Alternative pleasures

Being a widower at the age of 67, Wilhelm Geiger, a
wealthy retired stock broker, had only recently wedded
a blonde Greek goddess, a trophy wife, Karen, aged 23.
Wilhelm (or “Willy,” as Karen affectionately called
him) had discovered her as a dancer in a topless and
sometimes bottomless bar. Their brief, but whirlwind
courtship had seemingly returned a great deal of life
to Willy’s aging cock and shriveling balls, all of
which responded regularly to Karen’s almost constant
attention. His Jaguar, his mansion, his bank account,
and his brokerage account, plus her expectancy of
outliving him made Karen willing, really most anxious,
to wed with Willy, even if he couldn’t get it up more
than once or twice a week, and then after only a great
deal of sucking on his limp cock.

While eager to possess her sweet pussy for his frequent
dining at the “Y” sessions and having her continue to
suck his cock, Willy, having endured two very expensive
divorces, was most insistent on having an iron-clad
pre-marital property settlement agreement, which would
leave Karen only a nominal sum if they were ever to
divorce. In return, Willy agreed to make a will leaving
Karen $50,000,000.00, subject to stated conditions.
Although the conditions were not numerous, the will
provided that she would receive absolutely nothing if
it could ever be proved that she had had any sexual
relations whatsoever with any other man following the
date of their marriage. Instead of Karen, anyone who
could prove a violation of her vow of faithfulness
would be the actual recipient of the $50,000,000.00.
Considering their respective life expectancies and that
Willy had only recently suffered a mild heart attack,
Karen gambled on her being able to be satisfied with
only the occasional boring suck and fuck sessions with
Willy and her frequent fingering of her pussy. If
anything, she figured that she might be able actually
to fuck him to an early death, perhaps even the
infamous “death in the saddle.”

Karen managed well with their infrequent naked sessions
for about a year after the wedding. She intentionally
wore herself out at the gym at least three times a
week, did some jogging, and played tennis with only
women partners and women opponents on weekends. Nude
before her full-length mirror she was proud of her
still youthful figure, her tight ass, and firm breasts.
Almost constantly in need of sexual release, she would
masturbate before the mirror, occasionally making use
of her battery-powered 10″ dildo. She was damned if she
was going to risk losing $50,000,000.00 just to get a
much needed cock fuck. Willy’s eating of her snatch and
his limp cock would have to do for now at least.

It was only then that she happened to read an article
about a woman having had sex with an animal. Karen, of
course, was familiar with stories about sheepherders
fucking their furry ewes, but the reversal of roles
with animals actually mounting and cock fucking women
was a revelation to her. The woman writer of the
magazine article related apparently satisfying
experiences with her mastiff dog and set forth a
telephone number for any inquiries. Willy had often
mentioned that, for security purposes, they should have
one or more guard dogs in the fenced estate. If her
lawyer now advised her that having sex with a dog would
not jeopardize her inheritance, this could be the
solution to her yearning for a more vibrant and
frequent cock fucking of her cunt, which was slowly
gathering cobwebs from inactivity with old, but
loveable Willy.

Still full of great doubt, plus the weirdness of it
all, Karen hesitatingly called the listed number and
spoke at great length with the woman at the other end.
The woman identified herself only as “Helen,” and
freely talked with Karen about her having satisfactory
and frequent sex with her huge dog, “King.” Helen said
that she was now 67, but still liked to be doggy cock
fucked regularly and often, and that King was actually
her third stud dog that had been providing her fucking
needs regularly since the death of her husband some 15
years ago.

