to try.

“So if I was on that mounting stool, he would have a go
at me then would he?” Her imagination pictured the
scene and she wet herself again with the mental image.

“Yep. Reckon he would,” Ray grinned at her. Might want
a bit of stroking first, but I reckon he would jump at
the chance, dirty old sod that he is.” Ray looked as if
he had just shared the same mental picture. “Ain’t got
the biggest dong in the world, but I reckon he could
stretch most girls to maximum. Wanna try it?” He asked
the question as if it was the most natural thing in the

“Isn’t it dangerous?” Alanna could foresee permanent
damage to her insides.

“Nah, we put a ring on the old boy. Have to in his case
‘cos he gets so excited, would do himself some damage.
Once he got stuck up a mare where he shoved it in so
far, took hours to free him. But, as I said, he would
need a bit of encouragement first, just to bring him on
a bit.

Alanna rose from the seat and stroked the wary animal.
His eyes were wide and apprehensive from the approach
of a stranger. She ran her hand over his nose, like she
had seen Ray do, allowing the animal to smell her.

Gradually, he calmed down and relaxed. She stroked him
more, working her way down his neck, shoulders and
haunches, and then his under belly, nudging against his
sheath. Slowly, the pink tip of his cock emerged from
the sheath; Alanna gripped it and coaxed the rest from
its furry haven. She could see the dappling of colour
along the length and was amazed by the strength and
circumference of what was still a flaccid weapon.

Alanna didn’t know why, but she had an overwhelming
desire to suck the beast, see how much she could stuff
into her mouth. The taste of horse mingled with the
slight smell of equine as she enveloped his stiffening
rod. A couple of inches were all she could accommodate,
but it was enough for the horse to get the idea. Alanna
sucked and then released him, sucked and released him,
every time she drew him into her mouth, his flanks
heaved and she felt his mounting need to lose his load.

Ray, who had been holding the horse by his bridle, told
her to stop. The horse could not take too much of that
and unless she wanted to drown, it was time to fit a
ring on him. The rubber ring slid over the mushroom
shaped head of the animals cock. He seemed to know what
was about to happen, because he became quite restless.
Ray had to calm the animal again before he could

“Are you going to suck him off, or do you want to be
fucked by him?”

Alanna looked at the size of him and decided that
getting fucked by this beautiful animal was just about
the epitome of her desire. Ray led her to the mounting
stool, took her dress and under garments off of her,
then gently arranged her so that she was comfortable.

“Alanna, I have to tie your hands to the straps. Please
don’t be alarmed. This is just in case you shift too
much or slide off. If that happened while Red and you
were coupled, one or both of you could be seriously

Alanna had already placed her trust in this guy, so had
no qualms about following his advice. Her hands were
securely tied with leather thongs to a strap either
side of the stool. She could feel the leather against
her bare breasts and stomach. Her own mounting
excitement was starting to slick the leather between
her legs.

Ray led Red by is bridle over to the stool where Alanna
was quivering in anticipation. He massaged the already
hard cock and ordered Tommy to get the Vaseline and put
some over Alanna’s cunt. Tommy moved faster than she
thought was possible for him. He got the jar and
liberally applied it to her lips, smearing it all over
her mound and even slipping a couple of fingers into
her. Alanna was cumming on the feel of Tommy’s fingers
and the thought of what she was about to do.

Suddenly, Red reared up and his front hooves narrowly
missed her shoulders. His cock banged against her
vulva, searching for her entrance. Several times, the
horse tried to get his aim right, but it was Ray that
took charge and positioned the massive rod just inside
her. Red needed no other help; a massive shove from his
haunches f****d his cock straight into her womb. The
sheer size spread her inner walls as if she had
engulfed a man’s fist and arm. Then it felt as if her
insides were going to be pulled out of her cunt as the
horse drew back. Another massive thrust rocked her
forward and she screamed her pleasure.

Red was starting to pump at her now. Each thrust drove
him deeper as she relaxed and allowed his great cock to
enter her body with less resistance. Several more
thrusts took her right out of orbit. She almost lost
conscience as her body gave its self to the onslaught
and gripped the massive tool inside her. Red screamed
his triumph over her and with a final thrust, filled
her whole body with his seed.

Alanna could have taken no more. The effort of the
horse had taken her to a height she had never been to
before. It was then that the realisation of what she
had achieved hit her and she relaxed in her thoughts.

Ray took the horse away to his stall, then came back
and untied her. Helping Alanna to a comfortable chair,
all the while praising her for what she had done.
Alanna smiled and fell asleep in exhausted and
gratified rest. She didn’t feel Ray put her in her car
or drive her to some place out of the way, but close to
a main road. Somewhere she would never find his stud
farm again, but could find her way to her sister or
wherever she had been going.

The next morning, disorientated, Alanna woke in her car
a long way from where she had been. All she had to
remember yesterday by was a bruised cunt, a headache
and nine months later, Ray’s bastard, slack jawed son.
She could never find the place again try as she might.
It was as if it had never existed.

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