Alison’s Bad Day Teaching

Alison always felt safe going back to work in the
afternoons. She was a teacher in a school that was
safe. The students, she thought, all liked her. The
janitors were always around and the school had no
problems. She had no idea that this day would be

As she walked into her classroom, she turned on the
lights. She turned on the computer and began to get the
grades ready for the mid term progress reports. She
pulled up her chair and crossed her ankles. She began
entering the information and never heard the noise
coming from behind her.

Mike walked into the classroom with some of his
friends. He knew he was failing and that it would cost
him a spot on the football team in his senior year. He
needed a college scholarship. Mike brought with him
seven other football players and two of the schools
cheerleaders. He also carried a bag with the items he
would need to use later.

As he got closer, Alison heard a noise and turned
around. She was stunned to see them in the classroom.
School had been out for hours and she assumed everyone
was gone.

“What can I do for you?” she asked. “I came to talk
about my grade. I think I might be failing and I can’t
fail,” Mike replied.

“You know you did not do your work and I have to fail
you,” Alison quickly responded. Mike shot back with a
hard glare as he said, “Well, I wish it didn’t have to
be this way. You leave me no choice.”

With that Mike grabbed Alison’s white blouse and ripped
it off of her. Her 36DD tits were being held back by
her white bra. Seeing her sitting there shirtless, you
could tell she had a nice body. In her mid 30s, life
was being to catch up with her. She was starting to
develop a bit of a pudgy stomach. Alison began to cry.
She was now very scared.

Mike’s friends formed a circle around her. Alison was
now trapped and there was no one else around. Mike
quickly grabbed a gag and shoved it in her mouth. He
pulled out a sharp knife and ran the metal edge against
her face. “I’d hate to cut this fucking face before we
are done with it. But I will, if I have to.”

He pulled her to her feet. He took the knife down and
cut off her pink skirt. She was now standing in a white
bra and a red thong. SMACK! She was struck on her ass
from behind and the shock jerked her whole body
forward. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Quickly her white ass had
turned red from the smacks. The guys were taking turns.
Tears welled up in her eyes.

Mike then took the knife and cut off her bra. He made
sure she felt the metal against her skin, but was
careful not to cut her. He slid the knife’s tip down
her skin. He felt her body tremble and saw the fear in
her eyes. Mike felt his cock grow in his pants.
Quickly, he cut off her panties. He replaced the gag in
her mouth with the crotch of her panties and told her
to suck them clean.

She was standing in her classroom, naked, scared,
crying, with ten students around her. Her 36DD tits
sagging, her pussy unshaven and hairy. The brown pubic
hairs showing no signs of being trimmed. The boys began
to touch her body and pull on her skin. Mike took a dog
collar and chain out of his bag. He placed the collar
around her neck.

“Now you are my dog. Here are the rules. If you follow
them, you will go home. If you don’t, well, let’s not
think about that. You will be photographed this way.
You will smile in every picture. You will do exactly
what we say. You will not tell anyone about this. If
you do, we will show the photographs to everyone and
tell them how you told us we had to have sex with you
to pass.”

Alison nodded meekly. She felt the dog collar tighten
quickly around her neck as Mike pulled it on hard. “You
answer ‘Yes Sir’, bitch. Do you understand?” A soft
“Yes Sir” came out of Alison’s mouth as it quivered.

“Now, get down on your knees.” Alison quickly got on
her hands and knees. The guys stripped off their
clothes and formed a line in front of her mouth.
Alison’s eyes got big. One of the cheerleaders grabbed
the chain from Mike and held it with one hand, petting
Alison’s head with the other. “Good doggy” she said as
she did this.

Tears welled in her eyes. Alison had only slept with
her husband. She had always been proud of that. Now she
knew she was going to get fucked, and fucked hard. Mike
walked up first and had seven inches of hard cock.
Alison kept her mouth closed even though she knew it
was futile. Mike began rubbing his cock on her face. He
had his cock right about against her full lips. Alison
felt his pre-cum on her lips and closed her eyes.

SMACK! Just then, her ass got slapped with a yard
stick. Her mouth opened up as she tried to scream in
pain. Mike took this chance to gag her on his big dick.
She gagged on it as Mike pushed the back of her head
closer to his body. She could smell his pubic hair and
feel his cock going deeper and deeper into her throat.
She was gagging now and Mike’s friends were all
cheering him on.

Mike quickly pulled out of her mouth so one of his
friends could fill her mouth. He walked around behind
her for a view of her cunt. “Dang, this is the hairiest
pussy I have ever seen.” That didn’t stop him from
shoving a finger into her hole. He was expecting a dry
hole, but found a wet gusher. “Look guys, our new pet
likes this. She’s wet.” Everyone had a laugh as more
tears filled Alison’s eyes.

The second cheerleader took the camera and began to
take pictures. Mike took the chance to slip his cock
into Alison. She was tight, but wet enough that he slid
right in. Everyone heard Alison moan softly. Her body
rocked back and forth with one cock in her cunt and one
buried in her mouth. Both guys shot their loads into
her at the same time. The guy in her mouth held her
head there to make sure she swallowed every last drop.

One by one, the other guys took turns on her. First her
mouth, then her cunt, then back to her mouth to cum.
When the last guy finished, the cheerleaders were all
wet and horny. “We want a turn,” they said. Alison’s
eyes got big. She had no idea what to expect. The
cheerleader with the chain yanked it and ordered Alison
to lie down on her back. She quickly went down.

The first cheerleader, Paula, strapped on a big black
dildo. She lay on Alison and began to fuck her used,
sore cunt. “Please no. Please, it hurts. Please stop,”
Alison begged. But she was not going to get off that

“I feel sorry for your husband, doggy. He has to look
at this ugly face and fuck your ugly cunt. You are
ugly, aren’t you?” Paula teased. “No. I am pretty,”
Alison retorted.

“Pretty girls don’t get fucked like this, doggy.” Paula
began to spit in Alison’s face. She took Alison’s hand
and rubbed the spit all over her face. Paula pulled the
dildo out, took it off, and sat on Alison’s face. “Make
me cum, bitch,” Paula yelled. The guys all cheered as
Alison was f****d to eat her first pussy ever. Paula
began to moan louder and louder until she finally
screamed out in orgasm.

By now the second cheerleader was wet. She rubbed her
cunt all over Alison’s body so Alison smelled like
pussy. She moved up to Alison’s face and sat there
until she too orgasmed from Alison’s mouth. The two
girls finished off the used teacher with a piss bath
all over her face.

“Now, remember, bitch, we own you. You don’t say a
fucking word to anyone or we will show the pictures of
you being the little cunt you are. And we will be back
for more another day.”

With that, the group of students took her bra and
panties and left Alison laying in her classroom, a
fucked, pissed on mess.