It seems that she had stumbled on her good fortune
quite by accident when she noticed that her first stud
dog, a male collie, untrained for the task but animated
by nature, had a great interest in sniffing her crotch.
Even through her panties, his cold nose had excited her
so much that she had taken to doing her daily housework
in the nude, at least from the waist down, just to let
him sniff her pussy even closer. Poking around in her
crotch with his wet nose and lapping her snatch with
his rough tongue, he was able to bring her off with
successive orgasms. Pussy licking sessions, with Helen
sitting on the sofa with her legs spread out wide, then
became a regular, almost a daily, happening, so much so
that Helen had even shaved her mound smooth for better
licking by the eager dog. As he was not particular
which woman’s crotch he sniffed, for fear of
embarrassment, and not wishing to discourage the dog
from sniffing and licking her snatch, Helen could no
longer permit the dog to be around any of her female

While sniffing and licking her shaven snatch seemed to
satisfy the dog, Helen had noticed that this caused the
dog’s prick to poke out from its furry shield, somewhat
thinner, perhaps, but almost to the length of a man’s
average length cock. Helen, of course, was familiar
with the mating habits of dogs and how they mounted
their bitch from behind for fucking. Her curiosity
became an obsession, and she actually had night-time
dreams about being in the nude on her hands and knees,
butt cheeks spread, with the dog sniffing her asshole
and licking her cunt from behind, then mounting and
fucking her pussy doggie fashion. In her mind she
queried: Why not give it a try? What was there to lose?
Certainly not her virginity. No need for a condom. She
lived alone, so who would ever know? How could it harm
anyone? Certainly the dog wouldn’t complain. She said,
“By God, I’m going to try it and soon, . . . tonight!
It certainly would be nice to have a cock in my cunt
after years of widowhood, even it is a dog’s cock.”

Helen then told Karen that she had stripped naked and
then brought the original stud dog, the collie, into
her bedroom. While sitting on the edge of the bed the
dog had obligingly licked her pussy, giving her
fantastic orgasm after orgasm. In the early stages, the
dog wasn’t much on licking her breasts, but, with great
patience, encouragement, and some peanut butter rubbed
on her tits, this came later.

Then with hesitation and trepidation, the shame of it
all, even thinking of being fucked by a dog, certainly
no man would ever want to put his manly cock in her
again, Helen went to the carpet and got down on her
hands and knees sidewise to her full-length mirror,
spreading her butt cheeks getting in the exact position
she had seen neighborhood dogs in heat, waiting for the
joinder of the stud’s cock in her pussy. As could have
been expected, the collie approached her waiting naked
ass and started sniffing about her butt cheeks and bung
with his cold wet nose and tongue. Even if nothing
further were to happen, the dog’s licking of her
asshole made the experiment a resounding success, which
she could repeat often. But Helen’s wildest dreams were
yet to come. She then felt the dog’s paws on her back,
inching up on her tender skin toward her shoulders,
reminding her to have his toenails clipped if they were
ever to do this shameful and shocking thing again. The
chagrin of it all, and her with grandchildren, a
grandmother about to be fucked by a dog! The dog’s cock
was now fully extended from its furry shield and looked
to be at least 6″ long. The view in the mirror, with
the collie about to plunge her pussy, was awesome.

It was only then that she felt the rhythmic bucking
back and forth of the dog’s hindquarters and the
tickling of his man-sized cock between her ass cheeks
rubbing her bung. Before her full-length mirror she
could see the dog’s giant cock about to enter her cunt.
There was no turning back now, and the animal’s cock
fully entered her juicy pussy. With thrust after
thrust, the collie’s fucking energy produced an immense
ejaculate of dog jism, which slowly oozed out of her
pussy, and then panic hit! The dog couldn’t pull its
cock out of her cunt and appeared to be stuck in her
love hole. While enjoyable and the dog’s orgasms
thrilling, the question now became: How do we get
separated? Certainly calling 911 was out of the
question. However, after a few minutes the dog’s cock
relaxed and slipped out of her pussy. With discrete
inquiry, Helen learned from her veterinarian that,
after fucking a bitch dog, the head of a dog’s cock
becomes like a mini balloon preventing premature
withdrawal and the loss of any of his sperm that he has
just deposited in the bitch. This, no doubt, is one of
Mother Nature’s ways of preserving the species! Helen
had just willingly — actually enthusiastically —
become her collie dog’s personal bitch.

Helen told her that this was her initial discovery of
animals-to-women sex. Although she too had heard of
sheepherders fucking their sheep, it was beyond her
imagination that a dog could give her so much sexual
satisfaction. After frequent, sometimes twice daily,
fucking her for five years, the collie died, of course,
with a smile on his face, only to be succeeded by a
somewhat larger sheep dog with a slightly longer, more
satisfying cock, which she had herself patiently
trained to fuck her, and now King, that she had
purchased from a kennel which specialized in training
dogs to be women’s intimate bed time and any dull-
afternoon companions.

Karen was surprised to know of such specialized dog
training schools. Helen said that King had the longest
and stoutest cock of the three, one larger than that of
her late and lamented husband, and was the ultimate in
pussy licking and cunt fucking. Helen said that King
was now in the habit of having bedroom privileges,
sleeping on her bed almost every night, and that he
pouted like a baby if he didn’t get to fuck her
frequently. If too exhausted to be fucked by King at
her age of 67, Helen said that she often jacked him off
and that lately she had even been sucking his man-sized
cock for the taste of his delicious doggy cum. King,
with his fucking sessions, hand jobs, and now blow
jobs, was certainly one happy canine, in his version of
doggie heaven.

By this time, the crotch of Karen’s panties was sopping
wet with her cunt juices, and she was anxious to learn
of the availability of the type of dogs that Helen was
telling her about. This couldn’t be just your average
dog, that was for sure; and Karen, in need of some
vigorous cock fucking, didn’t have the patience to work
with an untrained dog, which might only sniff and lick
her snatch. Helen gave her the name of the Abercrombie
Dog Training School which had trained Helen’s mastiff,
King, and which was located only about an hour’s drive
from Willy’s mansion. Willy was to be out of town for a
weekend’s business trip and didn’t mind that Karen was
going guard dog shopping for the security of his
otherwise unguarded property.

Karen’s inquiries at the dog school about dogs having
sex with women were totally and even rudely rebuffed —
how could she even suggest such a thing? — Until she
mentioned that she had been referred by Helen, and that
Helen was the owner of King, a dog that had been
trained at their kennels for just such fucking of
women. The topic was then opened for full and frank
discussion. Max, the director of the kennel apologized
to Karen and explained the necessity of their being
very discrete, as their business, if not illegal, was,
at least, most private and could be embarrassing to
their many wealthy women clients, who would sometimes
bring their stud dogs back for refreshers or even
advanced training in the art of female satisfaction.
Also, it was explained that matching the proper dog to
his future mistress and Karen’s proper training prior
to the delivery of the dog was absolutely essential for
a satisfactory long-term dog-mistress fucking

Prices were discussed and the director told Karen that
the cost could be from $5,000.00 to $10,000.00,
depending upon the age of the stud, the girth and
length of his cock, and his estimated remaining
lifetime of sexual services to his mistress. In no
event would any dog be delivered to her until there had
been a satisfactory introduction and a sufficient
number of trial matings of the dog with her. At the
moment Max said that they just happened to have five
fully trained stud dogs which she could have try out
fuckings with on their premises to determine
compatibility and her personal preference of the dog’s
unique mating style and the size of its cock. A non-
refundable deposit of $1,000.00 and $200.00 for each of
the five trial dog fuckings would be required. As Karen
wanted to try out all five of the canines for their
individual cock fits in her cunt and their fucking
style but couldn’t write a check that Willy might
discover, she gave Max $2,000.00 in hundred dollar
bills. She wanted no evidence of the transaction or the
trial doggy fucks to be found around the mansion, and
told him that no receipt would be required.

A private room would be provided for the initial
confrontation and the remaining trial dog mating
sessions. Karen’s first trial stud dog was said to have
been in training with the kennel master’s wife and
their teenage daughter, having been the objects of his
sexual drive for the past few weeks. Max said that such
training was customary in their business, as rarely but
sometimes, they came across a queer dog who had no
interest whatsoever in fucking the cunts of bitches —
either dogs or women, for that matter. Such dogs were
then diverted to their guard dog program. It was also
necessary to train the dog in gentleness in mounting a
woman’s bare back before plunging his man-sized cock
into her snatch. Karen was told that any dog that she
might purchase from their kennel would have to have
frequent toe nail clippings on his front paws — or,
perhaps, be fitted with little booties — to prevent
the scratching of the flesh on her back and that it
might be necessary for a few days at least after she
takes the dog home to muzzle the dog before having him
screw her, as a young stud dog can get very excitable
during its first few matings with a fresh pussy in new

Karen then met Hilda, the kennel master’s wife, and
their teenage daughter, Katrina, who had lost her
cherry while training one of their dogs. Her doting
father and mother were at least thankful that Katrina
didn’t have to be on the pill to be fucked by the dogs
and didn’t have to give in to the neighborhood boys for
satisfaction, risking disease and pregnancy. The three
of them invited Karen to view a videotaped session with
the wife and daughter and various of the five stud dogs
that were available for purchase at that time.

Karen was greatly impressed with the way that each of
the women greeted their dog while fully dressed,
petting the animals and hand feeding it with doggie
treats. Only then was the dog permitted to nose around
and up their skirts that had no panties under them.
Both Hilda and Katrina agreed, rather than having hairy
mounds, that their smoothly shaven pussies permitted
greater satisfaction from the dogs’ rough tongues. The
women in the video then removed their dresses, slipping
them over their heads, and sat on the edge of the bed
naked with their legs spread and their smoothly shaven
pussies inviting the dogs’ attention. A viewer of the
video could certainly tell that their orgasms, although
numerous, were never faked. Only when the dogs seemed
to have had enough pussy licking and went to lie down
on the carpet did Hilda and Katrina go to the floor and
drop to their hands and knees for the fucking by the
dogs that they knew was about to come.

Of great interest to Karen was the close-up video shots
showing the length and girth of the dogs’ cocks, which
were at least the size of most of the cocks of men she
had known before marrying Willy. All of them were
certainly longer than Willy’s limp prick. The video
concluded with the dogs having mounted the women’s bare
backs and having had what surely seemed to be
satisfying fucks, that is, satisfying to the women and
to the now limp-cocked dogs. Both of the dogs spread
out on the carpet and licked the other’s cock and balls
clean before falling asleep, a friendly canine gesture.

Karen was then told to go to the private room down the
hall, strip down naked, and wait for Max and one of the
trained dogs to enter the room for her very first
training dog fuck. Now naked, Karen was shocked to see
the kennel master lead a two-year-old Great Dane of
probably 100+ pounds into the room. She was immediately
impressed with its monstrous tongue, which was drooling
on the carpet. Max said the dog’s name was “Bosco” and
that she should call it by name, tell him that he is a
good boy, pet him and pat him on the head. Bosco came
across the room up to her wide spread legs and her
still hairy mound, exposing her eager pussy and, while
she petted his head and scratched his ears, the dog
familiarized itself with the taste of her moist snatch.
In the midst of her first doggie orgasm from pussy
licking, Karen feigned embarrassment with her being
bare naked with Max, a relative stranger, in the room,
but he explained that it was her, not the dog that
needed training, and that only in this way could she be
a thoroughly satisfied client.

Max said, “Our business survives only on discrete
referrals from wealthy women, for we obviously can’t
advertise in newspapers or on the radio” (This was
before internet where one can probably shop for such
dogs today at some Max continued, “Therefore,
we want only satisfied customers. If one of our dogs is
ever in need of retraining or of being taught advanced
fucking techniques, you can bring it back for a
refresher course and for supervised private couplings
with your dog on our premises at any time, there being
no charge whatsoever.”

Only then was she permitted to assume the hands and
knees bitch dog posture for the approval of both Max
and, more importantly, the dog! Max carefully spread
Karen’s butt cheeks, fingered some peanut butter over
her asshole and led Bosco to mount her back and begin
licking and probing her ass and cunt with his man-size
cock. When Bosco continued errantly to poke Karen’s
asshole with his prick, missing her moist pussy, Max
took a gob of peanut butter and rubbed it on the lips
of her vagina, then manually guided the dog’s 7″ cock
to the entrance of Karen’s cunt.

Karen gasped when Bosco rammed the full length of his
prick into her pussy and humped her vigorously in and
out for what seemed to be at least ten minutes before
finally climaxing and filling her swollen vagina with
his doggie jism. As Helen had warned her on the
telephone, the head of Bosco’s prick then ballooned
stretching her vagina and he was unable to withdraw for
another two or three minutes after cumming deep inside
her love hole, all in all a very satisfactory mating of
Bosco with his to-be new mistress. Max explained that
the peanut butter would not be required with any of the
dogs after their initial fuck with an unfamiliar pussy,
but would be helpful on her nipples if she wanted her
breasts licked.

After a few more in-house training sessions, the
recommended shaving of her pussy by Max, and the trial
matings with each of the other four available studs,
which episodes were all closely and personally
supervised by Max, Hilda, or Katrina watching her being
fucked, Bosco was the clear-cut favorite of Karen, his
purchase was finalized at $10,000.00, and he went home
with Karen and her well-doggy-fucked cunt, of course to
Willy as only a guard dog for security purposes. When
he wrote the check for his guard dog, Willy thought the
price to be outrageous, but, after all, their need for
the security of his estate was considerable.

Unfortunately, Willy shortly thereafter had to be
hospitalized on account of a relapse of his previous
heart attack. Between her frequent fucking sessions in
her bedroom with Bosco, who was already sleeping on the
carpet at the foot of her bed, but not yet on the bed
or under the covers. Karen lovingly visited Willy in
the hospital twice daily, between matings with their
new guard dog, until things suddenly took a turn for
the worse and poor Willy died, leaving Karen her
$50,000,000.00 and, of course, her canine lover,
Willy’s supposed guard dog, Bosco.

Karen is now in a quandary as to whether to rejoin the
dating crowd with her immense wealth for conventional
fucking or to remain with Bosco as a grieving widow,
for she and the dog are inseparable, and Karen, as
Bosco’s bitch, has a number of things yet undone that
she is anxious to try out with peanut butter and her
wonderful fucking dog mate. Although Bosco seems
willing, she has yet to give him either his first jack
off or his first blowjob for a drink of his cum, which
she has only been able to taste samples of from
fingering her fucked cunt. Alone at the mansion, Karen
has even been considering another visit to the
Abercrombie Dog Training School, naturally for the
purchase of another guard dog for more “security.”

She fondly remembered a German Shepherd, “Bismarck,”
one of the four other trial dogs, who, during one of
the trial sessions had fucked her missionary fashion,
licking her tits, while she lay back on an ottoman in
the middle of the room. She was told that this was most
unusual for a dog and made him very valuable.
Hopefully, he hadn’t been sold to someone else. Her
telephone call to Max confirmed Bismarck’s availability
for a mere $15,000.00. You can appreciate that her
security and the need for another guard dog obviously
are essential and money, of course, is now no problem.
As yet she has not decided where to honeymoon, so to
speak, with Bismarck without causing Bosco to become

Her maid has secretly watched matings with Karen and
Bosco and has herself, in fact, frequently made out
with Bosco in her own room on occasions while Karen
shopped in town. She has indicated to Karen a
willingness to keep Bosco happily sucked off, run off,
and fucked while Karen sojourns with her new lover dog,
Bismarck. So much for the SPCA, cruelty to dumb
animals, and the saying that a dog is a man’s best

You ladies, who may be in need of a good fuck and have
no ready man around, or some coward who hesitates to
eat your pussy will be happy to know that there is no
recorded instance of a trained fucking dog either being
“too tired” or “having a headache!” May I recommend the
Abercrombie Dog Training School? I understand that they
now, for a reasonable price, offer hourly sessions,
which permits women customers to have a variety of dog
matings without even having to purchase a dog.

Max is now in discussion with venture capitalists with
the thought of franchising such operations nation, if
not worldwide.

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